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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  April 15, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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>> 8 co-starred rescue caught on tape following a deadly blow crash of the california coast. today's search for the missing sailors. severe weather turned deadly in the midwest. and the debate over street safety following a fatal bike crash and san francisco's castro district. it is 730 sunday april 15th. >> we see low clouds and fog have moved back into the bay, it went from winter street to summer and i guess yesterday was spring.
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low clouds will break to give us sunshine this afternoon and we will see a warming trend out across the interior the next several days as temperatures once again return to near normal. right now we look at the mid to upper 40's throughout the bay area. i will have more on the forecast details coming up >> developing new is that we are following this morning, the search continues for four missing sailors when their yacht ran aground near the fair lawn islands. one person has already been found dead. the eight member team was taking part in a race that was supposed to go around the island and back. waves were running at 10-12 ft. when a rogue wave swept for people off the boat. the remaining crew tried to wrest the others and that is when the boat ran aground at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon.
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this is the view from a coast guard helicopter of the rescue effort. both the coast guard and national guard took part in the operation to rescue three crew members who were hanging on to rocks. that was about 300 ft. from where their boat was breaking up. the survivors were wearing life vests and cool weather gear which is providing some hope that the missing people might still be found alive. the yacht that was struck by a wave last month of the california coast is making its way down the panama canal. it and nine other yachts set sail from oakland yesterday taking part in and around the world klipper race. the ship suffered major damage after a wave hit it on its way to oakland from china. some crew members were injured and had to be rescued by the coast guard
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>> the last time i was in the boat is when i was in quite a lot of pain. >> tracking the race right now, the geraldton is unfortunately in last place but it does still have a lot of miles to cover. tornadoes across parts of the midwest have killed at least five people and left 300 injured. here is video of a multi vortexes tornado near cherokee oklahoma yesterday. more than one dozen " twisters have been reported. high wind has damaged houses, a hospital and a jail and an air force base. in one town northwest of oklahoma city, and especially damaging tornado touched down after midnight killing five people. the storm system is threatening more destruction. >> we still have a large tornado in contact with a ground >> the plain states are bearing the brunt of a powerful storm
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system. the prediction center says it could be a high-end life- threatening event potentially affecting 5.5 million americans this weekend from texas to minnesota. >> is now under way and potentially a very serious situation >> the national weather service confirmed at least two tornadoes touched down in oklahoma. to barnes on our property were destroyed but she says the damage could have been worse >> we have the gazebo and a fence otherwise it would have went through the house >> a twister touched down friday near the university of oklahoma. the damage was fairly minimal and only minor injuries were reported. forecasters are urging people to be vigilant >> make sure you have a plan and have talked it over with your family and monitor the, forecast constantly >> we do have some supplies ready so we are a little bit
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ready just in case. >> it has been an unusually active tornado season so far. this march is the fourth deadliest on record. >> this morning officers are investigating a murder-suicide case in san jose. police say a man walked up to a woman in a shopping center yesterday and shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself. officers found both of them in a starbucks parking lot. inside the man's bmw was a 17 month old girl >> at this point we feel confident there's not a threat to public safety at this time. >> to toddler has been turned over to child protective services and they're trying to figure out what relation if any she has to the victims. in oakland, a group of brave
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volunteers are taking on one of the city's meanest streets. a handful of civilians are patrolling international boulevard calling themselves the bay area street safety patrol. their off-duty security guards with a goal to make people safe >> we are hoping to empower the community because everyone deserves to be safe and we have been giving a lot of calls in this area >> i think it would be fabulous because it shows someone is out here watching >> volunteers are hoping to make up for staffing issues at oakland police department. the number of police has decreased by 25 percent and in 13 of the city's 35 beats there are no officers are regular patrol. the wife of ross mirkarimi wants to stay longer in south america. a family court judge granted eliana lopez permission to take the couples to year-old son to see her sick father in venezuela but that she had to be backed by
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the end of the month. mirkarimi has pleaded on her arm. ironically, that argument was reportedly over mirkarimi refusal to initially allowed lopez to visit her home country. a handful of observers from the united nations should be on the ground and syria. this is youtube video of what activists say shows the army shelling and opposition neighborhood after the cease- fire deadline. state television claims its offices were also bombed. anti-government demonstrations began last year. the day in pakistan it caliban militants fought their way into a prison and freed 380 prisoners. they stormed the prison before dawn in northwest pakistan. there reportedly had guns and
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explosives and rocket-propelled grenades. bob schieffer calls it missiles up to mother wars on face the nation. senator john mccain johnson to discuss campaign politics and national defense. also it and will talk about the so-called mommy wars after one democratic consultant claim that mitt romney wife has never worked one day in her life. that is something you don't want to say to stay at home mothers. that is all coming up on face the nation. we're on the cusp of another gorgeous stage >> low clouds and fog are moving back into the bay area. we will take a look at what is in store for us coming up in just a few minutes >> new evidence in that fatal
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bike crash in san francisco. the city's top cop explains the challenges in enforcing rules with aggressive cyclists. game over for a beloved bowling alley on the peninsula. hear f,,,,,,
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>> the senate will vote tomorrow on the so-called buffett rule aimed at increasing fairness in the tax system. the measure is aimed after warren buffett who supports it. it would require people making more than $1 million to pay higher taxes than the middle class. republicans are probably going to kill it but it is likely to set the stage for a political fight in the months ahead. the tea party took over san
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francisco's justin herman plaza this weekend. tea party members from all over the bay area said it was important to be in san francisco because the city is " the cradle for progressivism in america. demonstrators say they want the obama administration out and smaller government. today is your last day to lace up the bowling shoes and had to steer a bowling in daly city. once the doors close tonight it will never open again. the decades-old bowling alley only had a few weeks to clear out. >> it is not one of the new hipster bowling alleys, it is a
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place where there are no cartels but a cap. a place parents started in their late teens and now they're kids are bowling with them also. a place that had a 50 year lease that this is the 51st year >> it was a castle when it first opened. >> she is now queen of the castle, the manager. she feels like a pawn in a game that she does not understand older traditional bowling alleys are closing and some that are meant more for corporate parties have taken the place >> they didn't promoted at a high-school level like they did with golf >> league bowling is down 40 percent nationwide >> i've been working here for so long already >> roger will be out of work after 35 years doing whatever it takes to keep this place running. >> i understand why there aren't
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any answers to give. serra bowl makes money and wants to negotiate more rent but the landlord, a 99 year-old man, lives in a house in the parking lot and is not want a bowling alley anymore. his daughter told me by phone that it is just time for a change although there are no plans for what will go here next the story is a long one without a happy ending. >> it is a gorgeous weekend, yesterday was lovely and it sounds like we will see more lovely weather today. >> will clouds and fog will burn off through the day. thunderstorms left behind a lot of rainfall for the bay area which takes us to 60-80 percent of normal for the rainfall
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totals for this time of year. nothing showing up on radar this morning as we see the low clouds and fog it will gradually burn off to show some more sunshine out across the interior this afternoon. elsewhere across the country, severe weather expected in the midsection of the country along this frontal boundary. low clouds and fog are the pattern this morning after a lovely day yesterday with breezy and cool conditions. things will warm up today especially across the interior. mostly cloudy through the afternoon and a warming trend inland will begin into the week cooling down with the end of the week as the next frontal system
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crosses to the north. some showers off the north coast even now but they should stay to the north leaving us with low clouds and an onshore breeze. gradually warming across the interior. the precipitation will stay to the north so we will just look for subtle fluctuations in the cloud layer across the bay with temperatures here for tomorrow heading into the mid 60s or for today into the middle or upper 60s, low '70's tomorrow as we see the warming trend to continue through tuesday and gradually cooling down by the middle of the week as we will have a slight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday mainly from the north bay.
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once again, we will warm and back again to near normal for this time of year so a lovely spring pattern through next week. no measurable rain in the forecast but just a slight chance of spring showers in the middle of the week. >> social media may play a major role in to the investigation of a bicyclist involved in a fatal crash. the bike to look kcbs is reporting that it keep up loaded the data from the bike ride to a social media application called strava that allows riders in joggers to log in times for their trips. the data showed in going 35 mi. per hour on that trip but somebody has since taken the data down. so far no arrests or charges in that crash.
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for more on regulating aggressive cyclists. >> one of the big stories in san francisco right now has been the fatality on bicycles. joining us is police chief greg sir. the question is, is this an ongoing problem, a big problem or something the public as just got the attention of >> i think it is an ongoing big problem. we have a very busy city, very dense with a lot of traffic and we have cars bicycles and pedestrians all getting along at the same time and some of them do not obey the codes and laws as they should. >> there is a feeling out there with people that a lot of times the bicyclist are running red lights and going through stop
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signs without stopping and they're getting away with it >> i think that is true to some extent. we can't be everywhere but i will cautioned those bike riders watching the show that the enforcement will be stepped up. we have targeted intersections that we know to be more dangerous than others. we expect the complaints to now start coming in and we are picking on the bicyclist. before anyone gets there first ticket, please just observe the traffic laws. it is a moving violation if you are on a bicycle in to run a red light or stop sign >> you are certainly familiar with the politics of bicycles in san francisco and bart a pretty strong political group >> they're very strong in during the time i served as mayor i had real issues because of the so- called madness, the last friday in every month, and at the height, 1, had an occasion when
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law enforcement people confiscated about 300 bicycles because of all the violations that had occurred. i had some personal issues with bicyclist although i was at one time a real bicyclist >> as someone who's in charge of the safety on the streets, in the last couple of years the streets have become increasingly crowded. we have designated bus lines so one lane is out. you add on the bike lane to that said that decreases it. and now you have cyclists who want get out of the bike lane into the regular way and because they are afraid door will open and now you have skateboarders out on the streets right now. how'd you get a handle on this as it keeps going? >> you need to pay attention. you need to be considerate of the other person. there have been reports that some cyclists can get up over 35 m.p.h. in the city.
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if you hit a pedestrian, think about that. if a person is 150-200 lbs., it is like a car >> that is kind of describing the facts surrounding the allegations of this latest pedestrian bike accident which resulted in a 71 year-old man buying >> i know that some people report that, i don't have firsthand knowledge of that but when you are coming down a good hill at a good pace, you need to prepare to stop because someone could be walking in that crosswalk >> there appears to be an increase in the number of bicyclist almost every day and that is really the way it should be. this is the city where we ought to encourage riding bicycles but safely >> we will see because it is crowded out there and safety is becoming tougher and tougher. >> giants fans are now fearing for the beard instead of fear
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and the beard. it big injury for the clothes are brian wilson. another fight in the nhl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> talked about a leap of faith,
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that is what in menlo park woman taking her for skydiving trip, she has als also known as lou gehrig's disease. a very tough condition that causes muscle weakness and eventually death but there she is defying the odds and battling the illness or the last 17 years. she is raising money for the research and awareness of the disease. last season it was buster posey who was sidelined because of an injury and this time around it happened to brian wilson >> giants closer brian wilson has structural damage to his right elbow that will likely require surgery that would sideline him for the rest of the season. the news was that much better on the field. the pirates shortstop makes a poor throw home allowing emanuel burris to score. the giants beat the pirates 4-
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3. the a's in the mariners, the mariners catcher drove in three runs in seattle wins 4-0. nhl playoffs, the sharks and deluz combined for 132 penalty minutes. as for the actual hockey, st. louis on the board 90 seconds into the game. the blues win 3-0. this season cannot in fast enough for the warriors. they're down to nine healthy bodies. the clippers when 112-104 and finally, the boys of nascar are under the lights in texas. that is a look at sports and we will see you tonight at 530 >> after this broadcast, the news will continue on to c.w.
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network at 830 this morning we're we will be hearing about it bay area company using high- tech tools to save books and the biggest gathering for gun rights advocates this weekend is going on on channel 44 cable 12 starting at 830 this morning. coming up, stand your ground. florida's controversial law that has people firing of weapons in self-defense. one dead, for missing this morning following a yacht race around the san francisco bay. new attacks from both sides of the aisle in but mommy wars. around the san francisco bay. new attacks from both sides of the aisle in but mommy wars. the comment that set off,,,, p
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>> it coast guard rescue caught on tape following a deadly boat crashed off the california coast. tired of not getting enough help from the police, the group taking matters into its own hands in one raft bay area neighborhood. more than one dozen tornadoes spotted in the midwest. welcome back to the early edition. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we see some summer like
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conditions in and around the bay area today. today we jump to low clouds and fog which will eventually give way to sunshine. elsewhere across the bay >> starting off this half-hour with developing news off the coast, an accident and an ill- fated rescue attempt leaves one sailor debt and for missing this morning. the eight member crew was taking part in a yacht race from the san francisco bay around the fair lawn islands. waves were running at 8-12 ft. 1 in a larger role wave swept people off the boat. the remaining crew turned around to try to rescue them.
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the coast guard did rescue three crew members who were clinging to rocks. another crew member was unfortunately found dead. the survivors were found wearing life vests and cold weather gear providing some hope that the four other people missing may be found alive. an update on the yacht that was struck by a rogue wave last month above san francisco's coast. it is now heading to the panama canal. nine other yacht set sail from oakland yesterday taking part in this around the world klipper race. the yacht was headed to oakland from china a couple of weeks ago when the massive wave hit it. some crew members were seriously injured. high winds have damaged houses
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as well as a hospital jail and air force base in a town northwest of oklahoma city disturbing allegations of abuse this morning and we have to warn you some of the images we are about to show our graphic. gabriel who is not an inmate say that deputies at the jail beat him unconscious because he brought a cell phone during a visit. several inmates have also reported abuse at the central jail. the aclu has filed a lawsuit and in it 72 sworn statements of attacks such as deputies slamming inmates heads against
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walls and dislocating an inmate shoulder. >> i was in tremendous pain, i blacked out and i was awoken to more punches to my head where my head is bouncing off the floor >> he was not an inmate, he was just visiting an inmate but he brought a cell phone. it is being considered to close part of the jail but not because he is being pressured. budget cuts mean essential services such as fire and police are stretched to the limits. recently reached a crisis level for oakland and a group of civilian volunteers is stepping in to help patrol the streets. >> dressed in black and walking one of oakland's meanest streets, these off-duty unarmed volunteers are out to make changes >> we are hoping to empower the community because everyone deserves to be safe >> they're not the first
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volunteers to try to take on international boulevard. two years ago a group of guardian angels put on a similar show of force. this new group calls itself the bay area street safety patrol and says it is here to fill a void >> i think it would be fabulous for the neighborhood because it shows that somebody is out here watching >> a week ago friday oakland police had more calls than they could handle. staffing issues were blamed. ranks of oakland cops have decreased by 25% to 657. in 13 of the city's 35 beats there were no officers on patrol >> i say welcome to the community >> even though he hires armed security guards to protect his business he welcomes the unarmed volunteers >> i really don't think they can do anything negative, it is all positive. >> not everyone is a fan of the
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men and women in black. this man jumped from a car to do a dance with negative connotations. >> they usually don't try to be confrontational and once the light turned they got back in their car but they also saw that we are here >> no one believes this is the solution to the security problems but many think it is a step in the right direction, the direction of getting people involved in their own security. >> up to 11 of president obama secret service agents had been placed on leave because of some embarrassing behavior. they are accused of misconduct involving prostitutes >> one of the agents refused to pay one of the prostitutes and she complained to the police who in turn reported it to the secret service and the secret service also involve the state department and white house and
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agents were removed on thursday and replaced. >> the agents are not in the president's personal detail. the pentagon also confirmed five members of the military may have also been involved in some inappropriate conduct with prostitutes. meanwhile, the sixth summit of the americas, the president says legalizing drug use is not the answer for trafficking illegal narcotics. he is countering challenging a growing chorus in latin america to decriminalize drugs used as a way to ease deadly cartel violence. he did say he is open to having a debate about legalization. it looks like we have another gorgeous stay in store. >> the wet weather from last week is moving across the country and we see low clouds and fog returning to the bay. we expect some clearing and a
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warm-up for this afternoon. i will have those details coming up next. the high-profile case over self- defense rights. the legal challenges over the standard round law. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> spring has sprung and around the bay area. it is 11 minutes after 8:00 and jim has more details on the weather forecasts. >> we saw a nice spring pattern yesterday and today we are jumping right to summer with low clouds and fog throughout the day. we're starting to see some spots there north of the golden gate. we expect more sunshine to work east west across the bay, a classic summer pattern. right now across the nation
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we're looking at severe weather this afternoon peak in the midsection of the country. we're looking at a much more benign weather pattern for the west coast. low clouds and fog will give way to a warming trend as skies cleared out. a bit of a cool down by the middle of the week. it looks like a glancing blow for the bay area as the next from a system crosses north. through the week we're already seeing showers on the north coast but high pressure will bump it farther north through the next couple of days and leave us high and dry for the most part with slightly warmer temperatures a gradual cool down for the middle of the week
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and we warm up into the weekend as the rain should stay to the north of us and we will see more clouds than actual moisture. we will see the central valley warming up _ sunny skies into low seventies today while we stay in to the '60s at the coast. mid to upper 60s for the warmer locations. cooler at the coast as the clouds will be slow and go there. warming across the interior. tomorrow, a few more '70s popping up.
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looking like a spring pattern for the foreseeable future. >> unless you had been living under a rock you have heard about the trayvon martin case. his death in florida has stirred national debate over the wisdom of the stand your ground law. it allows people to " meet force with force including deadly force " and not only in their homes. joining us now is professor laurie little from the hastings law school. what are the constraints of the stand your ground law which we don't have in california. >> there are different variations all over the place and no two of them are the same. there used to be something
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called and there still is in most states, a duty to retreat. you have a duty to retreat if you can safely. >> what will really come into question is the dispatcher reportedly told zimmerman in this case to not follow trayvon martin and he did anyway >> right, and florida has the exception that everyone has that if you are the initial aggressor you cannot take advantage of the stand your ground law. we have a castle exceptions, if you are in your house you don't need to retreat which is common everywhere but if you are the initial aggressor, you cannot take advantage of these roles and that will be at issue in the zimmerman case. >> was either victim or the aggressor because there was talk of them having some sort of fight. how important are his medical records going to be?
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>> bowl case will turn on lots of facts that we don't even know yet. that is kind of a problem here, people should not look to the law to solve these kinds of problems. police training is more important than what the law says. they evaluate credibility on the scene and then they didn't arrest is imminent. that is hard to imagine in a case where there is homicide where nobody knows what happened in you don't even arrest the perpetrator until you decide what the right version is >> and it took weeks for that to happen and a lot of people said the only reason it did happen was because of the public outcry. >> the racial overtones are huge. this idea that white police officers didn't arrest the white man was sort of profiling and actually the new affidavit says they profiled zimmerman,
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zimmerman profiled martin, he said, will follow him because he is wearing a hooded sweatshirt. almost one this morning to bring this to the front. if you are profiling someone and martin doesn't know who is following him, the idea that a law will make a difference is really not true. it will turn on lots of facts that we really don't know yet >> you have other issues, what kind of neighborhood is that, should neighborhood watch people be armed, what is the relevance of the police direction that we don't need you to do that, we have an officer responding, there are lots of issues. there is a new movie that is coming out called neighborhood watch, a comedy, they have held up the release because it is tied to this. >> the duty to retreat, that is part of the law when it comes to
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stand your ground. doesn't that just simply blow the case out of the water since he did not retreat? >> you have a duty to retreat only if you can retreat safely. you're not supposed to respond with more force than is being used against you so unless you fear deadly force you cannot use deadly force and the law makes a big distinction between hitting someone with your fist and shooting them. the last thing is the initial aggressor idea, if you start the fight you lose that ability. if you start the fight and somebody response. and then, what is the reasonable belief? could martin have reasonably fear deadly force here? he responds to demand following him by may be engaging in an altercation, he is allowed to stand his ground to a and then zimmerman responds with deadly force. this trial could take a few
8:19 am
weeks, jury instructions will be lengthy and hard to follow. >> that is even if they decide they can have it there >> they have a rule that says you can do this pre-trial but i think that seems unlikely in this case. this seems like a case that will need to go to the jury. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> this week, politics and parenting took center stage on the campaign trail after the off-the-cuff remarks by a democratic strategist in that mitt romney and his wife. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying my wife tells me that what women really care about our economic issues and when i listen to my wife that is what i'm hearing. his wife has actually never worked a day in her life >> mrs. romney fired back in
8:22 am
her first week ever, " i made a choice to stay home and raised five boys, believe me it was hard work ". high-profile democrats quickly weighed in from the white house to congress all saying they know about our work that stay at home mothers do. rosen issued an apology for her remarks still checks in with our political insiders >> we will go to mayor braun in just a moment but right now, carla of the san francisco chronicle joins us. gender politics, it was just a matter of time before the women's vote came into issue. up until now the democrats appeared to have a lot but now there is controversy >> a mommy wars erupted and the
8:23 am
democratic unsalted set that off in the republicans seized on it. they had to when she went after and romney by saying that she had never worked a day in her life, that was the wrong target. romney is much admired mother of five had multiple sclerosis, a breast cancer survivor, he did not pick on a woman like that. she's the best thing going with the mitt romney campaign and in doing that, rose and opened up an entire line of attack >> have been that long been the subtext of democrats, we are the professional women and your the mothers? >> she was not working as a democratic consultant at the time that she said that. she was working as a journalist for cnn. she is an analyst, as they say, and it should have been directed at cnn because that is the forum in which he delivered it except by virtue of her previous employment, she is now being
8:24 am
canonized by the republicans as a democratic consultant and that is wrong. >> actually she is done with cnn and she will go back to be a democratic consultant >> no, we're not taking her back >> i think her point is that an army is being used by mitt romney as an advisor in the campaign. rosen is herself a working mother of two. she was trying to say that mrs. romney has not worked outside the house >> the subtext is that the democrats need the women's vote. the republicans have got to close the gap. when she made these comments they jump on it for that reason. it will help them win back some of the women they have lost >> it's exactly what i've said, this election is obama's to lose. he asked to hold on to the women's vote. he asked to hold on to the 18- 30 vote.
8:25 am
holding on to the various diversity is reflected in racial minorities. he wins the election if he does it that way but hillary is not helping. >> the politics section on our website shows the president with a slight lead heading into the election after rick santorum dropped out of the race. coming up, one more look at today's top stories including a coast guard rescue going on this morning and the search for missing sailors. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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>> here's a look at this morning's top stories.
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the coast guard is continuing to search for four missing sailors after rescuing three others. their yacht ran aground yesterday and one crew member has been found dead. five people died overnight in a tornado near oklahoma city. more than one dozen tornadoes have hit the states and more severe weather will happen today. around here we are spoiled >> so far it looks like the summer pattern here is working its way in which will give way to afternoon sunshine. across the interior, another active day of whether there. severe thunderstorm potential for the midsection of the country and we will see how that plays out through the day. >> thanks for joining us this morning. face the nation is coming up next. we are moving over to the c.w. network if you want to meet us there. having a lovely sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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