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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 13, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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>> are you getting doused on this icing? craig: i'm feeling way better than i need to. you've got jay leno there. >> oh. it's ok. craig: what did he do? >> he's got his uncle louie's chicken wings. >> -- craig: oh, yeah, john aniston, cinema toast. >> oprah. craig: no way, oprah? beyonce's in there. and oprah's recipes is corn fritters. geoff, i think that's one for you. jennifer aniston. >> jennifer aniston. ellen. craig: is there another ellen? it's like cher. if you say the name, it's like that's enough. >> like julia, ellen, jennifer,
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angelina, craig. craig: no, not craig. this is really delicious. you want do get them on the brussel sprouts. >> that's actually really -- craig: you think it's not going to work and then -- that really doesn't work at all. that's really awful. but other than that, it's delicious. craig: the beautiful cat cora. we've got go. good night.,,,,
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move they're considering tht everyone's worried about. what . protesters shut the portadown twice --, port down twice, but the third move is making everyone worried. >> what chuck e cheese is doing that got the company fined by the feds. >> pollution chances weather. all over the west coast, occupy protesters took their message to some of the nation's busiest ports. >> in the bay area hundreds flooded the port of oakland. robert lyles shows us the impact of the protest. >> reporter: there may be fewer
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protesters than a month ago, the effect may be greater amount. you can see for the second time in as many months the port of oakland has been shut down. sources are telling cbs five that inbound freight lines have been shut down because of this occupy movement. these protesters claim they will carry the shut down into tomorrow morning, and that decision has led the mayor to an about-face. she's calling this economic violence. >> the protesters are estimated to be 1000. but that may just be the first wave. they were joined by a second wave of protesters. scott olson was up front. i'm glad to be at the middle of
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the it, so i can make the best out of it. >> the former marine said being shot by tear gas has left him with speech delay. others shouted for him. >> this is a big victory. >> by 7:00 tonight the international longshore and warehouse union was telling workers stay home. >> on a typical night there may be one or two hundred workers, tonight the employers canceled the orders. >> one longshoreman said it was not the union's request that kept workers home. >> the longshoreman didn't cross the picket line because of the history and health and safety. >> with nobody to unload the ships no goods are being moved in or out. the official word there's not been a shutdown. now the mayor that supported the occupy movement is calling
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this second port shut down economic violence. >> the economic violence is not fair. it's not fair to the workers of the port who lost a day. >> like ron coleman. >> this is the second time in a month. >> the trucker said it's cost $1,300 since one up. >> get on your side. you sure. >> too little to cover his salary loss and too late to make time on the road. these trucks make money when they are rolling. >> back out live, you're looking at one of the three ships that came into the terminal tonight, longshoremen were supposed to unload that train at 3:00 a.m., but protesters are at the apl
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terminal trying to block all longshoremen shifts tomorrow morning. the port according to the mayor is held hostage because of the act by the protesters tonight. now the real question is, will all three of the ships sail out looking for somewhere else to unload or will the police move in to break up the protest. that's something to watch. across town another occupy protest. check this out. they are calling themselves ocupi. >> they are on a raft. they refused an interview. but they are doing it as a creative way to bring attention back to the occupy movement. californians seem willing to make higher income earners
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pay more taxes. 65% of voters support the plan the raise sales and income taxes on people making more than $255,000 a year. the measure is not on the ballot. the legislature has to approve it. >> one of the most visible effects of the crisis is the closing of state parks. tonight generous donors are keeping a big bay area park open. it's just the latest example of the private sector picking up where the public sector has left off. >> put it over the top. >> supporters of henry coast state park, bought time, three years to keep it open for campers, hikers and bikers
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until 2015. total cost, nine$018,000. >> ann brigs is part of a group of wealthy doans or. hopefully the budget will turn around but the rangers job is safe for now. it's wonderful there's people that want the help us. >> henry cove is the latest example of a growing trend of public and private partnership. last year $35,000 was donated the save deer hollow farm from the budget axe. >> last month in downtown san jose a dozen corporations saved christmas in the park after they ponied up $61,000. last week google offers $33 million to reskin the historic hangar one at moffitt field. saving parks and public projects has a great return.
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>> if a wealthy donner wants here money to go a long way. this is one of the best ways. >> it allows your children and your grandchildren and great grandchildren to see what this land was before all these people came. >> and the fund will take more money to make sure henry cove is a moon to budget problems. >> stop writes so many reports. he ordered a review of the 2600 reports agencies deliver every year. many are a waste of time and money. chuck e cheese is a friendly place for kids who eat there, but not teenagers who work there. elizabeth cook shows what bay area chuck e cheeses were
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making underage work course. >> today is her sixth birthday. she wanted to celebrate at her favorite place. chuck e cheese. where a kid can be a kid. according to the department of labor the under age employees were doing work reserved for grownups. >> you would think they would have taken a proactive step to make sure that the minors they employed were not performing hazardous work that could injure them. >> investigators found that nine bay area chuck e cheeses from fairfield to cupertino violated the fire labor standard act by allowing teenagers to use the dome mixer and trash pact. >> they could have been hurt as a result of operating the
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equipment. >> chuck e cheese was forced to pay $28,000 in fines and took steps to the make sure the under age workers don't have access to the dangerous equipment and they will educate the staff so this won't happen again. her dad will take her to her favorite place. part of the joy of bringing her here is gone. she will love it so we will come for her birthdays. but it does alter my view a little bit that it's not a safe place for the high school students, primarily high school students working there. elizabeth cook. cbs5. >> one man is in critical condition after being gunned down in the parking lot of a in and out burger. police think gunman
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specifically targeted the victim. no one else was hurt. a man who posed as a tge worker and killed a san francisco publicist was sentenced to 50 years to life today. he admitted he was high on meth. it happened after horan returned from a trip to argentina with her mother. family and friends of the victim were on hand the witness the sentencing today. a diesel spill was not enough to postpone finals today. the 1700 gallons of diesel fuel spilled saturday night. some washed into strawberry creek. federal and state agencies are investigating. beyond global warming the
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weather can be altered by pollution in the air and it's happening in california. but as john blake stone shows us -- black stone shows us, who's the blame, china. >> chinese officials insist the murky air is fog. measurements show dangerously high levels of air pollution. so bad traffic is does instructed and -- does erupted. >> we hit her at a conference in san francisco she was presenting research showing what's in the air over china can affect the weather in america. the atmosphere has no walls, pollution on this side of the world can make it to the other side of the world in five days it is carried across the pacific.
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it can stop the clouds from producing rain and snow. more pollution, less precipitation. >> in general, yes. too much pollution in the cloud you cannot grow rain. >> the particles of air pollution from china collect moisture in the clouds but the particles don't falls arain or snow. the water stays in the clouds. while flying over california collecting samples she found something else that may make up or the lost rain. it's dust from huge storms in chinas deserts. because of the chem kel make up -- chemical make up they collect moisture. >> where there was dust there was ice and below us snow. >> understanding the factors that influence california rain and snow is important. what falls in the mountains is the main water source for the
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state's 37 million people. >> we're working with the weather guys to find the link. >> by unravelelling it is improve the accuracy of weather forecasting explaining why some clouds blow over and others produce snowstorms. . just a person helping another person out. >> the special mission to make sure no veteran dies alone. >> early ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as bill whitaker shows us, 4 va hospitals around the cou, that message inc . >> no man left behind. that's a moto soldiers take literally. at 14 va hospitals that message includes the special care veterans deserve when their final battle comes to an end. >> a flower the core of the va hospital, a sign the veteran inside is near the end of life. there's a flower on richard's door. what have they told you. >> i'm in here for good. they don't know how long. >> 1800 veterans die at va facilities every day. many alone. korean war vet is dying from
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internal bleeding. here at fresno the va made end of life care a priority military mission. giving round the clock comfort to those who have served their country, with music and with volunteers who step in when family can't. dignified death is one of the most precious human gifts anyone can give. >> dr. meyer is chief of the medical staff and oversees the end of life program named no veteran diaz lone. >> it's -- dies alone. >> it's an all volunteer effort, barbara stadler a secretary during the day donates spare time and all of her compassion. >> still looking good. >> to make sure the vets have a human hand to hold to the end.
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sandra also volunteers. >> when your time comes, your time comes. that's what one does. we'll miss you and remember you. >> it's remarkable what you do. >> just a person helping another person out. people do remarkable things every day. >> it's a blessing to sit with them and let them know they are not forgotten. >> in the spirit of no man left behind, the no veteran diaz lone -- dies alone embraces saying thank you. >> everything will be the way it's supposed to be. you know that. >> i'm sure. >> richard murley who served as a army private first class, passed away a few days later. he was not alone. doctors have struggled to understand the minds of autistic children.
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now researchers are looking into their eyes for answers. it's a new study. researchers track the blink rate of children watching a video of kids praying. during the emotional scenes the rate shows down, but autistic blink normally. that changes when autistic kids spotted movement. this gives us a new tool for understanding what might be capturing the attention of children with autism. >> this insight could help doctors identify and treat those with the disorder earlier and the earlier it is identified and treated the better the child will function. after a lot of clouds the sky is beginning to pa,,,,,,,,,,
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. we had a weak weather system bringing in lots of cloud, cold temperature and a few showers, but things are drying out as the system is
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sagging to the south. as the clouds part, the temperature will drop off. 38 degrees, 46 in san francisco, really winds will be light for tonight. skies partly cloudy, tomorrow mostly sunny, just the hazy sunshine. and cool temperature to go with that. highs in the mid-50 toss-upper 50s in the warmer spots. the rainfall is southern california will bring them snow in the high country, over the grapevine. watch out if you're traveling to southern california. after that, high pressure builds anyone we dry out. as our skies clear out the temperature will get cold. 33 in fair feel. 29 in sand rolla -- santa rosa. temperature in the mid- to upper 50s by the afternoon and sunshine. that's where we will play it
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over the next couple days. partly cloudy skies. high pressure builds in. we're going to stay dry for the next five to seven days. back to you. there's at least one player in the nfl that does not think that tim tebow is god. did the warriors ,,,,,,,,,,,
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continues after t . it seems like the warriors have been searching for a
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center since nate thurman. that continues after the clippers matched the offer for jordan. it's a good thing they held on the biedrins. owner joe lacob said they are expecting a bounce back year from the center. >> he's put on 15 pounds of muscle. he's 7-foot, 250-pounds. >> he's not physical. more of a finesse player. >> he has that reputation. he looks physical right now. he has an attitude i think going forward he intends to be more physical. you have to hand to the warrior fans. 6,000 turned out to watch the team practice i'm talking about practice. mark jackson's first time in front of the home crowd. his message to the players found its way to the stands. >> what's the chance we're
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going to sing every night, one, two, three. come on. they don't recognize that chant. >> meanwhile the 49er defense is working especially in the red zone. they are the worst in the nfl. they can't score inside the 20- yard line. the coach didn't want the play doctor. you know there will be criticisms. we know there will be whys. what happened. what took place, why didn't you do this or that, throw the ball here. who's the go too guy. we're not going to talk about it. >> marshawn lynch of the seahawks hosting the bears. lunch loves eating skittles on the sideline. so fans shower him with candy
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when he scores. seattle wins. they keep their slim playoff hopes alive. the entire nation believes that tim tebow is the second coming. brian urlacher is not a believer in the denver quarterback. he's a running back, he does a good job at four. >> incredible catch over the defender, calling it the catch of the year. montana lost to sam houston. patriots tight in gronkowski makes a diving catch. he drags two redskin defenders, breaks free, he has 15 touchdowns this season, most for a tight end. >> watch. are you kidding me. superman, the faking the defender. number 1, pass the lend of the floor. let's go to overtime as diamond
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throws it up. he made it. the announcer got ahead of himself. he thought the game was going to over time and that gives oral roberts the victory over arkansas littlerock. 6,000 fans at the coliseum tonight. >> they want basketball. they want a playoff better. warriors have always had great fans. losing seasons they show up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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