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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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announcement today. christin ayers was one of the reporters to speak one on one with the chief beforehand. >> reporter: chief bats stopped short of pointing fingers. he said no one thing led to his resignation. but he says oakland is a city where a chief can't simply be a chief. >> may be my last news interview as chief of police. >> reporter: police chief anthony batts says a build-up of bureaucracy is driving him out after just two years as oakland as top cop. speaking to cbs 5 minutes before his public press conferencier, says his hands are tied here. -- he said his hands are tied here. >> i feel that i don't have full control of the oakland police department. i don't have the ability to make the decisions that i want to make or run the organization the style that i would like to run this police organization. >> reporter: but what the chief would not do is implicate the mayor in what at times appeared to be a tense press conference. >> well, i'm going to stay very high brow and above the fray and i'm not going to get into muck
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and the mud. >> reporter: relation have been frosty. the body language was tense between the mayor and the chief. the strength between the two visible. it was jean quan's vote two weeks ago that tabled a crime crackdown that the police chief had publicly supported. quan herself would not answer questions today lashing out at one reporter for asking about her anticurfew antigang injunction vote. >> you're incorrect. had i know the voted yet, it would have died. >> reporter: some say it is this community that will suffer after batts resigns. >> it was a surprise. i think it was a surprise to all of us that he resigned. >> reporter: with a department that's been slashed by 20% and a murder rate that could be 100 by the end of the year, morale is low among officers and citizens alike. >> i think morale, our officers are doing the best they can in a very difficult situation. >> reporter: chief batts stressing he accomplished a lot here and it's time to move on. he may be accepting a position
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at harvard university. he told us that he had a work relationship with harvard for the past five or six years and they have offered him a job. but he has not accepted it. >> so the resignation is effective as of when? >> reporter: we do know that -- they have not said an actual date for when he will resign. there is no official date. but he will be leaving sometime around mid november. >> thank you. an interim will be named, i'm sure. the gunman suspected of killing three coworkers at a cupertino quarry last week wasn't killed by police officers but a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. the santa clara county coroner's office says shareef allman's own bullet killed him. at first, authorities believed allman was killed by deputies who opened fire after he threatened them with a handgun. he led police in one of the largest manhunt in silicon valley. a public rosary is going to be held tonight for one of the
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victims in the quarry shooting. 48-year-old manuel pinon leaves behind a wife and five adult children. it's being held at oak hill funeral home in san jose. the funeral tomorrow. it is a major milestone for bryan stow's recovery following his brutal beating. tonight the giants fan is out of hospital for the first time in more than six months. len ramirez has an update on stow's progress and what's next for him. len. >> reporter: it has been a very tough long road for bryan stow since he arrived here at san francisco general from los angeles back in may. he has had ups and downs, he has had complications and small victories. but today the biggest milestone of all, being able to leave the hospital. san francisco general released this photo of bryan stow and his family leaving the hospital, although not under his own power the doctors saying he was cognizant and even talking as he was transferred to an
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undisclosed rehab center. >> when bryan came here, he was in a comatose state and when he left us today, he was able to begin to speak, interact with his family and he is now beginning to eat as well and he is making dramatic progress. >> reporter: he still can't stand up or walk but the doctor said stow is able to move his body and sit up on his own. >> i had a report back from the hospital that he has now gone to and one of my colleagues there said she had mentioned my name to bryan, and he said, tell him i said hello. >> reporter: he arrived in san francisco general in may after being treated in los angeles for traumatic brain injury following a severe beating in the parking lot of dodger stadium. stow had gone to cheer the giants on opening day but was attacked by men wearing dodger jerseys after the game. >> this was an extremely complicated and very difficult case taking care of bryan stow. >> reporter: the stow family has requested that the name of the rehab center not be released to allow him privacy as he begins a new phase of his recovery. >> now we're seeing patients
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like brian and other folks with traumatic brain injury like congresswoman gabrielle giffords that not only have we treated it but patients are surviving and not only surviving but going on to have meaningful recoveries. so i think what this does is it gives hope that some people can actually begin to do well. where he is going to plateau, we don't know yet. >> reporter: the doctor says that bryan stow's age, his will to live, his strength and his family support have all been big factors in his recovery so far. but it's been a costly recovery. his medical bills estimated by his lawyers to be in the neighborhood of $50 million. >> and, of course, there is that lawsuit against the dodgers, as well. >> reporter: that's right. let's hope he can recover some of that money and -- because he is goingneed it. it's going to be years before he gets back to any sort of normalcy. he may never come back to where he was before but he has made progress. >> thank you, len ramirez in
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san francisco. bart has resumed normal operations through berkeley. this was after a power outage temporarily closed the downtown station late this afternoon. now, pg&e says the outage began just before 4 p.m. and at last check, about 935 customers in the downtown area were still without power. right now, no estimate on when power will be fully restored. dozens of students are sick and the mumps outbreak at cal is still spreading. but tonight, health experts at least have an idea of how it got started. ann notarangelo with how they are trying stop it. >> reporter: there is a chance this outbreak could continue on for months so they hope students go and stand in line and get these vaccinations at these mumps clinches to stop the spread of the disease. >> i'm not concerned. i just don't have time to get sick.
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[ bells ring ] >> reporter: time is a big deal on this campus. in fact, students seem more concerned about how long the mumps vaccine. but mario is the exception. >> i'm very scared. i have been seeing flyers everywhere about mumps and then this morning i woke up with rashes so i was nervous about all the symptoms. >> reporter: the california department of health says there are nine confirmed cases of mumps on campus and three to five other cases being investigated. a student who traveled to europe likely brought it back and it spread like the common combed. a college campus with high density house something a monstrous petrie dish. >> a couple of my friends got the mumps. they have been in bed for a couple of days not able to do anything with the mumps. >> reporter: most students who get it will recover but mumps can cause sterility or develop into meningitis or encephalitis. >> sounded awful. i didn't want this to happen. >> reporter: the state gave the university 5,000 doses to administer free of charge to students, staff and faculty.
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students with the disease are told to stay in isolation. >> most of these facilities don't have endless capacity for isolation rooms, neither do fraternities, sororities or co- ops. so i would say the impact on the university so far has been small but the potential is great. >> reporter: there are about 36,000 students on campus and it can take two to three weeks before someone exposed to mumps knows they have it. but not everyone is being pro- active. are you going to be the only one in your house then that got the shot? >> i think so. i think i might be the only one. i'm going to try to get them to come down here. >> reporter: it only took about 20 minutes to get vaccine today. those preoccupied with time might consider this outbreak could be around for a while. >> i think it's still very early on. this could go on for months and month and maybe many, many months. >> reporter: looking ahead this could have an impact on the midterm exams. at some point they may tell sick students to stay home. at that point professors would have to decide whether or not to postpone the exam or figure out how students can take the tests from home. ann notarangelo, cbs 5.
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part of a growing nationwide movement. the "occupy oakland" demonstration is getting ready for a second night of protests. about 75 people were there this afternoon at frank ogawa plaza. the mission is to reclaim public space and mobilize real resistance. >> short of running on banks and riots like other countries we need to do something that makes our politicians and the greed and the corporations listen. i feel that the only thing they are going to listen to is the bottom line, money. >> so far there have not been any reports of arrests or other disturbances. meanwhile, "occupy sf" is back in full swing. police said that they cleared the protestors yesterday from their location in front of the federal building on market but as you can see the encampment was back there today. we are told another protest is planned for tomorrow morning. and the berkeley artist social commentary is getting nationwide attention. eric drucker drew the illustration on the cover of
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this week's new yorker. it shows a gloomy urban skyline, apparently manhattan, littered with smokestacks and a bull on the top. drucker says that manhattan has become an exclusive place for the super wealthy and the hostile place for everyone else. san francisco police are going into vacant buildings and kicking out homeless activists. more than 2 dozen people stormed into the cathedral hill hotel last night. the group known as homes not jails plan the action as a wake- up call. they say there are more vacant buildings around san francisco than there are homeless people. [ chanting ] >> last year, in a similar movement, the creative housing liberation took over the former leslie hotel in san francisco. urban farming, a growing movement in the bay area. but should there be more restrictions on backyard animals? that story coming up.
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the truth about bullying at school. the real reason kids turn on each other and it has nothing to do with being mean. it sends a really bad message. >> lollipops shaped like marijuana leaves. the uproar over pot head candy being sold to kids. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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them instead of going to the grocery store more and more people are fending for themselves growing their own fruits and vegetables, even raising their own meat. and we're not talking about just people in the rural areas. joe vazquez on the new trend in urban farming. >> reporter: in one of the bay area's most dense urban environments, behind a domino's pizza and around the corner from a kentucky fried chicken,
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some real chickens in the backyard of esperanza poe lana. >> people have been keeping animals as companions and food sources in oakland for over a century. >> reporter: she also raises turkeys and a rabbit. >> my grandparents knew how to process animals. i learned from them. that's in fact how we retain our knowledge about how to grow and raise our own food which i think is a basic human right. >> reporter: with this growing missouri of urban farming comes some growing pains. >> i raise my own meat. >> reporter: questions about how backyard animals should be regulated. oakland's planning department is now working on drafting some new rules. among the guidelines they are looking at, how they're hours, how they're fed and cared for and even pest control. and the subject getting the most attention? the issue of killing meat to eat. >> it's a wonderful way to connect to your food. i know what my animals eat. i know that as you see my chickens are running around having a good life doing what
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chickens are supposed to do. >> reporter: but a group called neighbors opposed to backyard slaughter says they are worried urban farmers with less experience might end up slaughtering animals in an inhumane way. >> it's really difficult to kill an animal. and it's inherently violent to kill anyone. and the city of oakland should not be supporting more violence in an already violent city. >> reporter: kitty says she learned how it do it from professionals at a farm in sebastopol. >> probably up there i slaughtered or helped slaughter maybe 400 animals? so i don't consider myself an amateur. >> reporter: a planning department spokesman says there is confusion over existing laws. some seem to indicate it's okay to slaughter animals, others seem to say it's illegal. public hearings to help clarify the rules are expected to begin next month. in oakland, joe vazquez, cbs 5. bullying is a major problem with schools all around the country but an eye-opening new study is shedding new light on
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the real reasons kids might terrorize their peers. researchers interviewed more than 700 students. they found that very often, aggressors are also victims of bullying. sociologists call it social combat. >> pretty much a race to the top. by getting to the top you are one of the important people of your school and that's the reason why bullying occurs. >> the study found that the higher kids get on the social ladder, the more aggressive they become. but they also become for victimized. you have probably heard of lemon heads or even sour warheads. but when you hear pot heads, candy might not be the first thing that comes to mind. it's one of several marijuana- themed confections showing up in bay area stores though. and as mike sugerman reports, it's leaving a bad taste for some people. >> reporter: among the candy being sold in stores and malls these days are these. >> pot heads. >> pot heads. >> pot heads. >> reporter: they are called
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pot heads. >> taste like marijuana. >> reporter: no, no. it's shaped like a marijuana leaf. >> is it marijuana? >> no, no. no. it's sour apple candy but it's in the shape of a marijuana leaf. want to taste one? >> no. [ laughter ] >> it's good. tase like sour apple. >> -- tastes like sour apple. >> these are pretty good but shouldn't be sold in the store. >> reporter: taste isn't the issue here -- well, it is kind of. is it a bad taste to sell candy that glorifies marijuana? >> i say it's a gateway candy. >> yes. >> reporter: the mother and daughter disagree. potheads and their sister confection ringpots are sold in the bay area at places like spencers in the mall legally of course. but they have been put on the national radar because some buffalo, new york, councilmembers were outraged. >> just the name itself is a turnoff. i wouldn't like that for my grandchildren because that's giving them the okay that drugs
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is okay. >> just a sends a really bad message to kids so no way. i'm sure kids are the ones that are eating it, too. it's candy. >> everybody is already aware of it. it's your choice to eat it or not. >> reporter: some parts of the bay area this could be a very popular halloween item, trick or treaters. calls to spencer's and the manufacturer from philadelphia were not returned. in san bruno, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> think i would be upset if my kid came home on halloween with that. what's the weather message, missy? [ laughter ] >> the weather continues to change hour by hour, not even day by day. we had a little bit of drizzle earlier today, then some fog and then lots of clearing of the skies. look at this, for example. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera and boy, is it gorgeous? can you see that little whisp of fog trying to make its way over and under the golden gate
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bridge? official sundown is at 6:38. we will be able to see it in many of our locations even along the immediate coast because take a look at our radar. we have that trough yesterday blow through the bay area and now we see that we have that little lingering fog there. but that's going to move out and provide us with ample clearing throughout the overnight hours. right now temperature-wise is the warmest this hour than all day long. 70 in oakland to 75 degrees in concord. we will see mainly clear skies except for that hint of stratus making its way into the bay. temperature-wise into the 50s for overnight lows. keep three things in mind. we have a full moon tonight. sunny and warmer for your wednesday. and we do have high surf building for all west-facing beaches. some of those swells up to 13 feet and dangerous rip currents, as well. so be very mindful if you' going to be strolling along the beach tomorrow, wednesday, because it's going to be great. 66 degrees in half moon bay, offshore flow. 83 degrees in santa clara. 85 for the warmest locations.
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east of the bay, up to the mid- 80s, as well. and north of the bay into the 70s and 60s. the seven-day forecast is straight ahead. >> thank you. well, it is like a scene from a movie only it was real. why brad pitt's movie set was raided by the s.w.a.t. team. >> and birth control for men?! 9 new option that could change contraception -- the new options that could change contraception forever. we'll have that in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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brink of a sexual revolutio. scientists are hard at workn new birt the contraceptive market is on the brink of a sexual revolution. scientists are working on new birth control pills, gels, even shots. maurice dubois reports none of them are for women. some say it's a sexual revel -- >> reporter: some say it's a
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sexual revolution, the birth control burden shifting to men. >> what we're seeing is men are more interested than they were in -- in both taking responsibility and in sharing the risk associated with using any product. >> reporter: now scientists around the world are in a race to come up with new options for men. >> what we haven't had is something in between condoms and the vastectomies. >> reporter: the latest innovation includes a male birth control gel, implants, shot, even a pill. inside this manhattan lab scientists are working on some of this cutting edge male contraceptive research. >> we are working on a set of implants called ment. >> reporter: doctors put a silicone implant into the arm that contains a synthetic steroid like testosterone that stops sperm production over time. >> they are good for a year. they last one year at least. >> reporter: they are also working on a hormone gel that causes sperm production to be interrupted. experts say it's difficult to develop male contraceptives without significant side
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effects. >> reducing sperm production while maintaining muscle mass and libido, interest in sex, is difficult. >> reporter: other products in development around the world include an injection that sabotages sperm so they cannot swim, a pill that prevents sperm from maturing, and doctors are using the heat from an ultrasound to halt sperm production. >> it will take a while but it's a while worth waiting for. >> maurice reports that these products are not currently on the market but researchers say they are in the final stages of development. a brad pitt action flick got a lot of attention today but for the wrong reasons. a s.w.a.t. team raided a hungarian movie set holding weapons for pitt's upcoming movie. police seized 85 fully functional weapons. the guns were supposed to be props that didn't work. pitt is reportedly furious because the movie is already way over budget.
6:25 pm
that movie hits theaters in december of next year. >> that's a movie, this is real. an elaborate terror plot on u.s. soil thwarted. >> we will not let other countries use our soil as their battleground. >> the infamous gang recruited to make the hit and the top diplomat who was the target. where are the jobs that they have created? >> a battle of the sexes. why the recession is hitting women harder than men and what could be key to getting back on your feet. and fly away for free. the country offering to pay for your airline ticket. ,,,,
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de muni every day. i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney. she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new--
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just us. i want all of us to see it that way. the united states calls it an audacious murder-for-hire plot. they accuse the iranian government of plotting to kill the ambassador of saudi arabia to the u.s. on american soil. ken bastida reports. >> reporter: it's an amazing crime, dana. the justice department says that suspect has confessed and identified iranian government officials who helped conceive, finance and put into motion the assassination plot.
6:29 pm
federal agents say they have broken up a plot by agents of the iranian government to assassinate the saw the did i ambassador to the united states -- the saudi ambassador to the united states, it adel al- jubeir on american soil. >> it constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder says the justice department will take action against the iranian government as early as tuesday. >> we will not let other countries use our soil as their battlegrounds. >> reporter: two people were charged in federal court in new york. federal agents say one of them, gholam shakuri, is a member of iran's special operations unit known as the quds force. he is still at large in iran. federal agents arrested 56-year- old manssor arbabsiar an american and iranian citizen, at jfk airport in new york on september 11th 29. the justice department says arbabsiar offered an undercover
6:30 pm
dea agent posing as a member of a mexican drug cartel $1.5 million to carry out the assassination with bombs. a spokesman for the iranian mission to the united states says, the country's government categorically rejects what he calls the baseless allegations. secretary of state hillary clinton says the thwarted plot will further isolate the country. >> in many ways this brings the iran question with all its prickling parts back to the fore. >> reporter: the justice department says no one was ever in any danger. well, a white house spokesman says president obama was first briefed on the plot back in june and dana, the u.s. official also says the suspects also discussed attacking israeli and saudi embassies in both washington, d.c. and buenos aires. apparently they felt they could get into those embassies and start killing people. >> wow. boy, this is clearly a case they have been on for a while. >> reporter: this is just another example of some of the
6:31 pm
stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we don't hear about until months later. >> right. if they choose to let us hear about it. >> reporter: exactly. >> all right. ken condition, thank you. late this afternoon, the senate voted to kill president obama's american jobs act. two democrats joined all 46 republicans to filibuster the nearly half trillion dollar proposal. with one senator absent, the vote hasn't been finalized yet but despite that final ballot, the bill is still far short of the 60 votes needed to advance in the senate. republicans insist the president's plan is not the right way to create jobs. >> if voting against another stimulus is the only way we can get democrats in washington to finally abandon this failed approach to job creation, then so be it. >> in a statement after the vote, the president criticized republicans for obstructing the bill's passage. he said that he will work with senate majority leader harry reid to introduce his proposals individually. as the president and congress do battle over his jobs plan, where does that
6:32 pm
leave everyone who is unemployed? tonight, a closer look at women who are not waiting for a job to come along. [ chanting ] >> reporter: from new york's wall street to san francisco's market street, out-of-work americans are fed up. >> where are the jobs that they have created? all they create is money for themselves. >> reporter: recent research shows for every 10 new jobs created in california, women are hired for only one of those. >> women are more and more losing the jobs that are now being lost and the men are getting rehired and the women aren't. >> your income potential over your whole lifetime -- >> reporter: julie castro abrams runs women's initiative which for 23 years has been training low income women in the bay area how to start their own businesses. >> men will start a business without seeking training and often without even a business plan. and women are much more tentative and seek training first before launching a business. the good news about that actually is that people who have a business plan and who have established that they have
6:33 pm
training for all the elements of running businesses are more successful every time. >> customer follow-up. >> reporter: may is one of those women who launched out on their own. >> with the economy going down, customer service needed to go up. >> reporter: she opened, lady parts, a car repair shop three years ago. >> i do think that especially now three years into the business, yes, now i can honestly say women should challenge themselves and create a job for yourself because that's what i did. you know, in this economy, it worked out. >> reporter: attorney michael burnic ran california's employment development department. he sees entrepreneurs as key to any economic comeback. >> women who are starting businesses will be creating jobs for women and men. that is a very important part of the picture these days. and as i say, the main thing is to keep our economy afloat. big solutions in terms of one company hiring 1,000 or 2,000 people isn't going to happen. >> i want to do a check. >> reporter: will it work for everyone? of course not. but so far, it has for mae despite what others thought.
6:34 pm
>> people thought i was crazy at first because they are like you're going to do something completely out of the box in this economy? well, yeah. because what was existing wasn't working. >> is now the right time? well, the women's initiative has five offices in the bay area and will be expanding to chicago and new york. if you have a story idea, log on to and click on "connect" up there then scroll down to "closer look" and sent me an email. today republican presidential candidate mitt romney received an endorsement from a man who almost ran against him. >> america cannot survive another four years of barack obama and mitt romney is the man we need to lead america and we need him now. >> exactly a week ago today, new jersey governor chris christie announced that he would not run for the white house. the governor's support is expected to shift a lot of influential supporters and fundraising dollars to romney's campaign. three of the candidates vying to be san francisco's next mayor have already cast their ballots.
6:35 pm
early voting for the november 8 election began today at city hall. board of supervisors president david chiu, independent joanna reese and current mayor ed lee were among the first in line. well, they asked for your money but how do you tell if they're legit? the biggest red flag to watch for before donating to charity. and get away for free. the big airline ticket giveaway. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account.
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all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. mailers asking for well, this is the time of year when you may be hit with phone calls and mailers asking for charitable donations. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us what we need to know before writing that check. >> reporter: how do you know if a charity is legit? we received that question from a viewer. >> we get these postcards every foursix weeks. >> reporter: and like many,
6:38 pm
michael often wonders if the charities looking for donation by mail are legit. after receiving postcards like this from united breast cancer foundation he asked consumerwatch to investigate a few red flags. >> they might have an aol account or just a post office box for the address of the charity. they put a disclaimer not associated with a more well known charity. >> reporter: the biggest red flag he couldn't find a website and the charity didn't show up on aggregate sites like charity >> you shouldn't have to be sherlock holmes to find out who the organization is and what they do. >> reporter: the better business bureau says you shouldn't donate until now exactly how much the charity donates. finding financial statements should be easy thanks to websites like charity navigator and the bbb's but we couldn't find the united breast cancer research foundation on either. we did find their records through the attorney general showing a profit of $10,000
6:39 pm
last year. but we could find no records of any donations. >> do your homework, yeah. >> reporter: robert brenneman from san francisco's project open hand urges people to do their research so they don't waste money or questionable charities. >> because there are so many good nonprofits out there who need your support. >> reporter: he suggests looking for charities like his that give at least 80% back to the program. as for michael, he is taking it one step further. >> i'd rather give my charity to charities that i know and are familiar with. >> reporter: the united breast cancer research foundation could not provide us with copies of its financials but claims it gives 100% of its proceeds to charity. it's not affiliated with the well known breast cancer research foundation. and that's a perfect example of why the bbb warns pay special attention to those charity names because one word can make all the difference in trying to search for them under charity navigators and all those
6:40 pm
websites, we found three or four different charities with almost identical names. it really can catch you by surprise. >> right. and maybe that's the intent for some shady organization not implying that these are. >> reporter: in some cases definitely not implying that's the case here but in some cases the bbb says there are charities out there that in fact try to copy names, you know, just one word off. >> julie watts, thank you. japan wants your business. so it's willing to fly you there for free. the japanese tourism agency is looking to bolster the nation's economy following the march earthquake and tsunami. so it's offering free airfare to 10,000 foreigners. tourism dropped significantly since the disasters. online applications for the free flights are expected to open up in april. the agency would select candidates by summer. today san francisco mayor ed lee joins city leaders in golden gate park to launch a
6:41 pm
citywide bike rental program. prices range from $9 to individual bikes $35 for a four- person surry. parkwide bike rentals will operate five locations including justin herman plaza and union square among others. the customers can pick up a bike at one location and drop it off at another. it's something no other firefighters have ever done. the bay area unit getting special training for children. and from the cbs 5 weather center, putting together your forecast that does promise to receive warmer air. so warmer weather. denny, you have some other receiver news. >> we have reinforcements coming not 49ers, that's right, roberta and we are going to introduce you to a local girl making waves on the track and in the pageant world coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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o are learning sp you don't often think of firefighters as needing a lesson in life saving but hundreds in san mateo are learning specialize the skills to help saves the lives of children. don ford shows us the first of
6:45 pm
its kind program. >> reporter: these san mateo firefighters are arriving to save a child's life. they are part of a specialized training program, learning the latest pediatric emergency procedures here at the lucille packard children's hospital. the child they are working on is not real. neck wounds are fake. but the instructor michael jacobs says the tension is real. >> we have not sure it up. we have geared it up to make the case as a bit more problematic, a bit more troublesome for the guys to manage, sufficient they don't see every day. -- stuff they don't see every day. the division chief says the training is invaluable. >> what you have seen mostly on tv would be fighting fires and the big stuff that is fun to watch but in terms of our day- to-day operation, we'll run medical calls every day all day long. >> reporter: and those calls sometime involve very young children. these medical mannequins with
6:46 pm
fake blood give a very real scene. here a simulated gunshot wound. >> it helps get the guy's head, get the guy's head kind of around the case when they get there. >> they don't get a lot of pediatric calls, thank goodness. >> reporter: firefighters say that as fathers themselves, they also practice keeping their emotions in control. by the end of the month, over 200 peninsula firefighters will have completed this advanced pediatric care training. don ford, cbs 5. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody, on this 11th day of the month of october. we just got rid of our third storm of the month. and i want to share something with you. i'm going to go ahead and head outside to our live cbs 5 weather camera. this is the scene from vacaville and i want to share with you and take it all in because, yesterday at this hour we were enduring rain. we could not see the sunset, which officially was at 6:38.
6:47 pm
santa rosa was 14 degrees warmer than yesterday at 78 degrees so we bumped up our numbers today and right now, we are at 67 degrees in san francisco after a high today of 70. and we're still in the 70s at this 6:00 hour approaching 7 p.m. three things you need to know about tomorrow. first of all, tonight, we have a full moon. tomorrow sunny and warmer. and oh, please be very mindful we have high surf developing for all west-facing beaches. this means some dangerous rip occurrence, as well. so mavericks will be the recipient of swells up to 13 feet. and occasionally we'll have those sneaker waves so in case you're walking along the beach, again, never turn your back on an angry ocean. we have the clearing of the skies right now, finger of fog next to the golden gate bridge is going away overnight. again those swells building because of some storminess over the pacific ocean. that will try to creep its way into our weekend forecast. but one day at a time.
6:48 pm
high pressure that right there is strengthening and as it does so, thursday is going to pan out to be our warmest day of the workweek. but we'll go ahead and pinpoint your forecast along the beaches tomorrow, clear skies, the recipient of an offshore flow with numbers into the mid-60s. west winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. 80s common across the santa clara valley. east of the bay especially inland, the warmer the numbers are. in the mid-80s from antioch through brentwood and the tri- valley. north of the golden gate bridge from the 60s all the way up to 80 degrees in mill valley and in kentfield. san francisco with a high of 73 degrees pristine conditions. the extended forecast does call for again the warmest day of the workweek will be 64 degrees in ocean beach to 90 degrees inland areas. and then there you have the extended forecast. we're calling for increasing cloud cover on saturday. but as of right now, no rain in the forecast. just mostly cloudy skies. partial clearing on sunday, and we'll call it partly cloudy to partly sunny on monday and
6:49 pm
tuesday. but it does seem that here we are on the 11th day of the month and every day we have had a different weather forecast which makes me happy. but it's very interesting month, very interesting doings. >> not even halfway through it. all right. thank you, roberta. oh, a wild visitor at a cell phone store. check this out. that is a big old buck. a deer wandered into the front door of a store in pennsylvania yesterday. an employee caught it on video after jumping the counter, the animal headed into the store room where it apparently was startled, smashed a sink with its hooves and antlers. the deer spent an entire hour tearing up the store before it eventually found its way out. >> i told you, it wanted the iphone 5. not out yet. >> going to have to wait. can you hear it now? you soon will. coming up, eyewitness news, the cellar
6:50 pm
plan that includes 60 new antennae for palo alto. the raiders announce how they will honor al davis. more coming up next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
that they will "honor and py davis throughout specific details are not yet announced but the raiders say they will honor and pay tribute to al davis throughout sunday's game against the browns. it will be televised on cbs 5 at 1:00. fifth quarter post-game show to follow. davis died saturday at the age of 82. meanwhile, the denver broncos have made it official. tim tebow is their new starting quarterback. he nearly led the broncos to a victory over the chargers over the weekend. fans have been vocal in their desire to have him take over. they put their money where their mouth s they put up billboards. the latest tells the coach, john fox, weled we told he so. the broncos are off this week. he will start in miami. he led florida to a national championship. that place is going to go nuts. he is in oakland, by the way, on november 6 with the broncos. a day after the 49ers lost
6:54 pm
their most productive wide receiver joshua morgan for an extended period of time with a broken leg, the team brought in several veterans for the workout including former pro bowl receivers chris chambers. they signed neither. instead they have added former packer brett swain. he spent the last three years in green bay as reserve. he made six catches last year for 72 yards. he also plays special teams. the 49ers had only three healthy receivers on the roster before they made that sign today. scary moment in horseracing. "here comes frazier" is leading the $150,000 bourbon stakes and verse off. down goes frazier. the jockey julien leparoux only had a sore thumb. the horse had surgery and will survive. he won't race again. it's not often you think a 12-year-old track and field standout is also a star beauty queen.
6:55 pm
12-year-old jada is excelling on two different kinds of runways and breaking records in the process. >> lean forward and stride it out. >> my ultimate goal in track and field is to be a gold medalist. >> reporter: she is only 12 years old. but jada new kirk is on the right path in realizing that olympic dream. just ask her coach. >> she told me she wanted to be an olympian. none of the other athletes in my 13, 14 years of coaching have ever told me that. >> reporter: the young track and field sensation from san mateo crushed records at the local field and track championships in livermore. the thousands of points she earned broke a 17-year-old record. >> i was excited that i knew that i could accomplish something that big. >> i was so proud of her because she had only been doing the pent at lon for a couple of years. >> reporter: that performance earned her a spot in the national junior olympic
6:56 pm
championships in kansas, where it was a stifling 115 degrees. jada was in position to win gold until she suffered from severe dehydration. >> i got so hot, the point where i started slowing down. my legs felt like jelly. and everyone was still cheering. and after i stepped foot across the finish line, i fell into the grass and i was panting and they rushed me to the medic. >> reporter: somehow, she remarkably made it to the podium that day. but jada's talents don't stop on the track. >> i want to be miss universe. >> reporter: she was crowned queen of the 2011 miss california preteen competition one of her strengths in the competition acting. >> why am i looking so good? you would too if you got milk. it's filled with nutrients. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
>> she needs an agent. >> definitely a ham. >> talented. the brewers and cardinals are tied at one game apiece in the nlcs. st. louis 12-3 winners last night. alan morton called in sick you may recall he did not work yesterday. and i'm about to show you why alan did not work yesterday. i think we have a shot. okay can we circle it please? this is the true story. >> i see it. >> that is allen martin who told our news director dan rosen haim that heim because he was sick. >> i hate to be the guy but we were look -- oh, my goodness. he called in sick. >> that's so funny. >> i'm banned from life. never allowed back. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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