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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  October 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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accident in san jose. and it is better news. we will have all of the details coming up. >> lawrence, elizabeth, thanks. good morning, everyone. monday, october 31. so happy halloween. [ghoulish laughter ] >> that is good. >> they think i'm a machine. >> you're very good. >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 5:00 a.m. we begin with occupy oakland protesters and getting some of their supplies back today. >> and pushing for a strike against the city later this week. kristy siefkin is in oakland where the city is promising to return some items that were taken by the police during those raids. good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank and grace. it was on tuesday when that raid happened. that the officials moved in and took actually a batch of medical supplies from the plaza. and protesters had threatened to march into mayor quan's office today if those supplies were not returned by noon. the city has responded and today, they plan to return those medical supplies. >> we had all kinds of supplies.
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gloves first aid kits. cold packs. compresses. we were pretty well stocked for first aid response. >> protesters were pretty active here over the course of the weekend. they held a march through the streets of downtown oakland. and police were ready with their riot gear. although the are protest was pretty peaceful. the march was pretty peaceful. there were reports however, of protesters, some protesters breaking some parking meters and also breaking some window, and spraying buildings with anti-police slogans and police have not had that much of a presence here at the plaza. and they really didn't confront people during that march. but for the fire department, it has been a different story. and the firefighters have been here every day, performing four inspections. since fire hazards were a main concern before that camp was raided on tuesday. and now protesters obviously have big plans for this wednesday. they have been talking about it for several days. a citywide strike is in the works. and they've gotten numerous employees on board.
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including members of the labor counsel. and the longshoremen and warehouse union and members of the teachers union. and they have three mass gatherings planned for wednesday and plan to get together at 5:00 p.m. at the port of oakland to shut down businesses at the start of that 7:00 p.m. shift. and now protesters are encouraging banks to shut down that day. they say if their doors are open they will march on the banks and today at 4:00. there will be a press conference a few blocks away from the plaza to talk about the plans for the strike and that was actually the location -- the press conference location will be the the site where the first major strike happened here in oakland in 1946. >> kristy siefkin, live in oakland, thanks. doctors say former marine scott olsen will make a full..
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let's solve the problem and get on with the jobs we have to do on a daily basis.
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no one wants to wallow in you know what. >> private donations provided those toilets for the protesters. after a san francisco health officials warned the human waste was a public health hazard. it is 5:04 now. a surfer attacked by a great white shark may be released from the hospital today. unter hudson joins us from san jose with how this young man barely cheated death. he is a lucky guy. good morning. >> lucky is right. and good morning, doctors here at san jose regional medical center say eric tarantino is lucky to be alive this morning. the 27-year-old is recovering from surgery, after a shark attack. tarantino and his friends went surfing saturday morning, off the coast of marina state beach near monterey. and tarantino saw the shark and called out to his friends to get out of the water. they made it out. but tarantino did not. he was bit in the arm and the neck by the great white. which also took 19 inches off tarantino's surfboard.
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doctors say if the bite was just a little closer to his scene, it could have been fatal. >> right here. along the neck. right along what we call the sterno cleido mastoid muscle, the bite missed the carotid artery and jugular scene by about two millimeters. >> warning sipes are posted throughout morning -- signs are posted throughout northern california. this is high season for sharks and shark experts call it shark-tober and a warning for surfers heading out this week. tear tino is expected to make a full recovery and possibly be released later today. unbelievable. the state is not taking any chances with sex offenders tonight, halloween night. homeless sex offenders across california, will be required to show up to the parole center, it is being dubbed operation boo. while at the parole center, officers will watch them to make sure they don't have any contact
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with any trick-or-treaters in the state. and registered sex offenders living at home will have to stay inside and turn off their lights. and an early morning wakeup call, a small earthquake took the east bay this morning, it was a 2.4 magnitude quake, struck around 2:42 a.m. st-r centered in berkeley. the fourth quake in that area in the last 10 days. we checked the usgs web site. dozens of people reported feeling the shaking including some in san francisco and san leandro. did you feel it? >> dy not. i got up about 2:45. so i missed it by that much. >> i didn't feel anything. >> well, were you sleeping like a rock probably. >> maybe. we have a tendency to do that here. how about weather on halloween? let's check in with lawrence and find out about the trick-or-treaters. >> i'm not feeling much of anything this morning either. >> it is par for the course. >> and headed out the door today, we have patchy dense fog. you want to worry about it. especially right out toward the
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coastline. it is thick to the surface, a few hundred feet, right down on the deck. and temperatures right now, running in the 40s and the 50s outside and as we head toward the afternoon. and we will sneak in very nice sunshine. and temperatures as high as 76 degrees. in san jose, and 76 in millipitas. and 79 in morgan hill. and 75 in santa clara. east bay temperatures up well into the 70s. by the afternoon. and as we look out toward the central bay, looking at 67 degrees, in san francisco, and a pleasant 70. in oakland. and 65 degrees in sausalito. some rain in the forecast. we will talk more about that in a minute and first let's talk with elizabeth and traffic. >> and we will go out to the east bay and start you off with a live look through 880 and oakland. nata. pretty quiet out there. up and down the nimitz. 880 looks good through highward and downtown oakland. this is where the fog is thick. across portions of the golden gate bridge and portions of the coastline as well. really watch out for visibility issues but overall we just saw them do the lane change.
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about 10 minutes ago. so overall traffic is flowing nicely. overnight road work in the east shore freeway. may be in lanes between the albany exit and powell but a live look, where you can see a nice smooth drive and 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. more traffic in a bit including a check of mass transit. back to you. >> 5:08. and millions are without power. >> and travelers stranded by a deadly october storm. >> also ahead. >> this airport is just leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> the nightmare for hundreds of jet blue passengers stuck on the tarmac for eight hours. >> that is no fun. and a g.o.p. presidential fundraiser on the defense. the sexual harassment allegations plaguing herman cain's campaign. coming up. fect over one million homes each year, causing a disgusting mess and hours of repair. the powerful formula in rid-x has enzymes to immediately break down waste and bacteria
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that work continuously to reduce tank build-up.
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season's first big snow storm .... weeks earlier back now at 5:11. the east coast is dealing with the season's first big snowstorm. weeks earlier than usual. a good month or so early. snow piled up quickly over the weekend. and this is a camera in new jersey took a photo once every minute as the snow fell on saturday. they got socked in. they got more than two feet of snow in some areas. four states have declared states of emergency. now, it is a snow day for hundreds of school kids. much earlier in the school year than normally happens. some local officials have canceled or postponed halloween activities, it is so bad. and crews are busy restoring power to more the 3 million homes and businesses and it could take a good week to get everybody back online and the storm has smashed snowfall records for the month of october. >> mother nature has thrown a few curve balls the past few months but we're managing. >> upstate new york got really hit. new england as well.
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12 deaths are blamed on the powerful october snowstorm. a 30-car pileup shut down interstate 95 in pennsylvania as well. how about air travel? well back on track at sfo finally the east coast snowstorm canceled a lot of flighting over the weekend. and three outbound to new york city and two knick from the boston area -- inbound from the boston area and we're told everything has been on schedule since noon yesterday. >> and a trip returning from florida. sounds pretty awful. passengers on the jet blue plane were on the way to newark but the storm force as detour to connecticut. and now as if that wasn't bad enough, they were stuck in the tarmac for more than eight hours, without food or bathrooms. and passengers reportedly broke into applause when they're allowed back into the terminal. and jet blue has apologized for the situation. and this week, the high speed rail in california is at a crucial juncture. tomorrow the state's high speed rail authority will release its final business plan. and then lawmakers and governor brown will use that data to
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decide whether to go ahead with construction in the central valley. starting about a year from now. and even the best case scenarios don't envision a single bullet train running on the first segment of tracks. coming up, a presidential campaign in damage control. the sexual harassment allegations against front runner herman cain. >> plus, it may be a small world after all but the population is getting huge. the jaw-dropping milestone we could hit today. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health.
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today, oakland officials plan to return s 5:16. let's get you caught up on the morning's top stories. oakland officials plan to return some splice to the occupy protesters at the plaza. they include first aid equipment taken during tuesday's raid to close the camp. a shark attack victim could be going home from a san jose hospital today. the 27-year-old surfer had a near fatal attack off marina state beach in monterey county this weekend. a suicide bombing killed four people outside a united nations building in afghanistan today. three civilians and a policeman died in kandahar. and offices of the u.n.'s refugee agency were damaged. >> a check of the weather with lawrence. >> good morning. if you're headed out the door, spooky looking fog out to the coastline.
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it is very thick. out at the beaches and dense fog showing up right now and a few hundred feet thick and still you have mostly clear conditions as you make your way inside the bay and the interior valleys by the afternoon, going to be a gorgeous halloween. lots of sunshine. and really some very nice temperatures running a little bit above the average for this time of the year. and moving well into the 70s. in many spot, well inland. and it looks like though high pressure is going to start to build back in after this low passes to the north. once that ridge builds in, we're going to see more of an offshore flow. warmer weather for tomorrow and then we will have to worry about the possibility of fire danger around the bay area. but for this halloween, we are talking about that fog trying to break away from the coastline. and we may see a couple of patches of fog move in. a little bit later on this evening. so for trick-or-treaters you might want to watch out for that. other than that, we are looking good so far. and it looks like the temperatures are going to be fantastic. numbers starting out on this monday, 75 degrees santa clara. and 72 in san mateo. and about 63 degrees in pacifica. and east bay numbers up well into the 70s.
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inland. and if you get inside the bay, you will find some sunshine and very comfortable weather. 70 degrees in oakland. and a little bit of a breeze in san francisco at 67. and a cool 63 in daly city. the next couple of day, warmer weather but one extreme to another, we go from a raised fire danger to the possibility of some rain and maybe even some snow on our local mountain peaks as we get into thursday and friday. another storm expected to move in late in the weekend. and that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> it is glad we're dry. i remember halloween as a kid always raining, carrying your umbrella in one hand and the wand or the sword in the other. let's go out toward san jose. where we do still have this accident, it is off to the shoulder. and it is no longer a traffic alert. meaning it is no longer blocking lanes. but there may still be some activity out there. and it is right here on the ramp from northbound 101 to northbound 280. and this accident happened before 4:00. just around 3:45 or so. so we're not seeing any slowing on our sensors any longer which is the good news.
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all right. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. so far no delays from 205 and now the parkway, out to the doubling interchange. it looks like it is okay through livermore right now and usually one of the first spots to back up and as you get closer to the area, the westbound 580 traffic looks okay. it is a 15-minute drive or so. again as you saw from the altamont pass. and out toward 680. and this is our spooky forecast. our traffic forecast. as lawrence just mentioned. it is thick in spots. including across the golden gate bridge. and where our camera is on the san francisco side of the span. and it is also pretty thick along portions of the coastline as well. and westbound highway 4. you can see a lot of green on the sensors this morning, through antioch, and top speeds on all of of the traffic sensors all the way up into pittsburgh and concord. as you get closer to 242. and once again, if you want to use mass transit this morning, everything is on time. and the ferries. that's traffic. >> back to you. >> thanks. it is 5:19 now. the herman cain campaign is
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denying newly discovered allegations of inappropriate behavior by the republican presidential candidate. and now according to a report by politico, on cbs news .com, cain faced allegations of sexual harassment back in the 1990s from two women who worked at the national restaurant association. and led that trade group at the time. politico says the allegations led to financial settlements. this comes as a new poll shows the business man in a dead heat in iowa, mitt romney, the des moines register has a survey with a 23 to 22% edge over the bay state governor and the rest of the pack further behind. iowa is the traditional site of the first caucus. president obama will sign an executive order this afternoon, and now this is designed to help the economy. the president says the country cannot wait for congress. mr. obama has begun taking unilateral steps that he says will encourage economic growth. the action does not require
5:21 am
congressional approval. and today is the deadline to register for a special election in oakland. a vote by mail election set for november 15. you can sign up at the registrar's office or at libraries, fire stations, and post offices. three measures will be on that ballot. and some more signs of movement on the 49ers stadium in santa clara. >> talk of speeding up the timetable for construction. the niners are giving city officials assurances that the team will submit a financial plan soon for a billion dollar stadium and the city hopes to improve the plan by the end of this year and the team reportedly wants to aim for a stadium opening of 2014, a year ahead of the current target date and if wins helps a little bit, they're certainly doing a lot of that, too. a nice win over the browns yesterday. >> oh, yes. did you watch. >> no. >> 5:21. it is pet control of the future. the mosquitoes genetically designed to kill. plus, these guys can
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apparently put anyone's carving skills to shame. what it takes to create their amazing pumpkin art. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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abov 's sometime today a baby born somewhere will push the world
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population above 7 billion. according to the united nations. of course it is really impossible to determine exactly which baby will put us over the top but the best bet is somewhere in india which is producing humans at a rate of nearly one per second. that's the fastest pace on the globe. well, testing could soon begin on genetically engineered mosquitoes that could wipe themselves out. researchers report early success with mosquitoes that are engineered to pass a lethal gene to kill their offspring before they reach adulthood. the new york times reports florida officials hope to test these mosquitoes soon. if the department of agriculture agrees. and a really big day tomorrow for 2-year-old conjoined twins living in san jose. >> a real big day. doctors plan to separate them, a marathon nine-hour surgery at lucille packard children's hospital at stanford. and angelina and angelica, born in the phillipines joined at the sternum and have several organs
5:26 am
fused together and separating and reconstructing will require a team of 20 doctors and nurses a lot of time. and brooklyn new york, they have raise the the act of carving pumpkins to works of art. >> they call themselves the maniac carvers and hired to do their thing for weddings, birthday parties, promotions as well as company parties. they're very popular. >> i believe so. >> they say they started carving pumpkins just for fun but over time, it evolved into a full-time business for two months out of the year. >> we like to think of it almost like ice sculpture, from the moment you start cutting into it, the clock is just ticking on how long that pumpkin is going to last. >> well, the carvers for hire say they are constantly trying to push the envelope on whatever is possible. and our director mike bruce says go to google and you can see them carving. >> do you think they're the same people? >> but on google if you log on,
5:27 am
you can see it. it is about 30 seconds and you can see google lit up with pumpkins and you can see them carving away. an urgent warning about bite-sized candies. the health hazard that is posing a lot of problems for demonstrators in san francisco. after a protester vowed to march on the mayor's office, the city is returning valuable items to oakland protesters. a live report from the plaza coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after last week occupy oakland calling for a general strike. what the city is returning today after last week's police raid. a couple of scary looking clouds along the coastline. will it be a trick or treat on this halloween? we will talk about that coming up. i like that. scary looking roadways so far this morning. in terms of the fog. a little bit across the golden gate bridge. plus new action coming in in antioch, we will have the halloween traffic details coming up. guys, thanks much. good morning, everybody. monday, october 31. happy halloween. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 5:30 this morning. and a city shutdown. this is part of the plans for occupy oakland protesters this week. >> the group today expects to get some supplies back from city officials. kristy siefkin is in oakland at the protest encampment and joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. frank and grace. when the police came in here last tuesday, and raided the camp, one of the things that they took were some medical
5:31 am
supplies. and protesters had vowed to march into mayor quan's office today, if those supplies were not returned by noon. well the city has responded and plans to return those supplies this morning. this is after a pretty fairly active weekend in oakland where the protesters led a march through downtown oakland. and it was a pretty peaceful march but police were there ready in their riot gear. there were reporting however that some protesters broke parking meters in addition to windows, and also sprayed buildings with some anti-police slogans. and many of them still angry about the mixed messages that mayor quan has sent. >> whether you love occupy oakland or whether you think it is a terrible thing. people are just not happy with the way that the mayor has handled this issue. >> reporter: now, police didn't intervene during the march on saturday and they kept a pretty minimal presence here at the plaza. but it is a difficult story for the fire department. and the fire fights are maintaining fire inspections on a daily basis at the park, and as you remember, that is one of
5:32 am
the main concerns before the raid. and protesters of course have the big plans for this wednesday. a strike planned for oakland. and they've gotten several city employees on board, including members of the labor council. the longshoremen and wearhouse union and the teachers union and they have three mass gatherings planned throughout the day on wednesday and plan to gather at the port of oakland to shut down businesses by the start of the 7:00 p.m. shift and protesters have openly encouraged banks to shut their doors on that day because they said if they don't, they will march upon them, and there is a press conference planned for a little later today, to discuss those details of the strike. back to you. >> after everything that transpired last week, about sleeping overnight there, how many people are actually intense there right now? can you see or do you have any idea? >> when i was here on friday afternoon, there were about 42 tents that i counted at that time. we haven't been able to account this morning, but a good number of people back in the park and clearly though even the mayor, one of the points on the list, a full request was you cannot camp
5:33 am
overnight and clearly being ignored and interesting to see overtime if they respond to the warning about fire hazards, and sanitation, et cetera, because essentially the same camp has been set back up here and all of the issues that we had before, they're pretty likely going to exist again. >> that's a little crazy after what happened on tuesday. >> okay. kristy siefkin live in oakland. thanks. >> 5:33 now. doctors in the meantime are saying that former marine scott olsen will make a full recovery. and olsen is the iraq war veteran who is critically injured during the occupy oakland police crash. and the roommate says he visited olsen at a medical facility over the weekend and he is still unable to speak doctors say they do expect him to make a full recovery. on the other side of the bay, protesters occupying san francisco plaza are showing no signs of leaving any time soon. either right now. the biggest problem at the protests in san francisco is the overwhelming stench that seems
5:34 am
to keep getting worse. the cause of the aroma at the plaza portable toilets that are overflowing and unusable. >> let's solve the problem. and get on with the rest of the job that we all have to do on a daily basis. no one wants to wallow in you know what. >> private donations provided the toilets in the first place. for the protesters. after san francisco health officials warned that human waste was an imminent public health hazard. they got to clean that up this week. early morning wakeup call. a small earthquake shook the east bay this morning. a 2.4 quake struck early. 2.42 a.m. was centered in berkeley. the fourth significant quake in that area in the past 10 days. in the berkeley hills. we just checked the usgs web site and dozens of people reported feeling the shaker including some here in san francisco and san leandro. and the state is not taking any chances with sex offenders
5:35 am
this halloween. tonight, homeless sex offenders across california will be required to show up to parole centers. and it is being dubbed operation boo. and officers will watch them, to make sure they don't contact any trick-or-treaters. registered sex offenders who are living at home will have to stay inside and turn off their lights. >> a surfer attacked by a shark off the monterey county coast can be released from the hospital as soon as today. 27-year-old eric tarantino of monterey was attacked saturday morning while surfing off marina state beach. a friend helped him out of the water. several other surfers used beach towels trying to stop the bleeding. he was flown all the way to regional medical center of san jose. where doctors say the bite wounds were close to being fatal. >> right here, along the neck, right along what we call the sterno cleido mastoid muscle, the bite missed the carotid artery and jugular scene by two millimeters. >> the state is posting warning
5:36 am
signs at beaches along the monterey bay from moss landing to fort order. >> and lawrence is familiar with the area. >> and when larn lawrence karnow is not forecasting the weather, he is surfing. >> i used to do a lot of surfing in that spot but not this week. >> and if you're headed out around the bay area today, you will find dense fog at the coastline. very thick at the beaches right now. but that's really it is confined, compressed down to the surface. around the temperatures running in the 40s and 50s right now, by the afternoon, we will sneak in some sunshine and the numbers are not going to be too bad and in fact slightly lower than average in san francisco but otherwise we will see the temperatures running three to five degrees above the average and should be about 79 degrees, in livermore, and about 77 drose in concord and should see sunshine and 77 degrees in santa rosa, and that's a look at weather. let's check out traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. unfortunately starting to slow down in antioch. this accident that i mentioned, it is blocking the slow lane and
5:37 am
westbound highway 4 where it tends to slow anyway. past the somerville exit. the line of sensors are growing through antioch and some speeds under 25 miles per hour. across that stretch. and once you get past antioch, we are seeing improvement, and our sensors turn back to green again. and on to concord. a quick look outside, and so far, so good at the bay bridge toll plaza, commuting into san francisco. more traffic in a bit. >> and 5:37. well, it is a snow day for hundreds of schools, but it is way earlier in the school year than normal. and that's why some local officials have canceled or postponed halloween activities. and crews are busy restoring power to more than 3 million homes and businesses. and it could take a week to get everyone's power back on. the storm has smashed snowfall records for october. >> mother nature has thrown us a few curve balls over the past few months but we're managing. >> 12 deaths are now being
5:38 am
blamed by this powerful october snowstorm. a 30-car pileup shut down interstate 95 in pennsylvania. and a trip returning from florida took a turn for the worse, passengers on a jet blue plane on the way to newark, and the storm forced a detour to connecticut, and connecticut got socked in, too. and that wasn't bad enough, they were stuck on the tarmac, for more than eight hours, and no food, or bathroom. passengers reportedly broke into applause. i bet they did. when they were finally allowed to go back into the terminal and take care of themselves. >> the power is going in and out. bathrooms are locked. people are quite upset. someone else called the state police. >> jet blue has since apologized for that situation. >> been there before. no fun. today qantas jetliners returned to the skies after a labor dispute grounded the airliner, the entire fleet, over the weekend. an australian court made an emergency ruling yesterday to end weeks of strikes and
5:39 am
lockouts for the airline. still delays as qantas clears a backlog of thousands of passengers. the world's 10th largest airliner expects to be back on a normal schedule within just a couple of days. >> 5:39. a top presidential hopeful under scrutiny. the claims of sexual harassment and the money to keep silent. and testing teens for hiv. and the new recommendation for people in high risk areas. that and much more when grace and i come back. 3q septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year. without regular maintenance, septic tanks can back up, causing a disgusting mess and countless hours of repair. introducing new rid-x septi-pacs. easy-to-use dissolvable pouches that help prevent disgusting septic back-ups. the powerful dual action formula has enzymes to immediately break down waste and time-release bacteria that work continuously to reduce tank build-up.
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going to be a gorgeous halloween around the bay area. 70s inside the bay. well into the 70s inland. and out to the coastline, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. a little cool in the 60s. so high pressure is trying to build in. we have the low passing to the north. once it moving on by, the ridge starts to build in and i think the offshore winds start blowing as early as tonight and in toward tomorrow so things are going to change. we will warm things up and for today, a little cooler outside. and you've got some of the patchy fog out to the beaches now and hopefully that is going to break up. and maybe a couple of patches return for the trick-or-treaters. you want to watch out for that. thick early on this morning. visibilities down to less than a quarter of a mile. and a dense fog advisory into the monterey bay. and around the bay area, we are looking at temperatures in the 70s. and in toward the san jose area, 74 degrees in fremont and 72 and sunny in san mateo and 60s out to the beaches and well into the 70s inland, by the afternoon. high as 79 in livermore and 78 in fairfield and then 77 degrees
5:43 am
in the napa valley, and as you get inside the bay, you will find the temperatures in the 60s, and a couple of low 70s in toward oakland. about 77 degrees though, beautiful in santa rosa, and 62 degrees at stinson beach. next couple of days. we are going to see some warmer weather on the way. of course, get the offshore winds and lower humidity and the fire danger is on the rise but then we see this goes the entire other direction as we are expecting a storm to move in on thursday to bring a chance of showers and much cool irweather for the bay area and it will likeliling near friday and the door looks like it will open up and another storm could move in. get this elizabeth. on sunday, too. and it looks like more stormy weather next weekend. are you going to be busy. >> i know you are. the old storm door. >> thank you, lawrence. we will go out to antioch and dealing with problems even though it is dry. the westbound highway 4, the slow lane is blocked and we have a slight location change, closer toward a street, lone tree way. and that's where it always backs up anyway this time of the morning so one lane blocked is not helping matters. speeds are really slow under 25
5:44 am
miles an hour and actually under 15 miles an hour according to our traffic sensors in that area. again, it sounds like chp is on the scene now. they've working to clear that accident. no other details available yet. but in the meantime, the rest of the east bay looks okay. 880 through oakland and oracle and downtown oakland, and southbound 880 is moving fine as well about. a 15-minute drive time in either direction between 238 and the maze. and all green on the sensors across that spot. and the bay bridge toll plaza, still no metering lights. pretty much no major delays and you can see if we step out of the way, slight delays in that one cash lane, but overall fast track user, everyone else gets by okay and for silicon valley commute. westbound 237, looks great so far, out of millipitas heading to san jose. and except for that early morning fender-bender near the 101, 280 ramp, everything has been pretty quiet across san jose and the live look at downtown, and a couple of headlines there. and northbound 280 closer toward the 880 interchange. a quick mass transit note. everything is on time.
5:45 am
and bart, systemwide on time. and ace train looks good and muni and cal train. and kicking back from the halloween monday, everything is on time as far as mass transit goes. and if anything changes, tune to our radio partner, kcbs, at 7:40 a.m. or 106.9 f.m. that's traffic and weather back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:45 now. let's take a look at some of the top stories on this halloween morning. today, oakland officials plan a return some supplies to the protesters, including first aid equipment taken during tuesday's raid. and a shark attack victim could be released from a san jose hospital today. surfer eric tarantino was nearly killed when he was bitten off marina state beach in monterey county this week end. a very lucky man. president barack obama bill sign an executive order this afternoon designed to help the economy. and saying the country couldn't wait for congress any longer and mr. obama has begun taking unilateral steps that he says
5:46 am
will encourage economic growth. 5:45 now. and u.s. stock futures are lower this morning. and this after "the wall street journal" reported mf global holdings is seeking bankruptcy protect. even if the market is down today, october could be the best month for the stock market since 1987. and that's how long it has been. the dow is up nearly 12% on the month. and that's despite the fact that the dow hit its low for the year. on october 3. up and down we have gone on the dow. and the herman cain campaign is denying allegations this morning of sexually suggestive behavior by the republican presidential candidate. the reb site politico says cain faced allegations of sexual harassment in the 90s from two women who worked at the national restaurant association. cain led the trade group at the time and the allegations led to financial settlements. yesterday morning cain appeared on cbs's "face the nation." shortly after that interview, he
5:47 am
was questioned about those allegations. >> i'm not going to comment about two people that you won't tell me who they are, okay? that's like negotiating -- 0 i'm not going to pin it on that. >> politico described the behavior as quote conversations allegedly filled with innuendo, or personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature. 5:47 now. four people were killed in afghanistan today, in a bombing that damaged a united nations building there. a suicide car bomb exploded at a checkpoint killing three civilians and a policeman in the southern city of kandahar. and the explosion caused extensive damage to offices of the u.n.'s refugee agency. two armed insurgents battled afghan security forces for two hours, before being shot dead. nato's air campaign over libya, will end later today. operations will stop at midnight, libyan time, this comes 11 days after the death of muomar ghadafi and seven months
5:48 am
since the start of the nato air campaign. the alliance carried out more than 9,000 bombing runs, enabling libyan rebels to overthrow ghadafi. however just eight of nato's 28 member states took part. well, this is amazing. the world population is now above 7 billion. >> the united nations has chosen danika may comacho born in the phillipines above midnight as the symbolic 7 billion. it may reach 9.3 billion by 2050 and expected to exceed 10 billion by the end of the century. >> a lot of people. >> india i guess a baby is born every second. >> crazy stuff. it is 5:48. just ahead, the new guidelines for hiv testing. >> plus, the 49ers want to open their new stadium. a lot earlier than expected. and they might, and treats can be tricky and ghosts and goblins are not the scariest
5:49 am
part for parents and kids on halloween. coming up. helps you fall asleep faster [ male announcer ] unisom and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom.
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5:51 am
drug shortages. 5:51. president obama plans to sign an executive order directing the fda to address drug shortages
5:52 am
and looking at the recommendations for regular hiv testing. the american academy of pediatrics is urging all teens between the ages of 16 and 19 to get regular routine tests. and some trick-or-treaters will have problems with the goodies that they get tonight. a study in the journal of pediatrics finds about 8% of children in the u.s. have at least one food allergy. if your child is among them, experts are suggesting to check your candy ingredients. but they can be hard to find on those bite-sized versions. >> 5:52. a big day tomorrow for 2-year-old conjoined twins living in san jose. and doctors plan to separate the two in a marathon 9-hour surgery in stanford. angelina and angelica were born in the philippines. this he are joined at the sternum. with several organs fused together. a team of more than 20 doctors and nurses needed to separate and restruct the girls, and we wish them all the best. >> some positive signals about a
5:53 am
new 49ers stadium in santa clara. the 49ers are giving city officials assurances the team will submit a financial plan soon for a billion dollar stadium and the city hopes to approve that plan by the end of next year. now, the team reportedly wants to speed up the timetable, and aim for a stadium opening in the year 2014. and a year ahead of the current target date. >> while the 49ers are back in action yesterday, after having a bye week. they were. and looking good, too. the 5-1 niners and the 3-3 browns at the stick and the second play at the game. and browns fumble. 49ers recover. frank gore takes over from there. he powered through for a touchdown, and still in the first quarter. and alex smith, there is the gore touchdown. alex smith hit the tackle joe staley leading to a field goal. i think it was his first catch ever. here he is, he is like i was a little nervous before i got it when they called the play but not bad. have aing little fun.
5:54 am
later smith connected with michael crab tree for a touchdown. 17-10 niners. >> we always knew that we had the players, we had the team, and this off-season in training camp, i knew it right away. but i didn't think i would be standing here 6-1. i believed am it. but you know, it just came so fast. >> by the way the score was 20-10. they got a field goal. and next sunday they play the washington redskins. a team that got shut down by the bills over the weekend. and stanford is slowly rising in the latest bcs standings. the cardinals rank number four only behind lsu and alabama, and oklahoma state. and this comes after saturday's dramatic victory over usc and three overtimes. which must have been a ratings chart buster. because that game was monstrous. >> they can play for a national championship. >> i don't want to get everybody too excited but it is possible. >> i think lsu plays alabama this week. so one of them is going to lose.
5:55 am
oklahoma state, you know, pretty beatable. >> what is this stuff? >> i like watching football. >> i am a big bamma fan. let's talk about weather. >> yes. >> you should be rooting for stanford. >> no kidding. >> fog out toward the coastline this morning. it is going to break up though. hopefully. and we will see some sunshine and a mixture of clouds out to the coast. and 70s elsewhere around the bay. and the next couple of days, temperatures heat up and the offshore winds and the fire danger will be on the rise and by thursday, we go the other direction, and we're talking about some rain moving in, and a possibility of showers lingering into friday. and then another storm moves in over the weekend. and how about that trick or treat forecast. how about it? >> there we go. looking good. we are going to see mostly clear conditions. we may see a couple of spooky little clouds out toward the beaches. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for all of you trick-or-treater s. >> at least it is not rain. >> doesn't it seem to rain
5:56 am
always on halloween when you were growing up? >> only in oakland. [ laughter ] >> only in the east bay. >> speaking of the east bay, let's go to antioch. better news now. westbound highway 4 at a street. that accident is now cleared to the right shoulder. and unfortunately, we are left with a pretty good long line of slow traffic behind it. it always bottlenecks right now but extra slow because of the fender bender approaching that exit, which fortunately is now cleared so nimitz, nice and quiet toward downtown and if there is one more camera to show you on the bay bridge where they have not turned the metering lights on yet and give them another 15 minutes and the camera will look a little different. >> i'm sure it will. >> thanks, guys. and it is 5:56 now. in the next half hour. another earthquake believe it or not is here in the east bay, how strong it was, and we will tell you about that coming up. plus, no food, no bathrooms, why passengers were stuck on the tarmac for eight hours.
5:57 am
and after protesters vowed to march into mayor quan's office, the city is returning valuable items to protesters. a live report from the plaza coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
oakland.. hoping this week. how the people are just not happy with the way that the mayor has handled this issue. >> occupy oakland, hoping to shut down the city sometime this week. how the city is giving in to the demonstration today. >> the bite missed his carotid artery and his jugular scene by about two millimeters. >> he is called the luckiest unluckiest guy in the world and how one surfer cheated death off the california coast. mostly clear inland. we have some scary looking fog out toward the coastline. more on that and the trick or t


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