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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  October 29, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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against what they consider police b right now in oakland occupation protesters are holding an event to speak out what they consider police brutality. live pictures from chopper 5. the rally at city hall will be followed by a march in the streets of oakland. don knapp explains how the local movement has captured the national spotlight. don? >> reporter: that's right. as you can hear behind me now, a lot of talking, a lot of discussions about what happened on tuesday. the police brutality that is alleged, when these folks were evicted from the area right here in front of oakland city hall. well, of course, now they're back and welcomed back an the occupation continues. >> -- and the occupation continues. >> we've been waiting for the
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rally to get under way for some time. we know once it is over this evening, at about 8:00, we will see a march. that march is also to protest police brutality. but we've also heard that the folks here have disassociated themselves formally from that march. suggesting that they don't want to be connected with it or perhaps suggesting that the march, like the rally itself. is without a leader. a tent city has sprung up again in oakland city hall's front lawn and speaker spirits are apparently boosted by occupy oakland's new found status as the national center of attention of the occupy movement. >> missteps by mayor gene quan's administration has helped lift oakland's protest to national prominence and first national coverage of the violence as police worked to clear an encampment with tear gas canisters and flash bang devices, appear to be responsible for injuring former
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marine scott olsen and then a flip-flop where the protests and the tents were welcomed back by city hall. >> it appears that there are mistakes probably by both on both sides. >> and the mayor's apologies have not eased the tension and the visit by michael moore and national commentary, including the white house press secretary and comedian john stewart. and occupy oakland protesters planned strategy. and yesterday, the police chief defended the actions. >> i'm responsible for officer's actions. i fully support their ability to defend themselves. to defend the life and property of citizens that are trying to have a peaceful assembly. >> reporter: as you can see from those overhead shots from the helicopter, looking down on frank agawa plaza, there are quite a number of tens here and quite a number of people here. and obviously, it is not quite the crowd that we saw perhaps in the first week of this
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occupation, but the folks are out in numbers today, it is a pleasant night. they expect to be here tonight and for many nights to come, we understand. as this occupation here in oakland continues. ann, back to you. >> don, thank you very much. and the iraq war veteran severely injured during tuesday night' occupy oakland protest is out of the hospital. highland hospital says 24-year-old scott olsen was discharged yesterday. his condition has improved since his skull was fractured by some type of object. his friends say it may have been a police tear gas canister. halloween fever seems to be taking over the occupy movement in san francisco. several protesters got into the halloween, and organizers told demonstrators to dress up as what scares them the most. such as a ghost, a goblin, or a quote greedy banker. protesters also marched down market street in downtown. and police are also letting the protest camp in justin herman plaza remain intact at least for
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now. in santa rosa, a change of heart, by city officials after occupation protesters took up residents at that city hall today. on wednesday, occupy santa rosa announced plans to set up tents in defiance of laws against camping at city hall. the city manager initially promised a crackdown. but today, he instructed police not to break up the encampment for now. organizers already planned to extend their stay. >> at the council meeting, the city council meeting on november 1, we are all going to show up and we're going to propose an emergency resolution to get rid of the camping ordinance for our organization. >> city officials say they decided against police intervention after seeing the violence in oakland. in the south bay, occupy san jose remains small but determined. there is a 36 stone wall for john camping on the ledge.
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and police made 15 arrests related to the occupation and protest. well, hundreds laid out on ocean beach today to spell out the message tax the rich. this is the ninth year people have gathered at the beach to be part of the human banner. about 600 people participated. they consider themselves the other 98% of the population. and they want the top 2% to pay their quote fair share in taxes. organizers say they hope this year, the message will get through to the world. >> i keep hoping that this is the decade that we will all on this planet get that we are in this together. and one of the things we need to do is make it more equitably economical for everyone on this planet, and tax -- letting the rich pay their fair share is a simple start. >> the human formed letters were 100 feet tall and 10 feet wide and were hundreds of feet down the beach. for more on the occupy
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protests in the bay area and around the country, log on to surfer recovering in the bay area tonight, after getting bit by a shark. the attack happened around 7:00 this morning. at the marina state beach near monterey. 27-year-old eric tarantino of monterey and a friend got into the water to surf when the great white appeared. tarantino was bit on the neck and right arm. the shark also took a 19-inch chunk from his surfboard. >> the wave came. and i piled up on top of the wave. and when i came over the top, he just started yelling shark, shark, shark. >> tarantino's friend pulled him out of the water. fellow surfers used beach towels to help stop the bleeding. he was air lifted to san jose regional medical center where he is expected to recover. beach goers are urged to stay out of the water for the next seven days. i'm mark sayer in san jose. wherefore the second time in as many weeks, members of the hell's angels have buried one of their own. we will take a look at the
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extraordinary security. most people probably just believe the garbage lands in the landfill. >> potential dangers in your home. and what is in a bag that people turned into law enforcement. snow flying across the northeast. out here on the west coast, we languish under lovely fall weather pattern that looks like it will continue through the week. the details in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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killed there. hell's angels were back in a san jose cemetery to bury a fellow member shot and killed there. that death happened two weeks ago during a funeral for another biker. at today's burial, the only identifier was the salute from the u.s. military but as mark sayer shows us, police kept a close eye. the procession heading to oak hill memorial park stretched as far as the eye could see. and it also could be heard from great distances as well. the body of steve towson a member of the santa cruz chapter of the hell's angels was carried in a white hearse and san jose
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police estimate between 500 and 600 people attended the burial service. >> very nice gentleman. very good. his father, well, a good provider. a good man. i would have to tell you. >> earlier, police say about 1,000 people gathered at the jubilee christian center in north san jose for a private memorial service. the only visible signs of police were a few squad cars on the main entrance road but police were stationed on the rooftops of nearby buildings, keeping an eye on the surface, and teams of officers were nearby, but out of sight, just in case they were needed. >> san jose police say there were no problems. >> this time, we still are focusing on the fact that there are outside groups coming in causing a problem but no credible information that that would occur and we also believe that it isn't beyond the possibility that there would be a person in the same group. >> oak hill was entirely closed to the public during the service, but from the air you could see towson's flag draped
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casket tang taken out of the hearse and taken to the bur burial site. he was a u.s. marine. and he was killed at this cemetery while attending the funeral of jeff pettigrew. some type 6 -- of internal conflict between the shooter and steve ruize, the suspected shooter, still on the run. >> it is kind of sad it had to go that way. steve was a very well known person. very respected among the community. and he was a family man. and i hate to see them doing anything to damage the name of hell's angels. >> police are looking for ruiz, on the run they believe with a current or ex-girlfriend, in addition to being a murder suspect, police believe his life is also in danger. reporting from san jose, i'm mark sayer, cbs 5.
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well, today in san francisco, police took part in a national campaign to safely dispose of unwanted prescription drugs. drug take back day is an initiative coordinated by the d.e.a. around the country. people can get rid of their pills at police stations across san francisco without any questions asked. it provides an opportunity to clean out medicine cabinets and protect the environment. >> you know, most people probably just throw it in the garbage, which lands up in the landfill and with different chemical mixtures probably not good for our ground water supply. >> similar events in the past have collected more than 300 tons of prescription pills nationwide. halloween is still two days away, but already looks like christmas time on the east coast. the ripple effect of this storm, all the way here in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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a record-breaking snowstorm in the east coast has canceled at least 1,000 flights into the east coast region. from the white house to hartford connecticut, several inches of snow has covered the area. more than a million people are without power, and roads are icy and dangerous. >> they were on top of it as best they could. the biggest problem, people didn't want to slow down. >> i knew they were predicting
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it but i didn't believe there was going to be snow so now i believe it. >> she sure does. airports throughout the east are experiencing delays. inbound flights from back east into san francisco international, they are 30 to 60 minutes late. red eye outbound flights, sfo, are expected to be delayed as well. and flights to and from new york city and philadelphia have delays of nearly three hours. those of us here though, it is another beautiful weekend. here is jim bernard. >> yes indeed. that doesn't exactly look like halloween weather on the east coast out here, however, we are looking at a lovely fall weather pattern which will continue through the weekend. and probably through most of next week as well. as we take a look at mostly clear skies out there tonight. once again, a lovely evening. and clear and dry. with 65 degrees in the city right now. and winds westerly 10-15 miles an hour. and with we will be looking for this lovely fall weather pattern to continue into if not through next week, and continued dry and mild, and a little cooler with a chance of showers, by late
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thursday into friday. and mainly that will be the north bay. if at all. and i suspect a glancing blow if anything from that weather system. and boo at the zoo. that time of the year. 65 in san francisco for the zoo tomorrow and monday. we will look for low 70s over at the oakland zoo. tay time highs today -- daytime highs today, upper 70s to low 80s. with locations in the north bay and east bay and south bay. right at the water with mainly mid-70s today. in the low 70s back to the beach. and upper 60s and we will look for the pattern to continue for the next several days. overnight lows in the upper 40s. for the north bay, and elsewhere, back to the water, we will be in the low 50s for most locations here. and kind of cooler out there. but close to seasonal norms for this time of the year with the offshore breeze from the high pressure system is stagnant over the west coast, and keeping the low clouds and fog well off the coast and looks like the trend will continue for the next several days and that offshore pattern will keep us mild and dry for the foreseeable future,
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with the exception being laid thursday no friday and as i mentioned a slight chance of showers and nothing to be alarmed about as it will probably miss us, as most of them have and we will look for upper 70s to low 80s across northern california, and all the way back to the beach, for the most part, as once again, you can expect the beach temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s, and mid to low 70s, on the bay here, as we look for upper 70s to low 80s once again out in the fringe locations and we continue that trend. through midweek. and then a chance of showers, creeps into the picture. for thursday and friday. and once again, we will continue to swing things around here and see the conditions drying out once again by next weekend. and good news for kim, here as we see by tomorrow, sunny and mild. out at candlestick for a change. 72 degrees expected. >> there you go, kim. you got to love that. >> that will make for a great post-game though on cbs 5. cancer survivor michael montgomery has a fresh outlook on the bears upcoming season.
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and another unbeaten goes down in college football. plus the ducks continue to fly high in eugene. sports is next.
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back to five hundred for the first time since the 2008 seas san jose state had a chance to get the record back to .500 for the first time since the 2008 season. louisiana tech looking for the fifth straight win against the spartans.
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second quarter, bulldogs up 10-7 and matt falkner throws deep to a wide open noel rigsby. with the first touchdown of the year, 14-10 spartans. louisiana tech came right back with a play of their own on a flea flicker. and 90 yards. the bulldogs wracked up close to 500 yards and forced five san jose state turnovers as they beat the spartans 38-28. oregon star running back michael james returned after missing two games with a dislocated elbow. the ducks taking on washington state. darin thomas rolls out. it looks like he is going to be sacked for a huge loss but he turns the corner and lets it fly to a wide open la vassier for a --55-yard touchdown. oregon wins 43-28 for the 17th straight top 12 win. eighth ranked kansas state, the latest unbeaten to go down. oklahoma bounced back from last week's loss to texas tech.
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landry jones throws for a school record 505 yards and five touchdowns, and ryan broil finishes with 14 catches for 171 yards and the sooners blow out k state. only seven teams now remain undefeated. many ivy students may not be as smart as advertised. braving the elements in a snowstorm. and didn't let the bad weather slow them down. car gill runs for a career high 230 yards and two touchdowns to lead the bull dogs to a 16-13 win over columbia. just great video there. these guys, couldn't wait to monday to show off their costumes. second period, islanders up 2-1. and mark edwards, denied. but the sharks keep attacking. couture scores the third goal of the road trip. in overtime, san jose on a power play. padevelopski with the nice pass to brent burns with the game winner. that is why they traded for him. the winning streak is up to five for the sharks. as they beat the islanders 3-2. and the cardinals were down
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to their final strike. not once. but twice in game six. 24 hours later, they were celebrating their 11th world series title. >> in the air to left, well hit. back is craig. what a game. what a ride. the cardinals are world champs. in 2011. >> comeback nothing new for the cardinals. 10 1/2 games back in august. but st. louis took advantage of an epic collapse by the braves and got into the playoffs on the final day of the season. >> >> it is going to take me a little bit i think to realize what we've accomplished. and the funny thing is, you know, if we go down tonight, and we're the champs, if we're not the world champs, we have still done a ton that nobody thought that we could accomplish.
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and just to win it is an incredible feeling. >> the rangers were so close to winning their first world series in franchise history, and instead, it is 51 years and counting. only the indians and cubs who last won the world series in 1908 have longer championship droughts. . >> sometimes when opportunity is in your presence, you certainly can't let it get away. because sometimes it takes a while before it comes back. you know, if there is one thing that happened in this world series that i will look back on, it is being so close, just having one pitch to be made, and one out to be gotten, and it could have been a different story. >> optimism is high for the cal men's basketball team this year. bears are ranked 24th and montgomery is cancer free after undergoing bladder surgery just 10 days ago. >> we didn't have a lot of parties around the house. it wasn't a real exciting time. i mean it is scary. it is scary. anybody that has been through
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it, or had something, you know, you go from being relatively on top of your game to being in charge of everything to no longer being in charge. and it could have gone the other way. he said three months ago you wouldn't have found it and six months from now, you would have been done. so the timing couldn't have been better. so if you got an ache or pain, get checked. >> very good advice. >> no kidding. >> kim, thank you. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness. we will see you at 11:00. until then, our news and weather is on have a good night. ,, [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything.
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