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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 25, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. no remaining inside of frank ogawa plaza... you are arrested, those remaining inside frank ogawa plaza, you are arrested. >> dozen as rested this morning, tear gas released, as
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dozens were arrested. this morning, officers swept through "occupy oakland" encampments after several warnings from city hall to clear the area. kristy seifkin is at the scene and has been all morning where one big mess has been left behind. kristy. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, frank. if you didn't know there was a raid here earlier, you might think a tornado blew through frank ogawa plaza. right now, camping supplies, food, clothing all strewn in the middle of the plaza all of this after the raid that happened at 4:30 this morning. it didn't surprise protestors. they had all their cooking equipment taken away last night just after 5:00. they were given a tip about a raid this morning between 3 and 5 and that's exactly what happened. >> yeah, it was extremely frightening. it looked like something out of, you know, a military war. >> reporter: police say about 200 protestors fled the encampment this morning, some choosing to heed police warning and leave on their own.
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others held strong through the tear gas and later were taken away in handcuffs. >> i work in the west bank in palestine and i have seen really heavy force. this is a contender for the weight of the force. >> reporter: before today's raid the city gave protestors multiple warnings that they were violating city code. officials said that they were maintaining an unsafe camp. >> we had combustibles mixed with straw put down the wooden pallets, the amount of plastics and nylons. >> on at least two occasion, american medical response was denied access to provide medical care. the oakland fire department and the police department were denied access to the plaza to respond to calls for service. [ screaming ] >> reporter: oakland police say at least 75 protestors were arrested this morning, likely more. and when angry protestors and spectators took to the streets in daylight hours, another man was arrested for trying to attack an officer. just before lunch today, police were still enforcing the perimeter of the plaza which is
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now enclosed in metal fencing. they continue to be the target of angry protestors and passersby. but they are confident they handled the situation correctly. >> i'm very pleased with the way things went. the fact that there were no injuries to either my officers or the people that were arrested or any citizen. >> reporter: now, police aren't allowing anyone to eventer the plaza at this point. they have barricaded it with their bodies and with that metal fence. protestors will be allowed to return to the plaza but first they have to clean up the big mess in the center of the plaza. and those who are with "occupy oakland" are wasting no time in reorganizing. they say they will come together at 4:00 today at one of the oakland public libraries and plan to come back stronger than. >> are they going to get a chance to go back to the lawn area where the protestors' belongings are and get them or is oakland going to collect that stuff and get it away? >> reporter: that was asked in today's press conference that wasn't addressed. at this point they need to
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survey the area. they are trying to figure out if there were any dangerous goods inside the plaza. so at this point nobody is being allowed back in to get anything. certainly, people are a little angry about it. we have seen throughout the morning protestors who weren't arrested and people just angry in general up against the fence yelling obscenities at police so i think they will try to get that situation under control before they let anybody back in. >> what's the mood? is it tense? this morning it was really something. >> reporter: yeah. you know, it's a lot calmer compared to what we saw later between 8:00 and 9:00 when we saw a lot of people chanting in the streets and screaming, that's when that one man attempted to attack an officer. on the whole it's calmer thankfully. we'll see if they come back again and take the police head on. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in oakland. mayor jean quan by the sway in washington, d.c. she did issue a written statement this morning saying many oaklanders support the goals of the "occupy wall street" movement. and that city officials have been in daily contact with the campers.
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however, quote, over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the city could maintain safe or sanitary conditions or control the ongoing vandalism. mayor jean quan. the massive clearout in oakland took police officers at least an hour and a half this morning and even though protestors were given a fair warning to pack, many decided to stay. oakland police making numerous arrests this morning some carried away kicking and screaming outside the frank ogawa plaza. authorities had warned them early that it was time to go. >> to avoid arrest you must immediately gather your belongings and vacate the plaza. >> reporter: police moved in before dawn and with the aid of tear gas they began clearing the plaza flipping over tents. with you many remained defiant -- but many remained defiant. "occupy oakland" protestors scattered some trying to block the streets with dumpsters but hundreds of officers decked out in riot gear moved in arrest everyone who refuseed to leave. dozens were taken away in
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plastic handcuffs. and a half hour later a second encampment at snow park near lake merritt was also raided. >> this is what your children will have to look forward to. >> reporter: the demonstrators began occupying downtown oakland over two weeks ago setting up more than 150 tents. they said police had little regard for their safety. >> it's a complete demonstration of what we're facing. we have a complete paramilitary state that's willing to protect the interests of very few people. >> reporter: oakland city officials had initially supported the protests but after violence and safety violations, it forced the city to move them out. they are all out now. once again, at least 85 people have been arrested in oakland. it happened about 4:00 this morning when police officers raided the frank ogawa plaza and snow park near lake merritt. the statement oakland mayor jean quan says many oaklanders support the goals of the "occupy wall street" movement. but over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the city
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could maintain safe or sanitary conditions. says protestors can return from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. at night but no overnight camping once the park is cleaned up. we'll follow the latest developments on the "occupy" protests this is oakland. you can also find updates at all this and we're minutes away from president obama's arrival here in san francisco. this is the third leg of his three-day west coast tour. air force one is expected to touch down within the hour. these are live pictures at the tarmac at sfo as you can see some people gathered already. his security detail is in place. and they are waiting for air force one to touch down here shortly. now, the president will be at a fundraiser this afternoon at the "w" hotel in san francisco. several groups as you can see rose fromming in front of the hotel -- as you can see, groups protesting in front of the hotel, many different groups.
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singer songwriter jack johnson will perform at the recent. 200 guest also pay $7,500 per ticket. obama will then depart from sfo shortly after 3:00. this afternoon antioch police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. officers answer aid call of a man with a gun at a townhome community in lemontree court last night. they say he refused orders to put the gun down. we are told that's when something happened that caused several of the officers to open fire. he did die at the scene. police say he was wanted on two arrest warrants. the suspect in a highway homicide goes to court this afternoon. 31-year-old eddie hall scheduled to be arraigned on murder and felony hit-and-run charges. hall is accused of intentionally running down a motorcyclist over the weekend. and we are hearing firsthand about events that led to another police shooting in san jose. a clerk at the extended stay hotel on brokaw road dialed 911 sunday about a man passed out
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in a stairwell. >> i was really going to wake him up and he's okay. he looks like he is just sleeping. >> do you think he needs medical? >> he has a gun. >> police say 25-year-old javier gonzalez guerrero reached for the gun when they woke him up. officers shot him several times but is he expected to recover. now, the gun was fake. no word yet on whether the suspect will be charged. more on that tonight at 5:00. she has had a full plate and more. word that recall is under way to remove oakland mayor jean quan from city hall. on monday a group filed a petition signed by 71 residents who say quan has failed to provide strong leadership to the city. they are upset about a rising crime rate and the resignation two weeks ago of the police chief anthony batts. and some say the "occupy oakland" protests were adding to the dissatisfaction. >> it was probably the tipping point for me. this woman's dangerous and
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creating a -- allowing a dangerous situation throughout the city. >> but a recall will not be easy. so far the group only has about 1/3rd of 1% of the support it would need to make the city hold an election. a spokesman for quan says she is busy with public safety issues including rehiring dozens of police officers. coming up, a natural gas pipe explodes during a key pg&e test. the weakness that's connected to the san bruno blast. plus saying no to styrofoam. why the classic take-out container could soon be banned in one bay area county. and signs of hope emerging in earthquake-ravaged turkey. the two-week-old baby who was pulled out of the rubble. sunny and school the story today but warmer changes are on the way. coming up, why we're concerned about fire weather. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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powerful earthquake that hit eastern turkey continues, ad the search for survivors of that powerful earthquake that hit eastern turkey continues as the death toll continues to rise there. officials say the official number of those who died is now 432. those injured over 1300. 7.2 magnitude quake leveled over 2,000 buildings mainly in the kurdish area of the country. tina kraus now with more on the rescue efforts. >> reporter: this dramatic video captures the moment turkish rescue crews found the smallest sign of life amid so much death. [ yelling ] >> reporter: they pulled a 2- week-old baby girl out of a collapsed apartment building alive. [ applause ] >> reporter: rescuers in turkey
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cheered as paramedics rushed the newborn named osra to a waiting ambulance. this relative says, the baby was found nearly 48 hours after the earthquake hit. but the baby's mother was still trapped in the seven-story building pinned next to a sofa. her grandmother was also buried in the wreckage. as doctors treated the child at the hospital, rescuers spent hours digging through the rubble to try to save her mother. and they did! carrying the 25-year-old out on a stretcher. [ applause ] >> reporter: soon after, they freed the 73-year-old grandmother too. the rescues came in one of the hardest-hit quake zones where hope is fading. but after saving three generations of the same family, crews aren't giving up. tina kraus, cbs news. >> still a lot of hope there. muammar qaddafi has been buried along with his son and top aide. officials say it happened at
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dawn in a secret location. the bodies had been held in a commercial freezer where lines of people have been turning out for four days to view the dead dictator and his son. pg&e says a transmission line that supplies natural gas to the bay area has ruptured. it happened yesterday during a pressure test south of bakersfield. it is one of two parallel lines that runs to a terminal in milpitas. pg&e says the line failed because of a tear in a longitudinal seam. that's very similar to the cause of the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno last year. yesterday's test was part of the utility's effort to assure safety after that san bruno disaster. checking on some other bay area headlines, santa clara county may soon ban styrofoam containers in an effort to keep plastics out of the water and the landfills. the county will consider the move this week. if it's approved, there can be a ban as soon as next year. dog owners los altos hope the city council votes in favor of off leash dog parks tonight. council will decide whether dog parks will be incorporated into
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the city's park policy. currently all 11 los altos parks are currently available to residents who keep their dogs on leashes. airlines planning to raise your fares once again. why a similar move last week didn't quite kick off. and lindsay lohan's recent legal troubles aren't keeping her from finding work. she is about to get a million- dollar payday and this has nothing to do with the movie biz. it's all coming up. and coastal clouds are mixing out making way for sunshine throughout the bay area. why the changing weather pattern could mean a little fire weather. ,,,,,,,,
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time for a little weather with julie watts. my wife calls this good sleeping weather. >> nice and cool. >> not a bad day, either. >> it's going absolutely beautiful today. we woke up to some pretty gray skies especially along the coast. but here's live look at ocean beach. and you can see the clouds mixing out. we are seeing more and more sunshine throughout the area. we'll see bluer skies throughout the week. checking in with those weather headlines you will see why sunshine for most of today. cool and temperatures mild below average for this time of the year. warmer weather is ahead, however thanks to a switch in the weather pattern. offshore winds increasing temperatures and fire danger. taking a look at the satellite perspective you can see we still have a few lingering
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coastal clouds. but for the most part they will be mixing out here thanks to a change in the weather pattern with a trough in the north mixing up the atmosphere but as low pressure pushes off to the east and high pressure builds in we'll see an increase in the pressure gradient between the two systems and that's going to kick up our northerly winds. offshore winds picking up and drying things out. definitely warming things up but that's creating some fire concerns so. red flag warning is in effect tonight through thursday for the north and east bay hills. we're looking at winds gusting possibly up to 35, 40 miles per hour out of the northeast and low humidity down below 20% expected by tomorrow. so definitely high fire danger. you want to keep that in mind as we move through the next couple of days. temperature-wise today's still prit mild. below average for this time of year. 62 pacific, 65 san francisco, 70 vallejo and mountain view. 62 pacifica. tomorrow we start to bump the temperatures up a little. a little closer to where we should be this time of the
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year. take a look, plenty of sunshine getting rid of any of those coastal clouds we saw today. that's again thanks to that north flow which is a drying flow for you. bumping temperatures up wednesday and thursday along with gusty winds and then things start to mellow out on friday and we're going to lose that offshore flow. temperatures remain mild with high pressure steady in place through the weekend. a look forward to next monday, you know, that happens to be halloween, a lot of parents out there and kids wondering what's it going to be like with the costumes. partly cloudy, temperatures near 74 for the warmest spots so cool. pack a sweater. >> that sounds good. 70 degrees halloween saturday night. >> oh, yeah. it's going to be beautiful. >> think the kids can handle that. thank you. today is day 2 for the defense of michael jackson's manslaughter trial. dr. conrad murray a nurse practitioner who treated michael jackson taking the witness stand once again. now, according to the woman, jackson asked her to give him
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propofol to help him sleep. >> what did he tell you? >> told me that doctors have told him that it's safe. and he would not have a problem. >> murray's attorneys argue jackson injected himself with that fatal dose of propofol. lindsay lohan's estranged father was taken to jail early this morning in tampa, florida. he is accused of beating up his girlfriend, his live-in girlfriend. here you can see michael lohan being booked by police. lohan taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pains after doctors cleared him he was placed under arrest while still in his hospital gown. police haven't identified the alleged victim. meanwhile his daughter lindsay will soon be baring it all for playboy. tnt reporting the starlet will be posing nude for the men's magazine and she is reportedly doing it for a hefty fee nearly a million dollars. tnt says the photo shoot started over the weekend. airfares are going up once
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again. united, continental and delta have added $5 each way to ticket price for most u.s. flights. it is the second price hike in a week. other carriers have not yet matched. if they don't increase will likely be dropped. analysts say prices are about $70 more than they were same time last year. airlines have already tried to raise prices about 20 times so far this year. illuminating baseball fields just got an echo friendly abuse. echo media just unveiled a park lighting system overhaul at the moscone ball diamond in san francisco. the new lighting timer system has controlled via remote so no energy is wasted when the field is not in use. it is designed to save over $22,000 a year in energy costs. good news. it's a cbs company. while were you sleeping mother nature was putting on a light show of its own. see what you missed coming up next.
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there's more than meets the. the potential dang coming up tonight at 5:00, it looks like a regular toy but there's more than meets the eye here. the potential danger and what the maker promised to do after consumerwatch's julie watts got involved. those stories much more coming up tonight at 5:00. a special night too. stay tuned for a special edition of the cbs evening news. tonight scott pelley broadcasts from san francisco. he is right down the hall.
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that's immediately following eyewitness news at 5:00. and take a look at this spectacular sight. the northern lights put on quit a show over eastern michigan. it was all captured on video in wisconsin. some still pictures here, the aurora borealis typically seen in the northern regions of the united states. this time around, though, far south as georgia and oklahoma. we'll never see that in the bay area, will we? >> no. have you ever seen them? >> i have not. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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