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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 16, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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seen in this surveillance video opened fire in a parking lot. the toddler was in his father's arms when he was shot in the head. >> for a young baby to lose his life is very, very, very sad. it's not going to bring him back if they catch who did it. >> reporter: a baby who relatives said loved cheese puffs and had a special relationship with his father. during the service, tears turned to outrage. [ screaming ] save our children! [ screaming ] >> we need help in oakland! h-e-l-p! we can't do it our sev! we can't do it. >> reporter: it will take the entire community to change the cycle of violence in west oakland, according to jean quan. her popularity has plunged in oakland. >> some people think that i'm naive or stupid for doing this.
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i don't. some people don't think i'm tough enough. i think it takes a mother who doesn't give up on her kids to change the city. [ applause ] >> reporter: but today's farewell was not just about little hiram. a vigil will celebrate the lives of hiram and 2-year-old carlos nava a toddler caught in the crossfire of an east oakland drive by in august. activists say the families of both boys hope tragedy will breed change. >> talking to the mother and father, uncles and everybody, they just don't want no more violence. they want the violence to stop right now. >> reporter: organizers said they are expecting about 200 people here tonight. everybody from faith leaders to just everyday people who want to show support for the two families. oakland police have detained six people in this case but have made no arrests. christin ayers, cbs 5. it began with a beer and ended with san jose police killing and shooting a man in his own bedroom.
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it started when police tried to stop another man drinking on the sidewalk last night on inman way. police say the man fled into a friend's home. officers chased him inside and tackled him. but the police say while he was on the ground, he threw a gun into another room. when an officer went into that room, police say a man who had been sleeping there ignored an order to leave that gun on the ground. >> that male instead of dropping the gun raised the gun up toward the officer. at that time the officer fired run round and struck the suspect. >> the man shot was pronounced dead at the hospital. both officers are on paid leave. the man shot by san francisco police earlier this week has died. the man was shot in the head while running from police on larkin street on wednesday. police say the man fired at least two shots at the officers from just 25 feet away as they were chasing him. officers are still looking for a woman who took off in a getaway car. a federal judge gave barry bonds a chance to say
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something, anything, about the steroids scandal that has followed him and the giants for years. bonds gave a curt three-word answer and then the judge sentenced him. linda yee was in the courtroom. >> reporter: dana, it's possible neither side was satisfied with the sentence today. barry bonds insisting tonight that he should never have been convicted and federal prosecutors are saying they didn't think the punishment was tough enough. barry bonds will not be going to prison. the judge took the probation officer's recommended sentence, two years' probation, one month house arrest, and 250 hours of community service. bonds must also pay $4,000 in fines. but no one on bonds' defense team is admitting he got off easy. >> if justice was done, everybody was a winner. unrealistic to think that everybody was agreeing about that. you might be able to guess what we think, but we're not
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talking. >> reporter: last april, a jury found the home run king guilty of obstructing justice in the four-year-long case of illegal steroid use among top athletes. the u.s. attorneys office called the recommended punishment laughable and tried to persuade the judge to give bonds the minimum 15 months in prison. the judge asked bonds if he had anything to say. his simple reply, not a thing. >> bonds hits one to left center field... >> reporter: bonds is fighting the conviction, a stain on his baseball record his attorneys say he wants wiped clean. >> at the moment, he is branded a felon. we think unjustly. and we -- just as we aggressively fought the case at trial, we intend to fight it on appeal and overcome that judgment so he can return to public life as a citizen free of criminal conviction. >> reporter: but even as he left court today, die-hard fans
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cheered him. >> love you. god bless you. >> reporter: still some legal experts say the mark of a federal crime won't go away easily even if bonds can get his conviction overturned. >> because of the steroid use and abuse at the end of the day he was held accountable and he was convict in the court by a jury -- convicted in a court by a jury and that's what people will remember at the end of the day. >> reporter: even if bonds does successfully overturn his sentence, it's not likely that legal experts believe that that's going to happen. and anyway, it could take up to 17 months for that appeals process, which ironically is the same time where he is first eligible to be nominated for baseball's hall of fame. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. also today pg&e admitted that a defective weld on a gas transmission line caused last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. but the lawyer for the victims says it's just a pr stunt. the attorney represents 75 of
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the victims. he wants pg&e to acknowledge the ntsb report which said a litany of problems within the company led to that explosion, among them deciding to pay top executives millions in bonuses instead of spending that money to fix the pipes. >> i want them to admit that those decisions on how they treated this pipe were in conscious disregard of public safety. that's the simple admission we're looking for. >> eight people were killed, 38 homes destroyed in that blast. preparations for the america's cup race are going full speed ahead. today mayor lee unveiled what he is calling an unprecedented investment in the san francisco waterfront. the mayor says as much as $100 million will be spent to upgrade the city's port properties, including the building of an all new cruise terminal at pier 27. but as always in san francisco, there are some challenges. juliette goodrich is in the city near a cove where some swimmers are saying they want
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to protect it. juliette. >> reporter: hi, ken. they're not giving up. so this cove behind me is home to thousands of dolphin club members, swimmers. well, part of the plan for america's cup is to put a huge jumbotron here and some of these swimmers say no way. they'll "occupy" the bay. >> sometimes i like to swim straight out toward the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: robin roam has been swimming at aquatic park cove for more than 40 years. today with no wet suit on she braved the cove waters a daily ritual. she says the thought of a jumbotron being placed in her sanctuary upsets her sense of peace and security. >> i feel like i'm not going to get to swim exactly where i want to swim anymore. i like the idea that this is a huge pool. >> reporter: the dolphin club is 1200 members, a beach-side clubhouse for more than a century. some swimmers say the america's cup yacht race would change their tranquil cove into party
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central for the races with a huge jumbotron on a 140-foot- long barge. >> all of a sudden, there's a lot of restrictions on where and when you can swim. that will throw a monkey wrench in things. >> reporter: during the months. america's cup swimmers would be restricted to an area around the perimeter the blue area and now there's talks of an organized protest floating around. >> including "occupy" the cove. >> i've seen some "occupy" type of activities being discussed. >> reporter: but the president of the dolphin club insists there will be no "occupy" the cove movement. he says the club, however, is sensitive about the environmental effects like noise and air pollution and fuel spills with a video barge. >> there's no position or no location or need for a jumbotron in aquatic park. it's basically a billboard that's basically on a park a
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national park. have you ever seen a billboard in the national park? no. >> reporter: the plan to have a jumbotron has received preliminary approval so far, ken. but some swimmers say it's going to take a navy seal to get -- [ signal breakup ] -- swimming no matter what. >> juliette goodrich in san francisco, thank you. bay area landlords swindled out of tens of thousands of dollars. the scam investigators say this couple used time and time again. last cookies, chips and soda. >> junk food for sale. next to the obesity clinic? the bay area's children's hospitals with the worst cafeteria food. i think it's a really dirty trick. >> amazon's backlash. it may be a bargain hunter's best friend. but retailers call a new promotion their worst enemy. ,,,
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zyng :nasdaq we don't show you that every day. the biggest tech i po since google ended with a whimmer. zeng ga shares opened 10% above their initial offering price. but zynga finished today down 5%. they were hoping to raise $1 billion. the analysts say is shows investors concerned about zynga's dependence on facebook and growth prospects. the san francisco company is best known for the popular facebook game "farmville" and "words with friends." the market as a whole ended mix. dow was down 2. the san jose couple is charged in a scam that swindled local landlords out of tens of thousands of dollars in rent. the santa clara district attorney's office says monica
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perette that and timothy august would answer home for rent ads, present fake financial documents and then sign leases. then their security deposit checks would bounce and they would find excuses such as filing for bankruptcy to delay eviction. the district attorney says the couple ran that scam at least six times and swindled landlords out of $30,000 in rent. the reported abduction of a north bay girl that turned out to be a hoax cost solano county tens of thousands of dollars. suisun city law enforcement spent more than $30,000 investigating tips that christina almanza was missing and might have been kidnapped. almanza was the subject of an amber alert last week. she was found safe the next day. police say she made up the story to get sympathy from her family. oakland mayor jean quan has logged off of facebook. >> her staff has taken down the mayor's page from the social
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networking site. she says it's been the target of threats and racist rants. >> you disabled your facebook page today. is that because of the negative responses? >> it's because we only can handle one. we're keeping one up. >> reporter: so the responses had nothing to do with that? >> you know, there were a lot of very racist and misogynist things in them so we can only really maintain one at a time. >> the mayor faces two recall campaigns and a third is in the works. nobody expects a hospital cafeteria to serve gourmet food. but you would expect that the food it serves to be healthy and nutritious. now one bay area hospital ranked dead last in the survey of healthy foods served at children's hospital in california. len-on the findings of a ucla -- len ramirez on the findings of a ucla study. >> reporter: oakland children's hospital has been the go to place for families with sick children for almost 100 years but according to a new survey it's not the place to go for a healthy cafeteria meal or
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vending snack. >> there's a lot of junk food in the cafeteria, cookies, chips, and sodas. >> reporter: according to a new study from ucla and the rand corporation, oakland children's ranked last out of 14 california children's hospitals when it came to healthy cafeteria food. two other bay area hospitals pack around children's at stanford and ucss children tied for second. >> we are also looking at ways we can improve everything. >> reporter: she says the survey was done over a year ago and showed us what's offered now at the hospital's friendly cafe. yes, there are vending machines filled with junk food and a lot more. there are sodas right next to water options. there are cookies and chips right next to prepared salads. at the hot counter there's pizza, fried chicken and french fries next to a different of vegetables and pasta with grilled chicken and a vegetarian soup and fresh fruit available next to the cash registers. >> we want to give people healthy options but we understand this is a tough time for a lot of people in the hospital and we want to make
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the food that they want to have available to them should they make that choice. >> reporter: but that may be a mixed message for a hospital dedicated to children's well- being n oakland, len ramirez, cbs 5. turns out you won't have to leave the bay area to frolic in the snow this weekend. tomorrow and sunday, san francisco's civic center plastic will feature a children's snow park with some manmade snow just like they have in the mountains. it's part of the city's christmas celebration. the real thing as we have been telling you has been pretty scarce in the high country so far this winter. it snowed overnight in the sierra but only a dusting or so. it snowed about three weeks ago. ski resorts are open but most of the snow is man made. >> we got little gremlins working with the computer because we are trying to fire up this snow report. but one thing is certain. we have no snow in the
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forecast. last night about this time we were talking about the possibility at least of some snow on friday and that certainly is not going to happen at this time. if we have any snow it will be after christmas. if you want to look at some of the current temperatures in and around the greater lake tahoe area, actually these are highs. it was 42 degrees on the south shore. we'll have your complete pinpoint forecast and tell you about the possibility of rain moving in next time around. >> thank you. some small businesses say it's a dirty trick. the widespread backlash against amazon's newest promotion. >> who wants to be a millionaire? tonight's megajackpot. that's in two minutes.
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dream... but, not everyone is in love with those price on apps that help they are a a bargain hunter's dream but not everyone is in love with price comparison apps. julie watts with the big backlash over amazon's app. >> reporter: you download the app and then take a picture or scan the bar code of the item you're interested in. this book retails for 27.95 and then the app tells you where you can get it or how cheap you can get it on amazon in this case $12 plus shipping. and that may help consumers but it's actually hurting independent booksellers. bookseller marian abbott has nothing against technology. she just wishes customers wouldn't use it to comparison shop this her store. >> i think it's a really dirty trick. >> reporter: the co-owner of a store in berkeley says it's the latest attempt of online
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retailer to crush smaller competition. she is frustrate that amazon's app asks users to report the prices they find at brick and mortar stores. >> they are asking people to spy on innocent retailers who pay full price and sales tax which amazon is still refusing to do. and we're not happy about it. >> reporter: independent booksellers are fighting back. san francisco's marcus books has started an online petition demanding amazon apologize to small booksellers for the app and stop promotions like a recent 5% discount to app users that could further hurt small business, something amazon says isn't its intention. the world's largest online retailer tells consumerwatch the app is primarily intended for a customer's comparing prices in major retail chains. >> my response is i don't believe it. i don't believe it. >> it makes sense. you know? to compare prices. >> reporter: for some it's about the bottom line sold on the app no matter the size of the store. >> i wish them the best. they need to stay alive.
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but if i can get the same exact item elsewhere, i'm going to buy it where it makes the most sense. >> reporter: she just might not be welcome in this store. >> i would say if you're going to shop on amazon, you can just leave now. >> reporter: we did have mixed results when we took the app to best buy. it showed amazon had better prices on some items but not everything. as for that sales tax issue, amazon has agreed to start collecting california sales tax on purchases beginning in september of next year. just to clarify, she is talking about people who come into her store with the amazon app and basically spy, get prices from her store and then give them to amazon for a discount. >> gotcha. >> kind of sticking it in her face. a lot of brick and mortar stores say this is for sale on amazon for this much, they will match it. >> some places will. but there are a lot of brick and mortars that can't afford to. they have more overhead. >> there's a reason you go there. >> absolutely. >> good. thank you.
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a new megamillionaire could be minted in california tonight. the mega millions jackpot is up to $135 million. odds of win -- [ laughter ] >> -- 1 in 175 million. how many people -- 200 million? so one in 175 million. the estimated cash option for the winner is almost $99 million. not too shabby. drawing is tonight at 8. tossed out on a technicality. >> and a lethal injection administration and protocol as a whole is declared to be invalid. >> the future of the death penalty in california. and international money laundering scheme. the american used car dealers accused of funneling money to middle eastern terrorists. well, you could say they are going out with a bong. the free pot giveaway at a northern california dispensary.
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. now that a judge has tossed out our top story at 6:30, california's stalled death penalty is further in doubt tonight now that a judge tossed out the state's lethal injection procedure. don knapp standing by at san
6:27 pm
quentin prison where a brand- new death chamber specifically designed to administer a lethal three-drug cocktail sits idle. what happened today? >> reporter: well, ken, more than 700 condemned men and women, mostly men here at san quentin prison wait to be put to death under the state's death penalty. but the judge today reviewing a tentative decision made it clear that those folks on death row may get to wait a little longer. these women have won a legal challenge that california's method. lethal injection for condemned inmates one that may block executions in california for another year. >> after the judge issues her order next week, the cdcr won't be able to execute anybody under the current regulations. what happens then we don't quite know yet. but if they do resume it will be under new regulations enacted in compliance with the state administrative law. the last team it took a little over a year for them to go
6:28 pm
through the administrative process. so presumably it would take somewhere in that same ballpark. >> reporter: sarah eisenberg represents condemned inmade mitchell sims convicted of kill a california domino pizza deliveryman in 1995 and two coworkers. eisenberg claimed the california department of corrections and rehabilitation did not follow the law when it came up with a three-drug lethal cocktail for executions. the judge's formal decision is expected late next week. but eisenberg reading from the tentative ruling says the judge has tossed out the current version of execution. >> that these defects -- it's declared to be invalid as a result. >> reporter: the cdrc told cbs 5 it would wait to see the final judgment before determining what to do next. eisenberg says this. >> you have to go through all of the requirements that you're supposed to before enacting regulations that are going to
6:29 pm
dictate how human beings are executed. >> reporter: now, beside the lethal injection challenge, there's also a federal lawsuit against the death penalty based on the constitutional's 8th amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. ken? >> don knapp at san quentin tonight, thank you. congress is halfway to avoiding a government shutdown. the senate is poised to pass the spending bill passed by the house but the problem is another deal. if it's not passed, 100 million americans will see smaller paychecks. tara mergener explains. reporter: house lawmakers approved a trillion dollar plan funding the federal government through next year. >> the conference report is adopted. >> reporter: leading senators say they will follow suit heading off a government shutdown this weekend but lawmakers are still battling over a billion that would extend a popular tax cut and unemployment benefits. >> putting this money in the pockets of the american people who need it so desperately and
6:30 pm
need to spend it on necessities will inject demand into the economy and create more jobs. >> reporter: the payroll tax cut put an extra $1,000 in the paychecks of about 150 million americans this year. if it's not renewed, those workers will take homeless money in the new year. the two parties are divided over how to cover the costs of the tax break and republicans want to add language that will speed up construction of a controversial oil pipeline. the plan isn't popular with democrats. but republicans say the 1700- mile project running from canada to texas would create jobs. >> if that bill comes over to us we will make changes to it and i will guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes back to the you status senate. >> reporter: lawmakers have until december 31 to find common ground but they are not taking any chances. the senate is working on a plan b that would extend the tax break until february allowing lawmakers to head home and tackle the issue in the new
6:31 pm
year. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. a majority of american adults say that president obama does not deserve a second term. but they are evenly divided on whether he will be reelected. this is all according to a new "associated press" poll that shows although the public would prefer mr. obama out of office, they say he fares well against potential matchups mitt romney and newt gingrich. six former top executives with freddie mac and fannie mae have been charged with civil fraud. the securities and exchange commission says the executives misled the government and taxpayers about risky subprime mortgage the company held during the housing bus. they own or guarantee about half of all u.s. mortgages. that's about 31 million loans. glimmer of hope for the california job market. at least on paper. statewide, the unemployment
6:32 pm
rate dropped again to 11.3% last month. that is down from 11.7% in october. in santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties, the unemployment rate also fell slightly. but our unemployment numbers are still quite a bit above the national average and two million californians are still out of work. from the housing crisis to jobs, it is clear that we still have a long way to go on the economy especially when you consider this: according to the census bureau it's now estimated that nearly one in two americans is poor or low income. allen martin takes a closer look at an organization that reaches out to younger homeless people in, of all places, marin county. >> reporter: homelessness doesn't live within city limits, has no low income requirement and certainly doesn't discriminate based on age. >> the community image both within and outside the community is everything is fine.
6:33 pm
>> happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: image as we know can be deceiving. >> you got me the earrings. >> reporter: if you ran into her on the street, sometime when she is not working her two jobs. would you get leanne was living in her car? >> i was stranded. my parents were unable to assist me and you just find yourself so alone. >> reporter: you also wouldn't know she graduated high school two years early and was pulling a 3.9 gpa in her college classes before spiraling into homelessness in marin. >> jan's adept at that because -- >> reporter: she was referred to ambassadors for hope an opportunity, which for seven years has been stepping in to help the estimated 2600 homeless kids in marin who are 16 to 25 years old. they are part of the 250,000 homeless young people statewide. >> the government spends a million dollars to address that issue. that's $4 a youth. there are 1,000 beds in the state of california for this
6:34 pm
age group. of 250,000 youths. so that gives you an indication of what kind of political will, investment and priority is being given to this age group. >> you know, there are more kinds of -- >> reporter: today, leanne is getting lessons in the kitchen from chef simone who volunteers to feed aho's population. >> this is the safe haven. >> reporter: downstairs, there's an emergency crash pad in the group's small cottage someplace they can go before being placed with host families and given what may be the one break in life that will turn things around. >> scholarships for college, employment connections, the housing piece, wardrobe from our 33 community partners, doctors and dentists that will see them pro bono. >> reporter: possibly leanne will return to aho one day. >> i can greet as well. >> reporter: as one of the almost 900 kids already helped. >> jan... >> reporter: some of whom created the group's youth task
6:35 pm
force to reach out to the homeless they themselves know best. >> the next level is youth being involved in everything that we do as spokespersons, youth outreach advisers who reach out to the youth needing our help in the community and referring them. >> reporter: allen martin, cbs 5. >> if you would like to help, we have put a link on our website. for that and to submit your story ideas, log on to, click "connect," scroll down to "closer look" and send us an email. coming up an airport passenger busted for trying to smuggle radioactive material through customs. and the american used car dealers accused of funneling money to terrorists. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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how do you know which ones to follow? the equity summary score consolidates the ratings of up to 10 independent research providers into a single score that's weighted based on how accurate they've been in the past. i'm howard spielberg of fidelity investments. the equity summary score is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. radioactive material has been seized from luggage that
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was going on a plane bound for iran. 18 pieces of metal were discovered at an airport in moscow when a radiation alarm went off. the person who had the luggage was not detained. authorities don't know if he is still in russia. experts say there was not enough material to make a nuclear or dirty bomb. also tonight the feds say dozens of used car dealerships in the united states are helping fund a terrorist organization overseas. brian todd shows us the complex scheme investigators say spans three continents. >> reporter: used car dealerships and ex-support companies in the u.s. maybe not the first places you would look for connections to terrorism but in a complaint u.s. law enforcement officials say about 30 american companies are avenues for hundreds of millions of dollars funneled to hezbollah a group that attacked american targets for decades. >> the real significance of this action is that it ties american businesses to hezbollah, right? >> yes. you have millions of dollars
6:39 pm
going through businesses in the united states in about 10 states. we have identified about 30 businesses that are buying used cars in the united states, shipping those cars to africa for resale. >> reporter: derek is a d ea special agent who coordinated an investigation going back 6 years. according to law enforcement, cocaine was shipped from south america to africa sold in africa europe and the middle east. the cash was then brought to beirut and placed in money exchange houses. then through the lebanese- canadian bank the money was sent to buy used cars interest companies in the u.s. the cars were sent to africa for resale. much of those profits according to officials went to hezbollah. the owners of two-car export businesses in the u.s. who we contacted said they knew nothing about any allegations that their profits went to hezbollah and denied any link to the group. u.s. officials say they don't have evidence at the moment to charge the owners of those businesses. it was all part of a drug and money laundering network u.s.
6:40 pm
officials say was spearheaded by a lebanese national named [ non-english language ] now under indictment in america. the new complaint seeks forfeiture of more than $480 million including all the assets from the u.s.-based company. contacted by cnn, the bank denied any connection with hezbollah. experts say hezbollah is relying more and more on criminal enterprises for its funding. >> will taking down a network hurt hezbollah. >> yes as well as exposing their activities. it's important to note, these blatantly criminal activities support all of hezbollah's actions not only those of its terrorist wing but also its political an social welfare activities that some consider to be legitimate. >> reporter: one hezbollah official has dismissed american claims of a criminal connection as politically motivated propaganda. brian todd, cnn, washington. home for the holidays, wait until you see how a soldier surprised his 5-year-old son. and going out of business
6:41 pm
with lots of buzz. the big pot giveaway. from the cbs 5 weather center, we are certainly aware that it is a big getaway friday and if you are heading to the high sierra, temperatures in fact 40s all weekend long. no snow in the forecast. heavenly keeps making snow. squaw valley open from top to bottom as is northstar. your complete pinpoint fore. the lakers didn't get chris paul but they have one big new name on the roster and 49ers lean backer blake costanzo might have to buy his college coach a motorcycle. find out why in sports.
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for the holidays. volunteers at glide church handed nearly hundreds and hundreds lined up before dawn today to get food for the holiday. volunteers at glide church in san francisco handed out nearly 5500 bags of groceries. next week they will be giving out thousands of free toys to kids. and it may look like magic but
6:45 pm
it's not. it depends on you and donation are still needed and can be dropped off at the church. medical marijuana dispensary in sacramento county has seen long lines all afternoon, as well. that's because it is handing out free pot. as maria medina explains, it's a combination christmas present to its clients and farewell gift. >> reporter: mention the word free and it's certain to attract attention but even magnolia wellness customers didn't expect this line. >> i thought i could get something for free but didn't realize there would be this much popularity. >> reporter: on the heels of a federal and county crackdown of medicinal marijuana dispensaries the owner of this shop said he wanted to go out with a bang or pay bong. on his last day holding a holiday party of sorts but instead of cookies and eggnog he gave away a free gram of cannabis to customers. >> i think it's awesome it give back to the community like that. >> reporter: giving back to the community of patients who say
6:46 pm
there's a cost behind today's free giveaway. >> a lot of people rely on it as actual medication. and so a lot of people are going to have to suffer and drive out further. >> reporter: what you're seeing is the back of the line but it stretches farther than what we can show you. they have been letting in a few people at a time. their doors close at 8 p.m. in sacramento, maria medina for cbs 5. a very special reunion for a kindergartener today and his father. 5-year-old jacob got a massive surprise during his class this morning with his dad showing up unexpectedly. jacob's father is a u.s. national guardsman and has been in afghanistan for the past year. >> it's been so long i couldn't remember what you look like in the army. >> aww. >> jacob was so overwhelmed he couldn't recognize his dad but it didn't take him long and boy, that's a great sight.
6:47 pm
[ laughter ] >> awww. >> you see him come off that carpet like boom, hey, i know that guy. >> wow. my son has 118 days, 20 hours and 59 minutes and he just landed at the airport so i can't wait for my reunion. i'm going to be hugging him all over the place! today we had 59 degrees in hayward. made it all the way up to 71 degrees in santa rosa. our live cbs 5 weather camera suggests it is clear outside, look how calm it is. not even a ripple on the bay. temperature-wise if you are heading out your company party or maybe some christmas shopping, grab a jacket, scarf would be advisable maybe some gloves as well temperatures dropping off into the 50s. weather headlines for you. it does appear as if tonight will be cold enough for frost. this weekend sunny and seasonal and i do not see any rain or snow in the forecast through christmas day. so taking a look at our percentage of normal stats this time last year in san francisco
6:48 pm
we were 100% of normal. 49% of where we should be as of today. santa rosa take a look at the comparison, as well. san jose 70% last year, 40 this year. high pressure is a key component that will provide us with a benign weather pattern and offshore flow, which means the winds come out of the north, they roll over the central valley then transport those winds out over the open waters. and that brings in the drier air mass and as we cool off tonight, 30 degrees for the most part right around walnut creek. 28 degrees in sonoma. 29 in santa rosa. 30 from fremont all the way through union city. tomorrow's daytime highs not as warm as today but still seasonal into the 50s and 60s. it won't be as blustery. offshore winds ushering in warmer conditions. the extended forecast, inside sliders bringing us cool air mass, partly sunny end of next
6:49 pm
week. our continuous support of "food for bay area families," cbs 5 is welcoming this evening david steinberg from deutsche bank and also we have with us tonight -- >> leslie. >> from the san francisco and marin food banks and we have a team of supporters here. first, mr. steinberg, please tell me what brings you here tonight. >> sure, roberta. hundreds if not thousands of families in the bay area face hunger every day. and the problem is not going away. moreover, there's nothing more tragic than a young child who doesn't have enough to eat. deutsche bank is very proud to support and adopt the bret harte elementary school in bayview where 90% of the students qualify for free meals. >> and is this where you also have the adopt a penny? >> adopt a pantry so 150 families every week get the fresh food they need at school.
6:50 pm
>> so you came trucking into san francisco today with this big old check. tell us about it. >> for $25,000. [ applause ] >> wah! >> and this feeds every one of these 225 children for a year with fresh healthy food. >> amazing. amazing. hi, kids. thanks for coming in. what are your names? >> lucy. >> and? >> lucas. >> thank you for coming here this evening. and we want you to continue your support, as well. all you have to do is visit us at we'll be right back. the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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game since spraining his foot once again they will be without darren mcfadden. he will miss his 7th straight game since spraining his foot against the chiefs in wee 7. jacoby ford will join him. a lot has changed since a month ago. the broncos have won six straight while the raiders have allowed 80 points the last two weeks and been blown out by the dolphins and packers. >> i'm disappointed where we are because we're in first place a couple weeks ago and we did not hold on to that spot. denver is playing well. i can't do anything about what
6:54 pm
they are doing. just our team. weed into to get back to winning. we all understand that. but by no stretch of the imagination is this thing over and done with. >> the raiders and broncos both play two of their final three games at home. denver's toughest test will be sunday against the patriots. a game that won't be televised on cbs 5 because the raiders are on fox, so tim tebow fans, please stop calling! there's nothing we can do. [ laughter ] the next time the 49ers kick off, keep your eye on number 51. chances are blake costanza will be the guy who makes the tackle. some would say he is having a pro bowl season not bad for a guy who was undrafted out of lafayette college in 2006. >> if i were to walk into your apartment, what would i see? >> i think we have some furniture now. i kind of moved up in the world. i got a couch and ottoman and a recliner now. i still got my old school bed with the box spring on the floor. you know, a little simple tv and that's about it. keep it simple. >> reporter: is it true that
6:55 pm
people don't believe you when you tell them that you're an nfl player? >> yeah. a lot of people don't believe me. i don't really tell a lot of people that i do play. i tell people that i'm like a garbage man or something back home. that's what i tell people. my friends always try to bring it out and obviously people don't believe me at all. i'm not the biggest guy, don't have the biggest muscles. but, you know, i love playing football. [ rap ] >> who got it better than us. >> nobody! >> who's got it better than us. >> nobody! >> reporter: you guys were playing the music video the rap song by bailey the artist, who has it better than us? you guys had it going during practice. what did you think of it? >> cool, man. i know coach harbaugh likes it. it was probably his idea to get it out there. >> reporter: now you're on the verge of a trip to honolulu. brad sele put it out there and said you should be going down there. obviously if you guys are still
6:56 pm
in the play-offs, you can turn down that trip to hawaii but what would that mean to you? >> you know what? that's just an awesome accomplishment to have on your resume'. i used to joke around with my coach from college, they didn't think i was going to make it, whatever. they thought i wouldn't make it this far. i always told them if i went to the provide bowl i would buy them a harley-davidson. so he has been texting me. but it would be an awesome accomplishment. >> you can see the 49ers an steelers here on cbs 5. our coverage begins monday night at 4:30 and after the game, stay tuned for the fifth quarter. earlier this year, ron artest legally change his name to metta world peace. so so what are people calling him? >> i'm just thinking about it. and i was just like, wow, what if i lost my teeth like today and i'm 32? and, uhm, then my new teeth would grow back? you know? and i was just like i was thinking about that and i was
6:57 pm
like... that's pretty brilliant. he actually thought about like people's image and, you know, things like that because you would be pretty ugly with no teeth at the aiming of 20, 18. >> so his name is baby teeth? >> i think that answers it. >> baby teeth. now we know. when we're doing highlights what we should call him ron artest or metta. i guess it's metta because we chad johnson chad ocho cinco. >> i remember when long island changed his named to world b. free. >> possibly so. >> it's nice to know things don't change and ron-ron is still ron-ron. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc (announcer) still got flakes? switch to selsun blue shampoo. maximum strength medicine wipes out flakes. aloe and moisturizers keep hair healthy.
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