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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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thursday is me that third i am frank calico. did waste time now is 6:00. when want to give you an update to sonoma county three federal officers are injured in petaluma. this scene at paddle among we're told by cbs to sources that to officers suffered it serious injuries. dissevered minor injuries during what they seem to be a bus from i saw case is also on the way out there and shot at a live report but this all startled little before 4:00 this morning we're told by an eyewitness who works at a best western that she
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heard too large gains followed by it several gunshots she called an automatic gunfire and it scared everybody at that hotel. we also talk to the general manager where they're right across the street from where the officers arrived the general managers said that a woman security officials went into the lobby and told them to secure everyone inside and hotels of the committee investigated and three people were told are injured to non- life threatening injuries in the one with minor injuries. let's take over to lay is in that area. some roads are blocked. the crack at the chopper 5 nick adams to matter little bets and looks like a residential neighborhood that is also right there by washington square shopping centers though there are number street closures in that area that is right now is out and all that is shut down both directions between area drive in the east washington sell what looks like is its least a good blocker so that's
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police a box office area for the investigation this area is just east of 11 cell if you're in that area you're starting your morning commute as an alternate that does run parallel to south mcdowell. we also just learned that bad off ramp up to northbound 112 east washington and have shut that down. plus on the meantime will toss it back to you. gang member is are suspected in a brutal attack that killed a south bay teenager the boy was beaten friday night and roosevelt park in east san jose and mackovic is in san as a rationale and police are having trouble getting witnesses to talk. and it took them several days even come out with the story they're hoping there would be will define their on clues in this attack and what happened last friday but now the police and says saying are imploring the community to come forward as they continue to look for suspects 14 year-old researcher
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ray has had just been dropped off by his father when he was badly beaten punch and kick in roosevelt park. he died monday at the hospital. police say the greater was targeted in a gang attack although they say is not clear if he was in a gang himself. the brutal nature of this crime anti fact we need it and their help. bernal intermediate school in the opposite side is that as a from a part their counselors at the school on-site day the students grew in the loss of their classmates. live in san jose and i cbs five. and out of control car smashes into a restaurant in east oakland. it happened
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around in that sense and so food restaurant on foothill boulevard officers say the driver of a honda civic was going about 65 mi. an hour losing control and slammed into the building. it took off running and are now looking for him. i intend to discuss a 35 year-old ban to live in will have to put the preliminary hearing in the related in a hillside home in late march prosecutors say he is a blunt instrument as a weapon expel its $25 million. several people killed at the university last month will be remembered at prayer vigil that happened tonight in the public is invited. this will be how the hell is all part of a national day of prayer servants. takeout chain will consider a service expansion plan to add six more trains $30 million shortfall.
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writers and has reached record levels. the cost that much rain i'm told by good source the record to have a great weekend but we have to do a little bit of work to get us there get the umbrellas out as for be one day and and i'm loving it is this the the loss one of the season. i'm kind of sad because it is the last one of the season. i am looking forward to it. as lots of clouds making a way across our skies. but by the afternoon it could be loaded what as you have on home. outside right now we have a need to watch out for you this guy's broken out there but lots of clouds are living and temperatures are running in the 40's and 50's by the afternoon know these numbers are going to be running well below the average usually we're looking '60s and '70s at this time of year some places are about nine degrees below the average ever a problem with a much warmer temperatures and will talk about that coming up
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in just a couple of minutes back to you. an update to the breaking news out of sonoma county we've been talking about for the last hour three federal federal officers were injured in what seems like a nice bus that went bad in petaluma that's the latest from home and security sources from cbs news is taking a live look right now from chapter 5: security agents as you can see are on the scene right now this is as mcdowell and to make milk. we've been told that two highest officers suffered serious injuries not life-threatening bell and another suffered minor injuries he can see a lot of activity there we did talk to someone who works in the area who heard two loud bangs and then several gunshots following. she called that automatic gunfire and actually mentioned that a helicopter landed in the parking lot adjacent to the best western motel which is right down the street from this activity all the guests were told to stay on
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the hotel premises and the neighbors have been the result of gone down about two hours ago and of the people here what's going on will get more information as soon as you can we have three officers down none of which is life-threatening is a nice situation and it looks like they're targeting a homer and now that it started out to targeting to a big silver suvs. that's the very latest san francisco men arrested in for throwing bricks into a crowd during protests has a history of hurling a one briquet another three tuesday as all the deadlock in vandalism his is the same demonstrator arrested last november during a bottle of ink and in the cabinet justin herman plaza. this is the exclusive surveillance video showing panels attacking san francisco mission district police station monday night there were a part of a group of 150 people that
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apparently splinter from a peaceful premium march. they said a car on fire merchants say officers didn't do enough to stop this and police admit they were expecting the protests to be peaceful and health researcher in san francisco man died because of his job the mercury news reported 25 year- old racer joined the veterans affairs slavin was rushed to the hospital on saturday and then died a short time later he contracted a rare strain of bacteria and reportedly had been handling a dangerous bacteria in that lab six 08 now and autopsy plan today as part of an investigation into a former nfl stars suicide yesterday. the girlfriend of jr. say off the former linebacker spot inside his home outside a san diego. he had been shot in the test and police say there was a gun near his body his mother had just recently talked with her son. till wait he talks to me and joked to me. he called me at
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home. now of i heard his voice on wednesday morning. so very sad. he played most of his 20 year career with the san diego chargers and the dolphins and the patriots he was 43 years old. any moment now the u.s. army plans to lease some osama bin laden documents including the last words of the all, a leader. this week or so years since been bought and was killed during u.s. navy still raise and pakistan counter-terrorism chief said earlier this week that the pentagon's own words are safer with him gone. a chinese dissident at the center of a diplomatic standoff was to leave china with secretary of state hillary clinton u.s. officials are being barred from meeting here in person he remains hospitalized wednesday after he left the u.s. embassy where he was hiding out after escaping
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from house arrest he spent several years behind bars for exposing china's forced abortions under its one child policy. mayor ronnie will not continue to day campaign swing through virginia the republican nominee made several stops in the battleground state yesterday to improve the economy in these selected to the white house the stops today included very high- profile minister reports he is expected to get a key endorsement there for michele bock man the minnesota congressman woman was the first republican to drop out of the presidential race shortly after the iowa caucuses also scheduled to appear with ronnie and airports rich and as governor and is rumored to be on running short list for potential running mates for vice president how about newt gingrich? he is officially suspended his campaign vowing to support republicans at all levels to the gingrich campaign is 3 $4
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million in debt bob schaefer will take a look at tahoe fails candidates carey's campaign debts coming up on cbs five would start to right after our program is 7:00. the breaking news in petaluma. as you can see lots of activities still in that area again we're told three i saw officers have been shot with two non life-threatening injuries of a live report coming up. and this lovely lace bikini police badge and that is not all. mobster's hands to make a comeback. even if pat had a microchip they can slip to the cracks the new tool making it faster and easier,,,,,,,,,,,,,'s
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614 bytes for breaking news three federal officers injured in petaluma. drizzle the telephone now. and would be heard. greg and michelle there's a lot of commotion going on here and we see a lot of police officers stationed along the southbound mcdowell street or avenue and the blocking of the road here and i've seen dozens of officers walked for the best western that is near this area also near where the activity is happening we do know that three people were injured and according to an eyesore in immigration and customs were shooting involved to officers nonthreatening gunshots are taking away the helicopter and as you know because of this traffic is blocked off an icy
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officers stationed along the canal where and we just saw is to officers take back into the residence to do know for wire what their involvement is in this particular case again will we do know is three people were injured and two of them were taken when the helicopter with naan bread in gunshot wounds we're standing by to see what else is going on the upper right now all a lot of activity can tell you and a lot of people standing by tried to figure out what is going on and will stay with this issue it seems like a fluid situation right now all in so we're trying to figure out more as he continued by its will stay on this with you in the arm haven't had a limo back to you. and you mention the vast western and we talked to the manager who sat around 4:00 a.m.
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several gunshots following doing anything at this point what led to the shooting incident. at this point we're still trying to gather that information's in her newscast that she heard about 15 gunshots and a lan security somehow got involved the told guests to remain inside we do know that's what was at years wells of this is calling out a number of agencies but there are a lot of unanswered questions we just know that it will probably happen as to what caused it or what led up to it. ok to and how about some of the people there outside? i imagine this is causing a lot of folks you come out and watch what's going on facing a lot of activity? we haven't got the chance because
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what i'm seeing is the gathering in the parking lot. and it is right next to sort of an outdoor mall a lot of people coming year for a safeway staples and shot but people becoming by their looking around will stick to them a couple moments. right this section of the bill avenue in mcdowell right for the activities going on so is sitting across the street from where the police activity is happening. where taking live look right now from the ground and to you mentioned as police activity at the just coming in on this home or are there other areas of looking at? it appears to their hunting in just on this home. and an officer had kind of
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directive is toward this area that involved a hall and this is the area they're focusing on and get mental year earlier they brought in a family of four across the street and i don't think it is their home but i am seeing them right next to officers right now and am trying to discern what their involvement is in the only people there across the street and officers are ushered them across the police lines and again we're trying to figure out what their involvement is because this is their house. by watching the family now just across the street in what appears to be a least and residents are next president i cable to get back to work things have live reports will get some more information in short order but as he mentions a lot of looking lose a lot of people sell its kidder to elizabeth to find out about st. that air in petaluma. whenever a street closures in that area that seller's side residential street
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where chopper 5 was over uc that is mcneil. so mcneil in mcdowell that is the intersection we're talking about here is south made dallas' largest tree in the area at sounds like one side is residential homes in the other side is that shopping center that case just mentioned which is washington square shopping center sell as a shoppers seems that you can see the general area where talking about sell several streets are blocked off and that is right now is out mcdowell shut down in both directions between ridge drive and ease washington's what looks like that is at least one good block also that northbound 11 to washington they did just that down as well as a precaution this just is east of the freeway easton 11 so eight is not impacting traffic on 11 but obviously a lot of city street closures this morning in petaluma so avoid the area and in the meantime you can use a sonoma mountain parkway and
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which is good for south mcdowell also will take just the bay bridge because ross such as getting word of any accidents here pretty early about 6 05 this morning so we are starting to see all these delays now behind the pace suggested had sat on to the bridge. at the check-in times the traffic for them sit on this possibly read forecasters more. the bill the white outside. taking a chance of rain developing drought today. to the middle of the day on were. but a promise of a dryer and warmer weather is on the way anything the weekend is looking dead. but you may want kerrey that umbrella for head out the door today with a cold
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front of the into the gulf of alaska the open with the chance of showers developing to the afternoon that system has picked up nicely on the computer models to the end of the same could be well on the roadways. that a lot of rain with this type of system late in the season but still the ground could be a little bit wet out there today 10th of an inch of rain your pretty lucky outside otherwise it is a little bit dead temperatures are running cool and only '60s of these numbers are running a good five to 10 degrees below the average for this time of year the says doubleday's we are returning the sunshine and this weekend is looking great. it may be '70s and '80s and sink the milo's looking dead. did waits to be warm sake of my. the mobster fancy. plus it's mussy the
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skies their spring skiing conditions and warmer conditions into kirkwood as well but melting rapidly ladylike testing say and nice and try again to think soared 622 right now dear sipping a mobster's 70 year-old michael wade is being charged as an adult for a series of crimes including attempted murder among items in a storage container. and fairies stolen bikini weapons and police uniform and false ids. and mobsters named frank fellow. lost pets have more hope of being reunited with owners things to a new initiative. the new system has
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the animals brought into shelters with universal scare that produces a number that will correlate with the crowned animals registry and and within minutes the system sends a text message to the honor that's that has been found. you can add your pet to the microchip registry is cbs as that stock, and click on the links and the numbers are right there. thank goodness for glass. no kidding this video a lyon pot calling it a baby boy at the oregon steel has gone viral the little boy dressed in black and white stripes barely noticed the animal his mother says she wasn't worried about the child safety. and steelworkers and the lions often interact and visitors and a class thing please keep in and saved by this he thought was a bbc brown. i think they need to feed the live look at more. 627 coming up more on our breaking news at the north in petaluma ice agents
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morning everyone is thursday amid the third and frank bellicose. tonneau 631 an update to breaking news and some county: security agents are involved in the shooting investigation gave up in petaluma the joins us now live at the very latest. results and a figure out exactly what happened here or why it all meant securities what i saw all these different agencies around here it's still an active scene. if you're looking at our shop right now you can see the officers staged
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throughout the area along the boulevard that actually closed off and blocked off parts of these roads here we know it involves an incident of the house lawn area and we actually do have a neighbor who lives two houses down and enjoy now all the says he was open to gunshots. i believe it was around four or something this morning. i woke up thinking was thunder. i thought it was thunder and it it was very loud. it didn't sound like normal pull it sounds are anything in there were multiple. it went out again. i woke up and looked out the window and saw police everywhere. did week ended please ever contact your teddy was going on? about an hour later. they came knocking on the door and told us that we had to leave
6:33 am
home and security said we had to leave and that is when he came out and came across the street. and you know anything you see the two doors down from the house is apparently going on to know anything about these neighbors or what could be the cause of this? snow a don't know the neighbors like that to the outside every now and then. most of our neighbors to icn outside the i never communicate with them. i know who else was in the house. the answer much for speaking with us this morning here's a we do know this point we do know that the shooting involved to officers special response teams from i still receives nonthreatening gunshots and the third person was also injured who is suffering minor injuries are taken away and helicopters took to the student was walking by in this area saw that the land in this area at taking away the officers that a lot of people just puzzled what
6:34 am
is going on we're seeing a lot of people this is actually right across the street from service strip mall area trend figure out what exactly is happening in haven't been able to speak to any officials at this point as to why this happened all we know is shots were fired at around 4:00 this morning and again swat team dozens of officers are surrounding this area of again until the earlier days a lot of activity going on bad we will continue to update u.s. to learn more we're live in to deliver this morning by suv. we did just learned that their area is secure. there during investigative work right now that is secure and seems like everyone is safe at this point. in incidents not related to a 14 year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the killing of his father. the news just revealed that a press conference down in l.a. is a one shot was fired from outside the house and
6:35 am
the agent was declared dead at the scene the as director statement ask for sympathy to the family of the agents who has not been named just yet. in other news now 644 in middle school or beaten to death is out there park witnesses saw it this morning nobody's talking about it. the 14 roles talked friday night and roosevelt park that in east san jose and lack of that has been set as a all morning and please say the killers have gained connections but nobody's talking. this is a this is common in gang-related cases. they know there were a lot of witnesses they're still looking for suspects 14 year-old alberto rivas has just been dropped off by his father had roosevelt park in downtown san jose when he was badly beaten punched and kicked by a group of other young people. this happened last friday he died monday at the
6:36 am
hospital the greater was talk targeted in a an attack was not clear yet if he was in the king himself. and he's looking down on us to protecting us and watching out for us. i was a friend of the 14 year-old way he attended for now intermediate school which is on the opposite side of san jose from that part it there are counselors on site today to help students grieving the loss of their classmates this is san jose's 13 homicide of the year live in san jose and mackovic cbs five. you this morning police are searching for the driver of the crash in east oakland. officers say the driver was going about 65 mi. an hour this land into the building the driver then took off on foot investigators are not trying to track down the registered owner
6:37 am
of that car. the man charged with five murders and that since this goes back in court this morning 35 year-old ben talley oo as a preliminary hearing in pleaded not guilty to killing five people prosecutors say he is a blunt instrument is the murder weapon is bayliss $25 million. the public is invited to a prayer vigil tonight to remember the seven people killed in the university last month that will be at diablo valley college in pleasant hill starting it 8:00 tonight it is part of a national day of prayer observance. the city agency faces 8 $30 million shortfall and says it intends to introduce more trains because brighter ship has reached a record level to date they will consider the service expansion plans at to add six more trains bring the total number of trains not to 92 is $375,000. 67 ran
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now live look at the weather with lawrence who we don't know is and how you're cited changes from its minute. i'm sad because this could be the last unseasoned. folks with a lot of clouds out there right now and yes we cold front is wandering in the town it could be accomplished hours especially as he headed for the afternoon right now remains trying as a wedge shot for you out of the day the temperatures are running fairly mild because of those clouds 40's and '50's at this hour this afternoon the numbers and not too bad we're going to see a lot of this temperatures warming up well into the 60s in the south bay is the to these basic temperatures in the '60s as well the cooler than normal these numbers are any good by 10 degrees cooler than average citizens '60s and said the bay area and san francisco about 39 degrees and promise of warmer days ahead with more on that in a moment.
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a big drop the story breaking news the shooting investigation in petaluma involving securities though several streets in blocks city streets east of 11 the biggest assault the doll and ease washington as well as that northbound the off ramp they shut down these washington with an update to an accident in the bay bridge. because of fender bender fortunately that is clear to the right shoulder so we're seeing some delays and a page in goods as delays about 30 minute wait for so to the river crossing and once the pass this meeting mikey can see them heading in san francisco this live look by the head toward the sky way. the golden gate bridge is looking gray of morning no major problems heading toward san francisco and soil dry but these bonds are getting to back up
6:40 am
three antioch and as any luck exits' + 25 m.p.h. and want to get past any of the things look pretty dead. but for the baby when area a quick check of the drive tunnel there is added to slow down here is well with taking out of the alta on pass routes exceeded the dubliners change that is the type of traffic back to you. u.s. army has just released documents recovered from the pakistan compounds is a despot and lavin also suggest been laudanum company were frustrated that some affiliate's were reluctant to focus the tax on the u.s. and its allies u.s. officials are still being barred from meeting with chinese dissidents in person remained hospitalized wednesday after he left the embassy where you is hiding after escaping from house arrest when china spent several years behind bars for exposing
6:41 am
china's forced abortion policy who is now pleading with american officials to let him on the plane with secretary of state hillary clinton to come to the u.s.. on to the presidential race minnesota congressman shaw bachman is expected to formally endorse mayor ronnie any campaign today in parts of virginia to the first republican to drop out of the race after the iowa caucuses first scheduled to appear with ronnie today's virginia gov. bob macdonald who is rumored to be on running short list of potential running mate. members of the california faculty association overwhelmingly voted to authorize the action after 22 months of contract negotiations with csu leaders in the new deal cannot be reached the union can implement a two day rolling strike on all of 23 csu campuses and the bittersweet ending to a story of generosity in part agents loses the job of
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a teenager but a stranger steps and then punish is restarted the agent was fired after he gave a 16 year-old $300 worth of payton unused tickets to get to school and a woman heard the story and will not pay the $9 it takes the team to get to a san francisco school from the east bay and has yet to bend the rules a little better think. 642 now we're gathering more information on that breaking news situation in north bay agents shot and pedal of with another and live report with more information coming up in the market to open up about 10 minutes ago that a quick check on the early numbers they're not looking good so far everything is in the red coming up with an update from,,,,
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to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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informational about that situation at the north bay three special agents with ice home and security investigations were shot and petaluma they're executing high-risk federal warrants near mcdowell in the deal downtown a petaluma earlier this morning around 4:00 we have learned a cbs has learned that one suspect is in custody again through those agents were shot to non-life threatening injuries we have crews on the scene right now and are going to get a live update in just this. of the latest from case the scare over to as the thing that the very latest on that. as is often as live pictures mostly residential area but a shopping center and strip mall in nearby so this area at is at make
6:47 am
macdowell says south mcdowell is actually the bitter street shut down between real javanese washington as well as bad north from 11 ramp it is also closed there is well as a precaution to the very mainlines of 11 is happening in a city street area just east to the freeway by if you are traveling 101 you can be used for highway as an alternate though of course it is breaking news this morning at petaluma of elsewhere is starting to build as the pass the coliseum not too bad this morning is to head toward the downtown accept less got toward the bay bridge which is pretty busy this morning will probably have an earlier fender bender just past the gate in the accident is now cleared so all lanes are once again reopened to but we are left with is a pretty good-sized back up its jam the ball away into the day siege on the leading lights in about 15 minutes earlier the what they usually do so you're back up for about a 20 minute wait possibly one that just to get you want to bridge and then it is pretty
6:48 am
slow up the incline at the other bay area roadways were going to next let's got to the peninsula but the one to 18 not too bad this morning about traffic centers are pretty much picking at top speed so if you have a flight to catch up as a fall yet no delight in their looks pretty heavily down toward san mateo. elsewhere commuters for 237 red around the some of the morning that the research see similar stories this morning he can see right there to a 80 and the slope toward the road and then we start see these improve once again so all of the latest traffic updates in the latest in the situation in petaluma to enter real partners kcbs 169 fm that search of a job fair weather here is lawrence. to equate now we get a chance of showers are forecast for the day after head out the door it is dry right now so looks like by the time you have holly the season showers developing inside
6:49 am
to a chance of showers into the afternoon with cooler temperatures much with the normal for this time of year there is the promise of drier weather all on the way in fact this weekend was about to be fantastic the cold front dies and then beckel and civil air mass will drop into the bay area for today bring me a chance of showers to carry that umbrella you may just needed by the afternoon. computer models are picking up a cold front sliding in the chance of showers picking up as your heading into the new time hours about 2:00 he began to see some of the shower striking into parts of the north bank not a whole lot of energy that the system kind of breaks up as it moves on through the you get the idea to prepare for some rainfall today. it's just say it the story of rain falling around the area. tenders will be noticeably cooled tell 67 a little bit more in the san jose about 62 in san fell 59 in san francisco the next couple of days we're returning to some dry
6:50 am
weather looking very nice as we head into the weekend in fact we're looking at high pressures so offshore winds temperatures in the '70s and '80s this weekend's that since the my weekend we're looking good for that as well. back to you. is looking good thing he warns. reports from the labor department for helping to drive the economy this morning. that keep the good news going. finally for the first time a few weeks getting some decent news on the jobs market deliver a report that weekly jobless claims fell by 27,000 down to 365,000 they been trending upwards over the past couple of months before we coverage at 383,000 the highest it's been since december the never another signal coming could show there might be an increase in hiring coming as worker productivity in the first quarter fell by half a percent that came after a gain of more than 1% in the fourth quarter
6:51 am
that indicates that employers are pretty much squeezing everything they can out of the current staffing levels of those in these higher if it wants to increase revenue yelp this feeling some pain as a growing company the online review said reports a loss of more than tripled in the first quarter and $9.8 million it's been a lot of money in the sales and marketing campaigns but its revenue did top expectations and also offered a higher forecast for the full year and a key measure to the company the visitors increased at 53% over a year to more than 71 million the market right now is providing to the april jobs report to up tomorrow and is not expected a whole lot the market will be cautious with the dow was up by 12 points the nasdaq falls by one s&p is up by a fraction of the upstairs right now up 1% and that earnings report back to. jason buck cbs money watch amazon thought, is getting into show business by creating its
6:52 am
own tv lineup. the on-line retail giants as will develop original comedies and children's series this year to sean and streaming service people can even submit ideas to them is on google and who also have plans to create shows. a seven year- old and $23,000 scholarship of things to go. this boy is a wisconsin state finalist in the duel for go contest his part- time which it is chosen from more than 114,000 entries around the country in addition to the scholarship winners winning doodled a feature on the front page. if for him. the loss angeles angels have plenty to shout about jerry ripon is the second no-hitter in the majors in less than two weeks. the 29 year-old native of southern california and the list 1 oz. still going back the
6:53 am
minnesota twins. a little drawn on that final up he got it. the minnesota twins' lead the angels to an nine nothing when and we were struck out only blocked one batter. players and fans going crazy. time now is 653 in love more on that breaking news in petaluma. three officers had been [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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home and security agents have one suspect in custody in this morning shooting in petaluma.
6:57 am
kate isn't below were three special agents got caught in the crossfire. that's right. for him shallot selenite of seen take a look at the shop the other we had earlier as you can see in and a lot of activity going on at this intersection and the south mcdowell boulevard in the video officers are still stays out here we're trying to figure out what was going on and we do know that this incident happened around 4:00 this morning neighbors nearby heard shots fired and its online security operation we did get a statement from them saying that three special agents with: security were injured after they police the high risk federal warrant weren't related to an ongoing investigation those three agents are injured were taken to hospital the helicopter and we now know that one suspect is in custody and that is about to the active the we have so far. again it's not home and security operational and security also issued a statement saying that there conducting an operation in
6:58 am
that battle of the police have responded to the areas because of the shots that were involved and there is no threat to the community in this area and that is what they told us so far and that is the at the we have you in petaluma. enforce year-old boys under arrest accused of shooting and killing his eyes father with his own gun. moments security confirmed was this incident is not related to the battle of the shootings authorities say the name the agent was declared dead at sea last night they believe the boy called police to tell them what happened. 6581 last check of traffic and weather and laurence yep good news on the horizon. kerrey that umbrella with you today you may need its. back to get through today things are shaping of nicely fact is and '60s it was a normal outside the next couple of days to return with sunshine and looks like a gorgeous weekend had a '70s and '80s don't forget to get a mile
6:59 am
this weekend plenty of sunshine while to warm temperatures around the area. and let's got sight a share live look a westbound eddies around 580 approach in the dublin a change. the drive time is growing because of slower speeds in through livermore and was found friday beef and milk must pass out towards the city also have a problem stop on 11 as you make your way toward red with city a car drove off the abeyance so now everything is off to the right-hand shoulder but it is kind of slow just right there approaching the scene. elsewhere across mill valley stop on 11 traffic is heading toward the golden gate bridge so far looks pretty good 11 any quick check of the south bay we can see light traffic centers to keep a little better slow traffic and 11 coming to san jose and overall andng


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