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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tomorrow's big protest could be like. tonight then attacked a bay area police station. the hottest car in the country found how police stumbled onto a celebrity chefs still a member guinea but the real question is could a teenager really pull off such a lab highest? california banned assault rifles years ago some manufacturers got creative. in the symbol but in the makes it illegal gun that totally legal. tonight the new gun of choice for many californians. + palin top-selling new ad rates are looks it's called the other leaders see what happens when we put people's most beautiful woman to the test.
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within the past hour vandals attacked a police station in san francisco's mission district this could be a case of what we will see tomorrow during plan to make a protest will tell you about a big disruption to tomorrow morning's commute in just a moment but first juliet goodrich's in the mission right now what a mess. tonight's police are on guard and facts in front of their police station alberta the way and show you in front of the mission district police station where you can see some of the damaged vandals did quite a bit in fact they did with paint and eggs and crowbars and smashing windows and witnesses reported seeing approximately 50 people walking down the street along valencia. they smashed windows and threw paid to the police station and a face other businesses in the area police are on guard right now have the right here on their told one person has been arrested and they're walking up and down the street looking for the vandals as we speak we will continue to say on this and hopefully it is an isolated
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incident they're hoping this is not an indicator of what is to come to tomorrow. and this was the scene as san francisco's city hall a little bit earlier tonight. union workers took over city hall demanding better some better salaries and higher taxes on some businesses to pay for more city services. protesters brought sleeping bags hoping to stage a wisconsin style takeover but after about two hours they left peacefully. with this afternoon the golden gate ferry service announced it has canceled all the ferry service between marin and san francisco ferry operators are planning to strike over health care issues the ferries will not be back up and running until about 2 tomorrow afternoon. harry getting in? did we not getting in. the golden gate bridge labor coalition had originally
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planned to shut down the golden gate bridge but has since backed off that plan. we wake up keep it here and cbs five of the latest and year commits started 4:30 a.m. on cbs five early edition. and will also have all of the development and conditions throughout the day at cbs sf dot com. tonight a mystery has been partially solved the a very yellow mystery detectives have recovered and they're beginning stolen from san francisco that belongs to a celebrity chef. robert lyles explains the big break in the case came because of a shooting. reclaims his unsure why someone fired at least five shots in his 19 year-old son. i don't know. don't really know. the drive-by shooting range so close the bill is passed and blasted through but the driver and passenger windows is no accident. as far as i know it wasn't random was the target sources tell cbs five that have
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led marin county sheriff's investigators to richmond and idea of a 70 year-old shooter who allegedly rented one of these 8 by 40 ft. former ocean storage containers at csi many stories. after days of surveillance is still unidentified it team showed up saturday evening and that he's moved in for an arrest connected to the mill valley stream. but from celebrity chef at the areas bright yellow their bikini spider convertible only cbs five cameras captured the aftermath of the mission impossible style in a bikini that back in march of 2011 the climbing ropes documented how the thieves would repel from the roof to steal the to wonder thousand dollar roadster. did your son have an involvement that the december ginnie? so how they teenage miner led to the rented $270 m storage container? a rancher needs only
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a driver's license showing that there least 18 says the manager even though the application asks for an employer and social security number. this side says the first month's rent and $25 security deposit gets you an access code. that in the manager refused an on-camera interview but denies ever seen this only beginning. rick also denies any knowledge of the lamb beginning ends now any idea of the shooter. but your son in five knows the person who shot at him? did we are not sure about that either. but we will find out. so it was sent as a 17 year-old from san rebel response will for a drive-by shooting in solely responsible for a sophisticated heist of a man bikinis or are there other suspects? unanswered questions tonight is the marine sheriff's department is not talking. live in san fell robert while cbs five. it is gone, most of its doral drive is stood for several decades but it took caltrans
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only a few hours of the weekend said teardown crews finish this begins demolition slightly ahead of schedule, i give the right and 05. the first notice is aids two lanes to three lanes but then backed to to for a minute here and as you have to merge so bowsher speed in to watch the people around you the temptation is to watch the tube because now the roadway has been knocked down there's a lot to look back. it is a little bit of adjustment this is very similar for me to an escrow on the bay bridge the escrow with a bill that the people about a week or two weeks to get used to driving its but once it got more familiar with that it seemed to work out pretty well. so here's was left of the old to drive right now 65,000 t of concrete 25,000 t of steel
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caltrans has bus machine to separate all of that has to take about two months lot of the rubble will be used in other have left projects. a star football player just a few weeks from graduation was stabbed to death this began to let's take a live look at now at the memorial growing its newark high. kiddo tells us the new player killed this weekend as best who voted two years ago they can't say enough. oh some of fuji the second simone football player from new orchitis dog to death today was attacked after a party saturday night to let his two short don't go to these parties and you can't fight anymore. today bay self-help cover funeral expenses. now that he was loved by like people and is really very hard right now.
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the 18 year-old was expelled but reinstated after threatening a student for mocking the death of his best friend football star justice sapoa who was also stabbed and killed in december 2010 police and not saying of the two deaths related. and a son of the have even gotten his cap and gown and was ready for graduation in five weeks. cnn reports that german investigators have uncovered secret cockeyed plans and an unlikely place a pornographic movie. they found that i digital storage device that they took from a terror suspects this day and coded in the video file were more than 100 rockeye the documents they included plans to seize the three ships ends carry out attacks in europe. and despite found in a duffel bag it sounds like fiction but it's a case for friends and experts say the new dickens of using dna evidence tells of this case that to turn to a yoga expert. it's
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of britain's intelligence services a whole week to make this call to the police after a jr. is by didn't show up for work. police began their search on this quiet london street where it lives but as they made their way up in his third story apartment what had been a symbol missing persons in our late inquiry quickly became a desire mystery. in the bathroom and red double bags and the tub padlocked. inside its williams tightly folded naked body. detectives found no signs of a struggle in the apartment and nothing to show whether this was a homicide or suicide. please even asked a yoga expert to prove williams could lock himself as a kind of stunt unlikely said eric williams 31 years old was an athlete and as
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police discovered when they searched his computer he had a secret interest in bondage the security camera images of him shopping alone at the last known pictures of williams what happened after he got home and to if anyone was there with him remains an open question which unlike in the best fictional spy stories may never be resolved. dirichlet's the city as news london. had an executive for marin county was and is 22 years in prison for defrauding investors including a number of celebrities. samuel cohen also asked to pay back $31 million. he conned investors including danny glover and harry belafonte by telling them his company was going to be acquired by microsoft. the judge said he had never encountered a con man. have you heard of the and the birds out? it is the very very
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popular game raise birds to kill pigs. well move over 80 birds. there's a new map for the top of the scene at charts and a pretty. it starts with a picture. and within seconds to get a rating that sounds a lot like this. did waste your so ugly when you're born that put tinted windows an incubator. not exactly a confidence booster but that will stop oscar for brine the hottest up a marker. ronnie is a zero. sheridan as the net says acts like these are following the trend set by sites like facebook. we've already open the gates to criticism on line. an ugly year is just another small piece of that. here's headworks
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the ugly meter uses its own scanner or algorithm to determine the symmetry of a person's face on dibble magazine's most beautiful woman beyond say. it is clearly not an exact science according to the ugly meter beyond this court it had net of 10 and according to this action is so ugly people at the circus would pay not have to look at her. you can scan the counter that the mere act that will give you a ring. so should know right away that any of these ratings the to be taken of the great assaults. until the next top backup comes along in simpson's gullah's the cup cbs five. it's getting better. attach the birth and now they're separated these year-old twins are closer than ever. how they treated others since the surgery? now a prescription needed any more than a common medication use soon may be able to get without seeing a doctor.
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rifle sales are booming in the clever way gun makers are getting around some of the nation's toughest laws california sells weapons can basica,,,,,,,,
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. were born conjoined but separate about six months ago you'll remember the story. their aunt cells when ramirez ever since the surgery the sisters are treating each other much differently. first one and then
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the other. the formerly called joint twins are two years old. the happy, healthy, and blissfully attached. the acquittal so happy and grateful. because the progress is going and getting better. the twins and their families are back to the hostel for a brief reunion. they perform the separation surgery last october had led to their doctors guys? couldn't be happier. they're like to normal little to year-old. now the problem the mother has keeping track of them. this is how the twins looked before the surgery
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at their home and say. joint chess deliver diaphragm breastbone chest and stomach muscles were all accused of birth. then separated and the operating table. subsequently the big concerns have been their physical appearance in the shape the chest and the continued killing of the wounds the mama not to say they have adjusted well to life on their own and they don't fight as much as they used to. there have been nice to each other. more and its they like each other now. the twins now have a normal life expectancy had but seems to be enjoying their new independence and statuses family princess's as any to year-old girls would. at stanford led me as cbs five. so cute. but you can soon get some prescription drugs without a prescription and over- the-counter distribution for high blood pressure and diabetes drugs. the the city could
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control health-care costs under the plantations could diagnose their symptoms by answering questions on-line or at a pharmacy kiosk. a few weeks ago the man accused of killing seven people at oakland's what goes university told us in an exclusive jailhouse interview that he was sorry today he told the judge is not guilty to $1 ended at 33 corrina interpret today of. look at contact with anyone else them members of the victims say the few words they spoke a hard year. why it's not guilty and not short. he's accused of killing six students and receptionists. he thought he was and being treated very well. california has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. but you sure wouldn't know that by going to
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arrange these days. ar-15 and ak-47s are a must have guns of choice. how can that be? alan martin with the story only see on cbs five. it's kind of like a game of cat and mouse. every time california tightens up the assault weapons ban the gun industry find a way around this. the latest marketing scheme involves a tiny device that a shot a big loophole to the lot. john lord is by loves his ar-15. he thus arranged every week to fires. and he's got plenty of company. there's usually about its 30 minutes to wait for rush lanes. a state with some of the strictest gun control laws and the nation and how is this the military style guns are legal? i ran normandy is a list instructor jack said arbs.
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hoofs' other states allow people to use their finger to simply pop out the magazine and quickly reload. that is called a detachable magazine and in california it is illegal. the intent is to slow down the process of reload the weapon. in many target shooters don't like the reloading hassle. i have to open up the receiver top loader for the top of the magazines a look at what the manufacturers have done their selling assault rifles to californians with this. so you decided here you can pop out. is called a ball of cotton live because you can use that to double-a-2 release them to madison and pop and the bullet button doesn't work with your fingers to the magazine is considered fakes. that makes it an assault rifle that everyone is calling california legal. of course manufacturers don't break the law is there going to make you the baby will
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version of a dad doesn't meet restrictions. did waves and it's a hot seller as we found we went undercover to recent gun show at the cow palace in daly city california legal assault rifles were everywhere. and so were gadgets to release the bullet biden in case you don't have a struggle around. like a magnet. we bought one and try it out. so why isn't law-enforcement from an obvious loophole in the states can control laws? we put the question to the bay area police departments and a comment simmer the california department of justice even senator feinstein one of the strongest them to allow it added to the country told us she was " not able to participate. but at least one group in washington d.c. is watching the issue closely. and the bullet biden assault weapons then they open the ban base of it as a system in more josh chairman of the
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violence policy center says the bullet and marketing campaign is huge. we're talking about mate mick every major assault manufacture america companies like bushmaster called smith and wesson and a myriad of others because it's been so effective that the last great market the end result is that california law enforcement california citizens lobby placed in jeopardy because of this marketing move by the firearms industry. but gun rights proponents such as brent normandy point to a lack of any hard data showing assault rifles being used in crimes so he argues was a law-abiding citizens deprived? californians are wanting these things someone to step up to make money was doing it and why not? that's exactly what the freedom in america is. john - 5 as says he can see the bullet but i can see where officers
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would be concerned. but for him it is all about the thrill of owning assault rifle. and sent it to the journal and rush easily drawn to the world. the california legal guns with the bullet biden's cost about the same as those of ri,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the evei
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want to take a look at partial skeleton of the city of san francisco and the reason why in converting your attention to that is because we do have some clouds robust as an onshore from the coastal areas combine that with some gusty winds up to 20 mi. per hour what a difference a day will make will tumble out of the '80s and locally could fall degrees in summer are in the neck locations when is a big factor again tomorrow for tuesday forecast praepostor along the coast of the lawn in this winds began to have but during the afternoon hours in our inland locations or was attended 27 buses high as 30 and 35 mi. per hour limit on that
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aren't there. that area of low pressure but it tight squeeze on that area of high pressure china to build an address out. so the bottom line is we do clouds of the coast is a breezy night tomorrow sunny breezy and it will be cooler and you will feel the difference the forecasts as greenback the forecast by thursday tonight into the 40's and '50's mas daytime highs 60 speeches out of the 80s across the seneca valley into the '70s ease to the bay breezy winds and into the '70s and north of the golden gate bridge '60s low 70's extended forecast they have that chance of rain across the north bay and the coastal areas on thursday otherwise we're talking dry weather pattern to that first week [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer
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because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo.
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three is his debut their third baseman tom malone was roughed up for eight runs to more than the fill-out allowed all season. if judge ready catiline debt and missed it. the second homer of the night for big happy with a nice to have a nice trip to the next ball. erratic did burn his
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former seem that the three runs oakland scored five runs in the seventh to make it 11 to 6. taking into the eighth inning with the bases loaded this time he bounces into the inning and the double play in the a's had a motive with nobody and came up empty. the red sox won 11 to six give it top five please. did whenever five the violent game of follow the leader fortunately everyone avoided any major injuries member for duane way the may have been the only thing that has come they keep heat wave so far. the next big man in his hand when he punched a glass case to a fire extinguishers so he could miss game 3. i never to repeat mvp ryan brown became the first player ever to have a three homer game in san diego's tyco park. at no. 1 in happened today. they had with a golf,,,,,
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