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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  October 9, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. but can it deliver? after weeks of rallies and encampments, occupy wall street protests are not going away. linda yee joins us-- to talk about what
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th good evening. the movement is demanding change, but can it deliver? after weeks of rallies, occupy wall street protests are not going away. we're joined to talk about what that could mean for the protesters success. >> there is a legitimacy to the protest as long as it remains disciplined focus and nonviolent but can that transform the political climate? the sides are already been drawn. several dozen continue the occupation of city hall. 50 to 60 demonstrators occupy the sidewalk by the federal reserve bank in the san francisco. they are the lower and middle class t out of work, the people that lost their herniation all
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protesting wall street, the symbol of wealth and greed but overnight in sacramento, a different story. occupation is allowed but only during operating hours, by closing time police moved in and arrested 14 demonstrators but like the tea party movement, can okay you pay wall street be successful? >> i think what is significant about it is that it's opening up a space to talk about solutions because while they have -- this is a protest, they have yet to come up with and to solidify clear demands, but it makes us think about what are those -- what are the solutions. >> protests continue to grow in cities nationwide but it's not being received well by at least one republican presidential candidates. >> protest wall streets and the bankers so is to say you're anticapitollism. class warfare. some of them are there because
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they don't have a job, yes, but why aren't there jobs? picket the white house. >> when we said everyone should pay their fair share the other side said that's class warfare. no it's not it's the most indeering american value, fairness, it's about everyone paying their fair share. >> well, andrew young worked along side martin luther king. for the movement to be effective it cannot be just voicing their frustrations. they do have to have a message and organization. >> all right. thank you much. >> well, a bill that would have altered it is dead in the water. governor brown vetoed it. it would have aloud public universities to consider race, gender and ethnicity in the admissions process i. received national attention. in his message the governor said he agreed with the goal of the bill but said the limits should be up to courts and not
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to lawmakers. >> the new year will bring new rules for golden state teens looking for a golden glow. it will be illegal for kids and teens to use tang beds. california has become the first state to make it a crime for teenagers until 18 to use them. currently it is children 14 and under but 15-17 can with parents permission. the new law goes into effect january 1st. >> family and friends of the man accused of killing three coworkers today ask police for answers. he is accused of opening fire eight meeting last week. three people died. six more were hurt. today those closest to him gathered outside the sheriff's office. they said they have no explanation for the shooting but they say they have questions of their own. >> i want to know why he was -- had to die so tragically. why he was shot so many times.
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he deserved a chance to come forth and be proven guilty or not guilty and he didn't get that chance. >> almond was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies last thursday, the day after the shooting at lehigh southwest cement plant where he worked as a truck driver. >> they're looking for whoever shot two people saturday morning. it happened in an alley near south 3rd street. the victims were a 19 year old man and 20 year old woman. both lived nearby. police are still trying to determine a motive. >> it is truly a who done it with a lot of unanswered questions. last night when i checked in with the detectives they were still working trying to figure out why it happened and who may have done it. unanswered questions. >> neighbors speculate it may have been an attempted robbery gone bad. the male victim died, the woman
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is hospitalized in critical condition. more than 60,000 salmon are loose in the bay tonight. that's after vandals struck a second time at the salmon institute. north bay high school students had been raising many of the fish and planned to set them free late this month. no one has come forward to claim responsibility. >> the nation came together this morning to mourn. how members of the raider nation paid their respects to al davis the day after his death. >> we have a preview tonight. what exactly is inside the president's jobs bill. >> mostly sunny weekend, with just a fickle finger of fog showing up just in time to mess with the angles, we'll take a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up next ,,,,,,
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call now! insp . anne the raiders took to the field today for the first time since al davis' death. he was inspirational and not just among the players. how raider nation is coping
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with the loss of their leader. >> remembering al davis. >> this is what it's about. this is what the raider nation is about. come and remember mr. davis. >> ricky's sports bar known as the place for raiders fans was packed for the first game since the passing of al davis. >> i still can't get over it. >> rocky was a doctor's assistant with the team for 30 years. >> that's not easy. he was a great man. it was an honor being on the team with him. >> everybody has a story to tell about how they feel. >> today was the day for it among the davis and raiders memorabilia they toasted a legend. >> it's the celebration of al davis. >> no matter how crowded it gets, this booth is always reserved for al davis so the owner admits he's never actually been here. >> it will be reserved forever
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for al davis. >> at raiders headquarters a memorial has more than doubled since yesterday after a flag flown at half staff. >> i came to honor al davis. i lost my son in july and he was a huge raiders fan too. i felt like i needed to be here today for a little while. >> even at rickys, there's a heaviness in the air. >> when i come in rickys it's up in the air, people are just jamming, but it is kind of going with the flow of today. >> i had somewhere else to be but today this took precedence. it was important to me. >> important to remember davis with the rest of the raiders nation. >> he'd be smiling. he'd give you that. just win baby, that's what he'd say. >> in the east bay,cbs 5. >> well, a big name with a really big tax bill.
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why they're being told to pay the government hundreds of millions of dollars ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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its not because of the columbus day holiday. most city employees in oakland are taking monday off. it will be one of several unpaid days intended to reduce the cit one east bay city will be closed tomorrow but not because of the columbus day holiday, most city employees are taking monday off. it will be one of several unpaid days intended to reduce
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the city's $58 million budget deficit. emergency services are not effected but just about every other department will be. one exception, parking enforcement. the city will still be issuing tickets. >> well, the senate is expected to hold a test vote on president obama's jobs bill. it's a top priority for the white house but republicans say it's the wrong prescription, they're guaranteeing it will not pass. for president obama, putting people back to work is high priority and something he says his $447 billion jobs bill will do. >> these say we can grow the economy as much as 2% and as many as 1.9 million workers. >> he's been pushing the plan everywhere. at a press conference last week, on the road, on facebook and twitter and in his weekly address. >> this is not the time for the usual games or political gridlock in washington. >> the bill would cut payroll taxes, extend unemployment benefits, give tax credits or
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hiring out of work veterans and provide money to keep public workers on the job and invest in schools and roads. it would be paid for on tax on income over $1 million. the political stakes for mr. obama are high. no president has been elected with an unemployment rate above 8%. even if it survives the senate, it faces a tough road on the house. we have a difference in opinion. we don't think doubling down on failed stimulus policies which have already proven to fail is the right way to go. >> house republicans say the bill will do little to create jobs. >> it's doing the same thing he's done before. >> we want to work with ideas proven to work that means helping small businesses grow. that means getting certainty in our policy, regulations, taxes debt that so that small
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businesses can grow. >> some of the provisions, like the payroll tax cut would add jobs, though how many is in question. >> there isn't enough demand so things doug to things -- things you can do to boost that can temporarily make jobs. >> temporarily is the keyword. >> economy is suffering after the financial crisis, make ace long time to heal and frankly there isn't anything that will change that. >> information technology giant must pay a big bill to the federal government, nearly $200 million in all. it's the largest false claims act settlement ever won by the general services administration. official sauce the -- officials say they knowingly did it. they wrapped up their conference in san francisco. >> a lot of people came down to
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see the blue angels fly and the fog came in and they had to fly right back to the airport. >> they did indeed. near perfect weekend weather wise here right up until the blue angels performance at about 3:30. a little finger fog worked it's way through the golden gate, now have restrict the air show activities. keep in mind the high speed maneuvers require they stay in clear skies and that became difficult here in afternoon. after a few passes, we see the fog is gone for now. sea gulls are doing fine and we'll look for a little more fog development here overnight with increasing clouds and a slight chance of showers across the north bay tomorrow a weak cold front meuse into the area. nothing like -- cold front moves into the area. nothing like last week. we'll look for a warmer week ahead as high pressure returns to the area to toast things up here through the end of the week. we saw midtowner 70s out across the bay area today. back to the way with mid to low
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70 there is. 71 in downtown francisco. mostly sunny skies as the fog gave way early today to reveal the blue skies only to mess with us late this afternoon and you see the next batch of clouds moving in our direction associated with the weak front with a bit of moisture associated with it which will spread light shower activity from north to south through the day tomorrow. it will be more clouds than rain for columbus day but still there's a slight chance of some precipitation, we're talking a couple of hundredths of an inch, if that. then we see the system change through the end of the week. high pressure moves back into the area. warm upst us up into friday as the pattern will change by the weekend but we'll be talking mid to upper 7 0s even back at the bay. mid to upper 80s across interior. here's the shower activity as we see temperatures cooling tomorrow and then warming into the end of the week.
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still mid to low 70s for tomorrow. here's the warm up i mentioned as once again we'll see the mid to upper 80s across the interior as a much warmer pattern sets up only to cool again. a great day today for local football. here's dennis with the highlights. >> the 9ers do something they haven't done in 20 years and how the raiders respond after the passing of al davis. the emotional finish is next ,,,,,,,,,,,, it's about building cars in america.
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his motto lives on.."just win baby." first time since 1962 the raiders played without al davis as either an owner or coach and while he's gone, his motto lives on. al's son mark on the field with the team and currently in control of the organization. second quarter, houston leading 7-6. that will be a 56-yard touchdown. two touchdowns, raiders didn't get a first down until the final possession of the first half, jason campbell, 99-yards and 7 catches, third quarter raiders lead 15-14. check out the grab.
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diving 41-yards, houston goes back up on top 17-15. fourth quarter, campbell to chad, touchdown raiders, they lead 22-17. it was 25-20 raider with under 40 seconds to go. shaw with a wild pass, hauls it in at the 5 yardline. houston would spike the ball and stop the clock with 7 seconds left in the game and on the final play, shaw, back to pass, scrambling, looking for time, looking for jones but he steps in front of it, picked it off and that ends the game. abemotional victory for jackson who broke down in tears mourning the loss of the man he referred to as coach davis. >> today is a great day for the raiders all across world. sad day yesterday but i want everybody to know that i know without a shadow of a doubt that coach is up there rejoicing because his football team did what he always said
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do, commitment to excellence, pride and poise and just win. >> what was the one thing he said to you that you refer back to. one piece of advice that he gave you. >> run fast. simple as that. >> what do you think his legacy is to this organization. >> to the organization, the city of oakland, the nfl, he's the best. >> last year the buccaneers shut out the 49ers 21-0 with a 3-1 record they were feeling confident. >> i don't know we're the west coast killers. went out to arizona and had success, went to san francisco and had success. got to try that this year. that was last year. 49ers lighting up the scoreboard, walker, touchdown. 7-0 san francisco. second quarter, josh freeman with loads of time but his pass is intercepted by carlos rogers
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who cuts back across, he's going to the end zone for a touchdown. rogers third pick of the season and that made it 14-3 49ers. then, in from 2-yards out. 21-3. 125-yards on 20 carries. smith completed 11 balls. davis carries a few defenders with him. 31-3. two touchdowns. that was four coaches ago but this one looks like the east coast killer. >> tigers participation created a huge spike in ticket sales. moments before 7, he ran toward the green and threw a hot dog in his direction. it didn't hit him and tiger missed the put. he finishes at 7 under par for the tournament. respectable but not in
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contention. this one goes to a playoff. misses the chance to win in regulation, misses another chance to win in the second playoff hole and on the 6th playoff hole, it's this shot to end it, his first pga tour victory in a long finish today. game 1, zach going over his notes on the cardinals, he might want to add don't throw a curveball. his homerun gave them a lead. he has driven in 8 driver's license no. postseason. but scoring runs isn't a problem for him. he hits one of 3 home runs and don't you think he would look good in a giants uniform next year. they win 9. 6. kim is in houston. we'll have a complete report on that finish, just win baby. >> yeah. >> what a way to begin that new era. >> appreciate it.
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well, religion is a focus on the presidential campaign trail. many are asking asked is mormonism is a cut. how many candidates are answering the question and a warning tonight for warrants. do you know what's in the gummy bears your kids are eating? how many kids are getting drunk from them. really? those stories and more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. have a great night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ride muni every day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us.


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