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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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days. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. closure ahead. when the bay bridge will shut down for three days. >> and a funeral of sorts in the east bay. why activists set a coffin afloat in a community swimming pool. a fast-moving cold front brings some rainfall to the bay area. when will it let up? we'll tell you coming up. and you can see how the arena is coming down across the golden gate bridge. we're now following two separate injury crashes involving cars that spun off the road. so be extra careful. we'll have a full traffic report coming up. it is slick out there. good morning. it's thursday, december 15. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's 6 a.m. if you have been outside, looked out the window, you may see the rain. >> it's a bit of a soggy little thursday. let's kick it over to lawrence
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and find out how long and how much. >> two-tenths of of an inch of rainfall so far, snow in the high country, snow coming down in blue canyon. showers moving by there. snow showers in the high country probably going to see an inch of snow so not the biggest storm that they have seen and not the biggest storm here locally as the showers continue to move on by. most of the focus now headed in toward the south bay. expecting more rain continuing on and off throughout the morning hours. showers continuing in toward san jose and a little further to the north, sunnyvale about to see more rainfall sliding in your direction. east bay also getting scattered showers continuing on and off around the bay area. getting some reports of some fog out there too in the north bay valleys, some lighter amounts of rainfall in this area, as well. we'll have more on that plus your weekend forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. a big traffic disruption coming soon to the bay bridge. caltrans plans to close down the bridge on the presidents' day weekend coming up in february. anne makovec has more. i guess if it's like today they
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won't be doing it right? >> reporter: the work is contingent on the weather. it almost seems funny to be talking about a road closure two months in advance. but caltrans wants to make sure that everybody has a real heads up on this one. so we doesn't have some of the traffic nightmares that we have seen when they have closed down the bay bridge in the past. now, this is all in an effort to speed up construction here of the new eastern span. you can see the singular tower back there. the project is coming along. so this closure that's being planned now is only going to affect the westbound traffic. it's planned for presidents' day weekend february 18, 19 and 20th. it would last two or throw days. but again, this is all contingent upon rain. rain would totally derail the plan. construction of the east span has been speeding along ahead of schedule. february closures will allow them to create a temporary westbound detour. they will have to restripe the road which needs to be dry for the paint and that is why the
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closure is contingent upon the weather in this case. the whole project is expected to be finished, the bay bridge will be open in 2013 if they are able to get all these steps didn't on time. coming up here in the next half hour, we'll take a look at last time we saw some of these closures in 2007 and 2009. frank? >> all right, anne makovec life for us at the bay bridge, thanks. a ballooning cost estimate for high-speed rail in california will take center stage at a hearing in washington this morning. republicans running the house transportation and infrastructure committee are said to be very skeptical about the project. the subheading for the hearing is, skyrocketing costs and project concerns. the ceo of the state high-speed rail authority is scheduled to testify. this morning, the suspect accused of beating bryan stow due in court in los angeles. the two suspects, louis sanchez and marvin norwood from san bernardino county are under arrest for the attack of stow
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outside dodger stadium in march. they pled not guilty. today's appearance is to schedule a date for their preliminary hearing. it is now official. the u.s. war in iraq is over. defense secretary leon panetta formally declared an end to the war a short time ago during a ceremony in baghdad. 4500 americans died in the past nine years and 32,000 others were wounded. the war also cost the u.s. more than $800 billion. panetta says, though, it was worth the price in blood and money because iraq is now on a path to democracy. it is 6:04. the future of a very popular pool in the east bay could be decided in federal court today. gil diaz is over in berkeley, where a warm water pool is scheduled to close for good today. he joins us with more. gil, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frank. good morning. those residents who foiled that federal lawsuit against the city -- who filed that federal lawsuit against the city are hoping the judge will grant a
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temporary injunction against the closure of the pool at berkeley high school. it's one of just a few warm pools in the city. they are closing it because the district is making way for new construction and because the pool is old and seismically unsafe. but supporters of the pool went ahead and did a mock funeral last night at the pool. as you can see here they entered the pool with a floating coffin with candles and flowers on top of it. now, it is kept at 92 degrees and that's very ideal for the elderly who use it as well as those with special needs. in fact, there is a special needs aquatic program also known as "snap" that uses the berkeley high school pool twice a week. there's about 45 students participate in. it the new construction is set to begin next summer and users of the pool are afraid they won't have anywhere else to go. >> for some people, it means that they will either die or be
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in nursing homes because the ability to exercise is crucial to life. >> reporter: there are a couple of warm pools in berkeley. those are at ymca. but the "snap" program is concerned about having to fight for the use of those swimming pools with the other swimmers not part of the program and also because those pools are not kept as warm as the one here at the high school. those pools only kept between 88 and 91 degrees. and they are hoping like i said, they are hoping that the judge will grant a temporary injunction this morning. we'll keep a close watch on that. >> hopefully they can work something out for everyone involved. thank yo -- thank you, gil diaz. a live picture of the dublin interchange. i think we're not going to be able to show you this much longer. yeah, the rain is coming down.
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westbound 580 approaching 680. obviously, be careful. so we are following a couple of accidents. if you are traveling out of 880 southbound a car ran off the roadway around whipple ran into the mud. it's on the shoulder. be careful there. there was a problem northbound 680 near the sunol exit where a big rig ran off the road. we understand that there are injuries with this. fire crews and an ambulance on scene and we have learned that the right lane is block. slower traffic there. more crutch. back to you. >> 6:07. an east bay deputy on the wrong side of the law. the startling crime that he is accused of. >> oh, my god, like that. >> middle schoolers here in the bay area trying it save their music program. how thieves ended up stealing the show.
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>> it was fast. >> a pickup truck barrels through a store. the frightening moments seconds before the crash. we'll show you. ,,
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charged with rape. 27 year old david reta 6:10. an alameda county sheriff's deputy is out on bail this
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morning after being charge with rape. 27-year-old david retta was arrested yesterday as he arrived for work at the santa rita jail in dublin. contra costa county prosecutors say that he allegedly attacked a woman early september. the two reportedly knew each other before the incident and he was off duty at the time. oakland police want you to take a good look at this sketch. the man is wanted for sexually assaulting a woman on 91st avenue on december 4. he is described as a black man in his 30s, 5'11", 200 pounds. he had a goatee and wore a black hat, black hooded jacket and black sweatpants. a school band fundraiser went terribly wrong in vallejo when a pair of thugs took off with the money box. it happened during the annual winter concert here at the ben franklin middle school on tuesday night. witnesses say the two thieves came in and paid their five bucks admission for the event then stole the cash box right out of the parents' hands
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before joining two other people and fleeing the scene. >> they turned their hooded sweatshirts inside out, which showed a different color. so it was difficult to pinpoint who they were. >> the cash box contained about $700. the man desperately needs the money, too, because the program is in danger of falling victim like many things due to budget cuts. and everyone is hoping donors in the community step forward to replace all that money. coming up, we have the safest cars revealed. >> you will see your ride if it made the list coming up. >> frosty a lucky little dog. >> a pooch tossed from a car left to die. this morning, his story of luck, survival and kindness. >> we are seeing some rainfall around the bay area, some snow in the high country. you will need chains up there, as well. no official reports of some snow but we are seeing that coming down.
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partly cloudy though this weekend. boreal looking good, heavenly dry and partly cloudy skies. lots of snow for a base. squaw valley looking good. partly cloudy, as well. machine groomed packed powder. more on your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,, we got charged for refills.
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police are adding we are back at 6:15. let's take a look at some of the top stories on this thursday. san francisco police are adding extra patrols in the mission district now after two sexual assaults there. the latest victim attacked last week near 24th and fair oaks street. surveillance video shows the suspect in that rape case. three men on the loose this morning after a pot club raid in the east bay. narcotics agents moving in on the happy wellness center in newark yesterday arresting one woman there. and a major traffic disruption coming soon here to the bay area. barring rain, caltrans will close the bay bridge westbound only on the presidents' day weekend in february. it's all part of an effort to speed construction of the new eastern span which is well ahead of schedule. lawrence has the weather forecast. >> scattered showers around the bay area, mostly light. roads are slick at this hour. hi-def doppler picking up on the rainfall moving through. even though it looks dry in the north bay, some reports of
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light showers and low-level moisture that's moving in that direction. down to the south bay though the showers continuing and some of that picking up as you make your way in toward san jose. sunnyvale looking at rainfall, also redwood city, looks like the rainfall will continue to move through the bay area this morning but taper off toward the afternoon. out the door today we have some showers early on. the temperatures staying fairly cool mainly in the 40s and 50s by the afternoon. a little cooler today, but probably drying out by the afternoon in the 50s for highs and some partly cloudy skies. i think a cold front will slide through and move on by and then looks like high pressure going to build in behind that system. so that means we'll see some drying weather as this low passes through today bringing the showers early on. just some light amounts, about 2/10 in some of the heavier spots. morning showers, then partial clearing in the afternoon. computer models picking up on it pretty well bringing that weak system through the bay area today and then a northerly component to the win, the offshore wind that will likely
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kick in, blustery over the mountaintops tonight into tomorrow morning but should make for a beautiful day around the bay area tomorrow. temperatures going to be col today. 50s at the coast. probably mid- to upper 50s further inland. as we look at the next couple of days, return to 60s and dry weather on friday and, well, the weekend looking good if you have holiday plans and looking dry into monday and tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. yeah, we can show you some of that rain coming down all across the bay area. slick all over the place this morning if you are about to head out for the start offer morning commute. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. business is he now in the westbound lanes of 92. so if you are heading out of hayward, that's a live look towards foster city and the peninsula. we have seen a couple of spinouts on the road this morning. so mass transit might be a good option. everything is on time exception for ace, actually ace trains 1 and 3 both reporting about five- to ten-minute delays. so not too bad. but just a heads up if you are
6:19 am
an ace rider. everything else on time. back outside show you this live look at the bay bridge. so far they have not turned the metering lights on at last check. usually they turn them on and get delays but so far okay. be extra careful, plan accordingly, give yourself some extra time. this is one of those accidents that we have been following northbound 680 near sunol. a big rig ran off the road around about 100 feet down the embankment. so there are injuries and emergency crews were on scene. it's now all cleared to the right shoulder, no lanes blocked. some slowing in both directions of northbound and southbound 680 near the sunol exit. also grab your chains towards the sierra. rain showers here means snow up there. you can see a little snow on the ground, maybe a big rig on the right shoulder. highway 50 at meyers. so the chain requirements are in effect right now between twin bridges and meyers. they are only for highway 50
6:20 am
and 88. they are not in effect for interstate 80 yet. but, of course, that could change at any time. so we'll have more traffic coming up. back to you. a big rig wreck has closed the southern california freeway indefinitely. it is highway 60 in montebello. no one was hurt when the big rig crashed and exploded into flames around noon yesterday. but the road cannot be used. crews are working to demolish a bridge that was badly damaged. and we still don't know just how long that will take. you have to check out this video of a truck crashing into a convenience store. look at that. it knocks over the owner tennesee. the driver was chasing his ex- girlfriend at the time of the crash. so close. the store owner was the only person injured. witnesses say that he managed to pick himself up and walk outside. he has already been released from the hospital. can you believe that ?!
6:21 am
incredible video. >> i guess the owner was the guy that almost got run over on the right side. >> i know. incredible. >> all right. speaking of safety we have the list of americans safest cars and it's longer. >> sure is. check out the new recommendations from the insurance institute for highway safety. if you have a toyota you're in good shape which includes the election son and scion brands and lexus, it has the camry on the list for the first time. gm is next with 14 vehicles. and then comes vw, audi with 13 and 12 each for ford, lincoln and if you have a honda and acura, you're on the list, as well. the list is longer because automakers are redesigning vehicles to better withstand rollovers. >> making those roofs stronger. a bay area community outraged. the effort to recall five school board members. >> and frosty the dog has been found safe. how he is representing the worst and best of what humans can do. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined.
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we have a lot more work to do. targets of a recall campaign, in the oakland unified school district. there are five school board members who are targets of a recall campaign. this is in the oakland unified school district. a group called the concerned parents and community coalition meets to launch a signature drive to get the issue on a ballot. the targeted trustees recently voted to close five elementary schools. telegraph avenue in berkeley has now been
6:25 am
designated a disaster zone so that people affected by a recent fire and demolition can get federal aid. businesses, homeowners and tenants affected by the november 18 fire at the sequoia building can apply for low- interest loans from the small business administration. the potential amounts range from $500 to $49,000. a small dog finally back home in monterey bay area after a long dangerous adventure. here he is. name is frosty. he was a runaway and his ordeal included a couple of other escapes, a report that he was thrown out of a moving car. he has been on the lam for quite a while. he has an injured and infected eye. the poodle-terrier mix looked for food, survived predators and rain storms in freezing temperatures but will make it. a neighbor found him lying in her front yard with grease marks on his back and covered with ticks. >> frosty is a very lucky little dog and he obviously had some street smarts to be able to avoid cars and find safe
6:26 am
places to sleep at night. >> he looks heavily sedated there. they actually had to remove his infected eye but doctors believe he is going to make a full recovery and should be in pretty good shape. >> not only street smart but made it back to a neighbor's house. 6:26. coming up and the nominees are... we have the top contenders for the golden globes for you. >> a lot of rain and a little bit of snow up in the sierra. lawrence will tell us about the wet weather and what it means for skiers. and a major closure for the bay bridge in store. two or three days' worth. but it is contingent on the weather. we'll fill you in coming up. one of berkeley's swimming pools scheduled to close for good today. but residents are fighting to keep it open. what's the big deal about this pool? we'll tell you coming up. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's thursday. good morning. i'm grace lee. >> it's december 15, too. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. thought i'd throw that in. good to have you with us. almost 6:30. if you haven't gone outside yet it's damp. >> lawrence, how long is this rain going to last. finally we're getting some showers around the bay area
6:30 am
this morning. it is moving quickly. probably going to see showers continuing this morning but moving out by the afternoon. we'll have more details on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are following a traffic alert in sunol so we have some updated information on this accident. a big rig ran off the road for a brief moment cleared to the right shoulder but right now they have to block two lanes of northbound 680 to get that rig out of the ditch at vallecitos road. we'll try to send chopper 5 to bring you live pictures but expect slowing in both directions. more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. the new year will bring a traffic headache for those who use the bay bridge. anne makovec is on treasure island with details on the closure that's coming up. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. this is all an effort to speed up construction of the new east span. you can see that singular tower here behind me. the project has been coming
6:31 am
along very nicely. this closure, though, is expected to cause some traffic nightmares. it is only going to affect the westbound lanes. plans for presidents' day weekend february 18, 19 and 20th. it would last two or three days. but it is all contingent on rain, which could totally derail the plan. construction of the east span has been speeding along ahead of schedule. february's closure will allow crews to reconfigure the road leaving drivers to a temporary westbound detour. they will have to restripe the road which needs to be dry, which is why the closure is contingent on the weather. now, the shutdown is expected to have a major traffic impact. we know this because this has happened twice before. here's a sight you don't see too much. an empty bay bridge. this was labor day weekend 2009. we also did have a closure last may but that was limit to the overnight hours. so caltrans is talking with agencies like bart and the ferry service to make sure that they are going to have extra
6:32 am
trains an extra boats in place for this closure. back to you. >> some time before we have to deal with that. thanks. an extra police patrol is being added to san francisco's mission district. this is because of two sexual assaults in the area. surveillance video shows a man wanted for at least one of those attacks. the man is believed to have raped a woman in the mission district last thursday. he may also have attacked a woman in the same area in november. >> we are looking into or feel that we have someone that's very dangerous to the community and that's why we're taking this extremely seriously. >> more than 200 people packed a church last night to express their concerns about security in the area. and rose petals were placed on the sidewalk to represent the trail of blood from last week's victims. it is 6:32 now. three men are in jail this morning following a pot club raid in newark. agents acted on tips of illegal sales and money laundering there and police swarmed the
6:33 am
clinic's owner's home in danville and arrested the 28- year-old woman. she is believed to be the manager there. they are still looking for the owner of the club and two others. it's official. the u.s. war in iraq is over. defense secretary leon panetta formally declared an end to the war a short time ago this morning during a ceremony in baghdad. 4500 americans died over the past nine years and 32,000 others were wounded. the war cost the united states more than $800 billion. panetta said it was worth the price in blood and money because iraq is now on a path to democracy. 6:33. so far the month has been dry. >> winter is a week away and we have a little rain today. >> delays at sfo, an hour on arrivals. be prepared for that. showers continuing around the bay area this morning. and most of that activity
6:34 am
starting to slide a little further south with this fast- moving cold front. it's going to move out of town as we head in toward the afternoon. right now, if you are going outside, we have rain showing up in san jose in towards sunnyvale, saratoga seeing light showers there. a little further to the north things beginning to taper off. a lot of low-level moisture behind this band so we are still seeing scattered showers toward the tri-valley and even the north bay, reports of fog and light showers. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we got off the phone with chp about this traffic alert in sunol. northbound 680 at vallecitos road they have two lanes blocked off to get a big rig out of a ditch. the driver of that rig ran off the road about 100 miles down into that ditch. so they said it could take a while to clear. so again two right lanes of northbound 680 in the area are shut down. they are there were injuries reported as well so we know a lot of emergency crews are out there now. we are seeing slowing on our
6:35 am
sensors on northbound and southbound 680. again a traffic alert just issued for that stretch of freeway. elsewhere outside, it is definitely slick all over the bay area this morning. so be careful. at the bay bridge there is a delay. metering lights are on and it's stacked up beyond the first overcrossing. back to you. >> thank you. tomorrow morning there will be a memorial service for an oakland toddler who was shot in the head. hiram lawrence, jr., was among 7 people shot november 28 outside a liquor store on willow street when someone sprayed that lot with at least 50 bullets. the 23-month-old was taken off life support last week. so far, though, no arrests have been made for the shooting. federal judge could decide today whether a popular exercise pool will be closed as scheduled in the east bay. gil diaz is over in berkeley where they had a mock funeral for the pool at the high school campus.
6:36 am
gil, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, frank, good morning. yeah, the supporters of that pool at berkeley high school taking this closure very seriously. they even had candles and a floating device with flowers on it. they are filing a federal lawsuit or did file it because they don't want it to be close and think the city could be violating the americans with disabilities act. take a look at the mock funeral from last night. they came prepared with flowers and lit candles. it's closing because the school district is going to be doing some renovations next summer for new classrooms and more gym space. but also, because the pool is not built to seismic standards. it's an old pool in an old gym. it's more than 30 years old. the big deal about the pool is it's a warm swimming pool kept at 92 degrees. it's therapeutic for the elderly and those with special needs. one of those special needs aquatic programs, also known as
6:37 am
snap, has about 45 students who use this pool at berkeley high school twice a week. so the closure could be a blow to their health. >> i can move, my joints move, the muscles are relaxed. so there's no spasticity, no cramping. >> it's essentially shutting out a whole class of people, whole category of people. i don't know how berkeley can live with this. >> now, the snap program is looking in a whether they can use two pools at the ymca. they have to fight with other swimmers to get that exclusive use of the pool. also, one disadvantage of going to the ymca pools is that the temperature there is not kept as warm here, only between 88 to 91 degrees. but frank, we're going to keep a close eyes and ears and see what a federal judge will do today. >> thank you, gil diaz live for us in berkeley this morning. gil, thanks. about two hours from now, the suspects accused of beating bryan stow are due back in an
6:38 am
l.a. courtroom. louis sanchez and marvin norwood from san bernardino county arrested for attacking doe at dodger stadium in march. today's appearance is to schedule a date for their preliminary hearing. they have pled not guilty. 6:0. just one gop debate left until the iowa caucuses. >> a preview of the face-off tonight. the candidates who are also getting in their digs, as well. >> a new study that says women bosses are better. >> the market just opened. let's take a quick check of the early numbers. it's looking good for a thursday. we have green lights all up and down the board. what's it all mean? we'll check in with jason brooks when we come back so stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:41 am
good morning, bay area! we are finally seeing some showers outside here. some snow has moved into the sierra nevada. looking good up toward blue canyon. couple of snowflakes continuing to fall there. probably see an inch of snow across the higher peaks. but looks like this system rather fast mover. showers here in the bay area too. so if you are heading out, the roads very slick early on this morning especially in the south bay. the focus of this cold front moving further and further to the south. it looks like san jose seeing some showers heading in your direction. rain also in sunnyvale right
6:42 am
now, cupertino looking at showers, and it looks like that is going to continue on and off throughout the morning hours. so if you are heading out the door today, we have some cool temperatures, mainly in the 40s and low 50s. showers continuing this morning. by the afternoon, though, the skies likely to part just a bit becoming partly cloudy and those temperatures up in the mid- to upper 50s. this system in southern california moving out in a hurry this morning and by the afternoon, we start to dry out. longer period of dry weather with high pressure behind it with northerly winds kicking in meaning an end to the showers early on, clearing beginning in the afternoon. computer models show it nilesly as the clouds part around the bay area. those northerly winds kick in a bit, a little blustery on the mountaintops. otherwise not too bad. temperatures going to be running into the 50s and the bay area for today. but we can expect some warmer weather over the next couple of days as high pressure takes back over. that means temperatures up in the 60s in many spots. keeping us dry right on in through the weekend. some partly cloudy skies a
6:43 am
little unsettled the middle of next week. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we are going outside towards the san mateo bridge show you the rain showers out there. it is slick. be extra careful. we are following a couple of accidents including one in sunol. 680 northbound at vallecitos road. they issued a traffic alert so we have been talking to chp because of this accident. the rig actually ran off the roadway about 100 feet into a ditch so they had to block off the two right lanes in order to clear this. so according to chp, it's going to take a while to clear this one of the northbound and southbound 680 through sunol we are starting to see delays and i think we have one of our traffic sensors here. we are going to zoom in to the area. speeds are now averaging under 20 miles per hour in those northbound lanes. elsewhere, we're also dealing
6:44 am
with slight delays for ace train. trains 1 and 3 have around 10- minute delays. that's our only mass transit problem. on rainy days people like to use mass transit. everything else is on time including bart, muni, caltrain and ferries. grab your chains if you are heading out of town getting a head start. chains are required for some sierra travel. highway 50 specifically between twin bridges and meyers. there is snow on the ground out that way. so highway 50 and highway 88. elsewhere back closer towards home, golden gate bridge traffic, this looks okay all across the span. it is obviously slick coming from marin towards san francisco. but no delays. there are delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on now. so you are jammed solid to the 880 overcrossing. 15 minutes or so to get you onto the bridge. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:44 now. tonight republicans holding their final presidential debate before the iowa caucuses next month. the latest polls showing that former house speaker newt gingrich and former
6:45 am
massachusetts governor mitt romney running one and two in the hawkeye state. they went at each other on the campaign trail yesterday. romney called gingrich a zany candidate whose wealth has left him out of touch with voters. >> he is a very wealthy man. if you have a half million- dollar purchase from tiffany's, you're not a middle class american. >> i have a 90% american conservative union voting record for 20 years. i'm the only person in your lifetime who help balance the budget for four straight years. >> texas congressman ron paul running a strong third in the iowa polls. of the caucuses are on january 3. well, the market is watching new numbers this morning about jobs and inflation. >> jason brooks with kcbs and, what's going on? we're seeing the numbers kind of shoot up. >> reporter: we're not used to that. good morning. it's been a rough week primarily because of the euro debt crisis as has been the case for some time now. but the u.s. economy is front and center this morning and
6:46 am
for the most part some decent information out there. the job market in particular worth watching. after first-time weekly unemployment claimed dropped by 19,000 to 366,000, that's the lowest they have been in over 3 1/2 years. the four-week average at 387,000. if we could get that four-week average below 375,000, that would be a solid indicator that hiring is on the rise. that would impact the rest of the economy. inflation is always key and as far as the wholesale side goes, barely rose last month up .3%. when you take out gas and food, the core rate was only up .1%. up 5.7% from a year ago a lot of that due to higher food and gas prices earlier in the year. but so far inflation not a big worry. that's key as federal reserve keeps its interest rates very low. all of this is impacting the stock market this morning as is a pretty big deal in the
6:47 am
silicon valley. fremont-based lamb research buying the vellus systems out of san jose for $3.3 billion in stock. they would be combined as lamb research making them the fourth biggest chip equipment maker in the world. couple of other silicon valley companies are still one and two being applied materials and kl a-10 core. so far symptoms stocks all three indices are up. we'll see if we can hold those gains today provided no bad news out of europe. >> yeah. well, don't hold your breath. >> no way. hold your breath. thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and 6:47. we have extra security available for the next two nights for some bart passengers. it is the third year of a safety escort program at the west oakland bart station. members of the oakland police department's citizens police academy alumni association are volunteering to escort passengers to their cars. the escorts will be there from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight and tomorrow night and
6:48 am
they will be wearing red vests. and san francisco is about to get its first target store similar to this. it will open in town next year. "the examiner" says construction will begin next month at the metreon shopping center. you might have seen the signs. the store should be open by october. target is already looking at another location to open in san francisco. the hollywood reporter has a little list of the most rented movies from netflix and number one is sandra bullock in the blind side which features sandra as a woman who adopted a football player. then is crash number 2, the bucket list, great film, jack nicholson and the curious case of benjamin button, and finally "the hurt locker." >> all good movies. speak of movies, golden gloin nominations came out a short time ago in beverly hills. the winners will be announced a month from today. it's a precursor to the academy awards. the most nominations go to that silent era tale that just came
6:49 am
out called the artist up for six awards including best comedy or musical and two films have five nominations each. they are the 1960s racial tale, the him. george clooney's hawaiian family story the descendants, also up there. liam mayclem was going to join to us talk about them this morning but he is a little under the weather so we wish him well. just wanted to talk about the movies to let you guys know. >> "the early show" begins in 10 minutes. >> we have a preview with erica hill. good morning. coming up on "the early show," live in iraq, a ceremony held this morning to officially shut down the u.s. military mission there. we'll bring you more of that. we'll also check in with an iraq war vet about the challenges servicemen and -women are facing as they return home. plus, so many people would love to know warren buffett's investing secrets. now you can. his former daughter-in-law mary is with us this morning to explain the billionaire's market strategy. explaining it for all us. that's ahead this morning on "the early show." >> all right, erica, thanks. julie watts by the way
6:50 am
making a cameo on "the early show" i think about 7:10 a.m. so check it out. if you work for a man you might want to change jobs. >> there is word this morning that it's better to have a female boss and the reason it turns out women bosses are more aware and apparently sympathetic to problems their employees may be having in their personal lives. men are more likely to tell employees off for letting their home life get in the way. the research was done for a british telecommunications firm. time now 6:50. some local marines are taking over a bay area toy store. we're live with how they're making christmas very special for some needy bay area kids. when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 am
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6:53 am
justice is set for tomorrow. back now at 6:53. sentencing of home run king barry bonds for obstruction of justice set to go tomorrow. the former giants slugger could get only probation but prosecutors want a federal judge to send him to jail for 15 months. they argue that he denied using performance-enhancing drugs as part of a plan to impede a grand jury
6:54 am
investigation into balco. a closure of the bay bridge coming in february. >> reporter: this closure is about two months away all in an effort to speed up construction of the new east span that you can see here behind me. that singular tower. the project is coming along very nicely. the closure is only going to affect westbound traffic. it's planned for presidents' day weekend february 18, 19 and 20. it's going to last two or three days but it's all contingent on rain, which could totally derail the plan. construction of the east span has been speeding along ahead of schedule. february's closure will allow crews to reconfigure the road leading drivers to a temporary westbound detour. they are going to have to restripe the roadway, which needs to be dry, which is why the closure is contingent on the weather. and if it does end up raining either that weekend or right before that weekend leaving the road wet, they are going have to postpone it. they are trying to do this heads up months in advance so
6:55 am
there is no traffic nightmare. >> i think we should head out of town for that. >> reporter: i agree. yes. let's did a trip to napa. how about that? >> i like it. thanks a lot, anne. if you heading up to the sierra now, bring chains. >> i know. within i guess the last hour or so we have new chain requirements now for highway 50. so we are going to show you what it looks like out there. we have a live -- i think they're live pictures from blue canyon. so this is interstate 80. no chains required so far on interstate 80. but you will need them for highways 50 and 88. you will need them on highway 50 between twin bridges and meyers. so yeah, winter wonderland out there. picture-perfect. so unfortunately it is causing some problems here closer to home. the rain is. we still have this traffic alert in effect no new updates from chp. earlier this morning, a big rig ran off the road about 100 feet down into a ditch northbound 680 at vallecitos road. so they have had to block off the two right lanes in that area to help get the rig out of that ditch.
6:56 am
unfortunately, it's slow in both directions across the span of 680. i was going to show you one more live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza where it is backed up all the way to the macarthur maze this morning for about a 20-minute wait or so just to get you onto the span. so yeah, slick automatic over the bay area. be extra careful. let's get an update on your forecast. lawrence? >> more showers in the bay area. most of that just some light showers, so some wet roads but this system quickly moving to the south and i think by the afternoon it is long gone. we'll see the skies part a bit so i think some drier weather toward friday and saturday and sunday looking good. you have plans for the weekend, okay. partly cloudy skies into next monday and tuesday. hey, we have a great picture sent from a faithful viewer. i tell you what, this person is here every, single day. never misses a day. watches the show every, single day. >> i hear he likes to laugh. >> and that is -- you know what? that's right on the way to karnopolis! i shot that picture!
6:57 am
it was a fantastic sunset. you can see the crab boats. something gorgeous to see. and we might get something like that again tonight. >> pretty. gain tonight. >> >> i like the caption, here's a picture for the morning show. >> just to be clear. >> didn't get much bet engineer pretty generic but very pretty. >> we have a lot of christmas lights showing up around the bay area. you want to check out this one with mickey mouse in the house in san rafael. the doubleday garage doors open at 6 p.m. every night so you can see the indoor scene. the owners have been decorating for 36 years. we want to get all your houses and see those all decked out. of course, you can send that to cbs 5 facebook or email us at we'll see if we can get it on the air before christmas. >> that is cool. >> that's not my house, not karnopolis. talk about a tough tore tis. his name is pokeey the tenacious mojave desert tortoise survived a massive garage fire in livermore two weeks ago.
6:58 am
after the roof collapsed they were sure that the nearly century old reptile was a goner but they found him. except for a little singes on his legs and shell, he will be fine. some local marines are helping out santa in san jose this morning. >> they are hitting the toys 'r us to give some special christmas gifts for needy kids. gunnery sergeant kevin thomas is at the store on blossom hill road and he joins us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, grace. how are you doing? >> we're doing great. but you know, want to ask you, exactly who are you helping this christmas season? this is such a greateffort on your guys part. >> there are two different toys for tots campaigns here today. with one from san jose that's doing their area and then i'm from the san bruno area and we do all of marin, san mateo and san francisco city and county. >> sergeant, this must be a real favorite part of your year where you actually get to go into a toys 'r us and just spend all kinds of money
6:59 am
helping out a lot of kids here in the bay area. >> oh, absolutely, sir. considering most of the time when i was little i didn't get to get any money from here. coming here, we're actually going to spend about $12,000 in here today. >> oh, wow. >> $12,000! >> is there a method to your madness? how do you go through the store and pick all the toys out? >> well, you have to rely on experience from having kids of your own except i have all boys. i don't know about girls. we have to find people who have girls and then we break it down by age ranges and then just boys and girls. >> well, it's a great effort. gunnery sergeant kevin thomas, thanks so much. a proud marine helping out the toys for tots this morning. have a great holiday, sir. thanks for joining us. >> you, too. merry christmas to you. >> we can help them out with the girls. lots of pink! >> doll


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