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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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court are facing charges ranging from racketeering to murder. >> among the violence that the defendants inflicted upon their communities were four attempted murders in daly city on december 18, 2010 and three murders and four attempted murders in south san francisco >> this morning, more violence, the wounding of three federal agents >> multiple shots >> the shootings happened during a raid in petaluma. federal immigration and customs agents were joined by local law enforcement as well as south san francisco police deserve what they're calling a high risk federal warrant on this house. they made one arrest but three agents were shot and wounded in the process. the first shots rang out around 4:00 a.m. >> these agents were wounded when they encountered a barrage of gunfire from an assault rifle during the execution of an
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arrest warrant >> the central crime of the warrant was a triple murder hit in 2010. four of the suspects now in federal custody face the death penalty for their part in those murders. police say that there are two gangs involved, the 500 street gang or the c street gains, both based here in the peninsula. they did not put them out of business that they say they put a serious dent in their operations. those three agents are going to recover as they had non life- threatening injuries. >> in various scientists working on a vaccine is killed by the rare infectious disease that he was researching. tonight kristen ayers tells us why researchers say there's very little risk to the public >> the young man's name was richard dent, a research assistant at the v.a. medical center. a scientist who doctors say was
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accomplished but tonight those doctors are saying to the public. richard dent had been studying bacteria in the labs at san francisco's va medical center for six months when the symptoms started last week. >> he probably didn't feel that bad when he went to sleep and then got a lot worse overnight >> overnight he got flu like symptoms and a rash on his body. friends rushed him back here but it was too late. he collapsed and died a few hours later >> no one in the lab thought that he had been sloppy and no one thought there was any evidence of any spills >> still, the chief of infectious disease believes that he contacted the rare blood infection while working here. the strain that he was studying is called mystery and meningitis which causes a disease, even with treatment 10- 15 percent of victims die. >> is a horrible infection but
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the good news is that for anyone exposed him, a single dose of the antibiotic is virtually 100 percent effective and no one else has got sick >> 10 people lived with him or work with him were given antibiotics along with dozens of workers. tell osha is investigating whether the hospital followed proper safety calls. >> the most important thing is that i think it is virtually impossible for anyone to have an infection from this particular patient. >> doctors say that is again because anyone who was exposed to him. the lab where he was working has been shut down >> if you want to find out more about the bacteria, go to and click on the story on the front page. right now a on the oakland boy
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is undergoing preventative treatment after pricking his finger on a used a syringe at school. apparently he found it in a dirt patch at high land children center. he then brought it home in his pocket and his mother took him to the hospital. he is being tested for hiv and hepatitis. >> more on the rain that is trickling across the bay area >> this will be very hard to find because according to radar of the heaviest precipitation has moved through the bay area. we have seen up to a 10th of an inch of rain but what i will try to do is zoom and where it is currently reigning and you can see everything is drying up along the peninsula and the south bay. now there is some very light rain showers with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. we have a big time change
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coming up and we will talk about it later >> vallejo police say a jewelry store owner shot and killed a would-be robber. he said that the robber entered just before 1:00 this afternoon, jumped on the counter and pulled out a gun when the owner says he reached for his own gun and shot and killed the man. jurors are now deliberating in the case of a man accused of killing his father and two sons. prosecutors say that edwin e. ramos open fire on a car carrying a man and his two sons. the defense claims that ramos was not the shooter. if convicted he faces life in prison without parole >> police are actively looking for leads in the case of a 40 year-old beaten to death in a neighborhood park. len ramirez with more >> i really don't think he was a gang member >> 13 year-old fabio says he
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made fast ends with a 40 year- old shortly after he transferred to bernal middle school from davis middle school three weeks ago >> he came up to me and we started hanging out from that point and every day we would need up and hang out >> what was it like when you found out? >> i was devastated because i just saw him friday and i couldn't believe he was already gone >> he was murdered in what police say was a gang-related killing on the basketball court in roosevelt park in downtown san jose. the boy's father had just dropped him off and was parking his car when he was jumped by several other young men >> by the time he made it back to where his son was located the suspects had fled on foot and he found his son with serious injuries and he was taken to local hospitals >> he suffered severe head injuries and died two days later. >> i have a 14 year-old son who is the same age and my heart goes out to the family because
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losing a kid like that, there are no words >> the park is well used by people in families but it has been a reputed hang out for gang members for decades. it is located in downtown san jose miles from the victim's home. it is not known why the victim and his father had gone there. witnesses left the scene before police could interview them >> it appears the victim did not provoke the altercation into was simply attacked for no reason >> police say there's a possibility that surveillance video may have captured the victim or the suspects and they are currently reviewing that film. in the meantime they're asking anyone who may have witnessed the attack friday night at about 7:00 to give them a call and want to stress that the help can be given anonymously. >> osama bin laden's last
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words, his final writings reveal. who wanted dead and the american lives he wanted to spare >> businesses damaged by violent protesters are threatened with a fine from the city. mobile 5 is live as the city has a change of heart >> is basically our social life. >> they're leading the way with a new breed of scouts.,,,,,,,,
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>> up until the end osama bin laden's still had grand ambitions for al qaeda including a plot to kill president obama. it planned to bring down airforce one was one of the revelations in a newly declassified sample of his writings. they revealed that bin laden's also wanted general david petraeus dead but he did not want to waste time and resources going after the vice-president or u.s. allies such as britain >> as many as 30 mission
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district businesses and the san francisco police department are recovering from monday night's violent protests. imagine the frustration when one business was told it had 30 days to clean up mobile 5 is live with the business finally got some good news >> talked about a big misunderstanding, they got a citation because the plywood they put up got graffiti by somebody and then they put something on their web site and the city found out about it and they eventually came back out here and put new plywood up for the business as sort of a show of, we are sorry and we made a mistake, and it doesn't really make up for some of the bad feelings along the block. i talked to a manager at the property management systems around the block and she tells me they also incurred thousands of dollars of damage to their store. >> 10-$13,000, the glass, the
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security system, the boarding up windows the night of the event, people coming out until 230 in the morning >> so why is she mad at the city? she says that the alarm company and said that her windows had been smashed in you had better get the police, she called the police and the answer from them three blocks away was we are kind of busy right now and we can't make it down here. it did not go over too well so the merchant association is working with a police department and the city to figure out the best way to ease everyone's concerns and back to normal. >> your music collection could quickly become cluttered. the way you and turn a pile of old cds into money >> you know about the girl scouts and boy scouts but now there's a whole new breed. the bay area scout group that
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has gone to the dogs >> we have sought seen up to a 10th of an inch of rain across the bay area and now the changes you need to know about,
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>> disappointing sales numbers for big retailers like costco macy's and target helped drive stocks lower today. nasdaq lost 36 and the s&p
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dropped 11. it is one of those hot we anticipated stock offerings ever and today we are learning that facebook is raising its ipo price. they set a range of 28-$38 per share and that would value facebook at just under $100 billion. >> in antioch, eight pit bull found with her leashed ankle on a set of active train tracks was rescued before a woman spotted the dog along the tracks and she called for help. this female pit bull was dehydrated and hungry but otherwise ok. it is not clear how she ended up there. you know about the girl scouts and boy scouts but what about the dog scouts? the bay area dog scout troop >> 14 month old rusty gets ready
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for his monthly date, a dog scouts meeting with his parents >> is basically our social life at this point. our friends think we're crazy. >> they are among 10 families who are active in troop 198, the only dog scout troop in the bay area >> it is all about doing things with your dog and having him be paid well >> beth started the group two years ago at the main society in milpitas. 15 years before the dog scouts of america unleashed the first troop in the midwest with a simple goal >> we want the dogs to be good citizens >> there have been 100 merit badges that they can earn. burning the first ads is no walk in the park. they must pass a 22 part obedience test like reading a stranger nicely. it takes practice. when they perform all the
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tasks, members send proof of performance videos for approval by the headquarters and then the pets receive their uniform and qualify for merit badges >> we want the dog is to give back to the community >> there are badges for almost anything, obstacle courses, disaster preparation, recycling 500 cans and painting. >> he will not here yelling at the dogs, you will not see leashed pops or scolding, everything is very positive >> the best treat is having fun with your best friend. >> we all think you're funny >> i know you're thinking but it is not true, there are no puppy pledges and they don't sell cookies. troop 198 is raising money to buy oxygen masks for fire rescue is >> i'm willing to bet that you
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set a record for cookie sales >> when i sold them they were 50¢ per box but wants a girl scout always a girl scout. let's take a look at doppler radar. we have the forecast coming up for the big girl scout spent 100 anniversary this weekend. right now we have a diminishing showers. this has been very difficult because as soon as i zoom in on anything it evaporates. a light shower off the san mateo bridge. we have rain showers between richmond and berkeley before the most part the cold front has passed through the bay area. this is looking towards the golden gate bridge and the clouds are lower so there aren't delays at arriving flights at sfo. we do have a south wind of 12 mi. per hour. overnight temperatures in the
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'50s and 40's. the area of low pressure took the bulk of the activity to the north of the bay area. it was raining today in the high sierra but as it passes, high pressure will firmly build and wait until you see the weekend forecast. tomorrow the numbers are going up in comparison but the big feature, what everyone will be talking about, the wind. '50s and '60s at the beach with wind up to 30 m.p.h.. '60s and '70s across the santa clara valley. northwest wind it up to 20. '50s and '60s and up to 71 degrees in sonoma. saturday is the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts, 630 at the alameda county fairgrounds, 20,000 girls.
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the extended forecast can't calls for the warmest day of the week on sunday. approaching 90 degrees in some of the spots in the area. alpine meadows is open this weekend as is sugar bowl and kirkwood. >> digital download have come to turn your music collection into clutter. julie shows us some ways to turn your collection into money >> they're hidden away in drawers or even used as coasters but how about getting some cold hard cash? >> i would not be opposed to it. they are collecting dust >> there are probably several we haven't listened to in years >> amazon is now accepting disks for trade in and with speculation that they could fetch two or $3 each it could be
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a potential gold mine. put it to the test by gathering up some cd's and trading them in but it turns out it was not as much of a windfall as thought. amazon was only interested in 11 of our desks with rick prices ranging from 30¢ each to $2. our final total was $10.10 of amazon credit. we looked at two other sites, buy back and second span. buyback only wanted seven cds for $3 but seconds been was willing to purchase 16 with a payout of $15.30. how does that compare to brick and mortar? >> there's nothing we don't want >> he has been buying used cds for years in berkeley >> i would like popular cds that were well taken care of in good shape >> he says the use supply is ballooning thanks to digital download so we were not expecting much but we got a
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surprise >> i'm willing to take the mall >> $30 credit or $15 cash, just enough to buy a couple more cds. he may need to figure in shipping costs when dealing with on-line sites but they will generally pay amazons program is for web site credit only and the others offer cash. if you have an idea or a problem give us a call. even get rid of clutter and make a little extra cash although you might make more actually selling them on amazon rather than treating them in. >> it is kind of fun to go to the cd store though. >> a shocking realization for one bay area doctor when cancer hit home. >> it was a shock when i suddenly realized i was answering the wrong questions >> it is what he did necks that is changing the way,,
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>> when you become a patient there never seems to be enough time to ask questions and how you know if you are asking the right ones >> now there is a way to make it easier. >> when faced with a serious life-threatening illness >> cancer of the ovaries and it starts at different places >> the stress is tremendous. the unknown is overwhelming >> what happens if it is really serious, what happens if i can't work, how do i tell the kids? >> with 30 years of oncology he knows a lot about cancer but you weren't even more when his wife of 30 years was diagnosed. >> a special person, a very special person >> the deeply personal experience that helped him see the big questions and made him
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want to do more >> it was a shock when i suddenly realized i was answering the wrong questions. that i was answering questions that my profession was expected of me >> so he started small, smarter medical care with the idea of making this an understandable. the nonprofit host more than 70 ipod cast. each one is a casual and concise conversation between two positions. >> your tolerance for walking up and down the halls is quite different than walking up the stairs at home or cooking for yourself or perhaps doing the laundry. many people ask me what cancer is >> is an approach that works for peter >> when you get a serious diagnosis or mine turns off >> simply put, you stop listening >> here you can listen to it and get a little pearls of wisdom
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each time you listen to it >> he says it helps you get the care you need and makes it easier to be a patient >> anything that you understand you can deal with better >> and legal information for many people >> patience, family, friends, and anybody who wants to participate and help somebody >> there between five and eight minutes long, free, and easy to download. for more information go to >> we will speak with the chinese dissident at the center of an international dispute. why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here's what we are working on for the 6:00 news. getting to know yourself inside and out, the new movement that people swear by. you have probably never seen anything quite like this. why a tricked out dorm room has landed one student in hot water with the university. >> it looks like party central.


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