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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  October 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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occupy oakland. at lea your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. right now, police raid on "occupy oakland." at least 100 officers are moving in ordering those demonstrators to leave. >> and president obama just hours away from -- [ please stand by ] good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, october 25. a busy morning already. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm grace lee. 5 a.m. and we begin with oakland. >> yeah. a protest camp is being taken
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down in oakland as we speak right now. >> police station are moving in on the "occupy oakland" camp at frank ogawa plaza. kristy seifkin reports. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it's been a busy morning for sure. it's gotten a little quieter in the past few minutes. our crew was forced to move out because police set up tear gas in the middle of the park and obviously that caused many of the protesters to flee. the park has gotten quiet and emptied out quickly if you look over my shoulder, you can see some of the remnants of the sleeping bags and the trash cans and the signs. many of the protestors were taken off, they were arrested as police promised. they gave them the chance to leave the park. they announced on the loudspeaker you are staying here illegally. you have the opportunity to leave. but you have to go now otherwise you will be arrested. so those who didn't leave after the tear gas taken away with zip ties being used as handcuffs, many ran away on their own once they set the tear gas off. we're talking about hundreds of
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officers here on scene that surrounded all four sides of the park. they still have a very strong presence there. speaking on a loudspeaker at the opposite end. park it's difficult to hear outside this morning. but they are continuing to tell protestors those who left behind they need to get out. a lot more quiet in the park compared to what we saw a half hour ago. so we'll have another update for you as we see the police continue to move in and clear things out. it only took a few minutes for police to clear out the "occupy" protests. back to you. >> kristy, it's surprising considering these protestors had been so adamant in the past days that they wouldn't leave. were any of them arrested, anyone stay there in order to fight? >> you know, just having got a little dose of the tear gas myself when we were closing the van door, pretty powerful stuff. it will make someone flee. and a lot of people, it was a good strategy the police used in terms of getting a lot of people to leave at once. so a lot of them left on their
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own accord because of that but we saw stragglers left behind as the tear gas cleared out. many of them were being arrested just as you said. they were using the zip ties as handcuffs. police marching them one by one out of the plaza. still contentious here. there are stragglers on the stree corners, many yelling at the media to leave. still contentious scene this morning. >> thank you, kristy seifkin on the scene of breaking news. thank you. we want to move on to san jose now, where more arrests are reported this morning at the occupy encampment there. one protestors though is above the others, 27-year-old unemployed construction worker climbed the 36-foot wall above the protestors. sean o'kelly says he plans to stay there indefinitely. we haven't seen him this morning. city officials are not moving to remove him. he has been complaining though about the city manager ordering police action against the
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protestors. >> i'd really like to get the city manager down here to justify her actions and come and talk to us before i come down. >> we didn't have a plan to move him down. take a look at that on a continual basis. >> last night o'kelly turned down an offer to have the city manager call his cell phone. "occupy sf" protesters are being warned about regular maintenance at justin herman plaza. protestors say these are the same letters handed out a week ago before police moved in to remove them. today "occupy sf" members plan to take part in a protest against president obama's visit right here in the bay area. the president will be at a fundraiser this afternoon at the w hotel in san francisco. singer-songwriter jack johnson will perform. 200 guests will pay a minimum of $7,500 per ticket. right now mr. obama is in southern california. antioch police are
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investigating a deadly officer- involved shooting. there was a man with a gun at a townhouse community on lemon tree court around 6 p.m. they said he refused orders found gun down. we're told that's when something happened that caused several officers to fire at the man. he died at the scene. he was wanted on two arrest warrants. we are hearing firsthand about events that led to another police shooting this one in san jose. a clerk at the extended stay hotel on brokaw dialed nine one about a man passed out in a stairwell. >> i was going to wake him up. he is okay. he looks like he is just sleeping. >> do you think he needs medical or police? >> no, the thing is he has a gun. >> he has a gun? >> police say 25-year-old haier gonzalez guerrero reached for a gun in his waistband when they woke him. officers shot him several times but he is expected to recover. now, that gun turned out to be a fake. but no word yet on whether
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gonzalez guerrero will be charged. suspects in an east bay road rage case goes to court. 31-year-old eddie hall is charged with murder and felony hit-and-run. he is scheduled to be arraigned at 2 p.m. hall is accused of intentionally running down 51- year-old motor cycle list motorcyclist. a major gas pipeline ruptured during a pressure test south of bakersfield yesterday. it's one of two parallel lines that runs to a terminal in milpitas. pg&e says it failed because of a tear in a longitudinal seam. that is similar to the cause of the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno last year. yesterday's test was part of the utility's effort to assure safety after that san bruno disaster. we want to go back to our breaking news story out of oakland, where we understand that not only have police moved in in riot gear to remove
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hundreds of protestors at frank ogawa plaza but we now know that they are arresting people. you can see they are taking them away as we speak with their hands held together by zip ties. >> we just talked to kristy seifkin. she is on the scene. they shot tear gas into the encampment. that caused the two to three hundred campers to disperse. you can see there's not much left of the encampment. the city had big issues with these folks only because of sanitation reasons. they had rats there, public urination, and when you got 300 or 400 strong in the middle of downtown oakland in the plaza there, they decided to move them out. they had an inkling yesterday that this was going to happen because they confiscated all their cooking materials, their propane, so they weren't able to cook on the site. that was a good indicator that something was up. most of them were up all night saying they would fight. most were up when the oakland
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police lined up this morning. but as you can see, many are now being marched off to jail. those that stayed got handcuffed and arrested. >> even though there have been hundreds of protestors, they have had a mixed message. we have seen protestors all over the bay area but what we do know is some people like this gentleman looks like he may be resisting arrest. and this morning, when those police force moved in trying to get these people out, they have some leadership sending out text messages saying there was a heavy police presence there. they wanted protesters to come in, organize and they started chanting, shouting, tensions were really high. they were able to move out the protestors fairly quickly though, still having a little trouble. >> they really did. at 5:45 they were lined up 100 police officers. they dispersed tear gas. some left, the rest are being
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arrested. we'll go back to kristy in short order but things are clearing up there a little bit. time now for a change of gears. we want to talk about weather. >> yeah. let's kick it over to julie watts! kind of a chilly start. but i guess an okay day, huh? >> temperatures below average for this time of year but we'll warm up over the next couple of days. outside now we are off to a cool start in many location, low 50s in place like pacifica. 55 in san francisco, 57 in oakland and 55 in fairfield this morning. later today warming up and a bit below average so average this time of the year is anywhere from 68 in san francisco to the mid-70s for concord, livermore, san jose, santa rosa. compared to what we'll see today and temperatures will be down from one to five degrees below average in san francisco. the full forecast is coming up but first a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> we are following this developing news of downtown oakland. major police presence around
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14th and broadway. avoid that intersection. looks like police are making arrests now to "occupy oakland" protestors removing them from frank ogawa plaza. that plaza right outside of city hall so again street closures around 14th and broadway. we are hearing about a two-to- thre block radius. bart trains are passing through 12th street station, temporarily closing the 12th street station just as a precaution. there was a derailment on muni overnight or late last night on the n line on the muni n line. that's resolved and all lines are back on schedule. back to you. >> thank you. libya's dictatesser laid to rest. >> the secret burial for muammar qaddafi. also ahead. >> jean quan has just driven people crazy. >> her fight to hold onto her job.
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the growing recall effort and how the mayor is responding. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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closing the occupy oakland we're back with breaking news. this is live pictures. scene. you're looking at the "occupy oakland" raid where oakland police some 100 strong just went into the catch, their camp, shooting tear gas into that camp. many of the campers dispersed. those who left, left willingly. a number of people, though, stayed in the camp there and were arrested. oakland police are playing hardball. they got tired of the sanitation issues, public urination, rats in the camp. they finally decided to disperse them. as you can see a heavy police presence. a number of arrests. we'll have a live report from kristy seifkin coming up in just a few minutes. all right. 5:13 now. and there is a move amongst
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some people in oakland to recall the mayor jean quan. a group of residents is upset about a rising crime rate and the resignation two weeks ago of police chief anthony batts. they have now filed a petition with 71 signatures saying that they have no confidence in mayor quan. this is the first step to putting a recall on the ballot and some say that "occupy oakland" protest is just adding to the dissatisfaction. >> that was probably the tipping points to me. this woman is dangerous, allowing dangerous situation throughout the city. >> a recall though not so easy. 10% of registered voters must sign the recall petition, nearly 20,000 signatures. and a spokesman for quan says that she is busy with public safety issues including rehiring dozens of police officers. >> some of those voters may say, job well done with what happened this morning taking care of the campers there. but we shall see. time now 5:14. signs of hope as the death toll rises in turkey.
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can i, can i (repeated) v.o: can now be enjoyed in your coffee ( can i, can i (repeated) ) v.o: only international delight v.o: put's the real flavours from v.o: your favourite treats inside right now police have made a number of arrest over at the "occupy oakland" camp.
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>> kristy seifkin is at frank ogawa plaza with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, grace and frank. pretty quiet here compared to a few minutes ago when the police moved in, hundreds of them setting off tear gas to get the protestors to leave. some of them ran. others stayed and were arrested. i'm here now with sarah meissner who i spoke with just a day after the encampment had set up. and she has left a couple of days ago. what is it like to see this? >> i wouldn't describe what we had to do as leaving. we have been here every day since the encampment started. we were forced to move out tent for our own logistical reasons and work schedules. >> reporter: what is your reaction to seeing those who were still here inside the camp when they set the tear gas off? >> i think this is a complete demonstration of what we're facing. we have a complete paramilitary state that's willing to protect the interests of very few people. what we got to see here this
5:19 am
morning was the huge state infrastructure with the monopoly of violence to move in with little concern for their well-being. >> reporter: do you know where your friends are? >> no. i'm assuming they have been tear gassed and are arrested. >> reporter: anything else that, you know, emotional what are you feeling? are you feeling frustrated? is this motivating to you continue with the mission? >> i hope this makes the viewers at home very conscious of what we're up against here. i mean, it's -- what happened this morning in this space is -- well, not surprising. utterly amazing that as americans we are allowing this to occur, that this monopoly of violence, force can be used against citizens. >> reporter: thank you for your time, sarah. i appreciate it. so at this point, you can see the park is pretty much cleared out. police still have a very strong presence here on all four sides of the park and they did have a tip last night actually just after 5:00 is when officials came in and moved all the cooking equipment, propane, essentially cutting off the
5:20 am
food play is for up to 500 people and a city official actually tipped off the protestors that there would be a raid this morning they said sometime between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. there would be some sort of presence. and it was just about 4:15 and 4:30 that those hundreds of police officers arrived announcing on the loudspeaker you are here illegally, you cannot stay here in the camp. they gave the protestors the opportunity to leave and then they set off that tear gas. that's what sent many of those protestors running. others of course arrested, several marched out with zip ties used as handcuffs. one young gentleman was kind of the have of attention here a few minutes ago -- was the center of attention here a few minutes ago resisting arrest, forced to the ground and taken away. a lot of angry people here yelling at the people for continuing to arrest people saying this is police brutality and people angry that had to come to this state. back to you. >> kristy, where did they all go? we know they made a number of arrests but there were 300 or
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400 campers. where are they? >> i'm guessing they fled from the office side of the park. we are at the corner of 14th and broadway and we have limited viewing because we're kept behind a police line. but not many people fled this direction so i'm guessing most fled the opposite direction. chopper taking a look now down on the park. you can see a lot of the tents have been disassembled just the remnants of posters and sleeping bags. so those who weren't arrested, you know, it's anyone's guess where they fled to. >> we're looking at live pictures from chopper 5 of the scene all around and you we can see there's still a heavy police presence there. i'm just curious after speaking with some of the protestors there if they said this they will come back despite this raid this morning? >> reporter: well, since so many of them fled kind of the opposite direction, it was hard for to us speak to many but those who i have spoken to this morning that i've seen definitely still passionate about the subject. they definitely think that what happened this morning is a demonstration of what they have been saying all along, that there's a problem with the system, that there are not being allowed to have their
5:22 am
voice heard. they say they are exercising their first amendment right and this demonstration today is just a demonstration that many are calling police brutality. they say they are not being given the chance to live in a public park and they should be allowed to stay and i think many will continue forward. >> kristy seifkin, thank you. for those of how want to know how the weather is going to shape up, julie watts has all that information. good morning. >> good morning. starting off cool this morning. we are going to see temperatures a bit below average this morning starting out, out the door a healthy marine layer and that's going to lead to lingering low clouds at the coast and by the bay today. below average highs today in the afternoon. we'll see a bit more clearing especially inland. and think later tonight we'll see things clear out more on the coast and by the bay, temperatures in the 60s to mid- 70s areawide. simple floor yesterday, a tad bit below where we typically
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are this time of the year. 70 mountain view, 68 san rafael, 72 santa rosa and 57 today in fairfield. fire danger wednesday and thursday. mild into the weekend. we'll talk more about the fire danger and your extended forecast coming up. but first a check of traffic. >> thank you, julie. we're again talking about road closures, delays in and around downtown oakland. out live to chopper 5 over the scene in city hall where police removed an encampment of "occupy oakland" protestors by frank ogawa plaza. it is our breaking news this morning. so far, it is mostly peaceful but as you see from these live pictures, there are still a lot of police in riot gear definitely avoid the area. oakland police throughout in very large numbers. now, if you are a bart rider we also want to let new they closed the 12th street oakland station so trains are just passing through. as a public safety precaution, still a lot of police activity in the area so you can use 19th
5:24 am
street as your alternate. again, you're going to have to walk several blocks but that's your best bet in the meantime. we'll have more traffic weather and news after this. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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his son motassim and a top . welcome back. 5:26. a secret burial today for ousted libyan leader muammar qaddafi, his son and a top
5:27 am
aide. the bodies were removed last night from a refrigerated room in misrata where they had been on display for five days. a military council official says that the burial happened around 5 a.m. local time with just a few officials and relatives watching. though the exact location is being withheld to prevent vandalism. an incredible rescue in turkey this morning. a two-week-old baby girl was found alive from all that rubble. the collapsed apartment, 47 hours after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern turkey the most powerful quake in 10 years there. the rescuers are pulling out other survivors. the death toll is now 366. more than 2,000 buildings have collapsed. still some hope as that little girl was pulled this morning. it is 5:27. in the next half hour we continue to follow the raid on "occupy oakland." >> and i'm kristy seifkin live in oakland where police continue to clean up the scene after setting off tear gas and
5:28 am
some several hundreds of protestors went fleeing from the park. the details on the reaction from protestors who were not arrested coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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has started. we begin this half hour with breaking news. the raid on "occupy oakland" has started. >> let's get straight to kristy seifkin, who has been there for several hours watching it
5:31 am
unfold. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: good morning. certainly a lot unfolding here just in the course of an hour. it was just about an hour ago that police arrived hundreds of them many of them in riot gear telling protestors they had to leave. this isn't a surprise. there was a tip that was given to the protestors last night saying that theyth would likely be a raid between 3 and 5:00 this morning and that came to be the reality this morning. they said over loudspeakers to leave or be arrested. at that point it was contentious with yelling on the protestors them saying we won't go, many of them in their bandanas, they set up trash cans and wooden pallets as a barricade on the edge of the park but that didn't stop police from moving in and moving forward and at that point, kind of the big event that happened was tear gas was set off and just having gotten a small dose of it ourselves as we were moving towards the news van really powerful stuff and, of course, that caused a lot of
5:32 am
people to flee on their own to the opposite side of the park center where we are at 14th and broadway. then those who refused to leave because of tear gas, officers moved in and used zip ties and were arrested. one was resisting arrest, was pinned to the ground and taken way. it's a quiet scene since as they started to move some of those protestors out one by one. the only noise left in the area were locals who were here in the area standing on the street corners watching what's unfolding many of them yelling at the police saying this police brutality, shame on you, and i did have the chance to speck with a protestor who i had met last week -- a couple of weeks ago, she had moved out a few days go and this morning she has no idea where her friends are. her friends were left inside the park inside their tent. so that's a big question that remains, where did all these
5:33 am
people go who weren't arrested? at this point, you can see here at the plaza just over my shoulder that the s.w.a.t. team still has a very large presence. they are holding strong most of the streets around the area blocked off. so a lot of activity this morning. there's supposed to be a briefing for the media later on. we'll get more details about plans moving forward. they are already removing the tents and sleeping bags out of the have of the park so already very serious about taking down this encampment that was a large concern because of sanitation. back to you. >> i was going to ask, how many campers were there? we heard numbers 300, 400. is anyone left or is that camp completely cleaned out? >> reporter: it was estimated between 400 and 500 people were here at the camp as of last night. and at that time that's actually when the police came in and removed the cooking equipment and propane cutting off the food supply so whether
5:34 am
some more people left at that point, there may be a few people who fled after the food supply was cut off but many of them pledged to stay through the night so we're expecting hundreds this morning. we are waiting to find out as you asked earlier in the show where they all went. none of them fled the direction that we are here at 4th and broadway. we're guessing they went the opposite direction from 14th and broadway. hopefully we'll have concrete number on how many arrests were made this morning. very difficult to see what's going on in the middle of the tear gas. >> we are looking at the arrests including that one gentleman that was not too happy about being arrested. my guess is oakland police are not fooling around. do you get any feeling that these protesters are not wanted back? i mean, they can protest during the day but the days of spending the night in frank ogawa plaza are over. >> reporter: absolutely. i think that today's raid really instilled a lot of fear. one protestor who i spoke to earlier said this is just more
5:35 am
of a motivating factor what she saw happen this morning just going to propel her and her friends further to continue with this mission and who knows if maybe they will set up elsewhere. there is still the snow park encampment that as far as we're aware hasn't been raided just the frank ogawa plaza encampment. but certainly you can sense the fear in the air here this morning as people fled. a lot of people were crying here on street corners this morning witnessing what was going on. so emotional not only for the protestors but just for the people who live here in oakland. >> i think a lot anger as well, kristy, as we look at some of these pictures. thank you for joining us with the latest. we'll check back in with you throughout the morning. of course, this is causing quite a traffic mess at least in downtown oakland. let's kick it over to elizabeth and find out how the roads are doing. >> reporter: that intersection where kristy is standing at 14th and broadway is shut down but really expect delays reroutes for at least a little while longer in downtown oakland around city hall.
5:36 am
once again you are looking live at chopper 5 pictures from the scene. they are cleaning up frank ogawa plaza. police still in riot gear. oakland police out in fact in very large numbers. the city of oakland actually just put out an alert advising businesses in the area to delay the start of their workday. so let's talk about what this is doing to mass transit. if you are a bart rider, they have shut down the 12th street oakland station. it is closed. bart trains are just passing right on through without stopping. you can use the 19th street oakland station instead. you are going to have to walk about seven blocks but that is your best bet for right now. also we understand they are rerouteing several a.c. transit lines so a lot of different things impacted basically bottom line avoid the area. here's a live look at 880 the nimitz through oakland and so far, so good up and down 880 between downtown oakland and
5:37 am
hayward. we'll have more traffic in a bit. back to you guys. >> thank you. police moved against another "occupy" protests camp this morning down in san jose. more arrests reported there. one protestor spent the last 24 hours above the rest. he may be sleeping now. he hasn't been seen. but 27-year-old unemployed construction worker sean o'kelly plans to stay there indefinitely, perched on top of the building center screen. city officials aren't moving in to move him. he is complaining about the city manager ordering police action against protestors. >> i'd really like to get the city manager deborah fagone down here to justify her actions and come and talk to us before i come down. >> we don't have a plan to move him down and we'll take a look at that on a continual basis. >> last night o'kelly turned down an offer to have the city manager call his cell phone. the days or maybe hours could be numbered for "occupy sf," as
5:38 am
well. demonstrators got these relief threats leaflets. they are reminders of cleaning that and maintenance that needs to be done in the park. president obama is holding a fundraiser this afternoon at the "w" hotel in san francisco. singer-songwriter jack johnson is performing. 200 guests will be paying a minimum of $7,500 a plate. right now mr. obama is in southern california and this morning he is taping an appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. a deadly police shooting under investigation in antioch this morning. officers responded to a call of a man with a gun at a townhouse community on lemon tree court. they say that he refused orders to put the gun down. we are told that's when something happened which caused several officers to fire at the
5:39 am
man. he died at the scene. police say he was wanted on two arrest warrants. it is 5:39 now. we're now hearing the first 911 calls leading up to a police shooting in san jose. a hotel employee called police on sunday about a man that had passed out in a stairwell. >> i was really going to wake him up and he's okay. he looks like he's just sleeping. >> do you think he needs medical too or just police to come get him out of there? >> no, the thing is he has a gun. >> he has a gun? >> police say 25-year-old javier gonzalez guerrero reached for a gun in his waistband when they woke him up. officers shot him several times but he is expected to survive. the gun turned out to be a fake. no word yet on whether gonzalez guerrero will be charge. 5:39. wondering what to wear today? grab a jacket. >> yes. or a sweater. at least it's a chilly start. let's find out from julie watts what today has in store. >> we're keeping things a little below average. whatever you wore yesterday,
5:40 am
you want to do that -- wear it again today, why not? it is going to be very similar to yesterday. starting out right now this morning, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s for most locations. 55 in livermore, 54 in fairfield. today's temperatures will be below average. in fact, here's average for this time of the year anywhere from the upper 60s in san francisco to mid-70s throughout much of the bay area. today we'll bring temperatures down one degree below average in concord down 5 degrees below average in san francisco. temperatures in the 60s to mid- 70s areawide. back to you guys. >> thank you. more on the raid on "occupy oakland." the very latest coming up. and professors taking on the csu system today. the one issue they no longer want done behind closed doors. ,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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morning... the raid on occupy oakland... police fired tear gas at frank ogaa plaza about an hour ago. hundreds of officers are let's go back to our top story of the morning. you are looking at pictures from chopper 5 of the scene below. police fired tear gas at frank ogawa plaza less than an hour ago. that really cleared out the crowds. hundreds of officers have been clearing out the encampment that's been there for two weeks now. protestors were warped last night as well as verbally this morning that the raid was expected. some of them using trash cans as barricades against the police, officers arresting pretesters who basically refused to leave -- protestors who basically refused to leave. no word on how many arrests this morning. we expect more details later
5:44 am
this morning in a police briefing. police suggested nearby businesses open later this morning because there's police activity and clean-up right now. >> this is having a huge impact on commuters in the area not only businesses but check in with elizabeth for the latest. >> thanks, guys. yeah, it's also impacting mass transit. bart trains are not even running near the 12th street oakland station. they are passing through. so bottom line that bart station is temporarily closed because of all that police activity still in the area near city hall so instead use 19th street. you're going to have it walk about seven blocks but that's your best bet. in the meantime, we'll let you know as soon as they reopen the station. hopefully it will be shortly because again sounds like right now they are in the clean-up phase but a lot of police still out there still in riot gear. nimitz okay, never impacted. just city street closures especially near 14th and broadway where police lined up. police still on scene.
5:45 am
avoid the area near city hall near frank ogawa plaza. i don't know how much longer they will be out there. let's check other roads. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no issues through here. the marin county commute has been quiet so far this morning. you will notice a drive time there about 11 minutes on southbound one between the golden gate bridge or between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. and we'll check in with folks heading towards the bay bridge right now no issues heading into san francisco and again bart may be experiencing some slight delays because of that 12th street citycenter closure there for bart. that is traffic. let's get an update on your weather forecast. here is julie. >> thanks, elizabeth. we are starting out cool. there is some fog in some spots out there as you head out this morning on the roads. checking in with your out-the- door forecast, mostly cloudy along the coast and by the bay, partly cloudy inland making way to a little more sunshine by the second half of the day. i do think the cloud will linger along the coast and by the bay keeping temperatures cooler than we might otherwise
5:46 am
see this time of the year but more sunshine moving in, inland and all of us will see more sunshine as high pressure takes over and so does this northerly flow. so low pressure passing off to the east. as it does, we kick this up gradient between the two systems. and that means offshore winds picking up later today into the evening hours. that is triggering a fire weather warning in effect -- a red flag warning in effect later on today. in the meantime temperatures will stay relatively mild. 70 in redwood city, mountain view, vallejo, 75 in santa rosa. offshore winds will drop humidity continuing through the next few days so red flag warning in effect at 6:00 tonight through thursday. skies clear out as we see offshore wind and humidities drop. we'll see temperatures warming up to the upper 70s for wednesday and thursday. now, come friday, we'll lose those winds. by saturday just a really beautiful mild weekend with
5:47 am
plenty of sunshine, highs near 80 degrees. and a lot of folks are planning on halloween already. that's of course next monday. as of right now we're looking partly cloudy and, smile, temperatures in the mid-70s. >> not too bad. thank you. let's check today's top stories. there is a large force of officers closing in on those "occupy oakland" protestors on their encampment this morning. these are live pictures from chopper 5. you can still see that there are a lot of officers in that area. oakland officials are suggesting that businesses near frank ogawa plaza open later than usual today because of all this activity. protestors from "occupy sf" and other groups plan to demonstrate today against the visit by president obama. he is holding a fundraiser this afternoon in san francisco expecting to raise at least $1.5 million. eddie hall is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. he is the driver accused of using his van to kill a motorcyclist on interstate 580
5:48 am
on saturday afternoon. 5:47. the body of libya's long-time dictator muammar qaddafi was buried secret trade along with his son and a top aide. the bodies were removed last night from a refrigerated room in misrata where they have been on display for five days. a misrata military council official says the burial happened at 5 a.m. local time with a few officials and some relatives attending. the exact location is withheld to prevent vandalism. and an incredible rescue this morning in turkey. a 2-week-old baby girl was found alive in the rubble of a collapsed apartment 47 hours after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern turkey. it was the most powerful quake to hit the country in 10 years. the death toll is now at 366. more than 2,000 bills collapsed. but that two-week-old baby girl
5:49 am
safe and sound. >> you have to think she is destined for something great. >> i guess so. she's a lucky girl. first prices go up and then they lose customers. >> the latest hit for netflix. don't get your hopes up for the nba season anytime soon. the major announcement that could happen at any time. ,, ,,,, [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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which would be great... if i was seven. i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six. just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield.
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occupy oakland... about 4:30 this morning, police md in to frank ogawa plaza. hundreds of officers are clearing out the encam the raid on occupy our top story. police moved into frank ogawa plaza at 4:30 a.m. hundreds of officers are now clearing out the encampment that's been there for a couple of weeks now. they are wearing riot gear. they did use tear gas that dispersed the crowd. a number of people arrested, protestors were warned last night that the raid was expected this morning. they took aware that i propane cooking material -- away their
5:52 am
cooking material. some used barricades against police officers this morning. a number of arrests. protestors who refused to leave the area were arrested. there is no word on how many were arrested. we expect more details from a police briefing coming up in short order this morning. the city of oakland is suggesting the business owners near the plaza open a little bit later this morning because of the police activity and some clean-up under way as well but these are live pictures. the encampment has been dispersed, a number of arrests. more later. did california state university trustees break the law when they approved higher pay for top executives? the california faculty association says it will be up against the csu chancellors office at a court hearing in los angeles this morning. the faculty association is suing and it claims that csu failed to provide public notice before trustees met to increase campus president's pay. and some financial woes may
5:53 am
shut down wikileaks. that's the word from its leader, julian assange. he says they are running out of money and blames a blockade by american financial institutions from enabling them to raise more funds while the group is responsible for releasing sensitive diplomatic communications last year. investors with netflix hope that company stocks will rebound today. the stocks for the los altos company tumbled yesterday down 20%. this after finding out more than 800,000 customers had cancelled their subscriptions because of those higher prices. netflix did report a 65% earnings increase last quarter. the video rental company still has more than 23 million subscribers. >> a rough year though. 5:53 now. the nba season is about to get even shorter now. the new york daily news reports the league will cancel at least two more weeks of the basketball season on top of the two weeks that have already been cancelled. that would mean no nba action
5:54 am
until after thanksgiving. the official word is expected sometime today as contract talks remain at an impasse over revenue sharing. all about the money. back live at oakland, we are seeing even more officers move in to remove the protestors at frank ogawa plaza. now, earlier this morning, there was a huge presence, about 100 officers. this is between broadway and franklin in oakland where police have been removing protestors. many of the protestors dispersed when they sprayed tear gas. that was about an hour ago. and we saw most of them disperse despite the barricades they had set up and the fact that they had said for days they wouldn't leave unless they were dragged out of the area. >> they had a good idea something was up because they took their cooking materials away, their propane. they couldn't cook in the camp yesterday afternoon. there could be a raid sometime
5:55 am
early this morning. police assembled after 3:00 and went in around 4:30, quarter to 5:00 and dispersed quickly because of the tear gas and arrests. oakland pd is about to have a press conference sometime this morning. we'll bring that to you. as you can see, more arrests are being made as we speak. we'll check back in with kristy in a few minutes. but for now, a huge problem with traffic in this area. >> you may want to avoid downtown oakland for now that area around city hall for a while. we thought they were in the clean-up phase but obviously there is still a lot of police activity there. that picture you saw is 14th and broadway, that intersection closed affecting traffic for two to three blocks around the frank ogawa plaza where they broke up the encampment of "occupy oakland" protestors. this is affecting mass transit, as well. the 12th street oakland station is shut down. it has been since about 5:00 this morning. trains are passing right on
5:56 am
through. you can use 19th street instead and walk several blocks but again basically avoid downtown oakland. businesses in the area, the city of oakland actually put out an alert advising local businesses to delay their start time a bit so that's the good news if you have to work in downtown oakland. hopefully you don't have to get there right on time this morning because obviously a lot to avoid. >> weather-wise, what's cooking out there, julie? >> we have a little bit of everything. starting off with temperatures a bit buy low average today, coastal clouds will burn off later today. temperatures anywhere from the low 60s to mid-70s depending where you are today. offshore winds really kick in overnight tonight continuing through thursday which means we have a red flag warning in effect. temperatures will slightly increase back to average for wednesday and thursday. beautiful heading into the weekend, sunny, temperatures near 80. talk more about halloween coming up next hour. >> temperatures are slowly creeping down. >> feels like fall. >> the average temperature is slowly creeping down but our forecast seems to be creeping
5:57 am
this up week. >> looks good. thank you. coming up in the next half hour, she is fighting for her political career. >> she is. the movement to get jean quan the mayor out of office. and "occupy oakland" has been shut down just at 4:30 this morning, tear gas set off in the encampment. hundreds running from the park and others arrested. but the drama isn't over yet. protestors taking to the streets of downtown oakland. i'll have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. you are arrested! ! police raid "occupy oakland" as protestors flee more arrests being made. we are going to have live report coming up. it was probably the tipping point for me. this woman is dangerous. >> they say enough is enough. this morning, the efforts to boot mayor jean


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