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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  October 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the battle is far from over. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. people take control after a violent night in oakland. but the battle is far from over. what's next for "occupy oakland." good morning. it is wednesday, halfway through the workweek october 26. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. >> it's cold. we're in the 40s, is that right? >> you guys were complaining it was a little chilly? >> we were. >> we got worse. >> we are down into the 40s for many location this morning. we have been talking about that overall offshore flow which is going to create fire weather but oddly enough this morning, we have a surface push inland
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which is keeping us cool even bringing clouds inland. we are seeing low clouds in some areas. you can see that over san jose here from the satellite perspective and we have a little bit of valley fog in the napa valley. overall sunshine after getting through these chilly temperatures. 45 san rafael, 46 napa, milder further inland 62 fairfield, 45 livermore, 53 san jose, 53 in mountain view. now, later today, we are warming temperatures up nice and mild seasonal for this time of year. plenty of sunshine once we see the sun come up. i think most of the clouds any kind of low fog we're seeing right now will likely mix out. 76 today in fairfield, 55 in pacifica, 72 redwood city and 74 in san jose. and if you like this, i think you're going to like the rest of the week. high pressure in place, not a lot of change. temperatures topping out into the mid- to upper 70s inland
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through the weekend. and look forward to your halloween forecast, similar conditions for you there, as well. we'll see a few more clouds rolling in but mild temperatures. >> that's what you call perfect. >> really nice. >> a little chily but it's nice. >> you're welcome. >> traffic is close to perfect. at least for this time of the morning. where you see that question mark sign, that was the scene of an earlier accident that just cleared. it was coming off of the bay bridge the skyway by 101. so again all lanes open now. and this is what it looks like towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you may find various lanes blocked in the upper and lower deck should be wrapping up by 5:00 but, yeah, obviously it is 4:32 in the morning so there is no major delay. no metering lights heading into san francisco so nice smooth ride all across the bay bridge. golden gate bridge, usually in about a half hour from now they do the lane change so it looks okay. i guess your usual commute, no real delays through marin through novato down towards the
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waldo grade. and a live look near the oracle. we talked a lot about oakland and all those street closures yesterday with "occupy oakland" and police moving in on their encampment. so that all happened yesterday morning. relatively quiet this morning but as you can see from this live look near the coliseum, it is a 15-minute drive time on northbound 880 between 238 and the maze. mass transit is all on time. no problems this morning. >> 4:30 it's all good. >> it is. >> thank you. downtown oakland speaking of is relatively quiet this morning after a day of unrest involving protestors and police. officers gave warnings to the crowds in the street and fired tear gas and dispersed hundreds of protestors. from what we can see, anne makovec live in oakland, it looks like all it calm this
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morning. anne, good morning. >> reporter: only a handful of protestors out here near oakland city hall right now. i'm on 14th and broadway. police have blocked off 14th there just for one block near city hall. and that is where they are standing their ground right now as about a half dozen protestors stand around sometimes yelling things but certainly a much calmer scene than we saw over the past 24 hours. police fired about five rounds of tear gas at protestors during several demonstrations yesterday. people were scrambling and gasping for air including our cbs 5 crews. we also saw several protestors injured and bloody. they said by police and their tear gas canisters as well as some bean bags that were fired by police. this is all after their occupy camp was raided by police around this time yesterday.
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demonstrators and supporters assembled outside oakland's main library just before the afternoon rush hour demanding police release some 70 demonstrators arrested that morning at frank ogawa plaza. now they started marching through the streets of downtown oakland. at one points, the crowd was -- at one point the crowd was estimated to up to 1,000 people but as you can see that has been significantly diminished. the protestors, though, have said that they will be coming back sometime today. and police will be ready. we counted about 100 police cars around the back of city hall by some 16 different agencies ready to respond to the next protest if there is one. back to you guys. >> how about the clean-up? have you been able to get a shot of frank ogawa plaza? is a lot of the debris to yesterday's raid and the afternoon activity still hanging out? >> reporter: it certainly is much clearer than the last time i was here. all the tents are cleared out.
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but there's stuff we can see like body lice and bedbugs and rats. they will need to sanitize it before anybody is allowed into the area. >> that's why they asked these folks to leave and why they raided because of the sanitation problems, public urination and that sort of thing, right? >> reporter: that's right. that's what police say. they said it was a public safety hazard, a health and safety hazard. they also cited several incidents of violence and that there had been some ambulance calls and emergency workers were not allowed into the area to respond to those calls. so those were all the reasons they broke it up. coming up in the next half hour we'll hear from one of the city council men who said they should have broken this up a long time before yesterday. >> the police presence there, how many officers do you think? >> you know, it's difficult to see because from where i'm standing, and we're being kept back from anywhere past this area, but there's about a dozen
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standing there now some of them wearing riot gear and masks but i'm quite sure that they have the entire city hall surrounded to some extent. >> i would think after yesterday and last night with all those folks. nice job, anne makovec, live in oakland. thanks. here's a camera shop. this is some of the collateral damage last night. there was some assaults and what not but this is a camera shot that was broken -- camera shop that was broken into it, broken windows, things set ajar inside there. so it was not all calm and collected last night. on the other side of the bay organizers of "occupy sf" believe that police will raid their camp tonight. we are even getting word they may raid it this morning. about 200 protestors have been camping out there in dozens of tents at justin herman plaza. they said they received "you are subject to arrest" notices yesterday. they say the protestors may expand the territory and move
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to the civic center plaza. we have a reporter there monitoring the situation so we'll get an update from him in the next half hour. one person is dead in concord. a chase began late yesterday afternoon when police tried to pull over a pickup truck whose driver was illegally talking on a cell phone. the pickup struck a car at solano way at highway 242. a person in the car that was hit was killed. the pickup driver and passenger tried to flee but were arrested. elsewhere in concord, police are looking into the death of a woman whose body was found at a vacant home. officers made the discovery yesterday afternoon during a routine security check of a house on glenside court. detectives considered the death suspicious and are now treating it as a homicide but the cause of the death is still unknown. the oakland unified school
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board is expected to decide this evening whether to close five schools to cut costs. we have a list of the elementary schools proposed for the closure by superintendent tony smith. they are lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe. the board is set to vote on the possible relocation of burkhalter and kaiser schools. teachers parents and students plan to march in protest just before the meeting. it was cold this morning. i think it was in the 40s, right? >> still chilly this morning. >> i shut all my windows because it was so cold. >> did you use the heater? >> not yet. >> it's only october. come on. >> looks like it's warmer in the winter than in the summer. we are definitely off to a chilly start this morning especially in portion of the north bay where we're seeing temperatures in the 40s. santa rosa had 3. 45 san rafael, santa rosa 43. 46 napa. fog this morning. elsewhere coastal clouds
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pushing in like near san francisco at 50. 52 in pacifica. 53 mountain view and 52 in redwood city this morning. moving throughout the day we will see temperatures begin to warm. here's a look at what to expect for your south bay locations later today. plenty of sunshine and highs near 74 in san jose. cupertino a high near 73 as well as in milpitas, morgan hill and in santa clara. elsewhere in the bay, your east bay temperatures are nice and mild, as well. 76 antioch. concord, livermore, both at 74 today. 72 pleasanton. 73 walnut creek. finally the central bay of san francisco you will see sunshine as well 69 your high in san francisco. oakland at 71. 17 in haywar-- 71 in hayward. 65 sausalito. coming up in a bit we'll talk more about fire weather. a check of the roads in the meantime with elizabeth. >> thank you, julie. we'll go towards the peninsula. we have various spots of overnight roadwork still tipping in some areas out there including this spot. we don't usually see roadwork in this area, northbound one
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that ramp to westbound 380 remains closed until about 6:00 this morning. and it sounds like one lane of southbound 101 along that area closer towards the airport is also blocked until 6:00. one more live look at the nimitz. 880 as you pass coliseum, more roadwork up and down the nimitz between fruitvale and 980 should be wrapping up shortly. sometimes they wrap up ahead of schedule but it is planned according to caltrans until 5:00. bay bridge just the lower deck where we're seeing roadwork this morning. should be wrapping up according to caltrans by 6:00 this morning as you past the decline and on the eastshore freeway, using westbound 80 there is more overnight roadwork between the albany exit and powell. you will find various on- and off-ramps closed. more roadwork this morning, continues in the east bay, that's eastbound highway 4 at bailey road in pittsburg. looks like today they just have one lane blocked until 1:00 this afternoon. that is traffic.
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back to you. >> i'm not going to complain about the roadwork there because we need it. >> it's true. potholes an issue. >> thank you. 4:42. president obama makes a late- night stop that's no laughing matter. how he is depending the u.s. role in libya. >> a pg&e pipeline blows up again. the next planned test that has a bay area neighborhood on edge this morning. that and much more coming up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with appeals for money and votes. today - he announces back now at 4:44. president obama ending his western campaign tour with appeals for money and votes. today he announced a new plan to help college grads pay back student loans and stopped at the tonight show where he defended the u.s. role in muammar qaddafi's death saying there was a u.n. mandate for that operation. in the meantime, hundreds of protestors showed up at the president's hotel. this is in san francisco. some blasted the proposed transcontinental oil pipeline. others were up set about the economy and the crackdown on
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california pot dispensaries. the president did manage to calm some discontent from a future voter. take a look at this. six-month-old josey knight and her mother met him at the airport. mr. obama picked up the baby and managed to calm her down. >> photo op. and it worked. pg&e pipeline that brings natural gas here to the bay area blew up in the central valley. it happened in an alfalfa field near the kern county town of weed patch. mark sayre asked, simply what happened? >> reporter: this 34" pipe which ripped over near bakersfield is just slightly larger than the pipe that ruptured in san bruno except this time the rupture was caused when pg&e crews were carrying out testing by forcing high pressure water through the line. it opened a crater in a field. nobody was hurt. pg&e says that the failure occurred when the 1950s era line was being pushed well past its maximum allowable operating pressure. >> the failure yesterday came on the longitudinal seam weld which is similar to the
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pipeline involved in the san bruno accident. >> reporter: since the san bruno blast in september of last year, pg&e says it has pressure tested about 120 miles of natural gas pipeline and will test a total of 150 miles before the end of the year. after scrutiny by regulators, the utility is testing lines where it lacks records of previous strength tests. >> this is exactly why we're doing these tests. if there are weaknesses within our pipe, we want to find them. >> reporter: here in san leandro, crews are preparing for the exact same kind of hydrostatic test that was conducted in bakersfield that involves filling the pipe with high pressure water. the water held into the pipe by a giant cap like that. it's called a test head. here at marina boulevard in dolittle, crews cut and removed a section of pipe so they could seal a mile-long underground section for pressure testing but despite the fact that these tests are being done for safety, neighborhood residents like vivian say they could
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smell natural gas when the line was being vented and they are still nervous. >> we're concerned for the safety of the residents here. absolutely. >> reporter: the pipeline pressure tests in san leandro are expected to take place within the next few weeks. in san leandro, mark sayre, cbs 5. a disaster drill is being planned this morning at san francisco international airport. the exercise scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon on airport property. more than a dozen agencies and organizations will be involved. they will pretend a commercial jetliner crashed in san mateo county with some survivors to be treated. city leaders in san jose may ask voters it pay more for street re-- to pay more for street repairs. under a proposed parcel tax, homeowners and businesses will pay up to $400 a year over the next decade. transportation director hans larsen estimates that it will cost $1 billion to repair and maintain city streets of that time properly because of the city's financial woes, all that
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money cannot come from the general budget. it's not just for the girls anymore. that's right. the controversial vaccine that is now being recommended for boys. we'll tell you about it when we come back. and we're off to a cool start this morning but some warmer changes are on the way. i have your workweek forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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dodgers. or injured san francisco giants fan is a key player if the bankruptcy case involving the l.a. dodgers. both the dodgers and major league baseball have mentioned bryan stow during court filings this week. the "l.a. times" reports the league claims stow's beating outside dodger stadium shows the security there was inadequate. owner frank mccourt's lawyers argue that the commissioner is stooping to low levels by bringing stow into the bankruptcy proceedings. attorneys for the doctor charged in michael jackson's death will call up character witnesses today to try to highlight the positive traits
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of dr. conrad murray. yesterday a nurse practitioner explained how the pop star believed he could safely use the drug propofol and in her emotional testimony she said jackson was convinced that he could administer the drug himself as long as someone watched over him. >> i said, well no doctor is going to do this at your house. he said, no. i just need somebody to come here and i will be safe. >> defense attorneys for dr. murray planned to rest their case tomorrow and closing arguments are scheduled for next week. temperatures in the 40s this morning, chilly. but the rest of the week is spectacular. >> it's been sunny. i kind of like the cooler weather. a little too cold though, julie. >> there's not a lot i can do about that. [ laughter ] >> nice mild seasonal temperatures. not only today but pretty much through your extended forecast. no rain in sight for those of you looking forward to winter. you have to hang in a little bit longer. here's what to expect out the door this morning. we are seeing chilly
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temperatures in some spots and patchy dense fog along the coast even up in some of our inland valleys, as well. low clouds throughout portions of the south bay, santa clara county this morning. all of this though will mix out as we head into the late morning, early afternoon hours. plenty of sunshine, although we will see some breezy conditions in our north and east bay hills and again that's triggering that fire weather concern. of course we have a red flag warning in effect. we'll talk more about that in a bit. first a look at the satellite and radar where you can see the low clouds down there in the south bay and again, we have seen some fog developing up in the napa valley and some coastal fog, as well. in fact, it's socked in when i left to head into work this morning here in san francisco. now, we do have high pressure in place holding steady and that's going to keep temperatures nice and seasonal for us, plenty of sunshine. but again, still a bit of an offshore flow at least aloft, not so much down here on the surface this morning. but aloft that will keep us drier than normal so that's why
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we have this warning in effect, red flag warning, in effect through tomorrow. north winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. we have brought those down a little bit. low humidity. that really is the concern. that's why we have this warning in place. temperature-wise nice and mild. most of us aren't going to notice gusty winds. we'll just have beautiful seasonal temperatures. 72 los gatos, 74 mountain view, 71 fremont. east bay mid-70s for the warmest spots inland. pleasant hill at 73. napa at 74. north bay similar temperature range 74 santa rosa, 68 daly city, 69 in richmond today. seven-day forecast shows that temperatures will pretty much remain in the same kind of stagnant pattern temperatures in the upper 70s through the weekend and beyond. i guess stagnant isn't the best word to use. a pleasant pattern. not changing. >> elizabeth, how about the roads? are we changing over there? >> i don't know. think we are doing okay. we're not too bad this morning.
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live look outside at the golden gate bridge, there is some fog out there, paco the guy in charge of all our microphones, he says it was pea soup in parts of san mateo county this morning. so no official fog advisories but definitely be extra careful if you are commuting through portions of marin county, san mateo county, daly city, you may find some fog out there. otherwise, we are still dealing with road closures in downtown oakland. "occupy oakland" still out there, a lot of police presence. not like yesterday. but there is a road closure right there by city hall. 14th street is closed for a block between broadway and clay so just a heads up. we just got off the phone with oakland pd, they say to expect delays and detours around the area by frank ogawa plaza but bart is on time. the 12th street station is open. there are no detours for downtown a.c. transit buses. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, everything else no delay. and getting a quick check of the south bay, so far, so good coming out of downtown san
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jose. that is traffic. back to you. >> i think there are four cars coming out of downtown san jose. >> very dark. >> thank you. 4:55 now. and there is a controversial new recommendation. what is good for girls may be good for boys. federal health advisors now say that boys should also get the hpv vaccine. dr. kim mulvihill explains why doctors have changed their minds. reporter: suzy silver thought it was in her son's best interest to have him vaccinated against the human papilloma virus. now a government panel recommends all 11- and 12-year- old boys receive the vaccine to prevent the sexually transmitted virus. the shots are already recommended for girls and young women because hpv increase the risk of cervical cancer. >> the hpv can be transmitted from girls to boys and from boys to girls, very easily, has led to the development of the
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recommendation that the boys also receive the vaccination. >> reporter: for males, the hpv vaccine is licensed to protect against genital warts and anal cancer. a cancer which, while rare, is on the rise. many scientists believe the vaccine may protect against one type of oral cancer. the centers for disease control and prevention says the scene for boys and girls to get vaccinated before becoming sexually active. suzy silver says for her, the decision was easy. >> why would we want them to get diseases that can be eradicated? >> obviously, she's just trying to do what's best for me. and i think it was the right decision. >> reporter: the cdc is expected to approve the panel's recommendation. then insurance would pay for boys to get vaccinated too. i'm dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> all right. and a sign of a happy marriage, when a couple can laugh about their nuptials. >> they were laughing okay in this one. that's after a dust storm crashed their outdoor wedding. take a look. a cloud of dust is so thick you can barely see the bride and
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groom. there they are right there. the presiders tried to rush. the storm hit its peak as the couple was trying to do a symbolic sand ceremony. the bride says they now have a great store troy tell about their wedding day and the video as you might imagine has gone viral everywhere. >> that's all they need is more sand. >> the beginning of it you could see them. out of nowhere in came the sand. >> it is 4:57 now. it is decision day in the city of oakland. >> the fate of several schools on the chopping block. the last-minute push from parents and students. it has been a rough 24 hours in oakland. police standing by protecting frank ogawa plaza now keeping demonstrators out. about a dozen of them standing by. we'll have the latest from oakland coming up. the "occupy sf" movement braces for an early-morning police raid. i'm anser hassan live in san francisco with all the details just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after a night of tear gas ad your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. who are you protec


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