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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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and now, one charge. how poe found a suspected mu one shooting at a hell's angel funeral. one suspect and now one charged. how police have a suspected murdererrer not too far from the crime scene. the biggest night in hollywood brought few surprises at the oscars: >> i felt like at the time i was going to be killed or going to kill. their lives took a different path thanks to a
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local club determined to make a difference. good evening. months after the murder at a funeral, the hell's angel suspected of killing a fellow club member is under arrest tonight. we see where police track down the suspect and why police say it caught them by surprise. >> the police arrested the hell's angel suspect saturday night. todd, a guest at the hotel, heard voices in the hall and looked through the peephole in his door. >> i couldn't see anything at first. they were telling somebody to crawl down the hallway towards them. i saw the guy come crawling up the hall. he went past my door. i could see his feet. they cuffed him and took him. there was another lady they told to crawl down the hall as well. >> ruiz was booked on a single charge of murder. he's been on the run following
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the death of another hell's angel member. he was president of the hell's angel chapter. >> just recently, the day before yesterday, some detectives came in, worked with 28 hours straight. they had what they believed to be a very good lead that he was actually local. they believed he was in the city of fremont. >> police were surprised to learn ruiz ended up in san jose. >> this guy lab on the run bouncing around city to city since october. it's ironic he didn't free far. he commit aid crime here and located in an area 10 minutes away by free way. >> the high profile case became a major focus of detectives. this put pressure on officers trying to solve the other 38 homicides last year. >> he was considered armed and
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dangerous. he committed a murder with a firearm. obviously when the officers brief for a case like this, that is talked about. they're told not to relax, not to become complacent. >> the end came peacefully. >> they surrounded the day's inn hotel. he came out without incident. >> now they're looking for the other four helping him hide for four months. a bar fight led to a deadly shooting in san jose. three men were shot outside the bar on murphy avenue. around 12:45 morning, one man died at the hospital. another two were treated for gunshot wounds. this is the 5th homicide of the year. >> it appears to be just pay bar brawl gone bad. we know there was a fiscal --
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physical fight. one person produced a gunfire and injured three people. >> one was treated at hospital in an unrelated crime from a shooting on 10th street. police are still looking for a hit and run driver that killed another man in san francisco around 33:00 this morning. a -- 3:30 this morning. the driver of the town car was killed. the medical examiner has identified him as 65-year-old 65-year-old frisco san francisco. christine tells us what witnesses saw in this incident. >> he had a gun up here and then brought it down. he pulled up his shirt to show the knife. >> it was a terrifying ordeal for a group of american
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tourists. a mass gunman robbed the group they were with on a nature trail excursion sponsored by their cruise ship. >> in spanish our guide interpreted throw everything on the ground. the next thing we heard, somebody said run. we started to run. >> it happened as the group was heading back to their bus. she and her husband were at the end of the group so they kept their belongings. there were small children and teens among the victims. no one was injured. >> a teenage girl was crying. everybody was quiet to be honest. he had a gun and knife. we didn't know if there were other people in there. >> reporter: this woman was with the tour but stayed behind for the last hike because of a broken leg missing the robber. >> carnival has gone out of
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their way to make sure everybody is taken care of. >> violence like this is rare in the riviera. last year there was a travel warning to the area. >> there were soldiers walking around with automatic weapons president once we got off the ship, we got right back on. >> reporter: some passengers who heard about the attack were shaken. >> would you do another cruise again? >> no. in fact we're canceling two we have for 2013. >> reporter: carnival said its working with victims to reimburse them for lost beings. >> the splendor left today for another cruise. they canceled the hiking trail where the robbery happened for this cruise. eight homes were hit in one day by thieves. they stole jewelry and
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electronic equipment during the middle of the day. no one has been arrested. detectives are looking for connections between crimes. burglars will often ring the doorbell to see if anybody is home before trying to break in through the back door. if things keep going the way they are, gas will cost more tomorrow than it is tonight. gas increased an average 2- cents in california overnight according to aaa. the state wide average is now up to $4.28. prices have gone up just about everyday all month. on meet the press this morning, governor brown talked about alternative energy to combat gas prices. >> california will have a million electric cars in eight years, and mass transit and policies that minimize reliance on fossil fuel. >> california drivers pay well
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above the natural average of $3.69 a gallon. with two days until the presidential primaries, santorum is taking aim at romney. he told voters today he's not conservative enough. season tomorrow said romney's record is identical to president barack obama's on die issues including mandated health coverage. he agonistes he's a solid conservative. >> when i got into this race, other people have come and gone. >> i've got more votes in this race so far. >> michigan primaries tuesday. tough competition at the academy after wards this year. the big winners at the oscars tonight. been a symbol of hope for than 20 years, success stories stories from the bay area boy's club. tomorrow temperatures fall like a set of car keys.
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congratulated each other tot at the 84th annual academy awards. award recipients d had reason to the best of tinsable town congratulated each other. recipients new and old had reason to celebrate. we report now from hollywood. >> good evening. among the celebrities on the red carpet, the big talk of the night was the black and white film, the artist. this evening, it delivered. george clooney told me on the red carpet before the awards show that he predicted he would lose best actor to the star of the act tomorrow. unfortunately for george, he was right. the artist captured the audience audience's heart taking three awards. meyrl streep won her third oscar for
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best actress. an emotional spencer took home the prize for best supporting actress. plumber became the oldest actor ever at 82. >> fans in the bleachers bleachers watching those on the red carpet. even the stars are fans. >> i'm a fan of george clooney. my wife said look, there's george. >> billy crystal returned as the show's host for the 9th time. the first awards handed out were technical categories. hugo set an early trend ultimately taking five oscars. win or lose, it's a night for the academy to celebrate all of
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its talent in front of and behind the big screen. hugo came to oscar night leading the pack with 11 nominations. it tied the artist with five wins. >> aside from talking about clothes, we have to talk about other surprises. >> reporter: it's who you talk to, but a lot of people expected the artist to win arguing that the academy loves music about the movies. a lot of people expected the artists to win. some were surprised that george clooney didn't walk away with best actor. clooney -- starred as a father and husband trying to get over his wife. he found out she was actually cheating on him. another surprise to a lot of people here was the fact that davis didn't walk away with
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best actress for her emotional role in "the help" she lost to meyrl streep who's won 17 nominations in her career. tonight she celebrated her third win, first in 29 years, for her role in the iron lady. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> of course the stars are happy it wasn't raining there in hollywood. it's been a nice weekend. things are about to change. brian is here. they're going to get rain in los angeles tomorrow. we're on the northern fringe of all of that. cold weather will be in the bay area as well. we'll set the stage by look tag headlines. we expect things to get cloudy tonight. clouds will lead to warmer overnight lows. it will be cool tomorrow. snow levels down to 2000 feet. rain coming in on wednesday. outside tonight, still a
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beautifully clear view of the tower. for the bay area, numbers right now are mostly in the 40s. santa rosa down to 37 degrees, 38 nap pa, 46 san jose. heading out tomorrow morning, going to be chilly. we'll have sun, few clouds, and temperatures in the low to mid 40s to start monday morning. by california standards, that's cool. low pressure off big now trucking south as heads south. it's taking the clouds and moisture with it. we stand a chance for showers later in the day tomorrow hospital. i don't want you to think tomorrow is totally overcast and gray. we'll have sun tomorrow mixed in. it's my favorite forecast. there's going to be sun, clouds, and could be a few sprinkles. it will be much cooler as well. because there's not a lot of moisture, we're probably not going to see a dusting of snow at the mountain tops. here's the future cast. the next 24 hours look like
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this. according to this, it looks clear. you see a few showers over the coast ranges. it's not going to amount to much. by wednesday, low pressure moves back in over the state. as a result, we could get showers wednesday. look for partly sunny skies in the morning. high 52 in the city. winds out of the north west at 20. los angeles gets rain. new york tomorrow, warm than san francisco. 55 degrees. for tomorrow, we'll look for most readings to be mid-50s. 55 oakland, 50 free mont. san jose coming in the mid-50s as well. not so bad as we look ahead. tomorrow, clouds and will sun, maybe a sprinkle but i doubt it. we will get rain wednesday. it's only three quarters of an inch. then everything goes the other direction. i wanted to see christopher plumber from the sound of music
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all these years later. >> maybe next year when he wins his second academy award. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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nization celebrates for 25 years it has helped keep kids on the right path. tonight at the time organization helps celebrate a milestone. we see the importance of the boy's club. >> this is officially the 25th 25th birthday anniversary. 25 years of saving lives.
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dr. joe marshal answers cries for help on the street soldier radio shows. the street kid's who's life creates belief in themselves. like woodard, he grew up with a drug addictive addict mother and father in prison. >> to be honest, i was out there doing so much. it was like i didn't care. i really didn't care. i was going to go out with a bang. that's how i felt. i felt i was going to be killed or i was going to kill. >> reporter: years before andre
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became an assistant principal at a middle school, he was a violent gang member. he remembers the first words he heard him say. >> if i knew what he knew, it would keep me from doing what i'm doing. that must be some good stuff. aikens has come full circle. today he teaches at boy's club. his wake up call was the bullet that almost paralyzed him. he had their undivided attention. >> now he's in college. >> i want to be a radiologist. >> 25 years of keeping them after live and free, there's no greater gift. >> the boy's club has helped 10,000 young people.
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this spring, 176 will be getting college degrees, 32 postgraduate degrees. 24 cities have adopted the program across the states. as dr. marshal says, his success cannot be measured in numbers and milestones for him. it's the personal impact he made on all of these young people. >> it's so good to hear these success stories. >> you can't believe it's been around 25 years. >> look at this, one principal and teacher passing on what he's learned. >> thank you. it's a sure sign of san francisco. 79 years ago today it was a shovel of dirt. how you can get a look at building of the bridge. you can head down to arizona where dennis goes one on one with manny ramirez. why head coach mcclellan had to leave the game, and why luck gets to share more than his arm
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arm in indy. that's all coming up right after the news. ,,,,,,,,,,
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weekend. the action flick, "act of valor" stars real-le navy seals stormed the top
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of the box office this weekend. this action flick stars real life active duty real life military personnel. it brought in $25 million in the opening weekend. tyler perry good deal opened in second place, $22 million. the vow rounds out the top five. history of the golden gate bridge is on display. the hiss store kal society celebrated the exhibit. it's called the wild flight of imagination, the story of the golden gate bridge. it features art work photos. today marks the day in 1933 when ground was broken for construction of the bridge.
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this is part of the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with the way gas prices are rising these days, this idea might not seem too farfetched. take a look. it rolled through davis today. the bus traveled through neighborhood across the u.s. running solely on the energy of


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