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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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you exactly what happened here. looks like big change for the weather in the bay area. what can we expect next, we'll talk about that. good morning everyone, it is monday january 2nd, good to have you with us in the new year. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. an arson investigators are inspecting the homes in san francisco. >> indeed flames damaging that tree building last night, firefighters are still checking for hot spots. gil, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's correct. just a few minutes ago, we saw fire crews come in and out of these homes behind me making sure the fire doesn't start up again. they're also waiting for arson investigators to arrive. it's routine procedure to wait for arson investigate to arrive with greater than two alarms.
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a man who lived in a downstairs unit reported the fire just after 8:00 last night. by the time the first firefighter arrived one of the buildings was engulfed. the fire chief said they had their work cut out for them because the homes were attached. the neighborhoods also suffered significant damage. >> as the fire spread quickly, we alerted a second alert. >> reporter: the fire was put out just after 9:00 last night. ten people without a home this morning. one of them rushed to davies medical center, another person treated here for shortness of breath. you're taking a live look at the homes here affected by that fire. even though the cause of the fire is still under investigation, one of the firefighters tell me, they believe the fire started in the back of one of the homes because there's extensive damage back there. some developing news this
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morning in l.a., police are now questioning a man in a string of arson fires in los angeles. this is some new video of the man being detained just a couple hours ago. overnight, there were 12 more fires in carports and garages, bringing the total to 65 since thursday. police are not saying the man being questioned is the same person here in this surveillance video. we'll have a live report coming up. an overnight crash in berkeley sends one person to the hospital. the two car collided around 1:00 a.m. within of them hit a bank building at university and san pavlo avenue. the damage is pretty minor to the building. no record word -- no word on the person taken away in the balance. a pilot of a plane that was intercepted. cessna lost radio contact yesterday from santa monica to
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oakland's general aviation north field. since 9/11 that is considered suspicious. the f-15 fighters intercepted the plane. less than 36 hours from now, iowa republicans will begin the can you cuss -- caucus. mitt romney is showing in the lead. six of the gop candidate will cover as much ground as possible in the hawk eye state today. they are considering each other and while president obama touting their own record and plan, romney spoke yesterday of whether a federal program should stay or go. >> if this program is so critical to america, that we should be borrowing money from china to pay for it, if it
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fails that test, i will kill that program. >> i will say the momentum and restoration of the constitution and foreign policy and addressing the federal reserve and economic crisis and spending, i would say the people are with me on this. >> the registered poll shows michele bachmann last among the six republicans now competing in iowa. a family is expecting a visit from san jose police today. officers will tell 16-year-old maggie learned about the injury she suffered. she suffered a concussion when she was hit on the head by a woman behind her. she wants the woman to explain what happened. a teenage raiders fan is recovering in the hospital this morning after falling 10 feet from the bleachers. he leaned too far over the rail
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yesterday and lost his balance. he was trying to get the players attention as they made their way off the field. he was fully conscious and moving after that fall. he even managed to yell, go raiders. that's a hard core fan there. >> especially, after a big loss. >> i'm happy to get up so early. it's not so bad on the roadways. 880 in both direction pretty good. northbound, we did have some debris at 66 construction in the way. the ramp to northbound 680, we do have an accident there. not too much of a problem. you can see all freeways
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looking fine in morning. >> cool around the bay area. more clouds moving across our skies this morning. little cool in spot. we're looking a the 39 degrees this hour and 46 in oakland and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we got some partly cloudy skies. looks like warmer weather to come. the neck couple days going to be spectacular. could see some record breaking temperatures. cooling off a little bit into thursday. sunshine high pressure building in and temperatures warming up once again. that's the forecast back to you. >> that's how you start 2012 lawrence. >> we like your style. security is beefed you have for this morning's rose parade. >> the occupy protest are planning to showcase during the parade. >> plus a manhunt for a gunman who killed a ranger at the mt.
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rainier national park. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. person of interest in the string of arson fires. there have been . >> police in l.a. are questioning a person of interest in that string of arson fires.
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>> there have been there's 55 fires in -- at least 55 fires in carports and garages. >> reporter: that person of interest was detained here on sun set near fairfax. he was actually found inside a dodge mini van. witnesses say that dodge minivan did have d.c. plates. this is video of that man taking away into custody. he was a middle aged man with a ponytail. police earlier yesterday released a security video of this man who looks like this description from and underground parking on the north side.
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the man was suspicious and spotted in two separate security video. this person of interest was detained after the most recent overnight hire on alfred street here in west hollywood. so far, 55 fires were started, 45 in los angeles, 9 in west hollywood and one in burbank. you can see it's a very active scene out here and it's been incredibly noisy fight for folks who live in west hollywood. it's been noisy four days as sirens continue to go off. we do have a person of interest. a lot of the folks who live in this area are hoping that this is the person that police are actually going to arrest so they can get a little bit of sleep here tonight. live in west hollywood, cbs 5. i would imagine the people there have been pretty scared.
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three or four night, 55 fires. >> reporter: police aren't saying exactly what it is. they have been looking at devices that have been spotted underneath the cars. police were investigating that. they're not saying what caused any of these fires. it's just been extremely long four nights for most folks who live in west los angeles and west hollywood as well. folks had trouble sleeping out here and lot of folks have cars parked near their apartment and it's tough to sleep. >> no kidding. thank you. stanford in the spot light. a preview of tonight's must see football game down in arizona. >> the rose parade a little
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more colorful than normal this year. how occupy protests have police on high alert this morning.
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gunman who shot and killed a park ranger yesterday . >> police officers in mt. rainier national park is searching for a gunman who shot and killed a park ranger. they're looking for 24-year-old benjamin coalton barnes, described at a iraqi war
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veteran with survival skills. police believe he is armed. we're learning about 125 people have been evacuated at that park. later this morning arson investigator will be at the scene of three alarm fire in san francisco. one person was sent to the hospital because of last night's fire and nearly a dozen have been displaced. starting today the city of alameda have more place where is smokers cannot light up. under new ordinance, smoking is now banned in outdoor public places including dining and recreation areas as well as bus stops. iran has test fired a cruise missile. the missile is described as an upgraded version of what has been in service before. let's look at our roads. >> thank you grace. if you're heading to work this morning, you're in luck. here is a live look, no delays
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the upper deck into san francisco. so traffic moving along very nicely through there. also the golden gate bridge has been very quiet this morning. we only seen a handful of cars cross the deck. both direction of san mateo bridge also problem free. the rest of our bay area bridges all green. our sensor is showing nice breeze no spots to slow you down this morning. no ace service today due to the holiday. also if you are headed into san francisco, you can see traffic moving along nicely. that's traffic, here is lawrence. >> is there ever a holiday for
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those parking meters? >> sometimes. >> not often enough. folks if you are headed outside today, we got a lot of clouds making the way across our skies now it looks like things will turn out pretty night. going to become partly cloudy and looks like warmer days ahead. high pressure will be kicking into gear. there's no rain in seek now. not only this -- sight. outside now for the golden state bridge, not too bad. 41degrees in concord, 46 in oakland, 51 degrees in san francisco and 45 degrees in san jose. i don't think it's going to be a bad as they suspect there but they issued the advisory. as you head around the state, you will find temperatures in the 60s. 50s and 60s up in the high country. just low off the coastline, that will continue to spring
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around and bring some clouds across that bridge. it looks like a dry start to the new year. temperatures running up in the 50s and 60s in the south bay. you look act 50s and 60s toward the -- looking at 50s and 60s in the east bay. next couple days, we start to crank up that heat. cooling slightly on thursday before warming up and drying out next weekend. that's a look at weather guys. ski resorts are crying now. >> they're still making snow. >> somebody ordered a pizza in concord when apparently who they really wanted was the delivery driver's cash. went to an address on la salle avenue and it turned out to be
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vacant. they took off in a green ford escort. one robber described to being in his mid-20s. the other in early 20s 6'1" with long bushy hair. tournament of road parade is set to begin. anti-wall street protesters vow to make their presence known. the occupy movement planned to be that pasadena complete with banners and a giant octopus float. they face a thousand dollars fine and a possible jail time if they disturb that parade. as for the official parade floats, they're getting their final touches. it's the 122nd year for the annual new year's extravaganza. our coanchor and weather guy never been there. keep with the tradition, thousands camped out overnight to reserve their spots for good views of the parade.
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>> when the parade comes, the flowers are fresh and you can smell the flowers and you have front row seat. it's just a joyous time. >> about 700,000 spectators is expected to line the 5.5 route. 40million will watch like most of us on tv. the clydesdale horse will not take lars in the festivities. -- part. the parade will be preshowed and the rose bowl coming up today as well. >> lot of fans will be watching another road parade. >> the cardinals will be taking on oklahoma state. both teams enter with 11-1
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record. in our next half hour, we're going to have a live report. cardinals fans get ready to rally. i am rooting for the cardinals. >> double surprise at the stroke of midnight, what makes two new year's twins so unusual. when we come back.
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back ... but it's not putting him back on exhibit yet. f0 >> the san francisco zoo has its kidnapped squirrel monkey back banana sam. it's not putting him back on exhibit yet. police continue to investigate the case. a man said he found the monkey in the park in stern grove. there are question about his story since monkeys are hard to round up. people at the zoo are having trouble coping with what happened. >> we were just emotionally ill equipped do deal with this. >> banana sam is in quarantine until officials make sure he's ready to be back in public. the entire exhibit it closed too while security is being checked out. it is a new year and there are new rule paps ban on single used plastic shopping bags is now in effect in san jose. this ban applies to about 5000
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retailers much more than just grocery stores. some retailer were giving away free reusable bags yesterday. we got some newborn twins in florida. we got an unusual distinction. >> they were born before and after the new year. the twin girls born in tampa general hospital, one of the the last baby of 2011 and other the first of 2012. the parents say they assumed both would be born in the same year. girls actually arrived early. they weren't due until january 26th. water woes for thousands of people today. why water pressure might be extremely low. >> a plane that was bound for oakland intercepted by fighter
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jets. fire crews in san francisco are still at the scene that was put out over 9 hours ago. that's coming up. also ahead, a major break in a string of arson fires in los angeles. we've got the very latest.
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and i'm grac . >> happy holiday monday everyone. it's january 2 i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. can you believe it's 2011 already? if you're out on the road, it's actually pretty nice today. >> it is very nice on the roadways. 880 here live, you can see very light traffic. northbound, we are getting word of some debris that might put a bit of a dent in your commute. time to get on to that wonderful forecast lawrence. >> we got some changes for the weekend. we got all of that sunshine now and not a lot of clouds moving across our skies. plus a major warm-up on the rise. later this morning, arson investigators going to be arriving at a damaged apartment building. >> a large fire drove nearly a dozen people out of their homes. firefighters are still checking
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for hot spots a think the heuer. gil good morning. >> reporter: not only are they checking for hot spots, they checking changing of guard. these are the homes you seeing right here affected by last night's fire. the reason they've been here all night not only to make sure it doesn't start up again, but they're also waiting for a the arson investigator. the fire erupted around 8:10 last night. it began in the back part of one of the buildings, and it spread to neighboring buildings sawing significant damage. 100 firefighters came to the scene. the fire chief says the crews job was much difficult because the home were attached. 10 people are out of their home this morning including the landlord who lived in the builting when the fire began. also two couples who lived in the upper unit. >> it's a two unit building, wood frame structure and it
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quickly spread to the building. if you looking to the right, both sustained significant damage. >> reporter: one person rushed to davies medical center last night. we're trying to determine how that person got hurt. another person treated at the scene for shortness of breath. the fire was under control just after 9:00 this morning. a lot of action and like i said, they're changing the guards. the cause of the fire not officially ruled arson yet. arson investigators are coming out here because it's standard procedure to come out to a fire scene that was two alarms are greater. >> those road houses, are they salvageable? >> reporter: that's an interesting question, we asked the firefighters how extensive the damage it is, as you take a look behind me, it looks fine. the windows are completely burned and it looks like a total loss. surprising the fire crews told
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me t it looks bad here, it looks worse in the back. we're trying to get pictures of the back part as long as we're allowed to go back in there. the farthest, the third house where we are standing, that is a single family home. the one in the middle, that is where the fire began. it looks worse in the back. thank you gil. >> happening now in l.a., police are questioning a man in a string of arson fires in l.a. the man being detained just couple hours ago here at the moment it is not under arrest. overnight there were 12 more fires in carports and garages, bringing the total now to 55 since thursday. police are not saying for the man is being questioned is the same person seen in the surveillance video from two of those fires. new this morning, at least one person was rushed to highland hospital. looks like two cars collided around 1:00 a.m. in berkeley.
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one of the cars hit a bank building. there's not a lot of damage to the building itself. still no word on the person taken away in the blanks or -- ambulance. a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of shooting arrest of 5- year-old oakland boy. gabriel martinez junior was shot friday night. east bay crews will be working this holiday morning in hercules to repair a broken water main that left 20,000 homes with very low water pressure. the job is to restore water pressure to as many as 20,000 homes. yesterday's break happened at hercules near willow avenue. you getting up wanting to take a shower and brush your teeth,
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that's why. developing news from . headed to the freeways now, if you don't have the day off, you're in luck. not a lot going on. just a few minor problems. we have reports of debris along 880. new accident reported in trouble spots. not quite sure what's going on there. there is an incident at east 92 at alameda. lost the green and not causing too much of an accident there. south 280, this accident came and went? 5 minutes. some slight days on southbound side of 280. no delays on the san mateo bridge. >> lot of clouds making a way to our clouds now. big changes over the weekend. we had some record breaking
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temperatures. mostly cloudy 41 degrees and 46 in oakland. that means skies becoming partly cloudy and sneak a little sunshine out there too. next couple days, that ridge really begins to build in. the temperature start to soar on tuesday and wednesday. cooling off just a tad on thursday and next friday and the weekend, staying high and dry and warmer temperatures through saturday and sunday. developing news from washington mt. rainier national park, all the visitors escorted out in the military of the night. now it's -- middle of the night. now it's a man suspected of killing a range er. 4-year-old benjamin colton barnes said to have military experience and survival skills. he's wanted for the murder of this woman was who was a park ranger there and a mother of
6:37 am
two young children who was killed yesterday. this morning, still a lot of unanswered questions about a plane that was intercepted on afflict to oakland. cessna lost radio contact yesterday from santa monica. since 9/11 that is considered suspicious. the f-15 fighters intercepted the plane. >> it could be something as simple as a pilot accidently turning off their radio or having the wrong frequency. >> the fighters likely flew along side the cessna and were able to reestablish the radio contact. the plain landed in oakland, still met by tsa agents, sheriff deputy and as well as airport staff. iran's navy say it test fired crews missile during a drill in international waters little south of the country.
6:38 am
the missile is an upgraded version of one that has been in service before. there were suggests it could be used to counter the u.s. naval presence in the persian gulf. trial resume today for former dictator hosni mubarak in the 83 years mubarak is being treated at a military hospital. he could face execution if he's convicted of ordering the killing of protesters during the uprising that ousted him. there are no reports of major daniel or injury in japan in the wake of another earthquake in that country. >> the 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck under the sea 70-miles south of tokyo. there's no damage reported at the power plant either.
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it's not quite the national championship game but stanford university football team cap off an outstanding season. >> this might be a better game than the national championship game. matt live on the farm with a preview of tonight's big fiesta bowl. >> reporter: this is the type of game that cause football fans to wait all season for. we're talking about the fiesta bowl tonight featuring stanford university and oakland state. you know right there, it's going to be a good game. they both have the same record, 11-1 and they are both from the highest scoring teams in all of college football. both averaging over 40 points a game. in fact, the cowboys average around 50 points a game. it will likely be high scoring. these two team, stanford and oklahoma state, never played each other before. this that make it is interesting as well -- that makes it interesting as well.
6:40 am
for stanford, this is the third year in the row that cardinals has been invited to a bowl game. last year they trounced virginia tech with jim harbaugh. again for stanford, they have sold all the allotted tickets. there would be a lot of cardinal fans in arizona tonight for the fiesta bowl. most folks will be watching it on tv. 5:30 tonight the fiesta bowl starts. >> they both have pretty good quarterbacks too right? >> right, the teams -- nfl teams are hoping some of the lowest rank nfl teams are hoping to be the worst team of the year so they can get their first pick. >> should be fun. make a friend, save a life. >> how a woman came to a
6:41 am
woman's rescue and it happened on facebook. >> the final push before the iowa caucuses. coming up, the quest by the republican presidential candidates for the undecided voter.
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candidates... before tomorrow's
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wa. >> last day of campaigning for the republican presidential candidate before tomorrow's big caucus in iowa. >> susan mcginnis join us now in des moines. good morning to you susan. >> reporter: good morning again guys. it's really coming down to the wire here. the big push happens today. more than 20 events in total will be attended by all the candidates today as they try to grab a staggered number of undecided voters. more than 40% of iowa caucusgoers are still undecided. that's what make this caucus very unpredictable. mitt romney got some wrap in iowa at the expense of president obama. >> the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest i've seen since the kardashian wedding. >> reporter: with just one day to go before the iowa caucuses, the former massachusetts governor is trying hard to hang on to his lead. the latest des moines register
6:45 am
poll shows romney ahead with 24% but ron paul is right on his tail with 22. >> i i'm essentially tied for first place. >> reporter: with 15%, rick santorum comes in third but he's hoping a last minute surge will propel him to victory. at a packed cough shop in iowa on sunday, he urged voter to choose him and send a shock wave across the nation. >> lead this country. don't defer, lead. report more than 40% of caucusgoers here in iowa are still undecided. and that has many candidates shutting off the competition. newt gingrich says he's stay in the race no matter where he finishes tuesday. michele bachmann and rick perry are hoping for a miracle after citizenshipping to the bottom of the poll -- sinking. both attended church sunday to appeal to evangelical voters a group that made up more than
6:46 am
half of iowa's caucusgoers 4 years ago. so a lot of the calls for mitt romney to rin tomorrow night. there is no -- win. there is no telling who might walk away with the number two spot. no delegates gets awarded in this event. certainly whoever does win the iowa caucuses does gain some momentum that could carry into other primaries. >> susan what is the gingrich campaign saying? he was the leader two weeks ago, now he's some say fourth and fifth and doing the same in new hampshire as well. >> reporter: ink gob to be interesting to see what happens to him. a lot of it depends on how much money they would have left to fund their campaign. gingrich and their camp are blaming negative advertising for a his huge drop in the
6:47 am
poll. he responded by talking about how he will not be negative. he will not come back with more attacks. that was a decent thing to say. you can see the impact of those negative ads have had. >> see who springs out of iowa and new hampshire in another week or two. thank you very much susan mcginnis live for us. thank you very much, it's been an easy ride for this morning. let's go live now to a shot we have at 101 to the airport. jumping over to our map, we'll show you another live shot, at san mateo bridge, both direction pretty quiet. we had a couple problems along peninsula. also, some slight delays southbound 280 but so far that accident is gone. bay bridge, no meters and very
6:48 am
quiet. no delays at the incline. you're clear all the way into san francisco and golden gate bridge showing delays this morning. now the rest of our bay area bridges problem free. no problems to slow you down this morning. no ace service today and cal train is running on a weekend schedule. >> no ace service today? i was counting on that. >> i'm sure you are. >> if you heading around bay area, lot of clouds across our skies. we are going to see soon cooler -- some cooler temperatures. a promise of warmer day ahead and much warmer and maybe some record breaking temperatures.
6:49 am
right now in rain in sight. temperatures not all that bad this morning. 43degrees in concord and 51 degrees in san francisco. air quality likely to suffer a little bit. although, it really doesn't look like it's going to be that bad. that's our forecast for today. nonetheless around the state, you will find some sunshine and fog in the san francisco, 50s and 60s in the high country and a chance of couple rain drops. high pressure now continuing to hold on here. a dry start to the new year and looks like it's going to stay that way for some time. high pressure holding on build in the next couple days. we're looking at 65 degrees in morgan hill. partly cloudy as we look toward the afternoon. inside the bay, mostly cloudy
6:50 am
skies 50s and 60s. inland almost 70 degrees, cooling off just a tad on thursday and warming up and staying dry into the next weekend. wall street is celebrating like many of you are today. the new holiday trading for 2012 will begin tomorrow morning on the third. on friday america marked its close on at a down note. good news for the year, got 5.5%. nasdaq dropped 8 points and ended the year nearly 2% lower. jason brooks join us tomorrow with weekly money watch report. police have increased security for this morning's tournament of rose parade in southern california.
6:51 am
anti-wall street protester plan to show up with a occupy octopus float. they could face jail time if they disrupt the extravaganza in pasadena. about 700,000 spectators expected to line the 5.5-mile route. local fire captain will be among those riding in today's parade. >> ann renee robinson will be in the float. robinson was near death until he received a donated heart at stanford medical center. people show a lot of things on facebook, one washington state woman is not just sharing. she actually gave the man a gift of life. 26-year-old ally donated her kidney to a man. dan and ally turned out to a match. last week, she gave him one of
6:52 am
her kidneys. >> i wanted to do something meaningful. i think everyone should consider it. >> she's given me advantage to have a normal life. now we get to plan on taking a honeymoon, and have children. >> how amazing is that. doctors say dan will be on anti- rejection medication for the rest of his life. but he is healthy. oakland raiders had a chance to beat the chargers yesterday. they lost. they weren't unable to stop san diego's quarterback. three of those, three touchdowns. second quarter, san diego richard goodman returned this kickoff a long way. he's gone so are the raiders. final score chargers 38, raiders 26. the broncos lost too. 49ers will get a biweek in the
6:53 am
playoff after a win in st. louis. they clinched the second seed in the nfc playoffs. if the niners and packers both win, they will face one another for the nfc championship and the winner will face go to the super bowl. a massive fire under investigation this morning. >> several buildings damaged and nearly dozen people have displaced. why the area is being treated now as a crime scene. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪
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united mileageplus explorer card. style like a fashionista. save like a maxxinista.
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fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. inspect three damaged homes in san francisco later this morning. gil diaz is in the haight ashbury area, at the scene of re that displaced severa . >> arson investigators are preparing to inspect three damage home in san francisco later this morning. gil diaz is in that area. >> reporter: good morning, fire crews are still here around the clock even 9 hours after putting out that fire. they are waiting for the arson investigators to arrive. they are making sure the fire doesn't erupt. now that fire broke out around 8:10 last night one of the residents reported it. 100 firefighters arrived at the scene and it took them about an
6:57 am
hour to put it out. the fire forced 10 people out of their home. soon after the american red cross able to put them up in nearby hotels. one person was hurt from the fire rushed to davies medical center. another person treated here at the scene. that person having difficulty breathing. we're told one of the homes was a duplex and another one a single family home. al of them are with relative or nearby hotels. arson investigators are on the way. it hasn't been ruled arson yet. back to you. gil diaz in san francisco. this morning, police are questioning the man they call a person of interest in a string of arson fires in l.a. was detained before dawn. at the moment not under arrest. overnight there were 12 more
6:58 am
fires carport and garages. total is now 55 set. police are not saying the man being questioned is the same person seen with the surveillance video. teenage raider fan is recover from the hospital after falling 10 feet from the bleachers. the 17-year-old leaned too far over the rail yesterday and lost his balance. witnesses say he was trying to get players attention. the raiders, lost the game so they probably weren't paying attention. he was fully conscious and moving after that fall even yelled out, go raiders. he should be okay. it could have been much worse. 10feet, hard fall. >> think he fell under the field. if you're watching the team go through one of the tunnels, probably came down. >> what's okay this morning is our traffic. not a lot of snags going on now. freeways looking just like this, very quiet. if you headed sfo, things
6:59 am
moving along. mass transit, there are some restrictions. cal train is on the weekend schedule and there's some parking restrictions in parts of san francisco. other parts are free. we got some partly cloudy skies for this afternoon and looks like temperatures little cooler we seen over the past few days. high pressure is going to build in. temperatures will soar well into the 50s and partly cloudy on tuesday and thursday. >> when are we getting rain? >> i keep looking for it. >> we're not out of the woods yet. >> ski resorts man, they hoping for some snow. >> they gotting in else now. -- know got nothing else now. >> thanks for


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