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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  October 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. right now, "occupy oakland" protestors are bracing for a showdown. police could move in at any moment. we'll have a live report from the camp. >> and president obama waking up right here in california. his star-studded schedule and the swanky fundraiser he will be heading to right here in the bay area. good morning, it's tuesday, ladies day here. [ laughter ] >> october 25th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's like a flower pattern. we have these beautiful colors preparing to remove "occupy we are following developing surrounding the black. >> perfect. >> like news from the east bay. spring. a number of police officers we have a healthy marine layer keeping things cool in oakland. it looks like the protestors
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keeping temperatures cool much like yesterday a little below are about to be removed. average for this time of the year anywhere from the 60s to kristy, what can you tell us? >> reporter: so far we have a couple of hundred police mid-70s. officers on my left lined up but some big changes this evening. around the entire perimeter of a little fire weather we have the encampment. they stormed in just a few minutes ago and were met by to talk about coming up. some angry protestors. at the oracle in oakland some of them flooded the streets, one of them pushed a dumpster into the middle of the you will find roadwork. caltrans busy this morning roadway. and the police have announced between fruitvale and 980. over a loudspeaker you are here we'll have a full traffic illegally and you will be report in a bit. >> thank you. the occupation may be over arrested unless you leave. they are not bumming they set this morning. >> right now police are moving in against protestors in up these barricades with trash cans and wooden crates. oakland and kristy seifkin is at frank ogawa plaza where police are now surrounding the other protesters are not taking camp. >> reporter: this is a strong a respectful approach at all police presence here this night and this morning and protestors certainly the ones throwing the trash cans. are bracing themselves to not a lot of movement. you can see just kind of a confront them head on. if you look over my shoulders, you see protestors have set up standoff between the protestors and police. dumpsters, wood and crates to block the police when they move
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people will be arrested unless into the camp. they move. these hundreds of officers will probably move in closer to the they were given a warning by plaza. >> kristy, tell us how many city officials last night that protestors are in the camp there will be a raid sometime right now? and were many of them asleep before 5 a.m. already, we have seen several police officers assembling at have they been up anticipating this? >> reporter: you know, it's the coliseum this morning getting their supplies and expected about 400 to 500 protestors in the camp right crews and making a plan to come now and they have been awake pretty much all night because in and move these people out. last night they came in just this comes several days after after 5:00, removed all their the protestors were already cooking equipment, all their propane. so they knew something was up and they got a tip from police ordered to leave and they that there would be a police presence and in fact a raid didn't. between 3 a.m. a fire that marshall confiscated all the propane and 5 a.m. so they have set up a text tanks and cooking appliances used to feed the hundreds of messaging campaign, the leaders campers here in oakland. sending messages to the other the city delivered a notice to campers saying there is a heavy protestors at frank ogawa plaza police presence. we are expecting a raid. and at snow park saying they so they have been planning for can no longer stay at the this all morning long. >> kristy, just watching the encampment and this raid comes police arrive and seeing the on a very special day. this is actually the two weeks birthday celebration of the encampment here in oakland and atmosphere really change there, they had planned to have a have police said what they are going to do with hundreds of birthday party with a cake this people? not easy.
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afternoon. but none of that is going to >> reporter: absolutely not. and at this point, they are staying quiet about what they happen when the police arrive. so we'll keep our eyes on the plan to do in part because they scene here and keep updated as probably don't want that message spread. soon as we see any police they have 400 to 500 people to contend with. they don't want to share what presence. back to you. their plan is so they have even >> thank you. a, you know, potentially meanwhile, in san jose more arrests this morning at the stronger reaction from these protestors. occupy encampment there. one protestors yesterday high the police have been trying to move any, you know, kind of above everyone else on a 36- public that are in the communities, move them out of foot platform, a building, his the way. there are a lot of people here name -- he is 27-year-old unemployed construction worker. he climbed that 36-foot wall with their still cameras, videocameras, locals in the above the protestors. area trying to get a piece of the one right there in the the action, and they are trying middle. i don't know if we can see him. to keep them safe. >> how many police officers? can you see most of them there? perhaps he is sleeping. are we talking hundreds or -- but his name is sean o'kelly it looks like they're and he plans to stay there outnumbered a little bit i would imagine. >> reporter: yeah. a couple of hundred at least. you know, just on this side alone, i was trying to do a indefinitely. city officials aren't removing him because he might jump or feel the need to get off there. he is complaining about the head count and there are city's manager ordering police probably 100 on this corner of the park. action against the protestors. >> i'd really like to get the there are three other sides. some officers behind us were between two buildings and i spoke to an observer earlier who said there were even more
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police he saw waiting in the city manager deborah fagone basements of a nearby garage. down here to justify her actions and come and talk to us so there may be even more here than we can see on the street before i come down. >> we didn't have a plan to move him down. level right now. >> and kristy, we can hear the >> there he is. last night o'kelly turned down crowd chanting and yelling. we can't quite make out what an offer to have the city manager call him on his cell phone. meanwhile, "occupy sf" protestors are being warned about regular maintenance plan they're saying. at justin herman plaza. supporters say these are the same letters handed out a week ago before police moved in to remove them. "occupy sf" members are >> kristy seifkin live in among the activists planning to protest president obama's visit oakland. we'll touch base with you in here today in the bay area. the president is going to be at a fundraiser this afternoon at short order. keep your eye out there. the "w" hotel in san francisco. singer and songwriter jack canthe california faculty johnson will perform there. 200 guests will pay a minimum of $7,500 per ticket. right now mr. obama is in association says it will be up southern california and this against a csu chancellor's morning he will tape an office at a court hearing in appearance on the tonight show
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with jay leno. l.a. this morning. he has a plan to help the faculty association is americans who are under water. suing claiming ssu claimed to it allows homeowners who are currents on their payment no provide pickup notice before matter how much their home they met to increase campus value is plummeted but it won't president's pay. can you believe for 18 years san francisco held the help everyone. top spot on a tourist chart? it only covers mortgages backed by fannie mae or freddie mac. the white house won't say how >> thathass all changed. many people will be helped but it will be about a million charleston south carolina is the number one destination in still leaving others under the country. san francisco number 2. santa water. today republican presidential candidate rick perry rolling out an economic fe, new mexico, number 3. what's the reason for the drop plan including a flat tax. he calls the proposal cut, balance and grow. it includes a voluntary income in number 2? aggressive tax of 20% and private panhandlers. >> have you been to charleston? retirement accounts for social security. the plan also maintains >> no. >> i have. i think san francisco should be deductions for families making less than $500,000 a year. 4:35 now. this morning there is an effort to try to recall the mayor of number one. 4:49. a secret burial for muammar qaddafi. >> and the death toll is rising in turkey this morning. we are going to show you the oakland jean quan. dramatic rescue of a two-month- old baby when we come back. ,, a group of residents upset about the rising crime rate and
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resignation of police chief anthony batts. they have no confidence in the hey, your high speed internet here, at home... mayor and have gathered signatures towards a recall for the ballot. some say the "occupy oakland" protests are adding to their dissatisfaction. ...and on the go... >> it was probably the tipping ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. point with me. high speed internet from at&t at home... she is dangerous allowing dangerous situations throughout ...includes wi-fi access on the go. woo-hoo! the city. >> but a recall won't be easy. [ together ] it's an unbelievable deal. 10% of the registered voters in well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... the city must sign the recall [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet petition. that's about 20,000 signatures. a spokesman for quan says she for the unbelievably low price is busy with public safety of just 14.95 a month for 12 months issues now including rehiring with a one-year price guarantee. dozens of police officers. antioch police are it's all the speed you need at a great price. you can chill online at a park. here, pidgie, pidgie. investigating a deadly officer- involved shooting. officers answer aid call of a [ pigeon coos ] and surf the web at your favorite bookstore. man with a gun in a townhouse our internet at home includes access community on lemon tree court just before 6:00 last night. to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network they say he refused orders to on the go. put the gun down. we are told that's when [ female announcer ] go to the website below something happened that caused and get high speed internet several officers to fire at the for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. man. he died at the scene.
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police say he was wanted on two that's all the speed you need at a great price. arrest warrants. and we're hearing firsthand it's an unbelievable deal. so why wait? about events that led to another police shooting in san act now, act now! jose. a clerk at the extended stay like he said... hotel on brokaw road dialed nine one early sunday about a man that was passed out in a stairwell. >> i was going to wake him up. he looked like he was just sleeping. >> you think he needs medical, too, or the police? >> no, the thing is he has a gun. >> that was a problem. police say 25-year-old javier gonzalez guerrero reached for that gun in his waistband when they woke him up. officers shot him several times but he is expected to recover. the gun, by the way, turned out to be a fake. no word on whether gonzalez guerrero will be charged. and the suspect on an east bay road rage death goes to court this afternoon. >> this will be his first court date since his arrest on saturday. 31-year-old eddie hall is charged with murder and felony hit-and-run. he is scheduled to be arraigned
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at 2:00. hall is accused of from the east bay.. a large force of law officers has jt intentionally running down 51- arrived at year-old motorcyclist george lopez, jr., on 580 saturday afternoon. pg&e says a major natural gas transmission line that we are back now with services the bay area ruptured. developing news. some breaking news this out of this happened during a pressure test yesterday just south of the east bay. a large force of law bakersfield. it's one of two parallel lines that runs to a terminal in milpitas. pg&e says the line failed enforcement, oakland police, because of a tear along a have gathered, 100 strong and then some to remove the "occupy longitudinal seam and that is similar to the cause of the oakland" protestors out of the deadly pipeline explosion in downtown area. they have become a little fed san bruno last year. yesterday's test was part of up cleaning -- a lot of the utility's effort to assure problems with rats and public urination and what not. safety after the san bruno basically they put them on guard yesterday. put them on high alert. disaster. 4:38. lawrence is off this morning so julie watts is filling in and they took away all their she is bringing fog, too, i cooking materials, propane, and guess , huh? word leaked out early this >> pretty cool start. morning that there could be a >> it is chilly this morning. we are going to see lingering raid right now. the oakland police as you can clouds that will keep temperatures cool throughout much of the day today but big see are just minutes away. we're told maybe less than 5 changes on the way. we're going to clear those minutes. you can see they are starting clouds out and throw in a to break in on the perimeter little fire danger for you, as right now. well. let's get outside now and check you can see the protestors are
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in with the satellite perspective. you can see definitely more low not budging. most of these men and women clouds and fog in the north bay stayed up all night long than the farther south you head anticipating some sort of raid, and, of course, not reaching really far inland but we have some 300, 400, 500 strong in this low clouds crossing as well so clouds will be the downtown oakland. we'll have the very latest story for the morning hours coming up shortly. but looks like police are now starting to really mix out into the afternoon. we get this trough moving in moving in. and then offshore winds by the body of -- >> we are going to move on to later tonight. in the meantime, temperatures international news now. the body of muammar qaddafi was staying cool. we're in the 40s and 50s throughout much of the bay buried secretly today along with his son and a top aide. now, the bodies were removed area, 59 mountain view, 57 oakland, 51 napa and 52 this last night from a refrigerator room in misrata where they had been on display for five days. morning in pacifica. later today, temperatures will a misrata military council official says the burial feel like yesterday. temperatures near 61 in happened at 5 a.m. pacifica, 70 redwood city, 72 local time with just a few livermore and 75 -- mid-70s for officials and relatives watching. the exact location though is the warmest spots inland. being withheld to prevent vandalism. and an incredible rescue in temperatures do warm later this week and with winds and fire turkey this morning. danger. more on that coming up. first let's check the roads a two-week-old baby girl was found alive this out of the with elizabeth. >> let's check with muni rubble of her collapsed because we are experiencing delays right now this morning apparently on the n and j apartment 47 hours after a 7.2 lines. there was a derailment and this magnitude earthquake struck eastern turkey.
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you can see they are taking them out now. is right there at church and it was the most powerful quake duboce so the derailment to hit the country in 10 years. happened on the n line outbound so the j line is switching back rescuers are struggling to pull out other survivors. at 16th and church. the death poll is 366. n line switching back at carl more than 2,000 buildings have and hillway. buses are in place for the rest of the route but expect delays collapsed. it is 4:53 now. today is day two for the for the morning commute. defense of the michael jackson otherwise, bart, ace, caltrain, ferries, everything else on manslaughter trial of dr. time. conrad murray in l.a. everything looks good this morning on the roads toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay right now into san a nurse who say michael jackson asked her to give him propofol francisco. and we understand from our to help him sleep testifies radio partners at kcbs that today. murray plans to call on some of that 880 roadwork is picked up in oakland ahead of schedule. his patients to testify. they argue jackson injected himself with the fatal dose of that's traffic. back to you. propofol. 4:54 now. we want to get a check of the >> thank you. these are live pictures in weather. now it's cold when you leave oakland where you can see police in riot gear lining up around frank ogawa plaza. they are planning on moving out your dog snuggled up in the the "occupy" protestors who blankets. he was very cold today. >> so was frank. have been there for two weeks. >> it was cold. >> you know, i actually thought >> they have already confiscated a lot of the it was mild when i left the cooking materials, propane house this morning. but, you know, i don't know. tanks, saying it was a fire i live in san francisco so it's danger and they are starting to always cold, right? it is a little chilly to start play hardball with the protestors who have been there
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in many areas this morning. for weeks now with their tents we have a pretty healthy marine at frank ogawa plaza. layer out there keeping most as you can see, the riot gear areas under some low clouds and the oakland police lining up to -- it looks like to this morning. mostly cloudy at the coast and bay, partly cloudy inland. remove those occupiers. >> many of those protestors this afternoon clouds will mix have said publicly even to this out. sunny inland but clouds along the coast and by the bay for broadcast that they will not leave until their demands are met. if they have to leave, they much of the afternoon. said that they would be leaving these clouds what's helping to keep temperatures cool a little below average for this time of in handcuffs. it looks like that will happen right now as you can see that year but big changes moving on line of police moving in again in. basically we have high pressure replacing this low pressure and to frank ogawa plaza. it's a pressure gradient tensions clearly rising among between the two that's kicking protestors out there even at up the northerly flow. throughout the day we will see this early hour. [ screaming in the background ] offshore winds picking up by >> they have had a lot of this evening creating some fire issues with the occupiers, weather concerns. in fact, fire weather warning sanitation, public urination, a in effect for the north and number of things, even rats in the camps. so it is a big problem as you east bay hills. going into effect tonight and can see. it doesn't look like they are continuing through thursday. going to go willingly, either. so we will keep you updated on we have winds gusting northeast to 40 miles per hour and low that to be sure. humidity, as well. as low as 20% by tomorrow. all right. even lower in some areas.
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temperatures below average for this time of year. 4:41. prince harry visiting soon. 70 for mountain view, 70 in >> caltrans big-wigs getting big raises while students pay vallejo, 57 in fairfield for higher tuition. the push to be sure you have a folks today. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures bumping up a bit say coming up. >> san francisco is attracted as we see that northerly flow increasing temperatures in the to many different cultures. upper 70s. >> a top destination but no topping out near 80 by the longer the number one tourist weekend. your extended forecast halloween as of right now destination. why travelers are turned off by the city by the bay. a large force of law offices partly cloudy and cool. we'll talk more about this in a bit but first a check of traffic. elizabeth? >> thank you, julie. we're following this developing news of oakland. there are street closures around 14th and broadway. police are moving in right around those "occupy oakland" protestors trying to remove them now from frank ogawa plaza so also as a precaution, they have temporarily closed the 12th street oakland bart station. bart is just passing directly through that station. they are right there by frank ogawa plaza near 14th and broadway. developing news right now in oakland. elsewhere outside show you a live look through milpitas. westbound 237 roadwork right now through sunnyvale. just in those westbound lanes should be wrapping up shortly but the rest of the south bay
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looks good. a lot of green on our sensors and most of our major freeways across the area. here's a live look at traffic out of downtown san jose in those northbound lanes of 280. and this ramp closure looks like they just reopened it according to caltrans. southbound 101 ramp closure reopened at somebody 101 to southbound 880. no metering lights this morning on the bay bridge. muni delays, there was a derailment on the n line so expect delays on the j and the n line at church and duboce. buses are switching back, bus shuttles are in place. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the nba season is about to be shortened one more time. the new york daily news reports the league will now have to cancel at least two more weeks of basketball on top of the two weeks already called off. no nba action until at least november 28th after thanksgiving. the official word is expected today as contract talks remain
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at an impasse over revenue sharing. could be adios for the whole season. i don't know. >> i can't believe that. >> well, it's all about money. it always is. and the players make a lot of dough. if they would just say okay, let's play. >> not happening. 4:57. the natural gas pipe. it explodes during a key pg&e test. the weakness that's connected to the san bruno blast. and president obama hours away from landing here in the bay area. the swanky stop at a san francisco hotel. we'll tell you about that. and right now we are getting word that police are moving in on oakland protestors to remove them. we'll have live report on the showdown at frank ogawa plaza coming up. ,,,,,, ,, ,,
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