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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  KPIX  October 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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office in oakland. >> cool temperatures with warmer changes on the way. we're talking fire weather coming up. expect delays and closures in downtown oakland as police move in on occupy oakland protestors. how it's also impacting mass transit coming up. good morning. it's a busy morning indeed. it's tuesday, october 25th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. and protestors are getting chased out of the occupy camp in oakland. we have live aerial shots from chopper 5. officers are standing by on their motorcycles and kristy seifkin is on the scene where protestors are gathering now that they're out of camp to challenge police. good morning. just a few minutes ago police marched down 14th street to franklin because after the
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encampment was dispersed more protestors are in the streets. an hour and a half police arrived at 14th and broadway. they actually were around all four sides of the park. they were given the opportunity to leave the park and said if they don't, they would be arrested. then police got closer to the encampment and then tear gas was set off. hundreds of campers fled and those who remained were arrested as promised. they went in with zip ties as handcuffs removing the protestors from the park some kicking and scream on the way. a lot of people in the community standing on the street corners many yelling at the police saying police brutality and shame on you. so things became quiet for a little bit. we continue to see reaction
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from those on street corners. we were based at the corner of 14th and broadway, not a lot of them came to our side so we're guessing they fled the opposite side of the park or were arrested. there are some individuals in the area who started screaming at police and yelling obscenities standing behind a barricade that police had. they were chased down the street many of them throwing trash cans into the street. and just a few minutes ago we saw the arrest of a very peaceful protestor a woman who was sitting indian style in the middle of the intersection 14th and franklin her hands in her lap. and she was very peacefully escorted into a police car and the rest of the protestors and community members that were not arrested continue to make their way down 14th street. not sure how far down they are
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now but as i said before, officers were following them to find out where they are going to be, prevent violence that might happen in the streets of downtown oakland. protestors were told there would be a raid between 3 and 5 a.m. and yesterday cooking supplies and propane tanks were removed cutting off the food supply to the 400 to 500 people in the camp. a lot of action with a strong police presence. just in this section of street between broadway and franklin where we are there are police barricades on both ends. chopper is still seeing police cars sitting in the middle of the street. certainly going to be difficult for commuters come through this morning and it will be interesting to see if more protesters who fled come back on the scene this morning. back to you. >> the police will have to put a wide perimeter in the area
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because you have hundreds of people dispersed some may be going home, others may congregating ready to do it all over again. >> reporter: that's right. a hot of them still center -- a lot of them still have that motivation to continue moving forward with the occupation movement. i spoke with other protestors who weren't in the park during the gassing, they were observing it from the corner and they're just enraged and also saddened by what they saw happen this morning. it's those types of protestors who undoubtedly will be returning to the street many angry. we had some protestors screaming at us this morning. one of them threw a -- some food wrappers at our videographer's head. a lot of anger out there this morning so police have to keep a tight watch make sure these people don't do any destruction to downtown oakland. >> think it's a little late for that kristy. thank you for joining us this morning. many of the businesses in the area of frank ogawa plaza probably are going to be opening later this morning. >> and it may be a good idea just to avoid the area at least
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for the next couple of hours especially with a car. let's check in with elizabeth now and get and idea of what traffic is like in the area. >> avoid the area around downtown oakland. it sounds like the hub of where all the action is where all those police barricades are at 14th and broadway by city hall. you can see police out there in full force a lot of police presence still. for the most part it has been peaceful so far. but earlier there were a lot of arrests and obviously police still throughout in riot gear. it's around 2 to 3 blocks around 14th and broadway impacting mass transit. especially bart lines. in fact, for most of the morning, since this started around 5:00 this morning, trains have not been stopping at the 12th street oakland station so you can use 19th instead. they are stopping there. expect slight delays on all bart lines. sometimes things like this have a ripple effect. also, we understand a.c. transit's downtown bus lines
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are being rerouted around the citycenter area. no a.c. transit buses are getting through. back to you. >> thank you. in san jose, there are more arrests reported this morning at their occupy encampment. there is also a protestor who is really above the others. he is 27-year-old sean o'kelly unemployed construction worker who climbed the 36th foot wall. he says he plans to stay there indefinitely. city officials not moving in to remove him. o'kelly turned down an offer to have a city manager call his cell phone. and "occupy sf" is among the groups who plan to protest president obama's visit today here in the bay area. the president will be at a fundraiser this afternoon at the "w" hotel here in san francisco. singer songwriter jack johnson will perform at the event. about 200 guests will pay a minimum of $7,500 per ticket to meet mr. obama and listen to him. right now, mr. obama is in southern california this morning. he will tape an appearance on the tonight show with jay leno
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later. this morning, there is an effort to recall the mayor of olympic jean quan. a group of -- the mayor of oakland, jean quan. the residents are upset about a rising crime rate and resignation of police chief anthony batts. they have filed a petition with 71 signatures saying they have no confidence in quan. it is the first step towards putting a recall on the ballot. some say the "occupy oakland" protests are adding to their dissatisfaction. >> it was probably the tipping point for me is this woman is dangerous and creating -- allowing dangerous situations throughout the city. but a recall will not be easy. 10% of the registered voters in oakland must sign the petition nearly 20,000 signatures. they only have 70-plus so far. a spokeswoman for quan says she is busy with public safety including rehiring dozens of police officers and the mayor probably very busy this morning with what happened there, as well. >> we are going to check back in with kristy in oakland in just a few but for now, let's check in with julie.
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we were complaining about how it's chilly. julie said it was mild to her. think she is hot-blooded, frank. >> i think she is. >> you know, i spent my first summer in san francisco. it was so darn cold. [ laughter ] >> today is mild. what can i say? i guess i'm getting used to the chilly he're we. temperatures are definitely cool out the door 40s and 50s as you head out the door this morning. in fact, here's a look at current temperatures: today temperatures below average for it time of year primarily because we have a healthy marine layer and it's going to take some time before it really starts to burn off. so san francisco average temperature 68, average for most of the bay mid-70s, today temperatures anywhere from one to five degrees be owe average for the most part talking 60s to low 70s. a few of the warmer spots in the mid-70s. we'll have the full forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 6:08. police raid "occupy oakland."
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more on that and the number of arrests coming up. >> and a bold robbery at a bay area church. why the hefty heist might pose a problem for the thieves. >> and coffee can chase way skin cancer but just how many cups of joe do you have to drink? we have that answer and much more when we come back.
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your home and auto policies and save.
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don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at occupy oakland... about 4:30 this morning, police moved in to frank ogawa pl back to our top story this morning, the raid on "occupy oakland." around 4:30 this morning, police moved in to frank ogawa plaza. hundreds of officers were clearing out the encampment that has been there for two weeks. a lot of live picture going on. they used tear gas an hour ago. >> protestors were warned last night that a raid was expected this morning they took away their cooking materials the propane so they had a tip. some of them used some trash cans as barricades. it didn't work. officers arrested protestors who refused to leave the area. a number of people did after the tear gas. no word on how many
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arrest were made. we expect more word from the police as the clean-up continues. city of oakland suggests business owners near the plaza that you open later than normal today for obvious reasons. elizabeth has more information on traffic. >> great news about the businesses delay their start times so again if you don't have to be in and around downtown oakland, don't be this morning because again that hub where you see those police barricades are right there at 14th and broadway. freeway traffic is not impacted. this is live look at 880 through oakland where everything is cruising this morning past the oracle and all the way newspaper downtown oakland. but we have those street closures in effect. it is also impacting bart and a.c. transit. we'll tell you how coming up in a little bit. thank you. 6:13 your time. the suspect in a highway homicide goes to court this afternoon. it will be the first court date for 31-year-old eddie hall. he is scheduled to be arraigned on murder and felony hit-and- run charges at 2:00 this afternoon. now, hall is accused of intentionally running down 51-
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year-old george lopez on his motorcycle on interstate 580 saturday afternoon. a private hearing is set for today for giselle esteban. the union city woman accused of murdering nursing student michelle le. esteban wants to change attorneys and now has made a motion challenging the court appointed counsel. it's based on either conflict of interest or the attorney's ability to provide an adequate defense. the judge and the current attorney have not made the reasons public. 6:14. the search is on for thieves who pulled off a heist of a 2.5- ton church bell stolen from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco on gough street over the weekend. the bell is made of copper, so it's worth nearly $175,000. local recyclers are keeping an eye out. >> people end up either cutting
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it up into small piece and trying to, you know, bring it into scrapyards recycle what them. >> st. mary's is offering a reward to anyone who can help get it back. if you have any information, call the police. >> how do you steal a 500-pound bell? no idea. >> need a crane. 6:15. a miracle rescue in turkey. a two-week-old baby girl pulled from the rubble. tell you about that coming up. >> and we continue to follow the "occupy oakland" raid. word is that police are moving in to snow park. we are going to tell you what is happening. we'll have the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now oakland police are moving in on prote we continue to follow breaking news. of course, the big story today, the oakland police have gone in and dispersed all the "occupy oakland" encampment that was downtown. they are now focusing their attention on the second encampment. this is over by lake merritt. this is chopper 5 and we have live pictures. it's snow park about 100 campers were in this area, as well. as you can see, they are beginning to move in there and
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disperse them, as well. they made a number of arrests at the frank ogawa plaza where all the protestors have been removed or arrested. that's the scene here that happened around 4:30, 4:45 this morning. over 100 police officers moved n they asked them to leave. some left, some didn't after the tear gas went in. those who didn't leave were arrested. we'll have a live report in short order but first, traffic. it's a mess in oakland right now. let's check in with elizabeth. >> bottom line, avoid downtown oakland this morning especially near 14th and broadway where you see from chopper 5 police set up barricades. avoid the area from 12th to 14th. road closures and delays right there by city hall. police moved in by frank ogawa plaza and are now moving to
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lake merritt. for the most part this has been mostly peaceful this morning. police made a number of arrests but they are still out there in riot gear in very large numbers. fortunately the city of oakland sent out an alert letting businesses know advising them they may want to delay their start time this morning. that is the good news. if you have to work in downtown oakland, hopefully you can get there a little bit later this morning because it is impacting the roads. 12th street bart station in oakland has been closed since 5 a.m. because of the police activity. you can use the 19th street oakland station instead. traipse are stopping there as well as the lake -- trains are stopping there as well as the lake merritt station. expect delays on bart. downtown a.c. transit bus lines are being rerouted through the area so again bart and a.c. transit are impacted. the good news is the freeways are not. everything is quiet this morning past oracle all the way
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from coliseum towards downtown oakland. heading towards the macarthur maze, you should find no delay unless you're heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like they probably have turned the metering lights on. it's backed up to the end of the lot. that's traffic. julie has the forecast. >> starting off with a healthy marine layer this morning that's keeping things cool along the coast and by the bay. we'll have to see some of those clouds lingering into the afternoon hours. check of your headlines this morning. low clouds to start, cool and mild today. offshore winds are on the way warming things up and drying things out. we have some fire weather to talk about as we head on into the rest of the workweek. now, a trough passing through today is going to mix things up and we'll see clouds beginning to dissipate. high pressure moving in. it's a gradient between our low pressure that's passing off to the east and high pressure moving in kicking in that northerly flow. that's going to create offshore winds for us. as those kick up we really dry out. that's what's sparking our fire
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weather watch. so -- excuse me, warning. red flag warning in effect north and east bay hills. winds gusting upwards to 40 miles per hour and we have low humidities, as well. in fact, we'll see humidities as low as or maybe even lower than 20% by tomorrow. combine that with gusty wind and we have some fire concern. temperatures are mild for one more day. 61 in pacifica, 70 redwood city, 70 in mountain view. these temperatures a bit buy low average for this time of year. warmest spots inland hitting the mid-70s, fairfield at 75 today. temperatures will gradually warm as we see offshore winds continuing wednesday into thursday. and again, that's our fire weather continuing through at least thursday of this week. now things die down on friday making for a mild pleasant weekend temperatures near 80 or saturday and sunday and it looks towards our extended forecast, halloween monday looks like we'll see temperatures in the mid-70s for the warmest spots, partly cloudy and cool. back to you guys. >> thank you.
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this should warm up. an incredible rescue in turkey this morning. a 2-week-old baby girl was found alive out of the rubble of a collapsed apartment 47 hours after a 7.2 earthquake struck eastern turkey. it was the most powerful quake toyota had the country in 10 years. the death toll is 266 and more than 2,000 buildings have collapsed. drinking skin cance away. how a cup of coffee can get the job done. >> floods thousands of miles away. how the disaster in thailand may affect you in unusual ways. we'll explain when we come back. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives.
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oakland... raided by police. we're back to our top story this morning this tuesday. "occupy oakland" raided by police twice. the downtown area was dispersed. these are live pictures now from chopper 5. and i believe this is in the snow park area. this is the near lake merritt where a second encampment has set up. and they are being asked to leave and being raided at this hour. a number of arrest earlier this morning. we have a live report coming up shortly. 6:26 now. some new research shows that caffeine may help prevent the most common form of skin cancer. good news for you coffee drinkers this morning. a harvard medical school study
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found that women who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day had a 20% reduction in risk for basal cell carcinoma. men were 10% less likely to develop it. decaf coffee had no effects on the cancer risk. coming up more on the occupy eviction in oakland. >> police are moving in now on protestors in the snow park area. >> and police have taken over "occupy oakland." the main encampment at frank ogawa plaza setting off tear gas earlier this morning. hundreds taking to the streets and others arrested and now angry community members are sounding off at officers in downtown oakland. i'll have the details in a live report coming up. ,,,,
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right now... more than a hundred police officers have good morning, everybody. we continue to follow some breaking news this out of oakland all morning long. right now more than 100 police officers have descended on snow park a second "occupy oakland" location. >> and just within the last 10 minutes, officers swept across the park clearing out protestors who have been camped out the second time they have done that this morning. earlier, police in riot gear stormed frank ogawa plaza. we saw a similar scene there, as well. they used tear gas on protestors. they made arrests there, as well. >> kristy seifkin has been on the scene all morning long
6:31 am
joins us now with the second raid of the encampment and more on the number of arrests. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's definitely been an action packed morning here just to the side of frank ogawa plaza where about 4:30 this morning, police moved in, turned on the loudspeaker and said, you have to move out of this park. this is illegal for you to stay here. you will be arrested if you don't leave. at that point, several hundred officers surrounding the park moved into the plaza and then tear gas was set off. hundreds of those who were staying on the plaza fled the square but several stayed, as well. many of them were arrested just as police promised. officers moved in handcuffing them with plastic zip ties and marching them out of the plaza there. were a lot of spectators who had left the encampment and community members who were angry to see what police were doing. many were saying this is police
6:32 am
brutality, yelling shame on you, others obviously yell obscenities at police, and many of the protestors put up a good fight earlier in the morning they had barricaded themselves with trash cans and wooden crates and then when they were actually arrested, some of them didn't go down without a fight. one gentleman in particular kicking and screaming to the paddy wagon and a little bit of a calm scene for a while but continue to see a police presence. and then we started to hear more noise at the opposite end of the plaza at franklin and 14th. a group of community members and some protestors who had fled the plaza then approached the police barricade and started to confront police on that end. then 50 officers walking down 14th street in oakland making sure protestors weren't damaging nearby businesses. we saw a woman sitting in the middle of the intersection, arrested and taken away. and still a lot of action this
6:33 am
morning. there's a lot of in fighting that we are still seeing on the street corners, people just sad, angry and scared about what they saw this morning. you know, right up in the face of police yelling at them. there hasn't been any physical violence thankfully that we have seen at the arrests this morning or actually in the hours since it. but we're still wondering where a lot of though protestors have gone. some were arrested but there were supposedly between 400 and 500 people in the park last night. some of them may have left, though, just after 5 p.m. last night when city official removed their cooking equipment and their propane of the campers. so that was an indication of more things to come. and then with the tip this morning that protestors had, they knew something was going to happen. i don't know if they expected that it would be such a large demonstration, that tear gas and basically that the camp is quiet now, just tents and signs left still a very strong police presence though actually in the park and in the surrounding streets of downtown oakland. back to you. >> kristy, we have seen this happen twice, two raids the
6:34 am
first in downtown as you mentioned and second in snow park. are you getting a sense that police may be nearing the end of their raid or does it seem like they have a lot more that they need to clean up and a lot more people to move around, arrest? >> reporter: in terms of the number of people that are left here, i mean, there isn't a body left standing inside of frank ogawa plaza. the only people there are the police. they are standing on all four corners in the middle of the park and around the edge. so i don't think they are concerned about getting rid of anybody else here at this encampment. snow park, they are figuring out if there are any people left there. the concern is where these protestors who left frank ogawa plaza where they have gone, have they gone home peacefully or do they have something else planned? will they return to the park or do they have a counter protest that they are going to bring to police? a lot of the protestors i spoke to earlier who left the park and weren't arrested are -- they are angry, furious about what they saw this morning.
6:35 am
one woman to lived in the east bank likened it to the brutality she saw there. i wouldn't be surprised if there is a presence that returns to downtown oakland and that's what police are focusing on now. >> i was going to say, let sleeping dogs lie. they were peaceful there spending the night, that's what the oakland police and mayor jean quan had issues with. do they come back and do they come back twice as strong? that's the big question. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, part of the concern as now is it was becoming not a sanitary place to stay. they were dealing with rat infestations and other health issues. and it was actually about four days ago that the city told the campers, you need to leave. so they had multiple warnings. they had a chance to leave before the tear gassing happened this morning. that said, a lot of people still think that the situation was dealt with poorly. they don't think as many officers needed to be here, that it was too much of a forceful situation. so we'll have to wait and see if there is a reaction later on this morning or in the days to come from those protestors, who
6:36 am
are still quite angry. >> you got a little taste of that tear gas, did you not? >> reporter: we did, both my videographer and i left the scene. the little whiff we got was extremely painful so it was a smart tactic for police to use in terms of evacuating a lot of people at once. certainly hope they don't have to do any bombings near us again because it's powerful. >> good stuff, thank you, kristy seifkin live in oakland. and, of course, this is having a huge effect on businesses and commuters all over oakland. >> let's kick it over to elizabeth now and find out the best advice is to stay away, right? >> yes. stay home this morning if you have to work in downtown oakland you may want to get there later t sounds like right now there's two separate areas of road closures and police barricades. first you're looking from chopper 5. this is actually near the area of snow park at 19th and harrison close towards lake merritt. that is where they are -- looks like they are trying to get
6:37 am
into a new encampment there where "occupy oakland" protestors have been camped out now. earlier they were also there by broadway and 14th where you saw kristy. there are still police barricade at broadway and 14th closer towards city hall. so basically, there are delays, road closures in and around downtown oakland. a lot of police presence still in riot gear. earlier the city of oakland put out an alert advising businesses in the area to delay their start time this morning. so that is the good news if you work in downtown oakland. we have better news for mass transit, as well. bart has been able to reopen the 12th street station since 5 a.m. this morning, they actually shut the station down while there was so much police activity in the area. they had shut down the station to advise people to get off at 19th street instead but again, right now, the 12th street station has been reopened for bart. let's get a check of the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see the metering lights are on from you commuting into san
6:38 am
francisco this morning. it is backed up beyond the west grand overcrossing. we'll have more traffic coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. police have moved against another "occupy" protests camp this morning in san jose. more arrests have been reported there. one protestor there is above the others. a 27-year-old unemployed construction worker climbed a 36-foot wall above the protestors. that's sean o'kelly. he plans to stay there indefinitely. he is still there this morning. city officials are not moving in to remove him. last night o'kelly turned down an offer to have the city manager call his cell phone. that's what he was requesting. >> what did the cops say when they saw you? today "occupy sf" members plan to protest against president obama's visits here to the bay area. the president is holding a fundraiser this afternoon at the "w" hotel in san francisco. singer-songwriter jack johnson will perform at the event. he also performed at his
6:39 am
inauguration in d.c. about 200 guests are paying a minimum of $7,500 a ticket. right now mr. obama is in southern california and he is going to be taping an appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. there is a move amongst some people in oakland to recall the mayor, jean quan. a group of residents says they are upset about a rising crime rate and the resignation of police chief anthony batts. they have filed a petition with 71 signatures saying they have no confidence in mayor quan. this is just a first step toward putting a recall on the ballot. a recall isn't easy. 10% of registered voters must sign the recall petition and that's nearly 20,000 signatures. >> my guess is the mayor is busy now after what's happened in oakland, as well. 6:30. how about a little weather? >> how about a little weather. julie filling in for lawrence today. >> got a little bit of something for everyone in the forecast. >> we'll take it. >> cooler to start today. >> warmer in the rest of the
6:40 am
workweek and a little fire, as well. current temperatures as you head out the door. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s for most spots. warmer in mountain view at 58. 56 in san jose. 55 in livermore. later today we are keeping temperatures below average. cool to mild the story today. so here are your average temperatures mid-70s to upper 60s in san francisco. the temperatures will be staying from one to five degrees below average. we're talking low 70s to low 60s depending where you are. we'll talk more about the fire weather coming up. back to you. >> thank you. we are learning new details about a police shooting last weekend in san jose just released the 911 tapes reveal more about what went on that day and police now say the map wounded by officers only had a fake gun. matt bigler is in san jose with an update. >> reporter: initially police thought the suspect had a real gun tucked in his waistband and as you said it turns out it was
6:41 am
a fake pistol, apparently part of a halloween costume. police were quick to release the 911 tapes of the initial call where they got their first information and you can hear the employee at the extended stay hotel in north san jose describing to a dispatcher about a man wearing hospital scrubs sleeping in a stairwell. >> i was really going to wake him up see if he is okay. he looks like he is sleeping. >> do you think he needs medical? >> the thing is he has a gun. >> reporter: officers responded and when they tried to wake the sleeping man, police say reached for that gun made some sort of a threatening gesture toward the officers, and that's when they opened fire. the man was struck several times. he has nonlife-threatening injuries after he was taken to the hospital. his name has been released. he is 25-year-old javier gonzalez guerrero. police are depending their actions. they say they are trained to
6:42 am
treat even odd colored weapons as real guns because of course guns can be painted. and they say there was some confusion because the gun didn't match his costume. you know, most doctors don't go around carrying firearms. this is the 7th officer- involved shooting so far this year in san jose. and that is the most since 1999. matt bigler, cbs 5. thank you. time now 6:42. a disaster thousands of miles away hits home. how it could drive up the price of some of your favorite tech gadgets. and occupy camps cleared out in oakland two of them but are the protestors ready to give in? we'll have the latest on the developing police raid. and the markets just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick look at the early numbers. out of the gates everything is down so far. we'll check in with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks
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to find out why. all that and more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at an a hundred welcome back. we continue to follow that breaking news out of oakland this morning. right now more than 100 police officers have descended on snow
6:46 am
park, a second "occupy oakland" location. >> the officers have swept across the park clearing out protestors. campers there have been there for the week now. this is the second raid of the morning. an earlier one took place at frank ogawa plaza around 4:30 this morning. hundreds of officers are clearing out the encampment as we speak that's been there for a couple of weeks now. >> they went in at 4:30 this morning. they tipped them off the night before removing the cooking supplies. most of the campers stayed up all night. the police moved in early this morning. they lined up. they used a blow horn, told them to leave, that the encampment was illegal. most people did not. then they shot in some tear gas. and that worked very well. a number of the campers dispersed but as you can see, a number did not go willingly.
6:47 am
we'll be hearing from the oakland police. they are going to give a briefing here shortly after they take care of business. as we said, this is raid 1. raid 2 going on right now at snow park near lake merritt where they are trying to remove all the campers from the city. we'll have live report of coming up. netflix is losing customers and its stock is losing value. >> it is. here to talk about it jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: good morning. talk about an ugly quarter. if you own netflix stock it's going to be a very painful day ahead. it's been painful for months. the company in its latest earnings did not come anywhere close to sniffing what analysts were expecting the company to report. it also said it lost over 800,000 subscribers in the quarter after it raised its fees by as much as 60%. the ceo saying that while it may have been too much too soon for subscribers it puts netflix where it needs to be for the
6:48 am
future. a number of analysts disagree. they say that netflix should probably head back on that plan because it's going to lose more subscribers in the future. netflix shares are getting absolutely pounded. they are down 36%. they are just over $75 a share. back in july they hit an all- time high of $300. stunning reversal. home price pretty flat in the country in august , .2% gain. bay area was down 5.3% from a year earlier compared to the national average falling by 3.8%. a challenge on wall street today. reports just coming out that it looks like there will be no agreement on expanding the bailout fund for the european debt crisis, the summit tomorrow. and that could send stocks way down. the dow down by 98 now. nasdaq down 26. s&p down by 12. >> thank you, jason brooks with
6:49 am
kcbs and let's go to traffic now and find out what's going on in the traffic world. i guess oakland is a mess, right? >> yeah. developing news in oakland. we have been following it since about 4:30 this morning. let's go right out to chopper 5. the police have moved about northeast of city hall there by 19th and harrison. this is what you're looking at live from chopper 5. this is in the area of snow park closer towards lake merritt. the second "occupy oakland" location. now, police have also set up barricades also road closures around broadway and 14th. that is closer towards frank ogawa plaza. again, this has been going on since 4:30 this morning. police in riot gear clearing out those encampments and making arrest. let's talk bart for a minute. on the maps, bart has reopened their 12th street station in oakland. we understand you can use the 11th street entrance. that is open. trains are now stopping. for a while they closed that
6:50 am
station so people were forced to use the 19th street station instead but all bart lines now on time. now, a.c. transit, those buses are still being detoured. any a.c. transit bus around the downtown oakland location, we understand those are still being rerouted because obviously a lot of police activity still in that area. towards the bay bridge, the toll plaza not too bad. just kind of your usual stuff through here. the metering lights were turned on at your usual time around 6:20 or so, so it's jamming up towards the 880 overcrossing about a 15-minute wait to get on the bridge. but it is starting to get crowded up the incline and westbound 237 the silicon valley commute just got busy here, as well. westbound 237 sluggish from 880 all the way towards zanker road. julie has the forecast. >> we are off to a cool start this morning. we have low coastal clouds making way for cooler temperatures as we head into the rest of the day. let's check the headlines. starting off with low clouds and cool and mild temperatures
6:51 am
below average today. offshore winds however kicking up and that means warmer weather and fire weather is on the way. from the satellite perspective you can see just why we have this little trough dipping through. as that moves through today, that's going to break up the cloud cover. but the pressure gradient between high pressure and low pressure is kicking in northerly winds. and northeast winds that offshore flow really going to dry things out warm things up a little bit into the next few days. and that is promoting fire weather. in fact, a red flag warning is in effect for the north and east bay hills as humidities go below 20% for some areas with 40-mile-per-hour gusty winds. temperatures not quite that warm just yet. in fact, much like yesterday, temperatures are below average, 70 in mountain view today, 72 santa rosa, 75 fairfield, 70 vallejo. as we see more sunshine,
6:52 am
temperatures will warm over the next couple of days. in fact we're peaking in the upper 70s by thursday. friday those winds die down. we'll get rid of that fire danger. and by saturday, we'll see temperatures in the low 80s. continuing on your extended forecast, halloween as of right now looking partly cloudy and mild 74. back to you. >> thank you. and some high-tech gadgets can be usually pricy. but there are some products that are about to get even more expensive and even worse, hard to find. brian cooley from cnet joins us today. what's going on with the price, brian? >> thai flooding it's been an incredible monsoon season the worst in 50 years and a lot of folks say, what's that to do with tech? a huge number of tech companies are factories or parts makers in the area. a lot of the flooding hasn't peaked through the country so here's some of the impacts. for example, if you have anything that has a hard drive
6:53 am
in it laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, the company that makes 80% of the motors that spin those hard drives, that noise you hear on your computer when you turn it on is having a lot of problems with its plants being under water. that's a real choke point for the computer industry and western digital well known silicon valley company number one in hard drives they make 60% of their drives in thailand at a plant that's also being impacted. >> so we're talking about months of impact, weeks? >> it could be a trickle through for weeks and then supplies run tight. for category is cameras. a lot of cameras are made in thailand. a lot of sensors, as well. sony has a camera called the nex7. hotly anticipated by camera buffs. it's been moved from november 11 to whenever we can get it out because that one is also being made in thailand and 90%
6:54 am
of nikons digital slrs are made in thailand, as well. so a big impact. >> is this going to affect the holiday shopping season? >> no. >> is there another supplier that can help pick the hard drives? >> the manufacturers are rejigging. after the tsunami in japan, a lot of companies especially the car companies said we have to find new suppliers and get our production back up. a lot of the carmakers still aren't back to full production so it may take months for these companies to do the same. they are looking for new suppliers in and out of thailand and secondly, this may impact the holiday season because it's taking while for this to trickle down. that's where you might see problems during the holiday shopping period. so i'll be watching this and seal about availability and prices that might be spiking. if you see a scorching deal on these products, take now. >> good advice. brian cooley, thank you for joining us, cnet editor-at- large brian cooley. we'll be right back. back to oakland with a developing news.
6:55 am
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. second city park of protesters right now. this is new video of officers raiding snow park, near lake me oakland police are clearing the second city park of protestors. this is video of officers clearing out snow park near lake merritt. police moved in in the last hour as they did earlier near city hall. officers moving in to remove catchers.
6:58 am
this morning's police raids began at the frank ogawa plaza. >> and near there is where we find kristy seifkin who has the very latest on the police and protestors confrontations. good morning. [ yelling in the background ] >> reporter: good morning. at this point, the park has been entirely cleared out. it was about 4:30 this morning that police came in, hundreds of them, surrounding all sides of the park. and they announced over the loudspeaker that those inside the park would be forced to leave or they would be arrested. and at that point, the protestors left. those who didn't were covered by tear gas. and many of them did then flee the park. others were arrested. those who chose to stay taken away in plastic zip tie handcuffs. it was quiet for a little bit after that. we don't know where many of the protestors who fled went to. [ yelling in the background ] >> reporter: the police moved in a little bit later into snow park in oakland. the other occupation cleaning up that one, as well. so the protestors were given a little warming about this. they were given a tip by a city official that there would be a raid this morning between 3
6:59 am
a.m. and 5 a.m. this morning. and that's what happened. and last night they had an indication, as well. the official moved in took away the cooking supplies and took away the propane. so at this point the police have just surrounded the park with barricades, metal fencing, and certainly a lot of people that are very upset about it and we'll have to wait to see if any of the protestors return this morning. back to you. >> thank you. >> they are getting verbal there, too, a little vocal. we apologize for some. language you may have heard from the live shot there. >> it's hard to control those live situations but a lot going on traffic-wise. >> bottom line avoid downtown oakland right now. it's a mess. seems like it's two separate areas where police set up. one right now at snow park where you see chopper 5 is live over 19th and harrison. this is northeast of city hall. they are also barricaded around 14th and broadway towards the other "occupy oakland" encampment, the earlier encampment by frank ogawa plaza. bart is now once again making stops by the way at 12th street. >> caption colorado, llc comments


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