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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. one closure, two pictures, smooth sailing for crews in the bay bridge and bumper to bumper traffic for all the drivers who were not. and a private good-bye to whitney houston. the celebrities who lined up to share their experiences with the star one week after her
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death. and ready to work for a city ready to hire. who is stepping up to answer the help wanted ad from oakland police? >> good evening, so far, so good. 26 hours after the bay bridge closed, work on the new detour is ahead of schedule. there's a good chance the bridge could reopen sooner than planned. don knapp has a progress report for us. >> when it comes to planning for bad weather, caltrans plans for the worst and luckily today, something much better than they expected. maybe even monday night, who knows. and perhaps long-term or on schedule for opening the new bridge six months to a year ahead of schedule. crews put down black top on a newly constructed curb portion of roadway between the metering lights. it's a detour for traffic in the coming days to allow demolition of a section of the
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bridge. the old section is in the way of a new section. here in video supplied by caltrans, workers cut through a section of the 80-year-old bridge last night. bart says this weekend's closure allows so much work to be done. demolition of the bridge and demolition of a detour that will help the new bridge come into service much earlier than they originally planned. >> we are potentially going to be shaving off six months to year. >> closing down traffic this weekend created an opportunity. >> opportunity was, if we could move the traffic to the south, get it out of the way, then what we could do is drop a construction team inbetween the existing bridge that has traffic on it and the new bridge that we were building and complete that portion of the bridge that we would have had to build off the westbound was originally opened. >> here's the main focus. the place where the new bridge meets the oakland shore and where everything bunches up.
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open room for crews to connect the roadway to the new bridge to the land. and as become usual with the holiday weekend closures, having the bridge even in one direction shut down provides a great opportunity to get other work done. there are 45 projects underway this weekend and all making good time. primarily because of the weather. >> paving is something we were concerned about, having weather issues with. we had sun out here today means that we are just about through that part of it. >> no glitches so far, which means they probably will get this bridge open before monday morning at 5:00 a.m. whether that means 4:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., or sometime -- tuesday morning, what that means, sometime monday night, we'll have to wait and see. shouldn't plan on that yet, just continue to expect it will be open on tuesday morning. ann. >> good advice. don knapp, thank you much. taking a look outside right now. the golden gate bridge had been gridlocked for much of the evening. as you can see, everything is
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cleared up. and taking a look at some of the alternate routes into san francisco. traffic is flowing easier on the richmond, san rafael bridge and further south is much better at the san mateo bridges. well, stay with us at cbs 5, and kcbs radio for all the information you will need to get around the closure this weekend. ♪ everyone falls in love sometimes ♪ >> the world said good-bye to whitney houston today. she leaves behind an impressive musical legacy. houston won six grammy's during her career. she's the only solo female artist to win 22 american music awards. the body guard sound track was the first album in history to sell more than 1 million copies in a single week. and the single, i will always love you, was number one for 22
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consecutive weeks. her rendition of the star spangled banner in 1991 was the only one to sell over a million copies. houston had seven consecutive hits. well, whitney houston's funeral was a private, televised event full of celebrity tributes and it was held where her talent was first shared with the world. manuel is in newark to tell us about the touching ceremony. manuel. >> whitney houston's loved ones came back to newark. it was a musical, moving tribute one week after her death. whitney houston's friends and family swayed to the music of stevie wonder. in baptist tradition, it was not a day to mourn houston, but to return her home. a celebration of the pop icon's
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life in the church where she was discovered as a teenager. >> you wait for a voice like that for a lifetime. >> alicia keys wiped away tears before her emotional tribute. ♪ [ music ] and actor, kevin costner, talked about moments only he and houston shared. >> the whitney wondered, am i good enough? >> houston's friend, gary hunter, attended the service. he showed us the program filled with photos of the singer. >> all of us in the back of our mind wish we would have grabbed her and been closer. >> after the ceremony, fans were allowed to come back to the church. earlier, many were frustrated that they were kept blocks away. >> i want to feel like i'm a part of it and i'm six blocks away. >> houston's ex-husband did come to the service briefly, but left the church in a
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dispute over seating arrangements. ♪ and i will always love you >> the final song of the memorial was reserved for houston. i will always love you was played as her casket was carried from the church. houston will be buried later today at a cemetery not far from here near her father, john. and ann, even at 2:00 in the morning, we have people dropping by the church to pay their respects. >> wow. there was one person who i think everybody was expecting to see. it was houston's god mother, but she didn't show up. it was something about health issues. what do you know about that? >> she was having health issues. she was having problems with her circulation and she wanted to be here, but she could not. there was a moment when warwick looked like she was going to
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introduce aretha. a little awkward. >> all right, thank you. well one person was shot in the chest in pleasant hill tonight. it happened near pine wood park. the victim is currently in critical condition at john mere hospital. officers searched house to house for the suspect's with help for the police and sheriff deputies. so far, no arrests. >> and two teenage boys were stabbed in a san jose mall this evening. it happened just after 7:30 at the east ridge mall. the mall was promptly evacuated. witnesses say they saw three men attacking the victims. three people were detained, but it's not clear if they are the suspects in this case. >> a judge set the trial date, she is charged with murdering nursing student, michelle lay. she disappeared last year. blamed lay for wrecking her relationship with the father of her child. her trial date is set for
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september 17, which marked the one year anniversary of the day lay's remains were found. officers, programs, and services have all been cut. but tonight, we can tell you something else being restored in oakland. the police department is hiring. ann introduces us to potential new recruits. >> oakland isn't a bad place to work. >> justin wants to be on the police force. some of the new positions will be rehires after 80 officers were layed off in 2010, but the department is hiring 40 trainees like katie who has been looking at cop jobs in several cities. >> a lot of the times you'll find they want bachelor's degree or they want an academy graduate or a lateral. >> education wise, all you need is a high school diploma. in order to get into the academy, you have to pass a written test, a physical test, even a polygraph. >> a workshop at merit college is aimed at helping recruits pass the written test before
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they have the chance at a real life test on the streets every day. in a city named one of the most dangerous in the nation. a lot of these recruits grew up in oakland. >> i love challenges. >> the police department is one of the few oakland agencies able to hire right now. dozens of city employees will be layed off on wednesday. loses an average of four officers per month. they either quit or retire. and now with $10.7 million of grant money from the feds, the city is able to afford to bulk up the force. >> i'm going to school. i'm getting physically fit for this. i feel mentally i have the mentality to go out there and do my best and serve my community. >> at the end of the day, the police department has to do their job and protect the city. keeping the city safe. keeping the peace. and whether they like it or not, that is something that will always stand over the city itself. >> in oakland, cbs 5. >> a world war ii ship leaving
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the area. the transformation of the uss iowa and how people are taking advantage of its last bay area hoorah. the service they offer to take the hassle out of visiting golden gate park. >> and our clouds are on the decrease. our temperatures are cooling overnight, too. what are our rain chances before the end of this holiday weekend? we'll tell you. your seven-day forecast is coming up next.
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. more than 100 children had their teeth checked today for free. usf school of dentistry held its annual give kids a smile clinic. it was open to children ages 4 to 17. the free clinic is a national program that the university has been part of for five years. and people came from all over the bay area. >> in a private office, if you go, it would be a lot of money and you can't beat free. free and all these new doctors are helping out.
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it's great. >> makes an enormous difference if you start a kid in the right direction. if not, it can have problems for the rest of their lives. >> about 45 million americans do not have dental coverage. and dental decay is one of the most common illnesses among children. time is running out for the famed battleship that spent years in the bay. the uss iowa will leave the bay area in a few months for good. how visitors are taking full advantage before the ship's final voyage. >> battleship iowa. >> walking on board begins a journey in time. the 18 deck world war ii battle deck is a history lesson brought to life by 87-year-old, jeff. >> these guns are not fired from inside, they are only loaded in there. >> john volunteers each weekend, sharing his stories from the iowa and world war ii. he's thrilled his beloved
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vessel is getting a makeover and soon be in museums. >> i am, you better believe it. >> iowa is being refurbished in the port of richmond before making its final stop in san pedro at the port of los angeles. >> it's like going back to your mom's place. you know it's not really yours, but you grew up there, so you are comfortable. >> david knows the iowa because he spent two years aboard the vessel in the late 1980s. now, he works as the ship's information technology director. >> 1940s battleship upgraded in the 80s and we didn't have all the communication equipment that we have available now. >> peter remembers the iowa and better days. he served as a mid shipman. >> for a 17-year-old, it was quite an advantage. >> confusing, peter says, because of iowa's massive size. yet, even with its rusty hull,
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the iowa manages to be a popular attraction. the cost of the repairs is expected to be $5 million, but preserving this history is priceless. in richmond, lisa washington, cbs 5. john knapp is out by the bridge. it was windy. check in with elizabeth to see how things are going. >> we should see the winds die down. gusty this afternoon. we had northwest winds. some areas, especially along the coast. but yeah, overnight, the winds should be dying down and clouds should be increasing as well. mostly in the 40s and 50s. one of our cooler spotteds, 43. and 42 degrees out in napa. so yeah, overnight tonight is going to get chilly as these clouds decrease and we sowled see some patchy fog. so, temperatures mostly in the upper 30s to low 40s. overnight tonight, and for tomorrow, it's going to be a sun cloud mix. partly cloudy skies across the bay area, coast bay, and
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inland. temperatures should be mostly in the 50s in some of our inland spots. looking over the next 72 hours or so, it looks like clouds for the most part overnight, tonight into tomorrow and nec then we do have a slight chance of rain. it looks like sunday overnight into monday morning. this is going to be light rain. no big deal. it should be fully out of here by monday evening. even monday by 4:00 or 5:00, it should be completely dry. and looking good for the remainder of the workweek. we are keeping some slight rain chances in there. mainly north of the golden gate for overnight sunday into early monday morning. pinpoint forecast, mostly going to be in the 30s to 40s. 41 out in san rafael and 41 degrees is your forecasted degrees. mostly in the 50s. 59 in vallejo. and 54 degrees in san francisco. looking out over the next
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several days, partly cloudy skies. remain dry for the bulk of the day on sunday and then keep a slight chance of rain, mainly in the north bay. for sunday overnight into monday. by monday evening, we should be dry and then check out this forecast for the remainder of the workweek. we're going to see widespread 70s, especially in some of our spots. so not too bad. once again, president's day, chance of sprinkles, small chance, and temperatures mainly in the 50s. >> give you that look. it has a ram the day off. >> no, maybe in the north bay, but not too bad. >> thank you. >> well, golden gate park officials are hoping people will ditch their cars and take public transportation this spring. they are introducing free shuttle rides to the park on weekends and holidays and you can hop on the shuttle at the ocean beach parking lot off the great highway or ucf parking garage. it will stop at several park
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destinations, the young museum and academy of sciences. the shuttle will run from 9:00 in the morning until 6:00 at night. >> yeah, there were nine changes tonight. in the fourth quarter alone. pretty exciting game. cost them a win in memphis and cal tries to celebrate senior night with a win in berkeley. sports is next.
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stanford women making some news. >> pretty exciting. you know, every year in and year out, we expect them to be there. the stanford women blew out
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oregon 81-46 to clinch their conference title. the cardinal has not lost a league game in over three years. senior night in berkeley. honored before the game. all five starters were double figures. 13 points for camp and 17 for gutierez. dished out a career high 13 assists. the bears beat oregon state 77- 63 and remain tied with washington for first place in the pack 12 with three games to play. it was bill cartwright at the hill top. usf taking on gonzaga. ann low misses the 3. but beats the buzzer to put them up 3. second half. kevin pangos drives the baseline and flips it in. leading score was held to just 6 points. final seconds, usf down 1. green gets in the lane and hits
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the floater. for the third year in a row, they win 66-65 is the final. with gonzaga losing st. mary's, he has two to play. dick, look at him go. and 14th ranked murray state are dancing. the same next month. second half, they open up a double digit lead. then it's cannon on the break. he lobs it up to garrett for the exclamation point. murray state wins 65-49. st. mary's loses, back to back games for the first time this season. >> and montae and the warriors in memphis. it looked like they were going to get blown after the second night in a row. the grizzlies scored the first game and jumped to a lead. but montae and staff led the comeback.
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ellis, throws it in for part of the three-point play and cur any knocks down one of his six three's. he finished with 36 points. montae had 33. final seconds, warriors up one. rudy gay misses the fade away, but tony allen is right there in front of the rim for the easy putback to give the grizzlies the lead. last chance for golden state. ellis and currie combine for 69 points, but the ball goes to david lee who gets called for a foul and the warriors lose their third straight. >> round three of rivera, phil mickelson ended up inside this guy's shorts. fortunately, phil didn't have to play it where it lies. the fan, look at him, he's way too excited to be a part of that. as for the actual golf, last year's pga winner, keagen bradley shot a 66 to get to 7 under for the tournament. he's tied with mickelson. who hits the par put on 18 to keep his share of the lead. lefty has finished with back to
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back rounds of 70. the a's pitchers and catchers reported for spring training. missed nearly all of last season after undergoing shoulder surgery. >> i had to hide every belt and shoe lace in my closet. it was a mental struggle, but i knew that coming into it and i have been down that road before. you know, it sucked. i had to sit here and watch my teammates play baseball and i had to watch. that's brutal. you wouldn't want to watch writers write and you not being able to do anything. i had to wear it for a year. >> all right, we don't want dallas to go through that again. still ahead, jeff gordon suffers the worst wreck of his career. more sports next. ♪
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race of the year the kentucky derby is horse racing's crown jewel, but today, golden gate field held its biggest race of the year. >> daddy knows best.
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wins in what was the closest finish in the race in the 31 year history. the boys of nascar starting their season at daytona. two laps to go. the 22 car bumps the 28 car. jeff gore gordon's night wasn't as fortunate. he will need a new ride next week at the daytona 500. let's thereon the finish. >> you may know for a fact, but they would not, smoke versus wild thing to the line. >> they got him. >> wild thing wins. >> they got him. >> kyle busch edges out tony stewart to win the budweiser shootout. sap open in san jose, 19-year- old american ryan harrison looking for his first win on tour. he'll have to wait ole week.
11:30 pm
last year's winner, she'll take on denny in the finals tomorrow. >> and the sharks are away. you know, they go away. >> it's good to get those guys back in half. >> and i'm ready for baseball now. >> and buster is supposed to work out tomorrow. everybody is down in arizona, of course dennis will head down next week. >> thank you much. we'll be right back. anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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icy lake. this happened ye a dramatic rescue in denver. a poodle caught in the middle of an icy lake. firefighters crossed the lake to get the little guy. he is recovering and doing well at the denver animal shelter and now the search is on for his owner. the shelter says the poodle is not a stray. he is so cute. he was wearing a collar, but no tags were attached. all right, that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00. now pictures of the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge westbound is closed until approximately 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. we'll keep you updated here on cbs 5 and for all the latest traffic. have a great night.
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