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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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billion dollars into failed solar power company solyndra. the bay area company went bankrupt laid off all its employees in august. one thing democrats and republicans did agree on today, they want energy secretary steven chu to testify. >> this investigation is beginning to resemble a kangaroo court. >> reporter: that statement set the tone for today's hearing on solyndra. >> would the gentleman yield? >> no i will not. >> i would sure like to know what information that you have that we don't have. >> mr. chairman -- >> you're supposed to be giving an opening statement. >> order, order. the gentleman is entitled to be heard. >> i'd like the clock stopped at that interruption. >> reporter: democrats objected to energy officials not being allowed to testify and criticized republicans for blocking of the release of an energy department memo that outlined the legal basis for restructuring the loan to solyndra. >> and now the republican majority is withholding exculpatory information from the public. i don't object to an
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information into solyndra and based on the record to date, i don't see evidence of wrongdoing by government officials. just a bad investment decision. >> reporter: republicans said democrats were aware before the hearing started that energy department officials would not testify and the subcommittee chairman defend himself against what democrats called a rigged proceeding. >> both you and the president have cited me in a -- talking about china and competition, it was taken out of context. >> since you have spoken out of turn i'd like to you yield to me for one minute. >> i would sure like to be yielded to at some point in time, mr. chairman. >> you have been a chair. you understand this. >> i don't agree with that. [overlapping speakers] >> now you want to suppress statements by members. >> tonight there are reports the white house refuses to turn over internal documents related to the solyndra loan.
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the wall street journal reports a major investor in solyndra was helping that company compete for a potentially lucrative u.s. navy deal just before solyndra declared bankruptcy. be kind or else. that's what vallejo city managers are telling workers at city hall. it's not just to be nice. christin ayers on the real motive behind this major attitude adjustment. >> reporter: you can call this a no more mr. mean guy approach the city of vallejo banning bad attitudes at city hall in hopes of bringing in big business. stand outside vallejo city hall long enough and you're bound it hear the complaints. >> you can tell by the body action and whatever, i don't know what you're asking me or that's not my department kind of thing. >> leave your problems at home and leave work at work. >> reporter: terry says when the city went bankrupt, staff was reduced and customer service went out the window. >> i think it's like a hit-or- miss. >> reporter: then there's the permit process, so complex that this coffee roaster claims it
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took four years to get this addition to his coffee roasting business cleared. >> it used to take a long time to get anything accomplished. >> reporter: that has always changed according to city officials. they are coming out of bankruptcy and trying to build a reputation to bring in new business. >> if we can provide an environment that's more competitive and that's friendlier and predictable in terms of our permit process, that puts in us good stead to attract investment. >> reporter: city employees like derek crutchfield have had to undergo body language training among other things. >> my coworkers or employees have gone a long way to change the culture at city hall. i think we're doing a much better job. >> reporter: and as for that complicated permit process that threw machete for a loop, it's been streamlined, all permits go through one central office. >> now i think, you know, really a huge improvement. so, you know, night and day. i hope when, you know, the word is getting out and everything, i think it's going to bring a lot
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more businesses here. >> reporter: it may be already working. they point to a home manufacturer that just set up shot on the east coast last month. dana? >> i hope this spreads like wildfire to other cities and counties and businesses and -- what a novel concept. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you certainly hope so. you know, they are certainly thinking it might, you know, build them a reputation. thank you. the santa clara county d.a. says the allegations in the highly publicized de anza college gang-rape case cannot be proven. today he announced that he is opting not to prosecute after making good on a 2010 campaign promise to revisit the case. >> when i'm the district attorney, we will review the case, test all the evidence and consider whether to file charges because that's what the victim, the heroic women who
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rescued the victim and the community deserve. >> a 17-year-old student claimed in 2007 a group of de anza baseball players raped her at a party. the d.a. at the time concluded there was insufficient evidence to prove that a crime occurred, in large part because many of the witnesses were drunk and told different stories. today d.a. jeff rosen announced the same conclusion. >> wheel sexual assault cases -- while sexual assault cases are very difficult to prove, sexual assault cases involving highly intoxicated people are extremely difficult to prove. >> a civil trial held earlier this year found two of the defendants not liable. tactical response teams from around the world are getting ready for emergency drills this weekend in the bay area. it's all part of operation urban shield. for 48 hours, teams prepare for emergencies such as mass casualties, hostage rescue and
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terror threats. >> back in my country, most of our days we got a situation, yes. so i think we coming here was a good experience, maybe change knowledge with our colleagues here and the competition. >> one of the drills takes place on the new span of the bay bridge that is still under construction. just in case you see emergency vehicles out there. the activity is set to start tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. pg&e is replacing more than 1200 miles of gas pipeline across california. and they are similar to the one that caused a fire at a cupertino condo two months ago. the utility company says the plastic pipe has a history of cracking and other safety issues. that work begins on monday and is expected to take more than three years. and the family of a man who drowned off an alameda beach is taking legal action. raymond zach's family has filed claims against the city and county. they say police and
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firefighters were not trained nor equipped for water rescue. emergency crews watched from shore as zach drowned memorial day weekend. alameda has since purchased two rescued boats and trained personnel to use them. a scream for help as two women trapped when fire rips through their east bay home. for the first time we are seeing what the firefighters saw as they rushed in and saved them of the juliette goodrich on a rescue like we have never seen before. >> reporter: two life-saving rescues today in a concord house fire. two elderly women all of this caught on tape on a helmet camera that one of the firefighters purchased personally. reporter: a heroic rescue, all caught on a personal helmet camera worn by a firefighter who describes what's happening during the fire rescue. >> as you look at the smoke conditions because it's an attic fire above them that started apparently in the
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kitchen. >> reporter: you can see him actually making his way through smoke filled hallways locating an elderly woman and carrying her out of the burning building. a heroic act all caught on tape by his helmet cam. >> pretty awesome. >> saved a life. >> it was awesome. i was talking with nick about it. i have been a firefighter for 13 years now. and this is my actual first live rescue where the victim will actually walk away. >> reporter: countywide budget cuts have forced firefighterstake paycuts. all the while, add tools like this helmet cam are bought by firefighters themselves. nick long says the benefits outway the personal costs especially when it comes to saving lives. a device like this can act as an educational tool for future life-saving rescues. >> we're doing so many things and a lot of decisions are being made, a lot of commands are being made verbally and also on the radio. we try to look at these calls in retrospect to improve.
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>> reporter: these helmet cameras cost about $300. and these firefighters tell me that a lot of the equipment that they use on the job are things that they buy out of pocket, allen, because of these paycuts and budget cuts. they say obviously this job is not for the paycheck. it's for days like this when they are saving lives. incredible tool. just kind of wondering the pink t-shirts they are wearing in support of breast cancer, i'm wondering if they paid for that? >> reporter: they did. every one of them buying them personally and using them as a fundraiser. thank you for bringing that up. >> great gesture. all right. thank you, juliette goodrich. dinner's about to be served but none of the thousands of guests knew they were going to be here. we'll take you behind the pop- up picnic coming up. >> they are supposed to be a pilot's eyes an ears on the ground. what's behind an alarming jump in the number of air traffic
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it is "the" most exclusive invite in town. hundreds of people are descending on golden gate park picnic baskets in hand. two hours ago none knew where they would be having dinner tonight. but joe vazquez the intrepid reporter knew. he is in the thick of a top secret supper. joe. >> reporter: dana, look behind me. you can see the gathering. it looks like maybe it's a wedding reception or a cult gathering. but actually, it's a super secret dinner and yeah, you know what, it took me most of
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the day to find it. >> reporter: when the day began, participants only knew a few details that they were going to a fancy picnic tonight somewhere in san francisco and that they were supposed to wear all white. the event called le dinner au san francisco, or here let a frenchman say it [ foreign language ] >> reporter: it's a sort of secret flash mob for foodies. >> you can't get any flash dancing but maybe a flash dinner? that was a cool idea. >> reporter: the tradition originally called le dinner enblanc is spreading from paris to can't to the united states. you wait for the details. dinner at 7. >> you put out this anonymous event which is a big dinner. >> reporter: but you can't tell me where? >> i cannot tell you where. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's bruno
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dennis of le garage restaurant in sausalito. when i interviewed at him 2:00 this afternoon, what's this? >> it's chanterelle mushrooms. >> reporter: they are catering a five course male with champagne that costs 175 bucks for people, with a five course meal. others show up with their own picnic. we sent chopper 5 over golden gate park around 3:00 and spotted le dinner at the band shed or music concourse. here they are setting up over 30 dining divisions all named after french cities. what are you most looking forward to here? >> the experience. this is the first time that this is happening here in san francisco. we're just going to see how it pans out. >> reporter: all right. hey! champagne has popped. so they tell us, 3600 of the 10,000 who applied were actually accepted. just a fraction of those will get that catered dinner.
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what's this event called again, guide? >> le dinner. >> reporter: doesn't sound any better than i said it, dana. lots of fun. dinner at 7:00 and they are starting to gather en masse. >> en masse. we'll forgive your french because you found the event. they are not upset that you have you've outed them? >> reporter: it's okay we found them. >> yeah. >> reporter: we were bound to find it. >> nice job. maybe we'll all go next year. >> reporter: we'll have to play, get on the list somehow. >> and not get turned down. already, joe vazquez, thank you. >> i was just hoping for le leftovers. apple fans waiting for this day for months. the new iphone 4s was released today. thousands across the globe camped out overnight to get their hands on one. stephanie chuang reports, that included a former apple exec. reporter: cheers exploded
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as apple he could founder steve wozniak walked in to claim his iphone 4s at the los gatos store. the woz as he is better known was the first one to line up at noon yesterday. he walked out with two, one black, one white. >> first thing i did was pushed the button and i said call 408- 88-8886 and it dialed it and so siris didn't do on the last one. so i'm happy. >> i'm amazed how much computer is in there but not just computer. it's the input. all the sensory devices that are like human sensors. >> reporter: a satisfied woz after waiting 20 hours making new friends and catching up with old ones. >> i first met him at the ipad launch the first ipad launch at valley fair. i was number 3 and he was number 4 in line. so since then we have kept in touch. >> reporter: you guys are riding the segways together this morning? >> morning. >> yes, we went to doughnut wheel to get doughnuts for?
6:17 pm
>> in line. >> reporter: he missed school. his parents okayed it. number 10 in like was a google employee who revealed his real loyalties. >> i have just been an apple fanboy for many years. >> reporter: this apple love is part of legacy left behind by steve jobs, who died last week. wozniak admitted the death of his friend made today that much more meaningful. >> thinking about why i'm here makes me reflect a little more on it, on his, you know, death an absence and what he has done really the great he has done. >> reporter: stephanie chuang, cbs 5. truly, truly amazing. as i said, 100 years from now, people will be talking about it and remembering steve jobs as one of the great inventors or great people in the world. well, those are some of the memories shared about the apple cofounder on the unofficial steve jobs day.
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former employees, fans gathered outside apple's original manufacturing facility in fremont. tributes included dressing like steve jobs and those were organized all around the world. a government watchdog group says air traffic control mistakes have skyrocketed over the past few years. the government accountability office says the rate of errors by controllers has nearly tripled in the last three years when it comes to airborne incidents. but the national air traffic controllers association says that the increase is due to a new reporting system. it does not punish controllers for reporting errors. >> it shows that there's a healthy system out there where employees are comfortable and willing to report safety issues to management. >> you just can't explain everything away by achange of reporting. there is some substance to it too. >> the report makes a number of recommendations, including that the faa extend its oversight of terminal area safety. well, our clear skies are
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going to cloud up. lapse lawrence in for roberta tonight. it's coming. -- lawrence karnow in for roberta tonight. it's coming. >> let's enjoy the weather. it is looking good although a few high clouds continue to make their way across our skies making for what looks like a great sunset here in the bay area. mount diablo, yup, clouds flowing right on overhead. we'll see more throughout the weekend as high pressure finally giving way and that means temperatures will start to cool down. clouds moving in you see them moving up in the south and flowing across our skies. more tomorrow. tonight patchy fog, cool ocean air moving inland. today we had 87 degrees in livermore. 86 in san jose. it was 89 degrees in santa rosa. and even 85 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon, you will notice a lot of oranges go away
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as we are seeing an onshore breeze kicking in. temperatures by tomorrow afternoon comfortable, cooler, 70s and 80s inland. only 60s at the coast with that patchy fog. looking out over the next couple of days, we are going to cool down the temperatures, throw in more clouds over the weekend. we may bump the temperatures up on monday but after that temperatures cool off well into the middle of next week. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. and potentially harmful ingredients in a perfume that's supposed to help the breast cancer cause. we'll have that in two minutes. ,,,,
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advocates say its purpose is to raise money for research but local breast cancer advocates say something stinks about a perfume being sold by susan g.
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komen for the cure. elizabeth cook reports it's the ingredient, not the aroma. >> reporter: annie never least home without wearing a little -- never least home without wearing a little perfume. >> i use natural oils. >> reporter: we had her try the newest scent from susan g. komen called promise me. >> soft, feminine. >> reporter: when she told her the perfume whose proceeds go to breast cancer research may contain ingredients that cause cancer, the fragrance turned foul. >> it's quite contradicting. >> it contains a number of chemicals of concern not listed on the ingredients. >> reporter: the executive director of breast cancer action, a nonprofit group that promotes education and does not fundraise, had some concerns about promise me after it debuted this year so she had it tested and found it had a number of ingredients linked to cancer. she brought her findings to the susan g. komen foundation. >> komen responded in a bit of a confusing way. on the one hand they said that
6:24 pm
their scientific and medical advisory team felt the perfume was safe, on the other hand they said they are working with the manufacturer to reformulate the perfume in order to eliminate any doubt. >> reporter: promise me is currently being sold nationwide at big stores like j.c. penney, dillard's and lord & taylor but breast cancer action wants the fragrance to be taken off the shelved immediately. >> in a situation where not enough is known about what's putting women at risk and why are so many women getting and dying of breast cancer, we think every precaution should be taken. >> reporter: annie would love to support the komen foundation but would avoid products she feels may take away from the cause of fighting breast cancer. >> they are losing sight of the objective initially was. >> reporter: in burlingame, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. two of the main ingredients found in that perfume are toluene and [ indiscernible ]
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both hormone disrupters linked to breast cancer. couch potatoes, rise up. for 15 minutes. because it turns out that is all the exercise it takes to reap big health benefits. spending just 6.5 hours a month walking can add three years to your life, lower your cholesterol, and blood pressure, and even help you stop smoking. of course most doctors still recommend squeezing in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day if you can. >> start somewhere. they are fed up, not showing any sign of backing down. next at 6:30, "occupy" protestors take to the streets from the bay area to new york. what they are planning this weekend that could take the demonstrations to a whole new level. not just for the military anymore. now you can own your very own drone. the california company selling them for about the price of a lawnmower. he has been wrong before but this time, the bay area's doomsday preacher says he knows
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he's right. his new prediction for the real end of the world. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight. reds marched from oakland "occupy" protestors were on the move tonight, hundreds marched from their
6:29 pm
catching spot in frank ogawa plaza. they didn't seem to have a specific destination, but they did spend several minutes near the north county jail where they chanted to inmates inside. a large police presence was on hand to keep order. there are no reports of any confrontations. protestors have been camping in the plaza since monday. and today "occupy wall street" protestors in new york took a turn for the violent. police and demonstrators squared off in the street. at least 14 people were arrested there. manuel gallegus on what set off that confrontation. reporter: the demonstration in downtown new york turned ugly when protestors took to the streets and headed for the stock exchange. police stepped in to make arrests and clear the crowd. eyewitnesses say this demonstrator was struck by an nypd motorcycle. he tried to free his trapped foot and officers dragged him away. the trouble followed what had been a victory for the hundreds
6:30 pm
camped out here in a nearby park. the city has threatened to move everybody out to clean the area. but the last minute decided to let them stay. >> we are articulate people. we are considerate people. we take care of this park and we care for humanity. and we are here to stand up for humanity. >> reporter: protestors in cities around the country including seattle and denver blame corporate greed for unemployment and the economic state of america. those who work on wall street say the protestors are targeting the wrong people but new yorker kelly atkinson who used to work in finance sympathizes with the crowd. he has been out of work for four months. you think the men and women up there are listening to what's going on down here? absolutely. absolutely. nobody is ignoring them. they are not ignoring them. but you know, the guys up there don't have the solution. it's going to take more than the wall street guys to have a solution. [ chanting ] >> reporter: atkinson was on the way to a job interview.
6:31 pm
as protestors vow to occupy downtown indefinitely. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. that was international monetary fund's top representative in turkey dodging eggs thrown by university students yesterday. protestors then chanted slogans against the financial organization before being escorted out. turkey has a history of strong opposition to the imf. tonight more than 100 suspected gang members are behind bars after a series of raids across the bay area and beyond that. agents seized evidence and suspects in five counties during a three-day operation. mark sayre reports they will be a major blow to gang activity. there may be some changes in the neighborhoods. >> reporter: this video provided by the california department of justice shows officers en route to one of dozens of raid sites in northern california. the 18-month undercover investigation resulted in more
6:32 pm
than 10 0 arrests in five counties including monterey and santa cruz, san benito, santa clara andmore than half are known gang members and attorney general kamala harris says this is a big blow to gang activity. alameda. >> 51 are known members of the nortenos street gang. two are affiliated with the serenos street gang. >> reporter: the raids and arrests took place mainly over the past three days at this home in hollister. the owner confirms police came to the door early this morning. it is not known what if anything law enforcement found and these pictures are from a raid in the monterey bay area. the investigation began when gilroy police asked for state and federal help because of an uptick in gang activity. >> we have been seeing a lot of drive-by shootings, assaults. >> reporter: denise turner is gilroy's police chief. >> i do believe we are going to see auto thefts dropping dramatically, all tow -- auto burglaries. i think violent crime activity will drop. >> reporter: at least 80 stolen vehicles are recovered and held at evidence in this lot in morgan hill.
6:33 pm
the attorney general says there is no question there is a link between mexican drug cartels and what local law enforcement is seeing in communities big and small all over california. >> but there are also connections that we have seen between cartels and local street gangs and other kinds. >> reporter: now, of the 100 people arrested, some are being prosecuted on federal charges, others on state charges. on the federal side, about 25 of those defendants were in federal court in san jose for their arraignments today. and some of the sentences very stiff, possible life prison terms if convicted on the most serious charges. back to you. president obama is sending u.s. troops to a new war zone. he said today about 100 special operations troops are headed to africa. they will train local forces who are battling rebels terrorizing four countries including uganda and southern sudan. the president says the americans will not be fighting unless they are fired upon.
6:34 pm
they are generally used for war and military missions but now, you can own your very own drone. chris lawrence on the southern california tech heads hoping to make these devices part of everyday life. >> reporter: unmanned vehicles are flying out of this small san diego warehouse. for under $1,000, you can buy your very own drone. >> we want to make aerial robotics available to everybody. >> reporter: owner chris anderson is an editor at "wired" magazine. he has a partner. >> i never that i was going to have the chance to be able to work for a high-tech company or even own one. >> reporter: he grew up in mexico able to fix anything. >> i was 10 years old i was able to build from scratch computers, repair laptops. >> reporter: legally, he couldn't work whiles of waiting on his green card. he got so bored, he built a
6:35 pm
concept drone. >> i received like a lot of feedback like hey this is amazing keep going with your work. >> reporter: that turned into do it yourself drones which is pushing military technology into the civilian world. the company imagines a uav zooming into a burning building. if it flies up ahead of firefighters, the drones heat sensors tell them how hot each room is as its cameras identify any obstacles that may block their way to the people trapped inside. >> this is always become less expensive. but why would anyone need a personal drone hovering around them? i don't know exactly. security maybe? >> reporter: anderson says personal drones could record crime and instantly alert police. >> maybe cameras -- the notion of cameras being something you hold is outmoded? maybe cameras have wings. >> reporter: people are already using social media to broadcast their lives 24/7. a mobile camera could be the ultimate extension of that
6:36 pm
design. >> once we make it easier to put an eye in the sky, i think that the users will discover the real application. >> reporter: chris lawrence, san diego. if you were disappointed when a rapture prediction from an oakland evangelist turned out to be wrong, not to worry. he says he finally has it figured out. harold camping of the family radio network says next friday, october 21, will be the real end of the world. camping made worldwide headlines when he wrongly predicted the rapture would be may 21st this year. but he says it turns out that was only the spiritual end of the world. wow. why millions of americans are about to get a little more money from uncle sam. some food for thought. how technology is making date night a little more intimate. some of the bay area's most popular restaurants. and a school spelling bee but the teachers had a surprise up their sleeves. the unexpected reunion for a 9- year-old girl. ,,,,,,
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little extra f of living incre millions of americans on social security are about to get a little extra from uncle sam. cost of living increase goes into effect in january. that means social security checks will be about 3.5% larger. so if retirees get $10,000 a year, they would get an extra $350 but it is a first benefit increase in two years. have you ever wanted to avoid the chatty waiter or waitress? just order the meal yourself? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains some restaurants are now using tablet technology to create do it yourself ordering. >> here are the menus. >> they are ipads. i guess this is how we're ordering. >> reporter: from fine dining to fast food, technology is slowly but surely transforming the way we eat out of the here at the steak how the in san francisco they are in beta testing stage of the new interactive ipad menus.
6:40 pm
>> great. >> i like the pictures. i like to see what you're going to eat. >> reporter: in addition to high resolution photos there are detailed descriptions of each dish, wine pairings. >> and it even tells the temperature of the meat. great. >> so we are really kind of working on the future of dining. >> reporter: they developed the ipad menu now being tested at lark creek and he is just one of many looking to capitalize on the emergence of tablet technology. while the tablets do vary in design and function, he says some have boosted restaurant sales more than 10%. >> the reason for that is because when consumers have more information they feel more comfortable so people are buying more starters and glasses and bottles of wine. do people actually buy more wine because of the ipad? >> particularly wines by the glass, yes. >> reporter: here customers can see where the grapes are grown and even learn about the winemakers but like lark creek, they still order and pay through a waiter. something many think will soon be a thing of the past.
6:41 pm
>> i don't mind ordering through the ipad. >> reporter: rob black of the golden gate restaurant association says he is not concerned that evolving technology will eventually replace waiters. at least not at traditional restaurants. >> there will always be a role for the human component, as well. and when done well, they complement each other. and i think it goes back to what experience does that customer want. >> reporter: and the restaurant association found dine-in customers still want personal interaction. >> your server will be right over. >> reporter: in the first few weeks of i was menu trial the lark street steakhouse has seen sales up 10% but the manager isn't completely sold on the device that's expected to cost about $2 per day per menu. >> it's going to take a lot of extra steaks to be sold to pay for our technology that's an advance. >> reporter: even fans of the technology have to admit, it's not for everyone. >> grandma would have a problem with it. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts cbs 5. the city of san francisco
6:42 pm
has launched a new app that's supposed to prepare you in case a disaster strikes. the app is called, sf heroes. it allows users to access real- life emergency maps, plus the ability to create a disaster contact list and a tally of needed supplies. the application is also connected to twitter and facebook. >> the idea of gameification is this new theory that by building in incentive and rewards, a fun entertaining environment you will take steps to get prepared. >> the cost to develop the app, $25,000. it is now available on the iphone. the android version will be released in spring. okay. how to spell reunion. >> a dad coming home from iraq surprises his daughter after a school spelling bee. beautiful autumn sunshine around the bay area today. that's all about to change for the weekend. we'll have details coming up.
6:43 pm
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when a fourth grader in florida took to the stage at her school spelling bee today, she had no idea who was back stage waiting for her. that is, until her principal asked her to spell sergeant and then asked if she knew any. >> my dad. >> your dad? >> yup. and that's when staff sergeant johnson stepped out to surprise his 9-year-old daughte skylar. he has been in iraq all year and spent more than a month working with the school to plan the reunion. >> it's fantastic. i think everyone -- thank you so. you don't know what this means, this is so special.
6:47 pm
>> johnson is only home for the next nine days. but they are going to make the most of them. skylar says all that matters to her is that he is here now. >> okay. could you spell teary? >> wow. >> yeah. what a neat reunion. >> that is something. >> kind of sad but this hot weather has to come to an end. >> wouldn't you know it? just in time for the weekend. temperatures cooling down. not a bad weekend but numbers coming down across the board. outside now, and we're work on a good evening out there. we have a few high clouds that are streaming across our skies. but other than that, not too bad just yet. but high pressure going to start to slide eastward now. more low clouds and fog come our way. high clouds late in the day today. i think we'll see more of that as we head throughout the night tonight and tomorrow. so partly cloudy skies to start out your weekend. patchy fog moving in along the coast so these temperatures in
6:48 pm
the 70s today at the beaches only in the low 60s by tomorrow afternoon. not bad right now. you have 80 degrees in concord. 74 in oakland at this hour. still 74 degrees in san francisco and 78 in san jose. high pressure starting to weaken somewhat and moving eastward. it's does, we are going to see more clouds filter into our skies and also fog gathering at the coastline. temperatures around the the state still nice. 84 degrees in sacramento. tomorrow you're looking at 90 in fresno, about 65 in yosemite. and about 71 degrees in lake tahoe. this ridge has been impressive. temperatures running well above average but now we have this low and trough digging off the coastline all this going to help to kick that ridge to the east. that means our temperatures are going to come down. we are probably not going to see numbers like this for quite some time. a computer model picking up on it well. clouds screaming across the bay area -- streaming across the bay area overnight to give you partly cloudy skies. late in the day low clouds and fog begin to surge along the coastline keeping the
6:49 pm
temperatures cooler at the beaches tomorrow. with that in mind, numbers not bad tomorrow but cooler. 81 in san jose. 84 morgan hill. 78 in san mateo. and about 63 degrees in half moon bay. east bay temperatures you will find a lot of sunshine there and a mix of clouds but temperatures in the 80s by the afternoon. 84 livermore. 83 pleasant hill. 73 vallejo. sea breeze in the bay. 66 daly city and 73 degrees in sausalito. next couple of days we are going to watch those temperatures cool down but by monday we may watch it spike a little but toward next tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we cool right back down. that's a look at the weather. here's kim. >> the 49ers hope to leave someone behind as they take off for detroit. and find out how good of a first impression aaron curry made with his new team. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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into the action this sunday... out of the huddle and into the fire for the raiders. >> i don't think the browns are going to be happy about it this week. eric corey won't be eased into the action this sunday after one practice with the raiders. hue jackson announced that the
6:53 pm
new acquired lineback linebacker will start against the browns. al davis's influence extended beyond the raiders. foreyears he donated $1,000 a week for the high school football coach of the week and the school. joe won the award five times and last year was named coach of the year. >> i thought it was a huge deal. i don't know about anybody else but i thought it was huge every time they come out here and gave me a coach with the hat coach of the deal and money on top of that i was blown a w nobody knows about it. that's the kind of guy he was. seems like he did things for people he didn't want people to know. everybody knew what he was on the surface but he cared a lot. he just did this in the bay area. he took care of people in his own backyard. >> yeah. should be emotional. you can see the raiders and browns sunday right here on cbs 5, then join dennis and jeremy for the fifth quarter. the first two weeks of the
6:54 pm
nba season are cancelled and according to tiger woods who is a diehards lakers fan the longer the lockout goes the more it favors the aging boston celtics. >> one person who is happy is probably doc rivers. the age of his team you know -- [ laughter ] >> you know, it's -- it's nice for them to only play half a season. [ laughter ] >> it's true, it's a fact. come on. well, i think they were trying -- >> celtics point guard rondo might take offense of that. check out the no look over the shoulder lob it kenneth of the charity game this week in kentucky. >> baseball news. bob geren is the new bench coach. he was hired as the as manager. the new bench coach was the mets bench coast last season. geren went to the mets. there are characters known
6:55 pm
in sports known for their connection to bad luck. buckner, the great bambino in the baseball world. this time of ghosts and goblins before and when 9ers are taking no chances of exposing themselves to the curses of the gridiron. ♪ [ music ] there is a man of mystery lurking in the shadows of the 49ers headquarters. he is not a player or coach the , not even an employee. the mere thought of his presence strikes fear into the hearts and minds. red and gold. a mysterious figure low has a name. >> frederick p soft, he is about a 4" guy that sits on your shoulder and talks right into your ears. >> freddie is the type of guy, the dude that knocks on your door in a business suit, suit kind of too high, you can see his sox. nice shoes. got the glasses. but no lenses in them.
6:56 pm
the crazy haircut. you know? just right. got the spam or whatever pam you put in your hand. try to stay away from freddie. >> reporter: this is our own artist rendering of freddie p soft. who is he and why has he created such trepidation among the group of play makers? to put it simply, mr. soft is dishing out some hard lessons. >> he tell you when you're tire, take this playoff. don't run hard. don't block for that guy. you ain't getting the ball. >> freddie p soft tells people start getting lazy somebody start cutting back to what they're doing start doing the bare minimum. >> somehow we have to overcome freddie because he is a strong voice. >> reporter: for the rest of us, freddie is just a figment of imagination. bu as far as the 9ers are concern, one key is keeping a
6:57 pm
far distance from the ghostly nemesis. >> you know, he flew out here so we are going to try to beat him on the flight, trick him to leave early on friday so he can't catch us. >> you hear any or see any evidence of him being in the premises, we will act quickly and decisively and get him out of here. ♪ [ music ] >> and delaney is hoping he is actually seen freddie on the other side other teams that they have played. you know, telling them -- >> want some of the kool-aid? >> it's actually jack -- [ laughter ] >> jack harbaugh used that with the kids and -- >> thought it was freddie krueger. >> you're not on a you can't be on air. i'm going to get him with the union. freddie p. soft. be afraid. >> caption colorado, llc ,, ,,
6:58 pm
sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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