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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  April 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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will talk about it coming up >> so far bay area bridges are off to a great start but we avenue accident coming in on the lawrence expressway >> it is nearly 5:00 at this hour. we begin with some developing news out of oakland. a shooting investigation under way at this hour near 40th street and market. we understand that someone has been shot and police have that area cordoned off >> to taking a live look you there. we're told that 40 its street is closed as investigators do they're investigating. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to but again, a shooting victim in oakland. >> several states are watching the u.s. supreme court today >> the court is hearing arguments about the errors on
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immigration law. >> lot of people are comparing this law to a law in california that requires local law enforcement to hold any undocumented immigrants they arrest until the feds can come and pick them up. today it the group is speaking out against the show me your papers law. the supreme court is deciding if a law which was passed in 2010 infringes on federal authority over immigration policy. that requires police to question a person's immigration status if they suspect that the person is here illegally. california and 10 other states filed a brief asking the court to kill the law as did local cities including san francisco san jose and berkeley. >> we must encourage, have the
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courage and fortitude to enforce without apology those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and the rights for citizens from those who break the law. >> it is wrong and counterproductive to criminalize people because of their immigration status. law-enforcement does not have the time or resources to prosecute or in court incarcerate every undocumented immigrants >> a handful of other states passed laws similar to arizonas. they are all on hold awaiting the supreme court decision. that decision is not expected until later on this summer. >> union city police are looking for a suspect who they say shot a student yesterday near james logan high school. the shooting put to schools under lockdown and when officers
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arrived and found a teenager suffering from a single gunshot wound. a group that calls itself occupy student debt says it is holding a nationwide protest today against the rising cost of higher education. the organization estimates that today is when the combined debt of u.s. students will pass the one trillion dollar mark. >> into this morning, british officials and give new hope to the family of a missing girl. they say it is possible that madeleine mccann is alive. london police say they will release a new image of a girl. the outbreak of mad cow disease is something no one takes lightly. in 20 06 ♪ more than 150 people and now, and infected dairy cow in the central valley is causing
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some concerns but some say the discovery is actually a good thing >> that is exactly right. before anyone starts furiously thrown away all the beef products, you might want to listen up. the usda says the tainted cal was never intended for human consumption. it was on its way to becoming pet food when it was selected for random testing. it was part of a rendering plant in central california owned by baker commodities which converts animal byproducts into other items. nothing humans would eat >> this particular animal did not enter the food supply at any time so there is no concern about that. >> testing all the cows is like testing kindergartners for alzheimer's, that is not where you find it. >> the disease is fatal to towns and can be deadly to humans who eat the tainted meat.
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the usda says the cases were atypical and proves there is a sound system in place. >> this could be the day and untangled well gets free of fishing line that binds it. rescuers cut some of that line from the whale last week and now it has been spotted off of monterey county heading north. crews hope to get close enough to untangle the whales. >> hopefully they can catch up with him and get him out of that mess. we were supposed to have some rain today but warns is backing off >> just a little bit. i still think we have a chance of some showers. we have a lot of clouds and muggy conditions. clouds continuing outside so if you are traveling around is muddy and these numbers are kind of warm for this time of the day.
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59 in san francisco. this first system will affect us and is starting to move south so i think southern california is looking at some rain and a chance of more rain is we head into tomorrow but then here comes the sun shine. >> we go out towards the lawrence expressway. there was an accident there already cleared to the shoulder. it might still be a distraction because all lanes are reopened and the rest of the south bay is looking pretty good this morning. we have not seen too many incidents on the road. >> three more certain secret service agents allegedly
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involved in prostitution scandal have been forced out of the agency. a total of 12 agents were accused of bringing women back to their hotel rooms before president obama arrived in court in yet for the summit of the americas. all the agents have been disciplined. >> mitt romney has five more states under his belt. he swept all five republican presidential primaries. he is now less than 320 delegates away from securing that republican nomination for president. romney has at least 824 delegates, way ahead of newt gingrich. former contender rick santorum drop out and is tintin he is on the verge of endorsing mr. romney. he told cnn he believes he is,
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romney is the right guy to challenge the president. two weeks ago. newt gingrich is not pulling the plug on his campaign yet. he says he will continue to fight for the nomination but he told a crowd in north carolina he will reassess his position over the next few days. >> keeping one area safe potentially at the cost of neighbors. >> the program being called a success even though crime is going up >> a pizza topping beckon fight cancer >> picower with a taste of >> a pizza topping beckon fight cancer >> picower with a taste of freedom,,,,
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>> oakland police are getting federal money to help with the 100 block program that put the focus of police on the most crime-ridden areas of the city but some people at the police department tell us that violent crimes have spiked in other parts of the city that are not getting extra help. now police are being reassigned to cover the entire city >> we made the decision to put officers back on the beats the when people bomb 911 we have a better opportunity to respond >> give them more than 90 days. >> i saw a little girl get shot so i'm for the 100 blocks >> oakland's mayor says the federal government will pay for 25 new officers >> and sailor describes what he
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calls the scary is 15 minutes of his life. he survived the yachting accident in which a huge wave shredded the boat. another wave knocked it into the breakers own. he said it was like a washing machine filled with boulders. he writes that he eventually made it onto the rocks and was rescued with two other sailors five people died in an accident on april 14th. a former bp engineer faces two counts of obstruction of dust this. investigators say he intentionally deleted text messages that said in more oil was leaking into the gulf and was suspected at that time. >> we have a car that drives right into a subway
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>> see the pictures that puzzled commuters >> for falcon chicks perched on top of the bay area building, coming up >> time for your snow report today. snow levels running about 8000 partly cloudy with spring skiing conditions. 105 in,,,,,,,,
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>> here is a look at this morning's top stories. a man was found shot at 40 street and market in oakland. 40 of st. is closed as they continue their investigation. no word on the man's condition. health officials say the confirmed case of mad cow disease is no need to panic. the discovery was made yesterday. the usda says that diseased animal never entered the human food chain. police plan on releasing a new image of a girl who vanished in 2008. they say it is possible that madeleine mccann is still alive.
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>> we might need the umbrella, a lot of clouds around the bay area right now. there is a chance of a few showers but prepare for a couple of raindrops just in case. we have low air pressure down to the south that is taking the moisture into southern california. some of that moisture is eventually ends up near the bay area. east bay temperatures running up into the '60s and '70s and as you get inside the day those temperatures will be mainly into the '60s. fifties' out to the immediate coast line and then it looks
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like things shaping up very nicely by friday. temperatures warmed up very nicely and by the weekend, some seventies and maybe 80's. by the weekend, looking good. >> we sent our photographer to the south bay. northbound and southbound 101 actually look pretty good. really no major incidents across the bay area. looking good all through the pleasant in the area. this is the commute direction,
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east bound 92 looks pretty good coming off of a high-rise. if you are traveling on the nimitz and the major freeways through oakland, everything looks pretty good at this hour. northbound looks pretty good all the way up towards the downtown oakland spots. was down 80 looks good from the cardenas bridge down to the maze. a similar story on 24 from walnut creek all the way to oakland. >> >> on healthwatch, a spice used
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on pizza and other foods may actually help fight prostate cancer. and ingredient in the reagan of is found to kill prostate cancer cells in laboratories. now doctors are trying to figure out of the compound can be used in future treatments. police are looking for an irate fast-food customer who attack the manager of a mcdonald's with a baseball bat. >> investigators say the man was angry because he felt he had waited too long >> perhaps this individual has anger management issues or some other things going on >> the victim is now recovering from minor injuries. it is an example of how not to park your car >> a confuse driver looking for a parking space in paris ended up trapping his car on the stairs of the metro station the
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driver is admitted he had mistaken it for a parking garage. nobody was hurt and the car was on scratch. >> the emergency landing after an airplane hit some geese the >> the emergency landing after an airplane hit some geese the >> what a cow did when,,,,,,,,,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> a passenger plane had to make an emergency landing after a pair of geese and ran into the plane. the plane landed where it had just taken off. nobody on board was hurt but the geese were not so lucky >> we know the gender of for falcon chicks hatched on the ledge of a skyscraper several weeks ago. they hatched to males and two females. scientists from uc santa cruz walk down on the ledge of the 34th floor of the pg&e building. estrange animal story out of
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colorado. >> that is where a prize-winning dairy cow decided to leave the farm. her owner says she has a tendency to do that when she does not get enough attention. she butted her head up against a fast food drive up window at mcdonald's >> we got a call asking if my son had a dairy cow and she told me it was up at mcdonald's. >> people at mcdonald's took pictures of the tower at the drive up window. >> if you are a cow, you don't want to go to mcdonald's. >> three black bears in northeast pennsylvania raided a television station. they roamed into the backyard
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weather set. >> she has come a long way from the big house >> y lindsay lohan will soon be rubbing elbows with the president >> how many cameras could get shoe breaking law >> the supreme court takes up errors on his controversial immigration law. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> mad cow is back, we're learning about the first case in california in six years. >> mostly cloudy with no rain yet it >> so far things look pretty good this morning up and down 101. >> good morning everyone. >> nearly 530 now and we are following some developing news out of oakland where a man was
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found shot this morning on 40th and market street. police say he has been taken to a local hospital in serious condition. several areas have been closed off while they conduct their investigation. >> is a hot-button topic, today the u.s. supreme court hears arguments about the controversial areas on the immigration law >> and it is in san francisco where activists are calling this case closely >> the event being put on by the san francisco immigrant rights committee holding a vigil here at san francisco city hall. they're speaking out against arizona's s e v 1070, the so- called show your papers law aimed at driving out undocumented immigrants that is being taken up this morning by the u.s. supreme court. the court is deciding if the
5:31 am
law infringes on federal authority. it requires police to question a person's immigration status if they suspect they are here illegally. states have filed a brief asking the court to kill the law as have a local cities including san jose and berkeley. >> i believe it is simply too damaging to our economy and too dangerous to our democracy to have 50 states doing 50 different things with regard to immigration policy >> states including alabama georgia and you can't pass similar laws but those are all on hold awaiting supreme court decision. that is not expected until late june which is right around the time that both parties will begin gearing up for the general presidential election. >> a group called occupy student debt says it is holding demonstrations across the nation
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to protest the cost of higher education. the organization calls today one trillion dollar day estimating that this is when combined debt of students will pass the one trillion dollar market. >> the district attorney of san francisco may file vehicular manslaughter charges against a bicyclist who struck and killed a pedestrian. a man died last month after being hit in a crosswalk. a source says there is evidence the bicyclist was writing recklessly prior tax accident. one of the survivors describing the terror of this month's deadly yachting accident off the fair lawn islands. he says after a huge waves hit the boat the sales were shredded and every floatation device had been ripped off. another wave knocked the mall into the breaks down. he said it was like a washing machine filled with boulders.
5:33 am
he writes that he eventually made it onto the rocks and was rescued with two other fellow sailors. five people did die in an accident >> we have not heard of mad cow disease in years and the last time, 150 people died >> this time in california it was found in a dairy cow in the central valley. >> i know it is a hard thing to process, how is the discovery of a fatal cow disease a good thing? in this case the usda shows that there is a sound system in place to keep your food safe. this cow was on its way to become a pet food and was randomly tested when the disease was discovered. the plant turns animal
5:34 am
byproducts into items not consumed by humans. this is the reason health experts say we were never in danger. >> this particular animal did not enter the food supply at any time so there is no concern about that >> testing all the cattle is like testing kindergartners for alzheimer's. that is not where you find it >> this is the fourth case of the disease in the u.s.. the usda says the case is atypical. mad cow is passed from county, but in this case experts say the cow did not get it from ingesting infected feed. >> let's get a look at the weather. >>
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>> mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. fifties and even some 60s already and as we head throughout the day we will see some very mild temperatures continuing as a lot of clouds will continue to move across the skies. you might want to keep the umbrella handy. dry weather is ahead but not until friday and weekend. temperatures running mainly in the 60s and low '70's. not a bad day coming our way. it looks like things will stay on settled through the next several days and then more sunshine for the weekend >> we're doing pretty well for the start of the commute. no big incidents on the roadway. the doe will drive closure will
5:36 am
happen friday 8:00 p.m. and last all weekend long. they're telling us to expect some pretty heavy delays all weekend long so you are encouraged to avoid the area. 101 is looking pretty good right there at third and bayshore. the spade drive time is still in the green with no delays down the east shore freeway. in the south bay the live drive time sensors are still picking up top speeds and everything moving at the limit >> several vallejo based rappers
5:37 am
are arrested under connection of a nationwide drug ring. it is said they're all part of this entertainment record label. more than 25 people were arrested for allegedly trafficking throughout california and as far away as new york city. fans are not convinced of their guilt >> if you are doing wrong you deserve to do the time but if you are being unjustly charged then that is very unfair >> more than 40,000 ecstasy bills were confiscated along with several pounds of air when crack cocaine and marijuana >> union city police are looking for a suspect who they say shot a student yesterday near james logan high school. the shooting put to schools under lockdown. a teenager was taken to hospital and is now in serious but stable condition. the oakland mayor is calling
5:38 am
the 100 blocks program a success. some people in the oakland police department tell cbs five that violent crimes have spiked in other parts of the city that are not getting that extra help and now police are being reassigned to cover the entire city >> we made a decision to put officers back on the beach so when people down on 11 we have a better opportunity to respond >> i want to commend them for what they've done >> i have seen a little girl that got shot so i am for the 100 blocks >> the oakland mayor says the federal government will pay for officers for the program >> renewed hope in the case of a missing british girl. u.k. police say it is possible that madeleine mccann is alive. the girl was 04 years old when she vanished five years ago.
5:39 am
now they say they will release an image of the girl. >> mitt romney is taking another big step towards clinching the republican nomination for president. he swept primaries in five states yesterday. he is now less than 320 delegates away from securing the gop nomination. omni has at least 824 delegates, way ahead of newt gingrich. rick santorum is now hinting that he is on the verge of endorsing mitt romney. he told reporters that he
5:40 am
believes romney is the right man to challenge president obama. santorum was running second among republicans when he suspended his campaign two weeks ago. newt gingrich is not pulling the plug on his campaign yet. he said last night that he will continue to fight for the nomination but he told a crowd he will reassess his position over the next few days >> defend the north against the u.s. and south korea. he made those comments today on the 80th anniversary of his nation's army >> coming up, the race to help
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the net is entangled around its head and left thin. bad weather making it difficult for wildlife rescuers to help the memo. they're waiting for window of opportunity to get the net off. two years after the bp oil disaster federal prosecutors have filed the first criminal charges. a former bp engineer faces two counts of obstruction of justice. investigators say that you've completed more than 300 text
5:44 am
messages that said much more oil was leaking then the company was selling at the time. if convicted he could spend up to 20 years in prison. >> very familiar face during the pgd pipeline blast of 2010 is retiring. dennis hog is saying goodbye after more than 20 years of service. he is looking forward to a life of retirement. his last on the job will be made a 25th. >> and two dozen occupied protesters arrested yesterday at a protest at wells fargo bank in san fransisco. thousands of protesters are filling the financial district. they were trying to disrupt the bank's annual shareholders meeting. protesters say they want the bank to stop the foreclosures and pay their fair share in taxes. >> leaders in san jose and santa clara county are playing hardball with pay day lending businesses. critics say the interest rates can be sky high and another financial burden on low-income
5:45 am
workers. the san jose planning commission will consider barring pay day lenders from opening in low- income neighborhoods. next week county supervisors will decide whether to make permanent a temporary ban on new pay day lending businesses. it is 5:45 a.m., and it began as a student project at san jose state university and now is one step closer to becoming city law. election officials confirmed a measure to increase the san jose minimum wage has enough valid signatures to qualify for the november ballot. if it is passed minimum wage would go up to $10 per hour with annual inflation and congestions. >> >> 1 you'll have city council members will discuss that on tuesday and could either decide to put it to a citywide vote or voted into law themselves. >> let's get a check on the weather today. an umbrella? no umbrella? >> keep the umbrella just in case. we are at least seeing showers
5:46 am
in the south bay, trying to get some rain outside. not a big storm system but clouds outside. let's check on high-definition doppler radar were you can see some activity in the south bay but not a lot of that hitting the ground yet. as you move into monterey bay you are seeing a few raindrops. if you're headed out the door to timbrel with you just in case. a cloud to start with a master's very mild in the '50s and '60s as we look to the afternoon highs will still be fairly mild and the 60s and low seventies. a better chance of rain and showers this afternoon. one system off the coast and will bring with it ran into southern california. we're on a northern edge. this next one dropping and thursday, bringing at least another chance of showers. temperatures in the bay area not bad. 70 degrees in santa clara and 66 in hayward. east bay in the low seventies. 69 and walnut creek. 66 expected in santa rosa. 65 in san fransisco and 61 in daly city.
5:47 am
the next couple of days look on subtle but after that things begin to settle down in time for the weekend with lots of sunshine and much warmer temperatures. that is a look at whether, let's go to traffic. >> will take a outside, a live look at the south bay and we're doing great all along 101. as you can see northbound and southbound 101 traffic looking good according to our photographer who is standing by live on the freeway. thank you. let's go elsewhere. west down highway 4 is always slow this time of the morning and it will be extra slow because we have an accident approaching a street. it is in the median but we're seeing very slow speeds is behind it. mostly a visual distraction but there are streets below 25 m.p.h.. once again passed antioch everything actually looks pretty good. here is a live look near the dublin interchange. headlights moving eastbound. i believe this is west bound traffic so everything is looking pretty good.
5:48 am
no major bright lights and we are seeing a if you slower speeds through livermore, closer to the road so you're drive time is slowing. the silicon valley commute looks great. so far no major delays. all the way out to san jose. 880 through oakland is still a nice quiet ride all the way to the downtown oakland spots. we have been talking bout a developing story. a shooting investigation at 40 yes and loss streak. it is closed right in that area for the investigation and we will let you know when that wraps up. and mass transit, everything is recording everything on time. no delay for muni or bart or the ferries and if anything changes or to hit the road, tune to kcbs 106.9 fm. >> up check out is video of a milwaukee bicycle police officer that almost got hit by a minivan. it shows the van driving towards
5:49 am
the officer. the officer was forced to jump off of the bike and police say he was approaching the vehicle because it appeared to be suspicious. take a look at this again, the minivan sped away from the scene as you can see. scary for that officer. they are supposed to protect san fransisco commuters but we're finding that muni security cameras are capturing people breaking the law. in a small room at the muni headquarters to watch video from cameras phasing out of the front of 30 buses. the record license plates of people driving in transit only lands or park in bus stops and then they send out tickets. >> is made to make sure that we can get to the transit system as fast as possible. our cameras watch people doing things they should not be doing and that is the message, if you are not doing this to market a citation. >> boss cameras caught 3000 people last year. >> internet service could be coming to ferries traveling between the north bay and san francisco.
5:50 am
the golden gate transportation district would like to install wireless capability on the fleet of ferries that will cost about $270,000. the district's finance committee will vote on the proposal tomorrow. if it is approved it will be up and running in a couple months so you love wi-fi when you come to work. >> the time now is 5:50 a.m., a rare peek into the life of princess diana. the one-of-a-kind item going on display right here in california ... ... >> you should listen to the,,,,,
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some constipation medications can take control of you. break free. with miralax. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects. just gentle predictable relief. >> it was a huge first quarter for apple. profits for the technology giant surged 93% as sales topped $32 billion. better than the most optimistic estimates, they sold 35 million
5:53 am
iphones, 12 million ipad hist. they also have more than $100 billion in cash reserves. a trio of visionary entrepeneurs has unveiled an out of this world plan to mine precious metals. a new venture backed by google and executives there. filmmaker james cameron would like to extract gold and platinum from nearby asteroids. the proposal would use rocket launch robots to mine the material and then bring them back to earth. skeptics say that type of technology is still a long way from developments but those involved in the projects remain confident. >> asteroids coming from the very early part of the solar system, the very formation of the solar system, have existed for literally billions of years and have some of the most interesting and valuable materials that we will lead. >> erik andersson said within four years prospecting for precious metals could begin on some near earth asteroid.
5:54 am
>> first of its kind exhibit of princess diana memorabilia will be on display on the queen mary. it will showcase down for by the princess, they can also view thousands of artifacts from the british family. it will open in june. the nba has suspended the lakers a world peace seven games without pay for his elbow to the head of james hardened. there he is right there. he suffered a concussion and has yet to be cleared. world police, formally known as ron artest, could miss six playoff games as a result. he apologized yesterday to fans and the oklahoma organization. president barack obama took to the late-night tv stage to lobby for a student loan bill. >> he was on jimmy phelan last night. take a look. >> now is not the time to make
5:55 am
schools more expensive for our young people ... >> oh yes ... you should listen to the president ... or as i like to call them, ... >> the president did not even crack up. >> the president is pushing for congress to renew a student loan measure to keep interest rates from dublin. >> from the big house, to the white house. >> lindsay lohan will be rubbing elbows with barack obama. her publicist said the actress and her defense attorney will attend the white house correspondents' dinner with a fox news host who has been known to bring unusual guest to the annual dinner in the past. and that is her date to this coming week. >> it is 5:55 a.m., new questions about botox and how
5:56 am
well it really works in treating migraines. >> and a wave like nothing he had ever seen. a firsthand account from one of the survivors of the got tragedy. >> arizona vs. the united states, the supreme court takes up a controversial immigration law today. >> and it is the first discovery of mad cow disease since 2006. but the usda,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> you were watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition ... >> it is a hot-button issue. watch closely in the bay area, the historic supreme court hearing on immigration. >> a gray whale spotted here in northern california. where rescue crews are planning to search today. >> plenty of clouds and showers coming away, we will talk about that coming up.
5:59 am
>> things are picking up steam at the dublin interchange, we gladly check of bay area bridges. >> it is wednesday april 26th. >> nearly 6:00 and new this hour a man shot in oakland early this morning has died. police say he was found near 40th and market street a few hours ago and these are live pictures from the scene. he was taken to a local hospital in serious condition where he later died. several streets have been closed off for the investigation. no arrests have been made yet. several states watching the u.s. supreme court today. >> the court is hearing arguments about the errors on immigration law. ann mackovic is in san fransisco where activists plan a vigil today. >> a lot of people are comparing the law and arizona to the one in california. the law that requires local law enforcement to hold any undocumented immigrant that they arrests of at the feds can then come and pick them up


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