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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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spotted this accident near 7th and maritime. it's near the port of oakland. we're hearing it's involving a big rig and car. again, this is just coming into our newsroom. we saw it from chopper 5. so no word on injuries or exactly what is going on or how the accident happened. but you can see emergency crews are out there. first coming in around 5:45 this morning. so we are following this accident plus just getting word of another problem on the nimitz also in oakland. so we'll have all that coming up in a full traffic report in just a few minutes. it is quiet at the frank ogawa plaza this morning. but protestors could return now at this hour. >> the call came after a long day of clashes between police and protestors. >> you will be removed by force if necessary. >> officers gave warnings to the crowds in the streets and then they fired tear gas multiple times to disperse hundreds of protestors. anne makovec is in downtown oakland this morning, where
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it's a very different scene, isn't it? >> reporter: oh, certainly. there's only fog in the air right now no tear gas. and only about a dozen protestors remaining here outside of frank ogawa plaza. 14th street and broadway, this is the intersection you're looking at right now. you can see the police barricades still in place and a few protestors walking around. but at this point, it appears that the police outnumber the protestors. certainly a different scene than the past 24 hours. 102 people were arrested and police fired five rounds of tear gas at the protestors. people were scrambling and gasping for air including some of our cbs 5 crews. we also saw several protestors injured and bloodied. they said by police and their tear gas canisters. now, as you mentioned, it was after their "occupy" camp was raided by police at around this time yesterday, demonstrators and their supporters then assembled outside of oakland's
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main library just before the afternoon rush demanding that police release some 70 demonstrators that had been arrested that morning at frank ogawa plaza. then they started marching through the streets of downtown oakland. now, i spoke with one of the protestors out here this morning. he said he had been arrested yesterday. >> i haven't slept in a comfortable bed in over a week. i have had about four hours of sleep in the past two days. i have been tear gassed. i'm very exhausted. but it's been one of the best weeks of my life. >> why? >> reporter: he said the reason for that was because he could hear chanting outside of his jail cell making it all worth it. that sort of sense of unity. police say they had no choice but to fire that tear gas. they say some protestors were throwing paint balls and other things at them. there was also a series of small fires reportedly set behind city hall. so right now there are a lot of police cars that look to be staged behind city hall in case things go down again today.
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we're not sure of the protestors' plans. we do know that recently they would like to reassemble at frank ogawa plaza but their law is going to be enforced according to the city that only peaceful protests will be allowed between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. no more overnight camping. >> anne, after, you know, getting arrested, getting tear gassed and those clashes that we have been seeing on television, do you get the sense that the protestors are actually coming together even more, that they are even more angry after this happened? >> reporter: yes. not only the protestors. we have heard several workers' unions coming out in favor of the protestors here and saying that the police should not have gone in and broken up the camp overnight. so certainly do have a reinvigorated movement by all of this. >> you know, oakland of all cities is cash-strapped. san jose is. san francisco too. this is getting expensive, too, for the authorities for police for overtime and everything, right? >> reporter: oh, yes. certainly. i think the latest figure was
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something over $100,000 spent over the past i don't know week on enforcement of this issue. so it certainly is a lot of taxpayer money down the drain. >> hopefully they can figure it out. anne makovec live in oakland, thank you. well, some big changes could come today for "occupy" protestors on the other side of the bay. anser hassan joins us now from san francisco to explain what organizers say is about to happen there. anser, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. "occupy sf" has been watching what happened in oakland and they know they could be next. they were warned of a police raid between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. this morning. 6 a.m. is gone and the "occupy sf" movement is still here. we're joined by a protester who has been here for three weeks a community activists. this 6 a.m. deadline came and wind. what does that mean? you think the police raid could still come? >> yeah. think it could still come
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tomorrow evening, tomorrow morning. just because we don't see any police action this morning doesn't mean we won't in the next couple of days. >> now, you guys have had altercation with the police in the past. what were your community organizers warning you or advising you to do in case the police did show up this morning? >> well, you know, just to hold our ground and exercise our first amendment rights. we are here peacefully assemblying and we're not leaving. we are going to stay here. we have the constitutional right to be here. we have an incredible amount of support from the public. >> reporter: you talk about public support. but the movement is still in violation of city codes. there are health concerns, potential fire hazards. how do you address that? >> we have been doing our best to work and comply with city code and some of the codes and some of the cases we have been dealing with have -- to be here and to be able to exercise our first amendment right, we have
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to be able to survive here and live here in encampment. so we need -- the city needs to take into account because the first amendment our constitution is the law of the land and that's where we really -- yeah. >> reporter: thank you very much. he is a community activist. he has been here for three weeks. again, there was a warning that the police may raid between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. that deadline came and went. many organizers are calling on organizers from oakland and san jose to join them in a megacity camp over at san francisco civic center if things continue to worsen here. back to you guys. >> okay, anser hassan live in san francisco. thank you. meanwhile the "occupy san jose" protest continues outside their city hall despite the arrest of seven people. a worker who scaled a 36-foot wall outside city hall will be
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left alone. he is standing atop that building there. but obviously, resting at this hour. but when he decides to come down, he will likely be arrested on illegal camping and those trespass charges. 6:07. one person is dead after a police pursuit came to a crashing end in concord. the "san francisco chronicle" says that the chase began late yesterday afternoon when police tried to pull over a pickup whose driver was talking on a cell phone. the pickup hit a car at solano and 242. the other driver was killed. the pickup driver and passenger tried to run off but were arrested. also in concord, police found a woman's body in a vacants home. officers made this discovery yesterday afternoon during a security check of the house on glenside court. detectives consider the death suspicious and they are treating it as a homicide. the cause of death though still unknown at this time.
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6:07. let's check traffic. a bad accident near the port of oakland. here's elizabeth with more. >> chopper 5 is the first one who spotted this. let's go out to the scene. this is near 7th and maritime right there by the port of oakland. looks like this accident is a big rig versus car. as far as injuries go, we are not sure about the extent. i just saw them try to -- they put one person on a stretcher and sounds like they took them away in an ambulance. fire department on scene as you can see. looks like about 5, maybe 6 different police units and they are out there doing some traffic control in the area. again, this is reported around 5:45. so again lanes blocked 7th and maritime right there near the port of oakland. we are actually following a couple of different accidents also in the city of oakland. the other two are on freeways. let's go to the maps. live look at the nimitz 880 through oakland past the coliseum if you look closer towards the bottom of the screen, northbound 880 close to the 66 exit we have an accident there blocking two lanes.
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and also on westbound 580 mostly a visual distraction now, this accident cheered to the right shoulder at har -- cleared to the right shoulder at harrison street. no injuries reported but there are minor days. that's traffic. here's julie with the forecast. >> well, liz, it is definitely chilly out the door this morning. some temperatures in the 40s and patchy fog. 43 degrees in santa rosa. 45 san rafael. 46 in napa. we'll see temperatures in the low 50s down to the south bay and move inland to portions of the east bay although 47 in concord, 45 livermore. clearer skies means cooler temperatures. later warming up, mid-70s for antioch today, oakland at 71, redwood city 72, san francisco 69. your full forecast including an update for the red flag warning coming up. five east bay schools on the chopping block. how the money saving moves could help other schools. plus, president obama wrapping up that big west coast
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tour is today. the sensitive issue he tackled while on "the tonight show with jay leno" last night.
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schools could be on the line this evening... as the oakld we are following an injury crash near the port of oakland. 7th and maritime an accident involving big rig versus car. a full traffic report in a few minutes. 6:13. the fate of five elementary schools could be on the line this evening as oakland unified school board meets on whether to close them. the list of the schools are lakeview, lazear, marshall, maxwell park and santa fe. the cash-strapped district hopes that the money saved by the elementary school closures could be put towards improvements at other campus. the president set to unveil a new plan to help millions of college graduates with those student loans. he will announce the executive order today in denver's wraps up his western campaign tour. on his tonight show appearance last night, he talked about the u.s. role in the death of muammar qaddafi. >> we were able to get the u.n. mandate for the operation. we were able to get arab
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countries involved. and so there was never this sense that somehow we were unilaterally making a decision to take out somebody. >> the president also joked about the gop presidential primary. he said he will start paying attention when that contest narrows down to one or two candidates. crews are finding even more survivors in turkey, this after last weekend's massive earthquake. the state-run news agency reports that a teacher was pulled out of the damaged building today and then hours earlier crews also rescued a university student. that 7.2 quake hit eastern turkey on sunday killing hundreds of people. so would you pay more tax to fix your city streets? how much people in the south bay may have to hand over. and an emotional testimony in the conrad murray trial. the bold statement a nurse made about michael jackson's death. ,,,,,,,,
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police and protesters clashn downtown oakland... officers used tear gas to disperse cs last night. this morning, fk ogawa plaza remains peacefu. police and protestors clashed in oakland yesterday. officers used tear to disperse the crowds this. morning frank ogawa plaza is peaceful. and on the other side of
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the bay, organizers of "occupy sf" believe police will raid the camp tonight. they received "you are subject to arrest" notices yesterday. a police chase in concord killed a person. police were pursuing a pickup yesterday when the suspect vehicle crashed into the car killing the driver of the other car. the driver and passenger of the pickup were arrested. and we are following three separate crashes right now in oakland that just popped up in the last half hour or so. first to chopper 5. this is one on city streets actually closer towards the port of oakland at 7th and maritime. this was a pretty bad accident looks like involving a big rig and car. the cab it looks like is on its side. the trailer part of the big rig is okay. but half a dozen police units are on scene. some of them doing traffic control. fire crews are on scene as well and we saw emergency crews loading at least one person on to a stretcher and taking them away in an ambulance. so again, 7th and maritime expect delays and road closures. let's go right out to our maps now because now we're hearing all lanes are blocked on
6:19 am
westbound 580 at harrison. initially, we had a fender- bender there. that accident cleared to the right shoulder and apparently there's now a second accident in that same area. westbound 580 at harrison all lanes now blocked. and you can see our delays are growing on our sensors. let's go to the nimitz now. again if you are counting this is our third accident in oakland since 5:45 this morning. this was northbound 880 close to the coliseum near 66. it's difficult to see. earlier we saw flashing lights near the 66 exit in our camera. last check it was blocking a lane. brett with the kcbs phone force says there is a minor delay. now, from looking at this camera now, i'm not seeing much. they have may have just cleared it. it was reported northbound 880 at 66. it was only showing minor delays. bay bridge now no metering lights yet. this will likely change any minute. our delays are growing in some cash lanes, fastrak users get by okay still. mass transit is all on time. remember kcbs once you do hit
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the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. julie has the forecast. >> we are off to a foggy chilly start. we have some clouds and fog this morning. but that will mix out today. so plenty of sunshine is in store and yes, we're still talking fire danger. we'll talk a little more about that coming up. first a look at the satellite perspective. high pressure firmly in place and that is going to keep skies clear for the most part as we head throughout the week. we are going to see seasonal weather. so temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s for the next few days. unfortunately, the flow around the back side of the high is producing an offshore flow. and that is going to be drying for us. we are going to see some of those drying down slope winds.
6:21 am
thus the reason for our red flag warning. now, the winds have decreased. yesterday we were concerned about winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour. we are looking at winds gusting to 35 and they will die down as we move throughout the day today. however, the flow does remain dry. that means low humidity is a concern through tomorrow. so even though winds are dying down, we'll keep the red flag warning in effect through tomorrow. in the meantime, through tomorrow, plenty of beautiful conditions out there. 65 pacifica, 69 san francisco, 73 vallejo and 74 today in napa. plenty of sunshine areawide and this continues for the next few days. we'll see temperatures gradually warming as we make our way through the weekend into halloween, staying pleasant with a few more clouds. back to you. >> thank you. city leaders in san jose may ask voters to pay more for street repairs. under a proposed parcel tax, homeowners and businesses would have to pay $400 a year over
6:22 am
the next 10 years. city officials say it will cost $1 billion to properly repair and maintain city streets during that time. attorneys for the doctor charged in michael jackson's death will highlight his positive traits today with some character witnesses. defense attorneys for dr. murray plan to rest their case tomorrow. yesterday, a nurse practitioner explained how the pop star believed that he could safely use the drug propofol. in her emotional testimony, she said jackson believed he could administer the drug with supervisortion. 6:22 now. a year after san bruno, a gas pipeline rips under excessive pressure again. why pg&e says it was supposed to happen. >> here is a wedding to remember. the giant sandstorm that blew through a ceremony. we'll tell you about it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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pipelines... in the wake ofs back now at 6:25. some more local concerns about pg&e pipelines in the wake of this week's failure near bakersfield. a 34" natural gas pipe ripped open in an alfalfa field on monday as pg&e crews were testing it by forcing high pressure water through the line. it's slightly larger than the pipe that exploded in san bruno killing eight people. it has people on edge in san leandro as pg&e conducts similar test near marina
6:26 am
boulevard and dolittle drive. the only animal shelter in alameda has been saved even though they have budget problems. volunteers will take over operations and the city will pay $300,000 a year to employ two-part time animal control officers and renting out the building for a dollar a year. plenty of things can go wrong on your wedding day including sandstorms. >> here's the worst-case scenario for an arizona couple a dust storm. it's so thick you can barely see them. the presider rushed through the vows. the storm hit the peak as they were doing a symbolic sand ceremony. >> then they had to stand for pictures. >> i don't think so.
6:27 am
coming up, they recommended it every year but does it really work? the flaw found from that flu shot. >> and we are following a serious accident in oakland. a big rig versus a car. we'll have much more on this ahead. and police take control after a violent night in the city of oakland. but the battle far from over. what is next for the occupy showdown in the city of oakland coming up. the san francisco "occupy" movement 6 a.m. deadline has come and gone. what police are doing now. i'm anser hassan in san francisco. those details ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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i'm frank mallicoat. time i- we w good morning. we are in the middle. week october 26. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. straight to traffic a serious accident near the port of oaklan elizabeth with more. >> it's near 7th and maritime. there are streets blocked off. police are in the area doing traffic control. this is an injury accident as you mentioned involving a big rig and a car. this is our third accident in oakland that we are following in just the last 45 minutes. we also have accidents on 880 and 580 which for a short time was actually completely shut down in the westbound direction. so we'll have up dates on all three accidents coming up in just a little bit. in the meantime, let's update
6:31 am
your forecast. here's julie. chilly pretty much sums it up. temperatures continue to drop. in fact, we're down to 39 degrees in santa rosa. coming up in just a bit we are going to talk about some increasing temperatures. and i think you're going to like what i have in store for the rest of the week. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thank you. 6:31 now. and downtown oakland this morning actually pretty quiet. >> that is good news. just hours after a clash with protestors and police yesterday. >> we'll remove you by force if necessary. it may result in serious injury. >> officers giving fair warning to the crowd in the streets. they fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protestors. >> that's right. they fired off four rounds of tear gas into the crowd trying to get rid of them. earlier in the day they had raided the area but the protestors came back in force clashing with police last night. 102 people were arrested. >> there was nearly 1,000 people marching through the streets and it got out of hand.
6:32 am
oakland police on high alert all day, all afternoon. last night it got fairly violent. one camera store was broken into, broken windows. it was a bit of a mess. we have anne makovec live on the telephone now to tell us what's going on right now in downtown oakland. anne. >> reporter: frank, certainly a much more peaceful scone than we saw about 24 hours ago. it's been a day of protests, tear gases, 102 arrests. [ pause ] >> think we just lost anne makovec. but it is fairly quiet over in oakland right now. anne said just a dozen or so protestors this morning. no one spent the night. they were all up this morning milling about, very, very peaceful but as you can see, i think ann notarangelo said last night that a number of the people that came last night to oakland were not the protestors
6:33 am
who got raided this morning. so the group is growing. and we'll see what happens later this afternoon. >> police continue to block off parts of frank ogawa plaza. let's go across the bridge because there's a change of strategy and it's possible today for the "occupy" protests in san francisco. anser hassan has more this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's peaceful here as well to "occupy sf" movement warned of a possible early-morning raid. that was to come by 6 a.m. you can see 6 a.m. has come and gone and they are still here. we have been out here all morning with only one police car patrolling the area. a short while ago to cops walked through the camp handing these out: you are subject to arrest notices. we'll talk about that in a second. let's show you live pictures right now. most of the people still asleep here. the subject to arrest notice warns of fire hazards and health warnings from the health department. it also says that these protestors are in violation of city codes such as sleeping in
6:34 am
the park which is illegal. now, some city officials say they will not allow for continued violations of safety and health codes and they don't want justin herman plaza to become a permanent encampment. but the protestors are firing back. they sent an email out immediately in response to chief suhr's letter. the notice says that they have addressed all the issues point by point and in fact in walking through the camp this morning, things seemed to be pretty okay. they have cleaned up much of the area. they have cleared a lot of the pathways, as well. organizers add that the city has either denied or delayed many of their requests including providing a city liaison to help them meet the city's requirements. folks here at "occupy sf" have called on san jose and oakland to join them if they are asked to movement they are asking to build a megacamp at san francisco civic hall with all three cities combined. >> the other question is the timing of the subjects of arrest notices that they are
6:35 am
giving out there. has sfpd given any indication that they are watching what happens in oakland and they don't want it to happen in the city? >> reporter: that's true. keep in mind justin herman plaza is right on the embarcadero near the ferry building. this is a big tourist area bigger than oakland. police have raided the area in the past. it may not have happened at 6 a.m. but it may happen today on this week. >> are the protestors leery now? i'm sure they know what happened over in oakland. >> reporter: many of them were at oakland and they came back to camp out here. in talking to them, most of them seem to be okay. they said that they are in compliance with the city and following the mandates that they have issued. and they are trying to meet with the city officials and set up a liaison and communicate some of the issues. they also mentioned that they do have a lot of city support. so some things that they feel are factors that work on their
6:36 am
side. >> certainly a lot more peaceful on this side of the bay. anser hassan, thank you so much live in san francisco. and for a lot of the people who had to spend the night outside, probably noticed temperatures really dipped down. >> got chilly but it's going to warm up and the rest of the week looks good. >> it will be beautiful weather for camping out today. [ laughter ] >> maybe not so much this morning. [ laughter ] >> it is definitely a little chilly out there. in fact, we're continuing to see temperatures drop this morning. 39 degrees in santa rosa. we're at 50 in vallejo. 46 in napa. we actually have a little bit of valley fog in napa, also seeing some fog in portions of san jose. and then we have that coastal fog, a different type of fog that's intruding into portions of san francisco. so as you head out, be mind. you may run into fog, definitely going to see some low clouds from time to time. all of that though will mix out as we move towards daybreak and beyond with plenty of sunshine. 65 in pacifica today, 69 san francisco. mid-70s for the warmest spots inland.
6:37 am
your full forecast coming up. but first elizabeth has traffic. >> we'll go out to westbound 580 for a moment. there was a full freeway closure in the westbound direction by harrison street. there were actually two accidents in the area. the latest was almost cleared. it sounds like one lane is still blocked right now. it is pretty sluggish in the area though backed up to at least park boulevard and growing unfortunately. 880 we have better news here. there was another accident in oakland northbound 880 at 66th by the coliseum. a four-car crash was cleared to the right shoulder so now it's just a little sluggish from hegenberger. let's go out to chopper 5 our third accident in oakland an injury crash near 7th and maritime near the port of oakland. so not as much of a traffic impact but you can see, it was a pretty bad accident according to these visuals here from our helicopter. a lot of emergency crews still on scene. we saw one person taken away in a stretcher and police are still out there doing traffic controls. again, this is 7th and maritime near the port of oakland. coming up, a check of the bay
6:38 am
bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37 now. arrest have not stopped the "occupy" movement in san jose, as well. that's where one protestor scaled a 36-foot-high wall outside of city hall. he is still there this morning. and so is kcbs radio's matt bigler at the campsite for "occupy san jose." good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, "occupy san jose" has been trying to set up their camp almost every day right here on the city hall plaza. and getting arrest day. there were about 7 arrests made yesterday morning. they are getting arrested every day. so they have set up the camp across the street. it's just past those cars. as soon as they move you should be able to see the tents. there they are. two tents on that sidewalk and there's also an air mattress on the sidewalk over here. so basically "occupy san jose" is now occupying the sidewalk across from city hall. police say for now that's okay. we talked to one of these protestors, eugene. he said getting arrested every
6:39 am
day has been getting expensive. >> bailing everyone out every night, that money is running out. so we're still here. we're just i mean across the street during the time that the plaza closes. when the plaza opens we'll be back during the day. >> during business hours it is legal to be on the plaza and protesting so they are just going to basically walk across the street and protest during the day. did i talk to a san jose police officer this -- i did talk to a san jose police officer this morning and said as long as they stay off the plaza overnight they won't be arrested at least for now because technically it is a violation to block a sidewalk. but that law is not always enforced. one other note. that protestor who scaled the wall this wall which is part of the rotunda over here at city hall, he is still up there this morning. he has a banner. he appears to be sleeping. and my biggest question has been, how does he stay up there while he is sleeping without rolling off? because if he were to fall that could be serious. >> yeah. i was going to say, he must be
6:40 am
tied down or something. that would be a long fall. >> reporter: it's 36 feet. it's high up there. he has supplies. he has support. people have been sending him food. our photographer edgar asked the question, you know, how is he, uhm, how is he relieving himself? that's a question i don't have an answer to at this point. >> you know, i'm not sure we want to know. [ laughter ] >> thank you, kcbs radio's matt bigler. it is 6:40. the police pursuit in concord ended in the death of somebody who is not even directly involved. the "san francisco chronicle" says that the chase began late yesterday afternoon when police tried to pull over a pickup whose driver was illegally talking on a cell phone. the pickup struck a car at solano way and high highway 242. the other drives were arrested. concord is investigating the death of a woman in a
6:41 am
vacant house. officers made the discovery yesterday afternoon during a security check of the home on glen side court. detectives consider the death suspicious and they are treating it as a homicide. but they do not know the cause of her death just yet. 6:41. president obama gets serious on late night tv. how he is depending the u.s. role in libya. >> plus, one of steve jobs' dreams may be a reality the rumors about i-tv. >> it's a controversial vaccine for girls. why boys are also now being told to get it. >> and the market opened about 11 minutes ago. a quick check of the early numbers for you. we are in the green. the dow up 124. nasdaq up 22. s&p up 10. we'll check in with jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 am
we have moved to one of these oakland accidents. this is westbound 580 by harrison. we actually had a couple of multi-vehicle crashes in that same area right by that harrison street exit. everything is now off to the shoulder. you can see still some flashing lights though and it is still a slow crawl past the scene. again mostly a visual distraction right now. from the view of chopper 5, it looks like it's backed up to at
6:45 am
least park boulevard. unfortunately, these delays are growing. again, all lanes are once again reopened for a short time just for about a moment they had all westbound 580 lanes closed by harrison street but again, no injuries to report in this, just slower speeds and everything has been cleared to the right shoulder. let's go to 880. better news here. northbound 880 at 66 past the coliseum, we were also following a four-car crash here. for while it was backed up towards hegenberger but it looks like that's not the case any longer. now it is free-flowing all the way up into downtown oakland. to the bay bridge they did turn the metering lights on. so now we are left with this backup. it is jammed solid to the 880 overcrossing already this morning at 6:45. so you can see it is brake lights, they are cycling through the metering lights relatively slowly. no incidents at the bay bridge this morning but down the eastshore freeway, that drive time is almost a half hour now on westbound 80 from the
6:46 am
carquinez bridge to the maze. we are also seeing delays growing on westbound 580 through the altamont pass. that drive time is 27 minutes past those wind turbines out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. the golden gate bridge shot, earlier in the morning he would were seeing a lot of fog across the deck at least on the san francisco side of the span. but it looks like things have improved. so now traffic is free-flowing between marin and san francisco in both directions. mass transit is on time. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. let's check the forecast. here's julie. >> don't be fooled by that golden gate bridge spot. there is still fog out there. valley fog develops in addition to the coastal fog we have seen. here's live look outside. as we look at the bay bridge, a beautiful start to your day. we will see plenty of sunshine and blue skies in this shot. our good indication of what's to come. in the meantime we are waking up to some very chilly temperatures. some temperatures dipping down into the 30s to start off this
6:47 am
morning. plenty of sunshine today and yes, we have high fire danger, red flag warning in effect. high pressure set up firmly in place over the top of us and that's going to keep temperatures nice and seasonal with plenty of sunshine. but it's the flow around the back side of this high pressure that's creating that northerly drying flow for us. and that's why we have this red flag warning in effect for the north and east bay hills. in effect today through thursday rather. but we are going to see that winds have died down a little bit. so now we are seeing winds up to 35 miles per hour. they will continue to decrease throughout the day today. we are going to keep the red flag warning in effect, due to low humidity. that likely will persist that is for the next couple of days and that's just to the north and east bay hills. for the rest of us, pretty pleasant weather out there. 73 cupertino, 72 your high in
6:48 am
los gatos. 65 in pacifica. 70 union city. 71 in hayward. east warmer temperatures, mid- to upper 70s for antioch, brentwood, pittsburg today. 73 in vallejo and 72 in danville. north bay similar temperature range for you although you are waking up to some very chilly temperatures, currently 3 in santa rosa, you will warm up into the mid-70s. 68 daly city, 69 in richmond. these temperatures stay persistent throughout the week. warming on the weekend, 70s and near 80. nice and mild through halloween next week on monday. temperatures mid- to upper 70s with a few more clouds. back to you. >> 38 in santa rosa? >> can you believe that? >> i know. all right, thanks. there is a new executive order from president obama to help millions of college graduates pay loans. the white house says the new program could help millions of people with no extra cost to taxpayers. the president is wrapping up his campaign trip in denver today in the meantime.
6:49 am
on his tonight show appearance, he talk about the u.s. role in the death of muammar qaddafi. >> we're able to get the u.n. mandate for the operation. we were able to get arab countries involved. and so there was never this sense that somehow, we were unilaterally making a decision to "take out" somebody. >> this marked president obama's fourth appearance on the show. and his second as commander-in- chief. well, there could be a deal today to ease that financial crisis in europe. >> there could. here now to talk about it, jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a european summit today on that region's debt crisis going to be critical to see some sort of plan emerge to creditably attack what's happening over there. there are early reports that at least some of the various parliaments in different countries are approving and expanded bailout fund, then various private investors are going to have to agree to take bigger losses on their greek
6:50 am
debt. that's been driving the market up and down for months. it will continue to do so until the market feels that there is a solid plan in place. decent sign on the economy in the united states. durable goods orders although they fell by .8% in september, that was mainly because of a big drop in aircraft orders which swing wildly month to month. if you look at the core rate outside of transportation, orders were up 1.7%. and another key factor, business investment was up by 2.4%, good to see businesses still investing their money. that too is helping out the market. and one other note before we look at the numbers. the first flight of a 787 passenger flight of boeing's new dreamliner took place from tokyo to hong kong today. that's a big deal for boeing and the aviation industry. the 787 is a composite-built plane meaning it's lighter and more fuel-efficient which is a keep for the airlines. they have been losing money on having to spend for so much on high fuel costs. looking at the stock market
6:51 am
right now, boeing shares run 4.5% on the earnings. that's helping out along with the europe news. dow up 123. nasdaq up 14. s&p up 8. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and it is 6:51 now. a should in questions the effectiveness of flu vaccines. university of minnesota researchers say the vaccine is only 59% effective in adults according to data from a 40- year period. on the other hand, they found that nasal mist with the live vaccine gives significant protection for young children. children age 7 and younger got the mist and 83% never got the flu a big step in the fight of cancer-causing hpv. federal health advisers are now recommending a vaccine given to girls to protect against cervical cancer should also be given to boys. the virus is the most common sexually-transmitted disease in the country. if approved by the cdc,
6:52 am
insurance companies would pay for boys to also get vaccinated. all right, you apple fans. you might soon have a new gadget to watch your favorite tv programs. the late steve jobs told his boyographer that he finally figured out -- biographer that he finally figured out how to make an apple tv to integrate ipads, iphones and other media. bloomberg says the i-tv may be ready by next year. software engineer jeff robin will lead the project. he built itunes and created the ipod. >> so why not the tv? why not. 6:52. and coming up, we're going to have much more on the tear gas and all that tension that happened in oakland. >> this morning, police have gotten the upper hand with protestors but there could be more clashes coming. what's next for the "occupy" movement. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
can now be enjoyed in your coffee
6:55 am
only international delight puts the real flavours from your favourite treats inside police clashed in the east . we hav back now at 6:55. tear gas filled the air as protestors and police clashed in the east bay. anne makovec is on the phone from oakland to explain what's happening with the "occupy" movement this morning. anne? okay. we obviously have some problems with our telephone connection. anne makovec in oakland, we can tell you this, that things have
6:56 am
been very quiet in the city of oakland after a number of arrests. over 1,000 people in the streets last night. >> can you hear me? >> i think we got anne. are you there? >> reporter: yes, hi, frank. right now, here outside of frank ogawa plaza, there are only a dozen protestors and a more peaceful scene than 24 hours ago. police were breaking up their camps that they had held here for two weeks. a dozen protestors, the police certainly outnumber them right now and police have blocked off broadway now at -- or 14th street, excuse me, at broadway. frank ogawa plaza is closed. peaceful but the protestors say they are going to be back at it tonight around 6 p.m. last night, police fired five rounds of tear gas at the protestors. people were scrambling and gasping for air. we saw several protestors injured and bloodied. they said by police and their
6:57 am
tea gas containers. 25 hours ago police busted up this camp and then they reassembled yesterday outside of oakland's main library just before the afternoon rush hour demanding police release some 70 demonstrators that have been arrested that morning. and then they started marching through the streets of downtown oakland. at one point the crowd was estimated at almost 1,000 demonstrators. police say that they were throwing paint balls and other objects at them and that they had no choice but to fire the tear gas. right now they are power washing frank ogawa plaza and they plan to reopen it at some point, they're not saying when. and the protestors say at that point they will reoccupy the plaza. police say they are only going to allow demonstrations there between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. >> okay. anne makovec live via the telephone in oakland, where all is quiet at least for now.
6:58 am
thank you. we have some developing news in the traffic world right? >> it's been busy. keep talking about these accidents in oakland. now perfect a new one in san francisco. coming into san francisco, coming off the upper deck of the bay bridge, let's get right to chopper 5. show you what's going on. this is an accidents involving a motorcycle driver and you can see emergency crews tow crews out there right now. they have the three left lanes blocked. this is on the skyway. westbound 80 right there as you approach the fifth street exit, the off-ramp is apparently blocked, as well. so there is a fire truck arriving on scene right now. we saw them weaving their way through traffic. an ambulance is heading out, as well. there is a person on the ground. so this is definitely an injury crash. again, westbound 80 at fifth, they have three left lanes blocked off and traffic is really backing up on the upper deck as you can see from this view from chopper 5 beyond the fremont street exit. in fact, let's go quickly take a check of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on of course. they have been on for about a half hour or more.
6:59 am
so it is already backed up to the macarthur maze. everything is on time. oakland we were following earlier westbound 80 at harrison street, all lanes are still clear but there are a lot of emergency crews and tow crews still on scene on the shoulder. it's backed up for an exit on westbound 580. that's traffic. here's julie with an update on the forecast. >> patchy fog and chilly temperatures this morning but later today plenty of sunshine with highs in the mid- to upper 70s for the warmest spots inland. 76 fairfield. a bit cooler by the bay, 69 san francisco. if you like these temperatures, you're going to love the rest of the week. temperatures near 80 through the weekend with plenty of sunshine. and that hold steady through monday. we might see a few more clouds on halloween but pleasant. >> so lawrence and roberta can take the rest of the week off i guess,


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