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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and looking to city officials for answers. >> it is quite shocking and disruptive. it is the same group. various factions within the group, it is all under the occupied banner. >> occupy sf has repeatedly denied being part of any criminal activity. but ryan doesn't admit that the guy throwing bricks off the roof on tuesday as a part of the occupied movements. >> we're not going to turn away anyone who needs help from occupied. but, we are not as well equipped to handle this kind of things and we do the best we can. >> city officials have been adjusting the message throughout the week. initially they cited them to under $50 for having a board with graffiti covering their smashed windows. >> i got an apology from the city about the graffiti citation that had on the day after the the vandalism occurred. and actually cleaned off. >> the mayor called him personally and denounced the
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violence in an interview yesterday. >> you heard, even the voices from the person that was throwing the book bricks off of the rooftops. they're ridiculous. they are hoodlums. i am not going to associate with any in illegitimate group. >> the mayor says the city will be changing police protocol for future protest but says he will not release exact details to the public. the sentences against the attorney met with business owners today and says that if police can catch of vandals, he will prosecute. >> we support their right to demonstrate peacefully. we do not support call violence, we do not support the destruction of property of innocent people. >> this district attorney also pointed out a new web site, a grass-roots effort, raising money to help people who had property damage. so far they have raised $8,000. 100% of proceeds go to the businesses out here.
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>> she spoke of the made a protester who three bricks from the top of the building, hitting another protester in the face. he was arraigned today and faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon. he pled not guilty. bail was set at $500,000. it was part of a group that occupied a vacant building. >> new developments in the so- called dirty cop case from the east bay. a former bay area police officer and a private investigator connected to a police corruption scandal are admitting that they broke the law. here's joe vasquez with more on the case involving drugs and money and prostitution. >> today we saw two of the main characters in court. first one of the dirty cops that plead guilty has now received his sentence. >> a federal judge this morning sentenced him to three years in federal prison. the former san ramon police officer was accused of stealing $30,000 cash. he also stole narcotics from suspects during from boston.
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lombardi was fined $150,000 and after his three-year service in prison he will face three years of court supervision. later this afternoon chris butler, a private investigator at the center of a criminal activity plead guilty in the same federal court. he admitted to crimes ranging from extortion to robbery, to conspiracy to deal drugs. >> it is not a happy day. no one came out of this on skates. >> he is the undercover informant that once worked for chris butler. he shot his undercover video of butler and his friend, commander norman wells, a former narcotics chief, it purports to seek the to selling confiscated drugs stolen from a police evidence locker. his work with state investigators was instrumental to get the dirty cops and the p i behind bars. >> i have mixed feelings. it is a good thing to see the justice system working like it is supposed to work. they know what they did. but you have to remember chris butler was a boss and friend.
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although i know i did the right thing into what i had to do to make sure these guys were taken off of the streets so that it would not hurt anyone else. >> the commander has confessed but was not in court today, his attorney says he is still negotiating with the fed's and if those negotiations fall through, he is prepared to go to trial. >> wilson's attorney tells me that he can only assume that color has turned himself into a government witness who will then testify against welch. it remains to be seen how that will play a part in his ultimate punishment. >> two suspected gang members have been arrested in san francisco. police say that at the 23 rolled man and a 56 year-old man were taken into custody last night. the two men are believed to be connected to a recent violent gang incident in san fransisco. five weapons including a shotgun, were seized. both men face several felony charges. we are tracking breaking news
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and san fransisco where police have shut down the area near the balboa bart station as they inspect a suspicious package. the bomb squad has a robot there on the scene. the geneva on and off ramps, one is geneva and one is ocean avenue on highway 280, their clothes right now. bard is not experiencing any delays but the muni j, k, and an lines cannot get through the area. we will keep you updated at. >> oakland celebrating a major milestone. today it turns 160 years old and the cities spent the day commemorating that achievement. the celebration is continuing into the night for one neighborhood in oakland enjoying a kind of reverse. kristin harris takes us to the area they're now calling condo. >> that is right. this up-and-coming area north of downtown is the old korean town. it is no secret that the city of oakland has had a rough year but
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in this area there is evidence of the renaissance. >> happy birthday ♪ >> the 160th birthday of oakland marks by the reverse of what used to be known as koreatown. the city now calls a northgate. >> we are interested in promoting it as a very eclectic and diverse neighborhood. lots of different things going on. >> things are changing in what had been known as a c-section of telegraph. this gallery is the newest addition. >> my hope is that collectors get to know us. and start costing us so that we can do this. >> dwight and graffiti have been replaced by murals, art galleries now coexist with adult bookstores and trash cans and utility boxes their artistic designs. >> oakland is really a city on the rise. >> city on the rise after a year that this 30-year residents can only describe in one word.
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>> turbulence. >> , science spiked last year and up to buy open protesters and police were clashing near city hall. it has not stopped oak lawn from celebrating. in honor of the 160th birthday the mayor unveiled a newly restored city hall model. months after the occupied protesters destroyed the city hall building. >> the model has been knocked down twice but here she is shining better than ever and that is truly the resilience of oakland, symbolizing everything that we are. >> in a sense it symbolizes kono. new shops are opening, there are dozens of trees the city just planted. with the changes residents have one birthday wish for a city in its 160th year. >> i'm looking for increased peace next year. >> and a business district says that this resurgence is well underway and a say in the past six months at least one dozen new businesses have opened. >> the oakland police department
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is using the birthday celebration as a way to do something they have never done. hold an open house. the department is opening its doors to the community at the police administration building on seventh street. people can meet the chief and other officers for an opportunity to understand who they are and what they do. >> well, it is very important, obviously for the police department, to have a relationship with a community that they served. and, the event today which coincides with the 160th birthday of the city of oakland is another opportunity for us to reach out to the community. >> that open house runs for another hour and a half. >> i am len ramirez in san jose where police and anti gang authorities are expecting a very busy cinco de mayo weekend. just ahead, the unusual steps they're sticking to make sure the street stapes fall. >> bay area city's struggling to be copper thieves. tonight the scope of the problem
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measured in cops on the beach. >> the earthquake warning system that gives people into a minute to take cover. japan,,,,,,,,
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>> >> >> >> keeping cinco de milo safe and fun, san jose police are stepping up patrols at of the weekend celebrations. len ramirez shows us that the department wants to stop potential problems before they even start. >> by this time tomorrow night, east santa clara street and this avenue will be full of cars as people from all over the bay area come to san jose to cruise and be a part of the cinco de mile festivities here. traditionally what has happened in the past is that the people in the cars have not been a problem, is the people on the sidewalk to have been a problem, they come to see the show late at night, they get to see, and
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fight start and rowdiness happens. it happened here last year and police are trying to make sure that it does not happen again. cultural pride on cinco de mayo. and in san jose the celebrations have already begun. >> we just want everyone to have fun. >> but at this bakery, a peaceful celebration would be like icing on the cake. >> have fun, do not destroy property. >> last year this bakery and nearby businesses became targets for vandals. drunken late-night crowd got rowdy and smashed windows causing thousands of dollars in damage. but she made sure her insurance is paid up just in case. >> i do not think that the police can do much because there's not much they can do with the budget cuts. we will not get that much protection. >> police say that enforcement teams will be added to already beefed up control units to prevent repeats from last year, and plans to divert crowds of
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the downtown areas are in place. >> we will be prepared just like we are at mardi gras. >> the gangs are starting to hijack holidays. >> but he says the bigger concern is the potential for another gang-related shooting or stabbing. cinco de milo crowds tend to gather around roosevelt park on east santa clara street which last week was the scene of a shocking gang-related killing. a 14 year-old boy was beaten to death and the suspects are still at large. >> any time we have a public event like this and there's tension building, you want to make sure that you were prepared. >> by being prepared, what he is referring to is a plan that they have tried in san jose in the past. actually identifying key gang members that can either be perpetrators or victims of gang- related violence, so they literally take them out of town. they pay for a hotel room and give them tickets to great america or the boardwalk, something like that. just to keep them occupied so that they do not start trouble or become victims of trouble. that is one of the unusual
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things they plan to do this weekend. reporting live in san jose, cbs 5. >> for a list of cinco de mayo events near you you can use our website click on the link on the homepage. >> now we have breaking news coming out of the east bay. we're getting reports into the station of an officer involved shooting along interstate 80. these are live pictures coming from our chopper 5 right now. initial reports suggested that it was a pursuit that ended with shots being fired. we're told that the suspect was shot, no word on his condition, we will bring you the latest as we get it into the newsroom. tense moments at a transit bus yard in emeryville when a 9,000 gal. tank filled with hydrogen started to leak. that forced businesses to evacuate including the disney pixar building and a school. while employees heard an explosion, ac transit said that there was not an explosion. it was just the sound of fuel
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leaking out of the tank. a six year-old boy injured in an east san jose apartment fire has died. the three alarm fire tuesday claimed the boy's mother and critically injured his father. other family members were also hospitalized. the fire apparently started in a garage directly below the bedroom. >> you might call it a vicious cycle for any state park. copper thieves have struck the same lighting equipment several times. an expensive repair that is directly impacting the people. >> lately the new bocce ball courts at baldwin park have been pretty dark at night. copper thieves stole the wiring from all the lights. this city electrician spent most of his time these days just repairing damage in the parks. >> it cost us $20,000, and we do the best we can to keep the cs out of it. but, in a month or two months,
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there back in it and it is gone. >> some of a76 the lights have been hit so often that they were just removed altogether. one set of lights has been rewired several times. >> as soon as you turn them on they say " the lights are back on in that spot we go to ". as the price of metal rises on the world market, theft is becoming a major problem for cash strapped cities all over the state. concord lost $400,000 last year and the mayor says that directly impacts residents. >> whenever your going to be cutting $400,000 out of a budget, well, that could be three or four police officers. it could be five or six employees. >> concord is doing what it can to strengthen its fixtures and there are law's being proposed to limit scrap metal sales but as long as recyclers are unwilling to buy the
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material, all of the city can do can ask his residence to keep their eyes open, and report suspicious activity. >> as the legislation evolves, as techniques to combat this evolves and as the public gets more involved in their own neighborhoods, we will see the problem diminishing. but it is not going to go away. >> if you look up this weekend, you are in for a treat. what will make your view of the moon it extra special? >> it's sends the alarm before an earthquake hits. and it is ready to go in countries around the world. so why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> what if we got a warning an
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earthquake was coming? japan and mexico and romania, they all have systems that warn of an earthquake coming but in california we don't have one and getting one in place is slow going at best. >> before the earth shakes in japan, people already know to take cover. part of the nearly $1 billion investment the country made after the 1995 earthquake that killed 6500 people. and in mexico the same goes. citizens get a text message giving them notice before the earthquake hits. but in california no such system to inform the public of future danger exists. >> other countries are ahead of us. >> ahead by leaps and bounds. and it is not for lack of effort. scientists at the u.s. geological survey and universities such as stanford, cal tech in uc-berkeley, have for years been diligently working on a test system but so far the funding for a more robust program has not come
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through. >> so if you kill a bunch of people, you get funding at national level to build an early warning system. it is our hope that in the united states we don't need to wait for a killer earthquake to build the early-warning system. >> the beta system and development works like this ... >> moderate shaking expected in 22 seconds. >> you're using the path of waves created by the 1989 earthquake. in the yellow are the key ways which are often undetectable by humans. the red represents shear waves which often cause the most shaking and damage. people in san fransisco in the east they would have had 26 seconds of lead time. a difference many believe could have saved lives. >> if you have a few seconds of one then you can take cover, you are far less likely to be injured. >> i do have a circuit board design ... >> is not just expensive equipment and computer programs
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that may eventually help get the job done. researchers at stanford are dispatching small sensors to schools and homes. >> it is a real time demonstration of what is happening in the earth. >> which could be installed on personal computers. the data is instantly sent back to the laboratory as part of the earthquake catching network. >> the goal is to use a bunch of those recordings to figure out where the earthquake started from, and how big the amplitude is, and it will tell you how large the magnitude of the events is. >> scientists hope to install more than 2000 of these little guys in the bay area alone. the hope is that a sensor installed on a computer here could one people 60 mi. away, like here in the santa cruz mountains, that an earthquake is coming. >> geologist are still figuring out a way to interface with the infrastructure the usgs already has in place. and there is an even bigger
6:23 pm
problem. how to pay for all that. and while the foundation silicon valley has donated $6 million to jump start the effort. >> what we tried to do was send a strong pulse and a strong signal to both federal agencies and also private potential adopters, that this is something we think is worthy and it is time to move forward now. >> it is not nearly the $80 million required to get an early warning system in place in california. >> it is tough budget times, and like i said, there's nothing that motivates politicians like a disaster. and so, maybe it will happen before the large disaster, maybe not. >> usgs has a more immediate financial problem, funding cut 20% this year meaning it is an even greater challenge just to keep the systems that have in place and running. >> thankyou. get ready for some lunar excitement. it is not only a full moon this weekend, it is a super moon. that means the moon will doleful
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at its closest point to worse. so the full moon will look even bigger. this is a look at last year's supermen which was in march. this year's super moon expected to arrive saturday. at 8:35 p.m.. >> now it is a party. >> cinco de mayo, full moon. i would lock myself in my house and throw with a key. let's go ahead and review this. tomorrow night is a superman. it will be at its closest to the earth at 8:35 p.m., 221,000 mi. away. that is 15,000 mi. closer than usual. the main concern is usually higher tides. but i took a look at the tides and it will just be modest. this is a bird's-eye view of the city of san fransisco where today we have highs at 60 degrees. not a cloud in the sky but the wind has been blowing. numbers in the '50s and '60s. wind gusting up to 37 m.p.h. at
6:25 pm
sfo. tonight would bottom out in the '40's and 50's. it will look like a full moon, 98% waxing did this at its fullest state tomorrow night. meanwhile as we take a look at the beach. this is ocean beach when i was only 58 but the wind is gusting up to 25 m.p.h.. your weather have laws are mostly clear skies, official some down at 8:00, some up at 6:09 a.m.. a bright began with some they being the warmest of the two. that beach is tomorrow, and temperatures in the '70s across the santa clara valley. he's the no. 7 is up to 80 degrees and a climb up to the no. 8 to 79 degrees. 78 in santa rosa when the average high is right around 71 degrees. the extended forecast calls for this current warming trend to peak on monday. gradual cooling will occur on tuesday. not a raindrop in sight for the next full seven days. that is yorkton. forecast. >> the new approach to the
6:26 pm
golden gate bridge already proving to be a lifesaver. the first section of the presidio parkway has only been open five days but tonight the chp says that new improvements have paid off. here's more on a tragedy that was averted. >> take one last look at dillon doyle drive last week. and today marks its first full week in operation. with mayor ed lee and the transportation officials celebrating a safe and successful demolition. >> now we have the duty of tearing down a dangerous drive, making sure that we do it right. >> even the mayor admits that the roadway was a dangerous road. >> before they did just have yellow pylons, which don't prevent head-on collisions. now there is a barrier which manages traffic between the three lanes and two lanes. preventing accidents. from head-on collisions. >> the new doyle drive has already racked up its first
6:27 pm
accident. >> ultimately the gentleman struck a barrier, so the barrier has absolutely save lives already. >> the chp says it could have been a head on collision if the pylons were still there but now this new machine moves the median from one lane to the other. and it has already made a safer commute. >> the removable barrier has already proven to be very beneficial to us. >> the rogue wave may be safer but the work continues. especially with the rubble. >> the contractor still breaking up the concrete, portions of the bridge need to be taken down. the columns, but they are separating the concrete from the steel right now. >> there are 65,000 t of rubble that will be recycled but it will take two months to clear out. in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> job creation numbers keep falling. what is at the center of the economic slowdown? >> they appear to have a deal,
6:28 pm
how the diplomatic standoff over the chinese dissidents is finally coming to an end? >> scientists had given up on a gray whale and tangle of the california coast. but how a fisherman and his crew but how a fisherman and his crew may have saved that wayward,,,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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>> >> a week reading of the labour market put investors in a foul mood today with stocks in the financial sector hit especially hard as the major averages capped off a tough week. the dow dropped 168 points and the nasdaq fell 2 and 1/4 percent. the s&p 500 lost more than 1.5%. today's april jobs report shows that the economy seems to be slowing down. as danielle nottingham reports, those numbers are becoming the biggest issue in the presidential campaign. >> the new labor department report shows 115,000 jobs created in april, many fewer than economists had expected. stocks dropped on the news as investors questioned the strength of the country's economic recovery.
6:32 pm
>> the reality is that the recovery is much slower than we ever anticipated it was, if in fact you can call it a recovery. >> the retail industry saw the biggest gains with 29,000 jobs. but the construction industry was one of the biggest losers. 2000 jobs were lost. despite the low jobs numbers, the white house pointed out that unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. the lowest rate since president barack obama took office. the president took that message to a suburban washington d.c. high school. >> this morning we learned that the economy created 130,000 private-sector jobs in april and the unemployment rate went down again. >> but the rate to not dropped because of more jobs, it fell because more american stop looking for work. the gop presidential candidate mitt romney told a crowd at a pittsburgh cement company that the president should stop blaming the 2008 recession for the stagnant economy.
6:33 pm
>> anything over 8 percent, anything over 4 percent is not cause for celebration. >> more than 12 million americans are unemployed and those numbers don't improve by the november election, president barack obama may have a hard time keeping his job. at the white house, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. >> the united states and china have appeared to reach a deal to end a diplomatic standoff over a chinese activist. he has been offered a fellowship at new york university. the agreement allows the man and his family to leave china. >> chinese activist may be headed to the united states. american and chinese diplomats are working on a deal to allow them to study abroad and take his family with him. >> over the course of the day, progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. >> new york university issued a statement saying that he has a
6:34 pm
long-established relationships with the faculty and has an invitation to be a visiting scholar. the blind political activist is outspoken against his country's forced abortion policy had been under house arrest in rural china. when he escaped to beijing and took refuge at the american embassy, just as secretary of state hillary clinton is in china for high-level trade talks. thursday he placed a call to an emergency hearing on capitol hill making a direct appeal to clinton through an interpreter. >> i hope that i can get more help from her. >> claiming that he fears for his safety, he said that he wanted to leave with clinton when she departs on saturday. >> this is not just about well- known activist. it is about human-rights and aspirations of more than 1 billion people. >> the united states says they will grant him and his family a
6:35 pm
visa as soon as china makes a move. >> london is getting ready to host the summer olympics. and today the royal navy biggest ships sailed into take part in security exercises. it squeezes through the gates and docked near the olympic stadium. 500 troops will be stationed on that ship. the military is also deploying fighter jets and placing ground to air missiles on rooftops. >> i think it is overkill. security most likely will be done by the police. i mean, if you look at that ship, i think that is purely propaganda. >> so far the missile systems are not armed with light weapons and it is possible that it may stay that way. military officials say that it will make a final decision on that after the exercises are over. >> the east coast is dotted with wildly popular brownstone homes and buildings but tonight one of them is a pile of rubble.
6:36 pm
the four story brownstone in harlem was undergoing renovation when it suddenly collapsed. as a precaution firefighters searched through the rubble to make sure that no one was there trapped. it turns out that the building was empty so no injuries were reported in neighbors say that workers have been emptying the building over the past week and were aware of structural deficiencies. >> still ahead, the silicon valley of fact, how one sleepy downtown has been dramatically transformed? new homes. shops. and restaurants. >> and ultra low cost airlines,,
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6:38 pm
>> we want to go back to the breaking news story in the east bay. we have new information on that officer involved shooting along
6:39 pm
interstate 80 at pinole valley road. we're told that the chp had been following a black chrysler. you can see it there sandwiched between the three police cars. the police say that they discovered it was stolen so they started following it. the driver exited the freeway at pinole valley road and allegedly got out of that chrysler and began shooting at the officers. officers say they returned fire, hitting the suspect. he has non-life threatening wounds and was taken to a nearby hospital. no officers were hurt. we are keeping an eye on this and will keep you posted if anything changes. >> cultural low-cost airlines trying to make inroads in the bay area. allegiant airlines moved its base of operations to oakland, bringing with it 60 jobs. julie what will compare their fares to other discount airlines. >> in new low-cost carrier landing in the bay area. but is it really as much of a bargain as you expect? >> i had to pay for my seat, my
6:40 pm
bag, and my backpack as well. >> passengers in oakland say that allegiant airlines is certainly a low-cost carrier but it is not so low cost once you attack on all of the fees. >> the seats are obviously quite narrow, and don't recline, which was something we're not used to in travel. >> but most say it is a good deal when taking short trips to less popular destinations. but we put them to the test on a more frequently traveled route between the bay area and phoenix. comparing their prices and fees to two other notable discount carriers. spirit airlines and southwest. we booked the cheapest flight on the same day on all three airlines and at first glance they take the prize. $81.60. before taxes. compared to $150 at southwest. but let's not forget the fees. it turns out that spirit airlines, long criticized for nickel and dime, are not the ones to charge you for just about everything. both spirit air and allegiant
6:41 pm
airlines carey for check bags and picking or see anything booking your ticket. leading to social be opposed like these. >> but there extra fee list is still a long her than all egypt. and in this case, add up all the fees, with one carry-on bag and one reserve a seat, and southwest comes out the low- price leader. but still, for cheap flight to a relatively remote location, many have allegiance to allegiance. >> it is a great experience. honestly. i enjoyed it. >> we did reach out to spirit and allegiance and neither airline got back to us. but a recent study by a slight statistics .com found that of the three, spirit as the best on-time performance fell by southwest and then allegiant. remember that you have a consumer question to the recall, we would love to help you figure this kind of things out. >> i cannot believe the final price on one of those airlines. that is shocking.
6:42 pm
>> it adds up. thank you. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone. we're looking ahead to the weekend. and tomorrow it is cinco de mayo and there are big time celebrations going on at the laura's park. sunny skies in san francisco with a high of 72 degrees at the park. we have yorkton. forecast. but first here is kim with sports. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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>> >> after a decade long drought, redwood city is experiencing a housing boom. five times as many homes are nearly completed or now in the planning stages compared to 10 years ago. here's don ford with what is behind the sudden growth spurt. >> redwood city housing construction is restarting in a big way after a 10 year slump. 132 units here. another 231 here.
6:46 pm
and another 15 units nearly finished here. almost 1000 units will be built in redwood city in the near future. this is the downtown developer coordinator and he says that silicon valley is driving the growth. >> high-technology start-ups. they come into the area, they take double spaces and fix them up. and then grow and take over surrounding buildings. >> the heart of the city which just finished a decades-long reconstruction is getting rave reviews. city leaders did not want another mall. to many of those already. so i concentrated on entertainment, theaters, and restaurants, like this grill owned by cameron. >> they always ask what we can do to help my business. >> the city is attracting new small-business is. eric and his wife completely remodeled the aging fox theater.
6:47 pm
>> it has incredible bones. built in 1929 and in a very short period of time we were able to get it ready to go and start producing shows. >> redwood city as the new redwood city. we are trying to create a unique and rich city. >> changing zoning laws to allow mixed use is breathing new life in the downtown area. >> i love redwood city. >> most of these projects were started before the recession, then descended from low construction costs during the recession and that is now meeting the needs of silicon valley. a perfect storm. >> some had given her up for dead but june the gray whale first spotted near the coast two weeks ago tangled and a buoy, surfaced today between bodega bay. the crew of a crab boat spotted her and with little effort they managed to remove three buoys
6:48 pm
that she was dragging. then she swam away with another smaller well. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone. on the fourth day of may we have highest between 50 degrees in half moon bay to 70 degrees in santa rosa and sonoma. this is your friday evening in progress. it is the cbs 5 weather camera looking at san fransisco where currently is 56 degrees. but the wind has been blown out of the west and northwest up to 75 m.p.h.. 37 mi. per hour wind gusts at sfo. a breezy friday evening. your overnight lows, as the wind subsides, dipping down between the '40's and 50's. a 98% maxing did this moon on its way to becoming a full moon tomorrow night. area of low pressure to the north of the bay area now ejecting to the east but as it does it will bump against a huge ridge of high pressure that continues to expand and therefore we will see temperatures this weekend
6:49 pm
getting warmer and warmer each and every day until they peak on monday. statewide for your saturday, 84 degrees at the state capital, 55 degrees in the greater lake tahoe region. upper seventies in fresno. meanwhile the pinpoint forecast 60s at the beaches. upper seventies and low 80s across the santa clara valley. from birling gamesters south san francisco near 70 degrees. east a number stacking up from 77 to 80 degrees and as we head north towards napa valley, 79. 80 degrees around glen ellen otherwise upper seventies in sonoma and the coast remains pretty cool in the '50s and '60s. my pick for the weekend in santa cruz at 73 degrees with a water temperature still at 51 degrees. we do have a uv index at nine which is high so if you're heading to the coast, where it will be warmer on sunday, brings the sun block. extended forecast calls for a warming trend on monday to peak
6:50 pm
and then begin to cool on tuesday. hope to see you at the alameda county fairgrounds tomorrow for the 100th anniversary crossed out celebration.
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>> tiger woods did not hold a press conference this weekend, instead he posted a video on his website answering some hard- hitting questions from his fans. >> " what is in those little bottles you drink on the course? ". they are electrolytes. i get them from fuse. and i treat them all throughout the day. just trying to keep my electrolytes up because i do sweat a lot. >> his performance on the course was not much better shooting one over 73 missing the cut for the eighth time in his career. a sacramento native nick watkins has a one stroke lead. and through luck will graduate from stanford later this month but taking a study break this weekend for the cult's camp. the no. 1 pick and his new head coach had a different opinion on today's first practice. >> it is monumental. >> it was not to monumental in my mind.
6:54 pm
>> we feel great about him, everyone else feels great about him, he is a natural leader. it is a great start. >> it is nice to get out there and be with the guys and start building those relationships. we call the play and run it and see that it works. it was a lot of fun and a lot of excitement. >> the west more high school baseball team used to competing hard on the field and now they need to put on the rally caps for a teammate puttinfighting a battle off of the field. >> there's not much that david cannot do on the diamond. he is a standout pitcher and infielder at west more high school. last fall david began experiencing pain in his left knee. the 16 year-old would soon learn that this was not a sports injury. >> i tried my best to go out there and play. but when i was moving for the ball, i just could not. i fell down. and i could not do it. i had to get a biopsy surgery to
6:55 pm
test the cells. >> on april 13th he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. a rare form of bone cancer in his knee. >> they said that it was able to be cured so i was okay but then i first found out i was emotional. i was crying. >> anytime i lack strength, i will look right to david. >> if you want to know what strength really is, in a time of real struggle and crisis? i have learned that from a young 16 year-old. >> david just completed his first round of chemotherapy and after three months of treatment david will have surgery to replace his knee and tibia. head coach david taylor rescheduled team photographed day so that he could join them in between his chemotherapy sessions. >> i don't want to get special treatment from my teammates. or my friends. i want to be the same david to them.
6:56 pm
>> he lives in daly city with his guardian family. >> i still, every once in while we're doing fine and having fun and then i think " he has cancer ". it's still hits the because this is so new. >> the coach has set up a fund to help defray medical costs and to fly his biological parents in to be with their son. over $9,000 has been raised so far. >> i tried to think positive as much as i can. i will be ok. this is just a small little fight that i have to go through. but i'm going to be fine. >> it looks like his parents are be able to make that trip. when he is able to and feels well enough, he keep score in the dugout. so that is a remarkable young man. >> he teaches us all an awful lot. bless his heart.
6:57 pm
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