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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 13, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: calm down. the smouse all right. it was a joke. hey, i thought parsons was a little rough on you at the beginning. geoff: yeah, what's his deal, man? craig: i think it is a little bit -- i don't know if i'm speaking out of a little bit of professional jealousy. geoff: the guy comes out here swinging. craig: yeah, he did. geoff: i'll kick his ass, man. craig: what the hell is happening to you? you used to be this adorable lovely friendly upbeat robot and
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now you're some kind of drunken impersonator who waves his hand around. i love it. [laughter] you all right, man? are you over it? geoff: i'm going to be ok. craig: i think we all learned something. it is what you feel inside. [laughter] geoff: yeah, yeah. it is what you feel. craig: what you feel -- uh-oh. sorry. good night, everybody. sorry. good night, everybody. say good night.,,,,
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crashed in oakland. one train slammed into the back . backing news tonight. two amtrak trains have collided in oakland many. >> one train slammed into the back of the other. robert is there with the latest. >> reporter: behind me is the oakland amtrak station. as i step out of the way you can see it's still active scene. as investigators stray to find out how two amtrak trains slammed into each other. the first that you are looking at train 318, we have confirmed it started out in bakersfield on its way here to oakland. it's considered a c passenger train. the train was moving at approximately 25 to 30 miles an
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hour when it hit the back of train number 14, train 14 is the starlight train. it started in los angeles, it was on its way to seattle. employees on train 14 say they were detraining passengers, trying to board new ones on their way to seattle when they heard what sounded like an explosion and then bodies were moved around. we spoke to one passenger who got on the train, she described what she said has a frightening scene. >> we heard like a big bang, like a bomb. >> sounded just like that. >> we saw the -- >> reporter: that was the mother of a passenger on the train. her son is paralyzed. he was forced out of his wheelchair by the impact of the
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collision. we are told he had a back injury and possibly a head injury. the family members live in haywood. they say they were waiting here at the oakland station for their paralyzed son to arrive when they heard what sounded like an explosion. what we have beenaible to see is that train 718 the passenger train struck the seattle train with such force it broke the concrete platform here at the jack london station sending concrete spraying all over the platform. right now emergency crews are not confirming how many people were actually injured. we do know that more than 10 people were injured as a result of this collision. of course we are told they are still gathering more information about those on the train and still trying to figure out what is going on. there was one employee work in the area who said that the
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tracks actually controlled by union pacific. he claims that right at this location there is a switch to change the trains from the right side of the track to the left side of the track. said that train 718 was supposed to be on the left side, never here on the right side. he is claiming that the switch was not thrown. as soon as the operator of the passenger train realized that he was on the wrong track he said he threw the brakes, he is saying his train was moving about 15 15 miles an hour. this information is not confirmed. investigators trying to figure out how fast they were both moving how they both ended up on the same track. we have seen at least ten people with injuries, none of them seemed life threatening. we are going to stay on ski and try to get more information. if we get it we will bring it to you. for now that's the latest. >> still a lot to be answered and a lot of questions tonight.
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thank you very much. out of oakland. >> and also in the news the people of oakland have done a 180. they don't think much of the mayor anymore. in fact her approval rating down dramaticly. a majority of people don't think she can do much to solve the crime problem. in a report robert has results of the i-witness new poll. >> do you swear. >> reporter: the mayor swept in to the office on january 3rd of this year winning just over half of the voters. her honeymoon seems to be over. >> you are -- incorrect. >> reporter: in fact a poll done today reveals her job performance rating has fallen to 28%. more than half the city now disapproves of her. remarkable when you consider just six months ago our poll
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showed an aproofal at 57%. the numbers in the wake of the sudden resigning of the city's top cop who told the city effectively he was a figure head, micro managed to the point of little control but all the blame. >> no question, its been clear that the mayor doesn't support [inaudible] or anything that will let the police do their jobs. >> another councilmember cautioned it was the mayor blind sided by the chief. >> we received an e-mail with everybody else and so i would have expected that there would have been more conversation with us before it went public. >> reporter: city hall infighting aside our poll asked voters if they had confidence in the mayor's want to reduce crime and 69% said little or no
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confidence compared to 29% who have some or a lot of confidence. >> and we did contact the mayor's office to discuss our poll results. we have yet to hear a response tonight. also in san francisco, the mayor is facing a criminal investigation into possible money laundering. this involves donations of $500 each that 17 employees of the airport van service gave the mayor election campaign. they were made just two weeks after sfo reversed new rule that the company has said were hurting business. rival candidate said super advisers told drivers they would be repaid for their donations. now the da is investigating. >> these alleging there was money laundering operation going on with the political campaign and you know we want to make sure we aren't passing
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judgement on the merit at this point. given the circumstances with we thought it was important to investigate. >> the mayor's staff say he never intervened in the airport rules. >> people in a beauty salon dove for cover when a man came in and started shooting. tonight eight people are dead. it happened this afternoon in seal beach, a laid back town in orange county. how this might be a domestic dispute. >> reporter: an afternoon at a seal beach hair salon turned in to a nightmare. police say a man fired rounds inside the salon in daylight killing some of the victims instantly. >> our victims are throughout the entire salon. >> reporter: it happened at a busy time for the salon where every station was in operation. police say some people tried to take cover as the bullets flew
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are. >> my wife is fine. she locked herself in a room. >> reporter: the suspected gunman fled the scene but didn't get far, he was arrested a half mile away. >> he appeared cooperative and didn't resist the officers on scene when he was arrested. >> reporter: police are trying to determine a motive for the violence. witnesses say the gunman was the ex-husband of one of the stay stylists . >> it's unprecedented in seal beach. i have lived here 25 years and never heard of anything like this. >> we have no -- multiple year was no homicides at all. this obviously is -- unusual and tragic circumstance. >> reporter: the salon has been at this location for decades. one of its owners is among the dead. . >> the la times is reporting tonight tonight that the gunman
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was targeting his ex-wife and they were involved in a custody dispute. >> there is a man climbing up polls in the republican primary, herman cain. a new poll shows that he is at the top of the pack with 27% of republican primary voters supporting him followed by mitt romey. if his 999 tax over hall plan that's getting him noticed. wyatt on the plan that some say could end of costing americans more >> my priority is 999. >> reporter: it's the one big idea that is driving her main cain and his surge in the polls. >> 999 is bold. >> reporter: bold because he would replace the entire tax code and all of its loopholes with a 9% corporate tax, 9% personal income tax and a 9%
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national sales tax. it races the same amount he says but would be easier and more fair. >> we must grow the economy. >> reporter: it made him a target in the debate with john mocking the idea. >> i thought it was a price of a pizza when i heard. many. >> reporter: it would make filing taxes easy. most families would pay a flat 9% income tax with only one deduction for charity. there would be no tax on capitol gains. >> it'll raise taxes on the poor, cut them on the rich. >> reporter: robertson williams of the tax policy center called the idea a double hit on low income americans. the 30 million households that pay no federal income taxes including some families making up to 49,000, would start
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paying 9% plus the 9% sales tax on consumer goods like food, medicine and gas. upper income americans would see their top 35% income tax rate slashed to 9%. >> very, very large tax cuts. richer people, would pay less. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and nobody knows the impact of a 9% national sales tax imposed on an economy that needs consumers to spend more. it may have earned cane attention but it's bringing scrutiny now. >> occupy san francisco tried out a new tactic today in the financial district. they blocked the entrance to the wells fargo headquarters. police arrested 11 people. protesters called it a crime that banks accepted government money while foreclosing on
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customer homes. >> my parents lost their homes with foreclosed on. they had to move. >> the protest around 7:30 this morning. around 200 protesters march from there to wells fargo. muni had to shut down the cable carolines for nearly two hours as they blocked traffic. other news making headlines, the san bruno neighborhood rocked by the pipeline explosion is finally reconnected. this morning the city reopened the road at the center of the blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. barricades had divided neighborhood in two since that day. hundreds came out to pay respects for one of the victims of a deadly shooting at a quarry. he was shot and killed along with two others at the lehigh cement plant last wednesday. the gunman was a co worker.
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he died thursday from aself inflicted gun shot wound. a funeral for another victim was also held today. the final resting place of steve jobs is a cemetery in palo alto. the cemetery confirmed the remains are somewhere on the property but would not say where. the cemetery has set aside an area for makeshift memorials. it's not clear if jobs was buried or cremated. his family had a private ceremony. >> the school districts have to get creative to raise money and tonight some teachers and their principal turned to the golden arches and invited parents and kids to join them. a fast food fundraiser that might to some send a mixed message. >> guest number 25. >> reporter: it's mc teacher
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night. teachers and the school principal behind the counter, serving families of elementary schools. >> i want to see my teacher. >> reporter: a portion of the proceeds going to the school. >> fun for the teachers, it's fun for the students, it's even better for education. >> reporter: lots of happy faces enjoying happy meals which begs the question. >> any -- hesitation on the nutrition side? >> no once in a while it's fine. if it was every night it would be different. >> reporter: even the principal noticed students opting for the healthy menu items. >> noticed in some of them are having apples. >> reporter: a teacher said fund raising a sign of the times to keep classrooms operational. >> this event lets us add and be able to really encourage children in your learning regardless of the circumstances around them.
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>> reporter: the school's principal said while she isn't condoning a steady diet of fast food she said mcdonalds has stepped up in support of education holding fund-raisers the past five-years with them. >> i think a healthier choice would be wonderful and we would be happy to partner with anybody who wants to but mcdonalds has come forward. as you know schools need the money and we are doing the best we can. >> reporter: more than 600 customers walked through the doors during the fundraiser. mcdonalds guaranteed the school at least $500. they exceeded that making 1, 9$2. the school welcomes any business in concord to come forward and partner with them in the name of education like mcdonalds did tonight. >> tainted meat. why the public is left in the dark about which meat has been recalled. >> and why you may want to
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stock up now on peanut bu,,,,,,,
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distributed to restaurants in including the bay . nearly four hundred thousand pounds of ground beef sent to restaurants in california including here in the bay area is being recalled. that beef is from the commercial meat company based out of los angeles. e-coli was found during testing by the department of agriculture. now no illnesses have been reported.
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we tried to find which bay area restaurants got the bad batch but the state health department said that the list won't be ready for a day or two. >> and you can expect to pay more for peanut butter. the peanut crop has fallen. you can blame it on hot, dry summer weather in places like texas. farmers are expecting to produce 1.8 million-tons of peanuts this year. that's a 13% drop over last year's crop. the tight supply means they will have to pay more. some companies are raising prices 30 to 40%. >> all right. >> we will have to buy local. >> almond. >> over in the loss banos area. we didn't experience any drought here this year. no. we have already had three storms in the month of october but tonight check this out. it looks like the same moon we
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had here. this is los angeles where the skies clear because of santa anna winds and tomorrow direct result of those dry winds, 98 degrees. tonight we have mainly clear skies but we have a little bit of high thin clouds trying to work in from the west. temperature wise in to the 50s with a longer october night. though we had a high of 66 half moon bay to 86 in gilroy. tonight a starry night in to the other's. tomorrow will be even warmer. 80 in san francisco, average high is 70. 86 degrees across santa clara in san jose. here you have the clouds that have been trying to work in to the forecast. what we call it is a dirty ridge of high pressure when ha is the key part in command. allowing those clouds to under cut that rim and work in but nevertheless we are still under that influence of that strong
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ridge and as a result off shore wind out of the north bringing that temperature in to the low 70's in half moon bay, even low 80s in santa cruz, east of the bay the temperatures panning out to 90 and the warmest location, otherwise north, of the golden gate bridge 16 in stinson to 81 in sonoma. the extended forecast, just a couple degrees cooler by friday. over the weekend we have party cloudy, temperature wise a little more seasonable. that's the pinpoint foreca,,,,,,
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following tonight: two crashed in . breaking news with have been following tonight. two amtrak trains collided in oakland president. >> it happened in the last hour. one train hit the back of the other. >> reporter: 42 oakland firefighters remain on scene at the amtrak station at jack london square. triaging patients. here is video of that seconds
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ago. . >> when we get to the station and we were slowing down to -- nelson cruz was a prospect for the oakland a's..these days, ng . >> a guy in a wheelchair fell over and bumped his head. he was bleeding from the head and was crazy. >> back out live sources who were working this area say what you are looking at the switch, they are saying it's in the
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wrong position, the passenger train should be on the left track, original train should be on the left track. we will get more information and bring it on early editions of the news. for now that's the latest. back to you. >> all right. jack london square. thank you. >> we will be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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days, he's carrying the rangers on his back in the american . once nelson cruz was the prospect for the a's. these days he is carrying the
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rangers on his back. nervous time in detroit. game tied and the tigers, young fly ball to right. cabrera will try to tag from third but cruz makes the catch, throws to the plate. not even close. how do they not have a pinch runner in that situation? unliveable. extra innings, naopli, base hit. texas leads and guess who is coming up? remember cruz who won game two with a grand slam and there it goes. three run back to put it in the bag. the rangers are one win from a return trip to the world series 7-3 the final. you can't talk cardinals greats without that man. stan, albert may be one day -- break of his record. tonight he settled for a couple hits including the rbi double. st. louis scores four in the first. albert hitting 452 in the
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playoffs and final out they tack a lead beating the rangers. harbaugh starts tonight's top five. >> guy that walk around by the name of frederick peace off. freddy -- about a four inch guy sits on your shoulder and takes into your ear. we hear any or see any evidence of him being around we will act quickly to get him out. >> number four, vancouver's roberto to dedid shall. number three, brewers threatening, fielder's liner, a face plant. not good. number two, mls, cruz in front of the keeper, look at the goal. fc dallas wins. number one, 16-year-old evan was riding his bike and watch ,,,,,,,,
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