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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 29, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: i would like to thank my guests, olivia munn and judy gold. geoff: i would like to thank america. [laughter] craig: i would like to thank
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duran duran, who were also on the show. geoff: oh, yeah. craig: maybe you should have gone there before you thanked america. not that you should not thank america, but it would be nice to thank our guests before you went to our entire nation. geoff: i'm kind of encompassing everyone. craig: the thing is duran duran are british. you thanked america and you still left out duran duran. geoff: i would like to thank the world! craig: thank you, world! [ screaming ] ,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high- definition. even gene quan's daughter is horrified. tonight the text she sent her mom. >> fighting over coffee. i don't know. that's kind of weird and off the wall. >> we will take you to the local starbucks that tonight is at the very center of a motorcycle club war. for some reason it is all re hush hush. >> that's because there is a secret. u.s. rangers are in the sierra foothills. tonight, the secret that will soon be revealed. >> good evening, i'm ken bastida. i'm dana king. tonight this, even protestors in egypt that overthrough a dictator are now rallying in support of occupy oakland. >> not just the egyptians. robert lyles on the well known
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liberal who says mayor quan should probably go. >> reporter: he has taken on both president's clinton and bush and now michael moore is taking on mayor gene quan. he is staying right here in the bay air until he gets a sitdown with the mayor who militarized. >> occupy oakland. >> reporter: michael moore turned the mic into a syringe injecting some protestors with hope. >> he is very inspirational. everything he said had a lot of truth. >> he spoke from everybody's heart. >> another white savior coming to save the day. >> no more useful or intelligent than any other individual personally. >> reporter: they gathered to
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hear his message as the world watched tear gas land on demonstrators on tuesday night. moore calls it a watershed moment. >> this is an incredible movement. and it is amazing. and it is only going to spread. >> reporter: the same protestors who brought down mubarek marred in support. >> you have to resign. >> michael are you suggesting that mayor quan step down? >> i'm saying it is something she should thin about. >> mayor quan dodged my questions last night tonight told a press conference saying she is staying put and spreading the blame. >> it appears to me that there may have been mistakes made by people who were involved in this probably on both sides. >> i'm not going to comment on
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the mayor's reaction what happened. i don't know what her thought process was and it is really not up to me to comment on what she is saying and what she is doing. i can't control that. >> reporter: instead it is demonstrators taking control with a strike. >> we want to shut it down for one day. >> reporter: labor unions about to shut down the port, others going after downtown oakland banks. >> everyone needs to be shutdown. >> reporter: now there is more, mayor quan stated in press conferences all this week that she did indeed travel to washington, d.c., and while there she did not express to chief jordan that he should start any parts of these raids. what she did not reveal is this statement to the oakland tribune that once she got back here to oakland her daughter was texting her to stop the tear gas. >> robert, i'm wondering about the other cities in the bay area who sent police officers to oakland the other night to keep the peace. those officers were in harm's
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way. only 24 hours later to see the mayor of that city, in this case, oakland, say, it is okay, come on back. what are they thinking tonight? >> reporter: i can tell you this. the city of oakland will only address one thing, and that is that mutual aid, the cost of it will be reimbursed by the state. as far as what those individual cities will do in the event oakland needs mutual aid again no one is talking about if they will show their support tonight. >> thank you, robert. one last thing about michael moore, he took a swipe at another bay area city. >> walnut creek is where we need to be. isn't that where the money is? all right. >> meanwhile in san jose occupy
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protestors shut down a bank. >> that branch had to lock its doors for a few minutes after one protestor went into the bank to make a withdrawal carrying an occupy sign. >> i asked him if that sign would have said i contributed to multiple schlerosis would that be an issue? she said no. >> they were supporting the protestor who perched on a wall. tonight he is spending his fifth night up on that perch. banks will not charge customers for using their debit cards. the banks are responding to consumer anger. >> these days people are barely living paycheck to paycheck. they don't have an extra money
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to pay for access that they have been getting. >> however bank of america still plans to charge customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. another bay area soldier killed in action. staff sergeant steven dunning was 31 years old. he is the third soldier to be killed in the water in afghanistan and iraq from malpeatus. san jose police taking no chances tonight. they will be out in extra force. steve talesan will be buried at the oak hill memorial park. the hells angel member was killed two weeks ago during the funeral of another hells angel member. please are still looking for a suspect in tulesan's murder.
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motorcycle clubs sometimes come to blows. that's a known fact. in fact, the hells angels and arrivalle motorcycle club have been going at it more than usual the last year or so. wait until you hear why. kiet do on the show down over a starbucks. >> reporter: all the biker blood shed can be traced to this star backs on pacific avenue in downtown santa cruz. it is a well known hells angels hang out. but back in january 2010 santa cruz police say a rival bike gang made a bold move and tried to muscle in on the cafe. a fight broke out. some men were armed with this, a hammer. >> fighting over coffee. i don't know. that's kind of weird and off the wall. >> reporter: seven months later a gun battle flared up between the two gangs in northern arizona where five people got shot. then in september of this year police say a hells angel was
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gunned down at a casino. two weeks ago, fighting erupted and another man was shot and killed. to think it all started over coffee. >> life is too short. and you're going to fight me over coffee, i'll buy you coffee. >> reporter: the deputy police chief said that only in santa cruz do you have rival motorcycle gangs fighting over control of pumpkin spice lattes. in other news around the bay area tonight. vallejo started a new campaign to stop that city's rampant prosecution problem. the city is setting up a new system of vehicles and license numbers in known prostitution areas then letters will be sent out to the suspected john's homes alerting them to the fact police are keeping an eye out. crews placing the final
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piece of the span in place linking oakland. the bridge is expected to open to traffic in the fall of 2013. a san francisco pub with images of two suspected robbers. accused of stealing bracelets this week. the store manager hurt her angle chasing the crooks and they haven't been caught yet. back in july surveillance helped track down the thief who swiped a painting from a union square gallery. a bay area lawmaker went shopping at an expensive store and she walked out with some very expensive things. the problem is she didn't pay for them. sharon chin reports that lawmaker says this is all a big mistake. >> reporter: the assemblywoman is accused of shoplifting in
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union square. she had three items in a bag worth more than $2400, a blouse, skirt and leather pants. we tried to talk with her at the haywood country club where she lives with her husband, an al immediate county spring court judge. >> it was a terrible misunderstanding. she recognizes that. she apologizes for that. >> how could you make a mistake like that having three items worth so much and just accidentally walking out? >> she carries two cell phones where she is constantly texting and phoning and she sat down and had something to eat in the cafe and simply forget when she stepped outside. >> reporter: she represents the 18th district pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft she felt is free on $15,000 bail. her constituents have mixed feelings. >> everybody is innocent until
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proven guilty so hopefully she is innocent. >> i don't think it is an accident. i think she stole them. >> why do you think that? >> why do i think that? because stealing isn't an accident. >> the felony grand theft charge carries a maximum three years in prison but she would likely get less if convicted because it is her first arrest. sharon chin, cbs5. well, we have all heard of a smoking gun but tonight the smoking syringe. the defense says this syringe proves who really killed michael jackson. >> it has taken 300 years but tonight what a woman can finally do in england. why has a team of u.s. rangers spent weeks combing through thousands of acres in this northern california forest? >> because there is a secret. >> how ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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witness to the stand today. the defense in the conrad murray trial brought out their key witness to the stand today. >> and his testimony left no question about it. michael jackson killed himself. >> reporter: conrad murray's defense team went all in today their final witness testified the prosecution's claim that dr. murray killed jackson with the anaesthetic propofol was wrong. >> do you reject that as being a possibility of occurring on a
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night that michael jackson died? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: the anesthesiologist paul white testified the doze given to michael jackson to sleep was just too small to be fatal. >> that was a dose that might be used to produce a really bit of anxiety relief. a little bit of sleepiness. >> reporter: dr. white presented an alternative scenario that michael jackson used the syringe. >> you think it was a self- injection of propofol between 11:30, 12 that did it? >> in my opinion, yes. >> reporter: and he said michael jackson's stomach content indicates he could have taken another drug which created a deadly mix with the
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propofol. >> white's testimony comes a day after the defense called an addictions specialist to highlight jackson's dependence on another pain killer. >> large doses of demerol. >> reporter: the defense has suggested demerol withdrawal caused jackson's insomnia which led him to crave propofol. prosecutors are expected to begin a tough cross-examination of the final witness for the defense. federal rangers are patrolling through the sierra, nevada, on a mission right now searching for something that we will all come to know only when the time is right and because of that it has to be perfect. >> reporter: searching the mountains for everything from lost hikers to smoldering fires, but this latest search could be his most important. >> it is not big enough. >> reporter: a team of u.s.
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forest service rangers have spent weeks combing through thousands of acres of this national forest looking for this. the perfect christmas tree. >> the tree is currently 99 feet tall. about 118 years old. >> reporter: the tree is perfect. finding the thing wasn't easy. there were at least 30 candidates like this beautiful tree that didn't quite make the grade. >> we had several where we didn't get out of the truck. i mean, you pull up and look at it and there was no point. >> we happened to be going to look at a couple of candidates that were submitted to us. and we were driving down the road and i slammed on the brakes and i said, wow, look at that one. >> reporter: you see it is not just any christmas tree. this tree will be the capital christmas tree as in u.s. capitol in washington, dc
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d.c. its exact location is a national security secret. >> once the location is known the exact tree will have to be protected because the placement of the tree in relationship to the capitol building and then also just so vandalism doesn't happen to the tree before we cut it. >> reporter: california's tree will be cut down and then boxed up on a specially constructed flatbed and trucked under guard across-country at no cost to taxpayers. >> so the tree will make stops in more than a dozen cities on its way to washington, d.c. here is the deal. they get it to washington -- by the way only fourth time a national christmas tree has come from california so it is a big deal. they will get it to washington. they dig a 5-foot deep pit and then pour concrete in this thing like a swimming pool to anchor it and make sure nobody
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can take it. >> this is such a huge honor. >> big honor. and they are very proud in the national forest. they took their job seriously. i begged them. show me where the tree is. and they said -- >> you don't know? >> we can show you a picture of it but we can't take you there. >> your security clearance is not high enough. >> didn't have it. >> clearly. >> a matter of homeland security. >> only them, the president and santa. >> that's right. >> we will find out soon enough. that's a very cool story. thank you, ken. after the wedding scene around the world everyone is asking the question when will prince william and kate have a baby? they will become parents of the future king or queen of england after a huge change to a british law that dates over 300 years. their fist born will be the
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heir to the thrown regardless whether it is a girl or boy. >> the order of succession should be determined simply by the order of birth. >> changing a law that required royalty to marry a member of the anglican church, they are now allowed to marry a roman catholic. preparing for a cold, wicked autumn storm. forecasters are saying this one could set some new records. up to a foot of wet heavy snow expected in some areas. wind is also expected to be a major problem with 60-mile-an- hour gusts and because trees still have their leaves on them they are expecting the weight to take many of them down taking power lines with them. not a good scenario for late. >> hard to believe it will be snowing in new york city.
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we have people in the streets of san francisco dressed up for hallowe'en. we will have that ha,,,,,,,,,,,,
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roberta tosses back to set thanks, roberta. we are just minutes away from this game coming to an end. a day where we had temperatures today that topped off at 65 degrees at 65 degrees at gilroy. the same weather pattern tomorrow. take a look at the current conditions right now. we are sitting in the 50s and tomorrow we have lots of outdoor activities. 77 in san jose. 70 in san francisco. identical to what we experienced in the bay area. tonight overnight it will not be as cold as it has been in the last couple nights because we have a hint of stratus developing. dew points going up a little bit higher. a little bit more moisture in the atmosphere. around the state for saturday high pressure completely in command for the entire west coast and the western states,
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in fact. so mid-70s in throughout the central valley. 61 in the high sierra. we will get down to some business and talk about your pinpoint forecast saturday. 78 degrees in santa clara. as you're taking a look at these numbers they are averaging 2 to 8 degrees above normal for the year. 80 degrees across the eastern portion of our district. brentwood warmest spot. north of the golden gate bridge. winds north. stagnant air. moderate air quality. take a look at sunday. we have identical conditions in the forecast and then by monday and tuesday as we head into the month of november no changes until a chance of rain by friday. 65 degrees. that's the pinpoint forecast. kim? >> all right. the sharks may ask if they can play all of their games on the road. and could the rangers recover
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from last night's game ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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seven was no big deal for the cardinals... after all, they were down to their final strike not once, falling behind 2-0 in game 7 was no big deal for the cardinals. after all, they were down to their final strike. not once but twice last night. never a good sign when the bull pen phone rings in the 1st inning. picking up where he left off, a two-run double to tie the game.
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a new major league record with 21 r.b.i. this post season. then in the 3rd allen craig puts the cardinals on top. the third homer for the former cal star. st. louis taking a 6-2 lead into the 9th. >> what a team. what a ride. the cardinals are world champs in 2011. >> winning their 11th world series in franchise history and chris carpenter was 4-0 in october, their ace. >> i love my dad. >> now you have -- >> i love him too. >> with the players and owners so far apart nba commissioner david stern has canceled all games through november 30th.
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i see some sharks now at the very least. he makes the sharks a tougher team this year. second period red wings up 1-0. his third goal of the season. later in the second tied at 2 sending it ahead to joe pavelski who hits joe thorton in stride and jimmy howard doesn't have a chance. high school football. washington and mission. eagles ran for four touchdowns against the bears' defense that has not allowed a point. improving to 5-0 taking over soul possession of first place. of course just a reminder you can see the 49ers and browns on sunday afternoon right here on cbs5 and stick around after the
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game for "the 5th quarter." the giants dream is now officially over but they report in less than four months. >> you've got your colors on. >> think about where you were last year. champagne all over you. >> yes. >> it was a good night. i feel somewhat sorry for the rangers because they lost two years in a row and chances of them coming back -- >> it is really hard to get their twice. >> it is hard to get th,,,,


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