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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  May 5, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm and that irasan jose pog
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to avoid violence from last year. so far efforts this year seem to be working. don knapp is in san jose a beautiful day in san jose for celebrations today everything going find police concerned about tonight when cinco de mile falls on saturday night in san jose there's lots of potential. san jose did not organize a formal parade but that did not stop the passing parade of people cruising cars sporting the mexican flag. tens of thousands are here today to celebrate mexican heritage with pride many celebrate peacefully this year's holiday on a weekend or is police. with better weather we expect more people come into downtown san jose and possibly
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the foot of does it division officers are out also of the highway patrol along with santa clara county officers we feel confident with the number of officers if we have any crimes or type of disturbance weekend dispatch officers and immediately the officer said it plans are same as last night police made 24 arrests for crimes ranging from misdemeanors to public intoxication to possession of deadly weapons. a gang-related assault and three members were booked into juvenile hall with deadly weapons. three juveniles were arrested and booked into juvenile hall we believe the to be gang-related cbs 5 was told potential troublemakers were encouraged to get at of town. which takes a higher caliber you think you at a town and let the map pro social and save type
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of weekend police say they put the holiday above everything else where not here to compete celebration our concern is to do it safely and lawfully most celebrate the day responsibly with family, there is the potential and police say they are ready. cash as a safety tool, east palo alto police officers traded cash for guns. it is the fourth annual gun buyback. police raided $100 for every weapon offered up, when man turned his collection into $2,000. it started after a tour of road accidents shot and killed a toddler with a rifle found in a garage. that happens when firearms are stored improperly. in all officers but 74 firearms
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10 fewer than last year. the money to buy the guns comes from a grand and anonymous donors. more information about a doctor and tv commercials fighting an increase tobacco tax. public records show the doctor is fighting to save her home from foreclosure and is too personal bankruptcies in the arrest and said she is not been paid for work promoting proposition 29. many call the doctors parents in the at upsetting. back when i call when i see a doctor saying not a penny from prop. 29 will be spent on cancer treatment i think, a key know what the result of prop 29 will be thousands of people will not die from cancer. prod 29 will boost california's tobacco tax by $1 per pack the money goes to cancer research and anti tobacco
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campaigns opponents say the measure will restrict the use of hundreds of millions of tax dollars. president obama kicked off his reelection bid the president and first lady campaign in ohio and virginia. he highlighted the success is from his first term and said the country is making progress. he criticized the likely republican nominee mitt romney saying romney does not get. he doesn't understand the maximizing profits whether through layoffs or outsourcing or union busting might not be always be good for the average american or for the economy the president attacked romney on the other industry bailout and troop withdrawal deadline. proof and perseverance pays off a new batch of fish released into the day today. raised by students to get you start from scratch after vandals destroyed their salmon
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restoration project. anne mackovic with more. a goodbye kiss these teenagers have waited months to get. these young salmon released into the bay today a culmination of a joint project between timber on salmon institute and high-school students in petaluma you take care of them went in there three times a day and on weekends we were in there taking care of the fish. this release was joyous after these kids for robbed of a chance last time in october someone deliberately cut the institute's underwater nets holding 40,000 babies salmon, releasing them into the bay one week before the kids to do with themselves. when a mama have a big celebration we have a lot of heart broken kids no one has been arrested in the police have charged
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vandalism and grand theft. there are theories of who might be responsible including animal rights groups. nobody understands why they did it the purpose of the project for the kids is understanding we have to make sure water is safe and fish are healthy the project was sealed with a kiss. and not as benjamin think. anne mackovic cbs 5. he says he is responsible and 11 years letter his day in court but here's the did not wanted the court room destruction by the man who planned the september 11th attacks. we get a closer look where the moon may appear closer to home. an interesting yellow light close to the full moon will explain what that,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three pilots who took part
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in world war two attack in tokyo observe the 70th anniversary of the rate today. the celebration was held on the uss hornet in alameda. the kickoff up from an aircraft carrier and then on it and took part in the attack. they're known as " doolittle's raiders " after the jimmy doolittle who planned and led the attack. the man who planned the september 11th terrorist attacks refuse to answer the judge's questions. he did not enter a plea. they're charged with the murder of each person who died in the 911 attacks. dru levenson with more. the man who claims to be the mastermind of the september 11th attacks and four co- conspirators refuse to cooperate. he sat silently at the defense table and ignored judge's questions. the judge fired back sang "
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when can i choose not to participate and frustrate course of business " the five men pulled out their ear pieces so they could not hear the arabic translation of proceedings. two of them started to pray. one yelled maybe they're going to kill us and say we are committing suicide the man face 3000 murder charges for the 911 attacks. six family members who lost loved ones were in the court room watching the events unfold. others who could not go watched on closed circuit television at four bases in the united states including fort hamilton in new york. many say what they saw frustrated them. this woman lost her brother charles the pilot of the man's the pilot of the plan to crashed into the pentagon. this is the second arraignment for the defendants the first trial was stopped when the obama
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administration tried to shut down guantanamo. justice denied so long, legal experts say it could take years for the trial to conclude. dru levenson cbs news, fort hamilton. each defendant faces the death penalty if convicted. various school districts to step up to 3 students after the bell rings and a program offers dinner is a spinning and who is eligible and where the financing comes from. a beautiful day across the bay area brian hackney is up next.,,
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♪ chisholm food fun music and honoring mexican heritage all at local bay area festivals this was the joint richmond's cent of low parade celebrating peace and unity. in san francisco a big turnout for a party at a large part. family friendly and alcohol free. lots of musical performances and dozens of food and craft booths what a exactly are we celebrating on the fifth of may. it is not mexican independence day, cinco de milo celebrates
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the battle of puebla in 1862 mexican forces beat back french troops. cinco de mile is not a big holiday in mexico is more popular among mexican americans. a federal program providing meals to students is expanding. the pittsburgh school district wants day dinner program. they serve free meals to more than 1000 students across 20 schools. the usda reimburses school districts about $3 for every meal. san jose plans to launch the program next year. nothing like it again this year so look up in the night sky, because of a super moon. it is the biggest moon of the year. tonight could be 14% bigger and brighter than a full moon, it will be visible at 8:00 p.m. the
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super mooned at its fullest at 8:30 p.m. brian hackney joins us. if you're going to look at the full moon do this and observe carefully above and to the right of the moon you see a bright yellow light and that light comes from the planet saturn. if you have a telescope he or she will never forget the first time they see saturn. think of the moon is up there to provide a milestone to point out where saturn is. both are appearing tonight a star is up there to 260 million light years away. we have mostly clear skies in the bay area. temperatures in the '80s in the bay area. it will get warmer tomorrow. the heat is on. if he had up tomorrow it will be a chilly start.
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at the door tomorrow morning nothing but sand. high pressure is anchored off the west coast is driving and the storm into western canada. the high-pressure compresses the air and warms us up. on the future cast, except for a puff of fogged in, gets pressed to the south there's nothing out there. we are high and dry. with clear conditions tomorrow. it will be 79 add a word and 8 degrees at milpitas morgan hill 83 degrees. napa at 84, 86 at danville. 82 in the sonoma county. 68 at the debate.
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71 at stinson beach. 70 at the least city. the numbers will be almost into the 90s in parts of inland areas. nothing but son through next weekend. we have a popery of thoroughbreds. the fastest to minutes in sports lives up to hype. as long as madison bumgarner and is in the lineup the giants are in good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the day it can remind says we need to think the heart none of the jockeys' ever do that. many people should think the course especially this force. horse racing super bowl a record 165,000 people showed up for the kentucky derby. you have the big cats and mint julep and the exciting to minutes of sports. bodie meister at the top of the stretch, bodie meister has a flat length lead. i'll have another on the outside, he's moved into second, towards the outside creative pause, bodie meister holding on to lead, i'll have another on the outside closing in, i'll have another and bodie meister
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on that side, there's the water, i'll have another has won the kentucky derby to talk a 14 to one shot i'll have another roars back to win the kentucky derby. it was sergio romo bauble headache and alliance formed early outside at&t park. the giants reliever was thrilled when he learned he was getting his own bubblehead. i thought wow that is cool let me call my mom mother. ryan theriot nearly tipped room out with a foul ball the giants said that at least since madison bumgarner is last art. he restored order and does that holding the doors to one run. in baumgartner chipped in at the plate with a game-tying double in the fifth is there anything this 22 year old cannot do. the giants took the lead thanks to a three run sixth.
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buster posies scores the giants beat the brewers 5-2 to snap a losing streak. do you think the pacers are fired up? george felt hits the floater to get in the a two- point lead, final chance for the magic he misses the jumper is time expires. the pacers and on-1 01-99, to take a 3-1 series lead. less than a minute chris paul with the great pass to but griffin, to put l.a. up four points. final seconds and grizzlies down one. he still gets it almost of all the clippers and on for their second one point win of the series. they lead the series 3-1
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lake made a face. do the blackface. third round and quail hollow where rory mc ilroy web since then hit the birdie on 17 to pick a one-shot lead into the final period steve nash put the santa clara basketball program on the map, now the men's tennis team makes a breakthrough of its own. kelli and stanford have run the bay area as far as college tennis is concerned the last couple of years we've snuck up on them and we played stanford earlier this year and played them close. santa clara may get another shot, the broncos for an ncaa tournament for the first time in school history. the head coach was not in a hurry to share the good news with this team.
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i knew before the team did i kept them on pins and needles before the selection show but a new a day or two and have died. that must've been a hard secret to keep it was tough on myself and my wife knew, i wanted their reaction from the guys because we knew we would be closed and this is our first time getting and i wanted to be a big moment for them we were nervous but that was our man and it was crazy it was unbelievable. i cannot find words to explain how happy we are. it has been quite a turnaround for santa clara. they were just 4-16 in 2009, senior kyle abandon the only player left from that team and he has emerged as the broncos top singles player. it is an amazing feeling to be in the ncaa's for the first time next saturday at the men
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play texas at stanford and katie lee gunn at large bid on the women's side should play in georgia. held by more than two years by the iranian government to the uc berkeley alumni accused of spawning today a special day for two of them. plus keeping cinco de meyer celebrations in san jose getting from and out of hand those stories and more at 10 and 11 on cbs 5. was sealed at 11 until the,,,,,,
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