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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  October 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. mayor quan, can we speak with you before you leave? >> oakland's mayor races from our cameras. why her plan to meet with "occupy" protestors never happened. a woman choked unconscious a santa clara campus on high alert this morning what police want to know about this man. good morning, what day is it, folks? >> friday!! >> that was pretty good. [ laughter ] >> around 6:58 we'll get right. >> around. it's october 28. just so you know, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm grace lee. it is 4:30 in the morning on -- >> friday. >> yeah. >> yes! and i'm very excited.
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looks like a fantastic day. i mean, the weather yesterday was perfect. today probably a little better as we are going to see more sunshine. starting out chilly in spots again. 37 in the napa valley, 41 santa rosa, clear skies just about everywhere you go. we'll have a complete look at your weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. everything looks quiet heading into san francisco on the bay bridge. critical mass tonight. more coming up. >> happy friday. the weekend is here. 4:31. shifting in a damage control that's what the mayor of oakland attempts but fails. the tents are back. she is waiting for the occupiers to call her. kristy seifkin in oakland with what protestors are planning next. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, mayor jean quan still has
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not spoken face to face to protestors. she had planned to come to the general assembly meeting that was going to be held inside the "occupy" camp. but she was told that she would have to come as a community member so she decided not to attend and instead held a press conference on her own. it was at that press conference that she was joined by the new chief of police. at that press conference, both turned down the opportunity earlier to attend the meeting. jordan said he thought he wouldn't be welcomed there. during the conference she apologized for tuesday night's events and that was of course when police raided the plaza and used tear gas multiple times in addition to using rubber bullets. she also laid down the law for what she expects from protestors who stay in the plaza. quan made a statement, a written statement, that included these four points. these requests. the first is she said, we need to have direct communication between city staff and "occupy oakland" representatives. second, we need to maintain health and safety conditions wherever you gather. third, we need to you allow our safety employees to have access
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when there is an emergency. and then fourth, we are asking that you not camp overnight. >> oakland is known for being a progressive city. uhm....... i'm really saddened by, uhm, what people think we are. we are clearly a city that has a lot of homeless and unemployed people, one of the highest rates of foreclosure in california. >> obviously, at this point her fourth request isn't being met. we do see campers out here back in the plaza this morning. it remains to be seen if they will comply with the other three requests. quan didn't want to say much beyond what she listed in the four bullet points. or reporter robert lyles attempted to speak with her and ask her questions after the press conference. he asked to speak with her at the car. she kept her car windows rolled up and just drove away. still fingers being pointed at mayor quan. a lot of questions about how she will continue to collaborate with the protestors and also how she will continue
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to work with police. chief jordan was given mixed messages in the week, first told to raid the plaza, then told to allow the protesters to return. it's been all of the drama that's happened in the past week that's garnered a lot of national attention and in fact, the "occupy" protestors expect to have a very special visitor later this afternoon, documentary filmmaker michael moore tweeting earlier yesterday that he understands the frustration of the protestors and expects to join them later on today. back to you. >> hey, kristy, you have been covering this for a few days now. what is the sense do you get from protestors with the mayor kind of going back and forth and now kind of being in the middle of what they can do, how long they can stay at frank ogawa plaza? >> reporter: it seemed they are open to the communication yesterday. earlier they wanted quan and jordan to come just as members of the community not as city officials. there is still that desire to have a dialogue. the focus right now though
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really seems to be pretty peaceful. it's quiet this morning. just over my shoulder there is a vigil that's been set up for the iraqi war veteran hit in the head with what supposedly something that the police fired during that raid or when they fired the tear gas so i think the desire is still there for the communication but certainly questioning the mayor's decisions since she hasn't spoken to them face to face yet. >> thank you, kristy. speaking of that iraq war veteran, mayor quan visited him after he was critically injured at the protest. she shook his hand and told 24- year-old scott olsen about what happened to him. a vigil was held from him at "occupy oakland" last night. he suffered a skull fracture when hilt by a tear gas canister or some projectile. he is now listed in fair condition. >> he actually can communicate, make signs, write. he clearly understands what we're saying but is still having trouble articulating
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words. i anticipate that that will improve. >> it's not just in oakland there. were vigils for olsen last night at other occupy catches across the cubry. and "anonymous" has posted a get well video for olsen. it is 4:36. right now, the "occupy" camp here in san francisco is still crowded with concerns about a possible police raid now on hold. officers were standing by on wednesday night but by early yesterday morning, it was clear a raid would not happen. san francisco authorities said a raid was not planned but officers were on standby in case there was trouble from a rumored merge with the oakland group. >> again, i think that it's not a monolith we're dealing with. i think people did have the experience of what happened in oakland. >> san francisco mayor ed lee would not rule out a future police raid if the continued camping presents a danger to public health and safety. a majority of people in san francisco think police have maintained control of the
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protest. that's according to a cbs 5 poll. less than a quarter believe police have lost control. when asked about the police department's use of force, nearly half told surveyusa it has been at an appropriate level. the rest were divided evenly between not forceful enough and too forceful. 4:37 now. this morning, the search is on for the person who attacked a female student at de anza college. sheriff's deputies in santa clara county just released this sketch of the suspect. he is about 5'4" tall with light brown hair. the victim says he asked her for assistance as she was walking on campus yesterday morning. and then he grabbed and choked her until she passed out. we'll have live report on this in just about 30 minutes. a state report finds a disturbing number of sex offenders living or working at homes with foster children. the california state auditor found that the addresses of more than 1,000 registered sex offenders matched the locations
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of licensed foster care facilities. even more surprising, the department says it told social services to cross-check the database three years ago but that never happened. >> something that's easy enough and just adds to ensuring that the kids are going to be placed in safe environments. >> social services says it does not believe cross-checking the database reliable. eight foster care facilities are now under investigation including two in vallejo. the l.a. dodgers say bryan stow may be partially responsible for the attack that almost killed him. the dodgers' lawyers telling espn a jury will probably put some of the blame on the injured giants fan himself. the lawyers depending the team against a lawsuit by stow's family. the family accuses the dodgers of not doing enough to prevent violence at games. the lawyer said, "i have been doing these cases for 23 years and i have never seen one yet in which it didn't take at least two people to tango." a suit is filed to try to stop the federal government's
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crackdown on medical marijuana producers here in california. the oakland-based americans for safe access claim the justice department is violating the tenth amendment by going after medical marijuana and not all marijuana. this month federal official stepped up efforts to shut down large-scale pot providers. 4739 now. this morning there will be milestone for the bay bridge construction project. >> the self-anchored suspension span is set to be completed. crews will be putting that 28th and final piece in place. it is the largest structure of its kind in the world. in the world! [ laughter ] >> a ceremony is planned for 10 a.m. at the site of the final piece on yerba buena island. >> they have been quiet will go getting it done. >> you see a little more as you go across. >> it's beautiful. well, you know, there's nothing quiet about lawrence karnow because estefantastic today. >> i am feeling good today, guys! [ laughter ] >> i bet you are. it's friday.
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>> it is friday! it's looking good around the bay area today. we're planning on lots of sunshine again today and i'll tell you what... i think the weekend looks fantastic, too. outside right now, you can see the clouds staying off the coastline keeping you clear even at the beaches. so so the temperatures are dropping off. again, it's a chilly start to some spots especially in the north bay. 37 degrees right now in napa, 41 in santa rosa, 46 degrees in livermore, and 52 in san jose. i think by the afternoon, we're enjoying some sunshine and the temperatures warming up maybe even a couple degrees warmer than yesterday, about 7 degrees in santa rosa, 77 in san jose, 78 in santa rosa, 67 sunshine in pacifica and 71 in san francisco. the weekend looking good. high pressure in control, lots of sunshine through saturday. maybe slight cooling on sunday. on monday, on halloween, couple clouds move through and yes, elizabeth, there is a little rain in the forecast just like you wanted. >> on halloween? >> not on halloween. >> on saturday? which day? i wasn't paying attention. >> thursday. next thursday. >> who cares about thursday.
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[ laughter ] >> thank you, lawrence. let's go outside. most it's overnight roadwork going on right now including in san jose. northbound and southbound 880 between 280 and old bayshore highway still out there blocking some lanes. but coming out of downtown san jose, things look great on 280. guadalupe parkway is nice and quiet. you will find roadwork still on the dumbarton bridge. that question mark means they have picked it up a little ahead of schedule. no roadwork in either direction of the san mateo bridge 92 crewing along. full ramp closure in vallejo eastbound 80 to columbus parkway, highway 37. that ramp is going to be shut down until about 8:00 this morning so use another detour. in the meantime, one more live look outside. here's life look at the golden gate bridge. free-flowing, no issues, no problems. nada. pretty quiet cross the golden gate bridge. that is traffic. back to you. >> i bet next wednesday you're going to care about thursday. >> that's true. if it is in the morning commute, it's usually a little bit of an issue. >> all right. thanks. 4:41 now. some new warnings about popular
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birth control brands. >> and the world's biggest pc maker has a change of heart. also ahead... >> agents that have specialized training and years and years of training to get to the level where they're at. >> a secret agent steps out of the shadows. why he is blowing his own cover in order to warn californians. need a little help with an errand? there's an app for that. the tool that lets you name your price for just about anything. that and much more when grace and i come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an agreement to deal with the european debt crisis sent stocks soaring around the world. american markets joined the rally. the dow soared 340 points and closed above 12,000. the nasdaq added 88 points. and the third extended biggest monthly rally for s&p 500 index since 1974. california's budget woes are threatening to cut jobs of special law enforcement agent who work on task force that
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most people don't even know exists. alex is one of those undercover agents who works for the state department of justice. he revealed his identity and spoke to cbs 5 in hopes that he can help save 52 elite task forces that local police agencies often rely on. >> a lot of times they will call us in, if a child is abducted, major homicide, missing person, sexual predator or major gang violence and narcotics trafficking occurring in the jurisdictions. that's when he would call. >> governor brown and state attorney general kamala harris have called these agents some of the best trained in the world. harris' office says efforts are under way to restore funding for the task forces. it is 4:45. bernie madoff says he has remorse and nightmares about his ponzi scheme but feels happier in prison than he felt in 20 years. he talked with barbara walters
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in prison where no cameras are allowed. he said, i feel safer here than outside. i have people to talk to and no decisions to make inside here. separately madoff's wife will appear on "60 minutes" this coming sunday. hewlett-packard had a change of heart. they are going to keep its personal computer units after all. just weeks ago hp promised to spin off or sell the unit as it tried to streamline its business but hp's new ceo meg whitman says keeping the pc unit is the right thing for the company, its customers and shareholders. the "contra costa times," "oakland tribune" and other newspapers will keep their names. the bay area news group says it's grafting its plans to combine several newspapers in alameda and contra costa counties with regional names on th masthead. readers thought it was a lousy idea. in another move the trib will move back to downtown oakland. it won't be back to the historic tribune tower because
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the building is in foreclosure proceedings. that says a lot about where the newspaper biz is now. >> that's a great building. >> sadly. yeah. how many times have you said your to self, i would pay cash for that. >> that's the palestinian separation behind a new tech startup called zaarly. you that's the inspiration behind a new tech startup. it transforms your neighborhood into a virtual bazaar. users post a request for service like deejay lessons and name the price they are willing to pay, then they see if anybody in their community can fulfill it. none of the similar sites like craigslist or ebay tap into existing tech like zaarly does. >> this would have been impossible without a facebook, without a twitter, without google maps on mobile. >> you guys from zaarly? great. >> zaarly officially launched in may with an initial investment and pr hype from ashton kutcher the star of cbs' "two and a half men." meg whitman joined its board of directors. lady liberty celebrating a
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big birthday. a high-tech makeover, too, for her 125th anniversary. >> and new safety concerns about popular birth control pills. the brands putting women at risk for blood clots. and she uncovered something dirty at mcdonald's. why one mom is now banned from the golden arches. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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earthquake zone in turkey. early pulled a 13-year a new story of survival from the earthquake zone in turkey. early this morning, rescuers pulled a 13-year-old boy out of a collapsed multistory building. look at this. he was working in a shoe shop on the ground floor last sunday when that 7.2 earthquake hit. he survived for five days, used a rock to open a space and drank rainwater to stay alive. 570 people have been confirmed dead because of the quake. >> he looks pretty good, too. a birthday celebration and high-tech upgrade for lady liberty. they are having a ceremony to
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mark the 125th anniversary of the statue of liberty. internet cameras have been installed on her torch. she will be watching. you will be able to go online and see the view of the harbor and all the visitors on the ground around the statue. "the early show" will do a bit on that at 7:00. one of the most advanced nasa satellites blasted off just about two hours ago. the space agency says that it's going to improve weather forecasts, lawrence, and monitor some climate change. >> zero, and liftoff... of the delta 2 with the npp satellite blazing away... >> it launched from vandenberg air force base. it will bridge the gap between aging satellites and a new generation to be launched in a few years. they did it because lawrence asked them to. $1.5 billion-dollar mission. >> the first job is to deliver some fine weather to the bay area. >> so far working very well. yeah. we are going to see a lot of sunshine. >> how are you today by the way? >> what's that? >> how are you today? >> i am fantastic! !
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we're looking at friday and we're looking at some great weather outside. a lot of sunshine coming our way. a little chilly to start though if you are headed out the door. temperatures down to the 30s and the 40s in some spots in the north bay. 50s elsewhere inside the bay with clear skies. this afternoon, we're enjoying fall sunshine and beautiful weather. moving well into the 70s inland. got 60s at the coastline and plenty of 70s inside the bay. yeah, it's cool in spots, though. you have 37 degrees to start out in the napa valley. 41 in santa rosa. 46 in livermore. this afternoon, though, high pressure continuing to build in over head. so it's going to sit here and bring you continued mild weather outside for today. eventually the low will drop over the top of this ridge cooling things down on sunday. between now and then the weather looks nice. traveling around the state you will see 70s into the central valley and high country looks good, sunny. boreal ski resort opening this weekend. can you believe it? >> no way. >> the ski resorts are starting to open up, up there. they may get some snow toward the latter part of this next week.
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temperatures around the bay area, 70s as you look toward the south bay. 67 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures up into the 70s, inside 71 in san francisco, 72 oakland. next couple of days, going to warm those temperatures up very nicely. slightly cooling on sunday maybe a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in. cooler on halloween but dry and then looks like mild temperatures on tuesday and wednesday. but by next thursday, elizabeth, a chance of rain returns to the bay area. >> ball we care about is halloween because that's -- but all we care about is halloween because that's when you wear your costume and you don't want the rain to ruin your fairy wings on your costume -- speaking from past experience. roadwork on the eastshore freeway wrapping up shortly westbound 80 between albany exit and emeryville, various lanes blocked. so we were hoping to show you a
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life traffic camera through ashby. caltrans camera is a little tricky but hopefully we'll bring it to you in another traffic hit coming up here in a little bit. no issues heading into san francisco. could be a different story tonight. it is the last friday of the months, also critical mass bike ride so 6:15 by justin herman plaza. you may find delays because that's when those bike riders take off. we also have the "occupy sf" protestors there, as well. so between critical mass and "occupy sf" might get a little tricky there by the embarcadero. right now golden gate bridge traffic great. overnight roadwork some lanes blocked southbound 101 through novato should wrap up around 5:00 and usually it gets picked up a little early. one more live traffic camera quickly great near oracle and no issues towards downtown oakland. we'll have more traffic and weather coming up. back to you. >> thank you.
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warnings this morning that newer birth control drugs may be unsafe. pills like yaz carry a 75% greater risk for drug clots. it and other drugs increase potassium levels in the drug. higher rates of complication in women using the orthoevra patch and the nuva ring. any dieter can tell you that keeping weight off can be as hard as losing it. some findings suggest dieters who regain weight may be fighting a losing battle against their own hormones. people maintained significant weight loss for a year and many were still producing high levels of hormones that influence the urge to eat despite their healthier lifestyles. >> making it tough. mcdonald's usually likes moms, right, because they have hungry kids? but mcdonald's has banned one
4:56 am
mom from the golden arches. a woman with four children went around swabbing the play areas in her phoenix area mcdonald's for germs and she found that they were filthy and disgusting! so [ laughter ] >> she took pictures and video and then hounded mcdonald's to clean up its act. she says when nothing change, she took those swabs to the lab. >> incredibly high levels of bacteria that are considered opportunistic, in other words they seek out the immune systems of people like children. >> so she did the same thing to a remodel sacramento area mcdonald's and found it contained e. coli and stds. the environmental management houses says the fun houses are not part of inspection areas. mcdonald's says it cleans the areas daily but still, mcdonald's in the phoenix area says she is no longer welcome. >> wow. a little work to do there. >> no kidding. in sports, winner-take-all in game 7 of the world series. not a lot of sleep for some of us this after a big win in
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extra innings by the cardinals. watch. >> we will see you tomorrow night! >> david freese hit the deciding home run in fact bottom of the 11th. cardinals came back from a two- run deficit twice in the ninth and 10th innings. card won 10-9 over the rangers and now it comes down to a single game. it will be the first game 7 of the world series sadly since the april gels beat the giants in 2002. and they were up 3-2, angels beat the giants. it is 4:57 now. the major milestone today for the new bay bridge. tell you about that. >> and the dodgers fight back against bryan stow's family. why they are putting some of the blame on the giants fan for his own attack. and i'm kristy seifkin at city hall in oakland, where just last night, mayor quan snuck out the back door of her
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own press conference and now she has and in for the protestors staying in the park. i'll have the details in a live report coming up. i'm anser hassan live in cupertino where de anza college issued a warning for students after a female student is attacked in the parking garage. details coming up in a live report. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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