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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  October 16, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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people close to steve jobs are gathering tonight.. to honor the apple co-founder at a private ts happening good evening. people close to steve jobs are gathering tonight to honor the apple cofounder at a private service. it's happening right now on the
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stanford university campus. kiet do joins us with how jobs is being remembered. >> reporter: and he was a private man and this memorial for him is no different. this is a very private event, lots and lots of security, got the feel of a presidential visit. this is as far as the public is allowed to go here at stanford university, this barricade here. you see the colorful building all the way in the background, that is memorial church, half mile away where the events are being held tonight. they've got us pushed back quite a ways. but we do have aerial pictures from what this event looks like on the ground, people arriving from all over the world, from what we're hearing. they started coming here as early as 4:00 today. a private event, start time and guest list are a mystery. from what we can tell, we've been catching people here at the roadblocks, so we understand people from the ukraine are here because they are unveiling some sort of jobs statue in the ukraine. the velvet ropes went up this afternoon. security guards had the building surrounded for much of the day. some of silicon valley's elite business leaders are reportedly
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here. jobs did have a relationship with ceo of facebook, mark zuckerberg, also google ceo, so it would not be surprise they were both in attendance. according to the "wall street journal," jobs' wife helped coordinate the event, because a lot of the rsvp's went to her nonprofit agency. campus visitors had no idea they were stumbling onto one of the biggest events in recent history in stanford. >> he helped people get connected, helped people interact more, develop relationships, so it's wonderful. >> reporter: and governor jerry brown has declared today steve jobs day. he said to call jobs influential would be an understatement. again, very tight security, very private event here, as some of the biggest and brightest minds come back and remember one of the most influential people in the world. >> kiet do, thank you so much. well, another in a series of police shootings in san jose
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turned deadly. and police aren't saying much about what happened today. shots rang out just before noon, as officers were investigating reports of a suspicious, as possibly armed man in an apartment complex. this was on the 400 block of wooster avenue. >> one of the officers, the lead one, was trying to protect himself, fellow officers, and discharged a weapon. >> the suspect died at the scene. his identity has not been released. san jose police are still looking for the gunman in a fatal shooting at a hells angels funeral. thousands of bikers were at the oakhill cemetery yesterday for the service of chapter president jeff pettigrew. he was shot at an area casino. the gunman got away, in spite of a strong police presence. the victim is identified as steve ta usa n of the santa cruz
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hell's angel chapter. police have not made an arrest, but are interviewing witnesses. oakland police have three more homicides to investigate, all coming on the same day the mayor announced plans to cut -- two men were shot to death just before midnight last night in an apartment on the 1300 block of la crusher boulevard. another man was shot during a car jacking on olive street. he died early saturday at the hospital. this brings the total number of murders in oakland this year to 94. there were 95 for all of last year. checking other bay area headlines, a red light runner led chp officers on a chase through san francisco, while firing shots at officers. officers say the driver ran the light at beil and bryant around 11:15 last night, then took off. he eventually crashed into the transamerica building and got away on foot. chp closed off several blocks in the financial district to search, but they never found the
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man. a convicted gang member is facing charges tonight, accused of killing two people in oakland last month and then setting fire to their apartment to cover the crime. 47-year-old henry cervantes was arrested while visiting his parole officer and is being held without bail. one of the victims, 73-year-old johnny navaret was paroled just last year after serving time for a murder in the 1980s. expect smoky skies over the south bay the next couple of days. foresty workers plan a controlled burn at henry coe state park. air conditions will have to be just right for the burn. the park was the site of a 7000-acre wildfire four years ago. the emotional half time ceremony at the coliseum today. and gorgeous, sunny skies across the bay area this afternoon and even warmer temperatures in store for the start of your work week.
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i'll tell you how on the we'll get, when we come back. ,,
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tribute today to raiders owner
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al davis. davis was honored 's first home gam at the oakland coliseum, a tribute today. the raiders owner al davis was honored at the team's first home game since his death earlier this month. a number of former raiders players and coaches took to the field, as all eyes turned to the stands. >> lighting the torch in a poignant tribute to al davis. >> the raider nation also paid respects to davis before the game. anne mackovic on the tailgate tribute. >> from here till now! >> al davis in the house! >> reporter: a toast to the man credited with changing the nfl. >> yeah, he's the man. >> reporter: his license plate reads commitment to excellence
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and at his tailgate party, his flag is flying low. >> in honor of al. quite a while to take that thing apart and get it done. >> reporter: for the first raiders home game, the passing of of al davis. >> him leaving is just the end of an era. >> reporter: davis was memorialized in all sorts of ways today, dubbed black day by some fans. he's on t-shirts and twitter, filling a stream of comments, hopes and memories from all over the u.s. >> along with the partying and the mourning going on here in the parking lot of the coliseum, there's also an air of wonder, what is next for the team? >> it's almost like a matriarch of a family leaving. he's part of our history and our family. >> reporter: but there are some
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things most can agree on. >> i hope they never go back to los angeles. >> i'm hoping they will keep the same al davis way. >> reporter: and speaking of hope? >> i even think they will build a new stadium right around these premises somehow. somebody will come through. >> al davis! just win! >> reporter: it's a new era for raiders, one where davis' memory will always hold a place. anne mackovic, cbs 5. and a big day in washington, dc. the new martin luther king, jr. memorial was finally dedicated today at the national mall. at least 30,000 people, including president obama attended the event. in a speech, mr. obama credited king for, quote, stirring our conscience and helping make our union more perfect. the 30-foot sculpture is a first on the national mall and park to honor a black leader. a mixed bag around the bay. what will the work week bring weather wise? plus, a great day for a half marathon on san francisco's streets this morning.
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tonight about a boating accident that killed three women on a sea- doo watercraft. stephanie more information tonight about a boating accident that killed three women on a sea-do water craft. stephanie abrams on the victims and the investigation into what happened. >> reporter: two of the three women killed while riding a sea-do yesterday are now identified as 34-year-old marie conesto and 50-year-old aurora conesto after their sea-do collided with a boat. officials say the four people on the boat suffered nonlife threatening injuries. >> coming here for 30 years,
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i've never, ever seen such a horrendous accident happen. you come out here to have fun and never dream that, you know, you could be killed or kill somebody. >> reporter: lifeguards and deputies spent the day looking for anything that might help their investigation, even examining the environmental condition of the lake. this was the condition over the summer. until this month, personal water crafts like sea-dos alternated days with larger power boats, and suggests that policy should be year round. >> have only sea-do days and have boats, yeah, have them separated. alternate like they were before. >> i think maybe put the sea-dos on one side of the lake, maybe boats on the area. keep them separated like they keep the swimmers and the boaters apart. >> reporter: chief county lifeguard says that wouldn't have made a difference. >> i don't think that was a factor in this accident, because we were not near capacity in terms of the number of boats and water craft that we had. >> is there any possibility that policy might be reviewed, because of this accident?
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>> whenever there's an incident of this nature, we always go back and look and sea if there's anything that we could do to help create a safe environment for our park visitors. >> i don't think it's fair to blame the park, because it is a really tragic thing and hopefully there will be a lesson people can learn from this. >> reporter: parks and recreation expects the on site investigation to be completed today and that the reservoir will be back open to boats and sea-dos tomorrow. stephanie abrams. always a challenge running a marathon in san francisco, but 20,000 runners hit the streets this morning. it was for the annual women's half marathon. the sold-out race benefits leukemia and lymphoma society. since the first event in 2004, participants have raised more than $105 million to advance the fight against cancer. and seemed like a beautiful weekend in most parts, but the
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pavement looks a little wet for the start of the race! >> didn't match what we saw this afternoon, which was lots of sunshine. we did see drizzle out there in a few locations this morning. not really considered a significant rainfall total, and the rest of the week's going to be dry, i promise. that's not a preview of things to come. we should be in pretty good shape for the rest of the week, starting to see some of those clouds roll back in, as you can see in this live look outside. those clouds will surge into the bay and our inland locations, maybe seeing patchy fog into the overnight hours as well. that cloud cover also keeping temperatures on the warmer side in some places, in the 60s. tomorrow, a nice, beautiful day once again in store, lots of sunshine in those in land locations. also sunny, for the most part inside the bay. we will see lingering cloud cover into the afternoon hours. future cast showing that we are still seeing some cloud cover in parts of san francisco, stretching far into those inland locations. start to see that break up a little bit in the overnight hours, but early morning hours tomorrow, see the cloud cover return. by the afternoon, we hit our
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highs, in the clear for the most part. pretty much a lot of green on the screen, meaning we're not contending with as much cloud cover as we did at least this weekend. high pressure holding temporarily. that means slight warming for tomorrow. seeing temperatures bump right up before we see a drop in temperatures. this area of low pressure and cold front making their way through the bay area and that's going to bring us more fall-like weather. at the end of last week, temperatures were running well above average for this time of year. that won't be the case this work week. highs for tomorrow look like this in the bay area. 83 for palo alto, santa clara. 77 in heyward. east bay, not seeing any 90s like over the past couple of days in the far inland locations. few 80-degree readings, though. 83 for fairfield. napa topping out at 82. north bay, pretty plefnt tomorrow as well, almost to 80 in mill valley. no 90s. pleasant in san francisco at 72
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degrees. very nice seven-day forecast, showing this is probably the warmest day of our work week. then a significant cooling, dropping down 10 to 20 degrees in some locations as we make our way into tuesday. wednesday, similar conditions. thursday and friday, a temporary warmup. temperatures holding in the low 80s, then next weekend, which we all love to look to, sunshine and warmer weather in store for this time next week. you could do a lot of great things outside, lot of great door activities. same case next weekend. >> and beautiful. >> now's the time to plant all your plants. >> absolutely. >> this is a great time to get outside. >> before it gets wet. i promise, we will see more systems returning. this week, maybe a little bit of drizzle. other than that, we're in pretty good shape. >> but looking toward the weekend, i love that! >> exactly. well, what a contrast. lot of highs and a couple of real serious lows. >> i keep saying week after week, the raiders and 49ers with
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w's in the column, but the raiders lose one of their star players, and an emotional 49er coach gets into it with the opposing coach after the game. we're next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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interviewed dan wheldon after he won the indianapolis 500. it was such a joyous occasion, but not tonight. sad news from the las vegas motor speedway, on the final day of the indy car series season. 12th lap, a massive 15-car wreck occurs. dan wheldon, two-time indy 500 winner died after his car goes airborne and apparently caught part of the catch fence in turn 2. officials decided to cancel the race. drivers drove a 5-lap loop. their fallen colleague wheldon was scheduled to replace danica patrick in the go daddy car next season. wheldon was just 33 years old. the marquis game in the nfl took place in detroit, hosting the san francisco 49ers. last year at this time, both teams had a combined 1-9 record. today, 9-1. amazing. the 49ers were sloppy, committed a season-high 15 penalties for 120 yards, and turned it over on the first play from scrimmage.
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detroit comes out to a 10-0 lead in the second quarter. frank gore gets san francisco on the board, went over 100 yards rushing for the third straight game. the defense was able to slow down the explosive lions offense. that's a safety, one of five sacks. 49ers led 12-10 at the half. fourth quarter, after an alex smith interception, stafford, for 6. 19-15 lions. stafford threw for 293 yards, but it all came down to this. time running out on 4th and goal, smith to walker, and that, folks, is a game-winning touchdown. san francisco wins 25-19. no one was more excited than jim harbaugh, whose celebration of the game didn't go over too well with lions head coach jim schwartz. harbaugh shook his hand, slapped him after the back. schwartz went after harbaugh.
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coaches had to eventually be separated by several team members. don't expect an apology from harbaugh. >> i was just really revved up. totally not me. i shook his hand too hard. >> i went to congratulate coach harbaugh. i got shoved out of the way. didn't expect, expect an obscenity. >> you're on a team, trying to do something special, and to see your guys go out there and perform that way, yeah, you get, i do get emotional about that. fires me up. fires me up a lot. i'm not going to apologize for that. if that offend you or anybody else, so be it. >> nfl plans to look at the videotape. raiders were forced to win with diversity after the death of al davis. now they will have to win without the starting quarterback. john madden let the eternal flame for mr. davis, as the rangers hosted cleveland. 7-0, mcfadden had 7 carries for
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91 yards. second quarter, game tied at 7. jacoby ford catches the ball, 1 yard deep in his end zone. up the middle, cuts towards the sidelines and he's gone. he scores a 101-yard return, fourth career kickoff return, setting the franchise record, 14-7 raiders. then here's the play that could change the course of the season. can't find the receiver, former cal linebacker slams him down. he immediately starts grabbing his shoulder, suffered a broken clavicle. he was out of the game. third quarter, 17-7 raiders, hue jackson digs into a bag of tricks. fake field goal, 35-yard score. 24-7. raiders go on to win 24-17. oakland is now 4-2, but will now have to move forward without their quarterback. >> he's doing okay.
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a little down right now because he can't believe it, but i just tell him, relax and it will take care of itself. the injury's more important and stay in it and we're going to do this thing for you. he's still with us, still part of us. it's just that he has to do it on the sideline right now. and they are living it up in green bay. the super bowl champion packers hosting the rams. aaron rodgers to jordy nelson, who ran defenders, nelson takes it 93 yards for the score. rodgers throws for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns. green bay is 6-0, the lone undefeated. cowboys at home, brady in the offense wake up just in time. aaron hernandez gives the patriots the lead for good. new england improves to 5-1, winning 20-16. we had a reporter with the 49ers in detroit. we'll have that entire fiasco after the game, as well as kim with the raiders. game day will be fun tonight. >> he is an emotional man, that
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jim harbaugh. >> i like it, you know? the nfl needs something like that. emotion on your sleeve and the no-fun league is okay from time to time. >> thanks, dennis. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. "60 minutes" is next. find your latest news and weather on have a great night. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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