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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm allen martin. oakland mayor's admits she made mistakes in the way she handled the occupy demonstrations. >> but jean quan says protestors are to blame as well and she has no intention of stepping down. christin ayers shows us the celebrity who drew boos with the mere mention of the mayor's name. >> reporter: and dana, that celebrity is filmmaker michael moore. he was out here speaking to this crowd which has swelled to hundreds in the past couple of hours. this group is on their nightly general assembly meeting and planning a general strike next week against banks and other corporations. >> reporter: the crowd of provide testers swelled friday as michael moore took center stage in support of a movement that took on a life of its own. at the mere mention of jean quan's name.
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>> i sent her an email asking if we could speak. >> boo! >> police departments and police unions across the country supporting the "occupy" movement in their towns. albany, new york a beautiful example. the governor told them to remove the people and the police said, we don't consider that part of police work. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the mayor was in this press conference within earshot of the crowd explaining why she suddenly flip-flopped this week backing down from the crackdown that she authorized in allowing protesters to return to frank ogawa plaza. >> i apologize because people were hurt. >> reporter: quan has been under fire for what some call a mismanaged approach to the protests. she was booed when she tried to address occupiers thursday. >> mayor quan? can we speak with you before you leave? >> reporter: then avoided our reporter when asked to comment later. now quan claims she is not the only one who has made mistakes in the past week. >> it appears to me that there may have been mistakes made by people who are involved in this probably on both sides. >> i'm not going to comment on
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the mayor's reaction to what happened. i don't know how what the thought process was. it's really not up to me to comment on what she is saying and doing. i can't control that. >> reporter: we caught up with the oakland police chief after he left highland hospital this afternoon. he was visiting the family of scott olsen, the iraq war veteran who suffered a head injury when police launched a project tile in a protest tuesday. jordan says his officers used the least amount of force possible to protect themselves. >> as the police chief, i am responsible for those actions. i fully support them to protect the life and property of citizens peacefully assembling. >> reporter: we asked jean quan about calls for her resignation and there have been many particularly on her facebook page. she says she has no plans to resign and will finish the job that she is here to do. she also told us, dana, that
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her office is flooded with phone calls and emails this week, many nasty we've heard. but again, she says they are fielding those calls and many not from here in the bay area but rather from people out of state and even out of the country. >> there is an move ad that asks people to call her and express their feelings about it. so i'm wondering if that's a lot of it. interesting that it's taken the mayor three days now to come out and talk about the violence that occurred in oakland on tuesday night. did she say why it's taken her that long? >> you know, she didn't specifically address that question. but she did say that she has kept an open mind about talking to "occupy oakland." you will remember yesterday she came out and she tried to talk and was booed. there is a lot of bad blood here for good reason, would you think. not clear whether she will have a dialogue with the protestors. >> thank you, christin ayers in
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oakland. this is not the first time oakland's been under scrutiny for police response to protests. in 2003, an antiwar rally at the port of oakland made headlines nationwide. police used rubber bullets and other nonlethal force on demonstrators then. joe vazquez reports out of that clash came new rules of engagement that police may not have followed this time around. joe. >> reporter: allen, those crowd control rules are very clear. the oakland police department was very aware of them. the big question though is with more than a dozen other police agencies joining them here on the streets in oakland tuesday night, were they made aware of the rules? tear gas... rubber bullets... the dramatic images of oakland seen round the world of cops using force on a crowd of protestors. even critically injuring a marine veteran, now raising questions about whether police
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have violated a federal court order governing the use of force in crowd control in oakland. that court order is as a result of a multi-million dollar settlement following another violent police response to a demonstration eight years ago. the 2003 antiwar protest at the port of oakland, two dozen demonstrators were injured after cops fired wooden dowels concussion grenades and tear gas into the crowd. the "new york times" called it the most violent response by any police agency in the united states at the time. the city spent millions on the resulting federal lawsuit and agreed to a settlement which laid down guidelines about how tear gas and other weapons can be used in oakland. >> chemical agents cannot be used willy-nilly as they appear to have been that night. >> reporter: civil rights lawyer jim shannon was one of the lead attorneys in the case. he says the violation was when the cops used tear gas without exhausting other police procedures first that night. >> crowd control chemical
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agents shall only be used if other techniques such as encirclement and multiple simultaneous arrests or police formations have failed. >> reporter: as for rubber or beanbag bullets the court order says they can never be used for crowd control in oakland and they can only be fired at specific individuals causing a direct threat. and even if it was outside police agencies who used the rubber bullets and other weapons, it is still oakland's responsibility. >> the oakland police department under the crowd control policy and just as a matter of common sense has the obligation to tell other police forces what the rules of engagement are. >> that's one of the things we're looking at. we're looking at did somebody else bring that in? did they not hear the rules? we have to make sure our rules are followed. >> reporter: the mayor says there will be an investigation and if they need to bring the police back in, they will make
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it crystal clear. but, you know, i was talking to a police officer and one of the city leaders here and they had a different take than the mayor is talking about publicly. after the initial raid they said here a lot of the police agencies a lot of the officers went home and so that evening, when it erupted, there were fewer police officers on hand to deal with the crowd. why did they feel like they had to use tear gas, did they overreact and did they not rules but felt they needed to protect themselves? it's whether they thought they were using the rules to protect themselves. our journalists on the ground the cbs 5 and other observers say it just seemed like they used that tear gas and those rubber bullets very quickly without resorting to other things first. >> joe, the question i have is, at one point we reported 17 different agencies involved in this. it's not like they all came in from different places. they all gathered, they all had a meeting. don't they lay down the ground
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rules and say hey that weapon is not allowed here, put it away? >> reporter: ers that the usual procedure. keep in mind you have s.w.a.t. teams and different teams accustomed to using these weapons and train with them in different jurisdictions. they are supposed to get a briefing about what the rules are in the jurisdiction they are operating in. the mayor says it's not clear whether they got that briefing or how clear it was made to the other officers. >> i'm sure we'll find out over the come days. joe, thanks. well, oakland occupiers are getting some worldwide support. this is egypt today. pro-democracy protestors marched in solidarity with oakland demonstrators from tahrir square to the u.s. embassy in cairo. and "occupy" protestors in san jose are having their voices heard. about two hours ago they started marching in support of sean o'kelly. he has been perched on top of a wall outside of city hall almost a week. he says he will stay up there until the city agrees to allow
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the demonstration at city hall plaza to continue. so far, police have made 15 arrests and issued 26 citations there. they stormed city hall and demanded that the old pot rules be brought back. medical marijuana supporters are fighting to repeal a tough new crackdown and as len ramirez reports, they are 50,000 strong and they have big money behind them. >> reporter: supporters of medicinal marijuana delivered stacks of signed petitions to the san jose city clerk's office nearly filling the room with paper and people to count them. >> we had 17 boxes of petitions and we have not done the rough count yet. >> reporter: the citizens coalition for patient care says there are 50,000 signatures far more than the 29,000 the group says it needs to put a referendum on the ballot to repeal san jose's strict new medical cannabis law. >> the voters of san jose responded very enthusiastically. it was very easy to get the signatures from voters.
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our polling shows that over 65% of the voters want the issue on the ballot or would like to see the city council just repeal it. >> reporter: the san jose law approved last month cuts the number of medicinal pot dispensaries from 100 to 10, limited to commercial areas and requires that their marijuana be grown on site. the city council passed the ordinance due to concerns some outlets were illegally selling pot and were involved in other crimes such as money laundering. >> we want to have narrowly tailored regulations that address the problems because we know there are some problems out there and what we want to do is make sure they're workable for the dispensaries so the city doesn't lose $3.6 million in revenue. >> reporter: the group says it would rather work with the city to balance patient needs with regulations rather than force the city into a showdown. but it's raised $200,000 to fund a campaign next year if needed. len ramirez, cbs 5. vallejo will soon be using a new and rather unusual tactic to try and curb the city's rampant prostitution problem. the city has received permission from the state to
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begin sending out dear john letters to suspected prostitution customers. vallejo will rely on volunteer descriptions of vehicles as well as license plate numbers to track the alleged johns. the idea, to deliver a very blunt message. >> we know you're in vallejo. we know what you're doing. don't do it anymore. >> maybe get the idea they shouldn't be out there looking. >> police have already been working with neighborhood groups for months trying to combat the prostitution problem. legal issues regarding the letter campaign are still being worked out by city leaders. a bay area lawmaker charged with grand theft. the luxury items she is accused of stealing from nieman marcus. as members of the hells angels prepare to bury yet another one of their own, the surprising place where a feud between rival motorcycle clubs may have started. it's in all respects an infectious disease.
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>> a pandemic killing trees around the worm. how genetic sleuths traced the origin to the bay area. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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behaving badly. first- a lawmaker accused two examples of leaders from sacramento accused of behaving badly. first the california law enforcement accused of shoplift. mary hayashi pled not guilty to a felony grand theft charge. she is accused of stealing $2,500 worth of clothing from nieman marcus in san francisco's union square. hayashi says she is hopeful this matter will be cleared up soon. her spokesman released this statement. "the incident in san francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding and the assemblywoman apologizes." another state official in trouble with the law, the chp arrested california chief
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budget officer anna molotosantos this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. the arrest happened hours after she helped governor brown unveil the plan to reform state passengers. matasantos called offering to resign but he refused to let her do it. san jose police are planning to have a massive presence at a funeral for another slain hells angels member tomorrow. as mark sayre tells us, the recent string of murders is part of a biker feud that may have all started at starbucks. mark. >> reporter: well, dana, because this is a private service tomorrow, police are expecting fewer people here than at the violence-marred service two weeks ago. but police say that the chain of events that led to all this violence did indeed possibly begin at a very unusual place. this starbucks on pacific avenue in downtown santa cruz could be the starting point for a string of recent violent confrontations between the hells angels and rival vagos motorcycle clubs. santa cruz has long been
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claimed by the hells angels that when the vagos came to town police say the two clubs clashed over territory including who could sit at this starbucks. in january of last year, just around the corner from the starbucks, a vagos member allegedly attacked several hells angels in the middle of the day using a hammer and a tire iron. nearly two years later, it is all leading here to san jose, where on saturday, hells angels steve tausan of the santa cruz chapter will be buried and police will be ready. >> so it's on us as police department to make sure this event unfolds quietly. >> reporter: tausan was allegedly killed by fellow hells angels member steve ruiz at the funeral of san jose chapter president jeff pettigrew two weeks ago. police say it was internal conflict between hells angels that led to the shooting possibly over the events at the sparks nevada casino where pettigrew was killed by rival vagos club members. police have been in touch with the hells angels leadership and expect no problems this
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weekend. >> our command officers have reached outspoken with high level ranking members of the hells angels and basically, very respectful of each other and said this is an event we are going to both be involved in so let's work together to be sure it goes smoothly. >> reporter: this weekend's burial will be another opportunity to search for steve ruiz, on the run. >> it would be good for us if showed up. it will make him easier to catch. >> reporter: despite at insurance from the leadership of the -- despite the assurances from the leadership of the hells angels for a violence-free weekend, the police will be both the outside and inside the memorial park at oakland him. they will keep an eye on things to be sure it doesn't get out of hand. live in san jose, mark sayre, cbs 5. the beauty of the european landscape is under attack from a fung gas borne here in the bay area's backyard. as grace lee found out it took a dna detective to track this
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pandemic from italy to the golden state. >> under the tuscan sun just [ indiscernible ] cypress truce, right. >> reporter: the italian cypress is iconic. the landscape of tuscany provence and other areas around the mediterranean, it is a tall straight fast growing evergreen that reaches about 6 stories high. but uc-berkeley tree pathologist says some are no match for. >> tiny little microscopic fungus goes into a wound and kills the branches of the tree. >> reporter: the tree is poisoned and dehydrated and goes brown from the wound upwards. the spores of the fungus known as cypress canker reproduce and move to infect their next victim. >> it's in all respects an infectious disease very much the same as infectious diseases of people. >> reporter: but the origin is a mystery. >> you can imagine when trees
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were seen dying in large numbers, how that really had a strong impact not just on scientist but also on the common, you know, folks that were living in those areas. >> reporter: he teamed up with italian scientists to compare the dna of the pathogens there with the ones killing trees here. genetics show the fung gas in california is native to the area while tests on the italian version showed it was a relative newcomer. so why would a native fungus be killing off so many native trees? we actually found the answer here in the berkeley marina. the monterey cypress is a coastal tree and planning it inland even just as little distance away from the water takes it out of its native habitat and makes it more vulnerable to disease. >> when people move to
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california they started planting monterey cypresses, beautiful, grow fast but planted them inland, completely different ecological situation. >> reporter: they also did something else. in the 1920s and '30s, they sold trees to europe and unbut wittingly sent the tiny toxin for a ride. now it's all over the world. >> we plant trees where they don't belong, all of a sudden, we start processes that we're not able to control. >> reporter: there are chemicals that can help an infected tree but he says he doesn't see mass spraying as being very practical. instead, he advises cutting off the pathway that spreads cypress canker. >> isn't it possible to actually say, why do we willly need to move plants long distance? why did we need to do that? can't we just stop doing that? >> reporter: in berkeley, grace lee, cbs 5. wrapping up this last friday in the month of october,
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the 28th day of the month, with high temperatures averaging anywhere between 2 and 8 degrees above normal for this time of t year. current temperatures in the area, low 60s in pacifica. still in the low 70s inland anywhere from napa through sonoma into glen ellen. dublin today's high temperature topped off at 76. nonexistent winds at this time. sundown was minutes ago at 6:16. temperatures overnight into 40s and 50s. won't be as cool because we don't have that dry air mass in place as we did 24 hours ago with the formation of a little light layer of marine clouds off the north bay coast. sunshine all weekend. we have the possibility of rain
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by this time next week. your pinpoint forecast for saturday, mid-60s with the abundance of sunshine at the beaches to the mid- and high 70s across the santa clara valley and also 79 degrees in gilroy. east of the bay the further east you go, we'll top off at 80 degrees, brentwood through discovery bay. and north bay numbers stacking up to 79. we had that full seven-day forecast that's still next time around with your pinpoint forecast. i'm juliette goodrich live on treasure island. it is a major milestone for the bay bridge. oakland and san francisco are now linked. coming up i'll explain why. keurig has a wide variety of g coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew.
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so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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crews lowered the final stretch into place today. it's official. the new span of the bay bridge
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is complete. crews lowered the final stretch into place today. juliette goodrich is on treasure island to show us the finished project. hey, juliette. >> reporter: hi, dana. it really is a major milestone. so here we are on the ground on treasure island. you can see the bay bridge behind us. but let's go to chopper 5 to give you those great aerials. and what is so impressive today and really what makes this major milestone is that oakland and san francisco are now linked with the placement of a final deck section. we were there earlier today when the section was placed. chopper 5 overhead. it's the final stretch of the new bay bridge eastern span deck. the placement of a 28th and final deck section linking oakland with yerba buena island. chopper 5 giving us the best view of crews hoisting a section of the bridge deck into place. >> it represents an investment in the future of our area tying
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oakland and san francisco. >> reporter: the segment weighs more than 1,000 tons lifted by a custom built floating crane today. >> i sure hope now that we have all the steel in place we can really put the pedal to the metal and you see those large cat walks extending up to the tower, that's the next operation. the cable erection that has to be completed before we can open the structure. >> reporter: city leaders from oakland and san francisco joined bay bridge project engineers to mark the milestone and also discuss the need to push for federal funding to retrofit all bridges. >> we all felt those tremors last week. we have to remember why we're here today. we live in earthquake country. there's so much work that we have to do to retrofit major bridges and roads in the bay area. >> reporter: the $6.3 billion bridge is expected to open to
6:27 pm
traffic fall 2013. it is now pedal to the metal for the bridge, that is, not for your drive home just a moment hey, hey, hey, don't out me. >> come on now. [ laughter ] >> but really, what fascinating engineering that this is -- this is almost there. >> reporter: it's hard to believe. and i think that the mayor, mayor quan, said it precisely. we're talking about earthquake retrofit and we just had some earthquakes last week. so this is definitely good timing to have this done as quickly as possible. >> you bet. juliette goodrich, thank you so much. it looks like customers won. the big banks that are backing away from debit card fees. >> and solar scrutiny. what the white house could be forced to give up following the solyndra scandal. she stayed 16 months without paying any rent. she changed the locks. >> her trail of eviction goes back 15 years. >> we want to talk to you.
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>> why landlords cannot stop "the tenant." coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rent. the conseque these days a lot of people struggle to pay their mortgage
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or even their rent. the consequences of not paying often means you lose your home or apartment. tonight though we look at one particular tenant a woman who has used her expertise to evade paying rent time and time again for years. >> boy this really takes me back. >> reporter: connie cook's garden doesn't grow like it used to. >> so many hours put in out here. >> reporter: she bought the sonoma county property 11 years ago hoping to spend her retirement years here. the plan was to rents out the converted barn to help pay the mortgage. she says that it all went well until early 2009 when a single mother moved in with her teenaged son. soon cook says the new tenant gwen smith started complaining. >> the apartment was unhabitable. the water was not healthy. there was a gas leak. >> reporter: then smith stopped paying rent. and when cook tried to evict her, smith, who has a law degree, fought back in court. >> she just kept filing motion
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after motion. she stayed 16 months without paying any rent. >> reporter: a judge eventually ruled smith's conduct was malicious and that her numerous court filings amounted to tactical delay. he award cook $49,000 but smith appealed and the case is still pending. >> i was just helpless. >> reporter: as her finances dwindled, cook turned to her local legal aid office where she got another rude surprise. >> they said oh, we know gwen smith. she is notorious. >> reporter: turns out prior landlords went through similar experience. landlords like barbara, who rented part of her house in sebastopol to smith and her son in 2008. >> she comes across very articulate, intelligent. >> reporter: but a few weeks after moving in -- >> she change the locks and started screaming at me that the house was uninhabitable. >> reporter: she says when she tried to get in to fix the problems, smith would call the police claiming someone was trying to break in.
6:33 pm
soon, smith stopped paying rent and when wilt tried to collect. >> she would slam the door in my face. >> reporter: in one encounter, smith even pepper sprayed her landlord. >> i just felt this liquid on my face and i started swelling up and couldn't see and just was, you know, horrible. >> reporter: wilt took her to court but smith countersued claiming she and her son suffered property damage, illness, infections and emotional trauma by living in wilt's hellish basements. >> it's kind of like she is the perfect storm. she knows the laws. and she gets away with it. >> reporter: wilt eventually won her judgment against smith for more than $42,000. but smith appealed that judgment, too. the case went all the way to the state supreme court. smith lost but it took three years of legal battles and that's just two cases. our investigation found a total of eight judgments against smith in eviction proceedings filed against her in four states. they total a whopping $184,000.
6:34 pm
how could that happen? >> she was more skillful about tenant protection law than most tenant attorneys i have gone up against. >> reporter: connie cook's attorney jim san zone says smith's law degree helped but so did california's landlord- tenant laws. >> they initiate all these tenant protections. these protections can easily be exploited. >> reporter: faced with motion after motion, most landlords give up. >> i have a lot of landlords who come to me and say, you know what? i'm going to figure out what the cost of defense is and i'm going to offer that to the tenant and waive all their rent. it will get them out quicker and it will save me money. >> reporter: we offered to sit down with smith to get her side of the story. but after two weeks and several threats by her to sue us, we decided to track her down. and we found her here in the sonoma county town of forestville. gwen smith? excuse us. >> reporter: she didn't want to
6:35 pm
talk. her forrestville landlord didn't want his name used but told us, smith stayed three months without paying rent. we are told the day after our encounter, she moved out. her whereabouts now unknown. barbara wilt meanwhile is still waiting to collect her judgment. >> i still am just so disappointed and disillusioned with our justice system. >> reporter: connie cook is still waiting for her money, too. even if she gets it, it will be too late. living on social security with no rental income, she got behind on her mortgage payments and lost her farmhouse to foreclosure. >> oh, it breaks my heart. just breaks my heart. >> wow. >> now, it's hard not to have empathy for these homeowners. but a little bit of bookkeeping here. did they not do a background check? >> you know, most of them they have one little unit and in connie cook's case, you know, she didn't do that because she wanted to save a little bit of money but even if she had done all of that, the information would have been hard to come
6:36 pm
by. gwen smith has used several different aliases in different states and in california evictions are legally hidden from credit reporting agencies for 60 days so if connie cook had actually gone to the courthouse she would have no idea that smith had just been evicted by a previous landlord. >> wow. what a story, allen. thank you very much. well, the other end of the stick here, a woman who scammed san francisco apartment hunters was sentenced today. rachel marie smith posted ads on craigslist advertising apartments for rent even though she was not legally entitled to do so. she then pretended to rent to people and pocketed their security deposits and first month's rents. >> what she was doing is she was delaying, she kept coming up with reasons why the move-in date had to be pushed back because they had an illness in the family, her mother was i will... >> 18 victims were swindled for a total of $110,000. smith was sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to
6:37 pm
pay restitution. some of the country's major banks are having second thoughts about charging customers monthly fees to use their debit card. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains customer outrage is fueling this about-face. julie. >> reporter: yeah, first it was chase, then late in afternoon wells fargo announced it's also backing off on plans to charge customers a monthly debit card fee, fees which have customers infuriated. >> reporter: chases is changing its mind. eight months after chase began testing a $3 monthsly debit card fee in georgia and wisconsin it's now saying, never mind. >> i suspect that it's more than anything about public reaction. >> reporter: andrea of the california reinvestment coast a group advocates for low income people says it's consumer outrage that's responsible for the back pedaling. >> these days, people are barely living paycheck to paycheck. they don't have an extra money to pay for access that they
6:38 pm
have been getting and that was pushed hard on them. >> reporter: and other banks are getting the message, too. wells fargo, citibank, u.s. bank and td bank are all now saying they won't be charging customers who swipe. and bank of america seems to be softening its stance saying today it is coming one a plan to help more customers avoid debit card fees. >> you wake up and -- >> reporter: it was b. of a. that got the most heat from consumers with what people are calling breakup videos now posted on youtube. there's also a no debt fee petition signed by 300,000 people on and then there's bank transfer day. started right here in california this facebook page already has 65,000 friends. it's urging people to move their money out of major banking institutions on or before next saturday. all this over fees that banks say they need to stay healthy while making some consumers sick. >> they are healthier, i'm glad they're healthier but that doesn't make us any healthier.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: so what's the official explanation? well, chase tells us that after an eight-month debit fee experiment it's decided it's not in the best interests of its customers. consumer groups warn that banks will make up for the fees in other ways quite possibly with higher fees for checking accounts and other service. >> oh, yeah. >> gets you come and go. thank you. congress might force the white house to release records of its loan guarantee to solyndra. the fremont solar company filed for bankruptcy in august despite a half billion-dollar federal loan. the house committee plans to vote on a subpoenas early as next week. that could help answer what happened to the company. the white house announced and independent review of dozens of other loans handed out by the energy department. we have learned that a marine from milpitas has been killed in afghanistan. the department of defense says staff sergeant steven dunning was killed during a combat
6:40 pm
operation in hellman province yesterday. he was 31 years old. a terrifying holdup at a northern california nail salon. and police say it all started when the bad guys asked to take a bathroom break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:42 pm
the gunmen who took over a nail salon during a tense robbery. andrea menniti reports, the robbers took several steps to police are looking for the gunman who took over a nail salon during an intense robbery. the robbers took several steps to make sure that they would not get caught. andrea menniti reports. >> reporter: famous nails in stockton is picking up the pieces after a brazen broad daylight attack. a nail technician who doesn't want to appear on camera tells us it all started when a man walked in and asked to use the bathroom. when employees told him no, they say the man waved in an accomplice and the pair of armed robbers jumped into action closing the blinds to make sure no one on the busy street would see what happens next. >> point is a black revolver
6:43 pm
gun and then he said, everyone like lay down. >> reporter: face to face with a gunman -- >> like a revolver like holding pointing at us like this. >> reporter: robbers ordered the three workers and a single customer to get on the floor. >> hopefully he don't just shoot us for fun. >> reporter: employees say the customer a regular at the neighborhood nail spot couldn't keep calm. >> she was crying. she was shooken up, yeah. everybody was scared. >> reporter: after stealing from the register, workers and customers' purse, the gunman gave one final demand. >> after that he say count to 100 and then he left. >> reporter: thankful to be okay, everyone inside watched the robbers run down the street and jump into a waiting getaway car. today employees removed the blinds that allowed the criminals to hide. >> it will happen at least people outside can see in. >> reporter: there are no security cameras but a neighboring store may have caught the robbers on tape.
6:44 pm
police are investigating. in stockton, andrea menniti, cbs 5. official sun you know was just 30 minutes ago and we have the abundance of clear skies. tomorrow will be another seasonal autumn day. the day this week that end will pan out to be the warmest but first, kim coyle with sports. >> all right. thanks, roberta. how would david stern respond to the head of the players union walking out of the room during negotiations? and the 49ers defense is good but there is another san francisco team with a better d. find out in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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friday night october 28 after highs today across the bay area, 69 degrees half moon bay to 78 degrees in gilroy, it was in the low 60s in the high sierra where we take you now to boreal. click those skis together. we are talking about the first ski resort to open for business. they were making snow as the temperature dipped down into the 20s last night. i think they have like one or two lifts open. but how about that. lots of clear skies and we have that forecast for the high sierra coming up but tonight, our numbers will not be as cold
6:48 pm
as they have been in recent nights when we dipped down to the low 30s. instead, 40s and 50s and we'll have a little hint of stratus in the form of a marine layer along the north bay coast not as cold as it has been. tomorrow sunshine all weekend long and then that possibility of rain returning here to the area by friday. high pressure continues to have a grip on the western states diverting the storm track well to the north of the bay area. there you have the precipitations across the pacific northwest. as long as this high pressure is stagnant, we are rain-free and pretty much an offshore flow minus that little hint of low clouds and fog around inverness overnight. 79 in morgan hill. winds light out of the northwest up to 10 at tops.
6:49 pm
80 degrees in brentwood and antioch. north bay numbers from mid-60s in stinson beach to 77 in novato. hey, meanwhile this weekend if you are still looking for some outdoor activities, it's the halloween spirit run right there on main street in pleasanton. it's a rotary event, raising lots of money for good causes and you have to work off a little bit of your weekend activities, as well. you have there your extended forecast. a string of sunshine seasonal days as we wrap up the month of halloween in october. and then we begin november on a dry note with that chance of rain on friday. by the way, on halloween we're talking about mostly clear skies in the 50s and in the 60s. that is your pinpoint forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that the nba's players and i'm guessing somebody walked out of a meeting. david stern is not happy. >> the players aren't happy with there may be no nba season. after reports of a close deal talks have broken down against forcing the commissioner to cancel all games through november 30th.
6:53 pm
>> yikes. >> it's not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now. we held out that joint hope together. but in light of the breakdown of talks, there will not be a full nba season under any circumstances. >> the madden curse strikes again. peyton on the cover of the popular videogame is questionable for sunday's game against the 49ers with an injured ham stricken. hillis has already miss today with games this season. the 49ers return to work this week and at 5 and 1 they can't call themselves underdogs anymore which means their biggest challenge going forward is getting comfortable with the spotlight. >> everywhere i went, somebody was noticing me. that's unusual. you know? we ain't had that in about six years walking down the street and you just see the fans, you know, want to get autographs, take a picture or just yelling
6:54 pm
out your name. i stop for everybody. i love the fans and they love me so i got to make sure i give them love. so when y'all see me, say what's up. >> you can see the 49ers and browns on sunday afternoon here on cbs 5 and after the game stick around for the fifth quarter. it's been confirmed that raiders owner al davis died earlier this month at an oakland hotel due to heart failure. he had been battling skin cancer and had throat surgery just three days before his death. which football team had the greatest defense of all time? some might argue the steel curtain, others might go with the purple people eaters and, of course, you can't forget about the bears. >> we're going to beat you. i like this kind of party. >> reporter: no, not those bears. >> what's up. >> whoo! >> best defense i seen. >> we have a lot of touchdowns in four games on defense and i don't know if that's a record
6:55 pm
but it's pretty good. >> reporter: no touchdowns in four games? yeah. i'd say that pretty good. the mission bears have been the stingiest defense in san francisco. >> we always come out with the mindset do not let this team score. and sometimes like we can tell when teams scared of us. >> reporter: just two years ago, mission didn't have enough players and was forced to cancel their season. the varsity team was taken over in 2010 and the bears didn't waste anytime letting the rest of the aaa know they were back. >> he came in the year after and made these guys into a play- off time. what he has done is great. >> reporter: they won all 7 league games last year before losing to bay losing to balboa in the play-offs. while it wasn't the outcome they hoped for simply making it through the entire season was an accomplishment for the bears. >> it's better for them to be on the field with us and be out
6:56 pm
in dolores park or on the couch. i'm here in the school to try to keep an eye on them and help them and, you know, it helps to win, too, don't get me wrong but it's all about these kids coming out here on a daily base, being consistent and hoping doing something positive instead of negative. >> reporter: once again undefeated, the bears are one of the favorites to win the annual turkey game for the city championship. something they haven't done since 1954. >> last year i didn't even show up for the turkey day because i feel that we needed to be there. so this year is li adrome -- it's like a dream come true. >> i can go, i was on that team when i'm 45. >> so old. [ laughter ] >> i have been out to some of their games. i remember the time when they didn't have enough players to play and they played washington today who is also undefeated and we'll have highlights of that game at 11. >> if they don't allow a touchdown, they should win that game. >> one would think. >> big d. good for them. good luck. >> so we have a little baseball
6:57 pm
tonight. >> game moving along a little quick, kind of a lot of people wondered if there would be much interest because it's st. louis and text. but it's really been an amazing series. >> last night was something. >> some have ties to the bay area. can't just be upset if either one loses gothart. >> we have all done a lot of charity work with both ron washington and tony la russa so it's hard -- who do you want, who do you want? we're national league town too. as far as the giants are concerned winning it last year i'm still an as fan but this the giants get to hold on to that reigning championship for one more day. >> a couple of hours. but it's amazing that entire season they played all those games and it comes down to just one game. really amazing. >> it should be intense. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> i'm pulling for ron washington for texas. but they are down a run now. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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