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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 30, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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dana king on "cbs5 eyewitness news." you're watching cbs "eyewitness news," in high definition. s -- let's solve the problem and get on with the rest of the job. >> overflowing port a potties so out on the streets of san francisco. the toilets were donated for occupy protests so who is supposed to take care of them. sir during a march through downtown oakland. as skirmishers challenge police. the few who are being investigated. this airport is leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> the passenger bill of rights didn't go into effect. the conditions hundreds of jetblue passengers faced while stuck on the tarmac for hours. good evening, i'm ann
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notarangelo. it's been two weeks since occupy sf has been calling part of the plaza home. despite the police intervention the 'em camp. has remained virtually untouched. now there is a down right disgusting problem that could change all that. the problem that could mean eviction. >> reporter: occupy san francisco is now dealing with dirty dealings of its own. overflowing port a potties. now, unusable. protestors closing them off to the public until they can be cleaned out t question is, when, and will it be soon enough before it being comes a health hazard? >> yeah, i mean if we have some unclean toilets it's a good excuse for the cops to come in and tell us we need to leave because we're breaking laws, directing signs to other resources available in the community. >> reporter: as tension rises at occupy locations -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: so does the smell generated by the overflow of human waste. >> interview: toilets are full,
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let's solve the problem, and get on with the rest of the job that we all have to do on a daily basis. no one wants to wallow in you know what. >> reporter: but whose problem is it to solve? the toilets were provided to the protestors by private donation, not the city. this a, after health officials issued a warning to clean up the camp, because of visible human waste. mayor ed lee saying all along that protestors will be removed if the camp becomes a public health hazard. and, while all the talk here is one the city is going to do with thissen camp. some of the vendors say there may be another variable that comes into play very soon. what do you hope will eventually happen as a vendor? >> interview: well, i suppose we'll all get rained out at some time. >> reporter: some have even used the mess as a political platform. >> interview: mayoral candidate darrell low region data jones.
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>> reporter: politics aside, protestors say they are doing what they can to empty the port a potties so they can focus on what they consider to be the real mess, corporations. the city says there is a min in san francisco, juliette goodrich, cbs 25. >> occupy protestors are camping out peacefully at the flank oh gala plaza in oakland. the city says there is a minimal police presence. this morning there were some reports of vandalism and graffiti seaty after last night's march through downtown. at least 1 win do was broken, that was at the oakland police department's recruiting office. nearly a thousand people marched through downtown oakland last night amid heavy police presence. overall, the march was peaceful. there were some tense moments when protestors came close to squad cars and lines of police dressed in riot gear. protestors marched for three hours before returning to the plaza. occupy oakland organizers are calling for a general strike
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wednesday. they plan to march through the port of oakland and shut it down. beware of an a.m. from mayor quan. it mimics her actual official web site entirely instead it has had a a statement of support for occupy oakland. it says "i offer my sincere apologies for ordering the violent repression of the occupy oaklanden camp. ." the mayor said it was bogus. 27-year-old eric foreign tino was surfing at marina state beach yesterday morning when he spotted the shark. they say he warned fellow surfers nearby but he was unable to get away from the jaws of what authorities believe was a great white shark. >> he said call 911 and i felt he was a couple feet away from me and i could see his arm was
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bleeding badly j he was airlifted to therein tino medical emergency where they operated on his neck and shoulder. science associates at monterey county beaches are warning surfers to stay out of the water for the next week. well, there was much more than just frost on the pumpkin, there were several feet of snow in some areas on the east coast. more than 3 million people lost electricity during a rare october storm. drew levinson on why this storm caused so much damage. >> reporter: they started digging and clearing out sunday. [ sound of chain saw." >> after a freak nor westter came up the coast. it left cars and houses banged up. this giant tree sliced through megan fitzgerald's home. >> we heard a whole bunch of crackling, crashing, everything, this ended up crushing did whole side of the house where my mother was sleeping. >> reporter: millions from washington to maine are without
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electricity. it could be up to several days before it is restored because repair crews can't get? >> interview: we have so many trees, so many limbs, so many roads unpassable. >> reporter: what made this such a damaging storm was that so many fall leaves had yet to fall. that gave the snow something to grab on to and it was simply too much weight for branches like these to hold. people spent the day clearing those broken limbs from their yards and snow from their dive ways. >> reporter: i expected snow, the whole nine yards, what we've got today, i had no idea. >> reporter: travelers on this amtrack train, too, had no idea they would end up stranded overnight. in connecticut, passengers were stuck on a flight for several hours. for most this storm posed a great headache, but at least for one little boy, it's a bit of heavier rainfall. drew levinson, cbc news, new
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york. well, stranded on the tarmac for more than 8 hours, passengers on a jetblue plane were not allowed off the plane and, what's worse, they were not even allowed to use the laugh stories. the airline and the airports blame the powerful norries turn storm for the inconvenience. a troop returning from florida takes a turn for the worst. passengers on a jetblue plane were on their way to newark but a winter storm force addie tour to connecticut. if that wasn't bad enough, they were stuck on the tarmac for more than 8 hours. >> interview: it's ridiculous, this airport, this airport is just leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> reporter: rose an could see ma called when she was inside the plane. she said everyone was about to lose it, especially when they were barred from the bathrooms. >> interview: they are filled, totally filled. no one can go in 'em any more, you have to hold it. >> reporter: dan troubadour's parents were also on that plane. >> interview: people are upset, someone called the state
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police. >> this long line is filled with passengers from another carrier, they had just come back from a cruise in barcelona, they, too, were heading for newark. >> interview: we sat on the tarmac 4 1/2 hours, got through customs, just got here just a few minutes ago. we may be sleeping here in the airport. >> reporter: sleeping here? because all the nearby hotels are booked. this couple wasn't diverted but their rental car company said it was too dangerous and took back their car. they were one of the lucky ones to get a room at the sheraton next door but there's electricity there. >> interview: security lets us in, it's all dark, all black. >> reporter: can't get any food. >> interview: i had to hold mikell light so we could use the facilities, i would rather be here and warm and safe that in a ditch somewhere. >> reporter: it has been a mess. well a major milestone for planet earth. say happy birthday tomorrow to the 7 billionth person. the major problems we can expect as the population explodes.
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keeping kids safe while they are out trick or treating. there's an app for that, what it does, and how kids can use it if they get scared. lovely fall weather pattern this weekend across the bay area, we're looking at major changes, gusty winds, cooler temperatures, and snow? in the bay area? well, kind of. we'll talk about it coming up in your forecast in just a few minutes. ,, >> announcer: closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical organization. >> he tried to enlist after imperial harbor. >> they refused to take me, i'm sorry, you're japanese. he ended up fighting in europe while his sister was a u.s. prisoner. why it took 70 years to earn highest honor, monday at 11:00 on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the official population hita whopping 7-billion people. but as jim clancy tells us- scientists say it's not g to earth hits a major milestone tomorrow. the official population hits a whopping 7 billion people. but as jim clancy tells us, scientists say it's not necessarily something to celebrate. merely a >> reporter: october 31st, 2011, that's the date the u.n. says the 7 billionth person will be born on earth. that's a crowded planet, the director of the earth institute at colombia university, and author of "the price of civilization." >> it took only 12 years to go from 6 billion to 7 billion and
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it is expected to take maybe another 14 years to go to will billion, so the trajectory is still rising quickly. >> reporter: he says all those people mean more demands for food, nor stresses on the land, and more loss of water. but that's not the biggest problem. particulars big problem is that, in the poorest countries, families are still having 6, 7, or 8 children. that's what's putting this tremendous grout of population, continuing, because in the high- income countries fertility rates have come down to 2 children on average or even less. >> this map shows you birth rates across the world. multiple births above 5 are centered in africa, most lower birth rates are in developed countries. doctor sacks says wrapped population growth in poor countries creates conflict an political stress at borders and, on top of that, cultural values and available health care in developing countries
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creates a barrier to proper birth control. well if you're wondering how they know exactly when the 7 billionth person is born, they don't, it's a computer projection that is plus or minus 6 months. the economy may be scary but it's not stopping people from going all out for halloween. how much people are spending and why. and knowing where your kids are when they trick or treating. the app that will even alert you if they go out of bounds. well, again, our lovely fall weather pattern of this weekend will give way to gusty winds, cooler temperatures, and chance of some snow dusting the local mountains coming up here by the end of the week. i'll have the details next. ,, ,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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it's 6:50 now at kcbs ... the bay area's only all news radio station. >> all new 740 and fm 106.9kcbs.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by your northern california lexus dealer. test drive a luxurious lexus vehicle today. people may be cutting back on most areas of their budget but not on halloween, in fact, they are spending more than ever. according to the national retail foundation, shoppers will spend more than $2 billion on costumes alone. spending is also up for decorations and candy, experts say it's because the scary economy has people looking to release some steam and have a little fun. so wondering how to keep track of your trick or treaters this halloween? there's an app for that and it's free. the life through 60s family locator allows parents to see where their children are at any time. both parents and children need to have smart phones equipped with the app. parents can even setup a parameter and the app will alert them if the child goes beyond the designated area. >> gps knowing where they are at, that would be helpful, at least letting me nowhere they
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are. >> i guess they think if you're uncomfortable sending your kids out on their own they shouldn't go. >> it also has a panic button for the kids if they get caught in a situation. >> my kids are so young i'll go with them. will their jackets cover their costumes. >> eye we ill stay dry for the most part. last night gorgeous, warm temperatures, clear skies, we'll see some patchy fog moving into the coastline here tonight. that will cool us down a bit as we see still mostly clear conditions outside this evening, another lovely sunset setting up out there. we'll look for a gradual increase in the cloud cover and cooler temperatures across the bay the next couple days as the sun sets slowly into the west. we can anticipate that cloud cover moving in and hanging around at the beach first thing in the morning, a little patchy fog there, monday gusty winds moving in tuesday and wednesday morning, cooler yet through the end of the week with a chance
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of showers, thursday evening into friday, mainly the north bay. be a glances below for the rest of us but you get the idea here that the pattern is changing and there will be a chance of snow down to about 3,000 feet in the local mountains. not much precipitation but, still, a dusting of snow possible slate this week as we see temperatures tonight in the upper 40s, to low 50s for most locations. a limit warmer than last night here. as, again, high pressure systems still in place off the beach, and we're looking for it to back slowly to the west, allowing a cooler air mass to move into the region here over the next couple days and it will be with us through the end of the week. just patchy fog at the coast tomorrow, again, resulting in a bit of a cool-town across the region. a more dramatic cooling coming our way by the end of the week as we see temperatures tomorrow in the mid-to low 70s for the warmer locations. back at the bay, talking upper 60, low 70, back at the low 60s in the city and on the beach a
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little closer than normal this time of the year. we'll look at this pattern to move, gusty offshore winds, could be a high fire danger with that. most of the precipitation will stay to the north and east here, but again, we'll be looking for a fire weather watch here probably through mid- week before we bring those cooler temperatures and a chance of showers back to the region by thursday night into friday and then again come late saturday and sunday we could see a light sprinkle or two here in the north and east once again. and, as i mentioned, a chance of snow. about 3,000 feet. that means cooler air mass to end the week into next weekend. we're not looking at east-coast type snow but still going to cool off. >> it's coming. >> it's coming. >> remember the old days when you expected the 'niners to win? now we're heading back into that, aren't we. >> you got to go back into 1998 the last time the 'niners got off to a 6-1 start. those are the good old days.
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they are 3-9 though after a bye week. how would the 'niners go for the padding the lead in the n.f.c. west, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. winning streak since 2001, facing the league's 5th best defense in the cleveland browns.. a win would give the 49ers their first five-game winning streak since 2001. but they were facing the league's fifth-best defense in the cleveland browns. jim harbaugh hoping the bye week wouldn't slow down the
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momentum. second play of the game. ahmad brooks loses his helmet. colt mccoy loses the football and the 49ers recover the fumble. san francisco gets on the board quickly after that, frank gore in for the touchdown, 7-0 49ers, gore 134 yards and passes roger craig on the franchise rushing list. number 2 now. still 0 in the first quarter harbaugh opens up the play book. alex smith connects with the left tackle joe staley. it was the key play that resulted in a field goal to make it 10-0. they score before the half. michael crabtree, touchdown, first of the season, 17-0. smith 15 of 24, 177 yards. 49er offense smutters in the second half but they did get bailed out by a worse browns offense. mccoy in to double coverage, gets picked off by deshaun ghoulston, 6:25 to go in the game. mccoy to joshua cribbs who stays inbounds and scores 45- yard touchdown, 17-10.
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browns make it a 1-possession game. mccoy, 241 yards but sacked four times. look there. that is isaac taupe a wag a, in, out in the backfield for the reception, 18--yard pickup. david akers would tag on another field goal. the 49ers win 20-10, they win their fifth straight game improving to 6-1. >> reporter: what does this four-game lead mean to you vernon? i know you guys really want to run away with this thing and put it out of reach early on? >> interview: it means a lot. i've never been in this situation before so it caught me by surprise. i always new that we had the players, we had the team, this off-season and training camp. i knew it right away. but i didn't think i would be standing here 6-1. i believed in it but, you know, it just came so fast. it came fast. so i'm very thankful an honored. >> yeah, they have got to be ahead of schedule. ray lewis and the ravens
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happy to be back at home. lewis can practically taste the home field advantage. arizona build a 24-3 lead, however. baltimore rallies back. and minute to play, joe flacco to the rookie torrey smith, got it at the cardinals 5-yard line. billy cundiff comes on, bangs home a 25-yard field goal. boy, the ravens escape a major upset, 30-27. tony larussa and some of the world champion cardinals on hand to see the rams. what a week it's been in st. louis. and it continues. a.j. feely in for sam bradford, throws the touchdown to the former niner, brandon lloyd. 17-0 at the half. new orleans down 10, drew brees and company scored 62 points last week, different story today. sea ward picked them off, it's a pick 6, they get their first win stunning the saints 31-21. marquis matchup in the afc. tom brady versus ben roethlisberger. the steelers had the upper hand today. second quarter roethlisberger
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out of the shotgun, by dantonio brown, touchdown. that puts the steelers up 17- 10, last chance for new england. 19 seconds left, tom brady, stripped of the ball, troy pal you male alertly punches the ball into the end zone, resulting in a safety, and the steelers would win the game 25- 17. pittsburgh now improves to 6-2. after last night's thrilling triple overtime win over usc stanford had moved up to fourth behind lsu, alabama, and oklahoma state. the 16-game win streak is the longest in the country. the giants are stick to go the pitching theme that won them the world series last year. they have signed reliever javier lopez to a two year contract worth $8.5 million, think also picked up the option on jeremy affeldt, $5 million contract for 2012. nascar, more continuesville, kyle busch leaving the pits in a hurry. someone forgot to tighten all
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the lug nuts, there goes the tire. finished in 27th. tony stewart in the 14 car passes five-time defending champ jimmie johnson, stewart stays in front holding off j.j. to take the checkered flag. so tony stewart, now, moves into second place in the nascar standings. this is getting awfully exciting with about four races, four to go. so it's gonna be down to the finish. >> all right. and a good "gameday" tonight. >> hue jackson is our special guest. the raiders of course had a bye week so hue jackson will be our guest tonight. >> looking forward to that. this is a destination for millions of visitors to california each year, but yosemite may be off limits to some in the future. the dilemma facing the park and the possible solution that may not go over well with tourists. but we will have more in 30 minutes, that's it for "eyewitness news" at 5:30. we'll see back here in a half hour and then we'll see you at
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11:00. and more at good night. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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