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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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look at the golden gate bridge this morning and felucca your friday morning commute coming up just minutes away. good morning everyone is friday may 4th i'm show great villain of this morning to everybody 6:00 now and again at the security breach at sfo terminal 3 just reopened after being shut down around 3:00 this morning is taking it live look at this picture that we got off of twitter someone sent us this of the long lines at the airport as that morning rush gets going we did talk to an sfo spokesperson just a short
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time ago tells us there no flight delays and we do not really know what that security breach was quite get the we do have a crew on the way in and keep its head to the sfo to sfo right now to get as this information the take a look of a commute heading down one-on-one kicking down will find out what's going on that way. this is looks like on the roadways along the peninsula and as late olive fax 1128380 all the major roadways all through that area action look great. we have is live look closer to candles set which won a one and living space north and southbound willie looks great of about toward downtown san francisco. are a bridge had mentioned earlier just pass the incline section again it's right there by treasure island looks like
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they're working to clear that now intend to san francisco toward the sky went and looks great all the way toward downtown sf and a quick check of mass transit you'll notice the delays apparently the california street cable car line is down for repairs they're using shuttle buses and sen and in the meantime all other me lines except at one cable car line reporting delays. 60 to announce incentives a police will the extra patrols on the on the on the ground for celebrations. this comes during a recent spiking game violence there. and it's not system are they're putting extra patrols on the street is today through sunday. they're expecting a very good weekend it downtown san jose arrest for everything from public intoxication to violence are common during the sigurd the mile festivities thousands of people come from all over the region to celebrate even though the city's big festival since
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2010 here's a look at last year's party the concern this year's game violence tensions have been doing lately in violent crime has been up three homicides seven stabbings and one non fatal shooting from last friday. including the beating death of 14 year-old territory as. gang intervention groups say that has ignited further tensions in fact some of those groups are actually rounded up local young people prone to gain ties. taken out of town for the weekend to lyon saturday and mackovic cbs five. we're working on a developing story right now from san francisco, swat officers service search warrant at a home late last night's the homeless to the corner of dartmouth and wide streets police detained at least four people but we do up call to the
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police to find out why they staged this rate. suspects of the center of an ice ratio will be arraigned in court today three agents were wounded during the early morning raid in petaluma yesterday it was part of a bay area operation and at 13 arrest the goal was to catch suspected gang members for crimes ranging from racketeering to a 2010 triple murder in south san francisco the agents were shot were not seriously wounded and are expected to be ok sfo spokesperson blakeney karen is on the phone to give us an idea what's going on with terminal three. we understand it was shut down because we preach around 3:00 this morning. the latest is the real and the very screen the passenger's that's where we're at right now. do know with the breach was? we had another of unauthorized entry and as a
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result occur between 330 in we declare the entire terminal and into the terminal was safe. and michael can you tell people that have fights this morning that might be committing are heading down that way? what's the best thing to do? the first endophytes are probably going to be delayed. hopefully we can get caught up quickly but right now we just have long lines and we're screening everyone as efficiently as possible and they will get to their case can you tell us what ellen data terminal? u.s. airlines is the only carrier in terminal 3. he mentioned an unauthorized entry to use explain what that is? the
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someone get in without a ticket? the silhouette but that means. and just for our viewers we're looking at some of the twitter pictures that some of our viewers have since then some of along lines of what's going on it happened at 3:00 when did you decide that's use have to bring people and so terminal three never really shut down you decide to go rerun everyone do security once again. between men and sick to don't have any flights. but we do have passenger's to canada flights and will spend the night in the terminal the blessing of employees to those of the only people involved. and the very skills and checkroom is a good possibility we have a surge of
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people writing for at 6:00 flight to but this is discovered there was an unauthorized entry we close the facility for several not to reach agreement became a unit screen the restrooms and restaurants everything else and what i was taking care of it will reopen the building of 530. to equate to be getting tweets today reports we in this line should people expect this morning to maybe mr. fight because of the long lines of security? no because everyone is up their sleeve and the flight crew the planes will not take off until i get the security. i for is the airport spokesperson for sfo we wish you all the best. there's nothing like waiting in line that people it is going to have to be a little patient. and when to go quickly. it is a quick recap about 3 34:00 this morning he says there was an unauthorized entrance in
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terminal 3 and had to clear out the terminal by its again he says they're trying to get people and file people to that security line right now. as quickly as possible. patients is a virtue especially your flying your proline up when mr. flight because like he said the folks who work on the plains the flight attendants even have to go to the lines as well sell for sure though holdalls flights he can get out before flying united and other news police are looking for the driver of a car that hit taxi overnight in san francisco officers say about 215 this morning that ford mustang the red ford mustang ran a red light and smashed into a taxi and 1910 mission its and the cabriolet pulling into a 99¢ store the driver though apparently took off on foot down; that part as well knew
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this morning the nation's jobless rate dropped another lot notch last month. the unemployment rate for april was 1.1 percent down from 8.2% at the same time the number of new jobs was also down to 115,000 the labor department revised the number of jobs is separate to 154,000. let's take over for a bid we can see good mile and lots of sun. crowds begin to parse now looks as if as the head toward the afternoon mostly sunny skies coming your way in head out the door temperatures are running in the '40's and 50's and is alone on the crazy side right now even though we're going to see some more sunshine is to assure still running a bit below the average and you can see those winds whipping up outside my about 1 to 4 degrees below normal but over the weekend here's the good news high-pressure belts into the bay area and temperatures are well above the average in fact
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looking at '70s and '80s it should be a fantastic weekend ahead. 609 now says the fire fighters are watching for potential flareups in the neighborhood on the city's west side the fire broke out about 8:00 last night and destroyed and one was seriously injured the good news though the cause is still under investigation a young boy has died from an east san as a fire that killed his mother on tuesday morning fire fighters have rescued the six year-old from the burning apartment and were filled way the boy's father remains in the house about the role to other family members for also hospitalized the fire apparently started in the garage directly below the bedroom this morning a former san ramon police officer will be sentenced on drug and that charges louis lombardi was convicted of stealing about $40,000 in cash and property during searches of suspects
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homes. he was also convicted of possessing and selling drugs and stolen firearms he could get up to 60 years in prison today the u.s. and china reportedly have agreed on the outlines of a deal that would send a dissident to america he says he wants to leave china with his family today the chinese foreign ministry said he can apply to go abroad to study and the state department's says he has already been offered a polish debt by an american university. members are set to get elected to a lecture today defense secretary leon panetta will speak to soldiers at fort benning georgia who is expected to remind them that they represented the american people and must live up to military standards its response to bad behavior that angered many people afghanistan is 611 presidential, to make affordable higher education a key issue in his reelection campaign and today his plan to take that
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message to a high-school the president will speak with students and some of the parents at arlington va. he was a bill passed to keep federal subsidized student loans at their current rates as of right now those rates will double on july the first the president's likely republican challenger is said to me today with another primary opponents irani of plans to get together with crack santorum today in pittsburgh sent from a former senator from pennsylvania suspended his presidential campaign in april so far he has not formally endorsed romney. tonneau 612 a woman sues southwest after the agent tells her she's too fat to five but it's not the money she's after a classic animated difference in the disappearance of this year lamar heart cases inspiring people to protect themselves. dallas steel accused of putting his residence at the college degree he doesn't really have,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you're just
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joining us there has been a security breach at sfo terminal 3 just reopened after being cleared out around 330 or 4:00 this morning. people up in treating as pictures of long lines at the airport as he can see here everyone is having to be read screens some passengers tweeted that's it got chaotic for a little bit but things are starting to get back to normal we did get off the phone with the spokesperson mike and karen could tell us there are no flight delays which is a good thing or no flight cancellations anyway and he says the economic tell us there was an unauthorized entry into terminal 3 early this morning meeting someone had access to the building he shouldn't have we do have a crew on the way case is headed to sfo to guess the
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latest information. san is it please plan hadn't presence on the streets tomorrow for some good a mile this comes during a recent spike in game violence including the failed bay the beating of a teenager last week the nation's unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.1% that the economy created only 115,000 new jobs and fewer than had been expected 617 when we check traffic now and find out how that commuters heading north and south to 11. as mike mccarron says that airport spokesperson says there may be some delays on those very early morning flight so the good news is that all the rows to get to the sfo airports everything is moving at top speed this morning we do have a small problem it sounds like on the golden gate bridge to the can see it as close to the south tower heading into san francisco but and maybe closer there is an accident involving the golden gate transit bus it sounds like a front fender bender but was
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involving another car sell their work and to clear that now anyway is not causing any major delays so far from the weekend see this is once again traffic heading toward the golden gate bridge toll plaza where it looks pretty get heading up toward will drive we also had a minor problem with the bay bridge right there by treasure island and was installed trap and they did clearing out of the lane sell now looks pretty dead ends and is checking so far no metering lights so it actually looks good behind the gates and this is traffic heading for the skyway past treasure island rail can see it is nice to live in the upper and lower decks. oo you'll see brake lights coming at the altar was kassala slow traffic now toward 680 that drives time is about 18 minutes. thats another gender traffic for your weather forecast here's lawrence. elizabeth we're looking to is starting to clear your skies abets and the breezes have already kicked in as we head for the afternoon more sunshine on
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awakening when the toward the immediate coastline and it's at the same it looks like a much warmer weekend is coming our way in fact these temperatures will be running well above the average as he headed toward says it saturday and sunday high- pressure tries to build and keep and attract the east but say the winds are going to planning specialist with the coastline and help keep the temperatures filling cool still skies look out nicely as we head into the middle of the week the wins will be living up to some of these non gaps some of those guys 20 to 30 m.p.h. so they're going pretty good and looks like a the weekend is when will switch directions and become more offshore the chains will heat things up outside pretty well numbers for day 61 degrees and that is a 66 and union city you're looking at '60s and '70s and much of the same and said they were talking some sunshine but the badgers are staying down 50 degrees in daly city in 63 and san francisco and 66 degrees and oakland's the next
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couple of days we return to sunshine sink a mile of grace warm weather '70s and '80s going to be comments at the day in the interior valleys upper 60s for the coastline is a heading toward sunday and nice weather will get better as we head into monday and tuesday and o'clock to the middle of next week at the weekend is looking good. five people are facing charges from this week's occupation from a church owned building in san francisco and a newly charged with misdemeanors and one with felony assault and vandalism please remove 26 people from the building on wednesday morning and then the sooner suspects have been arrested at the same building a month earlier. the disappearance of a morgan hill teenager has led to growing interest in self-defense 50 year-old steer lamar has now been missing seven weeks yesterday about 100 people signed up for self-defense causes act. and soprano high school where she was in roles. did wait they're very
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weekend. hundred 19 is on the ground plenty of sunshine and/in the afternoon is fixed by spring skiing and then perk is well sunshine the man and announced sunny skies there and in some nice weather indeed. aren't you glad it's friday? did we think we all are. in any lawsuit filed by southwest passenger who was told she was too fat to five she doesn't want any money that instead she demands and industry standard to be established before fires have to pay more due to their weight the passenger's says she waited to 300 lbs. at the time and sense since loss the way she says she felt humiliated when a gate agent for storage to buy extra
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seat. the company is trying to make it easier for people to make good money for their old cellphones the atm as machine set up in parts of california to get people catch world phones or mp three players the devices and then either resold or recycling ego atm plans to expand the service nationwide in the near future of. i'd have 3 cellphones and his doctor. a family from portland to turn san francisco rain checks all if the '90s. held on to their tickets a is the game never in doubt. they say rain checks on games early clear for that year the team decided to make an exception police folks. was such a stretch that that is why of the box office manager and and they kept it
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friday the initial grey ago. frank allen has 631 l terminal 3 just reopened after being cleared around this morning. as you can see in been treating pictures cbs five. the long lines at the airport is our one is having to be restrained its chaotic but getting less and all right now. and give up the phone with an sfo spokesperson making to michele time ago if there no flight cancellations it could be a few delays those the certainly want to call ahead before going to the airport he can only tell us right now that there was an unauthorized entry into the terminal and many someone had access to the building this happened about it to clear out
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the terminal and take a look at those lines. terminal three the only carrier terminal 3 is united sell it here on some other flights as united airlines. chris on the way right now had assets of to get is the very latest. to equate to get over to elisabeth to the commute. the early morning by the delays in the to the half-hour of five it sell the good news is that you're heading toward the airport right now heading toward at sfo this is silly to expect a lot of nice foot traffic to those are by traffic centers 11280 everything pretty much moving up 11 this morning candlestick rhyolites the volume is not too bad is your travel times across 1128092 everything is looking great along the peninsula this morning for u.s.
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use part to head toward sfo systemwide delays though there are delays on the california street cable car line. in the meantime i see you. sfo right now so we get to her the very latest a house three screening going well the issue at this point a good thing is that it's all clear terminal razorback and mikey said we were treating the issue now and speaking with the air park rep. only for departures the devices as to call ahead make sure that to your flight is on time or if there is going to be a little bit of delays anticipating perhaps and be prepared. we don't know who why or of the
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issues surrounding the circumstances again that delay our security branch about an hour in terminal 3 was reopens in about 530 this morning. doesn't include united and united express. the one be any delays because of first fights coming out of the terminal where it up by deer 6:00. lories and all those passengers again that the delays are going to be happening. see my want to anticipate that if your head testify this morning again we still don't know who or what caused this unauthorized entrance into terminal 3 but will be honored and try to get an update for u.s. soon as one is available we're live at sfo back to. and age is landed back a bill to put your head inside and talk to anyone who is waiting in the land? we just got
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on seen in knows when to see if there's anybody out there but as to get to talk to anybody in will report back to. patience is the name of the game. remember that i web sites csi self- taught, and interactive airport flight delay traffic tracker that is on our front page. 635 now tomorrows think of a viral and says they can expect a heavy police presence. and that explains that the extra patrols come during a recent increase in gang violence good morning. good morning is pretty quiet in downtown san as a right now but it will be a different story tonight they're expecting big crowds here all weekend long employees are planning extra patrols in this area from today through sunday. arrest form everything from pop public intoxication to violence are common thousands of people come
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from all over the region to celebrate even though the city's big festival untraded been canceled since 2010 here's a look at last year's party in the concern that this year is game violence. tensions have been doing lately and violent crime has seen a bit of an uptick in recent days three homicides studies stabbings in in non fatal shooting from last friday to monday including the beating death of a 14 year-old and roosevelt park last friday in tranche intervention said that killing is ignited for the attention amongst the gains in fact they also rounded up some teenagers he might be prone to violence and they're taking them on out-of-town trips this weekend's to keep them out of this area biden said assay and mackovic cbs five. developing uses san francisco this morning neared john mclaren park at the swat team service search warrant on home near dartmouth and wide
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streets late last night. suspects that the center of the ice shall be arraigned in court today three agents were wounded during the early morning trading below yesterday part of a bay area operation that netted 13 arrests. the goal was to suspects catch suspected gang members ranging from racketeering to murder. the agents were shot were not seriously wounded and are expected to be ok. please return to find the driver collided with a taxi overnight to the city officers say about 215 this morning that ford mustang ran a red light smashed into a taxicab and 19th and mission streets the force of the impact sent the cabin through a light pole into a 99¢ store no word yet on the injuries the driver of the mustang took off on flights to its heavily space schools slated for closure at the end of the school year might be shut down early. that funding to close the
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when but our school little surreal and two weeks parents raised about a million dollars last fall to keep this school from immediate foreclosure that the bank says the school has violated the settlement agreement in a judge could make a decision today. the weekend is cbs five it to cbs five invitational at the golf course up in berkeley and guess what lawrence is delivering. can be happened and the golf course. is that the new clubs defending champions questions about the scorecard of from last year. folks around the bay area today with cause out they're starting to break this debate. the breezes are already blowing about 10 to 15 m.p.h. today this afternoon expected to win yet for the coastline as to get inside that they still some breezes there temperatures in the '60s and '70s and to the south bay with these air temperatures in the 60s and low 70's as well the wins will be
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howling for the beaches about 62 degrees and san francisco 66 in oakland of the u.s. this weekend will be great for golf seven years and '70s and '80s and all that a moment. federal agencies investigate the death of a researcher who is studying the bacteria that killed him the va hospital in san francisco that's a cretinous and then the next day. he was probably exposed to bacteria work last week. it was and is the road so it went from his throat into the bloodstream usually the incubation period is 35 days. dozens of people who may have been in contact with him have been given a set attics to prevent them from getting that infection. relatives of the late to junior staff reached a joint decision to allow researchers to study his brain
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the family's wishes were announced last night's the former nfl linebacker died wednesday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to now researchers will look at his brain for evidence of damage from concussions sales debt closely parallels that of the former nfl player dave dorr cent last year. in the meantime more than a hundred former nfl players have filed suit against league accusing it of not doing enough to protect them to say the but the league dangerous targets and concussions are and have that information the nfl denies the claims and then turned attorney said wally to set up a new medical monitoring system 640 not to a resolution may be in hand the case of a chinese dissident who was at the center of a diplomatic standoff the united states and china reportedly have agreed on the outlines of a deal that would send jim and his family here to america earlier today the minister says he can apply to go abroad to study and the state department says he has already been offered a fellowship at
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american university. 640 coming up white keep your eyes on the moon this weekend 6 on the way now from the presidential election and the market's reacting after the release of the april jobs report said let's take a quick check on the early numbers not looking too good so far coming up with an update from,,
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and that john sent. we're talking about tomorrow night supermen we're excited about this is the astronomers said that's in the moon will look bigger and brighter than normal and that's because it will be closest earth in its orbit
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scientists say the best time to observe the superman is when the mood is near the horizon will be found in the mood is as unclear is that since the early but i like that. did we see which of these spectacular image and appeal to see it this weekend. it looks like more sunshine to the afternoon the breezes already started to blow it at the party went to when the toward the coastline but what it weekend it's going to be plenty of sunshine come your way high pressure builds into the bay area so kind of the difference between average in that area of low pressure cause in the winds to kick up was the red cells and will be very very nice weekend indeed cause of trying to break up and now they're already doing so it is his by the afternoon becoming mostly sunny desert 20
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maybe 30 mi. an hour the gaps there's though it had in that direction grabby windbreaker. for this and his rookie '60s and '70s. plan on '60s and '70s and much of these before say so it is the '60s as a major way into daily city in san francisco at the next couple of days what it weekend is going to beat with the wise to have pressure building and '70s and '80s the is showing up and land. looking dead but cooling off on wednesday. did police and the heating things up this morning at the bay bridge is actually not too bad overall is in friday night traffic conditions and no major incidents and begins to the traffic is nice and lights. said they did in the meeting that john and they're still not back up such looking great this morning it san francisco across the bay bridge and study the
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peninsula would been talking about these possible early morning fright supplies and is covered sfo because we can't let you know even if you see delays this morning overall drive in their looks pretty get our 128380 everything in the clear so we don't see many problems out there all along the peninsula. that's a little closer is for the tours candlestick down to 80 in three is well. a's caltrans carries. but some delays for the california street cable car from severe using shuttle buses instead and a quick look at the right of appeal to one pass. but let's deliver more 67 and have the prime time and this morning's high 5 comes to us from sonoma county we have their races against the human race 2012 cell they're raising money for a variety of nonprofit
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groups it's actually the largest in sonoma county. so again if you're going to put his big races this saturday morning 630 in the morning is registration and sandras set and thank you so much for being as this high 5 property services and he would raise 2012. garcia. the nation's jobless rate is down a bit saw the numbers for the jobs jason brooks kcbs money was stuck, the pretty lackluster job support for april coming from the labor department has only gained 115,000 jobs and unemployment rate dipped down a 10th of a percent that is simply a factor of a lot of people the number isn't quite as bad because the march number was devised higher by 34,000 to
6:49 am
154,000 but still some of the gains that we saw over the winter of these to under 50,000 to 300,000 to taking meaningful chunk out of the implants. colosio could be working for a job soon reporting yesterday after said on scot thompson's resonate that he had a computer science degree and fact is not yet this as a was an inadvertent error and is reviewing the situation all things digital reported this morning that he was interviewed three years ago and is even asked about his degree in to not denies. investors are wary of this and whether not this could potentially cost him his job because took over several months ago and to try to turn yahoo around. the companies did well this morning is linked in after easily passed more than a double to 5 million revenues and as 161
6:50 am
million monthly as is the check and the numbers right now the dollar is 82 points in nasdaq is offering 33 gets in the is given up 11 points and shares are up 8%. for the first time in over three months. stick at least get a break at the palm sometime soon back to you. is a box kcbs my watch think jason. more high-profile republicans are throwing their reports in the rodney. the journals of sites in the newspaper there. reading about bachman i love the way these guys endorse their own enemies. a majority was an endorsement.
6:51 am
the public and the thing she said she gets nothing. when it comes to this endorsements you have michelle laughlin to is planning for months on every network and and all of a sudden this is what is offered on more of what is now? all that is the nature of the game unit is its offer gotten in he does says what's in it for me. that saying i forgive you. is this and oarsman's support you wonder what the thought of as overhead she's brought to say what's in it for me and he's from the same never forgive never forget. and stan very clearly before she goes on tv the lord is solve the problem hers' as they hope it keeps his word. in the art of politics how important is that they keep your
6:52 am
word for these endorsements? ferrier important because it means he might become secretary of state he might get the nod for vice-president he might have a tonight it opportunity to become attorney general. had cut the deal? it is based on the person you're dealing with in dealing with somebody was totally gross and understands greedy sit up front because that might be all they understand and we'll have to avoid the is a lot to know he's the fighting it. dissuades the a juror to have somebody else do is you can say there was nothing good on? the better off if you do yourself samaritans yours. the witnesses. see you require rumor nobody is. new is very interesting is that very clearly when help people go, and when demand was i will be for or
6:53 am
against you wish to rethink. so you get these skills homemade times have you been limited endorsement what is the actual percentage of the people falling through on whenever it is the promised? i was make sure that they perform before i perform the secret to these deals is the performance has to come from the headfirst. the check as to clear before a state. the quakes will always love mayor brownson's i think so much terminal 3 is backed up at sfo after the big security breach this morning. and sources tell me the real reason,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s
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of people flying on this emphasis of this morning and with some schools have information about what caused a security breach. a source tells me all began with the passenger going the wrong way that source says a philip get the city of this is the long lines of calling from this one passenger and that basically when not to smoke a cigarette and then became a laid-back he came to the wrong door an employee authorize store security cameras on him go through and then when they found out that this guy went to the wrong door they tried to locate him and couldn't find him which resulted in shutting down terminal 3 for almost 45 minutes to an hour people were told to stay in their offices and god is at find out where this guy was airport sources haven't confirmed this is a source within the airport until the this is basically what
6:58 am
happened to them when they're out work today and so again it all comes back to a passenger now people are delay in long lines and will be a few delays is what airport officials are told us of your coming 7 cisco be sure to call your airline to make sure about those flights make sure there on time and not rely the sfo back to you. the world of seven. yet to be careful with store you go in and out of. right now on cbs as f. scott, remember we did have an interactive airport flight delay a track runner front-page feature check that out the big weekend cigarette maile of the super bowl endurance deliver some beautiful weather. to a transitional day outside today numbers in the '50s and '60s when the dutch were the coastline and '60s and '70s and lance the weekend is the maris thought from the bay a
6:59 am
loss one for the next couple of days ago tamayo good plenty of sunshine beautiful all the way to the coastline it's a fantastic weather ahead. we the picture for you today we don't know what it is but member that? is by was very much in my sink a mile festivities last year. i say that picture on my iphone for a year just for this day. did wait a million to sink a mile. i think he should bring up the sombrero again this year. i like is. are you going to tell a story? he walked outside. traffic is looking good this morning look at this. demurring let's of the non of the bay bridge for nearly 40 minutes and still it is not seeing really any backups at all. westbound to silicon valley no delay and is little slow down for livermore but overall this kind of nothing us


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