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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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our grandchildren and great- grandchildren will be burdened with this massive debt. >> a plan to move the 49ers down to santa clara moves closer to the end zone. the major obstacle still standing in their way. no texting, no dialing, not even bluetooth. the new call for a nationwide ban on cell phones in the car. another round of freezing temperatures in the bay area plus rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. and we're following an overturn injury crash in the south bay. more coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, halfway through the workweek, december 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 5 a.m. still early here. we begin with the 49ers. they are one step closer to leaving san francisco. santa clara has voted to approve plans for a brand-new stadium. >> now it's time for the nfl to act. anne makovec is in santa clara where the 9ers could be playing by the year 2014 and she joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning.
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if this all passes, that would be some quick construction ready for 2014 kickoff in the nfl season. the nfl owners are meeting today to discuss their part in this plan to finance the new stadium. and with that, the city of santa clara voted last night. it was unanimous to fund the 49ers stadium here next to great america theme park. the whole cost would be $1.02 billion. and as the plan stands right now, the 9ers would pay $150 million for construction. the city of santa clara would finance the remaining $850 million. critics say the problem is if revenue falls short, the city would have to borrow money to repay that loan. >> our grandchildren and great- grandchildren will be burdened with this massive debt.
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santa clara residents have been deceived. >> they have the 49ers behind them and they have the nfl behind them. i don't see this as a risk at all. >> reporter: the people who came to the city council meeting last night in favor of the plan far outnumbered those with concerns. the deal is expected to be closed in the next couple of months. groundbreaking could happen next year with kickoff in 2014. if stadium ends up costing more than the $1.02 billion, the 49ers would end up funding the difference. now, as far as the nfl owners meeting today we are not expecting a vote, just the beginning of the official discussion. >> thank you, anne makovec. uc and cal state officials will be on the hot seat today. they will be testifying before legislative leaders in sacramento about the police handling of recent campus protests involving pepper spray as you see here at uc-davis. students reps are expected to speak as well today. two oakland police officers
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have been removed from street duty as internal affairs looks into an incident that led to a lawsuit. that's what sources are telling the "chronicle" today. one of the officers fired a nonlethal beanbag during an "occupy" protest last month. you can hear the man right here. it hit the leg of 30-year-old scott campbell, who shot video of the incident. he put it up on youtube and now filed suit against opd. san francisco police will meet tonight with neighbors in the mission district this after a pair of violent sexual assaults. the suspect was caught on surveillance video. there he is. last thursday, a woman was raped near 24th street. a similar assault occurred last month. police have a vague description of the suspect. he is said to be in his mid- 30s, between 5'9" and 6' tall. it took more than a year but pg&e is claiming liability for the san bruno explosion. this admission means pg&e is taking on financial responsibility to compensate the victims. how much the utility won't up
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paying is still unknown. eight people died in the explosion, dozens injured and nearly 40 homes destroyed. a court hearing on the case is friday. 5:03. let's kick it over to weather now. we have the plants, the pipes, the pets and the freezing fog. >> the people. >> what about the double fs? >> that's for another story. [ laughter ] >> that could be very scary. >> folks, we have some very cold temperatures around the bay area this morning. freezing temperatures in parts of the north bay. and a freeze warning there up until 9:00 in the morning. temperatures in the 20s this morning. we have fog out there, as well. so likely seeing some freezing fog. so be very, very careful traveling in the north bay valleys. also could see ice on some of the roads. very slick in that direction. let's get a closer look at the temperatures. 27 degrees in napa. 29 in santa rosa. these temperatures could likely fall within the next hour here or so. 38 in vallejo and 40 in san jose. by the afternoon, we are looking at 50s and 60s and hazy
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sunshine outside. looks like we have a chance of rain on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks. we continue to follow this traffic alert in san jose. northbound 87 the guadalupe parkway, right around 101, there's an accident there an overturn accident two of three lanes still blocked. this accident has been out there for about an hour now maybe a little less but again they are still waiting to clear it and waiting for tow crews to arrive. it's an overturn accident so likely injuries that will take a while longer. but this is right by the airport. you got a flight to catch, prepare accordingly because there are delays. all right. elsewhere outside here's live look at the bay bridge. they should have picked up that upper deck roadwork. for a while lanes were blocked but no problems because it's early and traffic is light through the "s" curve towards treasure island and checking in with bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries, everything is in the green this morning no delay. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. you have heard it before. hang up and drive. now a federal safety board is
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calling for that to happen in all 50 states for all drivers, even including hands-free devices. gil diaz joins us from south san francisco it explain. i'm not sure this is too -- gil diaz joins us from south san francisco to explain. i'm not sure this is too popular. >> reporter: not so far. i asked a driver at the gas station if he would follow that law if it became law. he said he would agree with it if other people would also prevent themselves from being distracted like eating a hamburger or putting on mascara while driving so it has to be all distractions across the board. yeah, the national transportation safety board wants to pass this law. it doesn't have any authority to enforce the law but hope lawmakers will catch on. the new proposal is to have no texting, no talking and no hands-free devices while driving. they did a study and found distracted driving is an
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epidemic. on any given day, 13.5 million drivers are on the hands-free device and last year, nearly 3100 fatal accidents involved distracted driving. one member said that distracted driving is the new dui. here's what one cbs analyst has to say about the new proposal. >> but there may well be technological advances that actually negate the need for something like this. >> like? >> well, for example, the ntsb asked the manufacturers of the consumer electronic product and the cellular telephone industry to create some applications which in fact would disable the while the driver is moving. that can happen. >> reporter: state snow joe simitian of palo alto -- state senator joe simitian of palo alto who author california's cell phone law says he doubts whether lawmakers will pass a ban because there's a lot of
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opposition. even if the proposal becomes law, it doesn't apply to those hands-free systems installed in some cars today. >> there will be talking going on. >> still a ways to go. thank you, gil diaz. one man's vision could transform the bay bridge into an interactive piece of artwork. it could happen in the coming months. artist leo villareal has proposed installing 25,000 l.e.d. lights on the western span support cables. the bulbs would then flicker to mimic the motions of the bay. he still needs caltrans' approval and oh, yeah, $7 million it private donations. we shall see -- in private donation. we shall see. can't imagine putting those up. shimmy up? 5:08 now. the final days for the u.s. troops in iraq. how president obama is honoring the soldiers today and governor brown swings the budget axe at schools. the california city that's already suing over them. and a very unusual side
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effect to the federal crackdown on marijuana. why a california store is giving out free pot when we come back. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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and social services. they're all victims of california's latest round of spending cuts. welcome back. 5:11. it is getting cut, school buses, public education and social services, all victims california's spending cuts. governor brown announced $1 billion in trigger cuts that kick in when state revenue fell short. among them, $248 million for school transportation effectively eliminating school buses for a lot of districts. $100million each from the uc and the csu systems. and $100 million in in-home support services. los angeles county school district plans to file a
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lawsuit to block those cuts to school transportation. those cuts could take effect january 1. it is nearly 5:12 now. the house has passed a bill to extend a social security payroll tax cut through next year. the bill also includes a requirement that an oil pipeline be built from canada to the gulf of mexico. democrats don't like that idea. they strongly oppose it. so it can face trouble in the senate or presidential veto even. legislation would also renew jobless benefits for the long- term unemployed. meanwhile president obama will be in fort bragg, north carolina today to thank servicemembers who served during the nine-year war in iraq. that war will officially end when the year ends in less than three weeks. all u.s. combat troops will be out of iraq by then. at the height of the war back in 2007, about 170,000 u.s. servicemembers were in that country. 5:12 now. a serial burglar targeting
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lottery tickets. where he has been cashing in on the winnings. coming up. and more courtroom drama in the penn state scandal. what we can today after sandusky's bombshell. into the deep freeze around the bay area again. but if you want to head to the high country for skiing, looking good up there. no new snow but looking good at boreal and they are making plenty with these cold temperatures, 15 degrees right now in lake tahoe. heavenly looking at a couple of feet of that powder on the ground there. partly cloudy skies. should stay dry at northstar, as well. partly cloudy, about 18" of base there. we'll have more on your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today, national football league owners will talk about the future of back now at 5:16, in the headlines on this wednesday, well, today, the nfl owners will talk about the future of your 49ers. santa clara city council last night approved a financing plan for a new stadium for the team. state lawmakers are looking into police handling of protests at public universities in response to some of the controversies especially this one involving pepper spray at uc-davis and other uses of force during some recent protests not only at davis but over at cal, as well. two penn state administrators face a preliminary hearing tomorrow in connection with the university's sexual abuse scandal. the man suspected of abusing
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several young boys former football coach -- assistant coach jerry sandusky waived his preliminary hearing yesterday. how about some weather? it's kind of cold out there. >> yeah, very cold in spots today, frank. freezing temperatures and a freeze warning has been issued in the north bay valleys as we're seeing those temperatures again plummet down into the 20s outside in the valleys. we are also seeing fog there. could likely see some freezing fog and also some frozen water on the ground so be very careful. the roads will be slick, as well. and those temperatures chilly into the 20s as we head through the morning hours. as we head around the rest of the bay area, you are headed out the door and it's cold out there. though not as cold as the north bay, 30s and 40s. cloudy skies this morning. by this afternoon hazy sunshine inside the bay and the valleys, maybe leftover clouds at the coast. otherwise, we are looking good. things going to be changing here. high pressure overhead we have a "spare the air" day but we have a cold front right here that's going to slide in toward the bay area overnight late
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tonight and into tomorrow morning. bringing with it at least a chance of changes maybe some showers as we head toward tomorrow as well. but it should stay dry for today. that's the good news just cold. computer models picking up on fog in spots, clearing out leavin hazy sunshine. 5 a.m., rain in parts of the north bay. that may be a little quick but you get the idea, this is going to be more of showers as it moves through the bay area. 50s and low 60s around this afternoon with hazy sunshine. next couple of days changes for tomorrow, chance of showers after the cold start today. looks like tomorrow we are going to see some unsettled weather. by friday dry weather returns, should stay dry toward the weekend. just some partly cloudy skies into sun. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. fog an issue starting your morning commute. apparently visibility is less than a quarter of a mile on some bridges including on the richmond/san rafael bridge. you can see some of the fog in our golden gate bridge camera. so be extra careful as lawrence
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mentioned. it is still slick in spots. we have freezing fog out there this morning. all lanes open at northbound 87 at 101. for a while there was a traffic alert because two of three lanes were blocked because of an overturn injury crash. there were never major delays. they cancelled the earlier traffic alert. elsewhere 880 and 237 looks good for the silicon valley ride no issues out of milpitas towards san jose. you are in the clear and other bridges are moving nice and briskly, as well. this is westbound 92 in the commute direction. should be 13 or 14 minutes. looks like that's updating. sometimes around this time of the morning it is. but again this is the commute direction towards the high- rise. into the east bay that looks good, as well. so no issues on either side across the span. 880 here's a live look at the nimitz. you're looking good towards downtown oakland. there is a look at that drive time, 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. southbound traffic is fine all the way down toward hayward and
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a quick check along the peninsula from palo alto all the way into san francisco. nice and quiet and this is a live look close to candlestick. once you get past candlestick everything is fine towards downtown san francisco. mass transit is moving well systemwide, bart on time. hi, lawrence. that's traffic. back to you. >> lawrence causing problems over there again. the suspect in the black friday shooting outside the san leandro walmart might enter pleas today. three men are accused of attacking three shoppers on black friday morning including the suspected gunman, 29-year- old detwone watson o oakland. he didn't enter a plea in court yesterday. lottery investigators are looking for a serial burglar who stole lottery tickets from 18 locations in the san jose, sunnyvale and mountain view areas. the suspect is 29-year-old kelsey pham. the burglar steals lottery tickets and cashes in the winning ones. pham is on probation for similar burglaries last year.
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parking about to become easier for some people in san francisco. the city will launch its new pay by phone parking service in the castro district. drivers will now be able to pay their meters with their mobile devices and receive test messages when the time is about to expire. if it works, it will expand to other neighborhoods. i believe it will work. >> then you don't have to carry quarters. >> and you can eat lunch saying i got go. >> digging for quarters j happens here, too. a lot of folks going to park their car on the streets. 5:21. a new twist in the federal crackdown on pot clubs. the store giving free marijuana. we'll tell you about that a charlie brown christmas lives on. the second life for a popular california tradition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(announcer) still got flakes? switch to selsun blue shampoo. maximum strength medicine wipes out flakes. aloe and moisturizers keep hair healthy. welcome back. 5:24. if you have a medical marijuana card you can get your prescription filled for free on friday. a medical pot dispensary called magnolia wellness will give away marijuana to legitimate cardholders. the store in the sacramento area is going out of business and they plan to focus on working to make medical marijuana completely legal. 5:24 now. today lindsay lohan will appear in court to give an update on
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her probation requirements. the 25-year-old actress has recently been performing regular clean-up duties at the l.a. county morgue. the service is all part of a punishment for violating her probation in a 2007 misdemeanor grand theft case. lohan will be required to make monthly court appearances until march. foreclosure was not enough to end a decades-old christmas tradition down in orange county. jim jordan had a peanuts display at his home for 44 years. unfortunately, the home is no longer his. but volunteers an donors saved the day and the display is up and running at costa mesa city hall. look at that. this holiday season could be one of the best for charlie brown. >> pretty nice. >> it is cool great holiday lights in our own backyard. just 12 days of christmas to go, we are going to show you some of the best displays around the bay area. this house is in santa clara. wow. can't even see the house it's so decorated. it's near santa clara university. it's pretty thick with
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ornaments. >> you think? >> lights and the whole shabang. we would love to see your house, too, all decked out. upload your picture to our cbs 5 facebook page or email us at we are going to show them in the days leading up to christmas. santa clara the big winner this morning. >> feel like you have to put your sunglasses on just to look at it. >> you can't even see the house. moving right along, 5:26. it is so cold this morning, lawrence is going to tell us the cities that are getting the holiday freeze and when it's going to warm up. >> he is doing this right now. and free textbooks for all college students. one senator's push to make it all happen. plus, an "occupy" demonstrator shot boy a beanbag this morning the discipline for the two oakland police officers. and this morning, the 49ers 65-year run in san francisco could be almost at an end. today, the decision could be in the hands of the nfl owners.
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but now what happened last night. -- let you know what happened last night, coming up. if you think using your bluetooth while driving is safe enough, think again. a federal group wants to ban all types of cell phone use if it gets its way. more details coming up. can i, can i (repeated) v.o: can now be enjoyed in your coffee ( can i, can i (repeated) ) v.o: only international delight v.o: put's the real flavours from
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. 49ers moving closer to a new home. but the deal isn't quite done just yet. the final hurdle before heading down to santa clara.
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we have some very cold temperatures around the bay area, cold enough around the state that we're seeing some snow in some parts. in fact, southern california seeing some very heavy snow there. looks like that will continue to be an issue as that system moves out of town of. of course, we have some very coal temperatures here in the bay area too. and looking live at the san mateo bridge, everything is cruising this morning. they issues here. where it will get busy and where fog will slow you down, coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, december 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we're making fun of lawrence because he did a whole weathercast in the tease. >> he was so good we're going to throw it back to him so he can say the same thing. >> i was waiting for some special video guys. they told me it's coming. i got to for you! [ laughter ] >> they don't see this that often in southern california. they had like 8" of snow across some of the higher country there down to frazier park with snow. of course made a mess over the grapevine, lots of snow into southern california. this all part of that same
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storm system that moved through the bay area a couple of days ago. it didn't leave us any snow just rain. but plenty of snow down there. it's cold outside, freeze warnings up in the north bay valleys temperatures into the 20s in many spots right now so very cold outside if you are heading out. watch out for the possibility of freezing fog and, of course, plenty of frost and some frozen moisture on the ground. could make roads slick. 20s in the north bay valleys now. 30s and 40s elsewhere. this afternoon, 50s and 60s and mild. that's a look at -- everything! back to you. [ laughter ] professional football could be in the south bay by 2014. >> the odds of that happening have been boosted by the santa clara city council last night. anne makovec is in santa clara with the latest vote on the 49ers big stadium plan. anne, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. yeah, boost it significantly. and now it is in the hands of the nfl owners. they are meeting today to consider a financing agreement that could allow groundbreaking for a new stadium here in santa clara as soon as next year. the stadium would be 68,000 seats and a cost over a billion dollars. the nfl would pay $150,000 -- no, that would be $150 million with the city of santa clara paying 850 million -- you know what? can i get my millions and thousands straight? [ laughter ] it's what it says there on your screen. let's go with that. the portion from the city of santa clara would be mostly through bank loans. [ applause ] >> millions. >> reporter: that was the unanimous vote last night by
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the santa clara city council acting as the santa clara stadium authority. dozens of supporters were there. only a few people voiced concerns. >> it's a wonderful, wonderful opportunity and it's a great deal for the city of santa clara and also for the 49ers so congratulations. >> we're committing to covering the cost overruns for the building. whatever that number is, we're committed to fund that. >> reporter: that was the 49ers cfo you just heard from offering some level of support. the city is planning to pay the whole loan back itself through ticket sales, naming rights and a loca hotel tax. so no vote today when the nfl owners meet. they are just expecting a briefing at this point and they will probably take months to actually approve their $150 million. so it is million, you guys. when you're talking all these huge numbers, it gets confusing. then you're asking me to do math at 5:30 a.m. it's like ugh.
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>> what the viewers don't understand is today is your monday, anne? >> reporter: that's true. why do i have a feeling you guys are commenting on this as i was well -- she gets a past. it's her monday. >> it's all good. [ laughter ] meanwhile, police handling protests at public universities will be the focus of a legislative hearing. that's coming up this morning in sacramento. all in response to controversies. of course this one involving pepper spray. other uses of force during recent protests this in davis and at cal, as well. uc and csu officials are expected to testify today and so are some of the student representatives. two oakland police officers have been removed from street duty as internal affairs looks into an incident that led to a lawsuit. that's what sources told the "san francisco chronicle." one of the officers fired a nonlethal beanbag during an "occupy" protest last month hitting the leg of 30-year-old scott campbell who shot video of the incident posted it on youtube and then filed suit
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against opd. the numbers are out. monday's "occupy" protests at the port of oakland was a multi- million dollar hit to the economy. only one of the seven terminals at the port operated all day. and three were totally shut down. the "oakland tribune" says that the port losses are estimated at $4 million to $8 million. plus up to $1,000 each per trucker. protestors say they plan to move on from the port and focus on foreclosures. driven to distraction. federal saturday experts want to put the -- federal safety experts want to put the brakes on cell phone use behind the people. they are look at a nationwide ban including hands-free devices, as well. gil diaz is in south san francisco where morning commuters i'm sure have a lot to say about this one, huh, gell. >> reporter: yes, and not just on their cell phones. good morning, frank and grace. the national transportation safety board is behind this proposal. the texting while driving, talking while driving, even using your bluetooth while
5:36 am
driving may be a thing of the past. now, the ntsb has no authority to enforce this law. but it's hoping that lawmakers will follow suit. it's a pretty strict proposal. the ntsb did a study and discovered that on an average day, about 13.5 million of us are on the hands-free device. and last year, nearly 3100 fatal accidents on our roads involved distracted driving. now, one ntsb member described distracted driving as the new d you want i. i did speak to one driver this morning what he thought about the proposal. he thinks, first of all, there are just too many laws already and secondly, banning those bluetooths and those hands-free devices may be a little too extreme. >> i don't think a hands-free apparatus is detrimental such as texting or some of the other things. in fact, i think hands-free, voice-activated, can be an asset in the event of an
5:37 am
emergency. >> reporter: that gentleman did bring up a good point. if this proposal becomes law, it exempts having to make phone calls in cases of emergency. 35 states currently have a law banning texting. 10 states banning all types of cell phone uses. frank and grace? >> we'll have to see. thanks, gil. we have talked to our weatherman. i think it's time for a little traffic. so let's kick it over to elizabeth and find out what's cooking on the roadways. >> what's cooking? let's see. we have a little bit of fog. i was just talking to lawrence about where it could be slick. underneath overpasses, things like that, as you mentioned a little earlier, we have some of freezing fog that we're dealing with this morning. so weather is the biggest issue on the roads this morning. as far as accidents go we're quiet. live look at san jose 101 near trimble. an earlier traffic alert on the guadalupe parkway is gone. so as you can see, traffic is
5:38 am
flowing nicely in either direction. fog an issue. crooks it on the golden gate bridge camera -- you can see it on the golden gate bridge camera. according to the chp, fog is thick across the richmond/san rafael bridge, visibility 1/4- mile or less. back to you. >> thank you. a pair of sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district now prompting a meeting with neighbors and the police. that's coming up tonight. the suspect was caught on surveillance video. last thursday a woman was raped near 4th street. a similar assault occurred last month. police have a vague description. pg&e now stepping up claiming liability for the deadly san bruno explosion last year. this means the company will take on the financial responsibility to compensate the victims. how much the utility will end up paying is still unknown. eight people died in the explosion. nearly 40 homes completely destroyed. a court hearing on the case is
5:39 am
set for friday. in bay area headlines, california lottery investigators are looking for a serial burglar who stole lottery tickets in at least 18 locations in the sunnyvale, san jose and mountain view areas. the suspect is 29-year-oldclecy pham. the -- kelsey pham. the burglar steals lottery tickets and cashes in the winning ones. he is on probation for similar burglaries. a $7,000 fine for a marketing company behind a balloon fiasco. they released 10,000 balloons for a promotional event and a lot of them ended up in the san francisco bay in march which created a wildlife hazard the sharp park golf course in pacifica could be transferred to federal control. supervisors voted 6-5 to transfer management of the course to the national park service but "the examiner" reports the mayor is opposed to
5:40 am
that and might veto it. environmentalists want to close the park because of an endangered frog and snake. the pink slips handed out to some california's top agents, coming up. >> they keep saying they have no money to negotiate anything. but they have given the superintendent a sizable raise. >> east bay teachers outraged over salary hikes. the unfriendly christmas gift that they are collecting for the superintendent. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they're all victims of california's latest round of spending cuts. school buses, public education and social services, they are all victims of california's latest round of spending cuts. governor brown announced $1 billion in trigger cuts that kicked in when the state revenue fell short. school transportation and uc and csu systems and in-home
5:43 am
support services are taking the biggest hits. the l.a. county school district plans to sue to block the cuts to school transportation. cuts take effect january 1. california department of justice will not lose as many employees as expected next year. the doj had been expecting it lay off 203 agents next year but the attorney general now says it will be 102 sworn agents plus 21 civilians who will lose their jobs. harris, the attorney general, was able to find money in her budget to keep the rest of the agents on the job. president obama will be in fort bragg, north carolina today to thank servicemembers who served during the nine-year war in iraq. that war will end in three weeks. all u.s. combat troops are supposed to be out of iraq by then. >> it's important for to us continue to have a security partnership with iraq but it's not going to be with our folks based inside of iraq. >> at the height of the war in
5:44 am
2007, about 170,000 u.s. servicemembers were in iraq. good morning, folks. if you are headed outside? >> we have some freezing temperatures around the bay area, freeze warning up in the north bay again and those temperatures plummetting down into the 20s. not only that we have some fog visibilities to a half mile in the santa rosa area. could see some freezing fog with those cold temperatures slick road and ice on the roads. so be careful in the north bay. that should all begin to melt as we head into the middle of the morning. out the door cold everywhere, 30s an 40s, ground fog. this afternoon leftover clouds at the coast but otherwise hazy sunshine temperatures up in the 50s and possibly the low 60s in some of the valleys. high pressure still holding on. it is another "spare the air" day. we have some changes in the works. we have another cold front that's diving in out of the gulf of alaska. doesn't look like much. didn't look like it's going to bring a ton of rain but maybe
5:45 am
showers toward the bay area toward tomorrow. it should be dry today but changes are ahead as that system is going to slowly work into the bay area. overnight tonight, we'll see some of the clouds begin to work their way into our skies. computer models may be fast but try to bring that rainfall in as we head into tomorrow morning about 5 a.m. showing some showers in the north even parts of the central bay by tomorrow morning maybe a little later than that. this afternoon temperatures in the 50s and 60s. hazy sunshine continuing. thursday unsettled although in the a washout, just scattered showers around the bay area. by friday, we dry out and nice weather saturday. partly cloudy sun. monday and tuesday dry. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. be careful this morning, as well. we have fog especially on a lot of cameras in the north bay. some visibility was reported to be less than a quarter mile on the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is a live look through
5:46 am
mill valley. you can see the headlights through the fog. take it slower on the golden gate bridge. westbound 580, we are going flying over the wind turbines. it's stop and go, slow in spots from westbound 580 from altamont pass to the dublin interchange. so again slower speeds there. about 20 minutes is your drive time across that stretch take you towards 680. and we're already seeing a lot of slower speeds as well on highway 4. a little early people getting a head start trying to beat the real bulk of the morning commute. you can see some speeds already below 30 miles per hour in stretches approaching l street into pittsburg and concord. no major stalls or incidents or accidents. we had one traffic alert very early this morning in san jose.
5:47 am
that is now completely gone. so the rest of the bay area doing pretty good. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. slight delays. they likely won't turn the metering lights on for another half more or so. there's no major problems on the bridge. that will be the case, usually 6:15, 6:20 they turn them on and that's weather we see our bigge backups. everything looks good so far and continues to move well across the upper deck. back to you. thank you. no launch pad required any more from launching ships into outer space. paul allen founder of microsoft has a plan to build the world's largest airplane. he wants to use it to launch rocket ships into earth orbit. the twin fuselage craft will be powered by six boeing 747 engines and have a wingspan nearly double that of a 747. >> the wingspan of those planes is greater than the length of a football field. just think about that for a second. >> sheesh. that's mind-boggling. allen won't say how much he plans to spend.
5:48 am
but he says it eventually should make money by launching private satellites and carrying payloads for nasa. hope it does make money. the future of the bay bridge may soon be a little brighter. >> in a big way. it's part of a plan to turning the span into an enormous light sculpture. artist leo villareal -- did i say that right? -- has proposed installing 25,000 l.e.d. lights to the western span support cables. the bulbs there will then flicker to mimic the motions of the san francisco bay. still needs caltrans approval though and $7 million in private donations. but it would be quite a sight. >> a lot of lights. it is 5:48 now. coming up, how textbooks will be free for college students if one state senator gets his way. >> and just in time for christmas, elizabeth taylor's diamonds auctioned. the jaw dropping prices coming up. itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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he still might run for presiden to understand trump is pulling out of -- donald trump is pulling out of moderating a presidential debate. he was supposed to host the december 27 events but only two gop candidates agreed to attend. trump said he decided not to moderate because he is still considering a third party presidential run. teachers in alameda are outraged over their superintendent's salary raise. and they rallied outside the school board with bags of charcoal for superintendent kirsten fat al accused of increasing class sizes and forced furlough days while she accepted a pay raise to nearly $205,000. with benefits and bonuses, they claim she could make more than a million in the next throw years. teachers haven't had a raise since 2008. >> they keep saying that they
5:52 am
have no money but have given the superintendent a sizable raise and her executive cabinet and continue to say there is no money for anyone else. >> teachers call the salary ex- or band but cbs 5 found that at least four east bay school districts of similar size pay their superintendents the same or more. while fees continue to rise, one state senate wants to make textbooks practically free. darrell steinberg is introducing legislation to create a digital library of 50 essential textbooks. students would have free electronic access to all those books or pay $20 for a copy. the project is estimated to cause the state about $25 million. presidential dollar cones have fallen victim to washington's cost kidding efforts. haven't seen much in circulation but there they are. the white house will stop production of nearly all the
5:53 am
coins that carry the likeness of every dead president. the change will save taxpayers some $50 million. they haven't even circulated all of them yet. i think they were like up to 2021. but more for the coin collectors than us folks out there. they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> i was watching the story very closely. elizabeth taylor's diamonds bringing in decades of fashion and jewels up for auctions at christie's in new york last night. emeralds and diamonds a gift from her husband. $6million. happy birthday. >> look at the pressure that puts on us guys. >> it should. the auction raised nearly $115 million in all. part of the problems go to her foundation to a good cause. >> i notice elizabeth perked up. >> oh, really? >> well, i think that's the trick because you know guys like to romance you in the beginning so get married lots of times and get lots of jewelry. >> is that how it works? >> guess so. >> have no idea.
5:54 am
>> ask richard burton. he is the one that ponied up for all that stuff. >> setting the bar high. >> it's cold. >> frosty around the bay area. >> i was trying to seg out of that. >> did you mention his tie again yet? >> no. i got another nice christmas tie this one slightly more subtle. >> i see the extension cord. >> no was batteries in this one. 20s in the north bay, 30s and 40s elsewhere around the bay area. freeze warning in effect in the bay area. could see some frog there. looks like hazy sunshine for most of the bay area this afternoon with temperatures up in the 50s and the 60s. could see some showers though as we look toward tomorrow. drying outlooks like warmer weather toward the weekend. elizabeth? >> thank you, lawrence. outside show you a live look near the dublin interchange. heavy approaching the dublin interchange. we have a new problem coming into the newsroom. truck down an embankment
5:55 am
southbound highway 17 at santa cruz avenue. they truck may be on fire. southbound 17 may cause slowing in the northbound direction. we will continue to watch t one more camera -- i can't click over here. i never got it fixed from yesterday. technical failure all over the place. this was not a technical failure because we have 12 days until christmas and we are showing you some of the best displays in the bay area. >> check them out. a house in santa clara on lincoln avenue. they don't have any problems there. >> they have all the batteries! >> working overtime. we would like to see your house, as well. upload your pictures to our facebook page or email us at we'll show you more pictures up to christmas. >> brownout in the neighborhood! >> makes me exhausted to look
5:56 am
at it. >> how do you plug all that in? >> i get four strings and i'm like now where do i go? they probably got 50 on that house. >> coming up in the next half hour, pg&e lashes out. how it punished customers who turned off their smartmeters. >> plus, a major hit to the port of oakland. the economic toll during the "occupy" movement this week. and looks like the 49ers are just one play away from moving south to santa clara. we'll tell you the next step in this process after a big victory for a new stadium last night. if you thought using your bluetooth while driving was safe enough, think again. federal experts want to ban all cell phone use even your hands- free devices nationally. those details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, p
5:57 am
5:58 am
not everyone is on board to move your realtime captioner is
5:59 am
linda marie macdonald. our grandchildren and great- grandchildren will be burdened with this massive debt. not everyone is on board to move the 49ers. the key meeting today about relocating the team to santa clara. an economic hit for the port of oakland this week. the staggering cost in lost revenue because of the "occupy" movement. and we are off to a great start so far across the golden gate bridge. but we'll show you where fog might slow you down coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, we're halfway through the week. december 14. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00. if you are going to head outside, grab a jacket. in the 20s up in the north bay, crunchy. >> crunchy cold. >> yeah. >> double cs. [ laughter ] >> freeze warnings around the bay area today, folks. if you are heading out the door in the north bay especially we are seeing some of the temperatures into the 20s this morning. maybe even a little freezing fog out there. you're going to want to watch out for that visibilities into the santa rosa area down to half a mile also seeing fog into the napa valley


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