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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. >> undercover police officers pick an unusual spot to make an arrest. in the middle of a busy intersection. tonight one officer ends up pinned between two cars. >> emergency throat surgery for adel to stop singing, even talking for months. tonight they explains show she still managed to express her saltyself. >> the state and cities broke. this gives foreigners quite an opportunity. >> $500,000. >> tonight the new money starting to come into the bay area and put people to work i'm dana king. >> i'm ken batista. a police officer opened fire in a busy interaction after his partner was pinned between two cars. >> it happened at grove way in castro valley.
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that intersection is still a crime scene right now. >> reporter: still a busy crime scene. the investigators are here trying to piece together what happened and the csi team has the scanner, a 360-degree high resolution camera that takes a round about panoramic view of the crime scene. the suspect was under investigation by berkeley police for quite some time and it came to a head a few hours ago. this woman who didn't give her name arrived on scene distraught and look for answers. she said the owner of the sedan is the father of her child. >> did they shoot him? they did? oh my god! >> reporter: at 5:00 a berkeley police officer was in the silver car, tailing a suspect in the marine car. on grove way they decided to arrest him at the stop light. >> during that time, the
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suspect backed his vehicle, pinning the berkeley police officer between the suspect vehicle and the unmarked car. >> boom. >> reporter: that's when a gas station attendant said officers surrounding the car. one of them with a rifle. >> i heard two shots from here and then i heard two more. total of four. >> reporter: look closely at the door and you can see some of the bullet holes. it gives an indication of where the officer was standing when he opened fire. the officer pinned suffered serious leg and hand injuries. the suspect injuries aren't life threatening. police aren't saying why the suspect was under investigation, why the officer was between the vehicle others. >> the tactical part is from berkeley pd. that's a question for them. >> reporter: and so again the officer? serious condition. the condition of the suspect is unknown at this time.
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berkeley police are deferring all questions to the sheriff's office. they say they will be out for just a couple more hours. live, cbs five. >> last few days we have had up roars over abortion rights, gay marriage and now access to birth control. the question is should the government force health insurance plans to offer free birth control? what do you think? >> this attack by the government on religious freedom must not stand and will not stand. >> reporter: at issue, birth control and health coverage. the new rule republicans object to requires all employers to provide health insurance to their workers to cover basic birth control for women by next august. that includes catholic charities, universities and hospitals which may object to beneficiary control. >> this is very straight forward this is about whether the government of the united states should have the power to go in and tell a faith based
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organization they have to pay for something they teach shouldn't be done. >> >> time to tell those republicans mind your own business. >> reporter: the cdc said 99% of women will use birth control at some point in their life. many differing opinions, some saying the new rule is a matter of health and fairness to women. others question why the government's role to tell organizations what kind of coverage they should provide. >> to have that mandate from the government what should and shouldn't be covered, especially something like birth control, that's a separate issue. >> >> reporter: some called it unconstitutional. >> i don't think that the government should be -- i think there should be a separation of church and state. >> catholics don't have to buy birth control with their health
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insurance right? it can be available through their birth control but it's their decision to use it or not. >> the rule does not apply to the nation's 35 5,000 churches even so though some republican lawmakers say the president doesn't change this rule they will fight to overturn it. in the east bay, cbs5. >> tomorrow could be a rough day for the stock market and everybody's retirement fund. all because of a real life greek tragedy. tonight greek leaders failed to finalize an agreement on a critical bailout. they couldn't degree on demands to cut pensions so now they -- without the pension cuts the eu is threatening to with hold bailout money. that could force greece into default and possibly force it to drop from the euro. and tonight we are seeing what it's like to be in the
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middle of what is turning in to a civil war in syria. rebels say that government forces attacked the city of palms today killing at least 50 people. the united nations said more than 5,000 have been killed since the start of the up rising. even though the government bans independent reporting, cbs reporter, clariss ward got in to the battle lines. >> they tried to reclaim the checkpoint. they haven't been able to yet and now there is a -- [inaudible] someone has been hurt very badly. they are trying to take him to the hospital. >> reporter: a senior european official said the eu will impose harder sanctions on syria because of the government's crack down. >> oakland mayor delivered her state of the city speech tonight. even a casual watcher will know that things in oakland have been rough lately. what did the mayor have to say? what does she plan to do?
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we were at the speech. >> the doors supposed to open. >> reporter: occupiers looked through the doors vandalized two weeks ago. security at the state of the city address was extreme. they say they never have seen every attende forced to sign in, that includes the media. >> i don't have to -- i don't have --. >> reporter: some some got in they were kept far from the chambers. once inside this state of the city was invite only. so if oaklanders expected an accounting of the problems of the city or solutions that didn't happen. >> the critics will criticize me for being to optimistic but let's be real and. >> >> reporter: the mayor talked about oakland being a city on the rice claiming unemployment are low and the city's sales
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tax is up. >> we are trying hard to help the president meet his goal of doubling exports. . >> reporter: that's only possible through the port yet the mayor never addressed how occupiers shut it down twice. >> 58 million-dollar deficit and almost no reserves. we balanced the budget twice. >> reporter: she said through union concessions but never addressed shuttering public schools, police layoffs or the rise in burglaries last year. >> there are two major challenges facing the city this year. we have to reduce the homicides and violence in the city. >> reporter: she was light on how to solve the murder rate, repeating her 100 block plan. the occupy movement which is made oakland infamous and cost the city $5 million received this mention. >> we have been thinking about flags in oakland. >> reporter: i asked, was there a reason you didn't address occupy? >> i think i did.
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>> reporter: now the mayor took month questions but did say she made accomplishments and that's an app for smart phones, called see, click, and lets residents report things like pot holes and illegal dumping and that is of course necessary because the city employees have been laidoff. live in oakland. cbs5. >> and san jose mayor will deliver his state of the city address tomorrow. >> for the first time in weeks, san francisco sheriff can see his son. a judge granted visitation rights. the sheriff is allowed to see his son two hours a day during the week and six hours on weekends with supervision. >> i have been finding liting books and toys, like n i couldn't find a sheriff's car but -- i -- you know i'm just
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so hungry to see i had son that i will gobble him up. >> he has not been allowed to see his son since prosecutors charged him with domestic violence. his trial is scheduled for february 24th. >> a story lue only see here. students at a school are worried their future is in danger. they got a letter telling them their program at the institute of medical education is shutting down immediately. a shock to students who haven 't vested as much as $35,000 in the dental hygeine program. what's worse they fear they won't be qualified to take their licensing tests scheduled for the spring. >> we are currently running out of time to make up the clinic hours, on certain -- we don't know >> reporter: that's the school ceo he wouldn't answer questions. late last year the school's program was warned it could
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loose it's accreditaton . >> other headlines, a massive sweep involving more than 900 local, state and federal officers lead to the arrest of dozens of people suspected of funneling drugs to bay area gangs. most of the arrests happened in menlo park and east palo alto. near vallejo a massive pile up on highway 37, 31 years crashed just before eight this morning. the fog was so bad at the time that driver says they could barely see past their hood. the chp is quick to add that many people were just driving to fast for the conditions. and pounding surf forced the city of pacifica to close the pier. bigig waivers crashed over the pier making to dangerous. waves should be calm by about now. adel going to sing at the grammies but tonight he is talking to cbs. she explains what it was like
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not being able to sing or talk for months after throat surgery. how she talked, even cursed without saying a word. >> guay area man needed a transplant but it's how he found a donor that gives others new hope. >> now did this foreigner buy into the united states? >> they give you permanent residence. >> the hot way to get a green card. >> the greet win win. >> why the bay area is next. ♪
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grammy's this weekend, the first time she performs since having throat sur not only co uldn't . adelle will sing at the grammy this is weekend. the first time she has preformed since lot surgery. not only could she not sing she couldn't talk. she spoke with anson cooper. >> you had to have surgery. >> yeah i had laser surgery. whale did they do? >> put laser down your throat and cut off the polyp. . >> to help her heal she was ordered not to speak for membership of november and december. >> that's got to be hard. . >> it was. >> i think you like to talk. >> yeah. >> how did you do it? >> by pads, i had a note pad
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and the application on the phone. the great thing is i love to swear. most of you -- i found this app where you can swear . >> and you can see the whole interview on 60 minutes this sunday night, 7:00 p.m. on cbs5 and after the grammies lue hear from the doctor who preformed the surgery on a special edition of eyewitness news. >> what do you use social media for? keeping in touch with friends, looking for jobs? a bay area man used it to save his life. he was found to have okay luke. he would have died without a bone marrow transplant but the odds of finding one were slim sew and his friends started a social media campaign and found one. >> i can't imagine this happening without twitter and facebook. i didn't think it was possible until the first group of friends started to start the
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drive and spread the word. >> doctors in boston preformed the transplant on friday. his campaign inspired 10,000 new people to register as potential donors. >> a medical marijuana group wants to give patients their pot the same way some buy snacks and sodas. they are marketing this pot vending machine. it's called made bott. how it works. >> this is how it works. you slide in your card and it'll ask phoria thumb print here. then it brings categories, we will pick -- you have a list of them here, pick a size and then down below, convenience as this. >> the machine takes a photograph of each person. >> so, can you put a price tag
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on living in america? it turns out you can. the bay area is on the verge of cashing in on a little known program that lets foreigners buy a green card. this program is already going gang busters in seattle. i went up there to take a look at how it works. what does this all mean for you? quite possibly a new job. >> we could call this a svetlana building. this is part of it. >> it's a tiny part. >> reporter: she was born in rushy. today she is helping fund a development boom in seattle. her investment. >> $500,000. >> reporter: for that she expects a modest return and something far more valuable. >> basically invest and get a green card. >> reporter: it's an eb5 advisa. she invests a half million dollars in a project that creates ten american jobs, proves her money is clean and sees the project through to completion. >> it's pretty much like
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marriage with a -- once you have proven it's for love they give you permanent residence. >> reporter: its expensive but one of the fastest routes to permanent legal residency. >> if you have the money you do this. >> reporter: henry is an immigration attorney turned real estate developer. everything he builds he has functioned with foreign money. >> it's families that want to send a kid to school. >> reporter: four years ago fewer than 300 investors applied for eb5 advisas in the united states. now it's up to 3,000 a year. so why? at 20 years old is this program just now taking off? > until the bust it wasn't popular. it. >> reporter: with more than 1500 investors at a half million dollars a pop, they have a lot of financing. enough to reshape this seattle area known as soto. >> the vision here, yeah, this should look like south of
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market. >> reporter: it's not unlike what we saw in san francisco around at&t park. here is safeco field. look at across the street. there is a six story office building going up funded completely by eb5 investors. it doesn't end with that. here is an overpass here in washington, it's a $4.8 billion project and part is funded by eb5. this highway a path to citizenship for 95 families. the brain child of developer mike maddox. >> this is one of the best tools i believe that the united states has, creating jobs, bringing new foreign money in to the economy. it's a great win win for everybody involved. >> back in the bay area dozens of new eb5 investment centers popping up. foreigners can put money in wine country, silicon valley and maybe even -- the mayor wants to savor the a's by
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building a new stadium with it. if a project goes bust application loose their money and visas. where do they come from? >> they found us. we don't know. we denti advertise. > on the internet. >> reporter: and with that she watches her investment grow as they settle down for life in the united states. what part do you want? >> the part where the restaurant will be. >> restaurant. >> not only is the economy driving up the visas the president loves the idea. he wants to hit the gas on this program. his administration is looking for ways to get as many as 10,000 of these issued every year. >> from the weather center mainly clear over much of the bay area right now but the
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forecast calling for four days featuring rain. i will pinpoint those days as eyewitness news continues.
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thanks, roberta. . what a day. we had 63-degrees in san francisco. one of the cool spots, that's above the average of 59. we have 72 degrees in santa cruz and now looking outside city hall and san francisco, clear skies, look at all the people out with their light jackets on jackets on. currently under the clear skies, temperatures are trailing off in to the 40s and drought. many of the locations including san mateo, livermore and santa rosa at 45 where now we have areas of fog developing. this will be a problem area. also foggy overnight in throughout the tri valley. mid40s santa clara and mid to high 40e across the valley. we will start tomorrow morning areas of patchy fog and then lots of sun revealing
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temperatures above normal and we have a chance of the forecast on friday, then again on sunday, plus two additional days, that with the seven day out there can. this is an area of low pressure, trying to erode that ridge of high pressure that's rebuilding right now and will provide us with the mild temperatures tomorrow. then bottom starts to fall out on fried friday. with the sun at the coast and the 60s up to 72 degrees in campbell. east bay numbers up to 71 degrees. santa rosa at 70, there is the extended forecast. sprinkles in the north bay on friday. not a game changeer at all. sunday that rain is by night fall, then tuesday and wednesday up for grabs. sports after this. ,,,,
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opened. . the sharks and flames combine for three goals in two games and the flood gates open tonight. maybe inspiration, dropping the puck, calgary up in the third. then a power play. tying the game. had a night the sharks wouldn't forget. white with the bad turnover, lead together third goal of the game. his 7th career hat trick and
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the sharks loose 4-3. tiger is tied with vick the most hated athlete in america. i find it ironic because he inspired a whole generation of golfer who have now competing against him. >> i first came out i was the only guy in the gym, there was nobody else. now everybody is in the gym. they all this a trainer or a program they follow. the game is -- way more athletic. one day we will get a guy that's -- going to be okay a bo jackson, like a michael jordon. they will be that explosive and that good but decide to play golf. >> speaks of that, it's a hot as lynn, you ride him to the finish line. >> yeah, i'm riding him like secretariat. lynn from palo alto. he had antenna sifts in the knicks win again.
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will fairlyl a public address announcer. >> forward, number 5, he is still living with his mother. carlos. >> number four. >> louis juror he's always heard after scott parker's wash board abs. >> number three, able to ride out an avalanche in. she brians she was saved because of that bag that kept her up. >> number two, the latest use for the garden leaf blower, problem is the clown forgot how to slow down. watch what happens. opponents. number one, duke, north carolina,. >> wins t they come back from ten down and win the game. we will be right back.
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newscast is tomorrow morning at . david letterman is on a role. >> is he. >> brian reynolds. >> we are up for that. >> right. >> okay. >> [inaudible]. >> going to the golf tournament. i'm taking tiger woods, how about you? >> not giving you


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