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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a.m. when an officer responded to a call of three suspicious men in front of a house. >> that officer engaged in a struggle with one of the suspects. the suspect attempted to take the officer's handgun. during the struggle for the handgun several shots were fired and that suspect got to his feet and ran southbound on lee avenue. >> reporter: the suspect did manage to get away with the officer's weapon. at that point, two backup officers exchanged gunfire with the armed suspect, who was using the service revolver he had taken from the initial officer. >> and those officers spotted the suspect, engaged him with gunfire. the first officer that was attacked was able to make it back into his patrol car, drive down to where the suspects was fleeing and together the three officers were able to actually take the suspect back into custody. >> reporter: as a precaution, authorities ordered a lockdown of nearby del mar high school. residents say they were shocked to hear gunshots and had no idea what was going on. >> i was right there and i heard a pow and they pow, pow,
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pow, pow, pow. >> we heard the shots. it must have been about five shots. i mean, they were pretty loud. i didn't know if it was a car backfiring or not. but my husband had just came in the house pulled in and we heard the shots and i told him, don't go it work right now. just wait until we find out what's going on. >> reporter: back to a live picture here on lee avenue in san jose. as you can see, more than six hours after this incident they still have a portion of this road closed off. people coming home from work, not quite sure how they are going to get home at this point. police say that their investigation revealed that despite all of those gunshots fired between the suspect and the officers, nobody was hit. the officer described as a 15- year veteran. again he has been released from the hospital. and the investigation here continuing. allen, back to you. >> i guess this proves, mark, that they always say that an officer-involved shooting if an officer is shot it's most likely with his own weapon. it can indeed and does happen. everybody very lucky in this, though. >> reporter: indeed. and the police are the first to say that. this was a life-and-death struggle, they say. they believe that officer very
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fortunate is what they are saying, very fortunate for him. >> mark sayre in san jose, thank you. well, this morning, oakland police arrested the suspect linked to yesterday's robbery and shooting that close 580 for three hours. police were saying a gunman shot a woman in the leg after he robbed her outside a hardware store in the afternoon. in trying to make his getaway, the man crashed his car on an on-ramp to 580. that led to the freeway being closed and a massive police search. police are not releasing any details about that suspect. the woman who was shot was released from the hospital this morning. two days after a gunman opened fire at a quarry in cupertino, killing three people, employees reunited today. len ramirez live in san jose on how management plans to help out those victims. len. >> reporter: well, after the tragic events of this week, the purpose of the meeting today was to try and begin the healing process. and about 150 quarry workers came together this morning to try and do just that.
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reporter: quarry workers gathered outside the cupertino community center for the first companywide get together since the deadly workplace shooting. some hugged after seeing each other for the first time since the violence this left the coworkers dead and six others wounded. >> we wanted this private time for the employees and in that sense, you know, the conversations were valuable. they were -- they were very productive and again, very important for the sense of family and community they feel as a unit. >> he shot the supervisor that was talking and that's when whoa -- >> reporter: michael ambrosio played dead after being wounded in the arm by the gunfire and survived. >> you look over and he has the handgun and smoke is coming out and shells are flying. >> reporter: he said the gunman shareef allman casually grabbed a cup of coffee moments before he produced a handgun and an assault rifle and mental cloudy shot people around the -- methodically shot people around
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the table. >> i guess he had everybody that he wanted targeted out. >> engine 7 responding. multiple people shot, five or six patients at this time at the quarry, scene is not secure. >> reporter: ambrosio reported the incident to 911 while other survivors tried to help the victims. >> the only information that we have at this point is the shooter is a black male. >> reporter: but by the time sheriff's deputies reached the scene, allman was already on the move, a security camera at a gas station recording his next moves just before he shot another woman he tried to carjack. allman reportedly told friends and family that he was having problems at work where he drove a truck and was the victim of race. a charge the company denies. >> the company feels very strongly that there was no racism in place. we have a very solid focus on diversity in the workplace. we want to keep that very high on employee minds to make sure we have a very good open work environment so we feel very
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strongly there was no racial discrimination. >> reporter: mr. allman was shot and killed by three sheriff's deputies, about 22 hours after the incident began on thursday morning. that part of the investigation is still going on by the sunnyvale department of public safety. meantime the company says they don't know for sure if the quarry will be able to reopen on monday morning. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. it's a high-profile move that's going to shake up california's medical marijuana business. speaking with one voice, the four u.s. attorneys for california announced a sweeping crackdown on pot clubs operating under the state's medical marijuana law. in short, prosecutors say things are out of control with profiteers motivated not by compassion but by money. >> people are using the cover of medical marijuana to make extraordinary amounts of money. in short, to engage in drug trafficking. and many of these drug trafficking operations are in
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plain sight. >> one of the state's oldest marijuana clubs is in fairfax and the owner says they have received one of the formal warning notices from federal prosecutors but they argue it's a back door assault on dispensaries. >> it seems like a concerted effort to do away with medical marijuana overnight and i think it's unfair and it's mean and it's the wrong thing for the obama administration to be doing. >> the u.s. prosecutor for northern california says the first targets will be large pot clubs that are operating near schools, parks and other areas where children are close by. shark fin soup will be illegal in california. today governor brown signed a bill that bans the possession and sale of imported shark fins. the law is intended to curb the practice of cutting the fin off of a live shark and then throwing it back into the water. critics say that since it's already illegal, the new ban is unnecessary and discriminatory against the chinese culture.
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the ban on importing fins takes effect january 1. fins already in the state can be sold until july of 2013. and the governor also signed a bill intended to make gas pipeline safer in california. state senator leland yee of san francisco wrote the law in response to the san bruno disaster last year. the bill requires utilities to install automatic and remotely controlled shutoff valves on pipelines that cross seismic faults or are locate within what is called a high consequence area such as san bruno. a federal judge in oakland has ruled that taco bell violated multiple state and federal laws protecting the disabled. the u.s. district court judge is now deciding on the amount of fines as well as the improvements that the chain has to make to its 220 california stores. taco bell was found lacking proper handicapped parking, wheelchair access and other mandated features for the disabled. just say no?
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the government health panel tells men to skip getting the psa test for prostate cancer but should you? dr. conrad murray speaks about michael jackson's death without taking the stand. the recording that has never been played in public before. and those demonstrations that started on wall street continue to gain momentum in san francisco, san jose and sacramento. ,,,,,,,,
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the september ten years ago today america went to war in afghanistan and less than a month after the september 11th attacks. a decade later nearly 1800 u.s. troops have died and, of course, soldiers are still battling militant groups. tina kraus on the mixed
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reaction inside afghanistan as u.s. marks this important milestone. [ chanting ] >> reporter: hundreds of angry protestors rallied on the streets of kabul. they want american troops to get out of afghanistan 10 years after the u.s.-led invasion began. these demonstrators say too many afghan civilians have been killed in the conflict. about 100,000 american troops remain in afghanistan. nearly 1800 have died. >> i think that the way that this conflict turns out is going to be looked at, you know, for years to come as a defining moment. >> reporter: the biggest success for u.s. forces came in may when navy seals killed osama bin laden in neighboring pakistan. but troops say they are still facing a fierce insurgency. >> we have a crafty enemy, the insurgents that operate in this area are determined. >> reporter: u.s. soldiers have already handed over much of security to afghan forces.
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they are planning to give them complete control by the end of 2014, when all u.s. forces are set to pull out. this man says, during the past 10 years, we have just seen war and more war. we didn't see any benefit from the presence of foreigners. but some afghan women say they are grateful to america for freeing them from taliban rule. she says, ten years ago women couldn't go out without a man. now we're able to shop and work. but on the 10th anniversary of the war, the taliban is leading an insurgency determined to derail u.s. plans to stabilize the country. tina kraus, cbs news. prosecutors in the conrad murray trial are playing a never before heard recording of the doctor's conversation with police about the final hours of michael jackson's life. when jackson couldn't sleep. in the two-hour-long interview,
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murray describes a long night when jackson couldn't sleep. he told detectives he had already given the singer drugs such as lorazepam, but added the powerful anesthetic propofol about mid-morning. jackson referred to it as milk. it. >> conrad, robert murray. [ pause ] >> later in the recording, murray tells investigators about some bags of evidence hidden in a bedroom closet. the occupy movement is gaining some momentum. [ chanting ] >> but what are they really protesting? corporate greed, unemployment? why some say the message may be getting lost. when you watch them, you get goosebumps. it's america. >> and fleet week kicks off in san francisco. the attraction this year certainly has people talking. another attraction for fleet week, the weather. take a look at what this
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warming trend will do to your weekend, clear skies. we're talk temperatures near 70 degrees at fisherman's wharf in san francisco. i'll have the full forecast coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,, it's about building cars in america.
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employers added 103,000 jobs last month. that's about double what analysts were expecting. not enough to lower the unemployment rate which remains stalled nationally at 9.1% for the third straight month. [ chanting ] with the jobless numbers not budging, the number of people take to the streets in protest grows by the day. it all started in new york city where thousands have flooded into lower manhattan with plans to "occupy wall street" they say indefinitely. the movement is spreading like wildfire across the country northern california no exception. from san jose to san francisco, sacramento, protestors are camping out and sitting in. while those protests have been largely peaceful, linda yee shows us that they haven't all ended that way. reporter: bluegrass music with a dash of bongos. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: mixed together for
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the message from demonstrators occupying san francisco: money corrupts and it's time for america to reexamine values. >> the financial industry as a whole is really just become another form of slavery and oppression and i have had enough of it personally. >> reporter: so this camp out sit-in continues by the federal reserve bank in downtown san francisco. part of the nationwide movement blaming corporate greed on the state of the economy. and some tourists sympathize. >> i'm from the heartland in oklahoma. we are not seeing obviously any activity in oklahoma city. it's a very conservative place. i'm a progressive from oklahoma and i'm interested in what's going on here and i think it's time. >> reporter: but the occupation in sacramento took an ugly turn. overnight dozens of protestors were arrested after refusing to leave a downtown park that was closing. atornado seems there was a little con -- and it seems there was a little confusion on why they were here. >> i'm here to support the people. why else would i be out here?
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>> i'm anticapitalist. i'm a marxist communist. >> i'm here it support -- >> people. >> people! of course. >> right now it's kind of vague. >> reporter: organizers say they have a message team working on their message. >> so as it stands right now, that message team will reveal that tomorrow morning. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: cars passing by honked support for the dozen demonstrators who set up camp in front of city hall. as they have said, since the protest started on wall street, they are the 99% demanding a voice. >> that's what the 99% is about. we're not being listened to. only the 1% seems to be running this country right now. we are the working class. that used to be as somebody said to me the other day respectable. gone. >> reporter: let's take chopper 5 live now to show you pictures from the air of the protest that's happening in san francisco. we do have a news crew on the ground. we had hoped to go to them live but apparently, things have
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gotten just rowdy enough that it's not safe for that. so as we check on that crew, we keep an eye on the crowd as it does grow this friday afternoon just after 5:00. we'll bring you any updates as things change. all right. it is that time of the year again, the sounds of those roaring jet engines over san francisco. but anne makovec shows us, this year fleet week is expected to be bigger than ever. reporter: >> it gives you a sense of america. you know? it's just when you watch them, you get goosebumps. it's america. >> reporter: that's coming from a navy wife and mother one of thousands in san francisco this weekend for the 30th anniversary of fleet week. these pictures are from last year's event. and organizers say this year, it will be bigger and better than ever with a longer boat parade and an appearance by the ship that carried osama bin laden's dead body out to sea. >> you know, people don't understand the navy. they think we are just out there fighting people. this is a time to show them the
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other good stuff that we do. >> reporter: like humanitarian aid and disaster relief, the themes for this year's fleet week. >> the military's role in disasper response is something that's very important. and for san francisco, especially, with our next earthquake coming, the military will have a role in that. >> reporter: for local businesses, fleet week means extra cash. >> when the people come and spend extra money, you know, to pay the bills, that's good. >> reporter: for the military, it's a time to recruit new members and for lily wilson, a time to give thanks. >> you like freedom? do you like freedom? that's what it's all about. and our youth gets us freedom. we, at this age, we don't get it but the youngsters with adventure and loyalty in their hearts, they get it for us. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. pretty easy to feel patriotic and it's even easier when the weather is as warm as it was today. julie watts in for roberta. it was significantly warmer.
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>> oh, yeah. we're up anywhere from 6 to about 16 degrees right now. and that really depends on where you are. temperatures are definitely on the rise. this is just the beginning. we'll see temperatures even warmer tomorrow. let's take a live look outside right now. this is a picture from dublin. blue skies. temperatures in the east bay right around 70 degrees right now up 13 degrees from yesterday. so pretty impressive there. not quite as much of an increase here in the city. san francisco, however, experiencing beautiful conditions right now. let's go ahead and take a look at our weather headlines, shall we? now, sunshine, pretty much your main headline today. and that's through the entire weekend. warming trend beginning today and increasing. we are still below average today significantly warmer of course than yesterday. but below average nonetheless. we are getting closer to average as we move through the weekend. and a fantastic weekend it will be. take a look at the temperatures outside right now. already near 70 degrees from mountain view, san jose, 71 in
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redwood city. even 61 at pacifica right now 70 santa rosa, 71 in napa. and we are going to add a few degrees onto these temperatures for tomorrow getting us closer to average. why? well, that weathermaker we experienced earlier this week has now pushed off to our east and we have high pressure building in over the pacific and moving in over the state. and that's goingkeep skies nice and clear -- that's going to keep skies nice and clear for us if this ridge holds steady throughout the weekend. columbus day we have this weak weather system passing to our north that's going to compress the ridge a bit bringing temperatures down increasing clouds a little bit, not too much. a beautiful weekend in store. 69 san francisco. 67 half moon bay. 79 mountain view tomorrow and near 80 for the warmest spots inland. farther to the north, similar temperature range. 76 novato, 79 in concord. taking a look at your extended forecast, we are near 80 for the warmest spots inland this weekend. a minor dip on monday as that weathermaker passes to our north.
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we are going to stay dry and add in more clouds tuesday, wednesday, rebounding. take a look at that near the middle and end of next week. we may see temperatures flirting with 90 degrees in the warmest spots. >> you don't want to end with a 1-888-5-helps-u -- >> and if you have a consumer problem, give us a call! [ laughter ] >> change of hats. >> thank you. you know what? they call it text neck. the medical warning for texting addicts. plus... >> it would be a terrible mistake. >> more harm than good? controversial new health guidelines to screen for certain types of cancer. ,,,,
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recommending against routinely screening men for prostate cancer using a blood test. al bay area an influential government panel is now recommending against routinely screening men for prostate cancer using a blood test, the psa test. now an influential bay area prostate cancer specialist speaks out calling the new guidelines misguided and wrong. dr. kim has more on what healthy men should do now.
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>> there is a difference. reporter: first mammograms for breast cancer, now the psa test for prostate cancer. an influential government task force has issued a controversial new recommendation that healthy men 50 and older should not get their psa checked every year saying the widely used test does more harm than good. >> psa is not very accurate in terms of its ability to differentiate men who have cancer from men who don't have cancer. >> reporter: the task force says routine screening in patients with no symptoms can lead to biopsies, surgery and radiation that may not be needed and which can cause impotence, incontinence, infections even death. but a top prostate cancer specialist says these new guidelines are too extreme. >> it would be a terrible mistake. >> reporter: he says when used properly, the psa blood test can help save lives. he says the tests should be used selectively, based on an individual's risk factors, including age, family history,
5:26 pm
ethnicity and examination. >> that would give a man a better idea of high risk disease. >> reporter: he says not all prostate cancers that are detected need to be treated and that if doctors are going to test men with a psa, they need to advise that they may be detecting prostate cancer that may not need treatment. >> their goal is not to detect and treat every cancer. our goal is to detect and treat only those cancers which would represent a risk to that man over his lifetime. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> there is more information on our website, all right. turns out too much texting can literally be a pain in the neck. when you flex your neck for extend periods of time, it can lead to permanent arthritic damage. the telegraph reports that for those obsessed with texting, well, you're advised to take a break, stretch, try and hold the phone a little higher, too. ,,
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i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. it is the largest public works project of its kind in california. and engineers promise results so good, you will be able to taste it. and possibly the most unusual tribute of its kind for a former governor. see arnold schwarzenegger's ode to himself. >> caption colorado, llc >> pelley: tonight, the economy creates more jobs, but not nearly enough. and the average length of


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