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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. republican voters waiting to be wooed. what they heard from presidential candidate, newt gingrich. >> four people arrested. a neighborhood on lockdown for hours. how police say this confusing situation got started. and it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it. how one man is saving one of
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the most feared species on the planet. good evening, i'm anette. the headliner brought his own guest speaker today. newt gingrich pulled in the star power of herman cain. for california voters, it's still anyone's race. >> reporter: newt gingrich was the keynote speaker at the california republican party convention today and though he's polling low, he is aiming high. >> i am running for president. to be president of all the people. to reach out to run a campaign while i seek the republican nomination. i want to run an american campaign. [ applause ] >> according to a new field poll, gingrich is at the bottom of the pack, rick santorum has seen a surge.
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ron paul has 16%. but only 10% of respondents said they are satisfied with their choices. many can't make up their minds. >> i have been kind of holding off to tell you the truth. >> gingrich's speech was about energy independence, drill, drill, drill. >> mr. speaker, what's your strategy for california? >> he didn't want to use the media to help voters make their choice. he wouldn't accept any questions. >> will you make yourself available at any point for any questions, sir? >> ron paul supporters got a worse reception. >> we have to ask you to leave the building. >> why? >> because everyone seemed peaceful, but there were a lot of ron paul supporters here and newt was in there. they wanted us to go outside. >> surprise guest, herman cain, came to stump for gingrich and stayed on task. >> the key to win in california is the youth vote as well as independents and moderates and that requires a strong message and speaker
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gingrich had a strong message on energy and i loved it. that's how we are going to win in california. >> california's primary is on june 5 and california's delegates make up 15% of what's needed to become the republican nominee. in burling game, cbs 5. >> meanwhile, gingrich's rivals are campaigning in michigan, which holds its primary on tuesday. michigan native, mitt romney, is facing a tough battle against rick santorum. the most recent poll results have been just about tied. now each candidate is cutting into the conservative values. >> i understand santorum as much as he wanted to take back what he said. he took one for the team. the team has got to be the people of america. >> it is absolutely laughable to have a liberal government of massachusetts suggest that i am not the conservative in this race. >> neither newt gingrich nor ron paul have been actively campaigning in michigan. police suspect the man who
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set off a s.w.a.t. barricade today in san francisco was enraged after being fired. officers say 22-year-old carlos walked into his former workplace this afternoon with three friends and started a fight. during that scuffle, police say one of the suspects fired several shots from a semi- automatic gun. no one was hit and the suspects ran. police later tracked his car to a nearby apartment. >> we determined that one of the constantly involved subjects was at that location on the 800 block and as a result, they did a search there of the residents. >> police say velasquez surrendered peacefully. the other three are also in custody. velasquez and one other men were arrested for attempted murder. a matter of minutes to answer a call today because they were attending a funeral
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around the corner. services were interrupted by reports of a laundromat. firefighters ditched their formal uniforms to battle the two-alarm blaze. fire authorities believe repairs to the building may have started the fire. >> the owner of the building was working on the roof, making some repairs, and there's a lot of lint in the attic and what happened was, it got a fire started in there and it moved pretty rapidly. >> a senior living home next to the building was evacuated. fire crews contained the flames within a half an hour. your wallet in which you are shelling out for gas has become fuel for presidential candidates. republicans and the president. the president says there's no immediate solution and still we're using less and paying more. don knapp explains why. don. >> when it comes to setting the price of gasoline, well it gets complicated. that's because the law of supply and demand isn't the
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only factor. supplies are adequate, demand is down. gas prices are climbing daily. and nobody likes it. >> i buy gas all over the bay area, so we try to shop when we can. >> what's behind it? after all, u.s. demand is down. every week for the last 48 weeks according to the associated press, the man has dropped. it's 5.7 below this time last year. >> prices are up. >> i've been price shopping gas for days and i forgot to get it this morning. >> republicans sensing an advantage, blame the obama administration. >> president obama's policy resulted in an unprecedented slowdown in new exploration and production of oil and gas. >> and republican presidential hopeful, newt gingrich, is promising cheaper gas. >> i developed a program for american energy. every american can look forward to $2.50 a gallon gasoline. >> president is firing back, saying republicans don't have a
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plan. just a bumper sticker that says drill, drill, drill. you know there are no quick fixes to this problem and we can't just drill our way to lower gas prices. >> what is behind the gas price increases? china gets some of the blame. its demand is rising and taking more world oil. so do tensions over the nuclear program. >> it's speculation. price still goes up. >> according to one energy analyst, speculators are the problem. adding $20 to the cost of oil. that equates 50 cents a gallon of gas. 2/3 of all oil traded is bought by investors, and hedge funds. >> it's going to get more expensive. >> by one calculation, the amount of money lost on gasoline for one year, the
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amount of extra money they spend will wipe out the benefit of the payroll tax cut. it's a wash. >> people can't catch a break. thank you. for the first time in the war in afghanistan, nato ordered military workers out of afghan. the move comes after the shooting deaths of two american military advisers in a heavily guarded ministry building. violence is increasing. the wakeup protests in afghanistan. demonstrators were accused of burning copies of the koran. demolishing osama bin laden's former home. the plan is to have it flattened before sunrise. pakistan's government does not want the location to become a tourist attraction, or a tourist. tracked down and killed bin laden. >> he's gone, with some of the toughest creatures on the
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planet. he is back time, time again. meet the shark whisperer. sharks need us to fight for them. >> out with the old to make room for the now. how the people helped by a bay area church were asked to help bring in the new era. and if you thought today felt chillier, we are going to get cold. look at your seven-day forecast. it's coming up. ,, how did we do it last time? i don't know... i forget. hello, neighbors. hey, scott... perfect timing. feeding your lawn need not be so difficult. get a load of this bad boy. sweet! this snap spreader system from scotts makes caring for your lawn snap-crackin' simple, guaranteed.
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traffic is back to normal in the east bay tonight. a power failure shut down the center tunnel on eastbound highway 24 around 5:45 this evening. after a little more than two hours, all lanes were reopened. >> california recently banned shark fin soup to protect the dwindling shark population. fishing is still allowed off the coast, not so in bahamas. thanks to that policy, sharks are thriving there. david shows us how scientists from here are heading there to learn incredible things about the predator of the oceans.
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>> you could call him the shark whisperer. >> can you do that? >> he hardly whispers. perhaps he's the -- >> that's all he is. >> at 74 years old, the doctor could be summed up in one word, crazy. >> i frankly never thought i'd live past 30. >> maybe now. >> despite being bit by one, doctors love for one of the feared animals driven him to set up the shark lab. he was forced here when research collapsed. >> i watched the population that i worked with dwindle down to nothing due to over fishing. >> today he is far from nothing. sharks are everywhere. >> we have two more sharks. >> giant tiger sharks for research. >> he convinces me i need to jump in the water to swim with him. >> go guys, go.
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i'm nervous, i've never been this close. >> nearly twice my size, we glide 80 feet into her world. a glimpse into a side of sharks we've never seen. the doctor describes them as the food of the ocean. >> tiger sharks have a terrible -- it's getting better. >> not by chance that the biologist the sharks are here. the bahamas has been protecting the shark. >> if we had not for the best, just like they have almost everywhere else in the world. >> as a result, you'll find some of the most diverse shark populations in the world. dr. michael has traveled all
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the way from california to see this animal. he is putting satellite trackers on their fins. >> when he is finning, it can fix the position on where the shark is. the yellow ones are ones that we've had hitched from the satellite tag in the last seven days. >> some are tracking dozens of them on an ipad app in real time. >> it's actually a research tool. if he tags enough animals, you can figure out their entire life history pattern. >> now trying to pull off the most dangerous shark. >> is there a tough predator? >> the bull shark. >> these are designed to prey on -- >> here we go. the shark catches one. >> let him run. >> right up next to him and grabs him by the fin. >> the sharks are in trouble because look at those fins.
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the chinese are going to go wild over those. >> in search of bigger fins, fishermen target bigger fish. >> those sharks are totally unprotected. you can kill as many as you want. >> biologists are growing concern because it takes sharks 12 years to reach adulthood. >> especially in florida should be looking at what we have done. >> take a dramatic protection to stop it. >> five miles out into the ocean to explain why it was necessary. >> no doubt about it. he's going to eat that camera. >> we would call these shark infested waters. >> real propaganda is they are being killed off on a rate unsustainable and play an important role. >> doc suggests we get in the water again. this time, they'll join us.
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wild caribbean sharks got in from every direction. the sharks are skiddish, but curious. >> you are not in danger. >> actually, they are dangerous sharks. >> doc catches one. it's here, why we need sharks in the first place. >> sharks keep the ocean in check. something the bahamas needs for its survival. the moment they migrate away, they are vulnerable. i hope the u.s. learns. >> they are more afraid of getting pseudothan they are of what some crazy shark guy has to say. >> and so while ever persistent and perhaps crazy, continues his push for the
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world's most misunderstood animal. >> let him go. now that is a positive spin on swimming with the fishes. elizabeth joins us now and there is rain, yes rain in her forecast. >> in our seven-day forecast, we will see some showers. you may have noticed temperatures today were 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we saw yesterday and they will continue to dip overnight. mostly in the 40s to low 50s. 51 right now in oakland. clear and chilly overnight tonight. so, some areas could get close to freezing, especially in our interior valleys. temperatures will be in the low 30s to low 40s. tomorrow, we aren't going to warm things up by much. another cooler day. a mix of sun and clouds. most of the day, temperatures in the low to upper 50th.
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we are watching this low. could bring us some very light lain overnight. check in your future cast. it looks like we stopped here at 4:00 alaska. gets unsettled. if we get rain, it's not going to be much. we are watching a second storm and that's moving into tomorrow and wednesday. pinpoint forecast, overnight lows for tonight. 43 in oakland. 36 in vallejo. coming in at 31 with an overnight low. for tomorrow, mostly in the 50s. a little bit cooler tomorrow than what we saw today. we could squeeze out a couple low 60s in vallejo. expecting a high of 61. 55 in san rafael. check your forecast, so we're keeping the rain showers in there for overnight sunday into very early monday morning.
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and once again, just have some light, scattered showers. tuesday, we are drying out. we are going to see another storm system move through and we could see about an inch of rain in some of our heavier spots. by wednesday evening, we're going to see dry weather. >> couple days there, almost, we'll take it. >> thank you. dozens gather to say good-bye to the like. >> at anthony's dining room opened its doors for the final time. the nonprofit organization provided meals to those in need since 1950. guests are invited to paint the walls, contribute to a time capsule and do demolition work. >> he went through our door,
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they know they are welcome. they are accepted as they are and we always want them back. whatever to get them back on their feet again. >> thousands of meals a day in an interim dining room. a new dining room is expected to be replaced. some exotic beauties are flaunting their glamour at if the mason this weekend. the 60th annual pacific air chard exposition features more than 50,000 orr cat plants from all over the world. this year's theme is a salute to the iconic day. thearea is one of the best climate and the show runs tomorrow. need a win today. >> they did, and get the spot.
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tops, the west coast, but they did try to take that to the next level. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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sinc we begin with st. mary's who had a chance to win their first outright conference title since 1989. it was senior night, trying to snap a 12-game losing streak. paris blackwell put back, gets a one point lead. and with steven, st. mary's got another big game from clint. knocked down four three's and
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led miguel to 16 points. two minutes minutes go, st. mary's up 6. rob jones scoops it up and puts it in. 14-14 for jones and for the first time in 23 years, the gayles have won the wcc title all to themselves. they won 67-60. the nightmare season is almost over. they lost by three tint at loyola. the broncos finished 0-16. making them the first team since 2001 to not win a lead game. in the back 12, tied for first place with 12 games left. stanford and utah looking for their 20th win. final minute, cardinal up 1. utah gets open in the corner and drills the three. 19 points for heins. last chance for stanford.
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pushes it up the floor, but off the mark. utah wins 58-57. nba all star saturday night. kevin love won the three point shootout, but he didn't shoot the lights out. that honor went downstairs. he had the glow in the dark dunk during the contest. >> i'm telling you, this is a tough dunk. >> yes, it is. >> rickie who averages five minutes per game wins the contest. scott sizemore injured his left knee. his teammates heard a popping sound. for now, it's being called a knee sprain. he'll under go surgery. >> on top of that, an integral
11:26 pm
player for us. i feel bad for him. >> on lap 49, danik gets dumped by her teammate. as you can imagine, was not happy with it. >> hit me, you're in a big car. >> yeah. >> what was he thinking? >> curt bush is out in front, but the leaders get tangled up in a wreck that includes joe wisconsin lagano. in all the trouble, has a clear shot to the finish line for his first career win. still to come, match play championship and some road trips can't end soon enough. more sports is next.
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the sharks have lost six of eight on their season long nine game road trip that will finally come to an end tomorrow in minnesota. san jose now in second place in the pacific division behind phoenix. ten minutes into the game, the sharks turn it over and the predators, jordan to colin wilson for the goal. later in the first. nashville up 2-1. they swing it
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around, leaving kevin kline with a wide open shot. four minutes to go in the first period. the predators would also add three more goals to win 6-2. dennis flying down in style. the spring training in arizona. quarter finals. the match play championship. rory shot from the bunker on 13. stopped two feet from the copy. he'll take on westwood in the semifinal. we'll be right back. these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month
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