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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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all back. they have recreated a smaller humbler tent city after retaking frank ogawa plaza wednesday night. and now there is a deep divide here at city hall over how this was all handled and what happens next. the tussles and tear gas from two nights ago is now national news. >> is this your city? is this how we treat free speech in the united states of america? >> reporter: at the center of a new ad by the liberal policy group >> call mayor quan and tell her, this happens under your watch. >> reporter: it was quan who authorized police to evict hundreds of protestors from city hall early tuesday morning. but she back pedaled wednesday night. >> if it's peaceful, uhm, demonstrations in the plaza, that we will maintain a minimal police presence. >> reporter: by then the protestors had already pushed down a chain link barrier and reoccupied the city hall lawn. now the cracks are starting to show within quan's own camp.
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>> if oakland has become the worldwide symbol of opposition to the "occupy" movement. >> reporter: quan's trusted legal advisor attorney dan siegel met with the mayor this morning. he told us tuesday the crackdown never should have happened. >> i opposed the takedown of the camp and i was horrified by some of the police activities that occurred in the streets tuesday night. >> you can't trust anything the mayor says or city hall says or anything the police say. >> reporter: as occupiers began reconstructing their tent city on the city hall lawn, the mayor cancelled her weekly press briefing. protestors insist her actions are only making them stronger. >> all it didn't did was galvanize the public, more fuel forth fire for the people. >> reporter: mayor quan is reportedly going to make an appearance here this evening. we actually spoke to some of the protestors, who told us they are expecting her to join them in their nightly general assembly in a short amount of time. she has not spoken to the media today so this will have been
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her first public appearance today. allen, speaking to some of those protestors, they say even though the crowd is small now, they are expecting even more tents and more protestors than the 200 after eviction. >> she says minimal police presence. are they just going to let this crowd grow and grow and grow unchecked?! >> reporter: it seems to be that is the plan. at this point there are just about several dozen people out there right now. but as long as they remain peaceful, the mayor has said they will maintain a minimal police presence. we haven't seen one cop here for the hours that we have been here reporting. >> we know how quickly things change. thank you. our exclusive eyewitness news poll found 27% of people in oakland say they do not approve of the way that mayor quan has handled the "occupy" movement. only 20% approve. as for the oakland police department response, 57% said officers were too harsh with protestors while 11% say police
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have not been harsh enough. 72% disapprove of her handling of the situation. criticism comes from an unlikely place, the left. like liberal tv host keith olbermann who called for her resignation. >> the march backwards to the days when mayors in los angeles and newark and richard daley of chicago stood back as their police incited, bullied overreacted and brutally assaulted protestors at the height of the civil rights and vietnam movements. >> jon stewart ridiculed it on last night's daily show. barbara lee who represents oakland says she was outraged by what she called police brutality. "occupy oakland" organizers will hold a vigil tonight for the marine veteran who was badly hurt during tuesday's protest. 24-year-old scott olsen of daly city was hit in the head with a projectile as police tried to
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disperse the crowd. his friends say it was a tear gas canister. olsen's uncle says he is deeply disturbed by the tactics. >> if you felt patriotic enough to risk his life as to join the marine corps, he also felt patriotic enough to try to change our policies in order to make things better. now he gets wounded by people that we call "peacemakers." >> olsen's parents arrived at the hospital this afternoon. he has been upgraded to fair condition. friends say he wants to communicate but is he having trouble speaking. san francisco's mayor says that he watched what happened in oakland tuesday night and doesn't want that to happen in his city. still, he is struggling to find a way to enforce the law and deal with the protestors. joe vazquez explains the mayor's dilemma tonight. joe. >> reporter: you know, the fact is, after what happened the other night in oakland, it's just a giant political hot potato. nobody wants to be left holding it. the very concept of a police
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raid has politicians racing away from this issue. look behind me, you can see the encampment. at issue is while it's neat and peaceful the city says there are a number of health code violation and fire violations and in order to really get a good assessment they need a major police force to come in. problem is, no one seems to want to admit they are even thinking about a police raid. ♪ [ music ] reporter: they waited all night. protestors with "occupy sf" braced for what they were sure was going to be a repeat of the clashes in oakland on tuesday night. in fact, their numbers swelled as some of the oakland demonstrators joined them. among the crowd, a half dozen elected officials. >> i think it's important for us to see what happens, you know, to be here to observe. >> reporter: all night, hundreds of police officers gathered on potrero hill and on treasure island. but a police raid never happened. around 5:00 this morning, demonstrators let out a cheer. >> whoo! >> reporter: and then they went
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to sleep. >> we have that many officers on every wednesday for training. >> reporter: and since wednesday is training night, police chief greg suhr says he happened to have all these officers ready to go into "occupy sf" but chose not to. >> if we believe that we could go into the camp safely, if we believe that we could go in there and support our the -- agencies that will be doing the clean-up, without having to go have a measured response, we would do that. that opportunity did not present itself last night. >> reporter: meanwhile, there are now about 70 tents at this encampment fully two weeks after the mayor said that's where he draws the line. so will there be a police raid in the future? >> i can't speculate on the time. i think that, you know, we have been very patient. >> reporter: the mayor struggled to answer at a combative news conference. simultaneous simultaneous [overlapping speakers] i think it's not a monolith we're dealing w i think people
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did have the experience of what happened in oakland. i think there is a genuine feel that they don't want that to happen here in san francisco. >> reporter: so i mentioned about half a dozen politicians spent most of the night here last night. well, now they are inserting themselves into what's become a negotiation. you have several of the supervisors, san francisco city hall, as well as labor leaders who are now meeting with the mayor on behalf of this group. but allen, it's not clear whether this group wants to be represented by politicians. so the bottom line is the mayor keeps saying, well, as long as they come into compliance voluntarily, everything will be fine. it tonight look like that will happen. >> thank you for the latest, joe. for more on the "occupy" protests in the area and around the country log on to well, governor brown has unveiled a sweeping benefit rollback proposal for california's public workers. >> for most of them, it would mean paying more into their pensions and waiting longer to collect them. among the biggest changes,
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raising the retirement age from 55 to 67 for new workers, and putting all state employees in a new hybrid pension plan made up partly of state money and partly of 401(k)-style investments. >> we're not on a sustainable path. i tried to make something that's balanced. we're increasing income security in comparison to the private sector but we are shifting more risk and burden on the employees. >> every state worker would also contribute more under the plan which the governor says could cut the state's cost in half. unions promise to put up a fight in the legislature. at the $300 million seismic retrofit in front of memorial stadium, it's a good thing they are doing all that work because i'm standing pretty close to the epicenter of this morning's quake. the question is: is there more to come? we'll have details live after a break.
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to me, she's my angel. >> dragged from a burning big rig. the honor for the woman he calls his guardian angel. hollywood hits the bay area. the movie being filmed here and the stars of this show. ,,,,,,,,
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on wall street today... aftr promising news on the us ecy and the debt crisis in euro. a major upswing on wall street after promising news on the u.s. economy and the debt crisis in europe. new numbers show that the economy grew at a rate of 2.5%. the dow led the way with a gain of 340 points. markets rose 3% over a the s&p is up 13% in october. it's on pace for its biggest month in 34 years. early this morning, the leaders of 17 european countries agreed to cut
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greece's debt and strengthen the continent's banks. part of that deal will require banks to take 50% losses on greek bonds. the european union's bailout fund will also be doubled to $1.4 trillion. that money will be used to help countries such as spain and italy that are also at risk of default. a touching ceremony today after san francisco city hall to honor a woman who became a hero. last week, keenia williams braved a fiery big rig crash to pull the unconscious driver to safety on 101 near 16th street. this afternoon, city officials thanked the good samaritan. but most heartfelt was the gratitude expressed by the man who was saved. >> to me, she's my angel. my guardian angel. if she hadn't stopped, i don't know what would have happened. god bless you and you will always be in my heart and thank you. [ applause ] >> michael finnerty said he lost control of his truck trying to avoid a car that
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crashed in front of him. >> a little bit of hollywood taking over streets in san mateo tonight. scenes from the movie called of ben and mavericks serving shots. some of those going to last well after midnight tonight. that film is about big wave surfer jay moriarty and stars gerard butler. they will did some location shoots in half moon bay and pacifica but we are told the movie won't be out until next october. there is a reason why we're standing in fronts of this construction project at memorial stadium where they say go, bears. they might be going sooner than they think if the hayward fault has anything to say about it. details on this morning's quake after a break. meanwhile, with your seven- day forecast, finally a chance of rain back in the pinpoint outlook. we'll tell you which day the rain may arrive as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the same day last week... another today. this one was near the cal campus, just after 5-30 this morning. after two moderate earthquakes last week, another one just after 5:30 this morning in berkeley. it's the latest seismic activity along the hayward fault. the quake centered in virtually the same spot as the two others last week. cbs 5 science editor brian hackney with insight into the recent rumblings. brian.
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>> reporter: allen, maybe you didn't feel it if you're just within the sound of my broadcast voice but i'll tell you what if you were standing here where i am, near the epicenter of this morning's earthquake, you felt the earth move and no wonder. the hayward fault runs right down the middle of the playing field here at memorial stadium. outside, look up the edge of the stadium and you can see how it's been pushed more than a foot north since memorial was built back in the '20s. no wonder there are cranes today part of a $320 million project to retrofit this stadium and they are getting constant reminders of why it's necessary. from where the bart train exits through tunnels in the east bay hills, to where the hayward fault glimpse the back side of the claremont hotel, to where it makes the unkindest cut of all, splitting memorial stadium, we have now had three magnitude 3-plus quakes in a week in this general area. this part of the fault has
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sprung 15 small quakes since december 2006. what we know it means is that this is an active part of the 35-mile-long fault. now, does it mean that it's getting closer to springing a big one? like the magnitude 7 quake in october 1868? i'll tell thursday, we're not getting farther away from the next big quake. and 60 minutes from now, we are going to be talking with usgs geologist david schwartz who will tell us whether or not these series of quakes have anything to say about the next big quake on the hayward fault. so we'll chat with you then, allen. >> all right. a lot of people hoping these little ones just release some pressure and put off the big one but it's going to happen sometime. >> reporter: well, a quake like last night is 1/30,000th the energy of a 6.5 so there is no way that it has anything to do with putting off the next one. >> see you at 6:00. thanks. roberta, sunny skies again today but did you say the "r" word, explain it. >> i did. or was that roberta? [ laughter ]
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>> yeah. the one thing i heard from everybody that was in common today is boy, it's really feeling like autumn because last night we did dip down into the upper 30s inland. right now we are taking a sneak peek from dublin where today's high temperature so far has been right around 75 degrees. as we take a beautiful bird's- eye view with the crystal clear skies, how about if we compare that with this now? as we march towards the golden gate bridge from the transamerica building, the sky is seamless. current air temperature really across the board in the 70s. 76 at this hour in santa rosa. 74 in oakland. and the relative humidity dropped down to 19% today in san francisco. that's very similar to what we experienced in livermore. tonight's overnight lows 35 napa, get out that extra blanket. 43 in fremont. 44 in concord. now, the bottom line is, it will be crystal clear tonight. you will need that extra blanket and then, yes, we have that possibility lot computer models are arguing with this of
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rain next thursday. first off, high pressure it's been stagnant not going anywhere very quickly diverting storm track well to the north of the bay area. it's drying out the air mass and in those wind-protected valleys, we have the dew points dropping down considerably when they are very low meaning it's very dry and cold. so again those temperatures in the 30s. so we go from cold to warm tomorrow. 77 in santa clara and morgan hill. east bay numbers topping off at 79 degrees just shy of 80. and across the north bay 56 in bodega bay to 74 in san rafael. very little change every day towards the getaway friday into the weekend. there you have the cloud, that single cloudy put in the thursday forecast with that possibility of rain -- boo, did that scare you? not a scary forecast for the little ones out there. lots of clear skies, 50s and 60s, no rain jackets over the
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costumes. >> a little sweater. >> that's it. thank you. stocks summed today but retailers are bracing -- stocks surged today for retailers are bracing themselves for a tough holiday season. julie watts says many are offering first-time incentives to get you out there to spend. >> layaway. >> reporter: maybe you have heard layaway is back and cash- strapped shoppers are taking notice. >> i think layaway is a great option. >> construction workers there's not many construction out there. so yeah. >> it's actually great that you're not using a credit card. >> reporter: when it comes to shopping incentives this holiday season, experts say layaway is just the beginning. >> retailers are going to offer free shipping on most orders. we're also going to see price matching with added incentives. >> reporter: money saving expert andrea ward says this year instead of just price matching, many stores are offering price matching plus. so wal-mart, for example is offering a price guarantee. >> reporter: if you find a cheaper price after you purchase the item they will
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give us the the difference in the form of a gift card. >> sears and home depot will meet the competitor price match as well as offer a 10% discount. >> reporter: but sears will only price match nearby brick and mortar stores while others will also price match online retailers like amazon. stores like bed, bath & beyond and staples. thanks to smart phones this whole price matching thing has gotten easier for consumers. >> if you download various bar coding scanning apps on your smart phone, you can get instant price comparison when you're shopping in stores and then leverage that to see what kind of deals they can offer. >> reporter: other incentives include free shipping, free stuff and extended return periods. all ploys to get shoppers in the door. and while layaway is an oldie, andrea says it's not necessarily a goodie. >> you are looking at a service fee of anywhere from $10 to $20 and at best buy they charge 5% of the value. >> reporter: add that to cancellation fees if you change your mind and for many
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shoppers, you're better off simply saving up to pay all at once. >> personally i'd rather keep that money for myself. >> reporter: now, layaway may also cost you more by forcing to you miss out on big sales like black friday and cyber monday. free shipping friday december 16 when many stores offer big savings and guaranteed delivery by christmas. plus free shipping. this holiday season 92% of retailers say they will offer free shipping at some point. we'll be right back.
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ca. the structure is under we have some breaking news from southern california. this is the city of carson where a four-story apartment building has caught fire. now, here's the thing. this is under construction. nobody was living there. so carson just east of torrence down in the south bay area of los angeles. but the wind as you see is pretty strong down there carrying debris we are told into the neighborhood nearby this building. the heat actually melting, they say, some of the structures
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possibly cars nearby. but again, this is an apartment building that is under construction in carson in southern california. we'll keep an eye on that fire for you. fighting cancer physically emotionally very challenging. what if you have no way to get treatment? some patients don't drive. others too tired to get behind the wheel and many don't want to burden their loved ones for a ride day after day. as dr. kim mulvihill explains, that's where "road to recovery" can help. >> reporter: dennis is on a mission to fight cancer one ride at a time. >> hi. i'm dennis with the american cancer society. >> reporter: when dennis retired last year, teamed up with the american cancer society's road to recovery. volunteers who drive cancer patients to medical appointments. >> whether it's to radiation, chemotherapy, doctor's appointments, going to a lab for blood work. >> so we're going over to berkeley, right? alta bates? >> yes. >> reporter: kim chiu has been
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undergoing treat for metastatic breast cancer. >> six times chemo. >> reporter: she is seeing her doctor to get latest test results. >> bone scan mri, "ct" scan, "pet" scan, bone density, blood tests. >> i was really scared. i was not happy. >> i'm glad to do this. >> reporter: dennis knows what that's like. he volunteers in honor and memory of his wife, who died from breast cancer in 2005. she thought it was wrong that some patients have to take public transportation to chemotherapy. >> well, now i could answer and say, i am doing something and it's helping patients. >> reporter: helping patients like barbara, a former nurse who is fighting pancreatic cancer. >> radiation is okay. just chemo, makes me sick. >> reporter: barbara says it's you have to get to so many appointments. she is grateful for the ride.
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>> it's real nice. they're a lot of fun. we talk all the way over and all the way back. >> good to see you honey. hello. >> reporter: barbara is off to radiation with margaret zimmerman. >> keep it up. >> i am cancer-free. i am cancer-free. >> reporter: and dennis was there to share the good news. >> anyway way i could help someone, that's wonderful. >> last year over 10,000 cancer patients in california received transportation assistance for a total of close to 400,000 rides. if you would like to learn more about road to recovery, call 1800-acs-2345. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're working on for eyewitness news at 6. i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. they are supposed to stay away from kids. so why are hundreds of sex phonedders living or working with foster children -- sex offenders living or working with foster children? the shocking new state investigation. and a sweetheart deal to lure another professional sports team to the south bay. the critics who say it comes at too high a price. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. thank you. we'll see you in 30 minutes. >> "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> and remember the latest news and weather is always on coming up at 6:00, we'll have


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