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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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medical center where he later died about 45 minutes later. so that's about 12:15 this morning. we talked to several residents who were up this morning and they have no idea that this has happened last night. they were home. they didn't hear any gunshots. they didn't even see any police officers in the area. it's dark in the neighborhood. if there were gunshots ringing in the middle of the night, they may have heard it. back to you. the public is welcome to attend today's memorial service for a toddler killed by gunfire in oakland. 1-year-old hiram lawrence, jr. was taken off life support last friday more than a week after he was shot in the head. there are still no suspects. the service for hiram will start at 11 a.m. at the acts full gospel church on 66th avenue in oakland. and a man is due to be sentenced in alameda county today in connection with a
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crime spree in fremont last year. he was found guilty of attempted murder of a police officer, attempted carjacking and shooting into occupied vehicles among other charges. former slugger barry bonds will learn his fate today. the home run king goes before a federal judge in san francisco to find out whether he is going to prison. anne makovec is in san francisco to explain the judge's options. anne. >> reporter: that's right. bonds is going to be sentenced for felony obstruction of justice. that is going to go on here in downtown san francisco at 11 a.m. here are the choices before the judge, two years' probation, confinement to his home in beverly hills or 15 to 21 months in prison. bonds was convicted in april for giving evasive testimony during a federal grand jury probe into the balco steroids scandal back in 2003. prosecutors are pushing for prison time saying bonds doesn't show any remorse. the probation department though is recommending two years'
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probation, community service, and location monitoring which generally means home confinement. now, if it's any clue, this particular judge has sentenced athletes in similar cases two of them to probation and home confinement. a lot of the experts we've talked to say they don't expect bonds will get any prison time. but we will find out this morning at 11:00. of course, we'll be bringing it to you at noon here on cbs 5. dennis? >> anne, he has been a model citizen throughout the course of this process and because the judge made those two prior decisions, but she doesn't have to be consistent. in other words, just because she allowed the other two to avoid jail time doesn't men she has to do it with bonds, is that correct? >> reporter: that is absolutely correct. and latest, keep in mind the marion jones case recently she was sentenced to prison from a federal judge in new york. so the judge here could take a page out of that judge's book, too. so anything can happen. >> hopefully we can finally close the door on the barry
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bonds balco scandal. anne makovec in san francisco, thank you very much. assistant football coach meek mcquery may testify today during a hearing involving the penn state sexual abuse scandal. the preliminary hearing is for athletic director tim curley and former vice president gary schultz, who are charged with perjury and fuel our to -- failure to report child abuse. prosecutors say they didn't responsible properly nine years ago when mcqueary reported an alleged sexual attack on a boy in a university shower. mcqueary said the attacker was jerry sandusky a former assistant coach who is charge with 52 criminal counts involving 10 boys. front-runner newt gingrich drew the most attention and criticism as republican candidates gathered for their latest presidential debate before the iowa caucuses. >> michele bachmann accused the former house speaker of being a washington lobbyist for accepting more than $1.5 million from troubled mortgage giant freddie mac. >> we can't have as our nominee for the republican party someone who continues to stand
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for freddie mac and fannie mae. they need to be shut down not built up. >> what she just said is factually not true. i never lobbied under any circumstances. >> the other candidates tried to demonstrate what sets themselves above the rest of the pack. >> i understand by the way from my successes and failures what it's going it take to put americans back to work. >> i as a president wouldn't want to run the world. i don't want to police individual activities and their lifestyle. and i don't want to run the economy. >> polls show gingrich loads in iowa with mitt romney and ron paul within striking distance. iowa voters though will be caucusing on january 3. today congress could approve a $1 trillion spending measure that would prevent a government shutdown. negotiators clinched the deal last night under pressure to act now or miss their vacations. lawmakers are still working on a plan to renew the payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits for another year but they are preparing a two-month extension
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just in case. amazing what they can accomplish when their holiday vacation is at stake. >> put your vacation at stake? i think we can find some common ground on this deal finally. >> suddenly i feel we can make a deal. we want to check our weather. it's friday, it's the weekend. >> lawrence is here. >> i am so excited it's friday today! it's unbelievable! nothing better than working on this show. >> this is a 2.5-hour show. >> no snow for a while. looks like we have some mostly clear skies out there right now. some very cold temperatures got a couple of patches of fog out there, too. 30 degrees right now in santa rosa 4. 4 in livermore. -- 44 in livermore. gusty winds in fairfield keeping the temperatures up to 50 at this hour. yesterday we had highs only in the 50s so a cool day around the bay area. we had that rainfall move through early on. today we're going to watch temperatures bounce up 4 to 7 degrees. highs by the afternoon in the 50s and a couple of 60s. the weekend looks good, too. we'll have more on that coming
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up in just a few minutes. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go right outside towards the san jose bridge. we are getting word of a potential problem that sounds like there's a wrong-way driver on the san mateo bridge. there are no issues with it yet no accidents or anything. but we have gotten word from chp so they may be running a quick traffic break on the hayward side of the span to clear it. we'll let you know if there are any further problems just getting word of a wrong-way driver on the san mateo bridge. live outside towards 880 in oakland, that roadwork near high street is wrapping up. according to caltrans, it wraps up around 5:00. so it may still be out there picking up the rest of the cones but in the meantime traffic on the main lines of the freeway still looks good. san jose blossom hill road three people inside a car, it ran off the road into a ditch. so they are working hard to clear this accident scene. in the meantime there are some slight slowing against the commute so if you are traveling
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northbound 101 towards san jose, there is no delay in that direction. bay bridge. the metering lights are off, no delay. that's traffic. back to you. time is 5:07. it is the biggest ipo since google. the bay area startup making its wall street debut. >> we're no longer asking for your permission to tolerate or not tolerate anything. >> it looks like the pressure is getting to jean quan. what drove the mayor off of facebook. and a stockton teen tries to make like santa. the excuse he gave for getting stuck in a chimney. can i, can i (repeated) v.o: can now be enjoyed in your coffee ( can i, can i (repeated) ) v.o: only international delight v.o: put's the real flavours from v.o: your favourite treats inside
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a live look at 880 through oakland. a lot of overnight roadwork is
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being picked up as we speak. coming up, we'll update you on a crash in san jose, possible injuries with that one. so we'll have all the details in just a few minutes. an unfriendly reception for oakland mayor jean quan at a forum in san francisco. she was shouted down at a commonwealth club. they were discussing the "occupy" movement. some people escorted out as the crowd chanted, recall quan, as she tried to speak. comments against quan apparently prompted her to disable her facebook page. >> reporter: mayor quan, you disabled your facebook page today. is that because of the negative responses? >> it's because we only can handle one. we're keeping one up. >> reporter: so the responses had nothing to do with that? >> you know, there were a lot of very racist and misogynist things in them so we can only really maintain one at a time. >> there are now two petitions being circulated to recall mayor quan and a third is in the works. it is 5:10 now. oakland city council members say something needs to be done to protect the city's port from
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future "occupy" protests. millions of dollars in economic activity are at stake and they were wiped out on monday when "occupy" protestors disrupted most of the port's terminals. yesterday a city council committee voted unanimously to move forward with an urgent resolution. this would give police more leeway in enforcing laws regarding trespassing as well as obstruction of traffic. pg&e is expected to admit liability in court today for the san bruno pipeline explosion. a judge presiding over numerous related lawsuits will hold a hearing today in redwood city. he has asked the power company to state its position on liability. pg&e said earlier this week that it would compensate victims for the explosion. critics say it's a legal maneuver to avoid more expensive judgments. 5:11 now. dennis, a superhero's car for sale here in the bay area. >> right here? >> plus this. >> jingle bells ♪ >> he is like the energizer
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bunny. how a salvation army bell ringer is trying to ring his way to a world record. and just for dennis, we found some snow. here's your snow report for today. we actually have a few new inches of snow there! how about that! boreal looking good. of course, going to be mostly sunny there this weekend as high pressure takes over. no reports of new snow in heavenly, although i suspect they got an incher so. squaw valley looking good one- foot base. mostly sunny skies. we'll have more on your weather coming up.
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stories: san jose police are investigating a fatal shootg by officers. they say they t a man after he displayed threat san jose police are investigating a fatal shooting by officers. they say that they shot a man after he displaced threatening behavior toward the officers last night. probation, home confinement or jail time? those are the choices for the judge sentencing barry bonds today. the punishment is for a conviction on one charge of obstruction of justice. and today the house and senate are expected to vote on a one trillion dollar spending measure that would prevent a government shutdown. negotiators reached a deal late last night. and let's check your weather. lawrence? >> a little cold around the bay area again, grace. we have some chilly temperatures a couple of patches of fog outside. if you are stepping out this morning, 30s and 40s greeting
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you there heading to the car. a big cold this morning. but looks like as we head toward the afternoon more sunshine should allow for warmer temperatures. mild conditions, plenty of sunshine into the valleys. high pressure building back into the bay area after that low swept through yesterday bringing showers that's moved by. now the reg just moving in, in time for the weekend so a cold start to the day but the weekend looking fantastic. lots of sunshine so enjoy it. lots of sunshine everywhere you go. computer models showing you most of those offshore winds continuing to keep your skies for the most part clear into the afternoon hours. just a patchy fog will dissipate this morning. patchy fog redevelop into the central valley overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. otherwise we are looking good around the bay area. temperatures in the 50s and 60s at the south bay. toward the east bay sunshine and 58 in antioch, 58 livermore, 61 in pleasanton and 61 degrees in the don knapp. inside the bay 58 in sausalito, 62 one of the warmer spots in
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santa rosa and 60 degrees in oakland. warmer temperatures and great weekend lots of sunshine all the way through. partly cloudy toward the middle of the next week, a weak system over the top of the ridge no storms in sight for at least the next seven days. i'm in cruise mode. [ laughter ] elizabeth what's going on in traffic? >> let's start off with the live look -- there is a wrong- way driver for a traffic break. the driver is out of lanes so now there are no problems at all in either direction across the san mateo bridge. westbound and eastbound 92 should be about a 13-minute drive time across that stretch. we continue to watch this problem spot southbound 101 at blossom hill road in san jose. the driver lost control and ran off the road into a ditch.
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tow crews are getting it out of lanes. they have emergency vehicles out there. they have the two right lanes blocked off. we are told there's no delay to traffic. southbound 101 or in the commute direction, it looks good all the way from morgan hill all the way towards san jose this morning. of course, it is 5:18 in the morning. that might have something to do with it. but overall we are not too bad all across the bay area. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights and not much to talk about so far. it is definitely "friday light." we can definitely call it that so far. they were doing some overnight roadwork on the lower deck towards oakland but that should be picked up already or picked up very shortly. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. we saw them do the lane change a little while ago about 20 minutes ago so everything is free-flowing in either direction between marin and san francisco. these are usually our first spots to back up. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. as you can see it is still all green on our sensors.
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live traffic sensors. they change with current conditions. great to the dublin interchange. westbound 4 quiet through antioch and continues to move well through pittsburg, concord towards 242. we love to check in with mass transit. always a good option. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. if anything changes tune to kcbs. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> the opening bell for nasdaq will be running by remote control from san francisco this morning. executives from online company zynga will do the honors to celebrate their initial public offering. they plan to sell 100 million shares of the san francisco company and they set the price at $10 a share for the biggest tech ipo since google in 2004. that's going to be big stuff. right now, dozens of people are lined up at glide memorial church in san francisco. they are waiting for food for the holidays. >> we have some live pictures
5:20 am
to show you. this is just outside the church on ellis street. you see how crowded it is. a lot of people waiting a long time. just about 40 minutes from now, volunteers will start filling 5500 bags of groceries. at 7:30, they will hand them out to people in need and next week, glide will give thousands of free toys to children so donations if you like to give one can still be dropped off at the church and you can see how many people need your help. a local salvation army volunteer is hoping to ring his way to a world record today. [ ringing ] >> butch soriano of pacifica has been ringing the bell around macy's in union square an he has been going on now for about 20 hours. the current record, 36. he only gets a bathroom break every four hours. i was reading you don't get to eat, either. you can only drink water and gatorade. >> that's going to be tendinitis of the wrist! [ laughter ] he is not playing tennis
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today with that hand. >> no kidding. 5:20. talk about busted. what a teen was trying to do when he got stuck in a chimney. >> the perfect gift for your super hero. how you can getter hands on a replica of the batmobile. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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firefighte ue him, afte a stockton teenager will probably think twice before trying to imitate santa again. firefighters had to rescue him after he got stuck in his family chimney yesterday. his family originally said he was trying to sneak in after breaking curfew. [ laughter ] >> then they change their story saying he was just cleaning the chimney. >> overnight. >> yeah, right. [ laughter ] >> he as okay. the teen is okay. but he was stuck for a few hours until his mom heard him screaming. folks, do not try this at home. [ laughter ] >> don't sneak in. a hollywood star is trying to visit a chinese activist. a camera crew was along for christian bale's efforts when he was rejected by chinese guards. >> once again we have been stopped. as you are, they are pushing christian here. we are trying to leave peacefully. >> bale was turned away after he traveled 8 hours from beijing to meet an activist confined to his home after
5:25 am
speaking out against china neat government policies. and for anybody who dreamed of being a superhero, here's your chance to drive around town like one. that's a replica of the batmobile on sale in a dublin showroom. the sales manager says he is told it's at least 99% accurate copy. a cop pulled him over during his first test drive. >> and he walked up and said, you know, what is this? is this the batmobile? that's exactly what it is, sir. at which point five other officers pulled up promptly and needed to take a look. >> you can shootout the 5-foot flame just like the batmobile did in the tv show but the car is street legal. the asking price, $60,000. and the bat cave and batwoman not included. >> how can it be league when you can shoot flames out the back? >> we did that in high school. it's a simple trick. >> and lived to tell the tale.
5:26 am
snowflakes all lit up a san jose home. >> a larger-than-life santa claus. a gigantic snow glow. holiday photo from peach tree lane. the family's boys john an cameron design the display. looks very night. santa is 12 feet tall. there are also 7-foot nutcracker soldiers on display. upload your picture to our cbs 5 facebook page or email us at we got 5:26. closed for business the sudden shutdown of an east bay community center. >> bullets fly at the chinese consulate in san jose. the stunning twist hours after the shooting. >> a man shot and killed by san jose police in east san jose. we'll tell you what happened the latest details coming up. and it is sentencing day for barry bonds. coming up, we'll take a look at the choices in front of the judge and what may indicate what she is going to do. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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the sentencing in just hours.. for baseba eight years later, barry bonds learning his fate.
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the sentencing in just hours for baseball's home run king. another cold start to the bay area today but looks like it's going to be nice weather for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. and for once, fog is not clouding our view of this live traffic conditions approaching the dublin interchange. westbound 580 starting to get busy through livermore. we'll tell you all about it coming right up. good morning. it's friday, december 16. i'm dennis o'donnell. frank has the morning off. >> i'm grace lee. 5:30 now. we begin with this developing story. a deadly shooting by police in the south bay. gil diaz is in east san jose where police say the suspect was threatening them. gil? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dennis and grace. i just spoke to the public information officer seconds ago. he tell me it didn't happen in this neighborhood where we have been at all morning seaview and bermuda but actually about a mile -- less than a mile away from here at the 2100 block of inman way. the shooting happened last
5:31 am
night around 11:30. three officers responded to the scene there at 2100 block of inman way. and they tried to contact him and allegedly he was exhibiting some threatening behavior. at least one of the officers shot him. he was rushed to regional medical center, where he died about 45 minutes later about 12:15 a.m. so it makes sense that none. neighbors here residents that we talked to this morning heard any gunshots overnight. but we are going to be heading to that scene. we asked the public information officer if the man was armed and he said he could not comment on that right now. see keep it here on cbs 5 for the latest details as they develop. >> gil, is there any connection to where you are now to the shooting? >> reporter: you know, i did ask the public information officer why this location was given in the press release. he said that maybe there was just a breakdown in communications as to why they thought it was on this block. but i asked him if it had
5:32 am
started here and perhaps there was a chase by police for this man but he said it didn't happen that way, that it happened at the 2100 block of inman way. >> sounds like police are still sorting out the details. thanks, gil, live in san jose. today is sentencing day for barry bonds. in just a few hours, the former slugger will even if out if he is heading to prison or home confinement. anne makovec is in san francisco with more on the judge's options. >> reporter: yes. the sentencing is going to happen this morning here at the federal courthouse in downtown san francisco at 11:00. barry bonds is being sentenced for felony obstruction of justice. here are the sentencing choices before the judge. she could choose two years' probation for barry bonds, confinement to his home in beverly hills, or 15 to 21
5:33 am
months in prison. bonds was convicted for perjury in the balco steroids probe in 2003. prosecutors are pushing for prison time saying bonds doesn't show any remorse. the pro base department is recommending just -- the probation department is recommending two years' probation, community service and location monitoring, which usually means home confinement. if it's any clue, this particular judge has sentenced athletes in similar cases two of them to probation and home confinement, no prison time. so we will find out this morning aif she is going to be consistent on that. again, the sentencing starts at 11:00 this morning. now, we expected a media zoo here at the federal courthouse but so far, it's been quiet. just your local tv stations, radio stations, and newspapers here awaiting the arrival of barry bonds. but a lot of people have their eyes on this sentencing case.
5:34 am
>> two prior to with a similar charge under the current judge. just because she let them off without jail time doesn't mean she has to remain consistent with barry bonds, is that true? >> reporter: that is absolutely correct. you know, she might be taking other things into account, such as the fact that as you mentioned earlier, dennis, barry bonds has been a very good citizen recently. he has done a lot of community service and charity work. so if she is going to take that into account, that would actually also push for what she has done previously but she could take into account the fact that marion jones was sentenced to prison by a federal judge in new york. so it all depends anything could happen. but most experts say they don't believe he will go to jail. >> big day for him. thank you, anne makovec. mike mcqueary an assistant coach at penn state university may testify in a preliminary hearing today. the hearing is for athletic director tim curley and former violent gary schultz charged with perjury and failure to
5:35 am
report child abuse. prosecutors say curley and schultz did not respond properly nine years ago when mcqueary reported an alleged sexual attack on a boy in a university shower. today a toddler shot in oakland will be laid to rest. the one-year-old hiram lawrence, jr., was struck in the head during a hail of gunfire on november 28. he died last friday after being taken off life support. the service for him will start at 11 a.m. at the acts full gospel church on 66th avenue in oakland. new this morning california will share a half billion dollars in federal grant money with eight other states. this is to improve early childhood programs. the states were declared winners in the competition that started the obama administration race to the top program. of the goal was to get more children under age 5 ready for kindergarten. time now 5:35. checking in with lawrence with the weather. lawrence? >> hey, guys. a lot of people trying to get ready for the holidays this
5:36 am
weekend and it looks like a good weekend to do it. >> sunny. >> lots of sunshine around the bay area. not a big surprise, just haven't had a whole lot of rainfall this season and the temperatures outside cold once again. we dipped into the 20s now in some of the north bay valleys into santa rosa. 28 degrees. also seeing fog there and low visibility. watch out for that. 33 degrees in the napa valley. 44 livermore. 37 degrees in san jose. as we head in toward the afternoon, we'll find warmer temperatures today than yesterday. up footnotes and 60s all around the bay area. that weekend looking good. high pressure sitting overhead mild temperatures into saturday by the afternoon. couple of more clouds on sunday. dry for the next five to seven days. it is traffic time. for that we head to elizabeth. right towards 680, northbound approaching livonia road. accident just reported. we don't have many details about blocked lanes or what happened but you can see there are slower speeds under 40 miles per hour at livorna road. if you are heading towards walnut creek. now towards the bay bridge no issues here.
5:37 am
all the approaches are quiet about an 18-minute drive or so from the carquinez bridge to the maze. if you are traveling westbound 80, 18 minutes, slight delays in the cash lanes but otherwise no big issues this morning across the upper deck. a check of an earlier accident in san jose approaching blossom hill road. all lanes reopened so we'll have an update on that. back to you. now in bay area headlines. about 70 preschool students will have to go elsewhere because their school is closing for good today. the jewish community center in walnut creek says it cannot afford to stay open anymore. the center also serves senior citizens an hosted several community programs. the city of berkeley is increasing pressure on "occupy" campers with threats of more arrests and citations. city leaders are concerned about crime, drugs and dog bites at the encampment at civic center park. one councilman wants to start
5:38 am
issuing stay-away orders to troublemakers there. a man and woman due in court in san francisco today accused of an attack on and off duty firefighter. allegedly he rammed the fire with an suv. the girlfriend is an accessory. judge refused to lower her bail yesterday. the firefighter suffered a traumatic brain injury in the attack. a man is in custody after shooting at the chinese consulate near downtown los angeles yesterday afternoon west of mcarthur park. no one was injured. the suspect turned himself in. author and journalist christopher hitch inches has died. he was a long-time commentator on politics and religion and a contributing editor at "vanity fair." the magazine announced his death last night. its top editor described him as a man of ferocious intellect. he died of pneumonia and cancer of the esophagus. the bay area company making
5:39 am
it smart. the life saving drug it wants to release. >> a holiday hero. one stranger's act of kindness for dozens of christmas shoppers. we'll tell you about it. ♪
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be hustled out the back door, after a forum in san francisco. quan was shouted down at a comm oakland mayor jean quan was hustled out the back door after a forum in san francisco. she was showdown at the commonwealth club forum about the "occupy" movement. some people were escorted out as the crowd chanted recall quan. two petitions are being circulated and a third is in the works. front-runner newt gingrich drew the most attention and criticism as republican candidates gathered for their last presidential debate before the iowa caucuses.
5:42 am
michele bachmann accused him of being a washington lobbyist for accepting more than $1.5 million from troubled mortgage giant freddie mac. >> we can't have as our nominee for the republican party someone who continues to stand for freddie mac and fannie mae. they need to be shut down, not built up. >> what she just said is factually not true. i never lobbied under any circumstance. >> it is tough to be a front- runner. the latest poll shows gingrich leading in iowa, mitt romney and ron paul within striking distance. the iowa caucuses are on january 3. it looks like a government shutdown has been averted. at the last minute again, today congress could approve a $1 trillion spending measure. negotiators reached a deal late last night under pressure to act now or miss their holiday break. lawmakers are still working on a plan to renew the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for another year but they are preparing a two-month extension just in case. the west coast is now seeing debris from japan's
5:43 am
devastating tsunami from earlier this year. a black bouy the size of a 55- gallon drum was found at a beach near seattle. at least ten more bouys have been spotted in the area. a lot more debris is expected to wash ashore all along the west coast from california to southern alaska in the next year. all right folks. out the door it is another chilly start to the day but looks like it should be warmer by the afternoon a lot warmer than yesterday. 30s and 40s now outside and some freezing temperatures. chilly in some of the north bay valleys. patchy fog. by the afternoon that is long gone and we are going to be enjoying sunshine and temperatures up into the 50s and some mild numbers up into the 60s as you head inland. high pressure now building in behind that low that brought us a few showers yesterday. we are going to keep it nice and dry now. fantastic weekend if you have plans outdoors. it's going to be great, lots of sunshine. and some very mild temperatures. it looks like if you're traveling around the state, watch out for the dense fog
5:44 am
toward fresno, dense fog advisory in that direction. later this morning that will lift. 54 there for a high. 60 in sacramento. high country 30s and 40s. around the bay area we'll see sunshine this afternoon, 50s and 60s in most spots by the latter part of the day. as you head toward the east bay temperatures in the 50s and the low 60s. inside the bay, sunshine, comfortable numbers, 60 in san francisco today, 58 daly city, and 62 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days high pressure holding on keeping us dry making for a gorgeous weekend. we could use the rain but no rain in sight. dry the next seven days maybe some partly cloudy skies is the best we can do, elizabeth, toward of the middle of the next week. that's the latest. >> thank you. let's go outside. we have some updated information now about this accident we have been following in alamo. you can see our live traffic sensors still slow in the area approaching livonia road so this was an -- livorna road so this was an accident but it's
5:45 am
on the side of the road. main lines. freeway doing fine but slow towards walnut creek. by 5:45 we usually sigh more traffic so "friday light." so it's good across the upper deck of the bay bridge. san jose a few headlights through the clouds into the darkness approaching the 880 interchange, everything nice towards cupertino. better news now for this accident we were following. all lanes are once again back open southbound 101 approaching blossom hill road. this was an accident that could have been pretty serious. a car ran off the road. so we're not hearing any major injuries but northbound and southbound 101 are both moving fine right now. back outside live look at 880. things are definitely starting
5:46 am
to pick up getting busier up and down the nimitz. coming from hayward toward downtown oakland, all these headlines are moving past the coliseum toward oakland airport so both drive times between 238 and the maze on northbound and southbound 880 should both be about 15 minutes. coming up we'll check the san mateo bridge plus a check of mass transit. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. this is one of those head scratching stories that can't quite understand why it happened. an nfl player is facing charges for drug dealing. bears wide receiver sam hurd appeared in considerate last night. prosecutors say he negotiated with an undercover agent to buy 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week for distribution. hurd plans to fight the charges. a bay area company is trying to become the first in the world to sell a drug to prevent hiv infection. gilead sciences from foster city makes the drug truvada. it's the most prescribed treatment for hiv in the united
5:47 am
states. gilead is asking the fda to allow it to sell truvada to reduce the risk of hiv in uninfected adults. more teenagers are choosing healthier drinking options when they are faced with calorie counting signs. a new study shows that they are less likely to buy those sugary drinks if the calories are posted next to them. researchers posted different signs in a convenience store and one. them said, they would have to jog for 50 minutes to burn off the calories from one drink. 50% of teens then chose water or diet soda when shown that information. it is the biggest tech ipo since going the started selling stock. zynga is going public on the nasdaq exchange this morning. this could be huge. the san francisco company set its price at $10 a share. 100million shares are on the market for a total of $1 billion. they charge for virtual items in their online games. the old is once again new.
5:48 am
cbs is bringing back its iconic show person to person. the original interview series was created by edward r. murrow co-hosted by cbs this morning's charm rose and the chief foreign affairs correspondent lara logan. they will bring people in the private homes. person to person debuts on february 8. 5:48. bells will be ringing today in union square. the world record that one man is trying to set. and they just need a chance. and if we can give them that chance, it's worth every ounce of effort. a new leash on life for about 100 dogs. why their only chance of survival was to leave california.
5:49 am
5:50 am
california freeway reopened. a
5:51 am
gas tanker fire closed the sixty freeway in montebello on day. caltrans had the a gas tanker fire in southern california closed the 60 freeway in montebello on wednesday. caltrans had hoped to get the freeway open by tonight but work to demolished a damaged overpass is halted because of phone lines on the bridge. there are 100 puppies in southern california that are getting a second chance. it's all part of wings of rescue holiday airlift. shelter groups organized a flight for the puppies who are slated to be euthanized in the l.a. area. they arrived in oregon yesterday and volunteers say that these puppies are going to get all the nurturing they need. >> we have underaged puppies that came up on this flight that were thrown in a dumpster in a garbage bag. they are two weeks old. >> awww. the volunteers say they will work to find loving homes for the puppies. a little bit of a different type of rescue, grace. a bit bizarre. here in northern california, firefighters in stockton pulled
5:52 am
a teen out of a family's chimney yesterday. at first, the family said he broke curfew. he tried to sneak in. later they said he was just cleaning the chimney. my guess he is playing santa claus. i mean, he's okay but he was stuck for a few hours until his mom heard him screaming. he wasn't screaming ho ho ho. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i have a feeling he was not cleaning the chimney. there is no teenager that's going to voluntarily do that. >> every kid's fantasy to climb up a chimney, don't you think? >> no. there is a woman walks into a kmart in indiana with a single purpose. >> she wanted to make the holidays better for as many people as possible. the woman paid off layaway balances for about 50 customers some of whom owed nearly $800. the anonymous benefactor walked through the store handing out $50 bills. finally she went to the checkout counter and paid a customer's $400 bill. then she just drove away. a bay area man hopes to land in the guinness book of
5:53 am
world records today. [ bell ringing ] >> that's the hand of butch soriano from pacifica. he has been ring the bell around macy's in union square for a long time now. the salvation army -- he is a volunteer. he has been ringing for more than 20 hours. the current record he has to break, 36. he has 16 more hours to go. by the way, butch only gets bathroom breaks every four hours and can't eat. tough record to break. >> i have been by much three or four times as we look up to christmas. he is doing a good job. >> tough gig. this morning dozens of people in san francisco have been standing in the cold for hours waiting for food for the holidays. >> just about 90 minutes volunteers at glide memorial church will hand out 5500 bags of groceries. next week the church will give thousands of free toys to kids, donations can still be dropped off at the church on ellis street. by the way, right here in our
5:54 am
lobby, channel 5 has teamed up to donate thousands of pounds of food as we approach the holidays so it's been a good team effort not by the tv station but by the entire bay area. >> great. lobby area looks like a food bank. it's great. >> if you want to bring it by, give it to the white team. >> no, blue team. >> blue, white and red. the blue team is making a dramatic comeback led by news director dan rosenheim! it's 6:00 and he is still asleep! [ laughter ] let's do weather. can't top that. >> all right, folks. outside today we have cold temperatures again and by the afternoon should be nice. we are going to enjoy sunshine and temperatures moving up into the 50s and low 60s. plenty of sunshine over the weekend, no storms, cloudy during the middle of next week. that's it. dry for the next five to seven days. by the way, did you know this
5:55 am
weekend, a huge game taking place. we have the lions and the raiders! it should be mostly sunny and 58 degrees. this is a must-win game. and we have the sports guy here today. this is a must-win game. the raiders have to win this game. they are a game behind in the a fc west. they have to win on sunday. >> we started this at 4:30 and it's almost 6:00 and finally we're talking about sports. >> yeah. see, we did that for you. >> i love the morning news. need a little more sports and lawrence, i'm glad you had that commentary on the -- >> thank you very much, dennis. >> the fact the raiders must win this game. >> every weekend paints his face in silver and black. let's go outside show you a live look now at conditions across the golden gate bridge. fog is in the as much of an issue on the roads this morning as we have seen in the past couple of days. you can see kind of a slight halo effect on some of the street lights but overall, not too bad of a drive right now heading from marin county into san francisco. an things look really good on the san mateo bridge. earlier this morning, there was a wrong-way driver. they had to run a traffic break. that is no longer an issue this
5:56 am
morning. so everything looks great both directions between hayward and foster city. about a 13 or 14-minute drive in either direction. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. likely won't turn them on for another 20, 25 minutes or so, so you can see some slight delays in some of the outer cash lanes. but overall we can definitely call this morning "friday light." fastrak users get by great. it's a quick trip into san francisco. >> dennis probably has never even seen the roads at this hour. >> it's nice to see -- >> have you ever seen the morning show? >> no. 4:30, there is no traffic right now there's no traffic -- >> it's really quiet today. >> this is the time to be coming to work! >> this is the time to do all your errands. >> beautiful. >> thank you. 5:56 now. coming up in the next half hour, secret revealed about victoria's secret. they are doing damage control. and catch him if you can. the tea party founder dashing away from cameras coming up. san jose investigators at the scene of an overnight fatal shooting involving one of their officers. we'll have the latest details
5:57 am
coming up. and depending on what happens today, barry bonds could be behind bars or head back to beverly hills. tell you about the choices the judge has in front of her crutch.
5:58 am
or creates another laptop bag, or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $13.2 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
5:59 am
choice, but to shoot him. baseball's home run king.. learning his fate today. the punishment he could face for obstruction of justice. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's friday, december 16th. i'm grace lee. and i'm dennis o-donnell. fk has the morning off. it's 6- we begin with developing nes out of t morning. san jos good friday morning. i'm grace lee. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. it is just about 6 a.m. we begin with developing news out of


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