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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back.
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is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. spiked tension tonight in on the move and up close with cops. the rally against police brutality that spiked tension tonight in oakland. he gist started yelling shark, shark, shark. >> a surfer bitten and brought to a bay area hospital. the great white attack off the northern california coast. this halloween weekend the
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bay area warning prompted by an owl's web of trouble. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. hundreds of people on the move tonight in oakland in the latest march through the streets of downtown. at one point, things got a little tense. some of them holding signs that read justice for oscar grant. now they appeared to make their statement then move on. don knapp is in oakland where this is going on the. don? >> reporter: that's right. the march to protest alleged police brutality became a chase and race and a contest of wills between demonstrators and police. they'd turn and go somewhere else and the police would race to get ahead of them. here's how it went earlier tonight. they're back here now. [ people chanting ] after dark, the occupy oakland city hall rally had swollen with people who had come to march? a protest of alleged police
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brutality. primarily the actions earlier this week that chased protestors from tent city they had maintained for about two weeks. but police largely out of sight until the march formed a blue line blocking access to headquarters and the alameda county court building and they were again met and stopped by more police officers. [ people chanting ] everyone no doubt had in mind the city's move tuesday to remove the protestors from city hall. a tent city sprung up again on the city front lawn and spirits are boosted by the newfound status of the national center of attention for the occupy movement. missteps by mayor's administration has helped lift the protests to national prominence. first with national coverage of the violence tuesday as police moved to clear an encampment with tear gas cannisters and
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flash bang devices that appeared to be responsible for hurting scott olson. that was followed by an administration's flip-flop. >> it appears to me there may have been mistakes made by people who are involved in this probably on both sides. >> reporter: but the mayor's apologies and explanations have not helped ease the tensions. the confusion in oakland prompted a visit from michael moore, national commentary and comedian jon stewart helped pump up the protests. neither the mayor or police officers were in sight today as they planned strategy. yesterday chief howard jordan defended police actions. >> as a police chief, i'm responsible for the actions. i fully support their ability to defend themselves -- defend the life and property of siss that are trying -- citizens that are trying to have a peaceful assembly. >> reporter: now as you can see from the overhead shots marchers have returned to their encampment here in front of city hall.
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they're continuing to rally but in a much lower pace. perhaps they're tiring out or relaxing after a very busy day. an incredible day here in oakland. this has on going on all day and it's not over yet ann but not as bad as it was before. knopped cases of anybody getting hurt and -- no indications of anybody getting hurt and no property damage we know of so far. ann? >> don knapp in oakland, thank you very much. well, the iraq war veteran severely injured during tuesday night's occupy oakland protests remains in fair condition tonight. 24-year-old scott olson was transferred from highland hospital in oakland to another facility but where olson went is not being released. he was injured when he was hit in the head with a projectile during tuesday night's melee. halloween fever is taking over the occupy movement in san francisco. ♪ demonstratorred dressed up as
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what scares them the most. protestors also marched down market street in downtown and police are also letting the protestors camp out -- letting the protestors camp at the plaza remain intact at least for now. occupy santa rosa protestors took up residence today in front of the town city hall. originally police would crackdown on the illegal tent city which that decision was reversed today. protestors will be allowed to set up an encampment until tuesday. in san jose, this is the sixth night at an occupy protestor is camped out on the wall outside city hall. sean o kelly will stay there until the city agrees to allow the demonstration at the city hall plaza to go on. so far there have been 15 arrests. hundreds laid out on ocean beach in san francisco today to spell out the message "tax the 1%." the human formed letters were
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100 feet tall. 10 feet wide and stretched for hundreds of feet down the beach. >> i keep hoping that this is the decade that we will all on this planet get that we are in this together. and one of the things we need to do is to make it more equitably economically for everyone on this planet and tax -- letting the rich pay their fair share is just a simple start. and for more on the occupy protests in the bay area, and around the country, log on to a surfer is recovering in the bay area tonight after being bit by a great white shark. it happened at the marina state beach at monterey. 27-year-old eric tarantino and a friend were surfing when a shark appeared. he was bit on the neck and right arm. >> he said call 911 and at that time i looked over and he was a couple of feet away from me. i could see his arm was
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bleeding pretty badly. >> his friend pulled him out of the water and fellow surfers used beach towels to stop the bleeding. he was airlifted to san jose regional medical center where he is expected to recover. beachgoers are urged to stay out of the water for the next seven days. an attack in afghanistan killed 17 people including a dozen americans. randall pinkston reportings the deadly incident comes as military leaders talk about more pardon me by afghan -- participation by afghan security forces. >> reporter: a suicide bomber rammed a car into a military convoy. thick black smoke poured out of the wreckage along a highway in the southwestern section of kabul, afghanistan's capital. minutes after the blast, coalition forces surrounded the scene carrying victims to safety while hell continuers airlifted -- helicopters airlifted injures soldiers to hospital. this man was not far from the
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explosion. he says -- it was a huge blast. i went closer to the convoy and saw several americans on fire. a nato spokesman says at least 12 americans including u.s. troops and civilian contractors died in the attack. officials say the blast also killed several afghans. the taliban took responsibility saying the bomber packed 1500 pounds of explosives into his vehicle. taliban fighters will continue to attack until all foreign forces leave afghanistan. it happened while nato leaders met to talk about shifting more control to afghan forts. >> we are at a moment and time where it is time to think about reintegration. this is not the moment in time to kill innocent people. >> reporter: the united nations reports violence in afghanistan is at its worst since 10 years ago. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. well, the halloween warning
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in the bay area prompted by an owl's tangled misfortune. jose cemetery, t . and the snow flying in the far northeast as we see 6 to 10 inches with a winter weather there and across the west coast, much milder weather pattern. we'll stay in place into the beginning of the week. i'll have the details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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member shot and killed there. hell's angels were back at a san jose cemetery to bury a fellow member shot and killed there. that death happened two weeks ago during the funeral for another biker. at today's burial the only gunfire was the salute from the u.s. military but police kept a close eye. >> reporter: the procession heading to oak hill memorial park stretched as far as the eye could see. and it also could be heard from great distances as well. the body of steve tausan a member of the santa cruz chapter of the hell's angels was carried in a white hearse. between 500 and 600 people
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attended tausan's burial service. >> very nice gentleman. very good. good father. good rider. good man. that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: earlier police say about 1,000 people gathered at the jubilee christian center in north san jose for a private memorial service. the only visible sign of police were a few squad cars on the main entrance road but police were stationed on the rooftops of nearby buildings and teams of officers were nearby but out of sight just in case they were needed. san jose police say there were no problems. >> this time, we still focus in on the fact there might be outside groups coming in to cause problems. although we had no credible information that might occur and we also believed that you know it once beyond the possibility of that there might be some friction within the same group. >> reporter: oak hill was entirely closed to the public during the service but from the air you could see tausan's flag draped casket being taken out of the hearse by fellow members of the angels and being carried
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to his burial site. he was a former u.s. marine and he was killed at the very same cemetery two weeks ago when he was attending the funeral of jeff pettigrew. some kind of internal conflict among the hell's angels led to the shooting and the suspected shooter steve ruiz is still on the run. >> you know the way that it went down is not a good thing. it's -- it's kind of sad that it had to go that way. steve was a very well-known person. very respected amongst the community. and he was a good family man. and i hate to see it do anything to damage the name of the hell's angels. >> reporter: as for steve ruiz, police are still looking for him and they believe he is on the run with either a current or an ex-girlfriend in addition to being a murder suspect, police believe his life is also in danger. reporting from san jose, i'm mark sayer, cbs 5. in san francisco, an effort
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to help prevent drug abuse. the people dropped off their expired or unused prescription drugs at police stations across the city. no questions asked as part of the national drug takeback day campaign. coordinated by the u.s. drug enforcement agency. an owl got trapped in a halloween decoration. the western screech owl was rescued from the fake web and is okay. keep the safety of birds and other animals in mind when hanging decorations. if you plan to fly to the east coast, you should call before you get to the airport. that's because of a snowstorm that's dropped several inches of snow up and down the east coast. three people are reported dead. more than two million people are without power. and governors of three states have declared states of emergency. several flights from sf to the east coast have been canceled. red eye outbound flights are expected to be delayed from
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sfl. meanwhile here our beautiful weather continues all we need to know about is monday. halloween. >> monday, we'll have more of the same -- with patchy fog but no snow to speak of. let's take a look at the radar picture of the northeast right now. you can get a look at what's taking place there as we see the northeastern seaboard looking at a lot of winter weather here. early in the year as again they're looking at 6 to 10 inches of snow. in some locations up around maine. and that snow extends down into boston and new york as well. here in the west much different weather pattern as we take a look at your moon out there tonight. halloween moon. lovely sky mostly clear and warm out there this evening. we'll see a gradual cooldown for the next few days but still very mild weather pattern. to continue as we take the fake moon and set it here with a clear and cool night ahead. continued dry and mild into the beginning of the week. with a cooler pattern settling up for the end of the week and
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a chance of showers by friday. a very slight chance at this point but cooler weather for sure. as we saw today. upper 70s to low 80s in the fringe locations. across the north bay and the east and south bay as well. back at the water mid- to upper 70s for many locations. even back at the beach we saw some low 70s today and upper 60s out there. another lovely warm fall day with overnight lows expected to chill into the mid- to low 40s. out across the north bay. back to the water mid- to low 50s to prevail here this evening. minimal fog expected here. first thing in the morning the offshore pattern will continue the mild and dry weather pattern through the day tomorrow then we'll see more fog show up looks like by monday but the cooldown will be gradual as we see the fog stopping at the beach tomorrow. not really making its way into the bay. so we'll continue with temperatures warmer than what we can expect for the end of the week into the mid- to upper 70s range out across the warmer
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locations. mid- to low 70s back to the bay and upper 60s to low 70s on the peninsula here for tomorrow. then by midweek we'll see the pattern change slightly. as the cool and gusty offshore wind pattern sets up this low will drop to the interior and a strong pressure gradient, strong gusty winds out there and likely produce fire weather watch as again we'll see gusty winds and low humidities across the hills. conditions will cool toward the end of the week with the chance of showers showing up by friday. the main thing will be the cooler air however as we see more clouds and a bit of a cooldown as the pattern changes into next weekend. and of course for monday. as -- ann mentioned. that's the main forecast at this point. we'll look for mostly clear conditions and patchy fog at the beach. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s for most locations and the forecast kim is most interested in at candlestick, clear and warm for tomorrow.
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low 70s out at candlestick. that's pretty balmy weather by any stretch of the imagination. >> she'll take it. >> that's so nice. but first let's talk about the stanford usc game. >> well, it was really amazing because stanford has not had to come back from behind this year. but usc might give them problems, only six teams remain undefeated in college football. is stanford one of them? a thriller in l. a. and where it might leave the cardinal in the next bcs standings. that's next in football. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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between stanford and oregon on november 12th... but i don't that game's gonna be everyone is waiting for the
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showdown between stanford and oregon on november 12th, but i don't think that game is going to be able to top what we saw tonight in l. a.. tommy trojan letting everybody know he's fired up. you think? stanford led 10-6 at the half but usc wasted little time in the third taking the lead. curtis mcneil gets to the outside and wins the sprint down the sideline for the 61- yard touchdown. three minutes later, mcneil would pour in a 25-yard run to give the trojans a 20-10 lead. later in the third, stanford down 20-17. they run the wildcat formation back in the hands of luck and he throws deep down field to freshman ty montgomery for the 62-yard gain. now first and goal. luck fakes the handoff. drops back to pass and nobody is open so he keeps it himself and gives stanford a 24-17 lead. luck, had a season high 39 rushing yards. fourth quarter, three minutes to go. tied at 27. luck gets picked off by roby
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who returns -- puts the trojans back on trop. only the fourth interception luck's thrown this year. so stanford right back, fourth and 6. but usc gets flagged for the helmet to helmet hit and automatic first down for the cardinal. 42 seconds left. taylor fights his way into the end zone to tie it at 34. taylor was huge all night running for 121 yards on 24 carries, usc trying to get close enough for a last second field goal but woods tries to go to the far sideline but time runs out before he getsout of bounds. a huge mistake as the trojans had two time-outs remaining. the two teams traded touchdowns in the first two overtimes. luck to 6'8" toylolo who does a great job getting the feet inbounds to tie it at 48 and force a third overtime. three touchdown passes for luck. stanford got the ball first and had no problem punching it in.
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taylor goes in untouched. they get the 2-point conversion to go up 56-48. usc trying to match but fumbles and tarp lee falls on it in the end zone to end the game. the winning streak continues for the cardinal. it's now 16 and counting as they beat usc in a thriller 56- 48. >> there's a chance for us to tell this team, don't stop. never quit. so proud to be a port of this team. obviously usc great team. what an unbelievable opponent to go up against. just unbelievable. so happy. the fifth ranked clemson losing and fourth ranked boise state off this week. stanford could move up to fourth in the bcs standings tomorrow and with kansas state also losing only six teams remain undefeated. well, with october closing the math is similarrable for cal. they need to win two of the four games next month to be
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bowl-eligible. jeff tedford's team won't be returning to the rose bowl in january. second quarter, ucla up 10-7. a little confusion on the handoff between maynard. leads to a cal turnover. the bruins made them pay. into the end zone. and ucla led 17-7 at the half. third quarter, c. j. anderson bangs it in from one yard out. they had their chances to take the lead. fourth quarter, maynard under pressure and makes an awful throw right to kevin mcdonald. one of three picks for the bruins' safety. maynard finishes with four interceptions and on the very next play, coleman breaks free for the second of his three touchdowns. ucla runs for close to 300 yards and wins 31-14. dropping cal back to .500 at 4- 4. louisiana tech looking for their fifth straight win
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against san jose state. second quarter, bulldogs up 10- 7. faulkner deep to brigs by who scores the first touchdown of the year. 14-10 spartans but louisiana tech came back with a big play of their own on the flea flicker. to patton for the 90 yards. the bulldogs rack up close to 500 yards and force five san jose state turnovers as they beat the spartans 38-28. still to come, the sharks take their winning streak into the big apple. more sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the tank is one of the better home venues in the nhl but the sharks are in no hurry to come back to the bay area. these guys couldn't wait until monday to show off their costumes. second period, islanders up 2- 1. marc-edouard vlasic is denied but sharks keep attacking. logan couture and then in overtime. pavelski for the game winner. the wink streak is up to -- wink streak is up to five for the sharks beating the islanders 3-2. joe pavelski leads the western conference with seven
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goals this season. the sharks are on a roll. the niners are on a roll. we have the 49ers postgame show with the fifth quarter immediately following the game at 1:00. >> busy tomorrow. >> it's going to be a good day. >> all right, looking forward to it. all right, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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festivities. today, just like a lot of other people this weekend, america's first family took part in halloween festivities. today, president obama and the
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first lady welcomed trick-or- treaters to the white house. on a wet, snowy day in washington, d.c.. jim? did you hear that? costumed youngsters were given goody baggings of customized -- bags of customized m&ms and dried fruit. that's their halloween. ours though is looking dry and -- >> mild. >> we like that. >> going to be great fall weather pattern here. can't beat it. >> didn't you hate that when you were a kid and you had to put the coat over it and hide it and what was the point? >> typically that's the beginning of the rain season but not this year. >> that's it for cbs5 news at 11:00. big game tomorrow, kim is covering it for us. >> niners and browns. >> all right, have a good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,, ,,,,
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