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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. ♪ [ music ] [ jennifer hudson singing whitney houston song ] an unforgettable tribute to a music icon, stars remembering whitney houston at the grammys last night as we learn new details about her death. and an about-face from the wife of sheriff ross mirkarimi why she is ready to testify now and the charge she could be facing. storm clouds bringing more rain to the bay area. how long will they stick around? and there's more stormy weather
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on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. >> this is what it looks like right now crossing the san mateo bridge. obviously, it is wet for the start of your monday morning commute. plus we have wind advisories in effect. where it's the slowest coming up. >> good morning. it's monday, wet out there, february 13. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6:01 right now. >> we are just learning that los angeles authorities could release more details today in the investigation into the death of singer whitney houston. >> that's right. she was founding in the bathtub of her beverly hills hotel room just hours before she was supposed appear at a pre-grammy gala. elizabeth sanchez has the latest from los angeles. what do we know? there are so many rumors flying around. >> reporter: right. we know that the autopsy has been complete. but the beverly hills police department has put a hold on the coroner's report so they don't want to release any more details until those toxicology results come back. and that can take six to eight weeks long.
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they just i guess because of rumors they just want to get it right and they want to tell reporters exactly what happened. but they did say that midweek perhaps they would give reporters an update. but at this point, we know that toxicology reports are going to take some time. >> jennifer hudson did an unbelievable tribute last night to whitney houston singing one of her songs. let's let our viewers hear a little bit of that. i'm curious what the reaction is down in l.a. to her performance last night. here's jennifer hudson. ♪ and i... will always love ♪ you ♪ >> reporter: frank, as you can see, she did perform that beautifully. you know, there was a last- minute scramble as how they would pay tribute to whitney houston. executive producer going to jennifer hudson and asking her to do that rendition of "i will always love you." of course, the song written by
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dolly parton, first sung by dolly parton and made famous by whitney houston in the movie "the bodyguard." she did a fabulous job. everyone was moved by it. there were reports that jennifer hudson during rehearsal on sunday and saturday was sobbing during rehearsals and she did look emotional when she walked off stage but she did a fabulous job and you know, people saying today that perhaps whitney houston -- she would have made whitney houston proud because she did such a fabulo job. >> she said whitney houston was her hero and to put that together in less than 24 hours, amazing. >> elizabeth, what do we know about whitney's last public appearance? >> reporter: on thursday, she partied pretty hard, we hear. she actually got in a fight with an x factor finalist and then showed up on friday to rehearsals here of monica and brandi and basically witnesses were saying she smelled of alcohol and cigarettes and she was acting erratically and
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doing hand stands by the swimming pool. so bizarre behavior, but you know, we're going to find out what the toxicology reports -- really find out if she was on anything. >> that's going to take probably a couple of months i guess. elizabeth sanchez life for us in l.a., thank you. you bet. >> we have some new video that just came into the newsroom. whitney houston's ex-husband bobby brown is back in l.a. this morning. a crowd of people swarmed the singer at los angeles international airport. this was just last night. you can see him trying to get out of there. brown returned from a concert that he was having on saturday that was in mississippi. it's the same night that his former wife, whitney houston, died. on the good side of this it was a huge night for adele at the grammys. we'll have a recap of all the winners coming up. you're also going to find complete coverage on our website,, just click
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on the front page. in other news, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife isn't talking to investigators but eliana lopez plans to testify at her husband's domestic violence trial. gil diaz with the deal the d.a. needs to make before lopez could take the stand. he has the details. gil, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frank. good morning. well, it's as though eliana lopez has had a change of heart after all ever sense this ordeal began. she has not cooperated with authorities and she has even said publicly that mirkarimi did not abuse her. but now her attorney is looking to see how much immunity the district attorney will give lopez for taking that stand. if lopez testifies without immunity, she could be charged with child endangerment since she and mirkarimi had a physical fight in front of their son. also, the attorneys making sure that nothing she says on the stand will be used against her for deportation to her native country of venezuela. so they are making sure her words are not used against her for a possible immigration
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hearing. mirkarimi is charged with three misdemeanors including domestic abuse and child endangerment. he has pleaded not guilty to all three charges. his trial is expected to begin next friday the 24th. back to you. >> thank you, gil diaz live for us here in san francisco. thanks, gil. and in just a few hours, investigators will resume their digging in san joaquin county looking for human remains there. the current search is at a farm near linden where more bones were discovered yesterday. last week, some remains were also located in san andreas in calaveras county. authorities started searching after death row inmade wesley shermantine drew maps for a bounty hunter who paid him $30,000. he and an accomplice were suspect of killing as many as 15 people. those remains could be on the property there. remains found at another site in calaveras county last week have been identified as those of cyndi vanderheiden.
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she disappeared back in 1998. students at a bay area high school have almost nowhere to go to use the restroom. a number of bathrooms are closed at mount diablo high school in concord. the principal isn't saying why she closed them last year. but the "contra costa times" reports it was because of graffiti. well, students are become activists and make the effort to get them reopened. 6:07. a little wet and windy to start our workweek i guess, huh? >> kind of a weird way to start monday. >> i like it, guys. >> you do? >> keeps you busy. >> i love to see that wet windy stuff outside around the bay area. it looks like we are going to see more of the rain on and off throughout the morning and probably into the afternoon too. and some very cool temperatures if you're stepping outside right now. scattered showers around the bay area. the main cold front is gone. cold front enough you can see some pink stuff in the mountains near san jose. that looks like a mix of rain and snow across some of the
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higher peaks. 101, if you are traveling in this direction, we have that rain moving on through. we'll see that on and off throughout the day today as more of this moisture is going to spin through. the temperatures are going to stay cool too. numbers in the 40s and 50s. i think by the afternoon, maybe low 50s out toward the coastline and maybe some mid- to upper 50s the warmest spots inland so staying cool everywhere and finally drying out into tuesday, more clouds on the way come wednesday. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we could see how wet and windy it is in a lot of traffic cameras including here at the bay bridge. in fact, chp does have a couple of wind advisories in effect one for the bay bridge as well as one for the benicia bridge. that was just issued within the last hour. so we're starting to see some slight delays at the bay bridge, no metering lights yet. you will notice that drive time maybe though at the bottom of your screen was in the yellow meaning slower speeds. that is because of this accident. it's right there in richmond westbound 80 by hilltop drive an accident there blocking at least one lane and check out our live traffic sensors so these are showing current
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conditions right now. it is really jamming up already down the eastshore freeway. it looks like at least through pinole. speeds 11 miles per hour. so of course we'll continue to follow that. plus, where we're seeing chain requirements up in the sierra. we'll break it down in just minutes. >> thank you, elizabeth. 6:09 a shocking case of animal cruelty in the south bay. the brazen attack on a man out walking his dog. >> also ahead, greece up in flames, riots erupt in the streets over the weekend. the anger over solutions for that country's big debt crisis. and better late than never. we have a storm brewing up some fresh snow in the sierra. we are going to have a live report on the conditions up there in a few minutes. >> skiers are applauding.
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and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the new c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. rioting. more than 120 people were injured and 45 a mess in greece after a night of rioting. more than 120 people were injured, 45 buildings were burned. it began as a protest against harsh economic measures just approved by lawmakers. bailout creditors have said that those measures are needed in order to save the country from bankruptcy. the growing violence in syria is expected to be
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discussed today at the united nations. the u.n. says that more than 5400 people have been killed during the 11-month uprising against the regime of president bashar assad. independent senator joe lieberman of connecticut is calling for the u.s. to provide "direct assistance" to the syrian people. san jose man is mourning the death of his companion a yorkshire terrier. police are trying to learn who attacked him on winchester boulevard saturday afternoon in daylight. three men asked him if he was in a gang and then started beating him up. "mercury news" reports by the time the attackers fled, the 7- pound dog had been killed. 6:13. every little bit helps. we have a live report on the fresh snow in the sierra. what skiers and snowboarders can look forward it. it's coming down. we have a new reason to cut calories. how eating too much could be hurting your memory. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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a magnitude 4- point-3 quakt around 9 o ers.. about 90 miles there was a small earthquake in the north bay last night a magnitude 4.3 quake that hit around 9:00 near the geysers. that's 0 miles north -- 90 miles north of san francisco.
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no report of damage or injuries. hundreds reported feeling the quake some as far as san francisco. >> so we have earthquakes, rain and we have snow. >> and it's monday. >> what's next? >> who knows! >> we have scattered showers continuing outside pockets of moisture continuing to push on through. the main cold front has moved on by. let's get you in for a closinger look now towards the south bay and yeah, you can see plenty of scattered showers and pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall so if you are traveling this morning, be careful. you can have heavy downpours and they move by and are gone. only to return later on. breezy and cool. drier weather ahead of us as the system moves out. today unsettled as the core of low leaves a few showers in our direction. high pressure sliding in our direction giving us a brief break, but then there is another storm system traveling in our direction, as well. 50s for highs today so very
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cool, low 50s at the coastline. 50s inside the bay and also some of the valleys. then it looks like the next couple of days we are going to start to settle things down a bit at least into tuesday. more clouds come our way as we head into wednesday. thursday, friday we dry out maybe showers next weekend, elizabeth. >> for now, we can see our san mateo bridge camera a little more clearly than we could before, before the rain was really coming down moving across the san mateo bridge. but right now though things have quieted down. camera still moving a little though, so still some breezy conditions and we still have wind advisories in effect by the way for the beijing and chp issued one for the -- for the bay bridge and chp issued one for the benicia bridge, as well. things are stack up at the bay bridge, not to be. this is likely around the time they turn the metering lights on. check out the drive time. things are stacked up at the bay bridge, not too bad. slow down the eastshore freeway, because of a problem in the commute direction westbound 80 in richmond. sounds like it's there by the hilltop drive exit. the left lane is blocked and we see a lot of slowing across that stretch so it was backing
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up towards pinole. it's starting to see some slowing now into hercules as well and speeds are very slow under 25 miles per hour. now, once you get past richmond and the hilltop drive exit then speeds improve down through berkeley and down towards the macarthur maze. but it is going to be a slow ride down the eastshore freeway right now. wet and windy to start off on the monday morning commute. the nimitz busy in all lanes and our camera still moving back and forth, as well. north- and southbound 880, a 15- minute drive time between 238 and the maze. coming up, a check of mass transit. in the meantime, back to the desk >> thank you. 6:19. the sierra seeing some snow falling over the weekend and it's still coming down. >> nick janes live in blue canyon with a look at conditions right now. bet you had an early wake-up call this morning, right, nick? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. it's snowing, there's some wind as well and the roads are a mess. brand-new snow overnight in
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blue canyon looking at probably about 7, 8, maybe 10" we're estimating. but we could see as much as a foot before it's all said and done. as you look at the roads they are snow-covered and very slick. i have to tell you as we got east of colfax where caltrans is requiring chains we noticed the roads worse and interstate 80 snow-covered and slick in both lanes so seeing the plows just getting out and about for this morning and they will have their hands full because we could not see any bit of the road. it was just all snow from the overnight hours. as far as what's falling right now, not quite as heavy as it was earlier this morning say around 4:30 or 5. but it is still coming down which means of course caltrans will be busy all morning long. as far as those ski resorts, we certainly know they could use it and they could get more than a foot in the highest of elevations. a little bit of lower snow as well as this is a bit of a colder system than what we have seen here recently. no crashes in the sierra just yet but we'll keep an eye on that for you, as well. frank and grace? i'm going to get warm.
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>> wait. real quick. what's the quality. snow? is it light and fluffy? >> reporter: you know, it feels light. i don't think it packs real well but this kind of powder is great to ski in so good news for those resorts not only some accumulation but some nice dry powder. >> that's good and big holiday weekend coming up so ski resorts are saying, yay! come on up. nick janes live for us, up in the sierra. nice job, nick, thanks. >> go get warm. all right. the name ipad is the reason that some apple products are being seized by authorities in china. officials started taking apple ipads from retailers in a store. a technology company registered the trademark in china in 2001. the company says it still has rights to use the name in china although apple paid another company for the rights. google is constructing new labs. the labs appear to be dedicated to consumer devices like the kind that rival apple is known
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for. the "mercury news" says one of the future google products has the brand name, at home. it would wirelessly stream music or data to other household devices. it is 6:22. big upset at pebble beach. the golfer that crushed tiger woods' comeback yesterday. ♪ [ music ] >> and it was a huge night for adele at the grammys. the singer's pitch perfect comeback after vocal surgery and we'll have a recap of all the winner when is we come back.
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damaging to your memor welcome back. 6:25 now. overeating not only has an effect on your waistline, it can also damage your memory. researchers at the mayo clinic tested seniors and their eating habits and those who consumed more than 2100 calories a day doubled their risk of memory compared to those who ate fewer than 1500 calories. overeating caused normal forgetfulness. symptoms are not noticeable but they can interfere with day-to- day life. the winner came out of nowhere at this year's pebble beach pro-am. >> number 4 and phil at his finest. >> he is the man. phil mickelson started six shots off the lead but played a bogey-free round and lots of
6:26 am
birdies. 8-under par also had an eagle as he finished a birdie on 18. the fourth time he won the tournament and early leader charlie wi of cal finished two shots back. tiger 15th place. he was in the hunt but had a bad, bad final round. >> throwing in all those details. i know somebody who was watching. >> i'm a golf fan. i was watching the grammys last night. it was a huge night for adele. the singer was rolling in the awards last night at the grammys. >> 21, adele! >> they heard that name a lot, six times. she won for album of the year, six grammys including the record and the song of the year. complete sweep. the singer tells "vogue" magazine she vows never to write a breakup record again. >> other winners foo fighters for rock album of the year for wasting light. chris brown won r&b album of 2011 for fame. and lady antebellum won the top country award for the night. >> you know, lawrence has never
6:27 am
heard of lady antebellum? >> lawrence hasn't heard of a lot of things. [ laughter ] >> got to get him on the stick. bay area students apparently have nowhere to "go." >> one principal's decision to close bathrooms. and whitney houston's bizarre behavior just days before her death. eliana lopez is now willing to testify against her husband sheriff ross mirkarimi on his domestic abuse trial but there is a chance she could plead "the fifth." we'll tell you why coming up. and students fighting prop 209. how they are pushing for affirmative action for the you. c system.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. happy monday. it's february 13. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we start with breaking news out of the east bay. we got off the phone with hayward police and they have confirmed that a man's body has been found on a sidewalk. it's happening near the intersection of 7th and c streets. several streets in the area are closed off. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you the latest when we arrive on scene. prescription drugs and
6:31 am
alcohol may have killed whitney houston. >> according to tmz the singer didn't have enough water in her lungs to have drowned in the bathtub. but it could take weeks before the coroner gets his final word. >> elizabeth sanchez has more from l.a. with what happened in the hours before her body was found in the bathtub. what's the latest, elizabeth? >> reporter: well, you know, the music industry came out here to celebrate. we are still waiting though for toxicology reports that could take about eight weeks. but last night, it was all about a celebration but it turned into a tribute remembering one of their own. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the grammys paid tribute to whitney houston as investigators worked to figure out exactly how she died. ♪ i will always love you >> reporter: jennifer hudson sang one of houston's most well- known songs. i will always love you >> reporter: "i will always love you" and the night began with a star studied audience bowing their heads in prayer. >> truly blessed to have been touched by her beautiful spirit. >> reporter: houston died in the
6:32 am
bathtub of her fourth floor hotel room at the beverly hilton on the eve of the grammys. nominees and fellow artists on the red carpet say she was an inspiration. >> you fantasize about being something like her someday. >> she was such a great voice, such a great soul. we lost her way too early. >> reporter: many of music's biggest stars say whitney houston's death casts a dark shadow over the awards here at the staples center. it could be weeks before investigators can answer questions about what caused her death. >> no visible signs of trauma. foul play not suspected at this time. >> reporter: houston's autopsy was completed sunday. but officials are waiting for the 48-year-old's toxicology test results. the grammy award winner's career started to fade after reports of drug use. investigators haven't said if they found any illegal drugs inside houston's hotel room saturday. houston made her last known public appearance thursday in hollywood. some say the pop sensation was poised for a comeback.
6:33 am
she just wrapped filming of a new musical drama due out this summer. now, the singer's death obviously hard for fans, friends and family to take. whitney houston's daughter had to be rushed to the hospital yesterday. she was treated for stress and anxiety. but she was later released. reporting live from los angeles, elizabeth sanchez, cbs 5 news. elizabeth, how about bobby brown? her ex-husband, i guess he was on tour in mississippi and tennessee, and got back last night. it was quite the scene at l.a.x., i guess. >> reporter: yes. he did arrive, of course, paparazzi was there, snapping photos of him. but we are told that he actually skipped his concert. he is touring with new edition right now and actually skipping concerts so he can be with his 18-year-old daughter. apparently, you know, she was taken to the hospital yesterday. so she is very distraught so he is here now by her side. >> thank you. of course you can find the
6:34 am
latest on the tributes to whitney houston and the entire recap of the big winners of the grammys at our website, and click on the front page. it's now 6:34. expect some courtroom drama as san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's violence trial. his wife eliana lopez is planning on testifying. gil diaz with the condition lopez's attorney is laying out for the d.a. in order for the client to take the stand. good morning. >> reporter: good morning yeah. there is a catch to lopez's testifying. her lawyer is trying to make sure that the district attorney is granting lopez immunity or else lopez will plead "the fifth." now, the reason why the immunity is so crucial, the lawyer wants to make sure this anything that lopez says on the stand is not used against her in the future. for example, lopez could be charged with child endangerment if she testifies that she and mirkarimi had a physical fight
6:35 am
in front of their son theo. also, since she is originally from venezuela, she could be at risk of being deported. mirkarimi's trial is scheduled to begin next friday the 24th. he pleaded not guilty to all three misdemeanor charges. other potential witnesses to take the stand, their neighbors as well as another former girl friend who also claims that he beat her up when they were dating. >> we'll be watching. gil diaz, thank you. state treasurer bill lockyer says his wife was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend. there was an incident at a local motel. the police haven't identified her as the victim but the state treasurer does say that it was his wife alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer. lockyer says that the assailant was a troubled person and that his wife went to that motel to try and help him. mother nature kind of stirring. we have a little earthquake up
6:36 am
in northern california. we have rain. we have snow. >> we have a lot going on. >> i'm just so glad i can share it all with you guys today. what a great start to the monday, folks. we have some scattered showers around the bay area, right now. you get caught up in some of these cells that rain can come down pretty good for a little bit but it's scattered and will be that way into the afternoon. toward the san jose area, you can see some showers making their way through that direction right now toward milpitas. it looks like towards sunnyvale we'll see this repeated cells throughout the day today. you will see breaks in the clouds and then some wandering showers moving by. the core of the low spinning down the coastline will bring with it some more showers across the bay area today, some breezy conditions and looks like some very chilly temperatures for highs today. they are going to be running below average today a good five to seven degrees. it's 46 in concord. 46 in livermore. and 47 in san jose with the showers. by the afternoon, highs only in the low 50s out toward the
6:37 am
coastline. next weekend unsettled and possible rain. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. >> we are following a couple of different incidents out there now. first i want to take you close towards pleasanton and the dublin interchange. westbound 580 right by the hacienda exit. i actually think we can see it a bit in our camera there is one lane blocked off right there by that exit. not sure if it's an injury crash. on and off the phone with chp with this one causing stacking up in the westbound lanes of 580. we're also following another problem in richmond this one out there for a while now. westbound 80 by hilltop and we have a map to show you this one where we can see a long line of slow sensors. we're seeing red all the way back in a hercules now. so your drive time unfortunately continues to grow. this was a car fire and accident. now, past the richmond exit then actually speeds improve through berkeley but it's really bottlenecking through pinole and all the way down into hercules.
6:38 am
so this is what's going on outside. it is wet and windy this morning. so it's slick all over the bay area. and we have numerous wind advisories in effect in fact they just issued a new one for the san mateo bridge. so san mateo bridge, bay bridge and benicia bridge all have wind advisories in effect. we're also following breaking news out of hayward. our news crews just arrived on scene. there was a body found early this morning on the sidewalk right there at 7th and c streets. and it looks like chopper 5 just got to the scene, as well. so again, our news crews are following this. we'll continue to bring you more information but body found in hayward. there is that intersection blocked at 7th and c streets. you can see a lot of police on scene. now, from what we can tell so far this appears to be a residential neighborhood. we'll have more traffic including a check of mass transit in a few minutes. investigators will continue to dig for human remains on a farm east of stockton. they found more remains yesterday near linden. this is after finding remains
6:39 am
in calaveras county foothills near san andreas. authorities started searching after death row inmate wesley shermantine drew maps for a bounty hunter who paid him $30,000. shermantine and loren herzog the so-called speed freak killers are suspected of killing up to 15 people. the remains could be on the property. remains found at another site in calaveras county last week are identify as though of cyndi vanderheiden who disappeared back in 1998. san jose police are trying to fine the suspects who attacked a man and killed his dog. this all happened near winchester boulevard and colonial way on saturday afternoon. the "mercury news" reports that a 32-year-old man was jumped by three men who asked if he was in a gang. during that attack the victim's 7-pound yorkshire terrier was killed. san francisco burglars beat two dogs and stole puppies. the suspect then tried to settle puppies back to the owner. the home on cameron way in the
6:40 am
bayview district was robbed last week. a laptop, tv and puppies were taken. if you have information, call the bayview police station. 6:40. some high school students in concord are demanding more restrooms there. it's happening at the mount diablo high school. some students are putting signs that say y is this bathroom locked on doors of the restrooms closed since last year? the principal won't say why she closed some restrooms but it may have something to do with graffiti, according to the "contra costa times." today a federal court revisits a california issue that it decided more than a decade ago. minority students and other groups are challenge prop 209, the anti-affirmative action initiative that state voters approved in 1996. it goes before the federal
6:41 am
court today. the same court upheld prop 207 in 1997. the problems with the high- speed rail project could benefit caltrain. there is a channels the rail corridor could be back on the fast track. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins from us san jose to explain. >> reporter: good morning. what we're talking about is a pretty serious upgrade for caltrain that could mean trains traveling up to 110 miles per hour as soon as 2016. that's five to 10 years sooner than anyone expected. now, what's going on is bay area transportation officials are talking to each other and to the high-speed rail authority to try and combine funding to pay for this upgrade. it would have to pay electricification of caltrain, advanced train controls, overcrossings or railroad crossings have to be elevated. it would cost up to $1 billion. and the two groups, the bay area transportation groups and the high-speed rail board, would have to combine all that money to pay for the upgrade for caltrain. last year joe simitian from
6:42 am
palo alto said caltrain and high-speed rail should work together in a blended rail system on the peninsula. >> rather than thinking of this as two separate systems with duplicative costs and impacts, think about how we can use upgraded infrastructure, a 21st century caltrain presumably involving electricification and positive train control. >> reporter: caltrain funding agreement is by no means a done deal. according to the "chronicle," the bay area still has to convince the rail authority to include this proposal in their business plan. that's expected to happen next month. but the big if here is if the legislature approves the project, they still have to sign off and release the over $2 billion in bond money to begin that first phase of construction in the central valley. there's some speculation that this deal with caltrain could sweeten the pot, could help the bay area realize the benefits of high-speed rail even sooner and garner more support for the overall project. i'm matt bigler live in san
6:43 am
jose for cbs 5. thank you. a debt deal finally reached in greece. how the agreement is actually helping wall street. >> and we continue to follow that breaking news in the east bay. a body has been found on a sidewalk in a neighborhood in hayward. we have another update coming up. and the market opened about 13 minutes ago. let's check the numbers on this monday morning. and they are looking good. we are in the green. the dow up 72 points. we'll check with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks to find out what's happening.
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let's go back to breaking news that we are tracking in the east bay. the man's body was found on a sidewalk in this area of hayward on 7th and c streets. they are still investigating maybe looking for evidence in this area. we also know that several streets have been closed off. we have a crew on the way there to get us more details. but as you can see, 7th and c streets very busy. they have found a man's body. 6:46 now. president obama's new budget plan is bound to hit a sour note with republicans. he is sending his 2013 budget to congress today. the proposal will cut def is
6:47 am
the by $4 trillion over the next decade, he will cut deficit by cutting spending, raising taxes on the rich. republicans plan to fight over tax hikes. the president will highlight the budget's education initiatives this morning while in virginia. it sparked riots in greece but markets got a boost after a decision by the greek government. let's check in with jason brooks with kcbs and >> reporter: not a popular move in greece but it's what the rest of the world was expecting. the greek parliament passing a new series of austerity measures that will have severe budget cuts for the greek population in order to secure a second bailout worth $170 billion. it basically, while not being an official default, it's an orderly default. private bondholders will take 70% losses on investments in greece. this is seen as a way to keep the country moving along. greek politicians will have to deal with upset voters, riots
6:48 am
breaking out across the country, particularly in athens. the markets though very happy about that moving higher here in the united states at the opening bell as well in europe and elsewhere. apple dealing with some new issues in china regarding the ipad. a company called pro view technology [ non-english language ] proview technology says it owns the ipad name and has since 2001 so authorities in a city southwest of beijing seized ipads out of retailers. apple has tried to fight that claim. it bought rights to the ipad name from a tie juan niece another company and lost that battle. the market is up. apple shares over $500 for the first time this morning up at $501. right now the dow up 53 points. nasdaq is up by 20. s&p 500 up by 7. back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks with
6:49 am
kcbs and let's see what's happening later on "cbs this morning" with charlie rose who joins us from new york with the very latest. good morning, charlie. >> hey, good morning, frank and grace. this morning, we have an appreciation of whitney houston, our own gayle king takes us behind the scenes of the grammys for the emotional tributes. we'll talk to music legend quincy jones. you will hear part of whitney's last in depth interview with oprah winfrey and learn new details about her death. it's a celebration of her music and a revealing look at her life when we see you at 7:00. >> charlie, have you ever interviewed whitney houston? i know you have met so many people. >> i have been asked that a lot and have not. and i obviously would have liked very much to. we came close a couple of times, but it never worked out for timing. and i'm thinking a lot this morning about the idea of -- to have an amazing gift, her voice, you know, and then to have to deal with the burden of it and also the opportunity you have if you have that kind of
6:50 am
gift. >> did you stay up and watch the grammys? i know it's past all of our bed times. >> i did. i had a full day in television. i watched pebble beach as i was working during the day, and then the grammys as i was easing into the evening. and i watched it until the end. >> multitasking charlie rose. >> phil mickelson looked good. >> boy, did he look good! >> have a great show. >> which augers well for the masters. >> that would be fun to see him win that again. well, have a great show. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you, frank. let's check in with lawrence now for a look at weather. >> i didn't see the grammys. i was resting up for this show. [ laughter ] >> if that's the case, what happened? >> i didn't see it. i didn't see the show. sorry. went right by me. [ laughter ] out the door had morning, we have some scattered showers out there right now. most of that just light and hit and miss this morning. in toward the san jose area, yup, there it is. we have some showers in that
6:51 am
direction but if you look up toward the mountains you have pink and white. that's a mix of sleet and snow across some of the mountaintops. things up unsettled around the bay area. more showers and breezy conditions, some of the winds 20 to 30 plus miles per hour. looks like a cool afternoon, too, as those temperatures are going to stay well below average as the system slides on by. the main cold front is gone but the core of the low is continuing to drift to the south. that may just be enough to spin up a few more showers in our direction. so yeah, looks like we're going to see a cool brisk day around the bay area and then high pressure going to sneak in at least for tuesday. temperatures are running into the 50s all around the bay area this afternoon the even some low 50s at the coast. and you look at the mountaintops in blue there. those are temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. as we look out over the next couple of days we'll return to dry weather on tuesday, partly cloudy as we get into wednesday. thursday and friday look warmer but next weekend could be a little wet. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> thanks,
6:52 am
lawrence. breaking news in hayward. road closures in a residential neighborhood. police found a body on the sidewalk at 7th and c streets. a couple of blocks are closed, 7th both direction between b street and sumner place. to the bay bridge toll plaza, they turned on the metering lights in the last half hour or so so we're starting to see a lot of stacking up now. it is jammed solid to at least the 880 overcrossing. and it's continuing to grow. and check this drive time coming down the eastshore freeway. it's been a busy morning so far on the roads. and it's all because of this accident right now in richmond. still blocking one lane of traffic. so it's in the commute direction. westbound 80 right there by the hilltop drive exit. check the speeds. it's slow all the way to pinole, hercules, and it looks
6:53 am
like it's even jamming up closer towards the carquinez bridge. it is wet and it is windy outside. we have numerous wind advisories in effect including one now for the san mateo bridge, the bay bridge and the benicia bridge. so this would be the morning to be extra careful on the roads. coming up, we're also following a problem near the dublin interchange. so we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. coming up, the wife of san francisco sheriff does an about- face. why she is still deciding whether to testify in her husband's trial. we'll have another update on the breaking news in hayward. police have closed off several streets after a body was discovered in a neighborhood there. we'll be right back. ♪
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[ male announcer ] the 2012 m-class continually monitors blind spots, scans the road to reveal potential threats, even helps awaken its driver if he begins to doze. so in the blink of an eye it will have performed more active safety measures
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than most cars will in a lifetime. introducing the all-new 2012 m-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. over the scene where a bodys found in hayward. we're following some breaking news from the east bay this morning. chopper 5 over the scene where a body was discovered this morning in that hayward neighborhood. you can see a lot of police on scene right now. lisa washington just arrived there as well and is live in hayward with the very latest. what can you tell us, lisa? >> reporter: frank, we are at the intersection or near the intersection of 7th and c streets here in hayward and as you said, we have learned from police this morning that one person, a man's body was found on a sidewalk here this morning. i can tell you that the police have been here for quite some
6:57 am
time and the area has been cordoned off, of course, as police begin their investigation. again, 7th and c streets here in hayward, a man's body found on the sidewalk. chopper 5 is here getting the pictures for you and we're working to get information. we'll have the latest for you on cbs 5. >> thank you. she isn't talking to investigators but eliana lopez does plan on testifying at her husband's trial. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is facing domestic violence charges. prosecutors say that he left a large bruise on his wife's arm during a fight on new year's eve. lopez's attorney says she will testify only if the d.a. grants her immunity. that's because she could be charged with child endangerment if their child actually witnessed that argument. it could still be weeks before any kind of cause of death is determined for singer whitney houston. she died over the weekend at a beverly hills hotel room. tmz is reporting that she may have died of a mix of
6:58 am
prescription drugs and alcohol. the website says that the singer did not have enough water in her lungs to have drowned. the los angeles county coroner's office says it needs to wait for toxicology test results and that could take several weeks. out the door with traffic and weather. and the weather word right now, a little wet. >> a little wet. cool and breezy around the bay area. that's what we're going to have all day out there, today as it looks like the showers are going to continue on and off outside. we have seen a mix of snow and sleet in the mountains, more rain on and off throughout the day. tomorrow we should dry out, partly cloudy towards wednesday, thursday and friday. showers next weekend is that not a lovely graphic? our weather producer wanted to put this in. happy valentine's day to everyone tomorrow. should be sunny and cool. couple of clouds, temperatures in the 50s. >> at least you're acknowledging it now. you weren't last week. >> i know. it's coming regardless. [ laughter ] >> oh, no. what a romantic.
6:59 am
>> is she watching now? >> she wasn't watching earlier. [ laughter ] >> a couch in the weather department. >> really. geez. thanks, lawrence. first let's show you some drive timeses across the east bay. you will notice it's slow down the eastshore freeway and westbound 580 because of a couple of accidents one in richmond and one approaching the dublin interchange. the wet and windy conditions are causing issues. it's actually just cleared. that's the good news. westbound 80 by hilltop. now, it's still slow in that area coming off of the carquinez bridge. you will notice brake lights all the way down through the richmond exit. then speeds improve through berkeley. at the bay bridge it is still backed up to the maze. we also still have wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and benicia bridge. >> nothing says i love you like pizza. what do you think? >> heart shaped pizza. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> i love pizza. i might have pizza tomorrow. >> exactly. see may not have won any awards but nicki minaj is getting the buzz for an


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