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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. today i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely
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be home for the holidays. >> it is official. after nearly nine years, the war in iraq is coming to an end. good afternoon, i'm grace lee. frank is off. president obama just announced a complete withdrawal of american troops from iraq at the end of this year. he made that decision today after speaking to iraq's prime minister. danielle nottingham has the story. >> reporter: president obama says the iraq war will be over at the end of the year. >> i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> reporter: the president spoke to reporters after a private video conference with iraqi prime minister nouri al- maliki. the decision is in like with the withdrawal deadline former president bush set in 2008. and it effectively ends the united states' involvement in the 8.5-year-old war. >> the united states will continue to have an interest in an iraq that is stable, secure
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and self-reliant. >> reporter: washington had considered the possibility of leaving several thousand troops to continue training iraqi security forces. but iraq leaders still angry over civilian deaths and abu ghraib refused to give u.s. troops immunity from prosecution. we won't stay without it. 41,000 american troops are in iraq right now. nearly all the force will be relocated or sent home. concerns remain that the american withdrawal will undue all the gains against insurgents. the white house says iraq will now be an ally. >> it will be a normal relationship between sovereign nations, an equal partnership based on mutual interests and respect. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy in baghdad will still have dozens of marines to protect it and thousands of american security contractors will train iraqi forces to keep the peace. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. in the meantime, more than
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4400 members of the u.s. military have died in the iraq war since it began in march of 2003. also in the middle east, libya's transitional government has reversed a decision to bury muammar qaddafi's body. they are holding off as the united nations human rights office calls for an investigation into the circumstances of the ousted dictator's dealt. his body is in a commercial freezer in a shopping center. the u.s. said it is ready to help libya form a new government. >> and i want to underscore the commitment of the united states to supporting the libyan people as a friend and partner as they embark on this new democratic path. >> libyan leaders hope to hold their first election in just 8 months. back here closer to home, city officials are ordering "occupy oakland" protesters to leave the plays in front of city hall where -- the plaza in front of city hall where they
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have been 11 days. an eviction notice is up on the website but protestors are determined to stay around the clock. stephanie chuang reports. >> we're not going anywhere. >> reporter: "occupy oakland" protestors are standing their ground. they were warned to leave during a curfew of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. only allowing protesters to set up in the daytime. >> it's an intimidation tactic. they don't know how to approach us. >> reporter: oakland police are monitoring the area for safety but have received no direction from mayor jean quan about taking action against "occupy oakland." early monday morning, san francisco police in riot gear raided the "occupy sf" base camp at justin herman plaza ending in a violent clash and five arrests. oakland occupiers say they are ready here but they are split on how to react. >> i don't think nobody wants to get violent. >> reporter: but you would be
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ready to get arrested? >> yes, arresting is part of the task, i guess, because that's all they can do is arrest us. >> somebody just got up the other day a vietnam vet and said he would die for us. >> reporter: they are taking me inside what they call oscar grant plaza, school, library and garden showing they are ready to stay for months. >> we have a plan. i can't uncover that but i'll guarantee they want to watch what they're doing. >> reporter: police want to watch what they're doing? >> yes. >> reporter: what specifically are you looking for city hall to do? >> nothing. it's time for a change. >> reporter: you're not leaving? >> no. >> reporter: in oakland, stephanie chuang, cbs 5. in the south bay an "occupy san jose" encampment outside city hall is now gone. police moved in early this morning, arrest protestors and carting away their tents. concern had grown about a build- up of trash and poor
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sanitation. police say seven people were arrested on misdemeanor charges one for felony vandalism for allegedly scratching a police car. the "occupy" movement says that they are part of the 99% so where does the rich 1% actual live? turns out a good portion are right here in the bay area. according to research firm, san francisco ranks third nationwide with the most residents worth more than $30 million. topping that list, new york city followed by los angeles. nearly 12,000 jobs were added in california last month according to a state report. the overall unemployment number now at 11.9% remains high. it is not moved significantly since the darkest days of the recession and despite in gain that we have seen, california still has the second highest unemployment numbers in the country. we are just behind nevada. a suspected car thief is behind bars today. he is accused of leading police
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on a wild chase through the east bay. it ended when police say the suspect flipped a stolen truck on big break road and highway 4 in oakley. anne makovec shows us how it all happened. >> reporter: three crash scenes within about a mile on big break road in oakley including a police car that went through a fence signs of a wild ride for officers from several jurisdictions. this robbery suspect was finally nabbed after police say he tried to run away from this crash even though he was injured. police say this was the stolen truck he used in a crime spree this morning. >> police say the suspect first robbed this chevron gas station on hillcrest and antioch at gunpoint at around 5:45 this morning. the cashier inside tells me he made off with hundreds of dollars in cash. >> it's not like something would you expect to happen. >> reporter: police were then on the lookout for this vehicle matching the description of the
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one used in the robbery. >> possibly 6:00 in the morning one of our officers observed the vehicle on a street and attempted to stop the vehicle. a high-speed pursuit ensued. >> reporter: the truck led officers through city streets on highway 4 and finally to oakley, where the suspect found a dead end at this marina, crashed through this fence, then turned around to face several police vehicles head on. one officer with a police dog inside veered off the road and crashed into this fence. the suspect continued on big break road until he hit a support wire for a utility pole and flipped the truck. >> there are no injuries to any law enforcement personnel. and the suspect in this incident has been taken to an area hospital for precautionary measures. >> reporter: he will be then facing a multitude of felony charges in antioch and oakley. anne makovec, cbs 5. federal investigators say that there is no video evidence
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from the deadly plane crash at a reno air race. the ntsb had hoped to pull clues from a camera on board the racing plane, which smashed into a crowd of people last month. still hard to watch. but investigators do say that they may be able to get some information from data memory cards that were also on the plane. 11 people died, 74 were hurt. santa rosa police are looking for a suspect slashing 20 cars near santa rosa junior college including more than a dozen just yesterday. police say the suspect is 5'10" and was last seen wearing plaid knee high shorts. pg&e will reinspect thousands of transformers and other electrical equipment. the utility made the announcement after an internal investigation found inspectors falsely claimed to have checked underground gear more than two dozen times. those employees have been
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fired. an east palo alto teacher who hit and killed a 6-year-old girl with her car said the sun blinded her from seeing the child. it happened september last month at bay road and gloria way, the same intersection where earlier this year another driver said the sun blinded him when he hit an 8-year-old boy with his car. more aftershocks are possible after two minor earthquakes shook parts of the bay area yesterday. both earthquakes were centered in berkeley. a 4.0 quake struck that was around 2:30. it was centered beneath the uc campus. then a second quake hit around 8157 east of the campus. there were no reports of damage or injuries. move over, 408. the new area code just approved for silicon valley. plus this. a new study questions the potential link between cancer and cell phones. i'm tina kraus in london. i'll tell you what researchers found coming up. and is it the end of the
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world? the latest prediction from an east bay preacher. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the clouds now clearing out around most of the bay area. what kind of weekend can we expect? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's go live to wall street. u.s. stocks are ending the week with a rally and the dow industrials have now turned positive not year up 22 1 points at this hour. investors reacting to a batch of better-than-expected profit reports from big corporate names including general electric and microsoft. good way to end the week. well, for years, scientists have been studying cell phones can cause cancer. now as tina kraus reports the biggest study to date has good
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news for cell phone users. >> reporter: the possible link between cell phones and cancer is something that's worried people for years. >> i think that it's no problem. >> reporter: but researchers in denmark say their new study shows long-term use of cell phones does not cause brain cancer. the largest study of its kind examined 350,000 people who use cell phones over an 18-year period. scientists found cell users were not at greater risk of developing brain cancer. >> they didn't find an excess risk of tumors in their head or central nervous system tumors which is reassuring. >> reporter: but an epidemiologist said more research must be done on people who use the cell phone for decades. about 5 billion people worldwide use a cell phone and many say the convenience will always outweigh any potential health risks. >> got a phone, use it hope for the best.
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>> i text more than i talk so i'm not worried. >> reporter: health experts say texting or finding other ways to keep your phone away from your head are good ideas. >> use a hands-free device because you will reduce the exposure. >> reporter: danish scientist admit their study was limited because they examined personal accounts not corporate ones. and businesspeople usually spend more time on the phone. in london, tina kraus, cbs 5. >> speaking of phones, it's a decision that will forever change the way people in silicon valley make phone calls. yesterday, state regulators approved a new plan for the 669 area code. it will have the same boundaries as the traditional 408 area code. existing customers will keep 408 and 669 will be assigned to new number starting in november 2012. 40 is running out of phone numbers. -- 408 is running out of phone numbers. for the second time in six
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months today is "rapture dade." family radio international says it's the end of the world today. his last prediction was wrong. take 2, lindsay lohan attempts to start her community service. what happened this time when she arrived. think it's sends all the wrong signals for young girls. >> barbie gone wild. how mattel is depending her new look. so far, so good. high pressure now building into the bay area starting to see a little sunshine out toward the coastline. what does that all mean for the weekend? we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lawrence. we're entirely too close. we decided to join the weather center with lawrence. >> welcome frank was here yesterday, you're here today. >> cooler over here. >> but we are going to heat up this weekend as high pressure is building into the bay area. hey, look good outside right now. our mount vaca cam plenty of sunshine now in the valleys. a little bit hazy but not bad at all. and we are expecting beautiful sunshine all the way to the coastline. more sunshine with an offshore wind developing. that will be setting the stage for a beautiful weekend ahead.
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great weather coming our way. patchy fog not as thick and now it's breaking up. you can see a finger toward the coast. even later in the day that will go away. this afternoon, mostly sunny even at the coast. hazy sunshine inside the bay. inland warm, temperatures in the low 80s. tonight patchy fog at the coast, not much. otherwise, it is going to be clear everywhere around the bay area. temperatures running right now into the 60s and 70s into the concord area. but it looks like only going up from here. high pressure building in and that means we are in for a much warmer weekend around the bay area as those temperatures are going to soar. offshore winds kicking off, mostly clear tonight, starting out the weekend right with warmer temperatures. we are planning on the heat getting cranked up just a bit. even today, warmer than yesterday. 78 in morgan hill, 73 in hayward, 64 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures in the 70s and also the low 80s. inside the bay, a breeze but not bad. still 70s into oakland and about 79 in santa rosa.
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next couple of days, we are going to see more sunshine coming our way. and going to heat things up through the weekend. cooling off a little bit on monday. but grace, back here at your desk, yeah, a little cooler over here but temperatures heating up once again toward the middle of this next week. >> i visit your weather center, you visit my news desk. >> thank you for inviting me. >> we should all hold hands and sing kumbaya. [ laughter ] the trial against dr. conrad murray continues in los angeles today and for the first time, the defense will get their chance to question the prosecution's key expert. that expert a doctor has spent the last three days definitely that he believes it is impossible for jackson to have died by swallowing the propofol authorities say killed him. and this morning lindsay lohan took no chances. she showed up an hour early to the l.a. county coroner's office. yesterday, the starlet was sent home on her first day of community service at the morgue for being late by 40 minutes to
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an orientation meeting. they wouldn't even let her n she was sent there after being fired from the women's shelter where she was assigned after failing to report for work. well, some parents are up in arms over this new barbie doll. the new tokidoki barbie is covered with tatoos. it's not the first barbie to have body art but the others had removable tatoos. this change has parents worried with the ones on this doll inked on. >> it sends the wrong signals to young girls. >> if a little girl sees it, she wants a tattoo. i think it's not good. >> toymaker mattel says the doll is marketed toward adult collectors rather than children. coming up, man's best friend? maybe not. how this pooch ruined a very special moment for his owner. you have to see it. ,, [ male announcer ] at the safeway pharmacy
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the way you want to? how a bay area startup is trying to put things in focus. and a man trying to record a doggone special moment. his plans were all ruined by a dog. chose to pop the question on a hike and right as he is about to propose, the woman gasps, let's go of the dog and the pooch makes a beeline for the camera flipping it over. needless to say the moment never made it on today but it made a good story to tell friends and family. i'm sure they didn't hold it against the dog. >> did she say yes? >> never know. no video. >> caption colorado, llc
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