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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  October 8, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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but he had a passion for football -- good evening. al davis was a polarizing figure, but he had a passion for football and blazed many trails for women and minorities in the business of the game. davis died this morning at his home in oakland at the age of 82. the cause of his death has not been released. we have more on al davis' legacy, which is long.
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>> it goes way back. when the raiders were in los angeles, i set up an interview with al davis. inside his office, everything was silver and black, the desk, couch, carpet, everything down to the pencil. his life was all about the oakland raiders, and now the team and the league will never be the same. kim coyle reports. >> you are a final part of the progress of this football team. >> reporter: he was the heart, soul, and symbol of his team. al davis was raiders football. commitment to excellence. just win, baby, the spoken words of davis, words that became the mantra of raider nation, creating an attitude that set them apart from the rest of the national football league. he was born in brockton, massachusetts, but it was in brooklyn, new york, where his education and street smarts began. it was clear from the start that alan davis was a man who believed in going against the
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grain. in 1960, eight pro teams were established to form the american football league, competing against the successful national football league. the oakland raiders were one of those upstart teams, and by 1963, the 3-year-old fran chase had been through three head coaches. that was before they turned to a chargers assistant coach to turn their vast fortunes around. with al davis as head coach, the raiders won 23 of 42 games in three seasons, a far cry from the 9-33 mark by his predecessor. >> hey! >> reporter: by the 1970s, davis assumed complete control of the raiders and formed a personnel on the field with driven personality under the leadership of a young head coach names john madden, the envy and the fear of each opposing team. >> john had one thing. john had the players, the players liked john, and that's
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very, very important. and we had great plays. there's no question about it. >> reporter: most importantly, the raiders became a perennial post season threat. and in 1977, the davis dream became reality, as an amazing 13-1 season culminated with a victory in super bowl xi. >> interception by the oakland raiders! down to the 30, 40, 50! he's going all the way! >> i want to thank al davis and the raider organization for giving me an opportunity. al hired me at the age of 32 and i was a linebacker coach. no one would do that, but he did. >> reporter: into the '80s with madden retired, tom florez taking the reigns on the sidelines, and the other new faces in place, the raiders took their dominance to a whole new level. >> touchdown oakland! >> this was our finest hour, the finest hour in the history of
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the oakland raiders. >> reporter: then there was the bitter battle that made their way into the public eye. from his war of words with the commissioner. >> he said if i decide to move, i do not intend to ask for a league vote. >> reporter: fellow owners and city officials failed to block his decision of moving the raiders to los angeles in 1982. after 12 years, davis had a rare change of heart, returning the team to his home in oakland. those conflicts weren't exclusive to high-ranking authorities. they extended to his own team as well. from legendary players, like marcus allen to his coaches, with mike shanahan, jon gruden-- >> i look forward to the days ahead with this organization. >> reporter: -- and lane kippen, among a string of nine coaching changes within a 20-year span. davis cited his reasons for constant change in very clear terms. >> it's the first time i've ever let anyone go based on, based on
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what i call just a flat-out lie. >> reporter: davis also blazed a major trail in 1989 when he hired his former offensive tackle art shell, as the first african american head coach in the nfl's modern era. in 2003, the al davis raiders claimed their first afc title in 19 years, but fell short of the mountain top, as the bucs beat the raiders in super bowl xxxvii. >> don't forget, stay with us, we'll respond to you! just win now! >> reporter: in recent times of long disappointing seasons, the ailing owner continued to stay involved with constant efforts to recapture glory days and supremecy. >> you got to win, and i think you can win, and that's what we got to do. >> reporter: the oakland raiders and their universal fan base remain a symbol of confidence, toughness, rebellion and pride, a mindset established long ago by its fearless leader, a leader
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named al davis. >> i want to win. obviously in life, i like certain things. i like beautiful women more than unbeautiful women. but i want to win. and i will win. and we will win. go raiders. e is tonight..she joins us >> the raiders' first game in the post-al davis era will be in houston tomorrow. that is where kim coyle joins us tonight. kim? >> reporter: yeah, dennis, the team arrived here in houston last night, woke up this morning and head coach jackson had to break the news to them that mr. davis had passed away. many were stunned. after all, mr. davis was just at the patriots game on sunday. now, no one on the current team had a closer relationship with mr. davis than willie brown, who was with the organization for over 40 years. >> emotional day-- >> well, it's been emotional, you know, but i am not -- i do
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get emotional. >> he loved his players, and it doesn't matter if he was here now or you played 30 years ago, he still loved all his players. >> i remember when i first got here, he brought me to his office and talking to them, you sat there looking at a hall of fame guy that meant so much to everyone. he's talking to you, he's sitting there and he starts pointing out all these guys on his wall, championships that -- he would give you a lifetime story. it wasn't just like -- he would tell you about their wives, their kids. that goes to show you how much he was really involved. >> you never expect that from him, because he was so tough. and i mean the things he had going over the years, meant a lot to the organization, because he was a leader. when you lose a leader, it's
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hard to replace a great leader and a legend like al davis. >> reporter: of course mr. davis didn't always get along with the nfl, but the league will be honoring him tomorrow. every game will have a moment of silence beforehand, and all indications, dennis, are right now that his son mark will be the one taking over the team. i do have one mr. davis story i would like to share with you. he did threaten to throw one of our photographers off the premises one night for shooting video on one of our stakeouts. but he said the woman can stay. he was chifl reduce, and he'll be missed. you can't replace a legend. >> he was nicer to you than he was to me. young man, you're obviously not very well versed on this topic! [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's because you are a man, not a woman! >> whatever. kim, thanks a lot. good luck on the post game show tomorrow, interesting post game show. fifth quarter, raiders and texans on cbs 5. kim will be in houston for post
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game reaction. >> and you had said they were prepared when mr. davis passed, but do you think things will change for the raiders? >> i think they will change on the field a little bit, because al had a reputation in mettling in the offensive game plans. obviously, that's no longer going to be the case, but as far as the front office structure, it's going to be interesting. mark is said to be the man in charge, al davis' son. obviously amy plays a very significant role. then there's the future of the raiders. what about oakland, los angeles, a venture with the san francisco 49ers? many questions answered now, probably in the near future. >> dennis and kim, thank you much. the raiders say that the fire that burns brightest in its organization, the will to win, will continue to blaze through davis' legacy. the team statement calls davis a maverick, a giant among giants, a true legend among legends, the brightest star among stars, a hero, a mentor, a friend.
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>> his spirit will always be with the raiders. his impact is felt far beyond the field. we hear from people at the bay area barn known as the place for raiders fans. killing your e and you can't help but hear the angels are here. check out their aerial acrobatics without killing your ear drums. and your fleet week weekend forecast looks like another funny day across the day for great air show. we'll have the details coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,
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much al davis touched the lives of people on the football field. re feeling a earlier we showed you how much al davis touched the lives of people on the football field. but fans are feeling a tremendous loss as well. anne mackovic has reaction from raider nation. >> well, it's a very, very sad day in raiders nation today. >> reporter: there's a growing memorial at raiders headquarters in alameda, where the flags are at half staff. >>it's like losing, like losing your grandfather, you know. >> reporter: most fans never knew davis. >> felt like i had known him my
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whole life. and mr. davis embraced anybody that wanted to become a raider fan. >> feel pretty privileged that he's a part of this family. >> we're devastated. we're black hole people and i'm still in shock. >> it's sad. i'm going to leave here, then probably go down to ricky's and have a beer with a bunch of the fans gathering there. >> reporter: ricky's is a bar in san leandro known as the place for raider fans. >> we're going to miss al, but he's not going to go anywhere. he's here forever. his spirit will always be with the raiders. >> reporter: and with his biggest fans. >> i miss him today. i'm really sorry i didn't get a chance to tell him how much i like him. >> reporter: this man even calls himself al davis number one fan. >> al davis never missed a game. one day he didn't come and we found out that was because his wife was ill and that was the
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day al davis became my hero. >> i think he would love forever, just despite all the people that didn't like him or all the people that were nay sayers. seemed like he was a really tough person for sure. >> reporter: he's not sure how this might change the game. >> probably more than one person running the ship. i don't know if that's a bad thing, but, you know, it's hard to argue with the success you've had overt years. >> reporter: success that won't soon be forgotten. >> al davis, he's loved. he's loved, man. he's like robin hood. >> he's a legend, not just to raider fans and bay area fans. i mean, the nfl wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for al davis. >> reporter: in the east bay, anne mackovic, cbs 5.
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this is the first of two performances by the navy's blue gels in san francisc this is the first of two performances by the navy's blue angels in san francisco this weekend. in case you missed today's show, it continues along the waterfront tomorrow afternoon. it's all part of fleet week, which about a million people are expected to attend. seems like no matter where you were today around the bay area, a spectacular autumn day. credit to jim bernard, right?
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>> no, we did have a lovely day out there. blue skies prevailed and they will be back tomorrow for all the air show festivities and anything else you might be up to, like the 49ers game or just about any other weekend event you may have planned. a little patchy fog, a lovely sunset tonight, and again, fleet week weather will hold into tomorrow. mid to low 70s expected at the water, much like what we saw today, as highs for today peaked out in the upper 70s over in livermore, 74 in concord. mid to low 70s out there, with upper 60s over the city and 64 on the beaches today. again, patchy fog won't go very far inland, just to the beach, maybe the golden gate. retreating early in the day, leaving us with a mostly sunny afternoon. looks like we'll be enjoying -- low clouds and fog, about the only factor, mostly offshore. we do have a weak front
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approaching the area, brushing the north bay on monday night, into tuesday. could bring with it a light shower or two. looks like high pressure will be our dominant weather feature through the weekend and again through the end of next week, as we see a significant warmup headed our way just in time for next weekend. for tomorrow, we'll look for temperatures again in the mid to upper 70s for the warmer locations. mid to low 70s back at the water. and upper 60s in the city and back toward the beaches. look what happens towards the end of next week here, as we see temperatures once again warming across the area, including the game time forecast for tomorrow. 73 degrees over at candlestick, and here's that warmup towards the end of the week, as we could see 80s back to the beach as a strong offshore flow is expected to be with us through the end of the week, with a slight chance of showers creeping into the picture come next weekend. meantime, enjoy the nice warmup. right now, let's get a sports update with dennis. well, the sharks dropped the
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in good hands roadside assistance just for calling, and a free tow just for quoting. call now! and a free tow just for quoting. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters. earlier in well, if you just joined us, raiders owner al davis has passed away. he was 82 years old. earlier in the newscast, we heard from players, past and present. davis was hired as head coach in 1963. he had become the face of the franchise. his team is in houston this weekend, getting set to take on
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the texans. >> only thing mr. davis would want us to do is win. that's the only thing he ever talked about is winning, going out there and playing as hard as you could play. >> every block, every tackle, it's for him. it's not only just for that particular individual. it's for the team, because that's the way he thought about all his ball players. we are a team. no question about it, this is for mr. davis. catch the ball, intercept the ball, kick the ball, whatever, this is for him. >> and his message would have been just win, baby. we'll see how the raiders respond, all of this in houston. see the game right here, cbs 5 at 10:00. to golf now, tiger woods made his charge up the leaderboard, pulling to within three shots of the lead, but finished his round tied for 38. tiger wondering if he'll make it to the stanford game on time. he had plenty of opportunities to make up the time. birdie stops inches short of the
6:54 pm
hole. tiger would settle for par. with more good than bad for tiger, he shoots a 3-under 68 for the second straight day, but he's 10 shots back. instead, another former top ranked player in contention going for his first win since 2010, ernie els, only two back. everyone will be chasing him tomorrow. eagle putt on 17, which everybody's driving on this course. shoots a 7-under 64, 13 under for the tournament. paul casey is tied with ernie els. tiger's name continues to be small print on our graphic. >> i'm feeling good over the putts. i'm hitting my lines. they are a little tricky to read, so i just got to obviously give it a go tomorrow. nhl, sharks open their season tonight at the tank against the phoenix coyotes.
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third stringer thomas griese will start at goal. despite losing in conference finals each of the last two seasons, expectations remain high in san jose that this team can be the one to finally break through and win the stanley cup. >> we're excited to have a good start this year. i think to get off on the right foot. obviously last year we had a great second half. it's nice to go into the playoffs on a hot note, but you got to -- we were at 10th place at one point last year. 49ers are 3-1, got a two-game lead in the nfc west. don't expect jim harbaugh to start quoting anyone soon. in fact, he doesn't want his team getting any respect. >> my coach in college said when people start talking nice about you, kick them in the shins. >> every week jim harbaugh got something new for us. he's like a magician, pulling stuff out the hat. that's going to help this team. i think that's what's turning us around this year. >> you're the football team, all
6:56 pm
right! you know what? the longer it takes us to figure that out, the better we are! the better we are! we need to keep working! >> we act like we don't think we're that good, so we don't act like we got to go in there and work out. we're the underdogs and we got to smack them in the mouth. while the 49ers are embracing their role, the tampa bay buccaneers come to town with a little swagger. last year, they won both road games on the west coast, including a 21-0 shutout in san francisco. >> i don't know, man. we're the west coast killers. went out to arizona last year and had a nice success. we got to repeat it this year. >> come to the west coast! they got a chance to show that, and we're going to have to go in there and fight. just going to be a west coast battle, wild, wild west. and jim harbaugh's funny. if you interview him, he'll get a little testy if you don't focus on the positives. then he gets upset if the media focuses on the positives, because he wants to be the
6:57 pm
underdog! >> strategy. he doesn't want you to get in the heads of his players. >> whatever he's doing, it's working. 3-1, first place. we like that. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you again at 11:00. until then, your news and weather on good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vision
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