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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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buy a house, get a visa. it's one way lawmakers want to light a fire under a depressed housing markets. foreign investors are seeing tremendous opportunity in properties americans don't seem to want. len ramirez on the parts of the bay area that could benefit the most from this new deal. len. >> reporter: elizabeth, it's just about all over the bay area and california for that matter. real estate people say this is one of the most exciting things to happen to the market in years. and it may be what's needed to take homes like this that have been languishing on the market and put it in the hand of paying customers. >> this home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms. >> reporter: and it is spacious in a nice area of san jose with good schools. but it's not selling. >> it's been on the market for 6 months. >> reporter: american buyers aren't interested but jose says foreign investors are ready to snap up places like this in a flash. >> itch people today that they want to invest here in the united states.
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they are from mexico right now and they are willing and able. >> reporter: soon they may be investing in a neighborhood near you. two senators are introducing a bipartisan bill that would give residence visas to any foreigners who spend at least $500,000 to buy houses in the united states. >> we think this is a huge opportunity in the real estate business to help the community and to help everybody get rid of some of this distressed inventory by getting investment coming from outside of the united states. >> "wall street journal" says let's make a deal buy house get a visa. >> reporter: the word is already spreading overseas with the help of realtors, like this one who says almost half of her clients are from asia. lee just sold this palo alto home to chinese investors for $1.7 million. she says others are willing to spend similar money. >> we are going to see a lot of foreign money which will come to this area. >> reporter: last year bargain hunting foreigners spent $82 billion in u.s. residential real estate and the bay area is
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a hotbed. >> in the bay area, places like palo alto, i think that is healthy for the market records but there could be more in more diverse areas and the lure of a visa could be what it takes. >> some of these investors don't have visa and they are not going to put their money where they cannot travel or think can't see their investments personally. so if they happen to get a visa, hopefully they can come down and invest their money here, you know, that opens more opportunities for all of us. >> reporter: now, under the rules of these residence visas, the foreigners would not be able to take jobs here. they would have to still get a worker visa for that. but elizabeth, it's really interesting. they could invest as little as $500,000 or split it up weiner two properties, one $250,000 and then another $250,000. so theoretically they could live off some of the income and not have to work or if it's
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just an investment they could come here, live for a while and go home. >> thank you. nearly 12,000 jobs were added in california last month according to a just released state report. the overall unemployment number now at 11.9% is high, not moving significantly since the darkest days of the recession. and despite the gain, california still has the second highest unemployment numbers in the country behind nevada. tonight the white house is under scrutiny for a half billion dollars in loans to a california electric car company. abc news reports the energy department loaned a company based in anaheim $529 million to manufacture its first electric vehicle. the issue? the company makes the cars in finland! it says that it couldn't find a suitable plant in the u.s. the energy department is depending the loan. it says the money was used to develop manufacturing processes for the vehicle at the
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company's u.s. facilities. it also says the company used some of the money to bring a shuttered gm plant in delaware back to life. now, if you own an electric vehicle, chances are you can probably experience something they call range anxiety. the feeling you get when the scar about to run out of juice. patrick sedillo with the new remedy for drivers. >> i have not gone to a gas station since july. >> reporter: he lost his new all-electric car but everything has its limitations. >> this car only limits my range to 100 miles roundtrip. 50 miles one way. >> reporter: so when ken rounds of juice he can't just hit a gas station for a fillup. he can go to one of the charging stations at a city- owned garage or at the airport. but so few options makes him nervous. >> it's what people call range anxiety because you need to keep on thinking about how much -- how far i can go. >> reporter: worry no more. starting next week, ken will be able to plug in at half dozen bay area walgreens. >> by the end of the year we'll
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have 115 stations installed in northern california that will be a combination of charging stations that can charge an ev battery in roughly five to seven hours or in less than 30 minutes. >> reporter: it's $3 for a 90- minute charge. but will these stations pay for themselves? ev owners are still a rare breed. costco removed the charging station with no explanation. >> this time we believe there will be a market for it. we want to be ahead of it. we believe when consumers or the ev drivers see charging stations in place it will create a confidence for them to buy an electric vehicle. >> reporter: in san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. now, aaa recently rolled out its ev roadside service. it can give drivers a quick charge for 15 miles or offer a tow. for more go to our website, oakland "occupy" protestors have just hours to leave. that's according to the city. but organizers say they are not
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going anywhere. juliette goodrich is outside city hall where among all the signs and chants, there were also wedding bells today. >> by 10:00 tonight they have been ordered to leave clearing out their tents, sleeping bags, catch fires or face arrest. their vow to stay put as committed as this couple's vow to marry. right on the steps of city hall in oakland this afternoon. the bride and groom not expecting such a crowd but both embrace it and the cause. we have only been planning this wedding a couple of months. originally we have been thinking something simple and now it's a big recent. >> reporter: ironically, the
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groom is no stranger to movement and protests. >> brings out our character and some of the experience we have in our life protesting and we like to see this. >> reporter: this elaborate tent city is going on day 11 now and expanding to lake merritt. while the city originally said it would allow demonstrators to stay put, a city notice to vacate by 10 p.m. tonight has now been issued. public health and safety the reason. >> are you prepared to pack up though if the city says time to clear out? >> absolutely not. we're not going anywhere. yeah, we're here to stay. >> reporter: late today the city administrator's spokesman karen boyd confirmed the warning to vacate or be forced to vacate. >> well, the notice today went out at 4:00. we know that we are going to give them the opportunity to take down their tents, take down their cooking supplies,
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remove their belongings and we expect that they will comply. >> if they don't? >> we expect that they are going to comply with the rules that we have put forward. >> reporter: so just a few hours away from that 10:00 deadline and it's in plain print here, reading your continued use of the plaza for overnight lodging will subject you to arrest. we're going to be here all evening long and have a live report at 10:00 and 11:00 to see if the city in fact follows through with clearing them out and doing the arrests. the city says right now, it's not about free speech. their priority is the health and safety of the residents in oakland. in oakland, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. from oakland to san francisco, it appears police will allow "occupy" protestors to keep their tent city. the makeshift camp includes a working kitchen and medical tent on justin herman plaza. police said they have no plans to kick out the protestors, although yesterday mayor ed lee sent a different message.
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>> we cannot afford to have a tent city where there is going to be health issues related to that or space that other people may also, of necessity, use to exercise their rights. >> she city has also said it's work -- the city has also said it's working to provide toilets and other facilities. homeless coordinators are also being provided. in san jose police arrested "occupy" protestors this -- eight "occupy" protestors this morning. they have been camping illegally since october 2. demonstrators ignored repeated warnings for weeks. police also charged one protestors with felony vandalism after he allegedly scratched a police car. a political caper in menlo park. how a missing cell phone could help crack the case and the tie to a top elected official. steve jobs met his father
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and didn't know it. the reaction he had when he found out. >> it's supposed to be the latest and greatest. >> doing more harm than good? why some people are afraid their medical implants are slowly poisoning them. ,, california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today,
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you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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biological father. ".i learned a little b him, and i didn ke what i learned.." we are now learning steve jobs actually met his biological father. >> i learned a little bit about him. and i didn't like what i learned. >> in an interview with 60 minutes, jobs' biographer reveals audio of apple's former cofounder. jobs, who was adopted, tracked down his biological parents. but after meeting his mother, jobs realized he had unknowingly met his father years earlier at his father's restaurant in silicon valley. jobs decided that he didn't want his father to know about
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their true relationship. the biography comes out on monday but you can see the entire interview this sunday on "60 minutes" here on cbs 5. someone is playing dirty in the race for a local board in menlo park. one candidate's signs are vanishing. but as mark sayre tells us, whoever did it left behind a key piece of evidence at the scene of the crime. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, in the realm of elections, somebody running for the seat on the menlo park fire protection district, it's an ordinary election. but here there's a political whodunnit with ties to one of the city's top elected leaders. >> this is the front yard. the sign was lying down behind the tree about here. >> reporter: chuck bernstein points out the area in the front yard where the campaign sign of virginia chang kiraly was found and a cell phone was found, as well. >> flat down the wire extension along here and the phone was just to the right of it. >> reporter: bernstein says, he has a theory about how the
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phone got here. >> ducked down to avoid the tree and when it does it it slides out of the pocket. >> reporter: so bernstein says he took a look at the mystery phone before turning it over to police. >> and when i pushed on the power, i could see messages cycling through up in the upper left-hand corner and i saw the name from the woodell family. >> reporter: it turns out the husband of menlo park vice mayor kirsten keefe lives a few doors down and in their driveway a campaign sign for the opposing candidate in this race, rob silano. >> it's childish. >> reporter: silano calls the vice mayor and her husband good friends and supporters of his campaign but says he most certainly did not ask anyone to tear down the signs of his opponent. >> i don't condone it. i think it's unprofessional and it's criminal. i mean, i -- i don't know anyone in my cam nine would do anything like that. >> reporter: silano points to vandals who have torn down his signs as well, like this at flood park but silano still wonders how did the incident of
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one small sign and one apparently lost cell phone get so much attention? >> if a cell phone is found in our neighborhood or probably anywhere else in menlo park and now who it belongs to, we give it back. i don't know why the police are involved in the recovery of a cell phone. >> reporter: menlo park police will confirm they have launched an investigation but they are not providing any details. as for virginia change kiraly, see says she is not accusing her opponent of orchestrating this and we made several attempts to contact both the vice mayor and ask for comment from her or her husband are they missing a cell phone? at this point, elizabeth, we have not received a reply. back to you. >> thank you, mark sayre in menlo park. america's largest private employer is going to be scaling back healthcare coverage for thousands of its employees. starting next year, future part- time employees in wal-mart who work less than 24 hours a week will not be covered.
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the retail giant says that it's forced to make that change because of rising healthcare costs. premiums also going up. smokers, they are going to have it pay 40% more. -- they are going to have to pay 40% more. they hoped artificial hips would relieve their pain but the new joints may be slowly poisoning them. last year one company recalled some of the devices and now, the attorneys are gearing up for a massive lawsuit. dr. kim mulvihill has more on the complications with metal on metal hip implants. >> reporter: at 36, pain finally pushed katie ayres into getting a new hip. >> it was supposed to be the latest and greatest. it was supposed to be perfect for a younger female. and it all sounded great to me. >> reporter: but three years in, katie's artificial hip was recalled. she learned the metal on metal implants simple floor this one can shed tiny particles of metal as they wear. she says blood test showed she had elevated levels of cobalt
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and chromium. >> they don't really know, they being the medical community, what those elevated levels can do to your system. >> reporter: katie's artificial hip the depew asr was recalled by the company last year. katie has since gotten a new one. >> i thought i was going to have 15, 20 years before i had to do it again. >> reporter: now she has hired a lawyer. >> if you have a depew hip replacement these components had unreasonably high failure rates your health may be in danger. >> first thing you need to do is get an attorney. >> reporter: hip specialist dr. ted parks has never used a metal on metal device. >> there appears to be a serious problem in some metal on metal bearings not all and maybe not for all patients. >> reporter: katie got fastrak approval through the 5 10k process an option when device are substantially equivalent to existing products. >> the problem is most of these device have never undergone human testing prior to getting on the market. >> the hip replacement and knee replacement are unique in that to really prove that you're
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good, you need big numbers of patients to walk around on these things for 30 or 40 years. >> i think there's got to be a better way than what's out there. >> reporter: her blood levels are back to normal but she worries that damage was already done. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5, healthwatch. a san francisco landmark is about to become the place to go for a new disaster for information. a new communication is set to be installed at the ferry building. there will be loudspeakers and visual display boards that will communicate travel alerts. the price tag, half a million dollars paid for by a homeland security grant. it's expected to be up and running by 2014. a lot of people are going to be up and running early tomorrow because the weekend is going to be so nice. >> this is a great weekend to plan outdoor activities because this is a bona fide offshore flow. today's high temperatures much warmer than yesterday. 63 degrees in half moon bay to 80 degrees in livermore. behind me here, wow, check this
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out. that is the scene from dublin looking out towards the mount diablo range, the mountain range where we saw highs in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. currently, san jose in the southern portion of our bay area at 70. morgan hill 75. 77 antioch and pleasanton. 66 san francisco and oakland. overnight tonight, besides a little swath of some clouds at the coast, mainly clear skies into the 50s. there are three things you should keep in mind. some patchy fog tomorrow morning. otherwise, sunshine through the end of next week and we also have high fire danger, a really strong potential of that. first off, you have the clouds at the coast tomorrow. watch the clock tick by. just a little bit of light low clouds and fog off the coast trying to play tag with the golden gate bridge but that's
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about it. for the most part it's the slight offshore flow that kicks in and then gradually gets stronger with each passing day and that elevates the risk of high fire danger. 85 tomorrow in santa clara, 87 in brentwood. 68 in bodega bay, 87 in sonoma. the full seven-day forecast you won't want to miss it. that's coming up next time around. >> thank you. rescuers are not giving up on saving an injured red-tailed hawk. in fact, today wild rescue a monterey group returned to golden gate park to capture it. the hawk has been spotted at the park. it has a nail through its head. they believe that somebody shot it with a nail gun. despite setting up traps, catching it hasn't been easy. >> every day we have been here trying to look for this bird, and it's hard to just spot him. once we spot him we can put out the trap but he has to be hungry. and he has been a really
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successful hunter. >> despite its hunting skills, the group says the hawk has been showing signs of weakness and that's why it's so important to catch it soon. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. meanwhile, in ohio, the governor is cracking down on dangerous exotic animals after a man set 56 animals loose on a small town before killing himself. among the animals were 18 rare bengal tigers and 17 lions. deputies were forced to kill most of them. the governor will push for a delay on exotic animal auctions and a crackdown on unlicensed auctions. well, can you brew beer using the power of the wind? that's in two minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one. anheuser-busch is building a huge wind turbine that's bound become saving money and the environments while enjoying a cold one. anheuser-busch is building huge wind turbines that are bound to become just as iconic as the bud sign at its fairfield plant. don ford with more on beer brewed with wind power. >> reporter: budweiser brewing in fairfield makes beer on a big scale producing nearly 300,000 cases a day. and the king of beer is installing a king sized windmill. >> this is the only one at an anheuser-busch-inbev facility. it's the only one in the united states with a wind turbine this size. >> reporter: it is huge. and today, the final assembly starts. it's a complicated process. a specialized team lifts 127,000 pound generator to the top of the tower. but the main attraction is the massive blade assembly.
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dave grant is construction and project manager for the company installing the turbine. and each blade weighs over 10 tons and dwarfs the man working next to them. >> this appears big. but it's the second smallest machine that we make. >> reporter: they are made of plastic and fiberglass and the task of lifting the blades is touchy. 65 tons is aligned within a fraction of an inch, all while dangling from the top of a crane. he said the windmill is state- of-the-art for birds too. >> they use a very big gearbox that operates the rotor at no more than about 21rpm. that way it gives the bird a little bit of time to see the blade and veer way from it. >> reporter: at 1 1/2 megawatts, it will be one of the largest windmills in the area. next month, when the wind turbine comes on lines, the budweiser people say it will produce enough electricity to make 25,000 cases of beer a
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day. in fairfield, don ford, cbs 5. >> people in line will be toasting that with beers. total withdrawal by the end of the year. >> after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> u.s. troops are coming home. the deal breaker that led tie complete pullout. conflicting accounts about muammar qaddafi's final moments. how did he really die? plus the 37 billion-dollars libya is getting from the united states. we leveled the playing field. >> the bay area service promising to get students into the college of their dreams or their money back. so i just started wearing this helmet instead... which, you know, it's... to me it makes sense. i mean, it can get awkward sure, when you're meeting new people but i just explain to them that i wear it because i dropped my insurance plan, and they're like wow, this is a smart guy.
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i mean they don't say that out loud, but... [ male announcer ] we know it can be tough out there. that's why we offer a wide range of plans for a wide range of budgets. steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's good for the customer to get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! i know. that's why i'm carpet for life. but look, if things get out of hand, and the place starts smelling like wet gym sock, there's no shame in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operation to disarm iraq. >> march 19, 2003, then president bush tells america, we are at war. that was just the beginning of one of the most controversial conflicts america has ever seen. today another historic announcement. >> the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end
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of the year. >> president obama keeps a campaign promise to end the war. 40,000 troops still there will either come home or be deployed elsewhere. and president obama says troops can leave iraq proud of their success. but today's announcement almost didn't happen. danielle nottingham on the deal breaker that led to a total withdrawal. >> reporter: president obama is declaring an end to the war in iraq. >> our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> reporter: from the white house briefing room, the president said all u.s. forces will be on their way home by the end of this year. his announcement came after a secure video conference with iraqi prime minister nouri al- maliki. the two leaders congratulated each other and promised to move forward as allies. >> with our diplomats and civilian advisors in the lead, we'll help iraqis strengthen institutions that are just, representative and accountable.
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>> reporter: the white house spent months negotiating with iraqi leaders to keep several,000 troops there as a training force but in the end officials wouldn't agree to give them immunity from prosecution in iraqi courts. that was a deal breaker for the obama administration. the nearly 40,000 u.s. troops in iraq right now will come home or be redeployed. only a small group of marines will stay on to secure the u.s. embassy in baghdad. top administration advisors are confident iraq is ready to stand on its own. >> iraq is emerging as a secure stable and self reliant country. >> reporter: to date, more than 4,400 service members have died fighting in iraq. more than 30,000 others have been injured. the war has cost the u.s. more than $800 billion. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. the war that began with shock and awe has had a huge impact on the bay area. the night that the cruise
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missiles were launched against saddam, hundreds of people here in the bay area took to the streets and there were days of protests across san francisco. and a california mom became one of the war's most vocal critics. in 2005, cindy sheehan lost her son casey in iraq. and a lafayette man set up a memorial of white crosses to each of the servicemembers killed. the hillside was eventually covered with more than 4,000 white crosses. today's announcement welcome news for those with loved ones still serving in iraq. >> i think it's a long time coming. my brother was in iraq twice. and it was a very, very difficult thing for our family to deal with. >> the war in iraq has cost the united states many lives and more than $700 billion. tonight nato says it will pull out of libya by the end of the month. it made the announcement a day after the death of ousted dictator muammar qaddafi. his body is now sitting in a
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freezer inside a libyan shopping center. dan rivers reports the transitional government is holding off on burying the body while it investigates the circumstances surrounding qaddafi's death. >> reporter: this is all that remains of colonel qaddafi's convoy as he tried to escape from sirte. we are told that nato jets were involved as well as a u.s. predator drone using missiles. you get a graphic illustration of what that means on the ground here. these cars have been completely melted in some places and incinerated with you can see the remains of bodies inside. it's like it scattered all around here. somehow colonel qaddafi get away and ran over in that direction. it was here that colonel qaddafi was found hiding in this now famous drainway under the highway by troops. all of the people that have
6:34 pm
come to visit have their photos today. he was led up to the embankment on the highway. it's what happened to him when he got up here that's a mystery. the video shows him bloodied and being beaten as he was led away from here. he was at one point on the bonnet of a car. but human rights watch is concerned that the car that took him from here did not get involved in any firefight as far as they have established with you begs the question, how did he get shot in the head? the ntc is claiming that he was hit in the crossfire as they went down this highway. human rights watch says that they don't think there was any crossfire after he left this point and suggesting he was executed. you can see there are plenty of evidence around here of other bodies here, some of which human rights watch claims why were also executed. they say there are 95 bodies in this area and at least 10 of them that have been shot at
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point-blank range. sam rivers, cnn, sirte. the libyan government is getting about $37 billion in frozen assets back. earlier this year, the u.s. froze its piece of the up to $150 billion assets that had been available to the qaddafi regime world wide. the us treasury department had already started thawing some of that money before the ousted dictator's death. and for the first time in 23 years, the people of tunisia get to vote for a new leader. and the world will be watching. the vote happens on sunday. and there will be a polling station in the bay area. it will be at the arab cultural and community center in san francisco. in january, to indonesians rose up and freed themselves against their long-time ruler. that started the revolution now known as the arab spring. in the bay area, a suspected car thief is behind bars accused of leading police on a wild chase in the east bay. antioch police started chasing the driver they say about 5:45
6:36 pm
this morning. the chase ended in oakley when the drive rammed a patrol car, two fences and eventually flipped the stolen truck. officers arrested him after chasing him briefly on foot. no police officers were hurt. the man the fbi called the plaid bandit has been arrested in san francisco. 69-year-old donald booth is suspected of robbing four banks in the downtown area. these are bank surveillance pictures showing the suspect wearing a platt shirt under that red -- a plaid shirt under that red hoodie. the robberies happened this summer some parents would do anything to get their child into the college of his or her dreams. >> i would pay double. >> the bay area service is guaranteeing admission or your money back. >> more complicated than i expected. >> they thought they knew everything but they were wrong. what they are learning to get a job that proves that they should have listened to mom. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now is when many high school seniors are busy working on college application. there is a booming industry of coaches and counselors offering to help. julie watts on the consumerwatch with a south bay company that makes a unique offer. >> reporter: steven ma doesn't just help his clients apply for college. his company think tank learning also offers them a money-back guarantee. >> the school we will try to get them into. we fail, we 100 refund the money. >> reporter: the price is based on the odds a student will get admitted to his or her desired school. >> the further you are away from the school, the more expensive the price. >> reporter: so far, the guarantees have ranged in price from eight to $700,000. >> that was to gale only one school one shot. >> reporter: did he get in? >> we are still working ton right now. >> reporter: but those prices are on top of what clients pay
6:40 pm
for consulting fees which ma says average another $8,000 per student. >> i just don't see how they can guarantee admission to a specific school. >> reporter: mike hughes at the university of san francisco says the guarantee may not always benefit a student in the long run. >> you're talking about college access, you're talking about academics and a guarantee in my world treats it more like a consumer commodity. >> reporter: but that's not an issue for ma or his clients who believe a degree from an elite university opens doors. >> i'm not saying this is fair. as we know that society is not fair. that's $8,000 we level the playing field. >> reporter: and it's money this mom is happy to pay hoping it will help her daughter become a successful veterinarian one day. >> it's definitely worth it, worth it, yeah, especially for my -- this girl, yeah, if she get her chosen school, i pay double. >> reporter: now, think tank says 38% of its clients get
6:41 pm
into their first choice school. and it's advice for all students, stand out. you want to focus on activities that other kids don't to make yourself more memorable and unique to those college admissions officers. and there are also a number of nonprofit organizations that offer free college counseling to first generation students. you don't always have to pay. we put all those links on our website. >> competition is stiff. >> reporter: it is. don't forget about those test scores. >> reporter: always important. >> thank you. once you get the degree getting the job, of course, the neck challenge. job applicants who lack basic etiquette hey never get their foot in the -- may they have get their food in the door. patrick sedillo looks at how one local university is giving its students a lesson in table manners. >> 15 second. >> it's more complicated than expected. >> reporter: the santa clara university rotc students aren't tackling a class in physics but a class course in etiquette and manners. >> i had no idea about this.
6:42 pm
>> it's helping a lot. sill have been wear, what hand to eat with, what hand to drink with. >> reporter: sharon is today's version of miss manners. she coaches students on how not to slurp and slouch their way through meals with prospective employers. >> we put our hands where? to the left. exactly. noel bows. noel bows. >> businesses today as i mentioned can only afford to hire and keep the best people. it's very competitive. so if students have to know they need to raise their game. >> reporter: miss manners teaches lunch for success with tips like bmw, that's bread to the left, meal in the center, and water to the right. >> we want to show that we can eat well and have good etiquette and treat organizers with respect. >> reporter: back to bread basics. you actually break it and take only the piece you intend to eat. next, pass the servings to the right. a soup suggestion, you scoop it away from you and lean into the bowl. that avoids splattering it on
6:43 pm
your shirt, prompting the question. >> can you slurp your soup at home where nobody minds? sure. not in a business meal. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in santa clara, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> i don't think she expected that question. keep your elbows off the table. >> elbows off the table. put your napkin in your lap. act tress lindsay lohan has a new role and seeing dead people what she will have to do if she wants to stay out of jail. and official sundown was at 6:24. and what happens now weather- wise is going to happen again and again for the rest of the month. the details with the pinpoint forecast but let's talk some football kim. >> a member of the pittsburgh steelers makes a $10,000 phone call and why one raider compares carson palmer to beyonce. that's coming up in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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lindsay lohan managed to
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arrive on time today to the morgue. surrounded by cameras and dressed in a hoodie, the actress arrived at the coroner's office for the first day of her court ordered community service. it should have been yesterday but she was 40 minutes late to the coroner's office yesterday and they turned her away. she has to put in san francisco hours at the morgue before her next court date which is november 2. but among her duties there taking out the trash and cleaning toilets. good evening, friday, october 21st where today's high temperatures across the bay area anywhere between 1 below average to 5 above normal. and banked between 63 degrees in half moon bay to 80 degrees in livermore and wow, look at alcatraz. looks almost like a ship in the bay. air quality was decent today. clear skies tonight with a hint of stratus at the coast and perhaps slipping underneath the
6:48 pm
golden gate bridge towards alcatraz. otherwise, mainly clear skies and numbers into the 50s. tomorrow we'll wake up with a little patchy fog. otherwise, sunshine from tomorrow all the way through the end of the month. and with the very dry conditions comes the exhausting high risk of fire danger. 80 degrees tomorrow in sacramento. high fire danger in lake tahoe area a 70, 83 in fresno. temperatures on sunday approaching near 90 inland. looks like along the coast tomorrow near 70 in half moon bay. 83 degrees in sunnyvale otherwise mid-80s from morgan hill through gilroy. the winds will be blowing out of the north and northeast. and offshore wind in the eastern portion of our district up to 87 degrees tomorrow in brentwood, tracy and in oakley. otherwise 85 tomorrow in santa rosa. and low 80s around novato back
6:49 pm
in through petaluma. 72 degrees in san francisco. today we had a high of 70 which average high is 69 degrees. not bad at all but check this out. it's the extended forecast calling for that 90-degree mark by sunday. looks like although we'll have cooler temperatures by monday, the offshore component continues. and right now computer monitors still alluding to the potential of higher gustier offshore winds by monday night through wednesday. and that's when we do increase that potential for high fire danger. we have us some football action on sunday at 1:05. it's the raiders! expect the game time temperature of 75 degrees. kim coyle is going to tell us if that game was sold up coming up in sports. >> no, no! ! we have seen enough of jim harbaugh's post-game handshake but what would his touchdown dance look like? this is scary. all right. with the third practice, is it
6:50 pm
the charm for carson palmer to be named the starting quarterback? sports is next. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable.
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a lot of raiders questions but can you answer them all?
6:53 pm
>> i can answer one of them i have my inklings on the other one. the raiders made one announcement today but it had nothing to did with carson palmer or kyle boller. there was a sellout so it will air on cbs 5 with the fifth quarter to follow. hue jackson wasn't ready to announce his quarterback decision. he may want to keep the chiefs guessing or maybe unlike some of his players he likes having all the extra media at practice. >> i thought beyonce was in town doing a concert. i had to buy a ticket to get i thought a little justin bieber or lil wayne or someone was here. >> he asked me if i was going to be ready to sit next to him. i said what are you talking about? he said he stinks. you ask him about it. he doesn't look like a stinky guy. he will fit in. the 49ers have the week off and that means there's no
6:54 pm
coaches corner segment with dennis and jim harbaugh. but harbaugh made time to appear on another show. >> it's the joe show. the joe show. ♪ [ music ] >> gonna ask some stupid questions to some teammates. >> they said sing a song and i did. that's what came out. that was the first take. >> if you were to do an end zone dance what would do you? do you have one in mind? would you do one for us? >> it should be something out of the '80s, now. >> let's see it. ♪ [ music ] >> that's all i know. look up the '80s, you know? you don't have a whole lot going. we didn't know a lot of dances back in the '80s. >> apparently not. [ laughter ] >> oh, no. look away, look away. troy polamalu made the most expensive call of his life last sunday. the league find the steelers safeties $10,000 for using great deal phone on the sidelines. according to head coach mike
6:55 pm
tomlin, polamalu was on the phone with his wife to let her know he was okay after suffering a mild concussion. over 5,000 fans are expected tonight at kezar stadium for the annual bruce mahoney football game. the rivalry between the two city schools at sacred heart cathedral and saint ignatius goes back to 1893. >> it's the highlight of the year. big crosstown rivals. it's fun playing against people now and just the history of the whole rivalry goes back so far. >> you basically block everything out. we cut off all our friends that go to si, we block them, can't receive text messages. none of us are on facebook anymore. so we are basically isolated to the team. stan in order is 6-0 but ranked 8th in the bcs. the big knock on the stanford cardinal is the strength of schedule but that's about to
6:56 pm
improve. first up the washington huskies who are 5-1. usually andrew luck gives stanford a huge advantage at quarterback. but washington's keith price leads the pack 12 in touchdown passes. but give luck the nod at dealing with the media. >> this is what i'm supposed to do, getting paid to play. >> you get made? >> no. >> scholarship money. [ laughter ] >> after one year in boston, kurt young is returning to oakland. the as have rehired young as their pitching coach, a position held for 7 seasons before joining the red sox. joe thornton getting ready for his 1,000th career game. second period devils up 2-0. thornton scores his first goal of the season. the sharks would tie it 63 seconds later. third period devils up 3-2. less than a minute to play. joe pavelski right place at the right time. his third goal of the year. sends the game to overtime.
6:57 pm
then in the shootout, ryane clowe with the chance to be the hero. he puts it in. the sharks beat the devils and snap their three-game losing streak. >> yay! >> the road trip continues tomorrow in boston against the devils. >> they won that game for mr. randy hahn on his birthday today. >> how young is he? >> you may have to do sports on monday by the way. >> tweet or text message? >> i don't know where he is storing that cell phone on the sidelines. >> in the hair. got to be in the hair. >> could be. [ laughter ] >> get ready for the bet. practice. >> good weekend. >> caption colorado, llc
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