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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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little bit. happy friday, everyone. it's october 21. i'm grace lee. frank mallicoat has the day off. leave frank ogawa plaza now, that's what the city of oakland is telling protestors who have been camping out there for more than a week now. stephanie chuang is in oakland with more on what the city is saying. >> reporter: the protestors say they are not going. they have a right to be here, is their message. you can see tent city hundreds still here. they even have security guards walking around with walkie- talkiies, very coordinated around here. last night the city of oakland ordered these "occupy" protestors to actually leave. we have live interview with iona johnson who spoke with us before. you said that your ready if police are coming here for you guys? >> yes because i hope they would just come in and join in the protest with us. well, it's not a protest, it's actually a movement. well, we feel like why should we leave? because it's our tax dollars at
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work. and i pay all my taxes including their salaries. so i would hope they would be a little friendly to who the people are paying their salary to. >> reporter: earlier this week in san francisco, police showed up in riot gear and tore down the tarps and some of the tents. what will you guys do here in oakland if police show up to do the same thing? >> we understand that they are intimidated by this whole thing. change is very hard for everyone but what we want to do is welcome them with open arms but leave your badges at home and see what we are really about before you take orders and make the wrong decision. >> reporter: all right. thank you, i appreciate it, miss johnson. if we could pull up the statement from the city, "we believe that after 0 days the city can no longer uphold public health and safety. in recent days camp conditions and occupant behavior have significantly deteriorated and it is no longer manageable to maintain a public health and safety plan. the city also did list some of the problems them. said the cooking with open flames, the violence, threats,
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public urination and defecation and the latest infestation of rats. there is a second camp here in oakland for "occupy oakland" at snow park. we spoke with those protestors who said, they are not going anywhere. the only way they are leaving is in handcuffs. back to you. >> thank you. still talking about that pair of minor earthquakes here in the bay area. they happened on the same day of a statewide earthquake drill and as a new emergency communications system. it is several years way. anne makovec joins us from san francisco with what people are talking about. >> reporter: those little quakes had everybody talking yesterday. one look at twitter or facebook. they were certainly the talk of the town yesterday even though they were relatively minor. the question, where would you go in the recent of a big earthquake say your phone, your television aren't working by chance? the city of san francisco says a lot of people would come here to the ferry building and so now they are talking about making the ferry building a
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central hub for information in the case of natural disaster or terrorist attack. they are going to implements a disaster communication system if this thing passes muster. planning on paying about half a million dollars for it through homeland security fund. it needs to pass through the board of supervisors. they are talking about loudspeakers and display boards in multiple languages, talking about bridge closures, bart and ferry delays there. were some short bart disruptions after yesterday's earthquakes a 3.8 at 8:16 and 4.0 at 2471. both centered in berkeley on the hayward fault. >> like everybody stopped for a moments looked at each others and then went on. a lot of kids are from california and they are really used to earthquakes by this point. >> so the hayward fault is a right lateral. so one side moves when you look across the fault moves to the right relative to if you're standing on the opposite side. that's the same type of fault
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as the san andreas fault. >> reporter: now, these two little quakes came on the same day as great american shake-out which is a statewide drill for businesses and schools to practice ducking and covering. if this disaster communications system does in fact come here to the ferry building, which it looks like it will, that would be in place within the next three years. grace. >> anne, isn't -- when you feel the earthquake begin, you just never know how big it's going to be. that's the scariest part. >> reporter: you don't. you don't know where it's centered, either. i felt the earlier one in san francisco and while it was minor and i wasn't sure it was an earthquake, the question is where was it centered and how big was it there? >> exactly. anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. whenever you feel an earthquake and you're not near a it, you can always use your computer or your smart phone. just go to we have our seismo on that site 24/7 where you can find out how
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big it was and where it was centered again at this morning, we are hearing those 911 calls made during the shooting rampage at the cupertino spent plant. >> where are you shot -- cement plant. >> where are you shot, sir? >> on my arms and legs. blood everywhere. >> police say the gunman shot and kill three coworkers at the lehigh quarry on october 5. six others were injured. he shot and killed himself as authorities closed in on him the next day in sunnyvale. the search is over for one suspect connected to a triple murder in san leandro. police arrested paul arthur steven sob oil. ii yesterday in oakland. police say he was one of two people who shot at an suv killing three and injuring three others at a tattoo party. a $10,000 reward is being offered to help find that second suspect. all right. let's get a check of traffic and weather.
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we start with lawrence karnow with a look at the weekend weather forecast. looking nice. >> yes. good morning. happy friday. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. i think some improved weather today and a fantastic weekend weather-wise as high pressure is building in. already seeing improvement this morning, the fog not as thick around the bay area so kind of broken. still, we have patchy fog at the napa valley and also into the santa rosa area. visibilities there down to a quarter of a mile, in the 40s. this afternoon mostly sunny even at the coast. 60s at the beaches, but inside the bay 60s and mid-70s into san jose, some low 80s a real possibility in some of the interior valleys and even warmer over the weekend. we'll have more coming up in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are kicking things up a notch on the roads now that we're past 6:00. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, slight delays in the cash lanes,
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getting busier everywhere. and we have more information about this muni reroute. it starts at 7:00 tonight. there was some confusion over the start time. they are doing some roadwork around church and market. so basically what this means for you if you are on the j- church line they will use shuttle buses in the area instead of the light rail line and 22 fillmore will be rerouted around that area. that continues all weekend beginning at 7:00 tonight through monday morning. otherwise bart, ace, caltrain and ferries are on time. it's the beginning of a new rear in libya. the mystery that only very few, though, know about muammar qaddafi. we'll tell you about that. plus, cell phones and cancer, is there a link? the 10-year study that may answer the question.
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looking forward to change, r it is a time of celebration in libya. a nation looking forward to change after the death of ousted dictator muammar qaddafi. well, today nato official will meet to decide when to end the military operation that's been helping the libyan rebels. tara mergener has more reaction to those dramatic events in the
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country. reporter: outside the white house, dozens of libyan- americans celebrated the death of muammar qaddafi into the night. erupting into chants and waving american and libyan flags, young and old alike marked a turning point in their nation's history. across the world, thousands took to the streets in libya as fireworks lit up the night sky. this video shows qaddafi's final moments alive. rebel forces captured and shot him thursday as he tried to escape his hometown of sirte. in pakistan, this morning secretary of state hillary clinton pledged full u.s. support for a new libyan government. >> the death of colonel qaddafi has brought to a close a very unfortunate chapter in libya's history. but it also marks the start of a new era for the libyan people. >> reporter: nato will meet this morning to decide when and
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how to end its military operation in libya. for the past 7 months, allied forces have tried to help revolution ris drive out qaddafi loyalists. president obama called it a momentous day for libyans but acknowledged the country must now build a democracy from scratch. >> there will be difficult days ahead. but the united states together with the international community is committed to the libyan people. >> reporter: tomorrow libya's transitional leaders are expected to formally announce the country's liberation and plans for a democratic election. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. 6:12 now. and move over 408. the new area code approved for silicon valley. >> and his final regret. the life saving surgery steve jobs refused. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stories: this morning the city of oad welcome back. it's 6:15. let's take a look at today top stories. this morning the city of oakland is tell "occupy" protestors who have been camping out in front of city hall to leave. officials say they are concerned about public health and safety. a new disaster communication system is about 3 years away at the san francisco
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ferry building. it will coordinate rescue and evacuation efforts in the case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. and senate republicans have blocked a bill aimed at helping save hundreds of thousands of jobs. the measure part of president obama's larger jobs package would have given states money to help keep teachers, firefighters and police from being laid off. good morning, bay area. folks, if you are headed out the door today we are still looking at patchy fog but it's not as thick as it has been. all signs pointing to a birthday weather-wise. more sunshine and warmer temperatures outside. the fog a little thick though especially in parts of the north bay getting some reports of visibilities down to quarter mile in santa rosa and napa but mostly sunny and warmer temperatures by the afternoon. warmer for the weekend temperatures in the 80s by the afternoon on saturday and sunday. right now starting out with 55 degrees in concord, 57 degrees in oakland, 47 with some fog in santa rosa so cool in parts of the north bay but high pressure looking like it's building in
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just in time. a northerly component to the wind and that means that offshore wind will help to dry out the atmosphere meaningless fog and more sunshine on the way. today kind of getting a sense of it already as we are seeing patchy fog and by the afternoon computer models clear out to the coast. tonight should stay mostly clear and that means tomorrow we are off and running again with those temperatures and warmer around the bay area. numbers looking like this today. plan on lots of 70s into the south bay, 78 in morgan hill, 73 san mateo, 60s at the coastline with some sunshine there. 70s a few low 80s well inland. and inside the bay plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. comfortable 70s into oakland about 74 degrees in mill valley and looks like 79 in santa rosa. next couple of days warmer temperatures on the way. maybe cooling slightly toward monday but warmer weather expected as we head toward the middle of the next week. all right, it's traffic time. for that we turn it over to the pro, elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go outside live to pleasanton because we are just getting word of a possible
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injury crash. let's see if we can see anything in our camera. you can if you look really closely. there are some flashing lights right there off to the shoulder. this is westbound 580 right there by the northbound 680 connector. we are hearing about a big rig and pickup trucks. if you look closely at the headlights on the left side, you will notice emergency crews and where it looks like at least one lane is blocked on westbound 580 and again that connector ramp we're told is partially blocked, as well. an plans is responding for -- an ambulance is responding for possible injuries. let's show you what's happening on the sensors. a long line of yellow sensors as well so it is starting to slow down. altamont pass through livermore, 19 minutes towards pleasanton. we'll let you not situation there but sounds like tow crews are being called out now. in the meantime, elsewhere across the bay area, hers live
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look at the nimitz. 880 through oakland, this is fine as you pass the coliseum. overnight roadwork picked up. smooth towards downtown oakland. southbound looks good, as well. at the bay bridge they have not turned on the metering lights yet -- it's not too bad of a wait for this time of the morning. it's definitely "friday light" here. it's not even too bad in the cash lanes. i'll step out of the way where you can see those flight delays, fastrak users still get by great. and elsewhere, we'll take one more quick look at the silicon valley commute westbound 237. it's quiet towards san jose. that is traffic. back to you, grace. >> thank you. 6:19. we have learned steve jobs refused potentially life-saving surgery on his pancreatic cancer that led to his death. >> he said, i -- i didn't want my body to be opened. i didn't want to be violated in that way. he is regretful about it. >> in an interview with "60
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minutes," the biographer said doctors told apple's cofounder that the cancer was of the 5% kind that is treatable with surgery. but jobs wanted to treat it with natural and spiritual methods. he later had the surgery but by then, it was too late. you can see the complete interview on sunday on "60 minutes" here on cbs 5. as a judge considers a san francisco law forcing cell phone dealers to post warnings about possible radiation risks, a new report discounts those same risks. there is a study out of denmark that finds cancer rates are no higher in heavy cell phone users than in those who don't use the devices at all. that confirms earlier assessments from the fda and the fcc. critics say the researchers need more time to check long- term risks. it's a decision that will forever change the way people in silicon valley make their phone calls. yesterday, state regulators approved an overlay plan for
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the new 669 area code. 669 will have the same boundaries as the traditional 408 area code. existing customers will keep the 408 but 669 will be assigned to new phone numbers starting in november of next year. and that means people will have to dial one and the area code for all local calls. the reason for this? 408 is running out of numbers for customers. 6:21. ever hear of bacon bacon or pacific puffs? find out what they are. we'll find out in liam's list. is herman cain a serious contender? phil matier, willie brown, will weigh in duking it out on the race for president when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield. good morning. welcome back. we're following a possible injury crash in pleasanton on westbound 580 right before the dublin interchange. if you look at our camera here you can see all these flashing lights right there emergency crews on scene. we understand from some members of the kcbs phone force that at least two lanes of westbound 580 are blocked right before the northbound or the connector ramp to northbound and southbound 680. and as you can see, it is really stacking up from beyond el charro. so we're watching this plus we'll give you a check of mass transit coming up. here's something we like to talk about here on cbs 5 "early edition." never too early to start talking about lunch.
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liam mayclem is serving up some guilty pleasure treats for today's liam's list. >> reporter: greetings, food fans. on the list this week, four terribly tasty trucks serving up killer cuisine. first, a taste of saigon, little green winner of the chase awards. the food is flavorful and cooked with love. my favorite dish, that's the garlic noodles. yum. next, a truck serving tantalizing barbecue. the ribs are ridiculously good. but the three layer mac and cheese with a paprika kick is reason to get in line. if you love bacon you will love this truck. you can order the boo cave bacon, you won't be disappointed. you can run off the calories tomorrow. our final truck stop a sweetening at pacific puffs. this naughty little melt in
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your mouth treat is a brainchild two of bay area brothers inspired by treat cooked up by their mother. it is naughty but oh, so delicious. find them at off the grid at various locations off the bay area and find them online at twitter and my full list at that is your food-filled liam's list for this weekend. cheers. >> you had me at bacon. coming up, another failed push for jobs in the senate. why gop lawmakers rejected the president's plan again. >> plus, they are out. the new crackdown on the "occupy" movement when officers cleared out the tents outside san jose city hall. we are going to tell ya. the city of oakland has ordered the "occupy" protestors to get out but they say they are not leaving unless it's in handcuffs. details coming up. and a lot of us felt those little earthquakes yesterday.
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but the question is, where would you go if the big one hit for information? the city of san francisco is working on a new system. we'll tell you about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's friday the last day of trading this week. let it all begin. this is live look at wall
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street. futures actually up today as the opening bell rings in. we'll see how it shakes out today. good morning, it's friday, october 21, with the weekend just around the corner. i'm grace lee. frank is off this morning. let's check your traffic and weather to get you started. we start with mr. karnow. >> patchy fog but less than over the past couple of days. dense fog in the valleys but that should lift and we are going to be working on a great day. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, sun at the coast temperatures in the 60s. inland 70s and some 80s. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> let's take a live look at the dublin interchange. this is where we're following a
6:31 am
noninjury crash. emergency crews westbound 580 right before the dublin interchange, the ramp to northbound and southbound 680 it is accessible but it is backing up beyond el charro. coming up, we'll take a check with some members of the company plus other roads across the bay area. that's traffic. back to you. >> 6:31. get out of frank ogawa plaza or else. that's what the city of oakland is telling hundreds of protestors who have been camping out there for more than a week. stephanie chuang reports. >> reporter: good morning. >> reporter: those concerns over health and safety but "occupy oakland" saves it's not going anywhere. one of the protestors took me inside the tent city and showed the setup, library, classroom, community garden, even a coffee setup. men in hoods with walkie- talkiies guarding the tent city so judging by the setup they plan to be here for months. they are not going anywhere
6:32 am
even though the city told them to leave last night. protestors have to leave between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. but can protest during the daytime hours. "occupy oakland" refuses to leave and is prepared if police come in with riot gear like they did in san francisco earlier this woke. >> we have a plan. i can't uncover that. they will want to watch what they are he doing. >> reporter: police? >> yes. we are the people. we pay the taxes and your paycheck and now you should treat us that way. >> reporter: part of the city's statement last night read, we believe that after 10 days the city can no longer uphold public health and safety n recent days, camp conditions and occupants behavior have significantly deteriorated and it is no longer manageable to maintain a public health and safety plan. back here live at the tent city here at frank ogawa plaza, the protestors say they have porta-
6:33 am
potties here and that everything is nice. the city says there are problems including public urination, defecation, rats, open flame cooking. there is a protest set up at snow park and they refuse go unless in handcuffs. matt bigler is outside city hall where police moved in overnight. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is one of the smaller "occupy" movement five or six tents but they are gone this morning. around 3 a.m., police swooped in and started waking people up. they handed out citations. and making arrests. according to the occupiers, some 12 people have been arrested by police. we talked to one of those occupiers eugene sheryl. he says that he was not arrested because he is in a
6:34 am
wheelchair. >> at 3:00 this morning, he and the police showed up started arrest everyone and i mean putting them into the -- the police vans and tearing down all of the tents in the occupation. >> reporter: now, everybody that we have talked to this morning very surprised, shocked even, that this happened this morning. there had been indications that it might happen. the city said they were fine to stay here. keep it small, five or six tents, you're okay. mayor reed voiced his support for this "occupy" movement but then according to protestors, city spokesman came out and said we changed our minds. and the question is, why tonight? why did police get the call to take down the "occupy san jose" tonight? one protestor we talked to said that the city department that
6:35 am
handles impounded goods does not open again until next tuesday so all those-tenths and belongings and stuff are there and the city may be hoping that if they have to wait several days to get their tents back, that may end the "occupy san jose." it is illegal to stay on city property overnight. matt bigler for cbs 5. >> interesting. thanks a lot, matt. 6:4535 now. another re-- 6:35. another rejection for president obama in the u.s. senate. a republican filibuster killed a bill aimed at helping state and local governments avoid laying off teachers and firefighters. this was part of the president's larger jobs package that was rejected. mr. obama is expected to continue trying to get other parts of the package approved. let's check traffic and weather. >> it has been very cool over the past couple of days but we are seeing improvement for today as high pressure is building in now. it looks like less fog showing
6:36 am
up outside. let's sneak out there now. remember, yesterday it was completely cloudy into much of the bay and some ofle valleys but now it's broken out there right now. i think a sign of much improved weather toward the afternoon. and then over the next couple of days, and that crust the weekend, how about this? temperatures by the afternoon sunshine and 70s and low 80s inland plenty of 60s and 70s around the bay and at the coastline, mainly into the 60s. looks like the weekend is looking good. high pressure building in. temperatures soaring up into the mid-80s this weekend, elizabeth. looks like great weather. >> love it. can't get enough. soak tall in. thank you, lawrence. let's go out live toward the dub again. speaking of heat, it's our hotspot right now for sure. let's go to westbound 580 before 680. it looks like, yeah, it is still blocking at least one lane. they are in the stages of clearing it towards the right shoulder. but this was an accident involving big rig, pickup truck, car involved. for a while two right lanes of 580 were shut down. the ramp to northbound and southbound 680, it is obviously right there, the ramp, we are
6:37 am
told, is accessible but traffic is stacking up from pleasanton and livermore. speeds really slow approaching 680 in those westbound lanes of 580, 40 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. we'll watch this plus the rest of the bay area. back to you it couldn't have been planned any better. on the day of a statewide earthquake preparedness drill, two minor -- two minor quakes shook parts of the bay area. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: a lot of us communicated about those little earthquakes yesterday via twitter and facebook. of course we checked out television, cbs 5, hopefully. but what if these resources weren't available in the event of a large quake? that's what the city is working on now. they say an information hub here at the ferry may be the
6:38 am
answer costing $500,000 paid for by federal grants including loudspeakers, display boards multiple languages in the event of a natural disaster and terrorist attack. there were short disruptions on bart yesterday after the two earthquakes. the second one was a 3.8 at 8:16. and first there was a 4.0 at 2:41. both centered in berkeley on the hayward fault. >> it was scary. >> shorter than the afternoon one? >> i'm just scared that there's going to be a bigger one next time. >> this could be followed by a larger earthquake but the chances of that happen decrease with time. >> reporter: this happened on the same day as the great american shake-out a statewide preparedness drill where businesses are schools practice ducking and covering. back to the disaster communications system being
6:39 am
planned here for the ferry building. it still has to go through the board of supervisors and would take about three years to implement. grace. >> and you said you felt both of those earthquakes, right? >> reporter: i felt the first one. the second one i was sleeping. the first one i was in the middle of getting a massage so talk about ruining the relaxation of a massage. i was paranoid for the last 20 minutes of that massage wondering if i was supposed to be rushing into work, how big was it, where it was centered. >> not helping when you're on the massage table but that's the scariest part of any earthquake big or small. thank you. in the meantime, nato's governing body is meeting today and they are deciding when and how to end the seven month bombing campaign of libya as libyans celebrate after yesterday's death of their country's ousted leader muammar qaddafi. there are a lot of questions that still remain about how he died. the official word from the prime minister of libya's transitional government says that qaddafi was shot in the
6:40 am
head during crossfire between his own forces and the rebel fighters. the united nations human rights offices though say they are calling for a full investigation. we're also learning new details about the man who let wild animals roam free in ohio. turns out he was deeply in debt. court records show terry thompson owed at least $68,000 in unpaid taxes to the irs and the county. on tuesday the 62-year-old opened the cages at his animal preserve and then killed himself. deputies were forced to kill 48 animals for public safety. 6:40 now. investors are keeping an eye on that massive debt crisis in greece. we are going to tell you about europe's efforts to fix the problem. plus, what was once the toast of the tea party is now slipping in the polls. did michele bachmann's bay area trip hurt or help her presidential campaign efforts? our political insiders will be sounding off and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers
6:41 am
on this friday morning. and we're in the green, up 130. we'll check in with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks coming up. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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good morning. if you're just getting up, we have much improved weather around the bay area today, high pressure building in. looks like it's going to set the stage for a fantastic weekend. out over the bay right now, skies already broken, just a couple of patches of fog out there but high pressure now building in more of a northerly component, the wind, and yup we are going to see more sunshine and warmer weather coming our way. so some improved weather throughout the bay area today with some warmer temperatures and i think even warmer over the weekend. some of those numbers popping up into the mid-80s in the hottest spots. as we look outside right now, a little cool though into santa rosa. they are looking at 47 degrees and patchy dense fog with visibilities down to a quarter mile. 56 degrees in san jose. and 55 degrees in concord. high pressure though building in nicely and really in time for the weekend and it will begin to build in over the weekend giving it a northerly component to the wind. that means you will see a great weekend weather-wise. the computer models breaking out the fog an moving it away from the coastline so by the afternoon, even some sunshine at the beaches today and it should stay mostly clear overnight tonight and into
6:45 am
tomorrow so that means a whole lot of sunshine coming our way over the weekend and some warmer weather, too. today 75 degrees in san jose, 64 pacifica, east bay temperatures up into the 70s. and a few 80s as you get your way inside the bay plenty of 70s and upper 60s into san francisco. about 79 degrees and sunny in santa rosa. next couple of days, we will heat things up through saturday and sunday. maybe cooling slightly on monday. after that those temperatures move right back up the board well into the 80s in the warmer spots toward the middle of next week. it's traffic time for that we head to elizabeth. >> relove it when we keep things up in weather. not so much in traffic when it heats up. bay bridge toll plaza they turn the metering lights on. slight delays actually not too bad. it is "friday light" there. it is definitely not the case though if you're heading towards the dublin interchange. this is our growing hotspot this morning, westbound 580 right before 680 there was a crash involving what sounds like two big rigs, another
6:46 am
pickup truck and another vehicle. there were no injuries involved in this crash, it happened right before the ramp leading up to northbound and southbound 680. it looks like they are in the final clearing stages. it may be partially blocking that right lane. it is really backing up though. check out this map. long line of red sensors that means speeds under 25 miles per hour. so it's jammed solid pretty much from el charro, unfortunately, even if it is cleared to the right shoulder, this will likely have an impact for a while because it is a visual distraction there are still crews out there big rigs involved in the crash. here's your drive time. it is almost up to 40 minutes now coming out of the altamont pass. so it's really slow through livermore, as well. 880 elsewhere across the bay area we're actually doing well including this live look at the nimitz. these headlights you can better see this traffic heading southbound towards oakland airport. so looks okay through that stretch. westbound 237 in milpitas is a nice ride towards san jose.
6:47 am
bart is on time. muni after 7:00 tonight they are doing some construction work around church and market streets. so they are having tree route and change a couple of muni lines including the j-church and the 22 fillmore. they are expecting delays. so caltrain and ferries look good. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. the u.s. markets are all opening up. let's check with jason brooks with kcbs and it's all about the european debt crisis these days where the stock market is head. greece is trying to pass new
6:48 am
austerity measures to appease its creditors and remain a member of the eurozone. greeks aren't happy about it. lately the big issue has been agreements between france and germany and trying to figure this out. reports this morning say. may be able to tap this rather than a european bailout fund they are trying to expand. this results in gains on wall street. sea gated's operations in thailand are okay. milpitas based flash memory maker sandisk posted a good outlook for the current quarter on smart phone and tablet growth. so its shares are rising.
6:49 am
seagate is up by 20%. and sandisk is gaining 6%. s&p up by 16. so long as the news europe stays okay today the gains might hold. >> here's hoping. good way to end the week. >> absolutely. >> thanks a lot. there is nothing like an earthquake to shake up the routine covering presidential campaigns and protest. who better to talk about it than cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former san francisco mayor willie brown. hey, guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. did you feel? >> absolutely. as a matter of fact, 8:00 last night or shortly thereafter, i was in piedmont and house was shaking. >> what were you doing in piedmont. i was being impressive. talking at a proposed fundraiser. the house starts to shake as i begin to speak. i said, lord, have mercy. then i realized i was in a shrine. there were all these --
6:50 am
>> i have to ask you. during fleet week you actually hosted a confab of all the bay area mayors and stuff on preparedness and emergency situations, right? >> well, yes. >> what did you learn from that? [ laughter ] >> are we in great shape for all the talk? i'm getting nervous, you're laughing about this. >> it's worse than that. how about the fact that we had rehearsals yesterday like 10:00 in the morning when 8 million people were supposed to do it bart was supposed to stop for a minute and what have you? that really must have offended the lord because by 1:00 he starts shaking things up. >> speaking of shake-up, michele bachmann in town yesterday with no shake, no protest, no nothing. >> she is very upset. [ laughter ] >> zero attention to her presence here. as a matter of fact, it means she is no longer even relevant to those who want to protest.
6:51 am
there is nothing to protest. why would nobody protest my presence and then i announce i'm going to napa to do a $100 phraser? where did she go -- fundraiser? where did she go, to a hopeless shelter? a $100 phraser? >> you predicted herman cain would be the republican vice president. >> i make some outrageous predictions. and i still stick with herman because herman is the most interesting character currently on the scene. the republicans live for interesting characters. he doesn't presents a threat. nobody thinks he is going to mug them. he might sell you a pizza but he is not going to mug them so he represents exactly what republicans or that right wing operation really needs. he also represents in my opinion the common man. when people say, he doesn't know anything about foreign relations, right. absolutely.
6:52 am
most of his voters know nothing about foreign relation. what are you talking about? they are perfectly comfortable with him. and when they say, his 9-9-9 isn't right, what are you going to do about it? he says we are going to fix it. and then he moves on. the guy is absolutely perfect right out of central casting. he is the godfather of pizza in politics. >> enough said. all right. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> i love that. the earth started shaking when you started speaking. must be a heck of an ego boost for you. >> crazy day. thanks a lot, gentlemen. another blow to the president's jobs plant. the key measure that failed a senate vote on the president's job measure. >> and libya preparing for the future without muammar qaddafi. a group calling for an investigation into how he died. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ male announcer ] can't get to sleep? can't stay asleep? clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. camping out for more than a week. stephanie chuang is in the city of oakland is telling people to leave frank ogawa plaza after people have been camping there for a week. stephanie chuang reports where officials are concerned about health and safety issues among other things. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. still people here this morning but they have been told to leave. they have no plans to leave though and judging by their setup inside, they are going to be here for weeks if not months. oakland is now trying to enforce a curfew telling them
6:56 am
they can only be here from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and have to leave overnight. but "occupy oakland" says they are not going anywhere. were you surprised to hear the city was telling you guys to get out now? >> well, no, because it's probably an intimidation tactic. they don't know how to approach at this point because they don't know if we have chiefs or are we all indians they just know we an issue for them right now we have been an issue but now that we're standing up for ourself it's a big issue. >> reporter: for the city the issue is public urination, defecation, open flame cooking, things like that. so they want these people to leave. they are not going anywhere and the folks at the second camp at snow park say they will only leave if arrested. back to you. >> thank you. and another rejection for president obama and the u.s. senate. a republican filibuster killed a bill to help state and local governments avoid laying off teachers and firefighters. this was part of the president's larger jobs package
6:57 am
that was recently rejected. mr. obama is expected to continue to try to get other parts of his package approved. and as much as libya celebrates the united nations human rights office wants an investigation into the death of libyan leader moammar qaddafi. the head of the transition national government says he was shot in crossfire. nato's governing body is meeting today to decide when and how to end the seven-month bombing campaign of libya. 6:57. the weekend is right around the corner. you can feel it. >> yeah. >> we are not counting at all. >> not at all. we have some great weather out there. i think improved weather this morning as we'll see some patchy fog this morning and by the afternoon sunny skies to the coast. temperatures up in the 70s and 80s inland, 60s at the beaches. i think warmer weather throughout the weekend. those temperatures probably
6:58 am
topping out in the mid-80s on saturday and sunday. slight cooling come monday. then think we warm back up with some offshore winds to understand the middle of this next week. by the way there is a big game this weekend the raiders against the chiefs. we are expecting sunshine, 75 degrees, carson palmer could be starting at quarterback for the raiders this weekend. that would be big news. if not quite a sellout, apparently there's 2,000 to 3,000 tickets left. if you want to get them, the nfl has extended the blackout period so if they buy the tickets we could all see it right here on cbs 5 on sunday. >> you forgot the most important forecast, the win. >> and we're forecasting a raider win, absolutely. >> you need your football buddy here. >> i know. >> discuss it further. >> let's go outside live. it is not a good start to the friday morning for some folks on westbound 580. an accident was cleared to the right shoulder. westbound 580, multi-vehicle crash sounded like big rigs, pickup truck and another
6:59 am
vehicle. the connector ramp was accessible to traffic but we are left with a good sized backup at the 580/680 connector. pleasanton slow through livermore if we click past this -- i am going to try to show you another map. this clicker isn't going to show you anything more. it's 40 minutes out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. >> the clicker looks a little like a garage door opener. >> yeah. >> pretty simple. >> doors opening up all around the bay area right now. >> so oh, well. [ laughter ] >> a michigan restaurant it trying to break the record for the world's biggest burger. look at that. >> mmm. >> 350 pounds, that looks gross actually. >> i was going to say it looks like something else. i wasn't going to say what. >> thank you. >> 270 pounds


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