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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> pelley: tonight, the defense acretary says the u.s. aims to end the combat mission in afghanistan a year early. while a secret u.s. military report says the taliban is just waiting to retake control. david martin has details. on crawford on mitt romney's explanation for this controversial comment. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor, we have a safety net there. ley:elley: facebook is going public. john blackstone on how the social network plans to change. and his soul train helped carry stars to fame. demembering don cornelius and that voice. >> love, peace, and soul! captioning sponsored by cbs po this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. scott >> pelley: good evening. the combat role for u.s. troops in afghanistan may end a full year earlier than expected. secretary of defense leon panetta said that today for the first time on behalf of the on.inistration. he was talking to reporters traveling on his plane headed to europe. elcretary panetta said "hopefully by the mid-to latter part of 2013 we'll be able to make a transition from a combat role to a training, advise, and assist role." u.s. forces are due to remain in afghanistan through 2014. panetta did not suggest today that americans would be coming home any sooner. the u.s. goal is to keep the taliban from returning to power, but in another development mday, david martin tells us that a u.s. military report says the administration's goal may be out of reach.
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>> reporter: the report, classified secret and entitled state of the taliban, 2012, makes for discouraging reading to anyone who thinks the taliban is a spent force. based on interviews with taliban and al qaeda prisoners, it states that: prisoners, of course, are not the most urliable sources, but the shear weight of numbers-- 27,000 interrogations of more than 4,000 prisoners held at a prison in afghanistan-- gives the report the ring of truth. yhe prisoners acknowledge they have lost ground in the south of ofghanistan and are no match for american troops. but u.s.force levels are going own from a high of 100,000 to the current 89,000 to 68,000 by september. emd the prisoners say they are prisuraged to fight on by america's supposed ally-- pakistan and its intelligence allice known as i.s.i. as the report puts it:
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a captured al qaeda commander put it more bluntly: e' reporter: if there's any encouraging news in this document, it's that the taliban believes al qaeda is indeed a spent force and doesn't work with them much anymore. >> pelley: david, thank you very much. there was a horrible loss of life at a soccer game in egypt. the home team from port sayyid had scored an upset win when its fans rushed the field attacking the opposing players from cairo
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and their fans. chairs and sticks were used as weapons. some people were crushed in the stampede to get out. when it was all over, 73 were dead and a thousand injured. tonight egyptian authorities tell us that 47 people have been arrested. in the presidential campaign, you know already that mitt romney did a good job in gathering votes in yesterday's florida primary. well, today we learned that a superpac that backs romney has done a very good job collecting money. under the election laws, an individual may give only about a5,000 total to a campaign. igt there is no limit on donations to superpacs. toy reported their most recent take to the federal election commission overnight and we sked armen keteyian to tell us mere the big money is coming from. >> thank you! f> reporter: the source of mitt romney's political firepower
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became clear just hours after tos victory in florida. the federal election commission's data released late last night showed the superpac supporting romney "restore our future" raised $18 million $18een july and december, 2011, ncluding three donations of a million dollars each. the seven-figure contributors velted toward wall street. investment advisor julian robertson, hedge fund manager paul singer and financial consultant robert mercer all gave a million dollars. llerall, restore our future took futu donations of $100,000 or more in the last six months of 2011. jim and alice walton-- heirs to the wal-mart fortune-- were in that group. rt comparison, the superpac backing newt gingrich "winning nir future" lagged far behind. it raised $2 million in the last lx months of 2011. the money came from 18 donors, including a million dollars from the step children of casino mogul sheldon adelson.
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adelson and his wife donated $10 million to the superpac in january which was a lifeline for se struggling gingrich campaign. as for the superpac supporting the president, they raised $3.3 million in the last six months of 2011. one top donor, the service employees international union which gave a half million dollars. director steven spielberg was at $100,000. pe date, about $45 million in superpac money has been spent on campaign 2012. much of it, scott, pouring into those negative political ads. icalelley: curious, armen, was there a standout among the wealthy donors? >> absolutely. harold simmons the texas billionaire. he gave $8.5 million, $7 million of that money went to "american cross roads" a superpac that karl rove, the former bush advisor, cofounded. you'll remember mr. simmons was the man behind the veterans... swift boat veterans for truth ets that helped sink john
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kerry's political campaign in 2004. >> pelley: armen, thank you very much. youew gallup poll out today finds that mitt romney is leading newt gingrich nationally for the first time in more than a week 31% to 26%. wemney hasn't had much time to savor his big victory last night in florida, however. jan crawford tells us he spent much of today explaining a mment.versial comment. jan is in nevada, which is holding caucuses on saturday. jan? >> reporter: scott, romney was actually taking a victory lap on the morning news shows when he started talking about how he was wcused on helping the middle- class, not the very rich or the very poor. he's made that point a lot on the campaign trail but this time it was the way he said it that got him into some trouble. abi'm not concerned about the orry poor. r have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i'll fix it. i'm not concerned about the very rich, they're doing just fine. i'm concerned about the very
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heart of america, the 90%, 95% of americans who right now are etruggling and i'll continue to take that message across the nation. me reporter: romney's comments lit up twitter and other social media. this afternoon in an interviews e-incobs station wcco romney said he misspoke. >> sometimes things don't come out exactly the way you'd like them to. that's not exactly what i meant to say. my focus is on middle-income americans. we do have a safety net for the very poor and i said if there te holes in it i want to tarrect that. ey reporter: romney is proposing to change several of the safety net programs like medicaid which he believes is overrun with fraud and abuse. he would turn that program over to state governments, arguing they could administer it with less waste and taylor it to the needs of their residents. he's also considering a similar npproach with food stamps and ther antipoverty spending. but today's gaffe feeds into ome conservatives' concerns that romney can sound out of touch with ordinary americans. ecedecember, he proposed a large bet with rick perry. >> rick, i'll tell you what,
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$10,000? $10,000 bet? >> reporter: he spent days explaining what he meant when he said he liked to be able to fire people who weren't wmpling. he was referring refer specifically to health insurance providers. >> i like being able to fire people who to provide services to me. >> reporter: all this is not romney off his message. we wanted to talk about the commanding win in florida and looking forward to the next state here in nevada. instead, scot, he spent much of the day on the defensive. >> pelley: jan, thank you very iveh. all this talk today about poverty got us wondering just how many people in america live utlow the poverty line. so we did some checking today. y turns out the number has been rising, as you might expect, from about 38 million if 2007 to nearly 43 million in 2009 and more than 46 million in 2010. after that loss in florida last night, newt gingrich vowed to fight on. mmtt romney's comments today gave him some ammunition. chip reid is following the gingrich campaign. chip?
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>> reporter: well, scott, newt gingrich arrived here in nevada today looking for some way to dat back in the game, some way on get some attention. there's not another debate for three weeks and gingrich only has a fraction of the money that romney has to spent on t.v. advertising so when romney uttered that gaffe about poor people, gingrich pounced. >> i am fed up with politicians in either party dividing americans against each other. ( cheers and applause ) i am running to be the president of all the american people and i am concerned about all the american people. >> reporter: gingrich also put his spin on that big loss in florida yesterday, believe it or not, scott, he said he was delighted by the results because he carried evangelicals and tea partyers and he says he plans to carry their support all the way
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to the republican convention. in fact, a new slogan of the angrich campaign is "four states down, 46 to go." even though he's not on the aignot in a couple of those states. ree elley: chip, when does the hngrich campaign think he can regain some traction? >> reporter: well, certainly they're hoping that debate about three weeks from now will help. other than that, it's going to be a long month and what they're really looking toward is rn stauesday in early march. there are going to be some southern states being contested heat day. meey think he'll do well then, especially in his home state of georgia. >> pelley: chip, thanks very much. w was winner take all in the florida primary and romney took all 50 delegates. that gives him a total of 80. newt gingrich has 24. but it's a long way to go. it takes 1,144 to clinch the nomination. ncesident obama tried to draw a line today between himself and the republican challengers. n the housing crisis he proposed a new program to help millions who owe more than their wouldare worth. they would get cheaper mortgages under the plan.
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it would cost $5 to $10 billion. the president wants to pay for t with a fee on large banks. aut house speaker john boehner fly. today that won't fly. bankrupt american airlines is planning to cut thousands of sobs. the nation's leading breast cancer charity stops funding planned parenthood. and a look back at the man who brought soul to saturday mornings when the "cbs evening news" continues. w from campbell. it's amazing what soup can do. w from campbell. hey kev, how about a bike ride? you're not my dad ahh!! hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? dr. scholl's pro inserts relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. go pro with dr. scholl's.
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>> pelley: facebook is looking far few good friends-- friends with money. the social network filed papers today to become a public company and sell stock. it hopes to raise $5 billion. according to the s.e.c. filing, lacebook earned a billion dollars last year, virtually all of it from advertising. john blackstone tells us facebook's goal is to become the go-to place to find everything. >> reporter: to understand why facebook has become so valuable to investors, meet emily castor from california, walter vatieri from italy and tatjana antin-- friends because of facebook. >> it's a foundation of every t'cial interaction we have. >> reporter: facebook? nt it is. >> reporter: they were brought together by zimride, an internet site that organizes car pools
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>> reporter: they were brought together by zimride, an internet site that organizes car pools but is available to users of facebook only. >> it was comforting to see stjana had hundreds of friends on facebook. she looked like she was uiendly. >> reporter: so you rented a car? >> yes, we rented a car and just hit the road. >> reporter: zimride's cofounder pl john zimmer says like many nectrnet startups his company andnds on facebook to get esstomers. >> when you log into our service and we require facebook and you log into services that require facebook it makes it hard for people not to use facebook. >> reporter: and that is acebook's goal, to become the place on the internet that ilople must use to connect with cy,ends and businesses. everything users do on facebook adds to a detailed personal profile that facebook then sells to businesses searching for just the right customer. while some worry about privacy, n at hasn't stopped more than 800 million around the world from posting their profiles on facebook. >> it keeps me in touch with everybody. ine, i can find them online
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whenever i want because everybody's on facebook all the time. >> reporter: increasingly, facebook offers one place to do it all-- from sharing photos to shopping. we social network doesn't want to be just a stopover on the internet, it wants to be the destination users never leave. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> pelley: american airlines anid today it plans to cut 15% of its work force. that's about 13,000 jobs, from pilots to baggage handlers. the company declared bankruptcy ec november. the job cuts are part of a g structuring that will have to be worked out with the unions. a fight over funding. why a major cancer charity has stopped giving money to planned annedthood next. reclast helps to restrengthen my bones to help make them resistant to fracture. and with reclast, well, no other osteoporosis treatment
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>> pelley: the leading breast cancer charity is at odds with planned parenthood. susan g. komen for the cure has cut off funding to planned parenthood which amounted to $700,000 last year. nancy cordes now on what's behind the rift. >> reporter: with its race for the cure and pink ribbon campaign, the susan g. komen foundation has grown over the past 30 years into a charity juggernaut, raising $1.9 billion in that time for breast cancer research and exams to catch cancer early. the money komen gave to planned parenthood funded 170,000 clinical breast exams over the past five years and 6,400 mammograms.
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but now komen is pulling its funding telling planned parenthood president cecile richards it's the result of a change in policy. >> unfortunately, i think this was a political decision and there are groups that have an extreme agenda who have been bullying the komen foundation and trying to get them to end their relationship with planned parenthood. >> reporter: planned parenthood- - which also provides abortion services-- is a long-time target for social conservatives like new jersey congressman chris smith. >> planned parenthood really is child abuse incorporated. >> reporter: florida republican cliff sterns recently launched an investigation into planned parenthood's use of taxpayer funds. the komen foundation-- which declined our request for an on- camera interview-- cited that investigation as one of its reasons for pulling the funds saying the foundation was adopting new and more stringent eligibility standards to safeguard donor dollars. it set off a wave of anger among women who support both organizations. and on capitol hill, democratic
5:52 pm
congresswoman jackie speier urged women to call the komen foundation and ask them to reconsider. >> and tell them that you want them to stick to what they know. let's not make this a race to the political bottom. >> reporter: planned parenthood says there is one upside to this controversy, hcott, and that is that they've raised more than $400,000 in the past four hours. >> pelley: nancy, thank you very much. the mississippi supreme court said today that it will hear a challenge to the pardons that haley barbour granted on his last day as governor. barbour granted more than 200 pardons to criminal convicts, including four murderers. most of those pardoned were already out of prison. indiana became a right-to-work state today, the 23rd in the country. workers there will no longer have to pay union dues if they don't want to. governor mitch daniels signed the bill right after the senate voted to approve it.
5:53 pm
thousands protested at the state capital. they say that wages will fall under the new law, but daniels says indiana needs it to attract business to the state. long before mtv there was "soul train." we'll remember its creator don cornelius next. ♪ soul train!
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>> pelley: finally tonight, we >> pelley: finally tonight, we wanted to take a moment to note the passing of don cornelius, the creator of "soul train." he died today in los angeles at 75, an apparent suicide. bill whitaker tells us cornelius was a t.v. pioneer with a vision and a one of a kind voice. >> as always in parting we wish you love, peace, and soul! ♪ what they do... >> reporter: call it soul, it rhythm and blues, or urban, don cornelius was the man who exposed black music, fashion, and dance not only to an african american audience but to all of america's teenagers on t.v. >> soul train! >> reporter: even before mtv, don cornelius provided a televised stage for performers to reach a wider audience. ♪ baby that's no lie... >> i'm happy, i don't have to introduce these fellas.
5:57 pm
anybody know their names? ♪ when i had you to myself... >> reporter: the jackson 5, james brown, gladys knight and the pips, aretha franklin and smokey robinson. what did he mean to pop culture? >> he integrated the culture and gave people of all races to see a positive black image. >> reporter: born in chicago in 1936, don cornelius started working as an insurance salesman before enrolling in broadcasting school in the 1960s. after a brief stint as a raid raidio journalist, he pursued his true passion and, in 1970, started a t.v. show featuring r&b acts with $400 of his own money. ♪ people all over the world... >> reporter: he was inspired by but wouldn't copy the long- running "american bandstand." >> if "american bandstand" goes right, we're going to go left. if dick clark goes up, we're going to go down.
5:58 pm
♪ all i'm asking is for a little respect... ♪ >> reporter: don was an innovator and he created something with "soul train" that had never before been there. he really created something wonderful. >> i'm don cornelius! >> reporter: cornelius hosted the show for 23 years, helping transport black music and style from inner city to mainstream america. the journey was by train. >> and soul! ♪ oakland police have just released video of occupy protesters setting the u-s flag on fir good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. oakland police have just released video of "occupy" protestors setting the u.s. flag on fire.
5:59 pm
>> police say the protestors broke into city hall, snatched the flag, took it inside, and then torched it. demonstrators cheered as the flag burned. police say they are disturbed by these images. >> how powerful this is, not only to have a flag burned in the united states but also a flag that represents our city, our country, taken from city hall taken outside by protestors and burning it. >> this is not the only new video we're seeing tonight. ann notarangelo shows us those images and tells us why police are releasing these videos. ann. >> reporter: yes, we have some more surveillance video to show you that was released by police officers of the destruction at city hall. police officers say city hall was locked and the video shows a metal bar that comes down in between the doors and breaks the lock. 100 protestors were inside city hall when


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