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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  October 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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e you protecting! >> calm in oakland this morning after a night of tear gas and violence but the battle between protestors and police far from over. >> and now bracing for the next raid. how occupy campers in san francisco are fighting back against the latest police threat. we're off to a chilly start this morning but warmer temperatures are on the way. how long they will stick around coming up. and so far things look great for your silicon valley commute. coming up, we'll get a check of downtown oakland closures and the latest mass transit news coming up in a bit. good morning. it is wednesday, october 26. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 5 a.m. we begin in oakland 24 hours after police started removing campers from the two parks, it is quite threat this morning. >> but the calm came after a long day of clashes between police and the protestors. [ yelling ] >> officers gave warnings to
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the crowd in the streets and they fired tear gas to dispense hundreds of protestors. it was quite a day yesterday. anne makovec is in downtown oakland now though this morning where it is a much different story, whole lot calmer, right, anne? >> reporter: yes, certainly. let me show you the scene here behind me now am i'm outside oakland city hall and a block of 14th street closed down right now. you can see the police barricades. there is a handful of protestors here, a little over a dozen maybe, standing by trying to gain access to frank ogawa plaza. but it is not happening. there are a lot of police out here still dressed in riot gear keeping the place off limits to the public. they say they need to clean up that entire area before it is back open and when it is back open, it will only be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. no more overnight camping. now, let's take you back through the past 24 hours. this was certainly a rough
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night. police fired five rounds of tear gas at protestors. at one point police were scrambling, gasping for air including our cbs 5 crew. we also saw several protestors injured and bloody they say by police and their tear gas canisters. now, as for the occupy camp raided by police at around this time yesterday, demonstrators and supporters gathered again outside of oakland's main library just before the afternoon rush hour demanding police release some 70 demonstrators arrested that morning at frank ogawa plaza. and then they started marching through the streets of downtown oakland. >> i haven't slept in a comfortable bed in over a week. i have had about four hours of sleep in the past two days. i've been tear gassed. i'm very exhausted. it's been one of the best weeks of my life. >> why? >> reporter: that was one of the guys who was arrested. at one point the crowd was estimated at about 800 to 1,000 people. now, police say they had no
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choice but to fire that tear gas. they say some protestors were throwing paint balls and other objects at them, also a small series of fires was reported behind city hall. so police are prepared for more trouble around this area. there are about 100 police cars by one estimate out the back -- outside of the back of city hall now so they are staged and ready for anything. back to you guys. >> anne, you got to love the passion there that's for sure. here's a guy that said he hasn't slept in 48 hours it-to go through the tear gas and everything yesterday but is still there this morning and says it was the best 24 hours of his life. >> reporter: of course i asked him why, you know, is it just the thrill of it and he said, you know, it was just something about everybody all coming together at one point and that he could hear people -- that he could hear people -- excuse me -- we have had a lot of that kind of stuff going on around here this morning, as well.
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he said that it was heard that people chanting outside of his jail cell and that is what really invigorated him. >> now, the oakland mayor jean quan said it's okay for the protestors to come out at 6:00 in the morning. they can stay in the plaza until 10:00. now, do you expect a lot of people to start coming in again this morning? and if so, what are their plans? >> reporter: well, at this point, you know, that 6:00 start time i don't believe that's going to be this morning because they say that they still need to go ahead and clean up the plaza. they say that they have found human waste there, lice, bedbugs, all sorts of things. so they are going to have to sanitize the plaza before it's open again so i would be very surprised if it was open this morning. >> anne makovec, she is live in oakland. thank you, anne. protest leaders say the "occupy oakland" people are peaceful but there are a few troublemakers in the crowd. someone smashed a camera shop in oakland last night. our cameras caught someone
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breaking a window on a chp cruiser, as well. meanwhile, in san francisco, some big changes could come today for the "occupy" protestors there. anser hassan is at the justin herman plaza to explain what's going on, on this side of the bay. good morning, anser. >> reporter: good morning, frank. that's right. "occupy sf" protestors saw what happened in oakland and said the same thing could happen here. they were warned of a possible early-morning raid between now and 6 a.m. after receiving a letter from the police. it says they are subject to arrest. they say the fire department sees fire hazards. health department has concerns over the unsanitary conditions and the city says many protesters are in violation of city code. a few people are awake this morning, singing songs, a strong smell of marijuana. many of the people are asleep. the city and the police department insists that they support what the "occupy"
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movement stands for. in fact, a resolution was introduced last night at san francisco city hall to allow for protestors to "continue its peaceful assembly." other city officials say they won't allow for continued violation of safety and health codes. they don't want this to become a permanent encampment. but protestors are firing back. they sent out an email to -- immediately in response to chief greg suhr's letter address the issues points for points. one example, they have discontinued use of propane tanks to heat food. organizers add that the city has either denied or delayed many of their requests including provide a city liaison to help them with the city's requirements. mean in the "occupy sf" movement say they will continue to protest if asked to move. many are calling on organizers from oakland and san jose to join them in a possible megacamp at san francisco's civic center if things continue to worsen here. back to you. >> thank you, anser hassan live
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in san francisco. 5:06. the fate of five elementary schools could be on the line this evening as the oakland unified school board meets on whether to close them. here's a list of the proposed for closure by superintendent tony smith. they are lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe. the board is also set to vote on the possible relocation of burkhalter and kaiser elementary school. teachers, parents and students plan to march in protest before the meeting tonight. if you liked that nice little chilly weather to go to bed in, it's perfect right now. >> and the next five or six days are chamber of commerce perfect. >> now, gorgeous. sunny and 70. back to you. [ laughter ] >> all right. go have coffee. >> i could go back to bed because that's pretty much the forecast here for the next week or so. we do have a little fire weather to contend with because that's not going affect the majority of our audience. what you are waking up to this morning, a few low clouds in the santa clara valley.
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you can see that here from the satellite perspective. we have coastal clouds, low clouds coastal fog if you have will along the coast. other than that, though, pretty much going to see a beautiful day. temperatures are starting off cool this morning. in fact, temperatures in the 40s for some of our north bay locations. 43 santa rosa, 45 san rafael, napa valley with fog this morning. temperatures will warm up and i'll show how warm it's going to get coming up in a bit. in the meantime, over to elizabeth. >> thank you, julie. right back to downtown oakland. once again this morning we have road closures, nothing like yesterday but there is about a block stretch closed right there at 14th and broadway. 14th is closed between broadway and clay. so just a heads up. "occupy oakland" protestors still out there. police presence, as well. so no official advisory from a.c. transit this morning but, of course, it is a fluid situation as you may have just seen anne makovec's report, still 100 police cars out there. stow a.c. transit may have to adjust
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their service as necessary. mountain teen that time bart is on time systemwide, in the meantime, no other delays in the transit system. so far, so good on 280 out of downtown san jose. coming up, what one city could charge homeowners to pay for pothole repairs. >> president obama gets an unwelcome reception in san francisco. the protestors who greeted him. and a pg&e pipeline rift, could it happen again? the next planned test that has a bay area neighborhood on edge.
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back their student loans. that's as he wr welcome back. today president obama will use his executive authority to help college grads pay back their student loans. that's as he wraps up a swing through the west coast. the white house says that the new program could help millions of people with no extra cost to taxpayers. the president held 6 fundraisers on the trip and on his tonight show appearance, he talked about the u.s. role in the fall of muammar qaddafi. >> they're able to get the u.n. mandate for the operation. we're able to get arab countries involved. and so there was never this sense that somehow, we were unilaterally making a decision to take out somebody. >> this marks president obama's fourth appearance on the show and his second as commander-in- chief. hundreds of protestors visited while the president was here in san francisco yesterday. and some say they were upset about the economy and the crackdown on the state's pot
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dispensaries. others protested a plan for a transcontinental oil pipeline. more local concerns about pg&e pipelines in the wake of this week's failure near bakersfield. a 34" natural gas pipe ripped open in an alfalfa field on monday. you can see it here as pg&e crews were testing it by forcing high pressure water through the line. it's slightly larger than the pg&e pipeline that exploded in san bruno killing eight people a year ago. the incident has people on edge in san leandro where pg&e is conducting similar test near marina boulevard and dolittle drive. san jose city leaders may ask homeowners to pay more for street we pairs. homeowners and businesses would pay up to $400 a year over the next decade. the transportation director estimates its going to cost $1 billion to properly repair and maintain city streets over that period of time. because of the financial problems in san jose, they can't get the money from the
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general budget. 5:13. we all know about public bathrooms. but some of the worst spots for germs may surprise you. plus how bryan stow could play a key role in the dodgers' bankruptcy battle. it's all coming up.
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following clashes with police at frank ogawa plaza, this is live picture mostly quiet this morning. they had two raids and clashes with police yesterday, hundreds of protestors in the street, tear gas, the works last night. but as you can see, all is calm. there is a handful of protestors there this morning. no overnight campers and things are looking much better than yesterday. as for san jose, "occupy san jose" live picture very quiet down there as well. you may remember that unemployed construction worker that is on that big building there center screen and as we understand, he is still up there still protesting but all is calm down in san jose, as well. and here's weather. so we're starting off this morning, we have a little -- we have some cool temperatures and a little bit of fog throughout in some locations. let's check in with what to
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expect as you head out the door this morning. patchy dense fog along the coast and we are seeing some low clouds throughout portions of the bay area. inland valley fog in the napa valley but patchy clouds and cool the story out the door. 47 degrees up north. throughout the day today, though, plenty of sunshine this afternoon. and temperatures will be mild. pretty seasonal for this time of the year. keep in mind we still do have those gusty winds up in the north bay and east bay hills. and that has led to a red flag warning. this ridge in place high pressure building in. as it does, it's going to continue to keep these seasonal temperatures in place. plenty of sunshine, in any event, no rain through the extended forecast. the only thing we do have to contend with is this. and again, we do have those north winds today and that will create some fire concern for the north and east bay hills, primarily due to low humidities. the winds really aren't as strong as we tend to see often
5:19 am
with these red flag warnings but we'll keep that in mind throughout the day today. winds gusting to 35 miles per hour this morning for the hills and they should start to diminish throughout the day today. but that red flag warning in effect through thursday. as for temperatures, again seasonal and pleasant. 68 half moon bay, 71 los altos, 76 in antioch and 73 in vallejo today. farther to the north similar temperature range 74 in santa rosa, 68 daly city and 69 in richmond today. a look at your extended forecast shows not a whole lot has changed. temperatures gradually warm as we make our way into the weekend flirting with upper 70s near 80 degrees for some of the warmest spots and as we continue on through our extended forecast, you will notice halloween clouds in the mix, another offshore flow event may clear out the clouds. either way pleasant through halloween. >> easy forecast.
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>> could you do it. >> we need a professional. >> elizabeth has traffic. >> we're mixing things up. not in a good way. we are getting word of a multi- vehicle accident in concord right here westbound highway 4 in the commute direction as you past port chicago highway. three right lanes are blocked. debris in the road. one of the cars apparently leaking gas on the road so they are call for a flatbed tow truck right now. in the meantime our delays are growing behind it. you can see a long line of yellow sensors just behind port chicago highway exit. so we'll continue to watch that. so far, so good through antioch. the delays really don't begin until closer to pittsburg and, of course, on into concord. all right. road closure northbound 101 a ramp closure to westbound 380 until about 6:00 this morning. so just a heads up there. should be wrapping up shortly. in the meantime towards the bay bridge, it looks great no issues this morning. so far no metering lights, no delay into san francisco. you may find some lower deck roadwork should be wrapping up shortly there as well as you
5:21 am
approach the decline section and looks like our fog is growings across the golden gate bridge. at least from the view of our camera. our camera is right before you reach the toll plaza so some foggy conditions out there also portions of san mateo county according to some members who work here as they were driving into work. they saw it this morning but no official fog advisories. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. an injured san francisco giants fan is a key player in the bankruptcy involving the dodge earns. the dodgers and major league baseball mentioned bryan stow during court filings this week. the "l.a. times" reports that the league claims stow's beating outside dodger stadium shows there was inadequate security there. the owner's lawyers argue that commissioner selig is stooping to low levels by bringing stow into the bankruptcy proceedings. the city of alameda was considering closing their only animal shelter because of their ballooning budget deficit. but no more. under a new plan, local volunteers will take over
5:22 am
operations from the city. in exchange, alameda will pay $300,000 a year, continue employing two-part time animal control officers, and rents out the building for a dollar a year. it is 5:22. we have a germ alert. why some of the dirtiest places may actually surprise you. coming up.
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germs on places you put your hands every day. a study by kimberly- clark found gas pumps are among the dirtiest surfaces f there are a lot of germs everywhere. gas pumps are among the dirtiest surfaces we touch. 71% of those tested had high levels of contamination. next mailbox handles with high risk germs on 68% of them. other contaminated surfaces include escalator rails and atm buttons. researchers say the lesson, wash your hands. >> how about airport floors? >> how about gloves? [ laughter ] >> all right. here's a study that's not a shot in the arm. for advocates of flu vaccines, university of minnesota researchers say that flu vaccines are only 59% effective in healthy adults. that's according to data from a 40-year period. on the other hand they found that the nasal mist with the live vaccine gives significant protection in young children.
5:26 am
the kids age 7 or younger who got the mist, 83% of those did not get the flu. 5:25 now. former "60 minutes" contributor andy rooney is in the hospital. the 92-year-old is suffering from serious complications from a surgery he had last week. so far, he is in stable condition but the family is not releasing many details. after more than 30 years on "60 minutes" he retired this month. we wish him all the best. this could be a sign that they are going to have a happy marriage. the couple laughed about the nuptials. a dust storm crashed their outdoor wedding. a cloud of dust was so thick, there they are, right there, the presider tried to rush. the storm hit its peak just as they were trying to do a symbolic sand ceremony. hello?! the bride says they now have a great story to tell about their wedding day. they just can't see themselves
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actually. but they are coming into focus now. >> capture the memory wedding film. [ laughter ] >> and they're everywhere, all over youtube and making air. >> boy, what a memory. 5:27. coming up, a police chase turns deadly in consumer report. >> how a cell phone may have led to a terrible crash. >> the scene here in oakland much more peaceful than the past 24 hours. you can see a road closed down outside city hall. we'll give you the latest and tell you what led up to the breakup of the protests. the "occupy sf" movement braces for possible early- morning raids. i'm anser hassan in san francisco. coming up with a live report. can i, can i (repeated) v.o: can now be enjoyed in your coffee ( can i, can i (repeated) ) v. ternational delight v.o: put's the real flavours from v.o: your favourite treats inside
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protesters. police. tear gas. this is the aftermath. how occupy oakland took a nasty turn. protestors, police, tear gas. this is the aftermath. how "occupy oakland" took a nasty turn. we're off to a cool start this morning with patchy fog. but we have some fire concerns to talk about. that red flag warning coming up. and a four-car crash in concord just cleared to the right shoulder on highway 4. we'll show you how far things are backing up coming up. all right. ladies, thank you much. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, october 26. i'm frank mallicoat.
5:31 am
>> i'm grace lee. it is 5:30. we begin in downtown oakland, which is actually relatively quiet this morning. >> a far cry from yesterday. just hours after a clash with protestors and police and two raids yesterday, here's some of that activity, anne makovec though is in downtown oakland where it is a completely ditch story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: much calmer than over the past 24 hours in downtown oakland. i'm standing outside of city hall, 14th street is closed down for about a block here. police barricades are up, there are a dozen protestors standing by. police haven't said when they are planning to reopen frank ogawa plaza. they say they will allow peaceful demonstration there but no camping that caused a lot of the trouble over the past 24 hours, after police moved in to bust it up this time yesterday. police fired about five rounds of tear gas as they were trying to quell some of these
5:32 am
demonstrations at the protestors. people were scrambling, gasping for area including some of our cbs 5 crews. we saw several protestors injured and bloodied they said by police and their tear gas canister. the occupy camp raided by police at around this time yesterday, very early morning. demonstrators and their supporters then went to oakland's main library just before the afternoon rush hour demanding police release 70 demonstrators arrested that morning at frank ogawa plaza and then started marching through the streets of downtown oakland. at one points, the crowd was estimated at around 800 to 1,000. police say they had no choice but to fire those five rounds of tear gas at the protestors. police say some of the protestors were throwing things at them like paint balls and other objects. back out here live now, again outside of frank ogawa plaza, you can see again it is still
5:33 am
blocked off right now. the plaza is closed for cleaning. police say there is human waste there, lice and bedbugs. they again have not said when they are going to reopen it but the demonstrators have said they are planning to come back here. police say they are ready. we saw 100 police cars assembled around the back side of city hall. they are ready for anything. as you said, quite peaceful right now. >> anne, have you got any indication, have you talked to any of those folks that are there this morning, on what may be planned today? are they going to come back in force in a peaceful way or maybe a day off after quite a day yesterday? >> reporter: nobody has tipped their hands on the exact plans. there's only about a dozen people out here now. but there certainly is the sense that they are not finished demonstrating. the big question is how to clean up the mess that anne just spoke about left behind in
5:34 am
oakland. unions representing city workers say yesterday's raid was poorly planned. they said after the protestors were removed, public works employees were forced to take on a biohazard situation handling staggering filth from human waste to dirty needles, all with little preparation or protection. >> they were told that when they arrived at work that they were expected to pull down structures. they were just given rubber gloves and they were not guinea kind of safety equipment. >> oakland city officials are still trying to figure out where the trash will be dumped and how protestors can recover some of their belongings that were left behind. in san francisco now, some big changes could be coming this morning for the "occupy" protestors. anser hassan is at justin herman plaza to explain what organizers say is about to happen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. organizers were warned of a possible early-morning raid between now and 6 a.m.
5:35 am
that after police chief issued a -- police chief surh issued a warning. i have only see one police car this morning and many organizers aren't concerned. they don't think anything will happen this morning as promised. they were given a letter telling them they were subject to arrest because of hazards. a resolution was introduced at san francisco city hall last night that calls for, quote, the continued peaceful assembly. but other city officials say they will not allow for continued violations of safety and health codes. they also don't want this to become a permanent encampment. but protestors are firing back. they sent out an email immediately in response to police chief suhr's letter address issues point for point. for example, they have
5:36 am
discontinued use of pro.tanks here on site. many here at the "occupy sf" movement say they are asking people in oakland and san jose to join them in a possible megaprotest at san francisco civic center if the situation worsens. but as i have reported, so far no indication of any cops moving in. many organizers are asleep. >> thank you. in the meantime the "occupy san jose" protests continue outside of their city hall despite the arrest of seven people yesterday morning. we have live picture from downtown. it's quiet. sean o'kelly the unemployed irrigation worker who scaled a 36-foot hall outside city hall will be left alone for now but when he decides to come down, he will be arrested. it is 5:36 now. and sunny and 70. that's all you need to know about the weather. but we are going to talk to
5:37 am
julie anyway because that's her job. >> we like to socialize with her. >> we like to chat. we have some fire danger to talk about today so that's a little interesting twist. overall most won't be impacted by the fire weather and what you will be impacted by, beautiful weather in store today. out the door right now, though, you might want to grab a jacket. it is chilly. we're talking temperatures in the 40s for some of the coolest spots. 43 santa rosa, 45 in san rafael. 46 in napa where we are seeing a little bit of fog developing there. fog along the coast out the door this morning. speaking of heading out the door, elizabeth is standing by with traffic. have you seen any issues with fog this morning? >> yes in portion of san mateo county according to paco in charge of our microphones. he let me know this morning he was coming into work, he saw it. and you can see it at the golden gate bridge. we'll show you that in a little bit. first i want to update you on this accident. it's in pittsburg -- or in concord, westbound 4 at port chicago highway. it was a four-car accident cleared to the right shoulder.
5:38 am
chp is on scene. flatbed tow on the way. it is pretty slug frisch at least the bay point exit. and we are starting to get a few brake lights as well coming through antioch. the usual stuff across the stretch. there are still a hand. of "occupy oakland" protestors out there police and tv crews so 14th street is closed between broadway and clay. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:38. one person is dead after a police pursuit came to a crashing end in concord. the "san francisco chronicle" says that the chase began late yesterday afternoon when police tried to pull over a pickup whose driver was illegally talking on a cell phone. the pickup struck a car at solano way and highway 242. the person in the car was killed. the pickup driver and passenger reportedly tried to run off but were arrested a short time later.
5:39 am
also in concord, police found a woman's body in a vacants home. officers made the discovery yesterday afternoon during a security check of the house on glenside court. detectives consider the death suspicious and are treating it as a homicide. the cause though of death still undetermined. pg&e says 58 customers are still without power in san francisco's eureka valley neighborhood. a few hundred lost power last night. an electrical transformer exploded around 10:15 at the intersection of yukon and eagle streets. power should be restored by 6:30. it is 5:39 now. the oakland unified school district board is expected to decide this evening whether to close five schools all of course this save money. here's a list of the elementary schools proposed for closure by superintendent tony smith. lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe. the board is also set to vote on the possible relocation of burkhalter and kaiser schools. president obama wrapping up his west coast swing in denver
5:40 am
with a new plan to help college grads. he is set to announce an executive order that will help them pay back their student loans at no cost to taxpayers. on this campaign tour, he stopped by the tonight show, that's where he defended the u.s. role of in muammar qaddafi's death. >> we're able to get the u.n. mandate for the operation. we were able to get arab countries involved. and so there was never this sense that somehow, we were unilaterally making a decision to "take out" somebody. >> the president also joked about the gop race for the white house, comparing it to reality tv show "survivor." >> that's funny. >> a little truth to that. 5:40 now. we have pothole problems in the south bay. how much homeowners could soon pay to fix roads. >> he is not your average beach- goer. the mystery surrounding a giant lego man that washed ashore. that and much more coming up.
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welcome back, a gorgeous forecast today plenty of sunshine a nice seasonal temperature. but we have a few kinks in the forecast. out the door a little bit of patchy dense fog along the coast. although clouds in the bay. in the santa clara valley low clouds right now. yes, we are definitely cal for some spots. 47 degrees, yeah, a lot of folks waking up to temperatures in the 40s so chilly. we will warm up. not long after sunrise we should start to see any of those clouds or fog mix on out and temperatures starting to increase well into where we should be for this time of the year. mid-70s in some of the warmest spots. we still have gusty winds in the or the and east bay hills and that of course is triggering some fire weather concern. more on that in a moments, but
5:44 am
first, from the satellite perspective, high pressure firmly in place and that will keep temperatures pretty seasonal through the rest. week. so plenty of sunshine for you. unfortunately, there is an offshore flow around this high pressure and that's what's triggering our fire weather concern. red flag warning in effect through tomorrow. we are seeing wind gusts in the north and east bay hills upwards of 35 miles per hour. but the bigger concern is the low humidity because of the off show flow. winds will die down but humidity will be low so we'll keep the warning effect through thursday. as for temperatures, gorgeous thursday and beyond. today seasonal. 73 in cupertino, los gatos. 74 mountain view. 71 in hayward. 73 vallejo and pleasant hill. 74 napa today. 71 dublin.
5:45 am
north bay temperatures 67 bodega bay, 72 petaluma, 69 today in san francisco. for the extended forecast, what you see is what you get. pretty much the same with a little gradual warming through weekend, upper 70s by the wing, near 80 for some of the warmest spots. if you are looking forward to halloween wondering what to dress the kids up as, well, don't worry. it won't be too chilly. we are not looking at rain at least not yet. but we are going to see likely partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures on monday for halloween. so check of the roads, elizabeth, how are they looking? >> good. remember halloween when it's raining putting on a jacket? >> those are the worst. jackets never go with a costumes. >> and mothers always make put on the jackets. thanks. here's the fog we are talking about. at 4:30 this morning, there was not much fog in this camera so it is moving at least where our camera is right before the toll plaza across the span on the san
5:46 am
francisco side so yeah, visibility definitely an issue in the bay area. no official fog advisories though issued by chp. elsewhere, let's go out and check the silicon valley commute. westbound 237, this is fine as you leave milpitas all the way towards san jose. so we'll show you some of our slow spots right now just starting to get brake lights coming out of the altamont pass. your drive time though you may have caught it there 17 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. this is going to be slower than normal. this is a four-car accident on the shoulder so all lanes are now open. for a while they had three right lanes blocked so mostly a visual distraction by this point. it's right there approaching port chicago highway. there were reports of a gas leak. one of the cars leaking some fuel into the road. so again, right now mostly visual distraction but it is sluggish from the bay point exit all the way out towards about 242. and then a little farther east through antioch we are just seeing our usual brake lights between -- once make your way past that hillcrest exit. taking you back outside here's a live look at the nimitz.
5:47 am
880 through oakland. much easier to see headlights southbound traffic looks okay all the way down towards oakland airport. and northbound traffic moving fine all the way up towards downtown oakland. and they reopened this ramp a little bit ahead of schedule according to caltrans. northbound 101 that ramp was closed overnight to westbound 380 but right now they reopened that about 15 minutes ago. and mass transit everything is on time this morning. bart, the 12th street station is open this morning. ace train numbers one and three no delay. muni, caltrain, ferries, all on schedule. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740- am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. let's check today's top stories. police and protestors clash in downtown oakland. officers used tear gas to disperse those crowds last night. this morning, in frank ogawa plaza, all remains peaceful. on the other side of the bay organizers of "occupy sf"
5:48 am
believe police will raid their camp. they said they received "you're subject to arrest" notices yesterday. and more rescues in turkey following that massive earthquake. today crews pulled out a teacher and a university student from a damaged building. the magnitude 7.2 quake hit the eastern part of the country sunday killing hundreds. an injured san francisco giants fan is a key player in the bankruptcy case involving the los angeles dodgers. both the dodgers and major league baseball have mentioned bryan stow during court filings this past week. the "l.a. times" reports the league says security was inadequate when stow was attacked outside dodger stadium this past march. the rupture of a pg&e pipeline near bakersfield is renewing concerns right here in the bay area. the 34" natural gas pipe ripped open in an alfalfa field on monday as crews were testing it by forcing high pressure water through the line there. it's slightly larger than the pg&e pipeline that exploded in
5:49 am
san bruno killing eight people. pg&e is conducting similar tests in san leandro. city leaders in san jose may ask voters to may more for street repairs in the city. under the proposed parcel tax, homeowners and businesses would pay up to $400 a year over the next 10 years. the transportation director estimates it will cost $1 billion to properly repair and maintain the city's streets over the next 10 years. and the money can't come from the general fund. he signed off cbs three weeks ago. this morning, the health scare for andy rooney. the vaccine now recommended for boys. coming up. and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon
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with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at
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the 92-year-old is suffering from serious complications from week. so far he andy rooney in the hospital this morning. the 92-year-old has serious complications from a surgery he had last week. so far though he is stable. but the family is not releasing details about his health or the surgery. after more than three decades on "60 minutes," rooney just retired earlier this month. 5:52 now. here's a new study that's not so good for advocates of flu vaccines. university of minnesota researchers say that flu vaccines are only 59% effective in healthy adults according to data from a 40- year period. on the other hand, they did find that the nasal mist with the live vaccine gives significant protection in young children. the children 7 or younger who the do the mist, 83% of them didn't get the flu. a step in the fight against cancer-causing hpv. federal health advisors are now recommending a vaccine given to girls to protect
5:53 am
against cervical cancer should also be given to boys. the virus is the most common sexually-transmitted disease in the country with at least half of sexually active adults becoming infected at some point in their lives. >> the hpv can be transmitted from girls to boys and from boys to girls, very easily leading to the recommendation that the boys receive the vaccination also. if approved by the cdc, insurance companies would pay for boys to get vaccinated, as well. well, today could be the last day of the baseball season. the texas rangers hoping to celebrate their first-ever world series championship in st. louis tonight. they lead the world series 3 games to 2. lewis will pitch for the rangers against the cardinals garcia. first pitch about 5:00 our time. see where that goes. a classic toy, the size of a man, got kicked off the beach in florida. >> no one knows how the lego figure ended up by the water.
5:54 am
it is nearly 100 pounds, 8 feet tall. it's made of fiber glass. on its chest it wears a message that reads, quote, no real than you are. officials removed it yesterday. not clear why the lego man appeared but a new legoland opened in florida this month. but legoland official deny any involvement. >> but they are getting some great pub out of it. some marketing campaign probably. >> no real than you are. >> look what washed up, mom. >> hey. good beach day today? maybe for the next four or five days? >> it will be. it's gorgeous this weekend actually at the beach. yeah, no, beautiful, beautiful today, maybe a little cool to lay out in the bikini but, you know, beautiful nonetheless. >> i'm a one-piece guy myself. [ laughter ] >> 65 in pacifica. if you don't want temperatures in the 90s to lay out in the
5:55 am
one piece, frank, it's 65 not too chilly. inland temperatures are warmer. >> this weekend might be bikini weather for you. >> temperatures in the upper 70s as we move -- [ laughter ] >> where are you going? >> where with reheading after the show? [ laughter ] let's go towards oakland. we have a new problem to tell you about. westbound 580 at harrison. there is an accident there apparently the cars are unmovable according to chp. so it is blocking the center lane. they are going to have to get a tow crew out there to move it. we are seeing some minor slowing just behind it. also, some very minor slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza just in a couple of the cash lanes. fastrak users are cruising. no metering lights. westbound 4 through the concord area, still very sluggish this morning. a four-car accident has been
5:56 am
cleared to the right shoulder but they were calling for a flatbed tow truck. brake lights from the bay point exit. back to you. >> i'll be at seacliff in aptos. [ laughter ] >> head for the beach! [ laughter ] >> i'm done. >> you know, lawrence is coming back tomorrow so we'll just rib you even more. [ laughter ] >> i need some help here. all right, ladies, thanks much. 5:56. in the 1996 half hour the king of pop has a drug seeker. more on michael jackson. >> police chase turns deadly. what officers saw the driver doing moments before the pursuit. things are much calmer here in downtown oakland than they were about 24 hours ago. we'll tell you what's going on now and what led up to this. tear gas, more than 100 arrests. coming up. i'm anser hassan live in san francisco. the "occupy sf" movement warned of early-morning police raids. ail have the latest coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
how occupy oakland took a dangerous turn. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. police and protestors battle for ground. how "occupy oakland" took a dangerous turn. >> and the "occupy" movement in san francisco still standing strong. how greaters plan to hold their ground today against police. and we're off to a chilly start with some patchy fog. we have an update to your red flag warning coming up. and good morning, it's wednesday, october 26. i'm grace lee. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. and we begin this hour with some breaking traffic news. a bad accident near the port of oakland. let's kick it over to elizabeth and find out what's going on. >> chopper 5 was covering the "occupy oakland" protest out there in downtown oakland


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