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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  April 21, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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a power line death on the peninsula knocked out power to thousands of people. with the worker was doing before the life wires fell down. george zimmerman is expected to be released from prison this month. his court room statement and his 911 col. and the countdown to the demolition. when it shut down the historic road to the golden gate bridge. thank you for being with us this morning. in a shipping it to be one of the warmest days of the year and so far we go toward meteorologist. we could see some record-
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breaking temperatures. it we're pushing the record today. we will see some low 90s across the interior today. upper 80s were working back toward the bay. the water will be upper seventies to low 80s. a very warm day indeed. it could be the warmest of the season as we see sunny skies this morning. we have a little the patchy fog at the coast. but that will not be much of a factor. but blue skies across the city. the average temperature for this time of year it's '60s and '70s. the forecast will be in the '70s the debate, 90s for hotspots and records in the mid to low 90s dorsett back in 2009. ready pushing the records. luckily, a couple of them. they are ready in the upper fifties to mid 60s across the area and of course this kind of warm-up condition expect the air quality to take a hit. it declined dramatically by
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tomorrow at one of more details on that coming up in just a minute. the investigation is under way after a man was electrocuted by a downed power line in san mateo. he was driving a pickup truck when he got out of the truck and a move the water out of the road. if he was shot and seriously injured. the down line had knocked out power to 3000 customers and so far 73 are still in the dark. pg&e is looking into why that power line came down. sacramento authorities say the shot and killed a carjacking suspect. the search for the suspect forced officers to shut down a major freeway connecting the bay area to the capital city. started after the man stole a pickup truck firing at ec fled. the later crashed and in hot wired a tractor and central set to next carjacking site and officers believe they did fatally shoot a
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suspect during a shootout at an apartment complex. a very politician embroiled in a sex and addiction scandal is calling it quits. his problem surfaced in february when the four year- old allegedly got into a fight at with the suicidal ex- boyfriend that she met in rehab. the police were called. the reports of a 60. the criminal charges were filed. she had in her resignation yesterday. i am sad. is a tragic story. and clearly when nadia came to the board she had a lot going for her. i think at times shall have a lot going for her in the future. her husband is state treasurer did not and this has been a difficult year for his wife. the 60 days to find a replacement and the position will open up for election this november. george zimmerman is still in jail this morning but will be released on bail this
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weekend. he's the man accused of killing trayvon martin in florida yesterday. his first public statement. i wanted to say that i'm sorry. for the loss of your son, and not know how old she was. i thought he was just a little bit younger than i was. i did not know if you is armed or not. his reference to his age, to dick's we told police dispatcher a minutes before the confrontation. holy city was late teens he could be freed on one and $50,000. he was released from jail. he's charged with second- degree murder. he apologized to the parents of trayvon martin. we are one week away from milestone and at traffic attic. that's one of the approach for the golden gate bridge. of the close on friday night at 8:00 to
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5:00 the following monday and that could create a traffic nightmare. we'll show you what to expect. for 57 hours straight, a hydraulic excavators will demolish the first 3,300 ft. of the wheel drive. the golden gate bridge commuters will go over a new seismically safe viaduct. is a great milestone for the project. it gives travelers in the new structures and move some of the ways to the project and have the second half can be built this will be the self pauline's but in this first phase both directions of the traffic will share the road. it feeds into the state of the dark tunnel. this is the most modern tunnel built in the bay area. when the project is completed, the before a peace and their design with safety features including a modern system to put out fires. we cannot have high-capacity a lot of volume of water in case there was a fire inside the
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tunnel and to activate it manually within pennies on pipes rot across the wall and to the tunnel and the flow rate is 1,500 gal. per minute. a concrete movable barrier will allow for link changes to the traffic flow and drivers are warned to pay attention to newt road directions in intersections. down by the palace of fine arts this new intersection puree to double left turn to marina we go forward to richardson and lombard. it is brand new. we ask patients the views promise to be spectacular. the open views of the day of very much a part the redesign of the we'll dry. on this product is done in 2015, the roads will be slightly tilted so every motorist is that you. detectives in santa rosa
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have found a body believed is that of a 15 year old girl missing for a week. she was last seen leaving home on her bike last saturday and on wednesday, the investigators located her journal which indicated she'd been contemplating suicide. a review over internet history sheet research directions to the state park. they searched the area on thursday and friday and last night they found a body of the young female in the park an autopsy is scheduled for monday. today search teams skilled with dealing with rough terrain will make a new effort to find sierra lamar. she's a teenager missing since march 16th. she was kidnapped on that day and today several officers from sheriffs department will search on foot in morgan hill, sam martine and in gilroy. feeding the 24 new cycle in the trayvon martin case, helping families with the media
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eggs if the test comes back low. 12 minutes after 7:00, is a gorgeous day out there. the morning has been fantastic. very warm and balmy morning across the bay. we are heading for hot weather this afternoon. will call it warm in most locations. it may encounter some warm temperatures. we see the clear skies prevailed. there's a little bit of patchy fog on the coast. we have lovely and balmy temperatures. we're already in the '60s in many locations. miss hayes and try valley. we will look for temperatures to warm throughout the day and a lot of patchy fog on the coast. it warms up inland and cooling into beginning of the week. this heat wave will be a brief one as you see a bit of a not exactly a
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offshore breeze but we will have a bit of warm out as a high pressure builds up across the coastline. the jet stream is way to our north here. where she the off shore component at the beach is what will have some patchy fog out there, but across the interior to be dry northerly wind flow. it'll be replaced by a sudden breeze which will bring the fog back from a shore and onshore breeze and it cools down into the beginning of the week. so enjoy the warm out what last because as you saw out it will be a brief one as we see very patchy fog this morning that will increase tomorrow into the beginning of the week for bit of cool down throughout the area as the fog and low clouds returned to the coast. the temperature wise today, will see those temperatures across the locations in the eighties to low 90s and possibly 92 in san jose with will be close to record for them. upper 80s even back in the
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water the seat seventies and low 80's at the beach. mid to upper 60s for the day and 70 in the city for a high. that's a high for san francisco standards. in to the cool down tickets and to begin a week. with a slight chance of showers keeping a no. 8. i doubt if you will not much in a way of completion. we see a better shot chance of some might shower activity across the region on thursday and will not last long either. it a tryout on friday. warming again and throughout next weekend. a couple of good weekends setting up here to take us into our spring pattern and beyond from the looks of things. that is it from here. on monday, at the ethics commission will determine the fate of san francisco's suspended sheriff. he tried to go round process in court yesterday. the mayor did not listen to his story the day before it beat mayor suspended him. as soon as i walked in
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within 20 to 30 seconds the mayor had announced that i'm asking you to resign if not faces suspension. the meeting would ended right there the five not ask him a number of questions that started with how did you arrive at this position? you don't even know what happened to like to hear my story? the mayor was used when he was approached with the subject has the judge denied his request to overturn the mayor's suspension. at this time, he remained suspended without pay. another high-profile trial is underway in florida. the shooting death of an on on teenager is it a nerve with families across the country. for more on the media spotlight in the trayvon martin case and a suspect george zimmerman we have george with common sense media. kids have limited ways to launch its but how do you how
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to make sense of it? a lot of ways, we have to teach our kids to be literate about the news media today. we lived in it 24-7 media world. but you have cable news and you have to take a story like the trayvon martin case which is happening in the news for several weeks and that cases been in an news for now month or more now. and sometimes as a parent you have to sit there and help your kids to decipher the news. the trayvon martin case involves race, it involves shooting, and it has some very heavy issues at part vigilante justice vigilante justice. you have to get out that with your children depending on their age and income nation and help them understand that everything is not black and white. you have to have a discussion about this. d recommend that children even watch the news? a lot of it depends on the
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aged kids. we talked about this september 11th, when you have an event so heavy like that you want to shield the number children. the issue's three of the kids you want to shield them. as kids get older, you have to help them decipher the news and talk to them about the messages. let them form and intuition about. we election season, not. what talked-about it cannabis. with the trayvon martin case. you have a case for a producer was fired for editing one of the tapes. as we talk to kids about how sometimes what you see on television isn't always exactly what happens because it is added. we have four children and their youngest son is black. so jesse he knows who trayvon martin is. and when president obama came out and said that when i see trayvon martin, i see my own son. well, i look at that and thought to myself i see my own son when
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1617. that was the porn issue to talk to our jesse and they're other kids. i think what it is about this literacy. it is helping kids understand everything is not always as it seems to be. it is very important for you to be educated and for you to have an opinion about things are gone on in the world. let us get to some tips for parents. the first thing to talk about is as a parent this is not always simple. you need to look and listen with your kids and watched with them. it is not always clear to what will happen on your kid's point of view. we see that with all media. but i think another factor is that kids often more complicated stories miss the main point. they fastened by piece of video the sea or lysias shooting or something violent. you could help them to code more complex
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stories and we have a screen the good guys and bad guy. sometimes the news is simplified more than it should be. even in the case of trayvon martin, these are complicated stories. if you care about the defendant. so, is helpful to talk to your children about how two people could see the same incident in a different way. even if you have very strong opinions about something. to explain that everything is not so simple. in an era where five second sound bites that you and i know this very well from being in the news media, everything is five second sound bites and one photo. life is not just five seconds as the sound bites. i think one of things is important as a parent in a world of 24-7 news which is now on twitter and i had one to 40 characters. how much debt can you get in 140 characters. so
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for helping people understand that there's more to the story is good or bad. that's a very important factor. with trayvon martin, that it's very close to me carried we could help our society be more educated if we start with our own kids. me carried we could help our society be more educated if we start with our own kids. that some good points. we'l,
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mother made at a plant i screamed. just kidding. today will be of four year- old inventor at the exploratory and here in san francisco. but first it is business as cardboard box arcade down in los angeles was slow until his very first customer. that man was looking for auto parts can across his empty cardboard box arcade. it was so impressed that made a short movie about the arcade and the film went to a viral and raised $115,000 scholarship that came once to share with others. can be came and as arcade at the exploratory at 3:00 today. the giants now have a winning record after holding on to lead last night in york. the a's came a little bit short at home against the indians. good morning everyone. the giants in the first on the road
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without brian wilson. for different relievers had a chance to finish the game last night in new york. they're easy go allowed two runs in five innings will have to settle for no decision. and hector sanchez rips a single up the middle. and the press corps is to give the giants a 4 run lead. it came in the bottom of the inning and stranded the runners. the giants beat the mets 4-3. the a's and the indians as he smacks his second home run of the year. but cleveland, took the lead right back in the fourth inning. heat lines went down the line for two runs scored. the indians go on to win. for teams are left before the warriors and mark jackson can begin their own vacation. the warriors now lost seven in a row. the playoffs as
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they look at the first team to rant. the predators' beat the red wings in five games. as a look at sports. will see you tonight at 530. text messages that tell patients feel connected and the therapy that uses 140 characters or less. 8 the area politician involved in a sex and addiction scandal calls it quits. and most interest criminals on earth are locked up in space. we have a thoughts ,,,,,,,,,,
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a power line accent instead the in the peninsula and how many home are without power. the man who shot and killed and on our a teenager makes his first public statement carried out soon george zimmerman may be out from jail. the search is on for a new supervisor in alameda county as a supervisor steps down and keep it scandal. welcome to the early edition. is april 21st. it thank you for joining us. for about people showers were looking at the warmest day of spring so far even getting close to some records. we have more
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information on the court to stay ahead. so far as shipping of to be a very warm day across the bay. we temperatures this morning that clear skies with a little bit of fog on the coast. but that will not limit the temperatures here today as we see upper 80s the low 90s throughout the region here. it could be pushing sun records for many inland locations as the low 90s is a record pace for some of the warmer spots. we see here the average would be '60s and '70s and today will be in the '70s to '80s even low 90s for some inland locations. you see the records in the low 90s and most of those setback in 2009. will for the temperatures to right now already pushed into the '60s as we see the warm-up beginning this morning. it will continue to this afternoon as you see more and onshore breeze to go across the region. for today, and expect a hit in the
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air quality for the east and santa clara valley as a sinking air mass will create some stagnant avenues are atmospheric conditions out there. it should improve tomorrow as the temperatures cool slightly and i will have more details coming up in just a few minutes of those four test issues. power is still out this morning for some people after a man was electrocuted by a downed power line in san mateo. his driving and pick a truck when he got out of his vehicle and try to move a wire out of the road. he was shocked and seriously injured and died at stanford medical center. the new line knocked out power to 3000 customers. about 73 still in the dark. pg&e is looking to what the power line came down. detectives in santa rosa had found a body the believe that of a 15 elk grove missing for a week. she was last seen leaving home on a bike last saturday. on wednesday, investors found her
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journal which indicated she may have been contemplating suicide and review of our internet history shows that she researched directions to an adult state park. the searched the area on thursday and friday and on 530 last night, that on the body of a young female in the park. an autopsy is scheduled for monday. today search teams are dealing with rough terrain like a new effort to find the sierra lamar. she is the more to help teenager missing since march 16th. the '40's police she was kidnapped on that day. today, officers from several sheriffs department will search on foot in morgan hill, san martin and gilroy. george zimmerman has now spoken his first words about the case in court. and the statement came in the form of an apology. toward a settlement was in shackles to the witness stand is on bail hearing to make his first public statement about
7:33 am
shooting trayvon martin to death. an apology to his parents. i wanted to say i'm sorry. for the loss of your son and i did not know how old was. i thought he was a bit younger than i was and i did not know if he was armed or not. at the 28 year-old reference to a speech in clusters on contradicted what he told police dispatcher minutes before the fatal confrontation in february. at it looks like late 20s. that part because of an investigator to zimmerman was the aggressor. dean of certified? you have any evidence that supports to start a fight? now bail conditions say yes to report to authorities every three days and to wear ankle bracelet which it gps beckon monitor his every move. some of its parent's only have to put up $15,000 and they
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get to be with their son. and it would give their lives right now to get trayvon martin back. there asking the client we try out of state. the lot of angry and high emotions that exist and i'm just had don't want that to spill over onto a family. seven is accused of second- degree murder in his death. al the county supervisor is resigning after a sex and addiction scandal back in february. the four year-old allegedly got into a fight at in a hotel room with a suicidal ex- boyfriend who she met in rehab. the police recalled. the was it six tape. and no criminal charges were filed. but she had in her resignation yesterday. newt gingrich is cancelling all this campaign appearances next week in north carolina. he still
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in the race and figures just released show that his presidential campaign is more than $4 million in debts. his fund-raising has fallen behind its spending. newt gingrich's becoming a win in north carolina's primary on may 8th but by most accounts, there's no way will be in the running for the republican nomination. but registration for the present and primary in california is up. it's hard to see two people be supported. more than 70 million people are registered to cast ballots in the june 5th primary that is 1 million more than in 2008, but one in five shows no party preference. those that declared those party or a republican and 34 percent were democrats. and more bay area headlines, members of the san francisco yacht club will hold a memorial flotilla tonight and they're honoring those who died later this month with a full
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crew race that is their money kicks off at 7:00. a new proposal might easier for the homeless in san francisco to get a bed. they have to wait in long lines at shelters with and not even guaranteed it will get a spot. they are discussing the option of calling ahead and making a reservation. quick, easy and used in therapy. how texting is used in treatments and a uc-berkeley professor behind a program. in extreme music fans will not settle for less than vinyl. celebrating music on today's record day. and helping ease the teens pressing themselves for poetry. will hav,
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a powerful earthquake hit and no need today. the 6.6 earthquake struck in the eastern part of the country. the area is sparsely populated. gas prices are the fall run the country after four months of increases.
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the national averages dropped 6¢ in the past two weeks. that follows the recent drop in oil prices. some experts believe the price of gas to call another nickel or more by next week. today is a record store de around the world. festivities and promotions are going on at independently owned record stores. a lot of musicians will be performing life. and also includes cooktops, body painting and it breeds. there's limited edition by analysts and cds will be available. it started four years ago at the student music in san francisco. the spate teenagers have a new way to express the stress in their lives thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. she is an english teacher who found the same thing found her in high school. on the edge of silence, you could hear the whispers. these are the spirits of our
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ancestors their homes about life, pain, property and personal trips. you know nothing about living with a place to sleep. note shoes for your feet. growing up in richmond, had few ways to express what he was going through until the english teacher suggested he try poetry. me talk about spoken word poetry and slam poetry is a different kind of poetry. there to components to it. the writing has to be strong performance is a big part to. is another way of cutting out whatever is this pent-up this was five years ago. today heat helps teach and run her program called rock talent. wickes stands for richmond artists' rights. that improve their writing skills and really process those emotions.
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small assess the spoken word portrait change your life in high school. which was hired at them making waves education program in richmond, she saw an opportunity. in addition to the academic support we need to have accretive outlet. as part she added raw talent to their academic program. the rest of memories that were broken by the fist of a man over 100 students benefit from the weekly workshop which now expanded to include theater, music production as well as performances and field trips. because of raw talent, i have become very active in my community that teacher, a poet and a row respected artist. a lot of this will not impossible if was not for molly. is about social justice. as about internal expiration in treating a safe space for young people to feel like they can relieve fence. of love yourself better. know your wealth and simply
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remember and just remember thank you. for helping students find their own unique voices. the jefferson award goes to mali. we posted in e-mail address is seeking get more information on all that is on cbs s f dot com. and we have our story on mali. it is a gorgeous morning here and around the bay area and a day for plans outdoor if you do not mind a little heat. we are warming up out there today. it will be brief. take a vantage of it will last. it'll be coming down tomorrow and we see looking at across the tri valley, a bit of haze hanging in there. some patchy fog coast side. it will affect the temperatures and warm-up will continue across the interior and
7:44 am
near record levels. we've 90s in many locations. with the upper 80s and '70s and low eighties around the bay area. it will cool tomorrow and an onshore breeze which will bring the fog back into the area the beginning of the week. the suggestion is going well for north. a high pressure is building office on the california. a bit of offshore breeze for the interior and working its way back and we still have a lot of patchy fog got their. it will intensify tomorrow as the winds shift south or onshore which will things down tomorrow and going to begin a week. we have some low clouds and fog back in the bay area here and we look for patchy fog this morning and sunny and warm the beach as well as the interior and to get temperatures of about war. but dramatically today there's the fog increases, tomorrow into beginning of the week will have a cool down and back to near normal temperatures for this time of year. but for may, with
7:45 am
the upper 80s the low 90s the locations. and go back to the upper seventies and low 80s on possible all that warmth here even at the beach. it working in the mid to upper seventies and seventies should do it in that city. we're picking up across the region and the cool slightly tomorrow. the continued a trend with a slight chance of some showers on the north bay tomorrow. that is a very slight chance. a better chance of rain on thursday carried of showers and any and all a tryout and warm things back up with temperatures just in time for next weekend. and this pattern will continue for the foreseeable future. we have a talk about texting out. but text messages make us laugh, spread gossip and at times to get you in trouble. and now this technology may help treat depression in at 140 characters or less. a clinical
7:46 am
psychologist at uc-berkeley professor is trying is live to explain texting therapy which is very interesting. it tells how this works. the way it works is that this is a part of an ongoing therapy. when the frustrations that we have often during therapy with patience is practically using a condom with behavioral therapy which is still space. who want people to identify their thoughts and their activities in relation to their mood and the changes. and what things often do is ask people to fill out paper and pencil form redding mood over the week and reading some of these other activities and fox. is tough to track those things throughout the week. we want to harness that its technology. and make it more convenient for people to track these things. for people to become more aware of their mood states. it sound like some people
7:47 am
had a hard time doing their hallmark. he found that patients before your office were off frantically filling out their diaries and the car. you see all the people fill out and fascinates instead you're popping and questioned by the text and getting more real-life answers and more in a moment answers. exactly, because a few things for us. it offers patience when someone gets a text message it really promise that have them think how they're doing right now. are these coming in at all hours a day? % at random time as they between 9:00 and 9:00. we asked about when the other it thinks that we talked about out there and some thoughts and some social interactions. we have some the question should typically ask. what is your mood right now on a scale of 1310? a very simple question to ask through a tax. someone sent to back a number and will
7:48 am
incorporate that into the therapy next time. hammy positive thoughts have you noticed today? that is a thought-provoking question. and other things to go beyond and off the radar. hanley thinks of you done to improve your health today? so what you find the answers to to get a pack from their patients are more honest than a diary? is hard to say. we've not done the comparison. we're getting more responses which in and of itself is a big win. within about 65% people responsum to all these messages. whereas previously, is to close in the range of 20%. it is a big difference. so the idea is to really take something that you know that works and is effective and stridden that. one difficulty in that may be to hold an age gap. there's a lot of your older clients who are not so up on the texting technology. that is it that is an interesting point
7:49 am
how would this work applied to relatively older population. and interestingly to see and find is that people who are not as used to texting there may be more picketing at text message and a few today. let's a teenager getting 100 messages a day and how much meeting this one message have for them? we've not tested that particular question that seems to be the case. we taught people how to use a text messaging. dick pick up a few minutes and that in and of itself is an intervention which makes them feel good about them. i love texting. it opens a whole new world. and try to get my parents on board with that. ,
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did you thought escaped
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alcatraz was a challenge, we to see this jail. the new movie locked out texas inside of a maximum security prison that happens to be an outer space. we talked to guy pearce about the high energy film. and allow exhausted after watching the film locked out and it is pretty exhausting. it's a futuristic thriller about a futuristic prison or getting worse. and you played the most outrageous the most outlandish part or skirt you've ever read it? are not said the most outrageous. is a fairly extreme story i suppose. think that's a low was the average's which we did years ago. i had not done anything like locked out before. i thought that the humor and the attitude of this guy was really in trouble and particularly
7:53 am
within this scenario of trying to rescue the president's daughter from his prison that you reference. it was kind of a lot of fun. it is quite exhausting and exhausting drop the movie. and i'll watch the movie. with a few rapid-fire questions for you. you're born in london but people say you're austrian. what is british about you? there's something there deep inside that still british obviously. i still like to drink tea. what music is on your i pod? so listen to him a lot. what to miss most about home australia? his wife, my daughter and my family. is always a thing that breaks my heart when i'm away. your tree always watch on
7:54 am
the screen. it is a beach locked out its plan at the box office. could take teammate and cheers. thanks for having me. one more look at today's top stories including the power line at death on a peninsula that left a lot homes in the dark. it will be right back.
7:55 am
a man was electrocuted in some detail and died in the investigation is under way carried he tried moves a downed power line on north wall street. dozens of people are still without power this morning and tgv is try to figure out what the wire came down. the suspect and the killing of trayvon martin in florida may be freed on bail later today. he took the stand in court yesterday and apologize to the family.
7:56 am
demolition begins on the approach to the golden gate bridge in san francisco. drivers are warned to pay attention to road directions and intersections. it is time for last with the weather. paul their pants story the day carried indeed your starting out very nice weekend. los the temperatures are pushing into the 90s across the inland valleys and in for today that is good 20 degrees warmer than normal print we may not make a record record out there as 2009 to see all the records on the board. but it will be one day across the region. we've a few 90s showing up back to the upper seventies and low 80s. and right now we are heading into 60s across the region. some apply to enjoy it because this one up will be one big event and cleaned to begin tomorrow and continue the beginning of the week. is also prime season. and apparently it is bigger than ever before. being a teacher is
7:57 am
complicated these days. asking the point of your girl of your dreams is prevalent marriage proposals. this is organized by a boy who went all out for a boy in southern california. he organized a flash mob to ask a girl to prompt. this is tame to what at teacher did in florida when he hired a plane to have a banner. we're also told the girl said yes. did you do anything like this? this is going out with a palm proposals. kids have too much time on their hands. it is time for us to call morning carried it into a lovely day here run the bay area. thank you for making as a part of your day. we come back this afternoon. will be back tomorrow morning to be here at ♪
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