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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 15, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. i was not. >> lawmakers investigating what went wrong at solyndra turn on one another. what the white house is refusing to give up that could be a critical piece of this puzzle. >> it was awesome. it's every firefighter's dream is to make a difference. >> saved from the flames. the new helmet that gives a view of the rescue. >> leave your problems at home and work at work. >> an attitude adjustment for a bay area city. why it is banking on its employees becoming a whole lot nicer. good evening, i'm dana king. ken is off tonight.
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the bipartisan committee investigating bankrupt solar company, solyndra engaged in a war of words on capitol hill today. accusations of a coverup and withholding evidence were exchanged between parties. allen martin with why most of the tension was focused on one key witness. >> this investigation is beginning to resemble a kangaroo court. >> that statement set the tone for today's hearing on solyndra. >> i would like to know what information you have that we don't have. we are supposed to be giving an opening statement. >> the gentleman is entitled to be heard. >> i would like the clock stopped from that interruption. >> objected not to be allowed to testify at the hearing and criticized republicans for blocking the release of an energy department memo that outlined the legal basis for restructuring the loan. >> now the republican majority
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is withholding information from the public. i don't object to an investigation into solyndra and based on the record to date, i don't have any evidence of wrong doing, just a bad investment decision. >> republicans said democrats were aware before the hearing started that energy department officials would not testify. and the subcommittee chairman defended himself against what democrats called a rigged proceeding. >> both you and the president have sited me in a -- talking about china and competition. >> spoken out of turn, i would like you to yield to me. >> i would sure like to be yielded at some point in time. >> mr. chairman has certain prerogatives. you understand this. >> i agree with that. >> i don't agree with a lot of the -- the problem is, you don't agree. >> suppress statements by members. >> tonight, there are reports the white house refuses to turn
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over internal documents related to the loan. and the wall street journal reports, a major investor was helping the company compete for a lucrative u.s. navy deal just before solyndra declared bankruptcy. allen martin, cbs 5. no charges will be filed in the highly publicized gang rape case. santa clara d.a. says there is not enough evidence to prove that a group of baseball players raped a 17- year-old student at a party four years ago. now that's the same conclusion the former d.a. reached in 2007, siting drunk witnesses who told conflicting stories. >> sexual assault cases involving highly intoxicated people are extremely difficult to prove. by their very nature, these types of cases involve witnesses whose memories and perceptions are questionable. >> a civil trial held earlier
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this year found two of the defendants not liable. tonight we are getting a first- hand look at a dramatic rescue in east bay. firefighters raced into a burning home and pulled out two women who were trapped by flames and thick smoke. juliette shows us the rescue from the eyes of one of the firefighters. >> a heroic rescue all caught on a personal helmet camera worn by firefighter. he describes what is happening during this fire rescue today. >> you are looking at the smoke conditions that are happening because it's an actual attic fire above them that had started apparently in the kitchen. >> you can see him actually making his way through smoke filled hallways. locating an elderly woman and carrying her out of the burning building. a heroic act all caught on tape by the helmet cam. >> pretty good feeling today? >> pretty awesome, yeah. >> you saved a life. >> it was awesome. it was.
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i was talking with nick about it. i've been a firefighter for 13 years now and this is my actual first live rescue where the victim will walk away. >> county wide budget cuts forced fighters to take pay cuts. all the while, added tools are bought by firefighters themselves. nick long says the benefits outweigh the personal cost. especially when it comes to saving lives. a device like this can act as an educational tool for future life saving rescue. >> doing so many things and petitions are being made. we try to look at these calls and do better. >> these helmet cameras cost approximately $300. they are telling me a lot of equipment they use on the job are things that they have purchased out of pocket despite pay cuts and despite salary cuts. they say obviously this job isn't for the paycheck.
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it's for days like this, saving lives. in concord, juliette goodrich. cbs 5. >> president obama is on the road with the president of south korea. they are promoting a new trade agreement that mr. obama says will put tens and thousands of americans back to work. but as tara shows us, back in washington, republicans are pushing a very different jobs plan. >> president obama and south korea's president toured a gm plant near detroit. a day after the two leaders signed a major trade deal. it's expected to create 70,000 u.s. jobs. >> americans can buy hyundais from korea. i know korea should be able to buy fords and chryslers and chevies that are made right here in the united states of america. this o'ryan, michigan, plant uses some south koreaen parts to create u.s.
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chevrolets. the plant also got a new lease on life shuttered and then reopened with the help of the 2009 bailout to the auto industry. >> i can stand here and say the investment paid off. >> the president is also in michigan to sell his jobs bill. he is trying to come up with ways to push the legislation through after senate republicans defeated it earlier this week. republicans are pushing back with a bill of their own. >> it's clear that the economic realities suggest we need to listen to job creators and what it is that they need. >> the gop proposal calls for repealing the president's healthcare law and requiring a balanced budget. president obama says he is willing to work with republicans, but he's not giving up on his own plan just yet. monday, he'll kick off a three- day bus tour to promote it. cbs news, washington. >> other news making headlines, one man is dead. another injured after a midday shooting in west oakland today.
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it happened around 12:30 near the intersection of willow and 11th street. the shooting victim is oakland's 91st homicide of the year. the incident comes the day before the mayor is set to host a safety summit. looking for ways to reduce violent crime. pg and e will replace a gas pipeline similar to the one that exploded in the south bay two months ago. a leaking 2-inch plastic pipe was responsible for a fire at a condo in august. the utility company says the plastic pipe has a history of cracking and other safety issues. so more than 1200 miles of plastic pipe will be replaced across california. that project is expected to take more than three years. it's being called the social event of the season. a gourmet picnic with french roots. linda yee with the crucial piece of information that guests were missing until just a few hours ago.
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it's like being in a park. >> i never done anything like this before. i'm really excited. >> but this is fine outdoor dining in golden gate park. a tradition that started in paris more than 20 years ago. >> there was a gentleman who had a birthday party in paris and he wanted all of his friends to dress in white so they could see each other at night. every year, grew and grew to this amazing thing that they now have every year in paris and now it is spreading throughout the world. >> new york, chicago, and now it has arrived in san francisco. garrett organized this party in three months. >> i own a couple restaurants, so this was sort of when i should have been sleeping, i guess. >> word spread on the social network. >> high school friend posted it on facebook and i like food and wine, so i said, where do i
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sign up? >> 10,000 people rsvp'd, but only the first 3500 got in. everyone wears white and brings their own chair, champagne, and their own food. >> i grilled asparigus with a balsamic reduction and a wild rice salad. >> we have roasted golden and red beets. we are going to top it with ricata and put mixed greens over it with pistacios. >> the a the appointed hour, dinner begins. candle lit tables, fine china, and crystal. how else to picnic in the park? >> the tables have been completely blown me away. and the attire. i'm so proud of it. i'm so proud for everyone, too.
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it's the coolest thing. >> are you going to do it again next year? >> absolutely. and maybe one inbetween. >> entrance to this elegant event was $10 a piece. but it pays for the permit to rent the space here in the park and the table set up. but everybody has to clean up after themselves. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. time for an attitude adjustment. the bay area city getting an ultimatum. be nice or else. and apparently it has been a tough year. which bay area city is ranked most stressful city? ,,,,
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california salon. two minutes, that's how long it took scott to shoot and kill eight people in a southern california salon. the 911 call detailing that horrifying time line. >> we have some shootings over here in steel beach. >> okay, where? >> the salon on 5th street. we need an ambulance. >> who is shot? >> some people in the salon here. >> seconds before the massacre unfolded in still beach wednesday, the owners were busy with a full house of clients. about 15 people were inside. >> she happened to be in the back mixing some color and you could hear the chaos.
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>> 1:20 p.m. the d.a. says 41-year-old walked into the salon wearing a bullet proof vest, armed with three handguns just like these. a 9-millimeter pistol, a 44 magnum and 45 caliber pistol. the intend, according to the d.a., to murder his ex-wife. 48-year-old michelle and any other people who may have been present. >> he walked through the salon shooting anyone close enough to hit. >> 1:21 p.m., the d.a. says decry walked through the salon executing employees and customers. the victims including fournie were shot up close repeatedly. >> she heard randy, i'm speaking to scott. >> the niece and victim, randy, says her uncle confronted decry before he was gunned down. >> asking him to stop and to think of a different way. and they could talk about this and find a different way to do this. and obviously scott was not in a place to hear anything.
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>> decry stopped to reload. he continued firing as people layed dying. >> decry shot victim after victim, executing people by shooting them in the head and chest. >> according to the d.a., decry walked out of the salon and executed the driver of a range rover parked next to him. in the final moments of the 911 call, you hear the chaos in the background as police and fire respond. 1:22 p.m., the rampage was over. lives were changed for ever. it was just two minutes later. >> and that was soriah reporting. the city of vallejo emerging from bankruptcy is trying to turn over a new leaf and it's undergoing a personality makeover. kristen with how city leaders hope that the change in
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attitude at city hall will bring in big business. >> stand outside vallejo city hall long enough and you're bound to hear the complaint. >> you can tell by their body action and whatever. i don't know why you're asking me or that's not my department kind of thing. >> leave your problems at home and work is work. >> terri says when the city went bankrupt, staff was reduced and customer service went out the window. >> a hit or miss. >> then there's the permit process. so complex that copy claims it took four years to get this addition to his coffee roasting business cleared. >> it used to take a long time to get anything accomplished. >> that, city officials say, has all changed. the city is coming out of bankrupt bankruptcy. >> if we can provide an environment that is more competitive and friendlier and predictable in terms of our permit process, that puts us in
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good spot. >> my coworkers and employees have gone a long way to change the culture of city hall. we are doing a much better job. >> as for that complicated permit process, it has been streamlined. all permits go through one central office. >> now i think a huge improvement. i hope the word is getting out and everything. it's going to bring more businesses here. >> cbs 5. >> vallejo may be getting kinder, but san francisco is they parentally a harsh place to live. the city just placed 7th on the forbes list of america's most stressful cities. the magazine sited the high cost of living and 10% unemployment rate as some of the reasons, but another california city is much more miserable. los angeles beat out new york for the number one spot.
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>> i'm meteorologist mark on the weather center. the temperatures have been soaring over the next couple of days. now the clouds are serging into the bay area. we'll talk about that next. roberta tosses back to set ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have been enjoying gorgeous autumn weather over the last couple of days. that is starting to change. clouds beginning to move into our skies tonight and they will continue to pour over our skies over the weekend. let's take you outside. still a nice mild night around the bay area as we look toward san francisco. beautiful condition out there. other than the high clouds moving on through, we are looking good so far. still, it looks like it's going to stay fairly mild, but we will notice more changes and clouds are going to move into our skies. overnight lows in the 50s and
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60s. you're looking at low 70s in san francisco. low 80s towards san jose. more clouds gathering out toward the coastline. right now 69 degrees in concord. 70 degrees in san francisco and 71 in san jose. high pressure bringing the last couple of days. making the sunshine and well, it is headed eastward. we have a trough. that will continue to dig toward the coast, helping cool down the temperatures over the weekend. more clouds moving through tonight. computer models picking up on that pretty well. then you notice that surge of low clouds moving along the coast later in the day tomorrow. so we'll definitely bringing down the temperatures through the weekend, but it will be slow cooling. lots of sunshine as you get inside. except for the high clouds. 84 in livermore. 79 in the napa valley and 62 degrees. much cooler in pacifica. we are going to cool down the temperatures throughout the weekend. may catch a bump in those temperatures, but after that,
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we start to cool back down as we head toward the middle of next week. right now, no rain in sight. just that nice weekend ahead and cooler temperatures coming our way. >> looking fabulous. thank you. all right young lady, we have a big game this weekend. >> raiders with another big opportunity to get on top of that afc west. makes a great impression in his first practice with the raiders and san jose state provides its own thrilling version of friday night lights. sports is ,,,, hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go...
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82 and oh... jo we begin with breaking news out of anaheim. the sharks will not be the first team to go 82-0. tim and the sharks back on the ice after a week off. first period, ducks on the attack. george signs maxine in front of the net for his first career goal. that was all the scoring anaheim needed after scoring six goals in their season opener. the sharks get shut out. the ducks win 1-0. >> the sharks were 0-4 on the power play and despite shooting the ducks 31-23, will take on the sharks. the wizards, ozzie smith throwing out the first pitch. garcia hits one under the glove of jerry. two runs would score. it was one of four errors by the brewers. st. louis had a much better night defensively. albert pujols makes the over
2:06 am
the shoulder catch down the right field line. the cardinals beat the brewers 7-1 to take a 3-2 series lead. game six is in milwaukee on sunday. stanford may be the top team in the country, but this week it was cal and san jose state playing their games on prime time on national tv. former san jose state coach now serving as hawaii special teams coach. he won't be too happy with this. scott on the kickoff return gets hit by colin newsome and loses the football. second touchdown of the game. 20-7 spartans, but hawaii would come back and take the lead thanks to six turnovers in the second half by san jose state. gets picked off. the two teams combined for 12 turnovers. final minute, spartans down 27- 22. to jones over the middle and he breaks free for his third touchdown. san jose state goes 87 yards on
2:07 am
the final drive for the game winning score. they beat hawaii at home for the first time in 14 years to improve to 3-4 this season. after just one practice, aaron currie will start for the raiders at linebacker against the browns and an emotional afternoon at the coliseum. the raiders know winning is the best way to honor mr. davis. >> they are going to do the tribute for the old man and everything. i already know what he wants. what he want out of the it. >> the patriots have the league's best offense. the cowboys will have their hands full this weekend. rob brian says dallas plans to throw the kitchen sink at new england. >> a full fledged, a double sink with a disposal.
2:08 am
that's a heck of a sink. i never caught a sink. my wife has thrown a plate or two at me. >> of course, ryan was the raiders defensive coordinator in that game against the browns. the raiders and browns right here on cbs 5. >> 1:00. >> i never thrown a plate at anyone. >> no. >> maybe just for fun. you know. >> paper plate. >> if it bounces or breaks. but you know, it's pretty impressive. >> still missed by the raider fans, i think. we won't be seeing him here any time soon. >> we'll watch the game sunday, i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes.
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i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.


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