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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  October 30, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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streets in the east bay. the rally's inspiration that made it and officers in riot gear as protesters hit streets in the east bay. the rally's inspiration that made it a tense nigh for police and civilians in oakland. plus, pension reform at the top of the agenda for governor brown and why state workers are bit her the response to his money-saving tackics. and it's not safe to go into the water after a violent shark attack. it is 7:30 a.m. on this sunday, october 30th. good morning to you. >> we've got a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. of course t big story, occupy -- of course, the big story
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occupy san francisco. this week the occupy movement in the east bay will hold a strike. >> that's right, oakland organizers called for a city- wide strike for wednesday. and another huge turnout for a march through downtown oakland last night. it carried an add theme this time. not just a protest against the economic inequality, but also against alleged police brutality following last week's confrontation. people started marching around 9 p.m. some had shields that said stop police brutality. there were reports of windows being smashed at a police recruiting station. the police formed a solid blue line block access to headquarters in the county court build. the march ended back in the plaza just before midnight.
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and a new warning from the mayor's office this morn, be ware of a fake website that claims to be from the city of oakland. it actually mimics her official website entirely, except for it's got an added statement of support for occupy and oakland and says, i offer my apoll apology for ordering the violent repression of the occupy oakland encampment. the mayor said this the statement was bogus. in colorado, officers arrested about 20 occupy protesters, that's after they took extreme measures to stop them from taking over the capitol billing. today are recovering from pepper spray injuries. police fired pepper spray and used pepper ball guns against protesters in denver yesterday. about 2,000 people marched through the downtown area.
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hours later, officers in riot gear moved into a park where protesters had set up their encampment. police say one police officer was knocked off of his motorcycle and two others were kicked in the head. and a very different picture of the occupy movement in san francisco. and that's where protesters reflected the halloween season. protesters dress up as what scares them the most such as a ghost, goblin or a greedy banker. protesters also marched down market street in downtown. police are also letting the protest camp at justin herman plaza remain intact for now. and a peaceful turnout for the hells angels member laid to rest this weekend in san jose. there were more officers on the street as friends and family paid their final respects to steve tossan. about 600 people showed up for the service. he was shot at another funeral
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at the same location. he was also a former marine. yesterday the only gun fired at this funeral came from a military salute. >> very nice gentleman. very good. his father, a reminer. >> police say some kind of internal fight among the bikers led to the shooting. the suspected shooter is still on the run. well, contribute more toward retirement and keep working to a much later age. that's what governor jerry brown wants from state employees. but some workers say they're already making a sacrifice, just by working for the state government many the first place. >> reporter: to close california's pension gap, governor jerry brown called for state employees to pay more and work longer, as much as 12 years longer before retiring. >> i tried to do something that's legal, that will save a
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lot of money going forward and i think is fair. >> reporter: brown wants public employees who now often pay little or nothing toward their pension to begin paying at least half the cost. >> that is the most immediate and the biggest change that will make our pension plans more solvent. >> reporter: but at state office billings, workers insisted they were helping the budget by working for less than they would in private industry. she is an attorney for the state. attorneys make good money in the private sector. >> a lot more than i do. >> reporter: she says her salary of just over $100,000 a year is less than half what she could make in private practice. >> i don't have a car, a take the bus to work. i scrimp and save, cut coupons. >> reporter: in her work, she says she's done plenty to help the budget. >> one of my cases alone last year, we saved citizens of california a billion dollars a year. >> reporter: under the governor's plan, the retirement
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age for new employees would be move up from 55 to 67. brown is now 73. and could have been collecting a state pension years ago. instead, he keeps working. >> i may never collect a pension. >> reporter: many of the 12 points in governor brown's plan apply only to new employees and most will need to be approved by legislatures and voters. union leaders have indicated the changes won't come without a fight. well our insider's former mayor brown and columnist sounded off on the reform plans. it includes raising the retirement age on state workers and that's an idea that put a smile on the mayor's face. >> nothing wrong with raising retirement age to your age. -- retirement age to your age. that satisfies the problem. >> look, it's a huge problem. and i think brown gets points even from conservatives i heard
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for trying to tackle the pension problem. >> timing? both go on a november 12 ballot along with his tax proposal. so asking for a tax and pension cut at the same time. coincidence or timing? >> timing, timing is everything. >> he wants to end a tax saying we're being conservative. >> absolutely. timing. if he knows anything. >> he knows timing. and today bob goes one on one with herman cane. that ought to be a very interesting show. herman cane, he's the former executive and he's at the top of the registers poll with 23% of the republican vote. former massachusetts governor mitt romney is just one point behind him in that poll. another survey showing cane leading the way with name recognition with 78% of the vote. but can he lead republicans presidential ticket? more on face the nation starting at 8:30 right here on
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cbs 5. tomorrow, nato will end its mission in libya. that's right. it will be exactly seven months since they alaunched the air and sea operations that brought the downfall of moammar gadhafi. final air patrols will check for any threats to civilians. >> the un ship blasted off to the international space station hours ago. it carries nearly three tons of food, fuel and supplies for the station crew. also, a rare october snowstorm is pounding the east coast. >> what did you say? >> snowstorm. knocked out power to millions. at least three deaths have been blamed on the weather as well. plus, the storm is tying up a lot of air and highway travel. governors have declared states of emergencies in connecticut, new york, massachusetts and new
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hampshire. where a surfer is recovering after a shark bit him in the neck. mrs., supervisors weighed into the debate over the occupy movement. what should cities do when the tents pop up? also making halloween safe one for adult trick-or- treaters. how you can score free rides tomorrow night. and with the snow on the east coast, we are the envy of the country. warm temperatures on tap. all the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a surfer is recovering this morning after being bit by a great white shark. the shark appeared yesterday at beach near a surfer is recovering this morning after being bit by a great white shark. a 27-year-old was bit on the neck and right arm. he is recovering at a san jose hospital. beach goers are urged to stay out of the water for the next seven days.
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and in other bay area headlines, an owl got trapped in a halloween decoration. the owl was rescued from the fake web and is recovering now. animal care workers warn people to keep the safety of birds and other animals in mine when you're hanging decorations. and for those who need a safe ride home after drinking on halloween, a local law firm will cover the cost after a free cab ride. the program runs from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. hoping for nice halloween weather forecast. >> yeah, especially today. >> yes, it's going to be gorgeous today. and halloween not looking bad either. not quite as warm as over the weekend and past week in fact. unseasonably warm temperatures and we're going to get closer to the average temperatures as we make our way later into the week. but nice outside right now, clear for the most part, not dealing with too much cloud cover. in fact, check out this shot,
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clear as a bell downtown san francisco. and most of the bay area looking similar this morning. a few low clouds hire. but it should be nice as you start your sunday morning. cool conditions just like we saw yesterday. seeing 40s out there still. not quite as cool as yesterday. and this afternoon, those highs will be similar to what we saw on saturday. maybe a few degrees cooler in some locations. seeing high 70s many the inland spots. clouds more of an issue today. at least at the coastline. seeing the clouds push in by 8:00 tonight. you can see it pushing through the golden gate. overnight hours is when we will see more of the clouds build in and surge into the inland locations. for the most part, nice weather on tap. still under the influence of the flat ridge. so high pressure holing temporarily, boy, we see this low dip in. but we will have to keep our eye on fire dangers later on in the week. the wind pattern change about midweek seeing windy conditions, gusts up to 40 miles per hour in the north and
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east bay hills. for today, don't have to worry about that, plenty of sunshine in northern california. making it to 80 in redding. fresno, a high of 81 today. sacramento cool at 78. here in the bay area, sunshine, 75. same for mountainview. hayword to 74 today. and the east bay, 80-degree readings. 77 for brentwood. and pleasant hill making to it 76 today. north bay looking good as well, mid- to high 70-degree readings. the city at 70 today. a beautiful day to enjoy the weather. berkeley tops out at 71. so changes in store into monday. seeing the temperatures dip a little bit. and then look at the next several days t change in temperatures that we see as we make our way into thursday, friday and saturday. we will drop to well below
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average temperatures for this time offerer. and once again, keeping an eye midweek on the potential fire dangers with the gusty winds. changes in store for the middle of the week, but halloween looking clear and dry. take the kids trick or treating. back to you. >> that's a huge favor to us parents, no rain. >> absolutely. i do what i can. >> thank you. snow and rain certainly didn't stop the trick-or- treating action at the white house. president barack obama and first lady welcomed kids yesterday with goody bags. they were stuffed with customized m and ms, fresh baked cookies and dried fruits. on the politics now. in the republican race for the white house, herman cane and mitt romney are leading the pack. >> a surprise. and that's why we turn to the former mayor brown we talked to brown. check out his reaction to the
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latest incarnation of the god father pizza man. >> i looked at and said, the guy's got my hat. that's impressive. >> he should get a pizza box and a sign and go as herman cane. well, he has been cheering him on in your column. you do say that he is the leeing guy and he's going to be the vp con tenner. are you serious? >> do you realize what a nightmare it will be to racist in this country and people with a religious problem if the tick set cane and romney. just think about it. you got amourman and a black. just-- got a morman and a black. i would go crazy. >> rick perry or the others who have built of credentials who have been trying to appeal to the tea party or just republicans in general and this guy comes out with a very simple message that basically, i don't have a message other
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than we can do it. and he's asian them all. >> rick perry is coming back next week to pick up money after so many jumped on early and said he's our guy. and now herman cane, the republicans were going crazy for him. they love this guy. >> president barack obama and his visit, some of the one-time big donor friends were in the protest side of the equation. >> that's right. they were not in the tony luncheon at the w hotel. they were outside. >> control. >> absolutely. >> big donors to the democratic party. >> that's, with all due respect, this is the woman who literally caused hillary clinton to continue many the race with the resources she provided hillary clinton when there was no possibility that hillary clinton could win. >> you have to ask -- >> she's a hillary clinton person out of the box.
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her being out there protesting is clearly nony demonstration of obama's kick. >> many democratic donors out there. and does it show that maybe obama has not gotten these people onboard on key issues. >> well, they talked ability the pipeline, but you got to understand that mr. obama is the alternative period. and no matter what is happening in that protest, when you put obama verses romney, obama verses cane, verses perry, any of the other republicans, it's going to be obama. >> what about california? >> we feel left out of all this. as far as the treatment for
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california, it's like george bush, he parachutes in here in a sealed convoy, goes to the fund raisers whether in downtown and then vanishes. unlike bill clinton who would be meeting with people all the time, meeting with locals, being seen around town. you couldn't get, bill, couldn't get enough, but actually bill clinton couldn't seem enough to get of everybody. obama feels sterile. >> maybe a difference in style and personalty. but when they come into town, you want more than just the standard news conference security. >> exactly. and then the limb seens, the motorcade going in. i don't think he's doing himself too many favors because he's not generating a lot of the one on one support or excitement that he needs to do. he can get all the money, but unless you've got the people, it's not going to happen. >> the headlines here are obviously occupy san francisco and oakland and we'll be talking about that in the next half hour. >> and he's the head of the
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california gop party. let's get his take on this. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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the new poll from iowa's des moines registers shows herman cain and mitt romney leading the republican race for the white a new poll from the register shows that herman cane and mitt romney are leading the republican race for the white house.
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he is the chair of the california republican committee. and you do have a race on your hands. i mean, this has been a dramatic up and down with new people coming in, the latest being herman cane. how do you compare this run around the track to four years ago? >> yell, four years ago, just as many people. we could have sat here and no one would have said john mccain got the nomination. i think there's a long way to go. one big difference is the intensities on the republican side and the issue is a good one for republicans, tax reform. four years ago, the issues western on the republican side, you had eight years of one president which seems a longtime for anybody these days. >> it's interesting how much of this shifting in the republican race is the media prospect and how much is on the grown. you see it on the grown, who has the operation? mitt romney has the operation to take the convention? he seems to be consistently
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many the top. is he the front run senator. >> in a lot of ways. another big difference is voters are more impatient today than they've ever been. and that's on both sides. your prior pieces shows impatience with obama, should have done all these things, doesn't think they did 100%. on the right, government reform hasn't been fast enough. prior to the revolution, he said, people don't reform moderately. they want reform and they want it now. what you're seeing a is a lot of impatience on both sides and it's hard for the candidates in this 24/7. it's almost like when people say november to me, i think they're talking next week. exactly. >> and also this year it seems like the message has drilled down. the shorter the sound bite, herman cane, a plain speaking person. and everybody criticized him out of the gate because he didn't know enough. and we heard the criticism of others. he said, it doesn't matter, i'll learn it and at least a
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segment of the party is buying either buys into that or appreciates it. >> elks the thing with cane is he's an outsider and. when people perceive that washington isn't doing well enough, they turn to outsiders. our state did that not long ago with the last governor prior to this. herman cane's appeal is not i'm not the professional, i'm here to solve problems. that works well. what did obama say? didn't have a deep message, he wanted change. he didn't explain the change really. again, that's another similarity. things are broken down in wash, not supplying answers. cane's appeal is that he is the outsider. >> inside baseball, in california, what are you seeing these candidates do? >> well, not unlike obama right now, they come to california and they want to get money out of it. and they are building up their ranks in case it lasts that long. and as we talked in the past,
7:56 am
people can call out of california into other places. >> who has the best operation in california? >> well, people have been in the race the longest. >> romney? >> romney because he has been many the race for five years now. has a good operation. perry had a good operation in the beginning. the other camps have to make, when you're lower in the polls, tough put your resources -- >> make it as one of the front run terse get the attention to get the operation going. >> well said. you should do this for a living. >> all right. can you stick around for another segment? we don't have time to get into the pension reform or your challenge of the redistricting here in california. but thank you for stopping by. coming up, we have more news in just a minute. including spelling out a message to wall street in the sand. the message that stretched over hundreds of feet down the beach. and a fake website, the
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mayor's apology? we'll be back. ,,,,,, i hate getting less. but i love getting more. i'd trade a lot less for a little more. or a little less for a lot more. either way, when it comes to having more,
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a tense night in oakland where officers suited up in riot gear. the theme of the rally that has police on guard. also, more arrest of occupy
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protesters around the country. what denver officers used to stop them from taking over the state capitol building. and the man everyone wants on their show, including bob. still to come, the chair of our state's gop party weighs in on herman cane. and welcome back to weekend early edition. the time now 8:00. it is october 30th. >> and we've got quite a show ahead. all this stuff, occupy oakland, occupy san francisco, jerry brown's pension reform package, a lot of stuff to talk about. >> absolutely. and this week, the occupy movement in the east bay will hold a strike. >> that's the idea. oakland organizers say the city- wide strike is set for wednesday. and in the meantime, another huge turnout for a march through downtown and west oakland last night. the demonstration carried an add theme this time, not just against what is the perceived economic inequality, but also
8:01 am
against alleged police brutality in oakland following last week's confrontations. [chanting] >> people started marching around 9:00 p.m. some had plastic shields that said, stop police brutality. the march was mostly peaceful, although there were reports of a window being smashed at the police recruiting station. the police blocked access to police head quarters and the court billing. the march ended back many the plaza just before midnight. and a new warning for the mayor's office this morning be ware of a fake website that claims to be from the city of oakland. it actually mimics her official website entirely except for this has an added statement. it says, quote, i offer my sincere apology for ordering the violence repression of the oakland occupy encampment. the mayor's office said yesterday that the statement
8:02 am
was bogus. and around the country, more occupy protesters are behind bars. today portland police arrested 30 of them after they refused to leave a park. in colorado, officers arrested about 20 occupy protesters. that's after they took extreme measures to stop them from take over the capital billing. -- capitol building. police fired pepper spray and used pepper ball guns against demonstrators in denver yesterday. about 2,000 people marched through the downtown area. police say one officer was knocked off his motorcycle and two others were kicked in the head. and it was a very different scene in the bay area. that's where protesters spelled out their message to wall street. hundreds laid out on ocean beach in san francisco to spell out the message tax the 1%. the human formed letters were 100 feet tall and 10 feet wide.
8:03 am
the message stretching for hundreds of feet down the beach. >> i keep hoping that this is the decade that we will all on this planet get that we are in this together. and one of the things we need to do is make it more economically for everyone on the planet and letting the rich pay their fair share is the simple start. >> about 600 people participated on the sand. occupy protesters took up residence yesterday in front of city hall. originally, city officials said police would crack down on an illegal tent city. the decision was reversed yesterday proteasers will be allowed to set up until tuesday. and more on the occupy protest around the country, log on to our website. well it was a peaceful turn out for the hell's angels member laid to rest this week.
8:04 am
there were more officers in the street as family and friends paid their final respects. about 600 people showed up for the service. he was shot at another funeral at the same location. and he was a former marine. and yesterday the only gun fired at the funeral came from a military salute. >> very nice gentleman. very good. good father. >> police say some kind of internal fight among the bikers led to the shooting. the suspected shooter is still on the run. prosecutors are on the rise for crimes related to war zone reconstruction. that's according to two new news report police recruiting station the u.s. government. in the last 13 months, the inspector general has secured the indictment of 22 people for bribery and kick backs among other offenses. and the inspector general for
8:05 am
afghanistan says the recent conviction of a solar was the largest bribery case since the war began. and thousands of federal prisoners locked up for offenses involving crack cocaine will be eligible for early release. >> and that goes into effect tuesday. congress passed a law last year that lowers the recommended sentences for people convicted of crack cocaine crimes. the federal reserve kicks off a two-day meeting tuesday. ben bernanke will take questions at the end of the meeting. investors want to know if the fed will try to boost the economy with more bond buying. the world's population will reach a milestone tomorrow, 7 billion people. this based on projections from the united nations. since 1927, the earth's population soared from 2 billion to 4 billion in 1974. and then up to 6 billion people in 1999. now the program that helps
8:06 am
over 44 million americans put food on the table is coming under fire by republicans and one east bay congresswoman is calling on them to take the food stamp challenge. we have to make sure that our government in times of need responds to people who need some form of government help. >> the congresswoman barbara lee is taking the challenge. she did once before many the 70s. when she was a single mother, the challenge is for a week on the $31, the average food stamp recipient receives and that comes to $44.50 a day. we did that here and when you do that for seven days, you're really feeling and it $4.50 is not a lot. >> no, doesn't go far. no. herman cane on the gop presidential ticket. more polls show that may be reality. >> that's right. you've heard him weigh in on the gop race for the white
8:07 am
house, and now he will be back and he sownes off on governor brown's pension reform plan and the way we're redrawing the state lines. and our west coast weather makes most of us happy. we're not dealing with this. where state leaders have declared a state emergency. the only snow right here in the bay area is the kind that they are making. beautiful temperatures in store. not anywhere near the freezing east coast temperatures. a look at the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a gorgeous day on tap, clear skies and condition, they're going to change later into the work week. a full look at that time forecast coming up.
8:10 am
at least 3 deaths have been blamed on the we a rare october snowstorm is pounding the east coast. it knocked out power to millions and at least three deaths have been blamed on the weather. governors declared states of emergencies in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and also parts of new york. quite a contrast from -- >> glad we're not there. >> yeah. >> glad we are not there. >> yeah. we did a dress rehearsal last
8:11 am
night for halloween at my house. all my trick-or-treaters, and they're so excited for tomorrow. and it's going to be nice weather. >> it will be nice. none of the snow business on the east coast. and should be dry in fact, no rain to contend with here. although it will be cool, but cooler by the end of the week. today though, you get to enjoy another beautiful day of sunshine, none of that 3 to 6 inches of snow that new york city is looking at. they're looking at breaking records and snow fall totals they haven't seen since the 1920s. here though totally different story, clear as a bell as we look in downtown san francisco. and the rest of the area looking good too, inland valleys seeing low clouds out there this morning and patchy fog at the coastline as you're stepping outsigh. it is a cool morning, temperatures in the 40s and 50s because we don't have the cloud cover. but by the afternoon, that's going to make way to sunshine. actually seeing low 80s. and we will see a few clouds lingering at the coastline into
8:12 am
the afternoon. feature cast showing you, the clouds are going to move in through parts of the south bay. and the inland locations as we make our way into the evening hours. the clouds billing more, sunday night into monday. but for the most part, we are under the influence of this flat line ridge. a dry weather pattern on tap for a couple of days and we're going to see gusty conditions, up to 40 miles per hour in the north and east bay hills. that means we have to watch for fire concerns. less humidity, drier conditions. we will have our eye on the middle of the week. today beautiful conditions throughout northern california. almost 80 in sacramento. same story for redding. a lot of sunshine across the board. different story in the high 50s today and a little built of cloud cover. here if the bay area, seeing temperatures about three to four degrees above average. a few resumer, breaking into the 80s in pleasantton.
8:13 am
and the richmond topping out at 69. and 70 for the city. halloween looking good. more cloud cover, big changes as we step into the end of the work week. the difference between today and the end of next week, 20- degree difference in temperature and the inland locations. keeping an eye on the winds as well into the end of the weekend. halloween going to be in the 50s and 60s. those little ghosts and witches won't need to carry an umbrella. should be a nice evening. back to you. >> thank you so much. 81:30:00. and we're checking back with tom, the chair of california's republican party. he joins us again this morning. >> that's right. one of the questions in this race is the newcomers that keep popping up. and my question is, what are the newcomers, whether it be bachmann or cane saying that the conventional candidates like romney aren't? >> it's not like when obama came out of nowhere the last
8:14 am
time around. people are tired of grid lock and they want to hear a fresh voice and they want a simple clear message. and that's what bachmann and cane provides. it's kind of unfair, should romney have settled the whole world's problems as a candidate and they're running so tough. so i think it's the outsider fresh voice. that's how obama got the nomination and maybe how some on the republican side gets it. >> cane has the name recognition. can he lead the republican race though? >> well, we will see. it's still a long way to go. >> yeah, we will have to see. he's actually getting better on the stump being more disciplined. it's a tough thing going through and that's probably a good thing. >> it's interesting when we have the outsiders, sometimes some congress, which isn't exactly outside the beltway or governors which isn't outside the political realm. like cane for example, his 999
8:15 am
tax proposal, you can criticize it up and down, but he's throwing something in that they hadn't been talking about before which is the question of flat tax and tax. and you're seeing the others react. so how much of this does it stretch the sort of rubber band of the dialogue in these primary races. >> you know, three months ago, i said cane would whip the debate. he would drive it. because he's got nothing to lose. he's not a governor that has to keep up an image. not romney whose been there before. so the fact it came out of him is no surprise to me at all because here's the guy who says, i'm going to go for it. and they like me or they don't. and this simple plan, it's a good thing for republicans because the last eight presidential winners have been the perceived tax cutter. him putting this on the map is great for republicans. speaking of cuts, governor brown here in california has unvailed a pension proposal that would raise the retirement age and have them kicking into
8:16 am
401k plans like everyone else. your reaction? >> well, it's a good start. but we have a $500 billion problem and he has a $1 billion a year solution. that would mean 500 years it will it was south floridaed. i'm glad it's on the table. they did it in new york and massachusetts. they did it in new jersey with democrats. in the category he's he's picked out is good, but that's for new highs. so that's 20 and 30 years from now. we have this $500 billion problem now. because businesses and the like aren't in the state because they're afraid they're going to get tacked for that big hole. it's a god startment. it needs to be bolder. >> he is leading by camp. i didn't realize he's 73 years old. and we will be too. >> a lot of people will. now it's a good first step. are we going to see republicans come with a counter murtha is under your definition stronger? or are they going to it is back and react to any. >> well, if you recall during
8:17 am
the start of the year, there was a lot of debate with republicans put out 53 different proposals. so they'll engage him on specific issues. the republicans are going to want greater savings because frankly we can't have this sitting out there. >> can you see putting something up on their own? >> they've had it on the table for eight months. >> do you see them going to the ballot? >> yes. >> if the unions don't go along with this, it's not enough. he's offering a billion in savings a year. >> in this fight, the biggest problem brown might have is the republicans we'll go to the ballot with somewhere something more. >> that's one way to look at it. >> thank you so much for being here this morning. >> absolutely. and the time now 8:17. some say the mayor needs to step down after that violent police stand-off with occupy oakland. that's right. >> our political insiders take
8:18 am
a look at her chance for recovering from the public relations nightmare. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:20 am
py oakland made the oakland mayor is at the center of controversies and that's after the violent stand off between police and protesters made headlines around the country. we saw her make a quick get away after protesters booed her at the plaza. and tuesday, officers fired tear gas at the protesters and a iraqi war vet was injured. now can the mayor recover from all of the bad press? >> well, the question is, how much longer does the bad press continue? and we turn to the former mayor brown who had his fair share of
8:21 am
bad press. >> how does she go from queen jean to queen mean. she has flip flopped on the city's involvement that she is going to need a doctor to find her spine. >> on a serious tone, it shows the transition to being an administrator. >> and you cannot wait for the crisis to have you demonstrate that. you have to start at the outset so no one perceives you of a continuation of what you were. that line was not drown. you looked -- not drawn. you lookedded at the numbers, some people say they lost it over the crime and order issue and the exit of the chief.
8:22 am
and now i know down they're, emails in the left is absolutely furious with her. >> she came in with just 22% of the vote. in part, crime issue, huge in oakland. 3-year-old kids getting killed in the street. and she's been talking about summit there. is going nowhere for her. on this issue, the tour words that every public official should be ready to use is, the buck stops here. i think the voters in oakland, you're looking at the polls, just collapsing on her. >> a lot of mixed feelings by elected officials about this occupy movement. i haven't seen the usual progressive state senator, congresswomen lee, showing up down there. >> and now we're seeing in
8:23 am
oakland, you know, progressive coming out -- >> the counsel woman. >> yes, sorry, that's right. she wans an inquiry. michael moore's criticizing her., what's next? teddy kennedy coming up from the grave. this is a nightmare. the use of tear gas and these videos have put oakland on the international map. you've got marchs this week in solidarity with oakland. how did that happen she's got to be asking herself. >> i'm sorry for her frankly. no mary deserves that. but once it happens, how to get out of it. you pray for rain. maybe it will go away. but this week, the tents return. and with not necessarily the mayor's approval, but she told the cops, after taking back the
8:24 am
plaza to stand down and they weren't to go in unless there was violence. and now that tens have return and the police chief is expressingly open concerns about that saying it's a hazard, the city administrator is concerned, so you see a split going on even within oakland city government how to handle or inaction. >> well, it goes back to what we're talking about, parenting 101, be consistent and if you have to, lay down the law. and when reporting out there, no one knows where that line is drawn. >> no, the guy lines and rules are issued daily. and ignored just as quickly. >> right. >> it's interesting in san francisco, the difference was that they saw what happened in oakland and they didn't move in. and although the same thing is going on to a little bit of lesser extent in san francisco, reminding you to avoid the bad publicity by taking no action. and in politics, if no action can work, that's what they'll do. >> and you can't blame the rain
8:25 am
if they don't leave. okay, more news ahead. and we have our weather forecast. ,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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about a thou through th welcome back. let's take a look at that time headlines. >> about a thousand people marched through the streets of oakland last night. they were protesting not only economic inequality, but alleged police brutality following last week's confrontation. on wednesday, they're staging a city-wide strike. and it was a peaceful turnout for the hell's angel member laid to rest this week. he was shot to death at another funeral two weeks ago at the same location. tomorrow, nato will end its mission in libya. it will be seven months to the
8:28 am
day since the alliance launched air and sea operations to protect civilians and hastened the downfall of moammar gadhafi. and today bob goes one on one with the front runner the republican race for the white house, herman cane is at the top of the news in the new register poll with 23%. >> that's right. and other survey shows cane leading the name with name recognition as well with 70 to 80% of the vote. but can he lead the tick senate more on face the nation at 8:30 a.m. right here. >> all right. we are now going to check in. she is going to tell us what the forecast looks like. >> good for halloween. those wondering, no rain in sight. pleasant temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cool down by the end of the week. >> and today? >> going to be beautiful. sunshine. >> look for the mermaid in the east bay. >> i will. yes. >> she's talking about herself. >> okay. thank you for joining us.
8:29 am
we'll see you later. ,,,,,,,,


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