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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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to see what he looked like. a victim's family members were also in the courtroom today and while they were not expecting him to say i'm sorry, they were not expecting him to say not guilty. 20 lbs. lighter from refusing t e in jail, he made little i contact with anyone in court. he said only a few words to his attorney and requested an interpreter when the judge asked him to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. he said not guilty to seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder to the april 2nd mass shooting at oikos university. his sister son and was one of the nursing students killed and chief showed up in court to face his sister's alleged killer. during a cbs five exclusive jailhouse interview, two weeks ago, i asked him if he was remorseful and he said without
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hesitation " i'm sorry but said that word does not help ". he said " families are so angry with me, if i tell them sorry it does not bring anyone . today he did not say sorry, he said not guilty. to the victims' family members those words are hard to hear >> i don't know why he said not guilty. i lost my sister and six other people have been killed so why is he not guilty? >> since his arrest four weeks ago, the accused shooter has refused ye eat. he has lost 20 lbs. and was housed in the infirmary but over the weekend he started eating again >> if you didn't eat for nearly one month at the jail. he started beating over the weekend and we don't know exactly why but now he has been moved to another part of the jail to try to get him mainstream into the population. >> tonight he is at santa rita
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jail at a segregated part of the jail and his next court date is set for june 25th. >> the oikos university newish nursing students have resumed class's but on the campus in fremont. it reopened last monday to most of its students but the school moved the nursing program to another campus to make the return less dramatic. >> there will be no golden gate ferry service across the bay tomorrow. that word came down this afternoon. district workers are going on strike and it could snowball into a major nightmare for commuters around the bay area. >> we are suspending all golden gate ferry services tomorrow morning may 1st, sausalito and larkspur, and we will return to service at 215 in the afternoon to and from san francisco
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>> it was a pre-emptive strike coming hours after the boatman's union, one of several liberal organizations in talks health care cost announced it was having a one day walkout. what about bus service? will other unions walk? >> currently the boatman's union is the only union going on strike >> at this time it looks like bus drivers will still be showing up for work and they will be running the buses on time >> if it does happen we will get word to the press as soon as we know that it may happen. we will be up at 4:00 tomorrow morning checking on everything to make sure we can get any updates out to the public. >> there were rumors that the unions had teamed up and actually it might try to shut down the bridge during the morning commute, something the unions now say is no longer reincarnates >> there were previously asking
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that no one shutdown the bridge and we will be concentrating our efforts at the ferry terminals. >> there will not be any service tomorrow morning >> that is a surprise to me >> i didn't know that, glad to know it >> how you plan to get here? >> we will have to see >> the good news is the buses will still be running. they're not talking about running any extras so the chances are will be crowded but it will be up to them to figure out how to get back their tomorrow morning. >> immemorial is growing for a murdered high-school football star from new work. the 18 year-old was stabbed and killed in a weekend party. >> it was a very quiet and somber day here on campus as students prepare to trade tribute to a talented student athlete who was known as a
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gentle giant but lost his life in the most violent way. by all accounts, a popular stand out was going places. >> he was upbeat, he said five or six more weeks and i'm graduating from high school and moving on >> until suddenly he wasn't, stabbed to death at a party in fremont saturday night, he died early sunday morning >> it is extremely hard to deal with. he seemed invincible to his friend who wore a sweat shirt to school today as a tribute to his older brother type whose fierce play on the field be lighted gentleness of the fields >> some people were scared to approach and because of how big he was he was a really nice guy >> a big kid, a funny kid >> police say he ran into trouble at a house party and witnesses reportedly heard gunfire and he was found
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stabbed and bleeding heavily. and 18 year-old and three juvenile seven arrested. blocks from campus, students wore blocks emblazoned with his face. grieving the loss of a young man who forever was more than a friend >> he was part of work-family and it is sad to see one of our family members died >> we found out his own family was spread out. his mother lives in samoa and he was taken in by a guardian. live in new work, kristen ayers, cbs five. >> no criminal charges for in east palo alto teenager who hit and killed a six year-old girl in a crosswalk last year. the d.a.'s office says there is no evidence of vehicular manslaughter >> peasants gathered at at&t
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park to say goodbye to alexis bush. the 26 role died while taking part in a yacht race earlier this month. she was the first bat girl in major-league history. barry bonds was among several members of the giants' organization who spoke at this afternoon's memorial >> a legitimate sale on turns into a nightmare for one bay area woman. jolie catches up with a buyer accused of turning to deal into a scam >> right now you are illegally selling this car >> 13 months after it was stolen, and of liberty was found in a storage unit. who police say how above the vehicle. >> chopper 5 is above the first evening rush hour on,,,,,,,,
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>> caltrans reopened doyle drive a little bit before 5:00 this morning following the weekend demolition and closure. the first cars rolled along the new temporary roadway 15 minutes ahead of schedule. this is a live look from chopper 5 on the first evening commute on the new roadway. it has been slow since drivers getting used to the new lanes. we have you covered on the air and on the ground. >> stop and go but mostly stop right now. we are still on marina boulevard waiting for the light changed so we can make a right turn, so here we go, and you will see that it is a typical afternoon commute. doyle drive is usually pretty heavy this time of day. here is a thing to remember, it is only 35 m.p.h. going up this
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grade so you want to pay attention to our speed. doyle drive is now 35 so you want to keep the speed down and the first thing i noticed, it goes from two lanes to three lanes but then back to two lanes for a minute and you have to merge so watch your speed and watched the people around you. the temptation is to look at the view because now that the roadway has been knocked down, there is a lot to look at but there is a little bit of an adjustment. this is similar for me to what happened to the curve on the bay bridge. it took people a week or to get used to driving it but once they got more familiar it seemed to work out well. the speed limit is 35, watch where you're going, be careful and watch what you're doing and this is only temporary because in a few months all of it will
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get change around again. >> welcome news for south bay drivers, caltrans is putting in double carpool lanes on a 3 mi. stretch of 101 between 85 in mountain view and embarcadero road in palo alto. >> we have seen reports of debris washing up following last year's tsunami. the beachcomber exploring an isolated beach in british columbia spotted a big white cube. inside was a harley-davidson motorcycle with a japanese license plate. >> the first thing that popped into my mind when i was looking at it was, i really wondered what happened to this person. the first thought was i really hope this person is ok >> the container appeared to be some sort of a foam material which would explain how it
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floated roughly 3,000 mi.. >> what led cops to a celebrity chefs car more than one year after it was stolen >> the the sale that came back to haunt one bay area woman. the one thing she overlooked and opened her up to the scam >> man's best friend becoming a favorite study by the on campus. ,,
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>> more than one year after someone stole his celebrity chefs lamborghini, that priceless sports car has been found. a shooting investigation ultimately led investigators to the car >> it was difficult to think that somebody would steal this bright yellow car and then drive it around the bay area. initially police looked at the port to see if it had been shipped out but it turns out it was at this storage facility. it is a flashy yellow car that looks like this one worth more than $200,000 and found in a nondescript storage facility. although it is not clear now it
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reads like a movie script. the car's owner is a celebrity chef, die fiorina. it was stolen from this dealership. we saw the tools used in the great heights, the ropes and bolt cutters used by the thief who repelled from the roof and entered through a window and drove away. surveillance video showed that car driving over the golden gate bridge and in and out of tiburon and then nothing. sheriff's deputies arrested a 17 year-old who is accused of shooting at two people inside a vehicle. during the search warrant at this facility, police say they found a motorcycle and items believed to be used in that crime and the bright yellow lamborghini. the manager of the storage facility says that customers need to be 18 years old to run a unit and that he had never seen a car. the chef says, i would like to
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think of marin county sheriff's department and the police department for their hard work in recovery of my car. i'm glad we can put this behind us and better know that justice is being better served. it is unclear who owns the vehicle now. the insurance has likely settle the claims so it could be very nice company car. the teenager is in juvenile hall and detectives are still investigating other possible crimes that he might be responsible for. he is currently charged with two counts of attempted murder, possession of a stolen vehicle and property, possession of a loaded firearm and resisting arrest. he has not been charged with stealing the car. he's being held without bail and the car is being held as evidence. >> a done deal made through came back to haunt one bay area woman who says the man who bought her car
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tried to fraudulently selling it under her name. >> when you look at the at your first reaction was? >> good for him that he is making some money >> she was not immediately surprised when she saw the car she sold on posted 24 hours later for $2,500 more but then she noticed that had posted a new engine with paperwork to prove it. she had not but in the engine and when she looked at the ping slip she panicked >> he had not signed as the buyer, i had only signed as the seller >> so he is selling your car under your name with forged paperwork under your name >> saying that i am the wife >> that is when a roommate took the cellphone video posing as an interested buyer. he had a detailed story about how his wife had to have her engine replaced >> she got onto the freeway and is a new motor >> the receipt he provided had
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misspelled version of the name >> i have not been anyone's wife for 10 years >> that is the name of the company's >> we took that receipt to the mechanic who did the work >> this one is fake because it looks like from the original invoice, what they did is made a copy >> he told us he never heard of christine and didn't recognize the man in the video but if he succeeded in selling the car the mechanic worried that he and christine to be held liable >> it is just not right >> you must have a second-hand dealers' license to sell a car that is not your name so we accompanied christine's roommate when he met with the second hand sellers' a second time >> you are illegally selling this car >> he didn't seem to of care about violating law. that is fraud >> that is the paperwork police gave me >> de deny that you force it? >> i deny it >> my name is on it as the
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seller and i'm assuming he will give it to the next person and have them sign it as the buyer which would bypass him completely >> had you think you could of protecting yourself? >> to have been sign as the buyer but also print his name underneath. >> the frog department has opened an investigation but keep in mind when selling a car you can request the buyer signed the pink slip in your presence but they're not legally required to. you however are required to file a notice of a transfer of liability with five days which she did and you can do it easily on line. add to >> so can he be arrested? >> if they tracked him down he certainly can. >> we know you are investigating, it is pretty windy out there >> i just want jolie to walk through life with me because if anyone gets upset with the
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forecast she could handle it. currently we have wind in excess of 35 m.p.h.. this is the view from san francisco looking out towards the bay waters where we have midlevel clouds across the horizon. take a look at the numbers, within 24 hours it will be considerably cooler. also, another windy day. 31 m.p.h. at sfo. 24 in san francisco. in dublin you can see the trees waiting in the wind. the forecast calls for a windy day all day tomorrow. inland the wind begins to increase during the afternoon hours. the wind it is all caused by this low pressure will to the north of the bay area and taking precipitation will to the
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northwest but as it butts up against the ridge of high pressure it causes the pressure gradient. we will have more clarity tomorrow but equally windy. overnight, into the 40's and low 50's and the wind is blowing the pond around. if you're outside doing gardening be careful with pollen if you have allergies. tomorrows highs in the '60s, coming down in comparison. 10 degrees cooler tomorrow in livermore. no. may numbers will stack up from the low 60s to the '70s. additional cooling takes place with a transition day on wednesday and we do have a chance of rain returning to the bay area primarily in the north bay on thursday and then we will rebound with sunshine and partly cloudy conditions on sunday. what a weekend we have on tap.
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>> attached at birth and separated in a bay area surgery that made worldwide headlines. coming in we
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>> six months after surgery the formerly conjoined twins from san jose seemed to of adjusted to their individual lives. when premier as shows us how they are now closer more than ever. >> first one and then the other, the formerly joined twins angelina and anjelica are two years old, happy healthy and blissfully unattached >> i feel so happy, because
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everything is going better. it is getting better. >> the twins and their families came back to the children's hospital for a brief reunion with the doctors and nurses how did they look to the doctors? >> perfect. couldn't be happier. they're like to normal little to year-old. now the problem the mother has is keeping track of them. >> this is how the twins look before the surgery at their home in san jose, joined at the chest, their liver, diaphragm, chest bone and stomach muscles were all fused at birth and separated on the operating table >> subsequently the big concerns have been the physical appearance and the healing of the once >> their mother says they have adjusted well to life on their
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own and they don't fight as much sizzle they have been nice with each other. they like each other now. >> the twins now have a normal life expectancy ahead and they seem to be enjoying their new independence and status as family princess's as any to year-old girls would. >> stress dogs are helping students on campus. it will be on campus to help stressed out students relax between final exams. >> i love dogs and i know that everyone in my law school would be so excited about the opportunity to hold a puppy with it during finals. opportunity to hold a puppy with it during finals. >> the dogs are part of the,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. they get hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach four courses amid budget cuts and tuition hikes, how uc-berkeley justify such a sweet deal. it is not just a place to buy food, it is a training ground for bay area chefs. why the cafeteria is in danger of closing its doors. >> in the meantime the cbs


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