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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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car in the area, a red volkswagen jettan which may have something to do with her disappearance. the car in question is a 1990 volkswagen jetta and sheriff's investigators say witnesses saw a car like this one in the area of sierra lamar disappearance. surveillance video from private homes, businesses and school buses all confirmed that the car was present where her cellphone and perce were found. >> we will not say specifically where the car was observed but we're, near those general areas. witnesses have corroborated it >> sicilian runs a towing business in morgan hill and has been one of the lead volunteers in the search for sierra. she called it a potentially big break in the case and with national media attention and thousands of volunteers that make and model of car will be
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scrutinized >> i think that we will keep our eyes open for this type of vehicle and maybe pay attention to our surroundings and what we have seen in the last few months >> other pieces of potential evidence are being dismissed. crime lab analysis of an empty box of handcuffs and use condoms found on a dead-end road found near her home are not related to the case >> at this time they have been ruled out >> investigators are also discounting another red car that was seen in the area of an attempted kidnapping in san jose. one week after sierra lamar disappearance there was also a red compact car seen in the area of walnut creek where a 13 year- old girl was also harassed one week after the disappearance. they say those potential cases are not related to the disappearance of sierra lamar.
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>> developing news, a plan to blow up a u.s. bound airliner is foiled. hours ago we learned of an al queda back plot that would have used an underwear bomb that could have gone through security undetected. why it was almost successful >> pentagon officials say the plot by yemen based al qaeda affiliate's involve using a bomb inside a passengers under were to blow up a u.s. bound airliner. the bomb is said to be an upgrade of a similar device that failed to detonate over detroit in 2009. law-enforcement says the latest device does not contain any metal meaning it would be able to make it past metal detectors. it may have been discovered through new full body scans the spent depending on the tsa agent. the master bomb maker built the first underwear bomb as well as
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explosives planted inside printer cartridges that were shipped to the u.s. on board cargo planes. >> this is a very clever guy very good at making bombs. he is probably al qaeda number one threat to the u.s. directly >> the president was first informed last month and was told that the device posed no threat to the public. officials say the cia and the seas to the explosives before the bomber had selected a target or purchase tickets. >> what this makes clear is that this country needs to continue to remain vigilant against those who would seek to attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep america safe >> federal transportation officials say there will be no noticeable changes in airport security because of the plot >> antioch police want you to look at these sketches. they say they are of them men
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who kidnapped a cab driver at gunpoint. on april 26th the man robbed the victim and then forced him into the trunk of his cab. he was not hurt but the cab is still missing >> there may be a showdown between occupied the farm protesters and uc-berkeley. demonstrators have been planting crops on a farm owned by uc-berkeley and the university says they're taking away valuable research property. protesters had until saturday to leave so the university says it may be forced to take legal action >> a mysterious odor led to the brief evacuation of a high- school in walnut creek. police received several calls this morning reporting a small smell of natural gas. it dissipated after about one hour. >> rahm in their own home at gunpoint and tonight they are cleaning out their home after they were tricked into letting the robbers inside.
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>> nestled in a nice area of walnut creek, the townhomes of country would court are strangers to violent crime but that changed with a home invasion robbery just after midnight. police say it started when two women not on the door of one of the home's pending their car had broken down and asking to use the phone. and began robbing the residence >> one of the males was armed with a handgun and proceeded to force all the residents into a common area and then continued to ransack the house looking for various items to steal >> police say the five people inside the home were held at gunpoint and made to give up some unspecified items. when one of them didn't move quickly enough one of the robbers hit him in the face. police say the crime was not random as the robbers knew and targeted the victims and that
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the cops say they know the victims as well >> we have been to the residence before >> for other crimes? >> correct >> witnesses reported seeing a white pickup feeding, leaving the scene. reporting live, joe vasquez. >> france is among three european nations to oust their leaders which means big changes for the political and financial landscape. the french voted out nicholas sarkozy in favor of his socialist. in a general election greek voters through support behind political parties that were against the bailout deal and to the german chancellor party lost control of the northern state. all of that cause stock markets around the world to stumble. the dow fell as much as 68 points early but gained most of the losses back after closing down 30 points.
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>> nearly 100,000 unemployed people in california will be cut off from the nation's unemployment benefits on saturday because california's jobless rate is now at 11% which is the lowest in three years and that is good news for a lot of people but it means the rate is too low to qualify for the federal program that provides up to 20 extra weeks of benefits to 93,000 people in our state will lose that money. the jury in the oracle vs. google trial is deadlocked on a key point. in a partial verdict a jury ruled that google did infringe on copyrights when it developed the android software for cell phones but the jurors could not decide whether google only used parts of the programming platform. google is now moving for a mistrial which means oracle probably will not win major damages. >> a possible shakeup in the
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california primary. the reason you might not see a republican vs. democrat on your ballot >> a health revolution is taking place in a surprising place, cops and firefighters taking part in a breakthrough program saving millions of dollars of health care costs. >> stacking coupons, and they might not give the the big savings expected. ,,,,,,,,
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>> vice-president joe biden just fractured up the same-sex marriage debate. here is what he told meet the press. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and women marrying women and everyone is entitled the same exact rights, all the civil- rights and civil liberties and quite frankly i don't see much
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of a distinction beyond that. >> the president has taken the official position that his views on same-sex marriage are " evolving ". the president did kick off his general election campaign in ohio over the weekend. mitt romney held a rally of his own there. this is the third trip to ohio weeks for mitt romney. a new poll puts from the nearly dead even with the president in ohio and 11 other swing states. >> today is the first day that california voters can start casting their ballots by mail. grace lee explains what has changed this year that could make a big difference >> we now have an open primary since california voted in proposition 14 so that means you do not need to vote within your party. some people believe that this could really shake up the election year. >> for the june primary, you
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have more choices. you can vote for any candid it no matter what party or an. the top two candidates from the primary will move on to the general election. >> it will be a wild election season and i don't think anyone knows exactly what will happen >> there will no longer be the traditional republican vs. democrat >> advocates for this reform say that gives people more choice and potentially collects more moderates to office. my own research suggests that the second part may not be as big an effect as people might want to see but we may see a few more moderates than previously >> is playing out in chad's district which includes areas from cupertino to san jose. a former republican, he is running as an independent against the incumbent. walsh believes that proposition 14 will break up what he says is a stagnant state legislature >> turning representation back
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to the neighborhoods in and away from party bosses and a sacramento and special interests >> he could have a tough fight. the assemblymen is known for banning shark fin soup is in california and he spoke with us sank his advantage is experience >> we balance the budget three and a half years straight and they have been very difficult budgets >> as for the effects of proposition 14 on the race he says that affects everyone >> there are a lot of races were the same party members to wanted november in they compete with the same philosophical bent. so that is a disadvantage for democracy >> what you should also watch for, has registered changed. it moves drastically for this district that we showcased and a lot of policy experts believe that redistricting can have an even bigger affect this election
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in in the primary. >> a health care gambled that appears to be paying off >> from a war zone to the high tech training field, the program putting veterans on the front lines in the technology industry >> let's head to the beach where the coast is clear. i want you to take a good look at the current air temperature because the difference from today and tomorrow, we will talk about it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the entire country could take a lesson from reno nevada >> instead of just talking about the high cost of health care in the city did something about it. >> reno nevada, from roulette to blackjack, the hope of winning big sends hearts racing. for reno firefighters and police hearts are also on the table but with much more at stake. the fast-paced high stress conditions put officers at high risk for heart attack and stroke >> they're tough jobs.
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there is incredible stress, the work is tough on our people >> is tough on the budget. under nevada law a police officer or firefighter has a heart attack, it is presumed to be work-related and a single claim costs the city $1.5 million >> if a cardiac event happens that can be a very expensive issue for the city >> most of the money is spent fixing heart that has gone bust so reno took a gamble. here in the biggest little city in the world it took a different approach, they put their money on prevention >> we think we can my about the disease >> firefighters and police officers are now screen to see it if they are at high risk >> we look at blood pressure, smoking history, fitness capability, a basic list did panel >> with any of red flagged the
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team does a more advanced test looking at glycoproteins. >> they begin to tell a story and shift and change and that happens years before the glucose changes >> they're finding young healthy looking officers were actually insulin resistant and therefore at high risk for diabetes >> now we know we can see type 2 diabetes coming 15-20 years in advance and that is when we have to be aggressive. that is when we need to go after these people >> the cost is roughly $100 for the advance testing and the savings in the first study, they identified nine high-risk officers an estimated savings of about $10 million. insolent resistance is reversible. tomorrow i will show you how they're doing just that. >> i am convinced that a lot of
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people are playing hooky today from work because it was so gorgeous outside >> one of the warmest days this season. it was definitely warmer today than yesterday. ocean beach, the coast is clear and the visibility is unlimited. we will have a very slow cool down this evening. 88 degrees in san jose. still 12-13 degrees above normal for this time of year. to the northeast, anywhere from 84 in napa to 91 degrees in pleasanton. san francisco is at 68 where the average high this time of year is 63. in the east bay, clear skies and 88 degrees in dublin. gusts up to 25 m.p.h. which is blowing the pollen around. we will have clear skies
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tomorrow and one more day of temperatures above normal for this time of the year. the extended forecast calls for a war mother's day. you can see that the jet stream is obviously to the north of the bay area going up and over the huge ridge of high pressure. is a very strong ridge of high pressure so the air mass is drying out. 13 percent in livermore and the pollen count will remain on the high side. if you suffer from allergies the past couple of days have been problematic and another one tomorrow. tomorrows daytime highs, very similar to today. we're talking 60s at the beaches, '70s around the peninsula to the low 80s. 90 in pleasanton and again and in antioch, 88. a wide variation of numbers and
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we have the return of the marine layer on wednesday because the area of high pressure begins to buckle but then look what happens on mother's day, a gift to all the mothers who like hot weather. 92 degrees and winds. perfect. >> live at the new playground at the lawrence park in san francisco, already controversy? >> here we are in the lauras park, a fantastic afternoon to be out here enjoying the sunshine. over my shoulder is the new $3 million playground. if you know anything about the parking know it is like a lot of neighborhoods, you have hipsters over here, nude sunbathers over here, you have dog walkers over there and kids who like to play in the new playground.
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now that the playground is up and running, some parents have suggested to the city is that maybe we need a little bit of a fence around the playground to shield the kids from everything else that is going on. that may or may not be possible. it is something that cannot be built right now according to the city. jeff brought his two girls out and he says, let's wait awhile and see how it works out. >> the problem is that it falls on the dog owners and not all dog owners can watch their dog so that can be problematic. i don't know what kind of a fence they're talking about because it is really beautiful now and it would be a shame to have an eyesore like that. perhaps what they could do is some sort of study, let people get used to the new surroundings and then take it from there. >> things have only been open
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three weeks so let's say what, let's see what happens, maybe we should just trust them to be neighbors. we will find out. >> double the coupons does not always mean double the discount >> coming up, the fine print,,,,
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>> from the war zone to a high track training field, microsoft is recruiting military veterans for its management expertise. they hire almost 100 veterans every year and it is not only because of public relations. microsoft says the hiring veterans brings added benefits because of leadership skills, discipline and adaptability. >> stacking coupons can often get you the best deal but one big retailer is putting
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restrictions on its coupons leaving some shoppers feeling shortchanged. >> victor used to be a big fan of kohl's >> they periodically send out these discount coupons, significant winds at 30% >> when he also receive $20 worth of cash he couldn't wait to go shopping. he figured if use a coupon first than the $20 cash, he would only 0 $11.50 but when he handed over the coupon to the sales rep >> she says it doesn't matter, the computer is programmed to use the polls cash first and then deduct 30% >> in that order he ended up paying $6 more than expected >> when we shop we want to make sure we are receiving as much as we can >> she says it is not surprising that such a large retailer would put restrictions on its coupons
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>> let's face it, that is the reality of things. they are there to make money >> victor is not the only one being feeling shortchanged. we found plenty of complaints and some people went as far as calling it a scam. the apartment of affairs says that they can do it in any order they choose as long as it is spelled out in fine print, which it is >> to me is an ethical issue. >> kohl's points out that the terms of conditions are printed on line and the marketing materials on the back of the certificate or posted in the store, just one more reminder that you should always read the fine print. if you have a consumer problem give us a call. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news at >> it seems a bit excessive >> it seems that they're really interested in making sure that their image is good >> in a city dealing with serious crime the numbers do not add up. why they're so many oakland police officers investigating fellow officers. it is not only for restaurant meals, how daily deal sites are helping some people fill holes in their insurance coverage. that and more at 6:00.


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